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FF-Babies On Board-Part 41 Thrd 5 17/13*Updated (Page 112)

zemeera Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
update waitingCry

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crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Hello Hello Embarrassed i know all of you were very frustrated with me this time !! * Ducking all the rotten tomatoes and eggs Tongue *  Sorry was held with pongal festival !!
Anniversary of Arshi am planning to show in two parts as i couldnt complete it all in this part.Hopefully you all will like it Embarrassed !


Part 40



The next morning,Khushi woke up early with an excitement and the minute her eyes opened her gaze fell on the most handsome man in the whole world who was at the moment lying down on the side with an elbow supporting his head while gazing down at her with a sweet smile.


"Good Morning beautiful " He murmured in a husky voice which made her heart fluttering with love.Khushi smiled broadly and closed her eyes in pleasure as he bent down and kissed her soft lips.As always his kiss sent a million-watt sensation right down to her toes.


When he slowly broke up the kiss,he cupped her cheek in one hand and with the other hand brought a beautiful long stemmed red rose.Khushi's entire face lit up with a brilliant  smile seeing the rose.Arnav gave her a naughty smirk and after sensually playing with the rose across her lips,he gave it to her,whispering "Happy Anniversary Khushi "


Khushi's heart burst with love and she flinged herself in his arms and hugged him lovingly."Aap ko bhi hummari shaadi saalgirah ki mubarak hai Arnavji " she then gasped in surprise as her eyes actually took in the beautiful sight of their bedroom.


Their entire room has been converted into a flower paradise as each and every corner of it was decorated with flowers of various shades and colors.Majority of their room is decorated by Khushi's favourite red roses which gave an ethreal quality to their room.


She broke up from the hug and gave him a wide grin that seemed to stretch her entire mouth to nearly her ears "Arnavji yeh sab aap ne kiya hai ? " (Arnavji,you did all this ?)She asked him though she already know the answer.He nodded smiling.


Khushi realized that he must have done it when she was asleep and he was up before she woke up.She glanced at the clock to see the time showing as 5am.Which meant he hardly slept the entire night.


 Looking at him now,her heart swelled with love and she once again hugged him happily and kissed him on his cheeks.She couldn't contain her happiness as she broke up from the hug and jumped up from the bed to look around their room.She touched the petals of the beautiful flowers and inhaled their amazing fragrance.


Khushi then turned towards her smiling husband "yeh sab ke liye bohot bohot dhanyawad Arnavji " Arnav smirked and pulled her arm making her crash into his strong arms."Khushi tumhe yeh surprise acha laga na? " he asked her with a naughty smirk for which she nodded and cupped his cheek lovingly "Bohot acha laga Arnavji"


Arnav smirked again and pulled her more closely into his arms leaving mearly a breath between both their bodies "In that case thank me properly " he said with a naughty glint in his eyes making Khushi blushed shyly.


She knew this look very well and without another word, she looped her arms around his shoulders and standing on tiptoe sealed her soft lips with his. They shared a  kiss which conveyed the happiness and love they had for each other.When Khushi pulled away from the kiss she whispered near his lips "Dhanyawad Arnavji " Arnav smiled and bending his head he captured her lips once again and after a long smooch,he whispered back near her lips "Your welcome "


In other half hour the kids woke up and after the routine task of changing their diapers and feeding them,Khushi stood up to get ready for the morning aarti and to take blessings from the family on this special day.


"Khushi wait "Arnav stopped her and  went towards the cupoboard.Bringing back two neatly wrapped boxes,he handed one each to the grinning kids and brought them closer to Khushi.


Khushi smiled broadly as her two angels held the gift wrapped boxes tightly in their little chubby arms and gave her their charming smile showing off their little teeth.She was touched by Arnav's gesture of making the kids hand over the anniversary gift for her


Arnav kneeled down and spoke to Arush "Champ mamma ko gift dhedo " he gestured Arush to hand the gift over to the smiling Khushi who also knelt down smiling expectantly at Arush.


With a Junior Arnav smile,Arush obediently gave the gift to his mamma and inserted his thumb back to his mouth while watching her intently.Arushi on the other hand tried opening and tearing off the gift wrapped box making Arnav and Khushi to laugh.


Khushi kissed Arush on the chubby cheeks and taking the box from him, opened it eagerly.She gasped as she unraveled a beautiful designer dark purple and siver bordered  saree."Arey wah Arnavji kitni sundar saadi hai " She looked at him as she touched and admired the texture of the saree.



Arnav smiled and now turned to Arushi who held the small jewel box."Princess Mama ko yeh box dhedo "


Arushi glanced at him, then at a smiling Khushi and then finally glanced at the box intently.She then looked up at Arnav and said "Na na " (No) shaking her head either side and hugging the box closer to herself.


Seeing this Arnav got surprised then chuckled.Khushi burst out laughing at her daughter's antics,which very much reminded her of her own self.


Arush glanced at his laughing  parents and shrugging his shoulders uninterested, he walked back slowly to his play area.He frowned at all the flowers on the floor and near the playarea. He cleared off some of the red roses which lay on the stool next to him and sat down to play with his cars.Arnav chuckled at him .Khushi laughed and muttered "Junior Laad Governor kahi ke "


Arnav then smiled at his daughter and hugging her to into his arms he tried again "Princess yeh gift mama ko dhedo.Papa tumhare liye ek bada sa Barbie doll aur teddy bear le aaoonga " Arushi's eyes lit up at the mention of Barbie and teddy bear.Grinning at her papa ,she gave the box to Khushi and turning to Arnav chanted "Paapa baabee paapaa baabee "


Khushi laughed and kissed her cooing daughter loudly on her cheeks while she took the box from her.When she opened the box,what lay in the satin case took her breath away.A beautiful necklace and earring set in purple and diamonds winked at her from the box.She looked at him in surprise "Arnavji yeh toh bohot sundar hai " she grinned widely and bent down and hugged him."Khushi wear this at the party tonight " Arnav said smiling at her lovingly.Khushi nodded happily.



She then stood up and walking over to her side of the cupboard she too brought a box.She then went to Arush and lifted him into her arms and walked back to where Arnav stood carrying Arushi in his arms.Khushi smiled broadly and made Arush and Arushi to hold the box along with her while she gave it to him "Arnavji yeh aap ke liye.Shaam party mein aap yeh pehenlijiyega "


Arnav smiled and took the both from and hugged his little angels and Khushi.He opened the box to find a pure white sherwani studded with white stones.He looked up at Khushi's expectant smile and smiled back "Khushi its beautiful thank you "


Seeing the time,they both decided to get ready.Khushi took out the new Red designer saree which she had purchased with Arnav last week for their anniversary.


After nearly an hour they heard a knock at their door.Arush walked up towards the door giggling.Arnav ran up behind him and taking him up in his arms,he opened the door to find his entire family along with Dia standing on their door step.


"Chotte ka hum andar aa sakath hai ? " Naniji asked smiling at him and Arush.Arnav nodded and stepped back to let the family into their room.


All of them ohheed and awww ed over the beautiful decoration of their room.Khushi who was dressing up Arushi in a light blue and pink frock smiled at them and immediately went towards them to take their blessings and hugs.


"Wow Nannav mera bhai tumne fool business start kiya hai kya? Kitne saare fool hai yahaan pe " he said gesturing at the flowers.


All of them laughed and Dia who was standing next to him smacked with the bouquet she held in her arms."NK fool nahi phool " NK grinned sheepishly "Haan wahi wahi "


Aakhash and Payal hugged Arnav and Khushi respectively congratulating them on their anniversary.Dia hugged Khushi and shook hands with Arnav and gave a beautiful flower basket to little Arushi in Khushi's arms who grinned at Diya and took the flowers happily.


Arush flinged his arms towards Dia who cooed at him and kissed his cheeks,cuddling him.


Nani and Mami blessed the couple while Anjali hugged both of them."Happy Anniversary to both of you "


NK hugged Aranv patting his back and smiled at Khushi "Khushiji aapko apni shaadi baalgirah ki mubarak ho " Khushi laughed "Nanehji baalgirah nahi saalgirah ".Nk grinned sheepishly yet again "Sorry "


"Hello Hi Bye Bye.Arnav bitwa aur Phatti saadi happie bhedding annivershary " Mamiji wished them both in her usual style.


After all the wishes,Anjali smiled at both of them and asked "So Chotte,Khushiji aaj ke liye plan kya hai? "


Arnav smiled at Khushi and said "Di actually hum breakfast ke baad Khushi ki ghar jaa rahe hain.Aunty uncle aur Buaji ki blessings lene ke liye " Khushi smiled at him at the mention of going to meet her family.


Anjali nodded "Acha but aap dhono shaam tak aajana.Yaad hai na,hum sab ne aap dhono ke liye ek bada party organize ki hai " They both nodded "Haan di shaam tak aajayenge "


Naniji smiled at them "Teek hai aap dhono thaiyaar ho ke neeche aarti aur naashta ke liye aayega " The entire family left.


In all this wishes and blessings both of them forgot to keep an eye on Arush and Arushi.When they closed the door and turned back Khushi gasped.Her eyes widened in shock and both her hands closing her mouth.


Arush and Arushi had both peeled off the cover on the flower basket gifted by Dia just few mins ago and had pulled out all the flowers and threw it on top of each other heads giggling.They had strewn some of the flowers all around them and overall had created a big mess on the floor.


Khushi muttered "Hai Devi maiya ! Yeh sab kya hai ".Arnav chuckled at the sight and murmered "Thank God Dia chali gayi else she would have felt bad "


They both cleared off the mess while both Arush and Arushi giggled at them and still threw some of the flowers on them.


After aarti and breakfast, Arnav and Khushi left for Gupta house with the kids.

Embarrassed Thats it for now !! Pl do hit the like button and comment if you like this update.Dint proof read sorry for mistakes !!

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zemeera Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 3:23am | IP Logged
it was indeed a cute update,waiting eagerly for the anniversary party Smile

Edited by zemeera - 14 January 2013 at 3:36am

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AJlovesArshi Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 3:23am | IP Logged
Lovely update di... :)
Arush and Arushi are really sweet... :)
Continue soon.. :)

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silvia1999 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2013 at 3:24am | IP Logged
so cute nd lovly update
aww arnav is super romantic husband
arush nd arushi r so adorable...beautiful family.

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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cute update loved it.  

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RizArshi IF-Sizzlerz

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It was an amazing update. Their kids are as naughty as they themselves are. Loved it very much

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farheen75 IF-Rockerz

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Such an adorable update... Simply loved it.

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