Devon ke Dev Mahadev


Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

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-Nymphadora- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 January 2008
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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 9:38pm | IP Logged

Hello Hello Hello...Big smileHug

So This week,is the week in which we first watched DKDMEmbarrassed

but more so along with DKDM its also the first time the DKDM forum on I-F started

Mujhse Poocho...Cool

i was one of the first ones to come into this lonely newly created forum and make into a Bhoot Bangla infested with all type of praanisWink(wohahaha hahaha!!!!)Evil Smile

Tabse Lake Aaaj tak many members came-some stayed,some went,some came early some a little later
some are talkative while some well hardly say a word

but bottomline is whoever they are we love them all for being a very very VERY special part of the DKDM forumHeartHug

for all the posts,creations,laughter,smiles,and all the fun we had here

i hope all of youll remember that special voting thing we had a few days back?

So today we are giving a special award to some very special membersClap

Mera Bas Chalta we would have given awards to everyone who got nominated

Just Guess How Many of youll got nominated?Just estimate...




a total of 50 members got nominated

50 can you belive it?that makes it more or less every member who has been in out little forum so farHeartClap

so yes the fight was tough
so much at one point of time there were so many ties that selecting the top members was super super hardOuch

after all out of 50 members only 7 were to be selected(inititally i had decided only 5 but then increased the numberBig smile)

so FINALLY we have got our 7 Top Members

who are...

ab mera bhashan ho gayaROFL
now waiting for the winners names????

Here we Go!Big smile

ill try to play the guessing game-but i guess some of the names will be pretty obvious,but still ill tryWink

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samirayedvedhwani.mnx12.Vrish.NishajosKal El-Reeti-divyadaya13MrToolConfuserSia889.FairyDust.sukhi...Amor.foram.Nikki_Titli

-Nymphadora- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 January 2008
Posts: 22361

Posted: 15 December 2012 at 9:38pm | IP Logged

Guess Who?Wink
Love Stories se hai isse pyaarHeart
Shiv Sati Ki Prem Katha Se Ab Tak Hai BimaarDay Dreaming
Thodi Si Crazy Hai,Par Sabki Hai PyaariEmbarrassed
Hai Yeh Hamari "TOTALLY ROMANTIC" NaariWink
(okey i guess the last line gave everything awayROFL)

bOLE tOH...

I know as of now lapata hai,kabhi kabhi dikhai deti hai
but for a fact Hema you should know loads of people miss you and your posts
that is why you are DKDM's Most Wanted Member
and yes nahi aayi toh dekh lenaROFL
Here is your special Award SiggyClap
Now lets go to the next winner
Guess Who?
shes one of our forums most active membersThumbs Up
so much ke exams ke time bhi chali aati hai(naughty girl!WinkLOL)
shes a BIG fan of DKDM-Mouni,Mohit,Sona included
and is a regular at all three of thier AT's
shes everyones little sweet heartHeart
loved by one and allHug
and last clue her name sounds mysteriously like "forum"LOL
(total give awaySmileLOL)

bOLE tOH...

congrats sweetyHug!!!-totally well deserved not only beacuse you are one of our forums sweetst little things!!now please dont get pleaseBig smile,and adorne this special siggy from us
Here is your special award siggy

Guess Who?
This member was one of DKDM's earliest members
is a mythological serial buff
not to forget has a perfect mix of Brains clubbed with a amazing sense of humour(read wickedEvil Smile)
he even organized a T20 match hereLOLROFL
is a CNAT regular-and yes is a die hard Asur LoverDay DreamingWink
He is...

Congrats!Very well deserved Vrish
thanks for all the whacky CNAT posts,for always being the one who knew so much!
and a special thank you for a gem of a thread which is our forums most prized threadSmile-the Doubts and Discussions Thread

here is your award siggySmileyou better use this oneBig smile

Now the next memberBig smile
Guess Who?
Ab Iske Baare Main Kya Bolu?
She is a HUGE fan of Sonarika and MohitDay Dreaming
permanently resides in Sonas ATWink
-if you cant find her anywhere she will definately be thereLOL
also she usually is the one to fish up info 
about some of DKDM's (unheard)untold storiesCool
our very own very sweet...

Congrats Dear Jayshree!Clap
totally well deserved-for being one our our nicest,most active member who contributes so much to the forumHug
special mention for fishing out all the stories we all though didnt existLOL and the beautiful Sonarika editsEmbarrassed!
here is your award siggy

Guess Who?
she gives Vrish company-both in the intellectual and the humor categoryLOL
plus she is the author of the most beautiful One-Shots on the DKDM forumClap
thodi silent types ki haiLOL
but you ought to read her posts in the CNAT to know what this gal is made of!Evil Smile
so i am sure she may be a eenie weeni bit surprised to see her name hereLOL
but dear you totally deserve it...
our next member isss...

congrats sweety!!!!Claphere is your special award siggy
do use itBig smile
Second last member
Guess Who?
This bechari is DKDM forum Ki BimaarROFL
 when shes supposed to be studying and shes doing time pass on I-F
(yes im talking to you missROFLWink)
but along with doing her regular time pass
is a super sweet meeber of this forumEmbarrassed
and you will mostly find her nishaniyaan,i.e her creations all over the creations gallery
and she sweety accepts any requests put forth by anyoneBig smile
any guesses...?
she is...

Congrats sweety,this for all the gorgeous creations in the creations gallery
and for all the time you take out to come online and for all the creations!
here is your award siggy
now the LAST member-perhaps i saved the best for lastROFL
Guess Who?
i am sure she will be shocked(maybe not) to see her name here
for she belvies that people think shes a bit of a hitler
ah sweety-i wish you knew how many votes you gotROFL(not that i am telling)
shes our forum ki official and orignal Mahagyaani
who was expecting me to give her a tip off as to who wonROFL
shes our very own very special member

Congrats congrats!see why i wasnt telling you the nameLOL,here is your award
use it please,and hope you know and realize you may be our forums mod,but we still love you!Hug

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-Juan..Turner-dhwani.mnx12.Vrish.Nishajosdivyadaya13jayvenkHichkiKal El-Reeti-Sia889.FairyDust.sukhi...foram.Amor.Nikki_Titli

-Nymphadora- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 January 2008
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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Excuse me?Coolwhat you are thinking-awards diye aur kahani khatam!

nahEvil Smile

picture abhi baaki hai
award mila mili toh responsiblity bhi saath main milegiLOL

all our award winners HAVE to come in attendance-nahi ayi toh ill bug you till you doROFL

and award mila toh Thank You Speech Toh Deni PadegiWink

see that little space below in the next post

-thats the place all your thank you speeches will be put up,after all itna pyaar mila haiEmbarrassed
write whatever youll want to-a chotta sa speech
(PM me your thank you speech i will put it upBig smile)

now comes the best part!Evil SmileLOL

a few days back a few members said that they hadnt grilled some members enoughLOL,or perhaps when the person was made MOTW the other was inactive in the forumBig smile

so that is why we through youll we'll choose some gine chunne members for grillingROFL

yes not one but 7 members for grillingROFL

also this acts as a means(hopefully) for bhule bichde saathis to meet up againBig smile

buahahahahahaha!!!!Evil SmileLOLCool

ab chalo baccha party shuru ho jao
lets join and give these special members some well deserved grillingBig smileWink

you can ask as many questions as you want,about the sun,moon,stars-just about anything
and yes they will have to answerBig smile

(but please nothing too personal that will make the answerer uncomfortableEmbarrassed)

let the grilling begin!Big smile!

One last thing-since we gave away awards

there is one last award left

to all of our members on DKDM and DKDM forums first anniversary

do flaunt it if you want-no pressureBig smile-i wont bug youll to use itLOL

just a little gift from me and the DKDM DT to our little familyHug

to all of our rockstars
here you go

Thats it from me!Big smile

have an awesum time everyone-may everyone be happy and remain blessed!

Happy Grilling!Big smile


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-Nymphadora- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 January 2008
Posts: 22361

Posted: 16 December 2012 at 3:32am | IP Logged

I just logged in -  after a week of battling cold, fever and body aches (whilst Ganesha was engaged in a battle of a different kind...) and whoa- I find my name on roll of honour. 

What a pleasant surprise!!!!   Thank you folks. Clap

Congrats to foram, jayvenk, Vrish, Minakshi, riri, Total_romantic Thumbs Up

Thank you Shruti for all your efforts...You are such a laugh.

Thank you to all the members - silent and otherwise...because it is the members who give the forum its life.

Thank you all ...for taking the pains to click the 'like' button on our posts, thank you for asking questions... and reading ...our answers (sensible or notLOL )

Thank you to all those who have organized GOTWs...

A big thank you for the DT- for maintaining the forum in a such a vibrant manner.

Looking forward to a continued journey with Mahadev...

Thanks Shruti dear for the gorgeous siggie... 
I checked out this thread just out of curiousity, since I thought that like the Mahadev-Parvati wedding celebrations, this was probably a poetry or singing contest, and I do those about as well as Vinayak's rats resisting laddoos.

So imagine my surprise on seeing my name in the honor roll!  I wasn't even aware that I was running.  Imagine someone finding out that he became PM of India this way Evil SmileROFL

Congratulations to Hemalatha, Foram, Jayshree, Varaali, Riti and Minakshi.  Each of you deserved it!

Anyway, thanks to everybody who voted for me (and us!)  I am touched by all your appreciation.  Also, not just us, but all of you in this forum lend it a variety that makes it all the more entertaining & enjoyable.

Also, a big thank you to the entire DT team - Sia, Shushti (who has all the deities targeting her one time or another Evil SmileOuch, Minakshi and Shruti.  And thanks Shruti so much for your siggie - I can see this one staying for a while!

Look forward to this serial having another complete year, if not more.


First of all thanks shruti for this MW award contest.

Thanks all the wonderful members of this forum, it's you, who make this place rocking, this is for all of youClapClapClap
DKDM unites us, we are from different part of the World, of different age group, having different mind set, thought pattern. We all exchange our ideas & views for our commen love & interest DKDM. We disect each & every aspect, analyse, dicuss it well.
Thanks for your co-operationBig smile
In the end I dedicate this award to Mahadev, Parvati, Ganesh & all the characters of this show.
Thank you allSmileBig smileLOL
Holla buddies SmileSmile
Umm...Where I should start from ?? ShockedShocked
Hehe... lets start ...
I was a scilent comer to the forum always.. always use to visit everything as after the LRL show ended on SAB i have completely stoped coming on IF .. completely for 2 years.. But every day I was use to miss IF badly. Use to miss this enovironment but none of the show made me feel so good so that I come on IF and discuss about it. This Show has given me such a nice place here. It made me it's own Smile

DEVON KE DEV... MAHADEV ... you rock. You have made this forum. 
The Members of this forum.. Ahh What I should Say.. DKDM ki dewaniyan and Deewane WinkThey all are mad LOL( Ovsly Less than me Wink ) They have made this forum . They have done such nice jobs that we are united till now. In this 1 year.. i am regullar in this forum and hardly Found a wrong doer.. Just love the members. 

The Time When I saw the signature of one of the Members I was like ShockedShocked Decided.. and i haven't thought that 7 people will be selected so first I saw our Forum's Rotlu Bachha's siggy LOLShe is Our Foram Wink So I was so happy and then i saw the siggy of  Ria and thought there must be different categories for the award Ouch heheh.. m a bit tubelight OuchOuchI started congratulate them. 

Then after that I came and saw the members list who have won Tongue and i was just goin down and down and down.. suddenly My Name Came.. i felt.. ShockedShocked Stern Smile StarTongue ... After all theese emos.. there came a Big smileBig smileBig smileand it didn't dissapear for 2 to 3 hrs ROFL... I really can't say how much happy I was.. it was really unexpected.. Smile Thanq So much buddies .. that you made this possible.. and made me feel so special SmileSmile Love you all so much and love you from the chore of my heart.. Thanx for Such a wonderful day on this Anniversary of DKDM. Shruti Thanks alot alot alot alot.. for such a sweetest speech over the world..The message attached with my award is the best SmileSmile love you alot for the speech and the signature its just out of the world as usual TongueTongue i will eat up ur head for learning. Thanx every one and thanx for the requests you do Winkkeep giving me req.. i feel awsome LOL will never feel to make them for you . 
Thanx meenu di & shruti for guding me whenever i do wrong OuchLOLSmile
love you 

With Lots Of Love
Riti Smile

Bowing , looking a little sheepish. Sleepy

Grinning Big smile, Trying to look smartCool. Adjusting silk saree worn for this special occasion. Embarrassed

Taking mike.. [testing … testing…] Tripping on the wire , almost falling. Shocked

Holding Mike really really tight .Confused

Hello … [comes out very high pitch] Stern Smile

Hello.. now that was better.Smile

Thank u all .. friends, Jury , Moderators and all those who voted for me. I am deeply thankful for this. I mean this from the bottom of my heart.Hug

I promise to keep pakoing all of u with loads of bak bak.Ermm I will try and keep my mouth shut now and then.Pinch

I am so overwhelmed I am loss of words, EmbarrassedCry

I once again thank all of u for making me one of the most wanted,Big smile

Tears flowing uncontrollably now. CryCry Sniffing into pallu. Dead[ oh hell have to give it for dry cleaning]Confused

Waving as I walk away from the mike. Big smileTripping again.  Shocked


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-Nymphadora- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 3:33am | IP Logged
Finally the thread is up-shuru ho jao baccha partyROFL
i need some rest!

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jayvenk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 3:36am | IP Logged
Fainted Pinch

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hemavidz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 June 2009
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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 3:38am | IP Logged
congo shongo everyoneClapClapClapClap

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Gopiii IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 May 2011
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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
Wah wahh kya baat hai. Congratulations everyone.Clap

Jaishree yeh award paakar apko kaisa feel ho raha hai???Tongue

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