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FF-Babies On Board-Part 41 Thrd 5 17/13*Updated (Page 84)

PhoenixTears IF-Dazzler

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Missing aloo-poori... Update sooon Cry

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Arthi di missing Aloo Poori and Arshi Embarrassed
Swaran13 IF-Dazzler

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Update soon please
Waiting :)
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waiting di..
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Dhaakad IF-Sizzlerz

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lol.. Aarti di update soon .
i'm fantasising here..

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Dhaakad IF-Sizzlerz

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update pls

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crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2013 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Hello all Hug!!! I know many of you are upset with me for not updating earlier Ouch but am sorry i was held up and havent been online for few days.


Part 39



Khushi woke up squinting at the  morning sunlight peeping through the curtains and slowly stretched herself like a kitten yawning widely.She had slept a little longer than usual.She then turned in the direction of her handsome husband to wake him up.She frowned,scrunching up her perfectly shaped eyebrows when she found his side of the bed empty.


"Yeh Arnavji kahan chale gaye.Shayad jogging gaye honge "(Where has Arnavji gone? Maybe he left for jogging) she spoke to herself and slowly got up.She heard soft voices near the poolside and after checking up on the kids to find them still sleeping peacefully,she slowly made her way towards the French doors.


What she saw in the poolside,made her gasp aloud in surprise.She couldn't believe her own eyes as she gazed at the pool side.Her eyes widened and her mouth forming a perfect circle.


Several men were working around the pool systematically while making minimum noises as possible.There were several fences lying around as the men worked with uttermost concentration.Half the work was already done. Khushi's eyes landed on her husband who sensed her presense and turned at the right time to look at her.His face broke into a big wide smile as he made his way towards her.


Khushi raised her eyebrows questioningly "Arnavji yeh sab kya ho raha hai? "(Arnavji whats happening ?) Arnav smiled at her and draping an arm around her shoulder he took her back inside.


Once inside he cupped her cheek and smiled "Khushi am baby proofing the pool.Shaam pura kaam katham ho jayega" (Khushi am baby proofing the pool.By evening all work will be done) Khushi frowned "Baby proofing Matlab? "


Arnav smiled and explained "Matlab  poolside pe fence aur child lock laga dhenge, taaki poolside locked ho jayega and Arush and Arushi will be safe" he said pointing to the half completed side of the pool." And Khushi now we don't have to shift our room. "


Khushi broke into a big smile at that "Sach Arnavji? " Arnav nodded "Haan Khushi, I thought about shifting the room initially but our poolside holds so many memories for us.I dint have the heart to move from here.So after you slept I researched on net for a solution and found out pools can be baby proofed to protect kids.Phir I called  Aman to arrange for baby proofing our pool and he sent men to work first thing this morning "


Khushi's face broke into one of those wide happy smile as she hugged him happily "Arnavji aap duniya ki sab se ache papa aur sab se ache pati hai "(You are the best dad and husband in the whole world) she smiled snuggling more closer to him.Arnav smiled and caressed her back as he hugged her close.


She broke from the hug and smiled "Aur haan aap Amanji ko humari tharaf se dhanyawad kahiyega.Woh humareliye bohot saari madat ki " (And yes do thank Aman on behalf of me.He has helped us many times).Arnav nodded "Yep.He is my best right hand man"


Arnav then gave her flirty smile and quirked his eyebrows naughtily "Khushi where is the good morning kiss for the worlds best husband ? " Khushi blushed and looked down suddenly shy.Arnav chuckled "Khushi tum abhi kitni sharmate ho?Now come on am waiting " he said smirking.


Khushi looked into the chocolaty eyes of her husband which reflected the love and affection for her.Everytime he looks at her this way,her heartbeat races even more and she feels as if she is drowning in those chocolate orbs.Her love for him keeps growing everyday and every minute.


She smiled shyly at the sametime cupping his face in between her hands.She bent her head closer to him,while closing her eyes as her soft lips touched his.The minute her lips touched his,as always Arnav felt a jolt of pleasure as he began taking control of the kiss.Their kiss was slow and leisurely as he explored her mouth with his tongue licking every nook and corner.He nibbled her bottom lip making her gasp and tremble as always in his arms.Khushi hands moved on their own accord as she her hands moved around his neck and her fingers began playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.


They both groaned aloud when they heard a low whimpering sound in the direction of crib signaling one of their little bundle being awake.Arnav chuckled and Khushi blushed as they broke away.


Khushi ran in the direction of the crib to check which one is awake while still battling the silly shy smile off her face.Arushi grinned at her while squirming in the crib trying to get up from the crib.Khushi smiled at her daughter who seemed to have her energy.Arushi can never be idle and always seem to be upto something.The minute she opens her eyes she contemplates what to do next.


As took her squirming little bundle in her arms,she smiled thinking that both her Aloo and Puri got their Papa's deep chocolate brown eyes.However Aloo got the charming naughty smile of his Papa while Puri got the big wide pretty smile of hers.


While Khushi was admiring her daughter who was cooing at her with " maa maa " Arnav came behind her and hugged both of them from behind.He kissed the cheek of Arushi as she gave him her big smile.


After few minutes Arush woke up with a big squirm.Arnav smiled at the noise "Mera Champ utt gaya " Khushi gave a demanding Arushi to Arnav while she went to pick up Arush.


Arush isn't a morning person like Arnav  and once Khushi lifted Arush from the crib he simply hugged his mumma and cuddled closer.Khushi smiled thinking its time for his feeding time and he gets his energy only after being well fed.


While Arush was being fed,Arushi insisted playing on the walker the very first thing causing Arnav to roll his eyes as his demanding daughter.After being fed Arush gave a dazzling smile and proceeded to play with his dad while it was Arushi's turn for feeding.


Arush slowly walked towards his smiling Papa with small measured steps and eyebrows furrowed in concentration.Once he reached his dad he cuddled his leg and clapped his hands in glee proud of himself.Arnav smiled widely and took his son high up in his arms making him laugh and giggle.After checking up on the work performed on the poolside he took Arush down,while Khushi fed Arushi.


His family was up already and in the midst of some discussion again.Arnav smirked,he suspected for sure that his family must be planning for his and Khushi's second wedding anniversary tomorrow.He still cant believe its been two years since he and Khushi were married. He thought with a contended smile of a happily married man, how they still cant keep their hands off each other like newly weds and their love only keeps growing as the days pass.


As soon as the family saw Arnav and Arush they smiled widely.Arush began squirming in Arnav's arms wanting to get down and show the new talent of his to everyone."Papaa nee neee " Arush repeated until Arnav smirked and slowly let him down.


Arush giving everyone a proud smile slowly walked towards them waving his arms at them happily.When Arnav and Khushi told everyone that Arush started walking while having dinner all were pleasantly surprised and insisted on witnessing Arush walk.Arush being proud of himself showed all of them his new skill making them all go woohh and awww over him.Arush is clearly the heart stealer of all the ladies in the house and Arushi is their adorable princess.


Naniji hugged her great grand son with pride and a wide smile and cuddled him in her arms.While Arnav wished everyone 'Good Morning'.


"Chotte, Khushi bitiya Aur humari chotte gudiya kahan hai? " Nani enquired Arnav as he sat next to Nani and Anjali.


"Nani Khushi,Arushi ko feed kar rahi hai.Uske baad dhono neeche aa jayenge" (Nani Khushi is feeding Arushi,they will come down after that) He answered while he took Anjana from Anjali and made her sit on his lip cuddling her and making her giggle.Anjana adored her mama and vice versa.Anjali always admired the bond her daughter shared with Arnav.


 "Waise Di, saare preparations kaise chal rahi hai? " (Di how is the preparation coming along?) he asked smirking while everyone around gasped.


NK looked at Anjali astonished "Di aap ne Nannav ko ,uska aur Khushiji ki surprise anniversary party ke baaren mein sab kuch bathadiya?" he blurted out making others slap their hands on their forehead while Arnav smirked and chuckled."Is it NK? Toh yeh saare discussions hummare 'SURPRISE 'anniversary party ke liye "


NK widened his eyes as he realized his blunder "Nannav mera bhai!! iska matlab di ne tumse nahi kaha? "(Nannav my bro ! it means di dint tell you about it ? ) Arnav shrugged his shoulders carelessly all the time smirking at him.


This earned NK a big slap on the shoulder by Anjali "NK Bhai ! chotte ko humari surprise party ke baaren mein hum nahi ,abhi aap ne sab kuch bathadiya. Aap bhi na " she shook her head at him disappointed.


" Oops sorry di, mujhse chalti ho gaya " He told Anjali holding his ears with an embarrassed face.


All began laughing,"Hello Hi Bye Bye! NK babua chalti naahi galti. Anybaych tumko toh shecretswa hidings karna aata hi naahi " ( Hello Hi Bye Bye ,NK its not chalti its galti.Anyways you don't know to hide secrets) Mami said rolling her eyes exaggeratedly.


"Arey wah ! Humari Anniversary party? !! " Khushi exclaimed from the stairs as she overheard the conversation and bounced in excitement as she made her way towards the other with an equally happy bouncing Arushi in her arms.


NK smiled sheepishly at Khushi as she smiled with happiness.She turned towards Payal and Anjali with mock anger. "Toh jeeji ,Di aap humse yeh baat kyun chupaya "


Anjali chuckled "Khushiji hum sab aap dhono ko surprise karna chahte the.Par yeh NK bhai bhi na " she glared mockingly at NK.


Arnav smirked "Di waise bhi main itna dumb nahi hoon.Maine pehle hi guess kar chukka tha ki aap logon ne humari anniversary  party ki plan kar rahe the " (Di am not that dumb I already guessed you have been planning for our anniversary party)


"Aha Nannav mera bhai tum bhi meri thara brilliant ban gaye ho " NK grinned and immediately flinched when Arushi hit him hard playfully and giggled at him giving a toothy innocent smile.


Arnav smirked and said "Dhekha NK even Arushi knows you are lying " Everyone laughed and after minutes again began admiring Arush as he got down from Nani's lap and began loitering around the entire drawing room with Anju and Piyush by his sides.Arushi pouted and demanded for her walker which NK ran up to their room and got it down for her.


Khushi smiled and admired her kids yet again and sensed Arnav looking at her with love and a smile on his face.She smiled back as she felt her heart melting everytime he smiled at her like that.


EmbarrassedHope you all like this update !! Next update will be interesting Tongue i promise.Pms later tonight !


Precap - Arshi Anniversary Party Day DreamingHeart

Edited by crazyyfan - 10 January 2013 at 10:05pm

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