Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~Kashmakash~ Maaneet SS Thread2 pt10 pg139 jan11

muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Character Sketch

Maan Singh Khurana 34yrs. Successful business man, MD of KC. Very hard working. Mature, practical & yet orthodox in his approach. His life is simple work & his family. His family is mom pami, Daadi Savitri Devi, sister Anni, brother Dev & his sweet wife Geet.
Geet Singh Khurana 27yrs old. Project manager at xyz IT company. Mature, sensitive, traditional & yet modern in her approach. Her life.. umm she wonders!!!


Maan '.

Kuch khud bhee thay afsurda say
kuch tum bhee hum say rooth gaiy
kuch khud hi zakham k aadi thay
kuch sheeshay haath say choot gaiy
kuch khud bhee thay hassas bohot
kuch apnay muqadar rooth gaiy
kuch tumko such say nafrat thee
kuch hum say na bolay jhoot gaiy
kuch khud itnay mohtaat na thay
kuch loag bhee hum ko loot gaiy
kuch talaq haqaiq thay itnay
k khawab hi saray toot gaiy.

Raat Ki Tanhayi Mein Un Aahaton Ki Kashmakash,
Kaisi Ajeeb Hoti Hai In Karwaton Ki Kashmakash,
Har AnjuMan Adhura Hai, Har Mehfil Akeli Hai,
Deedar Ko Tarasti, In Chaukhaton Ki Kashmakash,
Kayi Gehre Sawalon Ka Karwan Ho Jaise Koi,
Yun Meri Peshani Pe Salwaton Ki Kashmakash
don't ask me how am I going to manage any of my FFs. I have no clue.. my head was bursting to pen this down.. so hear I am yet again with another Maaneet FF

plz leave me lots of ur sweet & motivating comments.

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 6

She was totally flushed at her own words. It took her some time to look back at him. Her eyes filled up seeing him lost in his file. Forget getting a hint he was not interested even in listening to her. She slowly stepped out & rushed to furthest corner of the house & cried.. making sure no one heard her.
Maan called pinky & asked her to cancel all his meetings for the day. It took him a while to take in wat his lovely wife just said. He looked at the papers again to be sure he heard it right.. understood it right. Kal tak tho sab teehk tha.. he wondered
wat happened to her over night. He tried to recall wat he did after their moment yesterday. He thought it was different yesterday..  after a long time.. or was it the first time.. not sure but yah she hugged him like that. He sat down thoughtfully... & then.. his thought pondered.
Morning was normal he assured himself. She looked her usual beautiful self, busy with her morning routine.
He looked at his watch it was around 3.. wat happened between morning now that she wants a divorce (the thought she is been waiting for this meeting 2 months conveniently slipped out of his head).
He was lost in thinking wat went wrong... his memory went to the first time he saw her. He liked her smile. He smiled to himself.. only thing that bothered him was she is younger to him.. 10yrs apart (actually only 8) but then thats wat he felt she is in 20s & he is in 30s. He was ok with alliance. Handa family was also really sweet, highly respected & everything went on well with their wedding too. There was never a reason why he should be unhappy with her. (Actually he doesn't even remember the slapping episode now .. wat its been more than 4.5yrs)..
He was convinced that there shouldn't be any reason why she should be unhappy.. then why this divorce.. he began to think. Then his chain of thoughts suddenly went to the turn of events since they met in his office..
ek min.. she said she waiting
she waited of 2 months to give me this papers.. he immediately turned the papers & looked at the dates
it was dated 2 months earlier. His temper rose to new level. Wat were they doing together yesterday & all the days since last two months if she had decided other wise.

He clearly felt deceived. He felt cheated. He couldn't understand wat was happening to his life all of a sudden. The kind of person he is, this really took him off guard. He not even in his worst-est of nightmare expected this.  His wife would do anything like this to him. It took him a while to understand the whole scenario.. starting from her filing for divorce-appointment-today.
He managed to reach home. Actually he didn't want to do anything .. aptly he couldn't. He dragged himself to the room. Last time this happened was... he took a deep breath.. he closed his eyes tightly.. he didn't even want to think abt those days it took him so long to get over his own decision but then he thought that was best for them then. He regretted every day since then, especially seeing geets face after wat she had to go through. He couldn't stop himself feeling guilty, sinful. She had suffered a lot in  in the party, he definitely was sorry, wat pricked him was her strange acceptance to all. She didn't complain like before.. to think abt it she didn't even care at least that wat he could make out of her cool expression. He locked himself in the room whole evening. Why was she so indifferent!! may be.. he tried ti reason out so many things but nothing made sense. 

Geet all the while hid herself in that corner of the Mansion where no one could see her cry, break down fighting hard to collect her pieces. No one to feel her pain. So that was it, end of their so called happily married life. It was difficult for her to take this decision. She had to think of her future, every ones reaction.. not reaction.. every ones taunts most of she thought was her husbands but guess like usual he didn't care even for this.
Maan didn't come down for dinner, nor could Geet have hers. She helped nakul with dinner for rest of the family. Off course not to miss the taunt of Pami for the dinner not being upto the taste, somethung missing in dal ..tho something too much in sabzi. Geet just dipped her head & stood their numb all this had destroyed her long back from inside. Daadi again scolded pami & asked her to be quiet.
It was the usual drama in the family; pami will taunt Geet for no reason, initially Geet used to break down into tears & run into her room looking for some support from her husband.. but after that slap fiasco, she stopped even that. Now she quietly dipped her head & listened to all the rubbish pami have to spit. Geet wondered atleast some day pami will stop.. or will there be nothing more she would have to complain about ..alas!!!  her complains had no limits. Every day she finds new reason to defame her.
Geet was winding up the kitchen when she heard Maans voice calling for her. Her heart almost stopped. A zeal of emotions mixed with pain & fear ran down her. She even dropped the glass that she was wiping. Pami immediately came in & blasted her.
Tum logo main kuch sharam hain bhi yah nahi. Shaadi ke itne saal hogaye aur abhi bhi aisen chi!!
Geet clearly knew wat pami was hinting to. Pami didn't like or wat don't know wat was it .. she used to get angry abt even Maan calling her to their room, especially before anni's marriage.
With anni wondering why Maan called Geet to the room.
Geet innocently blushing initially & then it all felt shameful with pami's taunts as years passed. & today was all confusing. Was he really calling her for that she wondered. She ignored pami's taunt & very nervously climbed the steps to her room. Her heart was is so much of kashmakash... did he actually forgot abt wat she spoke to him in the office this afternoon, she wondered. Haan ho sakta hain, inhe tho waisen bhi kitna kaam hota hain. Aab main kya karon babaji.. she looked at her babaji pouting & went into their room slowly. She closed the door behind. Her breath was caught in, her eyes were red & fluffy. Her lashes flapped continuously.. restlessness was plastered all over. She trembled, her fingers knotted the sides of the kurti.  
Maan was very disturbed, he was still thinking over again & again what lead to all this. He was irritated, furious over the betrayal he felt within. Her usual indifferent calmness only wrecked his left over sanity. He was abut to say something, when he heard her meekly say
ji main change karke aathi hoon
his anger raged to different level all together. Did she actually thing they were going to be together after what happened in the afternoon. Is she out of her mind.  What did she think of him & their relationship was. He held her from the elbow as she crossed him dipping her head, her heart filled with kashmakash. His hard, cold ruthless hold on her arm ran a fear down her spine. She looked at him puzzled, bewildered.. not daring to raise he lashes to look into his eyes... or more of hiding her tears for she knows she may just breakdown if he spoke anything to her.
Maan angry
-   PREV        NEXT PART 7  -
thanks for t response, lovely comments & likes
.. I definitely need more support from u guys
plz plz.. comment & click like
lots of love
muskan & munchkins

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me firstShocked
yes i did it DancingParty
now waiting for updateCool

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M on 1st page Dancing

Read both d parts n commenting here...I lost all d respect for maan...

Seriously man, u out of ur mind...u aborted 2 kids...coz u didn't want a family...have u heard of protection or talking to ur wife n taking a decision mutually...MCP...he says he was thinking abt geet...she was kid...wth...

Felt really bad for wonder she lost interest in him...I mean d word love coz she never got was always his pleasure...

How can he even think dat wht made her think abt divorce...dude it u n ur idiot mom n ur cold behavior for her...have some sense...n how dare u get angry on her...u never called her other den to have s.x...she never cheated u...she gave in to ur demands...just like dat...

Loved both d parts...v all can feel her pain...loveless he gonna tell his mom dat she was expecting twice? 

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congo on the new thread...

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-gurtimaniac- Goldie

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Congo for the new thread Smile

eagerly waitng for the update

Nice update

there is lot of communication gap b/w both of them actually there is no communication at all...

Poor GEET is very much scared of opening her mouth in front of MAAN.

MAAN is just thinking of himself n not from the pov of GEET, he is feeling deceived n cheated but wht abt her, all the while she just waited for him in 5 yrs of marriage.

She cant even share her problem with her husband, there is no emotional bonding b/w them, just the physical relation.

hate tht Pami Angry

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