Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

LIVE Discussion Thread 65 : Updt Pg 1

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LIVE Discussion Thread 65

Video Links of Live Feed : Short clips by sscomp32

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Earlier: Imam has been causing a ruckus in the house. Some of the things he was heard saying "I want to stick this up Niketan's anus". "Meri awaaz sun ke teri phat gai". Apparently, he was rude to Niketan and Aashka as well. The housemates had been ignoring him earlier and then started arguing with him when it go too much.  Sana is upset because of the nominations. Niketan and Rajeev and Delnaaz and Aashka had conversations regarding this.

12:00 PM: Imam has locked himself in the bathroom. Has been there for a while. Karishma needs to go but the blinds are down and the only bathroom available is the one in which Imam has locked himself in (The Captains bathroom). He comes out and Karishma complains about the toilet seat and other things that apparently Imam has broken inside.

12:10 PM: Karishma finally relieved herself. As she stepped out of the captain's bathroom Nik asked her to call Vishal and told her not to go 'there' (Suppose he means where Imam is) now.

12:12 PM: Tab has arrived. Everyone getting together in the living room. Karishma tells Sapna that Imam has broken the bathroom. Sapna says "I told you". Rajeev says "Property damage hai."

12:13 PM: Camera angle changed as Urvashi reads the tab.

12:18 PM: Task announced. It's a "Chor Police" task. Urvashi, Rajeev and Sana are police whereas; Sapna Niketan and Imam are Chors. The rest of the contestants are 'Aam Jaanta'. There are no rules for the chors. They only have to speak in Hindi. (Similar to Shaitaan Farishta task. This will definitely cause friction). The winner will be the team with the most money.

12:28 PM: Uniforms have arrived. Apparently, Sapna has taken Rs. 2,500 from the stuff that arrived. Rajeev has Rs. 1,500. The 'aam janta' are hiding the food and are saying they will charge for the food. (I think aam janta are supposed to take care of the money.) They have an active role in the task as well (they have to take care of the house). Apparently, police are also allowed to take a bribe.

12:32 PM: Vishal hiding some of the money. He's complaining about Sapna to Delnaaz and Aashka. He says "Task shoro nahi howa pehle he choori kar lia. Pagal ho jaati hai woh". Apparently, Sapna has now been put in jail. Vishal wants the police to get their money back. Vishal is excited about the task.

12:38 PM: Imam doesn't seem interested in the task so far. He's asking BB to send cigarettes and a lighter. Sapna broke the jail and ran away. Urvashi comes in the living room and says to Vishal "Agar chor jail tor kar bahir nikalte hien in ko koi khana nahi mille ga" Vishal says "Okay."

12:40 PM: Niketan walks into the kitchen and grabs a piece of fruit. Vishal says "Kia kar rahe ho!?". Niketan says "Choori kar ke kha liya". Vishal complains. Says "Yeh dakaiti hai choori nahi".

12:42 PM: Vishal to Sapna: "Niketan apple leke kha raha hai. Yeh chori nahi dakaiti hai." Sapna: "Haan yeh dakaiti hai." Niketan talking to Vishal "Favour bhi trade kar sakte hien." Vishal "Ke aap meri help karo mien aap ko kuch de don ga?"

12:44 PM: Niketan wants captain Delnaaz to ask Imam why he broke the toilet seat. Says he won't get loud with you just go and ask him. Delnaaz seemed hesitant.

12:45 PM: Imam took Rajeev's mic from the bathroom.

12:47 PM: Karishma and Aashka trying to find a good place to hide the fruit to keep it away from the chors. Currently, the aam jaanta has Rs.1,000 and Chor team has Rs. 2,000.

12:49 PM: Karishma to Urvashi "Agar aap ko khana chahiye to Sapna se hamare paise le ker ao" Urvashi says get lost and goes and Aashka is running behind Urvashi saying maaf kar do saab. Nahi saab. Naahi!

12:59 PM: Urvashi talking about Niketan to Karishma "Contant dehaan dena acha? Is ki bholi bholi baton mien mat aana" Karishma wants Niketan to return the money Sapna stole.

1:01 PM: Rajeev, Urvashi and Niketan discussing the stolen money. Something about putting Niketan in jail. Niketan says yeh kya baat hui.. yeh kya baat hui.. he is bribing Rajeev.. aade aadhe karlete hain..

1:02 PM: Imam sitting out on the sun bed chilling. He says something to Sapna "Pajama ke niche underwear thori pehenta hai" BB muted the rest.

1:04 PM: Vishal says khana banao hum khana khate hien aur beth jaate hien. Jis ne khaana khana hai who paise de. They are wondering whether to charge the police for food or not. They are upset about their Rs. 2,000 that Sapna took. Vishal says lien ge us se nahi tu bhooki mar jaye gi. They're now setting the price of the food.

1:06 PM: Price has been set at Rs. 500 per person for food. Aashka says Imam ne maghazmaari mat karna us ko khaana de dena.

1:08 PM: Sapna in Jail being guarded by Rajeev and Urvashi. Urvashi says to Sapna "Tumhare paas hien paise. Mujhe pata hai tumhare paas hien" Sapna enjoying herself.

1:10 PM: Vishal asking Urvashi to find the money. Urvashi says they're searching. Vishal says we'll give you 10%. Urvashi says hum ne body search bhi kar liya hai. She starts investigating and asking questions.

1:14 PM: Sana walks in. Shouts "Vishal sahi se saaf karo yeh". Vishal says hum aam janta hien aap public servant ho. Aap ki salary humari tax se aati hai. Karshima says "haan laiken tum police wali (Sana) ko seduce karne ki koshish na karna"

1:16 PM: Imam stole something from the table (looked like a water bottle) and hid it under his shirt.

1:18 PM: Urvashi going through the boys stuff searching for something under someone's bed. She found something in a black bag. Calls out Vishal.

1:21 PM : Vishal still hasn't had the money returned to him. The aam janta drawing out a strategy for food pricing in order to get their money back.

1:30 PM: Nik is telling Vishal that ur team needs to win since u guys need the luxury budget and our team has Imam and BB muted the convo

1:40 PM: Imam slipped and fell in the living room. Banged his head in the camera (again). Vishal got up to help him. Karishma laughing "Do baar same jaga per girra hai"

1:49 PM : Aashka to Delnaaz about Imam "He's crossing the line. Meri chappal chupa di. Urvashi ke kapadre chupa diye. Aap chor ho paise chorao logon ki personal items met chupao."

1:55 PM: Urvashi pissed off at Imam. He's stealing personal items. Stole Urvashi's clothes, Delnaaz's makeup and Aashka's shoes. She's venting out at Bigg Boss saying yeh entertainment chaihye tu consider me out. This is not what I signed up for. Urva says she feels stupid because she took Imam's side for everyone but he went back to his old tricks.

1:58 PM: Nik and Sapna making a strategy.. Nik says I have less money.. you have more money.

1:59 PM: Karishma complaining to Aashka about Imam's antics. Delnaaz crying. Saying he stole my makeup which was sent recently. Apparently, Imam spilled Delnaaz's talcum powder which was sent by her aunt. That's why she's crying.

2:04 PM: Niketan asks Rajeev tum Imam ke paise dhoondo hum half half karaingey

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LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 16th December '12

**Time in India time
** Will try to bold all the interesting and important things.
** Red bits are spoilers.

Updates from earlier part of the day:

**Everything is nearly interesting so I can't bold.

2pm - Delnaaz comes crying to Aashka and Karishma because Imam wasted her talc which her aunt had sent her. Cam switches outside. Niketan is sitting with Rajev and Sana. Sana saying she wont catch the chor, she'll do straight encounter. Rajev is telling Niketan not to sit with them coz Imam will join them. Niketan saying no we arent talking to him. Niketan is trying to show that he's on their side by saying, let's search the garden area for the money Imam hid and then we'll divide up the money. Niketan gets up. 

2:04pm - Karishma comes in singing. In the red bedroom, Urvashi screaming. Del and Aashka are in the kitchen. Aashka tells Karishma to take one apple and orange and sell it to them for 50 rupees. So she goes out. Imam walks into the kitchen and goes to the sink. Niketan walks in. Aashka - police is here now, you can't take anything. Niketan - obviously ghatiya aadmi hai, sab ko pata hai. Aashka - police walon, eat, give money. Urvashi - I'm upset. Everyone was telling me I'm wrong. I was proved wrong coz maine achchai dikhai. You;ll feel bad right for being good. Imam is seen walking in. *muted*

2:08pm - Urvashi walks outside and tells Sapna that she'll keep her locked up until wo mandavli nahi kare. Imam walking behind her. Rajev tells Sana about money. Niketan can do anything. Sapna saying something from the jail. Sapna is saying she wants to call her lawyer. Rajev says go get your mobile then. LOL Sapna - mandavli karte hai Rajev get 1.5 lakhs.

2:10pm - Urvashi coming and joking that Vishal came out from the shower and kept on putting moisturiser until he realizes, it's body wash. LOL Sana and Aashka laughing. Sana says Sapna hid the handcuffs somewhere but now she's in jail. Aashka asking Sana for money. Sana says after food. Karishma is telling Niketan that his accomplice has money. He needs to get money. Aashka tells him the food is good, He says no so they send him away. Aashka is asking Sana for money and she says she cant give it now because they have hid it carefully. Aashka, promise me that you are going to give me 50 Rs at night. Sana - no only 20 Rs. Food isn't this expensive. We have a government job. We dont get paid that much. We dont work in an IT office. We work 365 days a yr. Kay bolti ho captain? Del - bilkul Sana - Maine commitment kar di to main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti. So Aashka is like okay chlbuli pandey, then give me in the evening. She gives her a plate of the food. Sana and Delnaaz are eating.

2:16pm - Vishal is getting dressed and Urvashi goes for a shower. Urvashi - why is he doing this? I made everyone understand him. I can't understand this.

2:17pm - In the kitchen, Delnaaz and Karishma are in the kitchen. Imam comes into the kitchen to fill water. He walks back out. Vishal walks into the house and Sana says, moisturiser laga liya? LOL Vishal to Aashka - did you take money from her or not. Aashka - yes. Sana - I'm going to throw him in jail. Imam walking out of the house and Aashka says - what is he wearing? In the yellow bedroom, Vishal wearing socks/shoes. Imam walks in and they are bargaining. Imam says what do I do to get food? Vishal - get money. Imam - I dont have money. Vishal - then wash the lunch dishes. Imam - how many. Vishal - all of them. Imam - I only want one bowl of daal. Vishal - then wash some. Imam - ok. Vishal walks out. Imam says to himself, he hasnt even had breakfast and he's hungry but a task is a task.

2:25pm - Sana and Vishal joking outside in the dining area. Vishal sits down to eat. Aashka and Karishma are in the kitchen. Niketan sitting and talking with Vishal and Sana. Vishal says Sana is his wife so he won't let her work after dark.. Sana says I'll put you in jail. Aashka tells Sana - police, be wary, there's a thief about. Sana - yes. Imam walks in and lights a cig. Sana - I'll beat you all with a stick. Aashka gives Sana a plate of food and Sana says, is tara dete hai bekaar aurat. LOL

2:31pm - Niketan is lying in bed in the yellow bedroom. Outside, Vishal, Aashka and Sana talking. Aashka - aam aadmi rishwat nahi rehta hai. We have to take it seriously. Niketan is digging into his suitcases. Imam walks in and Niketan leaves. Imam leaves.

2:37pm - Niketan walks outside and Imam goes to the kitchen. Outside, Rajev and Sapna talking around and Niketan says Sana ate food in 20 Rs. Rajev tells Niketan to look what Imam is taking in his hand, something round. Niketan following him. Niketan comes inside the house and is saying something about the cupboard and drawers in the bathroom. Niketan tells Rajev, lets go see. Sapna wont run away. Sapna says she wont run away. Rajev and Niketan go. In the dining area, Sana still eating. 

*need rest. Will give a general update after my break. *

Missed Update: *by bluerobin* vishal, aashka, karishma , delnaaz sitting together . karishma trying her level best to make vishal to talk to her. Then vishal sana most of the time together discussing about task, joking. Pillu comes in between , started complaining that sana gave paratha to vishal something like that . Niketan sapna analysing both task as well as sana vishal I guess . Highlighting point is vishal is glued to sana , he is not waiting for her to go to him. whenever he gets time he runs to her, imam joins them. then niketan angry why sana is not telling anything against imaand trying to instigate her.

Sana and Rajev sitting and Rajev taunting her for not following through with her friendship and Sana cracking up. As a joke Rajev says, do chappad maroon ga. Angry Sana still laughs. Urvashi joins them. Rajev becomes serious and says one officer needs to be in the kitchen

Delnaaz, Aashka, Karishma and Vishal sitting at the dining table. In bedroom, sapna and Niketan laughing and lying down. Sapna saying she emotionally black mailed thm for giving her food for 10 Rs. In the kitchen, Imam arguing with Aashka saying he is a chor that's why he said haraam ka khana. It's a joke Ms. Aashka Goradia.

5:20pm - Tab has come and everyone sitting at the living area. Urvashi reading the tab. Inaudible. Ouch 

5:26pm - They seem to be discussing it. They are discussing how long to keep in jail and getting physical in trying to catch the thief. Then giving bail. Urvashi saying that if they are not resisting their rules, they can't resist their rules. Imam saying, now I know where we can and cannot hide or what should we do. Urvashi - you have to change the hiding place. Girls can't check guys. Imam - check me I dont mind. Urvashi - shut up. *muted* Vishal smiling. Urvashi - let's play a real chor police and aam aadmi. Seems personal items can also be stolen and you can sell them off. Imam - can chor steal from other thieves. Urvashi - no. Imam - why? What if I do? BB will punsih me what else? Sapna walks off and Del gets up as well. Aashka goes to the bathroom. Vishal in yellow bedroom. Aashka comes running into the bathroom again. Sana walks into the red bedroom and it seems captain's room is locked. Del requesting BB to open the door.  Imam walks in  and Sana tells him, police is here. Rajev and Niketan on the white sofa. Aashka saying she is locking everything. Delnaaz's captain;s room is open. Sapna walks in and says you guys are closing up everything as if God knows what. Sapna is saying it makes no sense to steal from your own team members. If he steals from me, we still have the same amount as a team and we're winning. Niketan telling Delnaaz not to move her suitcases and Delnaaz said that he wont care if it's mine.

5:39pm - Vishal, Rajev and Sana talking about Imam wanting to steal from the captain. Vishal saying the police owe them 130 Rs for tea and food. Urvashi walking out. Rajev - they should not allow personal items. Vishal - no, now it'll be interesting because otherwise everyone will be sitting right now. But now if he steals, where will he hide it. Sana - not only money, even personal items will be counted, Rajev - even if he steals clothes, where will he hide it? Niketan - what are you people doing? Be with Imam. Rajev - you are also a thief. Niketan - I won't take personal items but I will steal a few shirts for food. Sana - in the morning, I made food for 4 hours and then I only had to pay and eat it. Imam walking in and Sana alerts Rajev. Urvashi going in the bathroom. Rajev and Sana watching him as well as Vishal. They are saying he can;t take it when he watches them. Vishal does he think he can pick our things and we;ll let him go. Aashka yelling there's a thief. Rajev - she's a spoil sport. I'm watching from here. Vishal - if he steals put him in jail. Rajev - yes. He goes into the yellow bedroom and informs Imam that he can arrest him. Imam has picked his own underwear pretending it's someone else and starts singing ullu banaya. Imam comes in red bedroom. Niketan - if I get mad at him then people wont be able to stop me. Rajev - I'm with you. Niketan - if he doesn't change with you with in the week, I'll change my name. Rajev and Vishal say they'll snap for Sana if he does anything to hurt her. Rajev - if I could put my foot down for Sidhu, then uski kya awkaad hai? Sana - chup awkaad nahi bolte. Chee. Keep quiet.Clap Rajev - no I;m serious. He did very badly. Sana - no leave it. Did you hand or leg break. Rajev - uske liye mera ek pair hi kaafi hai. Sana - even that will break afterwards. Rajev - within an hour I'll lose my patience. Like first time me and Vishal snapped. Vishal - till today he didn't say anything to me. Rajev & Vishal agree his behaviour with Niketan was too much. Rajev - we are 6 so we can not let anyone. Vishal and Aashka thinking Urvashi might be a corrupt officer and is joined with all the thieves. 

5:56pm - Sapna explaining to Delnaaz saying that everything cannot happen at the same in one go. Things will happen slowly, not at a go. We will do it over time. I had started masti and went in jail. Sapna - dont say loudly about the mattress by the door at night. And wahan pe do teen palang daal ke sona padega. Usko uske room se bahar nikalna padega. Urvashi is saying he can take our things. It doesn't make sense. Del - every team which has the most money will win. Sapna - he stole our money but we are still missing. And Karishma's he stole right from the store room. I took it from the dining table. That was the right time to strike. You guys should keep changing locations. I'm just saying. And the the thieves can see the drama between the aam admi and police and are enjoying it. *random chat* 

6:06pm - Karishma saying there's a clip of Karishma and Sapna deciding which underwear is of which boy. At dining table, Delnaaz and Vishal talking. Vishal telling her that Rajev genuinely cares about Delnaaz. He's saying that Rajev was telling Sana things against him. And he didn't expect Rajev to do that. Delnaaz - when Bakhtiyaar came, we found out that your projection is going out right.

6:10pm - Del to Vishal - I'm very clear. They see Imam walk in and start to notice him. Del - call the police. It is projected that you and Sana are not on the same page. Vishal - Sana knows what we share and how we know each other. As for Karishma, I told Sana that when you go out that it'll never look like I was flirting and I told about my ex-gf. Del - I'm not that close to Sana to tell her to use her own mind. Vishal - my opinion of Sana never changed since I;m here. But she gets affected. I am not playing games with her. Del - even if 5 friends are left, something or the other is left. Sana cried alot and people tried to split us up. Ever since Aashka and Sana started talking and our bonding became very strong. Even with Urvashi, it was something person between us. Imam walks off. Niketan follows him out. Vishal - even if I meet Dinesh, we've bonded well. Niketan telling them something regarding Imam. Cant hear clearly. He's saying that I can work well in any team. Vishal - what are you saying? That he will do this now? Niketan - ... police.. Vishal - we want one officer in the yellow bedroom. Sapna - I'm a thief but I;m saying that you need to sit here as a police and you need to go in. I can see he's removing things from the pocket. You can't. Vishal - we should tempt him and catch him red handed. Then we'll jail him but don't give him bail. Niketan - look what these 2 police officers are doing? He's going to ruin your game. Vishal - I am looking after things here. Niketan - frisk him every 10 mins. If Urvashi is not with him, then go after him. Aashka is calling Rajev. Niketan - till morning, if we and Sapna also join him, all of your money will be with us. You aren't taking our advice. Aashka - anything you tell Sana she's getting irritated. Why is she getting irritated with me? Vishal - Im scared because at small things issue gets created then to what extent can you explain it. I just want him to get in jail. He will steal. Just we have to catch him. Aashka - pakdege tab na jab yeh check karegein. 

6:21pm - Niketan and Sapna are saying the police are bakwaas. Rajev is not following him. I told them, go frisk him every 15 mins. So he's saying tell Sapna to join me or I will win the task on my own. Sapna - he was not a team player, I dont want to play. I stole, I enjoyed, I went in jail and now whatever I do will be for barter. But if I start, the police wont be able to do anything. They haven't done security for the rooms. I told them frisk him 50 times, 100 times. Because he has gone in so many times and no one can see. They need to come inside. They need to be interactive in this game. Niketan - jo main garbage bag hai, he's searching something in it. Now Vishal and Delnaaz are just sitting and watching him. Be with him man. All the 3 cops are outside. 

6:25pm - Sapna - Do something put him in jail. Niketan saying that they are taking him to jail. Aashka and Rajev talking and saying that if Urvashi is probably involved with the thieves. 3 times Niketan is saying ek sec, I'm not going to keep giving my stand to Niketan. Aashka is saying why is Sana snapping at me. Imam is touching undergarments. Tell Sana I feel she's snapping at me. Aashka saying that he got arrested very easily to Del and Urvahsi is a corrupt cop in the task. He got arrested so easily. He walked and went to Vishal and said this is your outfit. Now Rajev talking to Sana.

6:30pm - Niketan - if Urvashi is a corrupt cop. Twice he has tried to get me to mingle with him. Urvashi says go and listen to him and Urvashi usse mili hui hai. Sapna - that's why. Karishma - khufiya task. Niketan - how does he know the money is there? Sapna - Urvashi. Niketan - I'll steal 2 - 3 things of Karishma, I'll sell them, I'll eat and sleep. Now Sapna went to Aashka and saying it's so easy the way he got arrested. Niketan to Karishma - shall I take this? Karishma - yes. Ideally dont take it because we are awake and watching. Niketan - who? Karishma - me. Aashka comes in saying Niketan got a secret task. Sapna - she just got a khufia task just now. Aashka - 100% because people wouldn't suspect. Urvashi would be so active behind him. Niektan - Urvashi went cold after going to the confession room. Aashka - she went in twice. The man who has been doing so much in the morning and now he's going in jail so easily. Karishma saying if Imam gives us 1000 Rs for food, then we'll give food to you thieves for 40Rs. Niketan - if we get caught, then he'll come out. Sapna - and we dont even have money for bail. He has it all. Niketan - yeah so we can't steal now.

6:37pm - Aashka is getting annoyed with Sana and saying if you snap at me, then.. Sana - we're not snapping. Urvashi is talking to Imam. Rajev and Aashka seeing that these two are talking two much. Rajev calls Urvashi. Rajev - what are you doing? Urvashi - there's a bumble bee on your hat. Aashka telling Urvashi to come inside and position yourside inside. . Urvashi - why am I your personal cop?Imam trying to climb out of the jail and fiddle with the locks. Imam trying to open the locks. Urvashi - Imam, right in front of us? Sana - you can break it. Imam - I'm just trying to check how easy it is to get out. Dead He is still fiddling. Sana and Rajev are certain Urvashi has joined with Imam. Imam says his head is stuck between the bars and he gets it out. Rajev Del Sana and Aashka are outside. Sana - Rajev go inside and make a round. I'll handle Imam. I don't want to go in. Rajev - if he runs, will you catch him. Sana - yes I will. Rajev - I;ll shoot you. Imam - look what Niketan is doing. He's such a stupid thief. Delnaaz and Aashka go to the bathroom. Rajev - Sana, don't do this. (seems Sana is annoyed with Sapna and Niketan).

6:44pm - Sapna and Niketan are asleep in red bedroom. Vishal is staring at them from the dining table. Achchi duty lag gayi hai. Delnaaz sits with him. Vishal - if we get a 1000 more then we are set. Vishal - we are making rice right? Del - yes. Vishal - why was Sana's mood spoilt? Del - I don't know. Vishal - she was upset at night also.  Urvashi comes in. Vishal - Urvashi has a setting with the thieves. Delnaaz agrees. In the red bedroom, Urvashi talking to them. Karishma - I'm aam janta. Urvashi - I know. Sapna's eye are open. In the kitchen, Vishal - choti choti baat se. Delnaaz - is it coz of nominations? Vishal - is she nominated? She thought she wouldn't last more than 3 weeks. Delnaaz - no she thought the people she sits and goes about and people may have nominated her. Vishal - but Aashka and you wouldn't have nominated her right? So what difference does it matter if Niketan and Urvashi nominated her? Delnaaz - so many things hurt her but she's so strong that she laughs it off. Aashka sits down with them. Vishal - she's been very good in the show throughout. Even what I saw. But she's a still childish. We have to give the police night duty. Aashka - all can't do. Vishal - they have to divide it. I set up my personal items. Aashka - I'm going to put my bed outside. Vishal - instead of guarding the room, just your things. Aashka - no, anyone can sneak in. Vishal - put your things in the boy's bedroom and sleep on it. How is Sapna sitting so relaxed? Aashka - she said she has no money, she'll steal shoes for barter. Urvashi walks in. Aashka says, she's my personal cop. She's sleeping with me. Vishal - Imam is sitting so relaxed. Urvashi - WHy did he get arrested? Vishal - he stole the green tea money. Urvashi - who kept it there? Vishal - nvm that. Urvashi - so how stupid because the other thieves has no money to bail him out and we all are here. Aren't the other 2 thieves doing anything. Aashka - no they've mingled with aam aadmi. Urvashi - and when they steal something , you guys wont even know. Aashka - they;ll steal stuff and we'll give them food in exchange. 

6:57pm - Urvashi goes to check what the other 2 cops are doing. Rajev and Sana talking about Imam. Vishal calls Urvashi a corrupt officer. Urvashi says that if you call me corrupt then I will go and take all of your money also. Vishal - no one can find my money. Rajev telling Imam he wont give him any food unless Imam returns the money. Imam - the task will get over but I will never give any of you the money. Don't think so highly of yourselves. God will provide me with the food. Rajev saying I told Urvashi to go in so many times but she doesn't want to leave inside. Sana - it's so obvious that Niketan is lying. Rajev - he wants badly to win the task. Sana telling Rajev to go to doing mandavli with . Imam - I will escape from jail. And I will get all my job done in the mean time. Rajev - I'll put you back in jail. Imam taunting the guys saying that the public will kick Vishal out as he's alreayd been kicked out twice. Sana - twice? Rajev - Sana he's insulting your friends in front of you. I've told you twice. . Imam sitting and taunting Vishal. You were on stretcher thinking what parents will think but now you aren't thinking about me. I'll do such things that your parents afsoos kareinge. Imam - I got caught red handed. I will hide his suitcase soon as he sleeps. Vishal, I'm going to steal and hide your suitcase and you'll never be able to find it. Guaranteed. 

7:07pm - Urvashi asleep on the white sofa. Ouch Outside Imam screaming khusad phusad and repeating.  Vishal goes inside. Imam screaming ooohhh. BB is muting him. Urvashi - why is he screaming? Vishal - god knows. We are 3 people and Karishma has slept. Del - why is he sleeping. Vishal - he' s gone mad. He admitted he has 2500 Rs. Urvashi? Urvashi looks up. Vishal - hi! Urvashi waves. Vishal goes out. Aashka and Delnaaz having a random chat.

7:12pm - Imam seems to be getting restless in the cage and is singing. Sana talking to Rajev and Vishal. Fireworks going on. Imam - happy diwali BB! There's festivities going on even before I'm out. Happy diwali happy diwali happy diwali. Confused Imam - I feel like doing baghawat now, hello bandoo, I can remove these locks. Rajev - it's against the rules. If you go out, we'll catch you again. Imam - itna time. I make 1000s per minute. Rajev - then pay us 2500 Rs if you are earning so much.  Vishal - if there's genuine voting then who would want to keep him in? Sana - he's not going anywhere, I'm going (eviction). Imam - are you guys ready for night duty? I've moved my bed. I'm ready. 

7:17pm - Karishma asleep in the red bedroom along with Sapna and Niketan. Karishma blinks then closes her eyes. Then looks outside. Aashka comes to her. Karishma - I'm awake dont stress. Aashka whispers something in her ear. In the living area, Urvashi is sitting up.  Del with her at the dining table. *silence* Del - so few days are remaining now right? It's going slow now. Urvashi - I dont feel it's slow. Rajev is so crazy. He put Rajev's money in a laundry back under Niketan's bed. I was so happy. I was like why did you put under his bed. Rajev was saying meri behen hai. You came and told me you found my own money. I found it so funny. She gets up and goes out and comes to the other officers and says it's too cold. Imam - I want to talk to you. Urvashi - wait, I'll go pee. The AC is on full blast. She goes to the toilet.

7:22pm - Sana and Rajev saying that his jokes are not funny. Rajev - tumhari tara to mera kutta bhi... Sana rolls her eyes. Rajev -... but i love my dog. Now Sana and Rajev are discussing dogs. Imam is going on taunting them. Urvashi coming back saying she found money. Rajev applauding here asking where she found them? Del comes in the red bedroom to Karishma. Aashka comes in and says that Imam is very upset because she found money in the toilet. Karishma asks Aashka to stay as she wants to go to the bathroom.

7:28pm - Sana and Vishal is discussing clothes.  Imam saying something to Karishma. He wants to find out how much of Karishma's money was stolen. Karishma - I dont know. Imam - talk to me if you want your money back. If you dont then it's fine. You wont find money, guaranteed and I found it so much. And first time you gave me money, I got 1 hr to hide it. Vishal - camera pe yeh sab footage deta rehta hai. Rajev - *cant hear* Imam talking to the camera. Imam - did she get that woman get money. She's guaranteed dagabaaz. She's a spoilt sport. Did she get money? Karishma come here a moment I want to talk to you. Vishal goes to talk to her first. Then Imam asks her how's your neck. How much money did you lose? If you want it then I have it. Vishal - grahak dekh ke thappad maro. Rajev - he has 2 bundles of 1100 Rs. (I think they are pretending they found the money so that Urvashi goes in search of it and they can found out of she's undercover or not). 

7:34pm - Imam calls Delnaaz and asking her to plait his bandana. Imam - she hasn't found money and she' unnecessarily jumping up and down. Del - how can I tie this. Imam - Urvashi is double crossing me. Now I know what's happening. I understood her game. She was lying to me that BB called her inside.  Del walks off. Imam fiddling with his cap. Imam - us bechari ko CID bana diya. I have the most money, no matter what they do. He tells Del the plait opened up.

7:41pm - Karishma still complaining about neck pain. Sapna awake. They can hear the crew members talking and think they are partying.  Niketan is still asleep. In the bathroom, Aashka going to the toilet. Sapna trying to wake up Niketan and saying aren't you worried about the thief is jail? Karishma  - Imam saying I wont eat if you dont get me out. Sapna - good. Karishma - he said why would you charge the others 10 Rs and me 300? Sapna - I knew it would irritate him that's why I told him I am paying only 10 Rs. Karishma wants Vishal to make tea coz she's very sleepy.

7:47pm - Urvashi taking Imam to the bathroom and Imam telling her that Aashka didn't really find the money. Urvashi whispering, Imam tells her to wait as he spots Aashka in the bathroom. Imam says Aashka is a thief nor aam aadmi.  Sana comes to the bathroom. Aashka cleaning a drawer and Urvashi watching her. Rajev - 2 inspectors and 1 roopwati and i have a shak, so what the...? He thinks of going to the bathroom and checking as well.  In kitchen Vishal wondering about what to prepare for dinner. Karishma saying that in luxury budget they'll take coffee. Sapna saying I have my personal stash. Niketan saying her heard Aashka say about the money. Sapna - they hid it somewhere. Sana going out to ask if Urvashi will take tea. Del talking to Sapna - I knew he'd be annoyed so I told Imam on purpose. Niketan calls Sapna and says we will sleep and do it tomorrow. Wink Sapna - yes. We have to steal. Niketan - we are done for the night food. sapna - no i've stolen something for the food. But we have to keep Imam in jail. Del walks off. Karishma talking about Aashka finding money and he had stolen 2000, Niketan not sure how he got 2000. Niketan wants to try and get Karishma out of the bedroom.

7:53pm - Sapna wants a sip of Karishma's tea and Karishma wants money. Now Sapna is saying that I have your toiletries that you have me so I am going to barter tham for 2 cups of coffee and fruits. Niketan goes and asks Aashka. He's eating an apple. He goes into the yellow bedroom looking for money. Karishma follows him. He says he's searching for money. Karishma asking if Aashka has searched imam's area. They both run to check and Karishma says it's stinking. Dead They check. Vishal comes in and Niketan yet again asks if Urvashi is corrupt. Vishal says yes. 

7:57pm - Aashka and Karishma are going through his stuff and Aashka saying she might have to wash her hands. Karishma says eww. Confused They dont find anything. Karishma - boys are so dirty.  Sana found money under the sink in the bathroom. LOL Sana - how many plans they made, we found all the money, We are also chulbul pandey. Clap Sana to Vishal - I found all the money. Hum bhi kacche khiladi nahi. Dont even tell anyone. Not even Rajev. Imam doesn't know now. When he feels for it, then he'll find out that it's gone. Outside Rajev and Urvashi discussing money and where Rajev hid it and he didn't count it. Confused Sana walks out innocently. Rajev asks Sana to sit and he's going to smoke. Vishal walking out laughing. Imam bored in jail. Sana to Urvashi - I think I'll have to take meds. She asks Urvashi what happened? Urvashi - we look like hawaldaars. Sana - you are here right, Imam might run away. 

8:15pm Imam - I found 3 bundles. Karishma - 1000, 500 of yours and 1000 from Aashka's. Urvashi - you gave 300. Imam - from your bundle. Urvashi - aam aadmi bahaut uchal rahe hai. Vishal comes so Imam says Vishal whatever. I know these people have no money. I've written a song for you. 

8:20pm - Rajev is telling SApna that Urvashi is saying that he saw you taking money from the bathroom and hiding in the bedroom. So Rajev told her he stole Vishal and Aashka's money. And now they are discussing that Urvashi is doing a corrupt cop. Niketan & Sapna are saying she got a task. Rajev - she got a secret task or Urvashi was so angry with Imam and she's talking so much with him. 

8:26pm - Imam saying, go take your clothes from the bathroom or I would hid those 50 Rs worth of clothes also. Quickly take it from the bathroom. And in the night I'm throwing Vishal's suitcase in the swimming pool for sure. Imam asking if one of the thieves have any bail money. No response. Inside Sapna wondering about Urvashi with Del. Del says that if she got a secret task then she can't discuss it with anyone. Sapna - BB said 1 chor at a time so we wont do anything because we dont want him out coz if we get got them we'll go in. Imam has run out.Shocked He comes in screaming, koi bahar aa gaya. Sana running after him. Sapna - she's laughing. Close the door. Sana - hands up! Rajev and Sana taking him inside. Imam - kya bhaga. Rajev - aur kya pakda! LOL Aashka talking to Urvashi that it was self arrest. If he does something and you don't do anything. Niketan asks Ashka to check under the sink Urvashi - it's not there, I'm searching from so long inside.  Niketan searching. Urvashi saying he's going on saying the money is under the sink. He hid them there. Shocked Aashka is check the trash cans again. LOL

8:35pm - Imam joking with Sana. Sana - I will shoot at your legs. Imam - I will kill you before that. Sana - I've done 17 encounters. Imam - I've done 36. Sana - I'm young now. Imam - see how I escaped. Urvashi whispering with the police. Rajev properly. Imam planning a second way of escaping. Sana talking about how she hasn't even left 10 Rs. and only Vishal knows. Can't hear her coz Imam is talking over her. Sana - I haven't been able to count it. She's telling Rajev. Imam - I stole from Aashka, Urvashi and Karishma. He's telling Del that he'd hide in the captain's bathroom. Del - you can't use it. Imam - Del give me some roti, I'm hungry. Rajev and Sana still whispering. Sana - Rajev, mujhe bhi kuch pata nahi na. Nahi mat do. Mujhe pata hai. Let me play. I know what you are talking. Imam - Sapna found scotch brite and dove ka khali pocket. Sana - you have no money, they have no money, Imam - I have all the money. Rajev - so no one can bail you out. Imam - no problem. Sana - but then you have to eat. Imam - I can stay hungry for 2 days. ConfusedLOL Sana saying everyone is in the bathroom. Imam - all the kaand is happening in the bathroom only. Sana going to check and Imam saying go and check but quietly or they'll find out you are coming. 

General Update:
~ 8:45pm Since Niketan didn't find any money in the toilet where Urvashi said Imam said he hid it. So he as telling Sapna that he thinks Rajev is lying and he didn't find any money. Del was asking which resort is around and Imam saying that they are in Kandala not Lonavla. It seems it's Kumar Resort nearby where the songs are coming from. Imam is constantly telling Rajev to go to the bathroom as Niketan is there and he's probably found the money and you can catch him red handed. Rajev ignoring.

8:56pm - Sana and Imam talking. Sana telling him to give money so she'll do his bail. WinkLOL Imam saying no I want to win the game. When I win 50 lakhs I will give you some. Sana - no you have full right on thatClap, I'm talking about the task. Inside Urvashi is saying that she can be the bad cop, Rajev can play the good cop if she wants. She had to pretend she's win him and only then he went into the jail. In the red bedroom, Del teaching Karishma to chant. Aashka comes in to pay attention in the mean time. Niketan asking Sapna to go in the yellow bedroom. Sapna - tell us how much money we need for food and we'll steal accordingly. Aashka saying we dont have any money. Sapna saying Vishal has 1000, you have 300 from us. They paid you 120 for food. Aashka - they didn't pay us that's what I told Vishal that to take the money from them. Sapna - ohh so it's due. 

9:02pm - Outside Urvashi talking to Vishal as he washes dishes. Urvashi - this is a boy's game. Vishal - but it's interesting. Urvashi looks bored and worried. LOL

9:04pm - Imam bored in his cage but still taunting people thinking no one found his money. Imam - kar lo kuch apni aankho ko. He laughs. 

*stopping updates*

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jeena911 Groupbie

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Deluu cryingg..coz of imam...prolly he did something to delu's things
samaira25 Senior Member

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3rd Tongue
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dilnaz crying for powder,,,,
-MakhanMalaai- IF-Stunnerz

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Delnaaz is crying... Shocked

Niketan is sitting with the police and says maine abhi tak chori nahi ki to main chor nahi hoon..

Raj says tumhe sak ki bina pe arrest kiya jaata hai..

Sana says main tumhara encounter karoongi..

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Suddenly Delnaz started crying now...Confused

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