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Solace- AsYa FF (Updated 12/02/13)(Part 22-p48) (Page 2)

delena90 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Part 2:

Asad could not believe what had just happened. Had he just experienced the most passionate kiss of his life with Zoya. Zoya the girl who drove him crazy yet with her one single moment of uncertainty and vulnerability had evoked in him a feeling so powerful that he was still shivering with the after-effects of it? It had taken every ounce of will power in him to leave her when he did. He knew that if he had stayed they would have crossed limits that could not be drawn again and he could not do that to her or himself. He could not'would not take advantage of her vulnerable state. But Allah she had tested him and yet she had done nothing but be innocent in her response.


He groaned in frustration. This was going to be a long night. He paced his room trying to shake the feeling off before he decided that a quick cold shower was what was required. Maybe the icy shards of the water would wake his brain up!


Zoya still sat unmoving on her bed. She was trembling. Her grief lay forgottensomewhere in a dark corner of her mind. Right now, all she could think of or about was Asad. He had felt so hard and soft all at the same time when he had pressed his lips against her. She could still hear the steady heartbeat from when she had laid her head against his chest. Every single touch and breath she could feel and remember as if it were happening to her at this very moment.


She had known that she was attracted to him from the day she had walked in on him in his bathroom whistling Jaane Kyun'but today she knew that she felt something more. There was something about the way her heart clenched at the very sight of him and now at the very thought of him near her. She knew she cared and she didn't know if she should.


He was having a bad morning. Well not so much bad as tense. He didn't think he could face her today at the breakfast table. Sighing he quickly wore his tie and walked down to the dining hall. She was already there.


Zoya was dressed in a jade green kurta and jeans. He waited for the usual distaste for jeans to kick in but today the only reaction he had was his heart lurching at the sight of her smiling and putting on a brave face and trying not to let anyone else see her utter despair. In that moment he was proud of her.


Zoya had tried very hard to keep to her usual routine. She was being loud and crazy. She didn't want are Phuphi to know that she had been crying last night and she definitely didn't want her to know who had helped her. Today she wanted to take a break from her search for her Abu. The constant disappointment was off-putting. She needed to have some fun. Some real fun.


"Phuphi, would it be alright if Najma and I go for a movie in the evening? There's this movie called 'The Hobbit' and I really am a big fan of the book. Please can we go?"


Dilshaad looked up as Zoya asked her. She saw a look of desolation in Zoya's eyes and knew that something was bothering her. The dear child always hid her pain from the world. She wanted to say yes but she knew that her son would not approve.


"Zoya, I don't have a problem but I am not sure Asad will approve."


Najma nodded her head sadly in agreement. Her brother definitely would not approve.


Asad had been listening to the conversation. He had noticed the need for Zoya to get out of the house and enjoy herself for a few hours. He made a decision.


"Ammi, Zoya and Najma can go for the movie. In fact I'll book the tickets. We will all go."


Dilshaad and Najma could not believe what had just happened. Had their Asad just agreed to go for a movie and not just any movie'a movie of Zoya's liking?




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amazing.. loved it
-Fizzi- IF-Dazzler

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You are amazing mahn!! I love what you wrote and I'm hooked on to this one already :)
Continue super soon babe. Heart
havokhotline Goldie

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GOD bless your soul. :D The second part was just brilliant. :D

Trust me when I say you write beautifully!

Continue soon. :D
sweetone Senior Member

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wow. beautiful. job well done.
thumbs up.
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Continue it soon.
delena90 IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 3:

Zoya had been on tenterhooks all day. Asad…ASAD had offered to take them all for the movie. It bothered her. Did he pity her? Had he thought about last night and figured that she needed to be pitied and humoured? Is that why he had agreed to take her, Najma and Phuphi to the movies? The very thought that he felt pity for her infuriated her. She couldn't bare it. Why should he feel sorry for her when she didn't feel it herself! Yes she was hurt and she had been upset last night but she was strong and she would find a way to deal with her past. She would get the answers she needed and find the closure she craved! She needed to talk to Asad.


It was at that moment that she realized that she did not know his number. She had been living under his roof for four months and yet she didn't know his number. She had never found the need to know it. She wished Najma were back from college. She could have asked her for Asad's number under some pre-text. The thought of asking Phuphi for his number was mortifying. It reminded her of what had taken place last night and right now…at this very moment she didn't want to remember it.


Asad just could not concentrate on work today. All he could think about was that one inexplicable moment that had occurred last night. He couldn't believe that he had missed all the signs of his attraction towards her. It had been building for sometime. In fact now that he thought about it, it had been there from the day of the shooting star. How had he been so blind?



He needed to get the movie tickets. Dialing for his secretary he asked her to get him four Class A tickets for The Hobbit-7pm show. He was going home early tonight.


Zoya had been pacing about all day. She had helped her Phuphi with lunch and they had done some shopping but her mind had been pre-occupied through it all and Dilshaad had noticed.


Dilshaad wondered what was bothering Zoya. It didn't seem to be connected to the death of her mother. Zoya looked more on edge right now than upset. She looked on as Najma and Zoya played a game of chess. Zoya was uncharacteristically losing the game. While her daughter was a good chess player she knew that the latest addition to her family (yes, Zoya was family) was better. She had beaten Najma with ease before. It baffled Dilshaad on what was truly going on in Zoya's mind.


Asad took a deep breath. He knew his mother and sister were going to be surprised that he was home at five. He was never home this early but he had promised to take them for a movie. With another steadying breath he pushed the front door of his house and walked in. He ignored the surprised faces of his family and walked quietly towards his room. Just as he was about to walk up the stairs he turned around and informed them that the movie was at 7pm and they would all leave the house at 6.15 sharp.


"And Zoya by that I mean you need to be down here at six. I do not tolerate tardiness…even for a movie." With that Asad walked away leaving a furious Zoya to stew.


Dilshaad knew she had to calm Zoya down before it escalated into one of the famous Asad-Zoya fights.


"Zoya, don't…"


"Phuphi, I am going upstairs to get changed.", said Zoya calmly much to Dilshaad's surprise. With that she turned and ran up the stairs towards her room.


Dilshaad and Najma still stunned by the strange happenings of the day went to their respective rooms to dress for the movie.


"What does he think of himself? First he pities me and then he antagonizes me. If I don't tell him what I think of him today my name is not Zoya Farooqui!" she thought to herself.


She climbed the stairs two at the time until she was standing outside his door. She knocked and waited for him to respond.


Asad had just got out of a shower when he heard a sharp knock on his door.


"Ammi kya aapko kuch…ZOYA?"


Zoya stood at the door taken aback. Asad Ahmed Khan was standing in front of her with only a towel slung low around his waist. Her mind froze for a minute.


"I came here to thank you for last night", she said stiffly, "but I don't need your pity. I know that is the only reason you agreed to the movie and I don't appreciate it. Also I definitely do not like being talked to like I am a five year old who needs to be instructed on time management!"


Asad did not know how to react. She thought last night and today was about pity?!? An anger he didn't know existed in him seeped to the surface. Grabbing her by the arms he pulled her into his room pinning her to the door. Without any explanation he devoured her mouth in a hungry kiss. He wanted…no needed to prove to her that whatever he was doing was as far from pity as it could get.


He kissed her like his life depended on it and he was rewarded when he felt her soft lips part as she gave into the sensation. Just as it was about to get too much he cast her from him and out the door.


"Did that feel like I was pitying you?" Before slamming the door in her face.

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Wow. Just read ur ff and its good! Really good! Ur a great writer. Want to see wht happens. Update soon.

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