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Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye ch10 p94, epi-p99 (Page 5)

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Originally posted by niniborn2rule

nxt chap kab milega??
Working on it...a lot needs to be put into it 
pl. give me a day or two

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Originally posted by aarundhati

Oh...that was SPLENDID, Shirley...simply AWESOME...Clap...Thanks a lottt for the effort...!Big smile

Oh thank u so much...this is the only thing that motivates me - ur praises (criticism is equally welcomeWink)
Indeed had a wonderful time reading it...u write sooo well...plz...plz...plz... continue soon...!Thumbs Up

Will try asap


Loved the flow of the chap...extremely streamlined and so emotion-packed...relived the moments of KTLK older episodes, where Ashu , after she calling him her hero...takes her to his school to show the thoughts penned down by him when young...enjoyed the twist u have taken to...

Bold Ashu taking CV's permission to go to Nidhi to comfort her...keep writing plz...!Thumbs Up
Frankly a lot of things disappointed me in the serial. So, i m trying to take it out by writing things the way, i think they ahould have shown
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Originally posted by Malvika_rajeev

Originally posted by sshirley

Originally posted by Malvika_rajeev

Too good, you write well. Please continue.
Thank you Dr. Malvika,
Waise I will need your help for some future chapters of my ff - u know some medical procedures. Can I pm you?
Sure, feel free to pm me. I will help you wherever I can.
Sure I will
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very well written,lucid, and free flowing story. Loved a recap of ktlk's fav episodes with a peep into ashu's feelings, very well portrayed. His feelings though so decent and natural create ripples.Can't wait to read the next part, please post soon.
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Originally posted by ssktlk

very well written,lucid, and free flowing story. Loved a recap of ktlk's fav episodes with a peep into ashu's feelings, very well portrayed. His feelings though so decent and natural create ripples.Can't wait to read the next part, please post soon.
Thank you so much,,,
workking on next part - it is too draining to write about ashni's final chai date
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Here is next chapter. Comments, reviews and criticism welcome.

Chapter 2:


Anji sees him coming from the door and knocks Nidhi's door soft. "Nidhi pl. open the door, Dr. Ashutosh aa rahe hain tere saath chai peene. By now, her tears have subsided. When she hears what Anji said, her heart is swept in a wave of hope. May be Dr. Ashutosh has managed to convince her Baba after all. She runs to open the door. But one look at Anji's face and all her hopes are again crushed. She defeatedly sits on the chair near the table, too exhausted to even cry. Ashu quietly enters the room and Anji closes the door behind him. Ashu puts the tea on the table and is about to say something to Nidhi when, he realizes that CV may mind the closed door. So, he softly goes towards the door and opens it just a bit. Then, with heavy steps he turns towards Nidhi and is wondering what or how to say to her, when she gets up and hugs him very tightly before breaking down in his arms. Ashu is too stunned for a few seconds to even react. Then he too puts his arms reassuringly around her, closed his eyes, tears rolling down his eyes and tried to etch this moment forever in his memory. They stay like that for a few seconds. Then in between sobs, Nidhi says'"Dr. Ashutosh, ye sab kya hogaya''Baba'.. Baba hamare pyaar ko kyun nahi samajh rahe'''.unhone bhi toh love marriage ki thi''''.phir kyun? ''.ab ''.. ab hum kya karenge?" Ashu silently wipes his own tears, then draws apart and looks at her'''..one look at her face and his heart breaks into a thousand pieces once again. Jis phool ne mere jeevan ko apni khushboo se mehka diya, aaj woh phool hi murjha gaya. No, he could not tolerate this. He tenderly holds her shoulders, makes her sit on the chair and says, "Hey Doc, woh sab baad me sochte hain, pahle ek aakhri baar kya hum saath me chai pee sakte hai, aur apni pichli saari chai dates ki memories ko taaza kar sakte hain, Woh bhi khushi se. Please Nidhi'.." She silently nodded. And he handed her tea with a slight smile, pulled another chair to sit and picks up his cup. There is a calming silence between them while they finish their tea. Once it is finished, he puts his cup on the table, takes her cup and puts it on the table. Then, he goes on his knees near her, takes both her hands in his, and says. "Nidhi, main tumse kuch mangna chahta hoon"
"Main jaanti hoon aap kya kahenge. Yehi na, tum mujhe bhool jaao Nidhi''.. Nahi, ye mere liye possible''."

"Shh' pahle meri baat toh sun leti''..main jaanta hoon ye possible nahi hai, na mere liye aur naahi tumhare liye. Isliye main ye maang bhi nahi raha hoon. Nidhi, maine suna hai ki auraten bahut strong hoti hain. Bas main tumse yahi chahta hoon. Main tumse sirf ye keh raha hoon hamari memories ko apne dil ek kone me rakhna. Aur apne Baba ko kabhi galat nahi samajhna'''.Woh tumhare pita hai. Unse zyaada tumhara bhala bura koi nahi samajh sakta. Woh jisse kahen tum khushi khushi usse shaadi karlena. Aur apne dil ka Woh ek chhota sa kona chhorke, jisme hamari memories hain, give your heart to your husband.  Main jaanta hoon ki ye mushkil hai, lekin mere pyaar ko hi apni taaqat banana. Our love will carry us through the challenges of our lives. Hamare pyaar ki yahi jeet hogi, ke tum ek achchhi beti, ek achchhi patni aur phir ek achchhi ma banna." Ashutosh was completely drained emotionally by now, but he had to be strong for her sake.

Nidhi again breaks down'''.. "aur aap? Aap phir se akele ho jayenge'''.phir se aapki zindagi veeran ho jayegi. Phir se aap apne kaam me doob jaayenge, phir se ''."

"Shh'' nahi nidhi, aisa kuch nahi hoga. Jaisa maine abhi abhi kaha,  our love will carry us through the challenges of our lives. Nidhi tumhara pyaar hi meri sabse badi taaqat hai, meri kamzori nahi. Meri khaali jholi ko tumne apni yaadon se bhar diya hai. Tumne mujhe jeena sikhaya, tumne mujhe har chhoti baat me khushi dhoondna sikhaya. Aur jo tumne mujhe sikhaya, main uspe amal karunga Nidhi. Main bhi tumse vaada karta hoon, ke main dobara kabhi bhi Dr. Hardstone nahi banoonga.

They were both silent for a few seconds. Then, Nidhi says somewhat harshly, "Dr. Ashutosh, agar humari shaadi nahi ho sakti toh aap mujhe se ye maangne ka bhi koi haq nahi hai ki main kisi aur se shaadi kar loon."

"Hai Nidhi, poora haq, tumne hi diya hai mujhe ye haq."

Before she could say anything in protest, "ab ye tumhaare haath me hai Nidhi. Agar tumne apne Baba se thodi bhi narazgi dikhai ya unka aur tumhara rishta kharab hua ya phir tumne unki pasand se shaadi karne se inkaar kiya, toh main ise hamare pyaar ki sabse badi haar samjhoonga. "

Nidhi nodded in defeat.

"Aur haan ek baat aur'''..main chahta hoon ke tum ab apne career pe dhyaan do. You are a good doctor NIdhi. Aur, ''. Ye main tumhare liye nahi balki apne liye keh raha hoon. Agar tumne apna career bana liya toh shayad mera guilt (tumhe dismiss karne ka) thoda kam ho jaaye. Tum kaho tum kis hospital me jaana chahogi, Main tumhe us me sirf ek opening dilwa doonga. Uske baad you have to prove yourself"

"Iski koi zaroorat nahi ' main apne liye khud hi opening dhoond loongi. I promise you ke main apni education ko waste nahi karoongi"

"That's like my Nidhi." Ashu was relieved.

"Aur koi promise chahte hain aap mujhse? Aur koi keemat chukani hai mujhe hamare pyaar ki?"  Nidhi could not help her voice from sounding bitter.

"Nahi Nidhi, tumne ye do promise kar liye yehi mere liye sab kuch hai'.thank you Nidhi for everything''thank you for coming into my life'' Toh main chalun?" He slowly got up and was about to let go of her hands, which were still in his hands, when Nidhi stopped him. 

"Not so soon Dr. Ashutosh, not so soon." Ashu looked at her questioningly.

"Main bhi apna haq maangti hoon. "

"Nidhi, maine tumse abhi promise kiya na, ke main khush rahunga, tumhari yaadon ke sahare. That I will never be Dr. Hardstone again"

"Ji, lekin ye toh ek promise hua. Maine aapse do promises kiya to aapko bhi mujhse do promises karne honge"

"Nidhi tum bhi na'' theek hai bolo do kya jitney kahogi utne promises karne ko main taiyyar hoon"

"Sirf ek aur promise chahti hoon''Dr. Ashutosh, main jaanti hoon ke aap 99.99% kabhi shaadi nahi karenge. Aur main aap ko force bhi nahi kar rahi hoon. Lekin, phir bhi agar aap shaadi karen, toh promise me, that you will not marry Dr. Mallika, chahe woh aapko kitna bhi majboor kyun na karen. Aap'..aap mujhe galat mat''."

"Tumhe galat samajhne ka toh sawaal hi nahi uthta Nidhi'.You know me better than myself. You know very well, ke main Mallika ke saath kabhi bhi khush nahi reh sakta. Theek hai, I promise not to marry Mallika. So, can I leave now'''.tumhari Dadi bua aati hi hongi'...". She nodded very slightly, and was about to break down again, when he said, "Nidhi, can't we bid adieu to each other with a smile please?" He gradually left her hands while she tried to catch hold of them'''' but finally their fingers left each other. Ashu smiled broadly while Nidhi managed a weak smile.  Then he turned on his heels.

(listen to the first few lines of  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW1SohGFXWs)

Meanwhile, CV was at the door. He had listened to each and every word that had passed between them. The depth of their love for each other was so great that CV fell in his own eyes. Ashu had handled the situation in such a way that he had been bowled over. When some 25 years back, he was in a very similar situation, he had chosen the easiest way out. Back then, he could not even think of doing what Ashu had just done. And, from what he saw and heard just now, he was sure that if Ashu had just simply said one word, Nidhi would have run off with him, and he, CV, couldn't have stopped her in anyway. Yes, he had to admit that his daughter had found a rare jewel. He almost regretted his decision. Almost, but not quite. How he wished that Ashu was even 10 years younger. 18 years age gap was too too much. No, as a father, he could not say yes to this match.

When he heard Ashu coming out of Nidhi's room, CV hastily moved out of his sight''..there was no way he could meet his eyes. He felt himself too small before Ashu.

Ashu came out and went into the drawing room'' He was almost relieved not to find Col. Verma there. He was too, too drained to face CV again. Only Rohan and Anji were sitting there dejected. They got up as soon as they saw Ashu. "Aap rukiye main uncle ko bulati hoon" Anji offered immediately. "Nahi rehne dijiye, main chalta hoon" Both Anji and Rohan opened their mouth as if to say something, but no words came. Ashu thought it best to put them out of their misery by simply walking out of the front door. He rushed to his car, started it and drove speedily till he found a secluded place. There, he stopped the car, got out, banged his fist with full force on the bonnet, and broke down completely'''.He stayed right there till night''.at last at the thought of HK waiting  dragged his footsteps towards home.

The next day when Armaan came back from his two-day tour, he is shocked to see Ashu in such a state. Ashu tells him everything, and Armaan is so angry that he practically rushes out to meet or rather blast CV. Lekin Ashu ne usko apni kasam deke rok liya.

'15 days later:

Everything seems normal on the face of it'''.Nidhi is behaving normally with her family. DB is still unable to get over her resentment that Nidhi could fall in the trap of someone like Ashu. So, despite CV's constant admonishing, she keeps badmouthing Ashu in front of Nidhi every chance she gets or even if she doesn't get any. Nidhi stoically and silently bears everything and still talks to DB respectfully. Only Anji and Rohan find this unbearable and leave from the place, whenever DB starts talking. They have stopped talking to DB and CV. Rohan would have left the house, but couldn't, as Nidhi needed someone to share her grief. CV completely understands Nidhi's condition ' he has seen that though Nidhi smiles frequently, her smile does not reach her eyes. He knows that she cries herself to sleep every night holding the heart shaped pendant gifted by Ashu. He feels guilty but is helpless.

To fulfill her second promise, Nidhi had found a charitable organization, Jeevan Sandhya, where she had started going on a voluntary basis. In fact, she spends all her free time at JS. All the old patients have taken an instant liking to her, especially one patient with a very mild form of Alzhelmer's, who calls her 'Guddi' and insists that she call him Baba.

On the other hand, Mallika is super-happy to know about AshNi breakup. About a week after the breakup, she took Ashu to BKM (Baba Ka Makan) and gifts him the house. When Ashu in throes of emotions, told her that he would give anything in return, she proposes marriage. Hearing this, Ashu immediately returns the keys to her, saying he cannot marry her and so, cannot keep her gift. Mallika requests him to at least accept the gift, since it is his life's biggest desire to get back his BKM. But he refuses saying that his BKM has no value for him now, since he has neither his Baba nor Nidhi to live with him in BKM. 

The next week after this incident, Jagan comes, meets Ashu and Mallika and within two days, proposes marriage to Mallika. Mallika tells Ashu about Jagan's proposal, and Ashu pleads with Mallika to refuse since Jagan is not a good person and she won't be happy with him. But, Mallika says that tomorrow, she is getting married to him in temple and if Ashu wants to stop her, there is only one way ' that he marries her himself. Ashu is in a fix.

The next 20 hours, Ashu is constantly on the phone with various people in the US. He inquires extensively about Jagan, and the more he finds out, the more shocked he is - Jagan is not only married with 2 children, but also a wanted criminal. Ashu could easily have him arrested, but decided that preventing Mallika's marriage to Jagan would be enough. So, in the morning, he gathers all proof and is at the temple before anyone else, and waits for the others. Mallika arrives first with Adi-Sue, and is excited to see Ashu there. Finally, she will get to marry him. She literally runs to him. But, Ashu simply says, "Jagan ko aane do, Mallika".  Mallika is confused. Finally, Jagan too arrives. He starts in his usual way, "Arre wah, Ashutosh, tum yahan?  yeh hui na baat''.Mallika tumhara aashiq hamari shaadi me witness banega'''how interesting," and laughs loudly. All are disgusted, but Ashu says very calmly, "Shaadi se pahle zara main sabko tumhara introduction de doon. Tumne jo hum dono ko bataya tha meri cabin me, usse bhi kahin zyaada degrees aur honours tumne kamaye hain.  Tumne toh hume apne baare me bahut kam bataya. You have been too modest. Koi baat nahi main hoon na, main batata hoon." And then, he reveals everything. Then, he looks at his watch and says, "Jagan, police yahan 5 minute me pahunchne wali hai''aage tumhari marzi. Chalo Mallika" Mallika does not move and says "Jagan, ek minute ruko." Jagan who was about to run away, stops unsurely. Mallika goes upto him and slaps him with full force. Before Jagan could retaliate, Ashu says "Sirf paune chaar minute Jagan"

"Ye baazi tum jeet gaye Ashutosh, lekin ye tumne acha nahi kiya - yaad rakhna main tum dono ko chhodunga nahin'''.Bahut pachtaoge Ashutosh, bahut pachtaoge" and runs away.

Ashu drops a heart-broken Mallika home and goes to the hospital.

Meanwhile at JS, one patient has a severe neurological problem at midnight, and the administrator calls Nidhi, who immediately rushes to JS. But she is unable to help him, the patient needs a neurologist urgently. She calls 3 neurologists she knows, but since it is the middle of the night, 1 does not even pick up his phone while the other two rudely refuse to come, since the patient is in a charitable institute and they won't get any payment. So, in desperation, she calls Ashu (even though he is a neurosurgeon and not a neurologist) and talks to him professionally. He rushes immediately and gets the situation under control. But, the crisis situation had awoken almost all patients at JS. Nidhi thought that since Ashu was here, she could also consult him on the Alzheimer's patient. There were certain things about that patient that were confusing her. Though his symptoms were no doubt those of Alzheimer's, she often suspected that it was actually a much milder case than the patient had tried to pretend to be having. Also, while talking to him, she had felt that he was associated in some way with the medical profession. So, she said, "Dr. Ashutosh, agar aap mind na karen, toh I want to consult you on one of my other patients too. Woh case to Alzheimer's ka lagta hai, lekin somehow I feel that woh utne bimaar hain nahin jitna ki woh dikhate hain''.kabhi toh apni beti Guddi ki baaten karte hain ' something like 'maine uske saath bahut bura kiya''..mujhe Woh kabhi maaf nahi karegi' toh kabhi apne bte ki baat karte hain''''. I think it could be the usual case of son abandoning his old father'''anyways aap pl. unhe dekh lijiye"

"Sure Nid' I mean sure Dr. Nidhi kahan hain woh?"

Nidhi looks around and finds that all patients are there except that one. So, she asks the administrator who says, abhi toh yahin the, lekin jaise hi Dr. Ashutosh ko aate dekha kuch ajeeb behave karne lage aur phir shayad apne room me chale gaye"

"Theek hai, chaliye Dr. Ashutosh" and she leads him to his room. As soon as the patient sees Ashu, he immediately turns his back and says firmly, "Guddi, mujhe kisi se nahi milna''..isse bahar leke jaa"

Nidhi turns to Ashu, and is surprised at what she saw ' a much shaken Ashu standing with the wall supporting his back and his entire face streaked with tears. Finally, he slumps on the floor and utters "Baba''''Nidhi ye mere Baba hain" and Nidhi rushes to him with tears in her eyes. She helps him get up from the floor and they both move hand in hand towards Dr. Mathur. Ashu says, "Baba mujhse aisi kya galti ho gayi jo aap mujhe chodke chale gaye woh bhi bin bataye?" Dr. Mathur cries his heart out, asking Ashu's forgiveness and explains how he realized that he was at the beginning of Alzheimer's, and that he did not want to be a burden on Ashu (Ashu was stunned to hear this)'''that and his guilt for what he had done to his daughter made him feel so restless and he suddenly decided to leave the house and give his house to his granddaughter, out of guilt.

"Baba, aap mujh par bojh?''.bojh toh main tha aap par, aur jab main is kaabil bana that you could take pride in me, tab aap mujhe yun chodke chaaale gaye? Completely shattering me?"   

BB again asks for his forgiveness, and explains that it was more due to his guilt towards his dead daughter''''. Ashu looks towards Nidhi, wondering whether to tell BB that she was his granddaughter, but he decided otherwise'''so much together could be overwhelming for BB's mind and it could harm him badly'no, he would slowly tell him everything. Ashu turns to BB and places his one arm around him and makes him get up, "Bas Baba, ab aur jo bhi kehna sunna hai, woh sab ghar chalke".

"Haan Ashu, chal ghar chalte hain" BB immediately agrees.

Ashu leads BB to his car, gently eases him into the passenger seat and then, as if suddenly remembering Nidhi, he says "Baba, main abhi aata hoon." And leaving one of JS's employees, he rushes inside, but does not find her anywhere. So, he goes to BB's room, and finds her sitting on the bed lost in thoughts. She sees Ashu and goes towards him, and he too comes to her. For a few seconds there is silence. Then,

"Nidhi, tum kya ho? Are you an angel who has come to this earth to give me every happiness?"

"How I wish, I could give you every happiness, Dr. Ashutosh, but alas!"

"Nidhi you have given me everything that was possible for you, even more. I am really proud of the way you fulfilled your second promise. Only you could have chosen to serve the society instead of completing your internship in a hospital"
"Ji, it helps me to tide over things" was all she could manage to say. Then after a while, she continues, "Chaliye, ab mujhe is baat ki toh tasalli rahegi ki aapka koi toh hai, jiske liye aap jee sakte hain."   

"Haan, aur Baba tumhari wajah se hi mujhe wapas mile.  Nidhi I thank you from the bottom my heart ' aaj tumne mujhpe ek aur ehsaan kiya"

"ek aur ehsaan? Matlab mera pyaar aapke liye ehsaan tha?"

"Nahi Nidhi, mera woh matlab nahi tha. Main toh sirf ye keh'.."

"Pl. Dr. Ashutosh aapko ab jaana chahiye. Aapke Baba wait kar rahe honge." And she turns his back to him. She can't stand anymore. Every cell in her body wants to simply fall into his arms and cry her heart out.

 Ashu understands and backs out without a further word.    

When Nidhi leaves JS, the administrator tells her to take the next day off as she spent practically the whole night there. She agrees, since she is feeling totally drained.  But she told him to give her a call in case of any need, before she left.

By the time she reaches home, it is already 5.30 am. She just goes to bed and falls asleep within a minute. It is almost 11 am by the time she gets up. She comes out of her room to see everyone including Shyama and Kapil Solanki, DB, Rohan and Anji in the drawing room having tea. They were discussing something.

DB ' "Dekh yog, mere khayal se hame Nidhi ki jald se jald shaadi karwa deni chahiye."

CV ' "Bua, itni jaldi kya hai? Aap Nidhi ki haalat dekh rahi hain" he is clearly not comfortable with the idea.

DB ' "kya haalat? Bilkul theek hi toh lagti hai, haan kabhi thodi udaas si ho jaati hai, lekin shaadi ke baad khud hi bhool jaayegi sab kuch. Tabhi toh keh rahi hoon ki jaldi shaadi karwa do. Kisi din us neech doctor ka man badal gaya aur woh meri bachchi ko bhaga le gaya toh phir pachhtane ke alawa kuch nahi kar payenge hum."

Rohan and Anji gave DB a disdainful look, while Shyama said, "Nahin Buaji, Dr. Ashutosh aise insaan nahin hain, agar unhe aisa hi karna hota, toh Woh bhaisaheb se Nidhi ka haath maangne nahi aate'.." 

Kapil S ' "Nahin Shyama, hum uspar bilkul bharosa nahi kar sakte. Buaji thik keh rahi hain, Verma.  Jo insaan apne se aadhi umar ki ek bholi si ladki ko fasa sakta, woh kuch bhi kar sakta hai''''.main roz courts me dkhta hon, aise log criminal instincts ke ho sakte hain aur phir kya pata kisi Nidhi ko kidnap karke aur phir'"   

While CV looked increasingly discomfited at the insinuations of DB and KS, Nidhi could not take it any longer. "Bas kijiye aap log." Everyone was shocked to hear Nidhi's voice and looked at her. She continued, "Main kuch kehti nahin matlab ye nahi ki aap log kuch bhi kehte rahe Dr. Ashutosh ke baare me. Kya maine aapko shikayat ka koi mauka diya? Jaante hain kyon main aapse baat bhi karti hoon itna sab hone ke baad? Khair chhodiye'''.aap kya samjhenge. Anyways, DB, aap meri shaadi karwana chahti hain na? Theek hai, main taiyyar hoon. Aap jisse aur jab kahen main shaadi kar loongi, taaki kum se kum aap toh chain se saans le paayen" and she ran to her room and banged the door behind her.

While CV and Shyama were highly disturbed, KS and DB were clearly relieved and somewhat happy. Especially DB gloated with a sense of victory. "Dekh yog, Nidhi ne bhi haan keh di hai ab main kisi ki ek nahi sunoongi"

"Bua, aap ki aakhen hote hue bhi agar aap kuch dekhna nahi chahti to aapse baat karna hi bekaar hoga" and so, saying CV too left the room.

DB - "Kapil main aaj hi Rohan ke mata pita se baat karti hoon, balki abhi ka abhi"

Rohan was stunned, "ek min. DB, aap mere parents se kyun baat karengi"
DB ' "jaise tu kuch samajhta hi nahi. Nidhi aur teri shaadi ki baat karne ke liye, aur kyun?"

Rohan shouted angrily, "Aur aapse kis ullu ke paththe ne kaha ki main Nidhiji se shaadi karunga?"

DB smiles ' "Khud tune hi toh kaha tha".

Rohan was aghast "Kab? Kahan? Aapke sapne me"

DB amusedly replied, "mere sapne me toh nahin, lekin haan tune tere sapne me zaroor kaha tha. Do din pahle jab subah main uthi tab tere kamre se awaaz aayi toh main dekhne aayi thi ' main kya sunti hoon, Tu gehri neend me keh raha tha, 'Raj Kapoorji, main Nidhiji se bahut pyaar karta hoon, main unse keh bhi nai sakta'" DB looked at him triumphantly and challengingly, while Anji looked at him in shock.

Rohan was flabbergasted and completely at a loss. His most closely guarded secret was out in the open. Yes, he had not even realized when he had fallen in love with Nidhi. It worried him ever since he realized. But he had vowed that no one will ever know and today''.this obstinate old lady had spoiled everything just to have things her own way. No, he would not allow his love to suffer. He would be happy only if Nidhi were happy.     

 He collected himself and said calmly, "jo bhi ho DB, main Nidhiji se shaadi nahi karoonga. Chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye, agar Nidhiji ki shaadi hogi toh sirf aur sirf Dr. Ashutosh se hi hogi"

DB says laughingly, "Is galat fahmi me mat rehna. Tu nahi to aur sahi. Nidhi ke liye rishton ki kami nahi hai"

"Main bhi dekhti hoon ke aap kisse rishta karwati hain Nidhi ka" Anji butted in. "Main uski best friend hoon'. Agar main ladkewaalon se ye keh doon ke Nidhi characterless hai, pahle ek badi umar ke doctor ko fasaya, phir rohan ke saath'.."

DB looks on shocked, while Kapil S. gets up and slaps Anji, before Shyama could stop, "main bhi dekhta hoon ki tu kaise milti bhi hai, kisi se. tujhe tere room se bahar tak aane doonga."

Anji though scared, look at him defiantly, "kitne din band karenge mujhe room"

KS replies angrily, "Jab tak Nidhi ki shaadi nahi ho jaati tab tak."

Rohan butts in "Kis kis ko band karenge. Faisla aapko karna hai, ki aap kya chahte hain apne parivaar ki samaaj me thu thu ya phir'''." Saying that, he takes Anji's hand and goes out from there.

CV has seen everything from the door. He comes inside, and as soon as DB sees him, she starts, "Dekh yog, ye aajkal ke bachche kitne besharam aur badtameez'.."

CV completely ignores her and walks towards Shyama who is completely lost in thoughts, "Bhabhi zara suniye" "Shyama jolts out of her thoughts. "Ji Bhaisaheb?"

"Mujhe aapse baat karni hai. Aapke ghar chalen please"

Though confused, she immediately acquiesced. Getting up promptly, "Ji chaliye Bhaisaheb". They both step out.

DB and KS though confused at CV's behavior, did not react. From what they saw''.. it would be futile to interfere. Even otherwise DB too wanted to discuss with KS what to do. After about 45 mins of discussion'.. they decided to abandon the idea of Nidhi's marriage till matters settle down a bit. Clearly, even CV wanted that.  

On the other hand, CV and Shyama's conversation ended thus:
Shyama ' Aapne bilkul sahi socha hai Bhaisaheb, isi me NIdhi ki bhalai hai. Main toh bahut pahle aapse kehna chahti thi'.lekin phir maine aapke faisle me dakhal dena theek nahi samjha."

"Ji Bhabhi, jitna main use jaan paaya hoon,  Nidhi ke liye usse achcha koi ho hi nahi sakta. Kaash maine''' " 

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ariyadasa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 5:43pm | IP Logged

Attracted to your ff topic yarr and read it from chap 1 it's really nice to re-memorize the past of KTLK. i really attracted to the last part of the 1st chap   

Col. Verma, do you trust me enough to let me meet NIdhi alone one last time? Please,  I will consider it a big favour, if you give me the permission to have tea with Nidhi in her room."

Col. Verma, though a bit alarmed, said slowly'."okay Dr. Ashutosh. But you havae just 15 mins. Then Bua will be back, and matters won't be in my hands"

Ashu says, "I understand. Thank you sir" and calmly gets up, puts 2 tsp. sugar in one cup and tsp sugar in another, picks up both cups and goes towards Nidhi's room. It comes as a mild surprise to CV that Ashu knows Nidhi takes 2 tsp sugar in tea.

go ahead nice to see lot of creative writers in the forum nowadays .GREAT WORK YARR 

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sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ariyadasa

Attracted to your ff topic yarr and read it from chap 1 it's really nice to re-memorize the past of KTLK. i really attracted to the last part of the 1st chap   

Col. Verma, do you trust me enough to let me meet NIdhi alone one last time? Please,  I will consider it a big favour, if you give me the permission to have tea with Nidhi in her room."

Col. Verma, though a bit alarmed, said slowly'."okay Dr. Ashutosh. But you havae just 15 mins. Then Bua will be back, and matters won't be in my hands"

Ashu says, "I understand. Thank you sir" and calmly gets up, puts 2 tsp. sugar in one cup and tsp sugar in another, picks up both cups and goes towards Nidhi's room. It comes as a mild surprise to CV that Ashu knows Nidhi takes 2 tsp sugar in tea.

go ahead nice to see lot of creative writers in the forum nowadays .GREAT WORK YARR 

Thank you so much dear...i m so glad you liked it. I have just posted the 2nd chapter. Pl. read and give your review on that too

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