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FF-Babies On Board-Part 41 Thrd 5 17/13*Updated (Page 15)

mishree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
congrats dear it is vry cute updates

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mishree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
congrats dear it is vry cute updates keep shine always

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CrazyDollAnandi IF-Stunnerz

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Congrats apu and aloo puri.

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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congrats for the new thread...

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crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
HugHey all thanks so much for the wishes and for patiently waiting for update ! Here is the next part hope its good enough !

Part 36


The Raizada's along with Dia reached home all exhausted by the long day at the mall.They had loads of fun and except for NK and Dia all retired to their respective rooms.


Dia said she is trying to tune her body to India timings and hence wanted to stay awake until 10 pm.NK gladly said he will give her company and hearing NK's eager offer the three women smiled at each other and winked.


Arnav and Khushi finally reached their room carrying the sleeping bundles in their arms. Arush and Arushi were so tired that they have not even stirred when Khushi carefully removed their clothes and changed their diapers.


Finally settling them on their crib, both Arnav and Khushi kissed their soft cheeks and smiled at each other."Arnavji,lagta hai Aloo aur Puri subhe tak nahi uttenge " Khushi said looking at them lovingly and lightly ruffling Arush's hair.


Arnav smirked and coming behind her,he enclosed her waist in his arms and placed his chin on her left shoulder "Hmmm so no interruption tonight " he whispered in her ears huskily before taking her earlobe between his lips and sucking it.


Khushi moaned and her hands automatically reached behind and cupped his head while caressing his hair through her fingers.Arnav trailed his hot moist lips across her cheek and kissed her jaw.His hands moved up and stroked the underside of her soft mounds making her gasp.


She turned her face to the side and their lips met in a heated kiss.His hands cupped her soft breasts through her top and began caressing them making Khushi moan in his mouth.


Arnav removed her duppatta from around her neck slowly, before placing wet kisses at the nape of her neck.Khushi's head rolled back on his shoulder giving him free access.Sensations tingeled her whole body as he began sucking the pulse beating erratically at her throat.He nibbled her collar bone making her moan aloud.He quickly soothed it with long lick of his tongue "Hey Devi Maiyaaa " Khushi muttered her eyes closed in pleasure.


When the sensuous assault on her neck began unbearable for her to hold back, she quickly turned around and hugged him tightly meshing their bodies together.She lifted her face and gazed at the passion filled eyes looking right back at her.


Khushi blushed at the desire brimming in his eyes,her cheeks blossomed into an adorable shade of pink.Arnav moved her wayward hair away from her face and cupping her cheeks in his hands he kissed her forehead lovingly "Khushi you are an amazing mother.Mujhe patha hai ki tum salman khan ka bohot pagal fan ho aur uska ek bhi movie miss nahi karti.Par phir bhi tumne aaj humare bachon ke liye uss movie ko beech mein chodkar bahaar aayi "(Khushi you are an amazing mother.I know what a crazy fan you are of Salman and that you don't miss any of his movies.Even then you left the movie halfway and walked out with me for our babies )


Khushi smiled and cupped his cheek "Arnavji  humareliye humari bachon aur aap ,salmanji se zyada important hain.Aur waise bhi hume aaj ka din bohot accha laga.Aloo aur Puri kitne masti ki " she smiled remembering the sweet moments.


Arnav kissed lips lightly and whispered "I love you Khushi " Khushi smiled and hugged him close "Aapse kahin zyada, hum aapse bohot pyaar karte hain Arnavji " ( I love you more than you love me Arnavji)


Arnav pulled back and smirked "Yeah? Prove it " he challenged her quirking his eyebrows in that sexy way that always made her want to kiss him.Khushi blushed.


He folded his arms and smirked at her "Khushi am waiting " .She met his challenging gaze and stepping closer,cupped both of his cheeks in her hands and standing on tip toes she placed her soft lips on his.


Arnav was surprised at first but when she sucked his lower lips with hers and stroked her tongue across his lips asking for entry,Aranav lost control and opening his mouth plunged his tongue insdie hers.As the kiss turned passionate,Arnav carried her to the bed and made uninterrupted sweet love.




Khushi was still sleeping when Arushi woke up the next morning.Arnav stirred awake at the noise and not wanting to disturb her,he quickly pulled up his pants and took Arushi from the crib.Arushi gave him her usual cheerful grin and cooed "paapaaa "


He glanced at Arush who was still sound asleep.He played with Arushi and gave her walking practice on the walker.Khushi slowly stretched her arms and her gaze landed at the father daughter duo who were in their own world.She glanced at the clock to see it was only 5.45 am.


Covering herself up with the bedspread she sat up shyly.Arnav looked at her and smiled. Picking up Arushi in his arms,he sat on the bed and cupping Khushi's cheek in his hand he placed a soft kiss on her lips and whispered "Good morning sweetheart " Khushi blushed at his endearment and smiled "Good morning Arnavji "


Arushi cooed and jumped on her mama,making Khushi fall back on the bed giggling.Arushi placed wet kisses all over Khusi making her laugh and hug the little bundle more closer to her chest and kissed her back.


It was feeding time for Arushi and in a short while Arush too got up in time for his feeding.




It was later in forenoon when Khushi was in the kitchen with Anjali and Payal when NK yelled from the drawing room."Khushiji jaldi ayiye "


Hearing his panicked voice everyone ran out to see him touching Arush's forehead in concern.Dia looked on with a big worry on her face.Piyush,Anjana and Arushi looked confused at why their chacha was suddenly yelling.


Khushi quickly ran to NK "Kya hua Nanehji ? " she then looked at  Arush who immediately came into her arms crying.When she touched Arush she gasped.His skin felt hot to the touch.She panicked and touch his forehead.Her eyes widened when she realized he is running a temperature.


NK said "Haan Khushiji Arush has got fever.Main abhi doctor ko bhulata hoon " he quickly took out his cell to call their pediatrician.


Khushi felt tears running down her cheeks as Arush kept crying.Anjali and Payal touched Khushi's shoulder "Khushi tum roh mat,pehle Arnavji ko call karo " Payal said concerned.


Khushi shakily nodded and called Arnav.Arnav was in an important meeting and his phone was on silent.Khushi tried about 5 times and shook her head worried "Arnavji phone nahi utta rahe hai "


Anjali and Dia sat next to her and tried consoling Arush who was squirming in their hold."Shayad busy honge.Aap Amanji ko call kijiye na " Anjali told her.


Khushi jerkily nodded and called Aman.Since he was also on meeting,he had switched off his phone as per Arnav's instructions.Khushi pouted when she heard the switched off msg.


By the time time Arnav meeting got over.He was surprised to see several missed calls from Khushi,NK and his di.He immediately called Khushi who sounded as if she has been crying.


"Khushi kya hua? Ghar pe sab teek hai? Sorry I was in a meeting and phone silent pe tha "He said in a rush feeling worried.


"Arnavji aap jaldi ghar aajayiye.Humari Aloo ko tez bukhaar hai" Khushi said controlling her tears.


"What ?? how is he now? Did you call the doctor? Main abhi aa raha hoon" he asked while already leaving the office in a hurry.


"Haan Arnavji,Nanehji ne doctor ko bhulaliya " She replied while gazing at the now sleeping Arush.


"Ok I will be there in 15-20 mins " He quickly disconnected the call and pulled out of the driveway.


Arnav reached home and directly went to their room to find Khushi cradling the sleeping Arush on her lap.She looked up when he came and sat next to her and touched Arush carefully.


"Khushi achanak kya hua? " He asked her by lightly holding her shoulder.She explained how the kids were just playing and suddenly NK yelled when he found Arush's body hot to touch and realized he had fever.


"Di Arushi kahan hai ? " he asked Anjali who was sitting beside Khushi."Chotte Arushi payalji ,NK aur diya ke paas hai.Doctor ne kaha ki since yeh dhono twins hai.Chances are more for Arushi too to get sick.Iss liye Payalji took Arushi with her "


Arnav nodded "Ya that's the best.Aur nani aur mami kahan hai " he frowned as he dint see them here. "Naniji aur mamiji  mandir gayi hai komal auntyji ki parivaar ke saath.Shaam tak aajayenge " Khushi said in a low voice.


He nodded and asked "Doctor ne kya kaha? Prescriptions kahan hai? "


"Doctor ne tonics diya hai " she showed the prescriptions to him.Her face creased with worry.Arnav read the prescriptions and squeezed her hand smiling reassuringly."Khushi its normal fever.kuch din mein teek ho jayage.Dont worry we both will take care of him" He kissed her forehead.


He made a vow to himself not to put his phone on silent ever.However important the meetings might be.His family and kids comes first to him now.


She wiped her tearful eyes and said "Humari Aloo par nazar lag gayi ".Arnav who dint expect this change of topic looked at her confused "What the !! "


Khushi lifted her face and said with conviction "What the nahi Arnavji nazar. Aapko yaad hai,kal uss mall mein sab ladkiyaan ne humari Aloo ko kaise dhekh rahi thi.Photos bhi keech rahi thi.Lagta un sab ki nazar lag gayi " she said while caressing Arush's hair and cheek.


Inspite of all the tension he chuckled at her childish beliefs "Khushi you seriously believe all that? Kids do fall sick.Its normal.Tumhe yaad hai even Anju and Piyush fell sick when they were babies "


She moved his hand away "Nahi Arnavji hum nahi maanenge.Aloo ko nazar la gayi.Haina di? " she turned her big doe eyes towards Anjali to ask her assurance.

Anjali frowned and nodded "Haan Khushiji hume bhi aisa hi lagta hai.Hum na panditji ko bhulakar ek havan rakna chahiye bachon ki raksha ke liye "


Arnav rolled his eyes and shook his head muttering "Whatever" There are times he was sure his family is crazy and this is one such occasion.He knew by arguing with  his wife and di will not change their crazy beliefs.He quickly kissed Arush's cheeks lightly and  left their room to check on his baby girl.While Khushi and Anjali worriedly began planning for pooja.


Smile Thats it for now.Sorry if it turned out to be boring will do better in the next Embarrassed !!


P.S - I will be sending pms only to those who comment Embarrassed !! Sorry if i sound rude but its really tedious to send nearly 515 pms when i hardly get 120 or so comments.It takes about 40 mins to finish pming all..Likes are even less Confused!! Pl send buddy req only if u wish to commentSmile!!

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Awesome writing...loved all e stories...

Esp e kids part...great job kp writing!!

Haha e funny part anjali arranging for havan...tat last part is soo anjali n khushi!!

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Khushi does have weird beliefs... :D

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