Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 92)

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Originally posted by Rimpi_kmh

as allaways mind blowing update seharThumbs Up 

thankyou so much..Smile

shefali n jay's confassion was cute Smile jay was shy after kiss LOL 

yeah jay's shy nature...afterall this was new and first time for him..

arohi was looking at many dresses but nothing more holded her attention because the attention holder was beside her... how can someone concentrate with him.CoolEmbarrassed

arohi was jealous  of sales girlROFL

hehe...why should anyone look at her hubby...Wink

arjuhi hot love making partDay Dreaming the way u discribed awwBlushing ahem ahem...awesome Clap  

thankyou so much..i hope it was not cheap...Smile

sorry for short comment busy with work Ermm

atleast u commented..thats what matters...words or word of appreciation is enough to keep me going..thankyou so much..Smile

update soon

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Originally posted by Rimpi_kmh

Noo sehar plzzz don't do this yer!don't ending this story plzz.. Most of the reader ka exams chal raha may be thas why thats why this time u didn't get enough comment..
Plzz joo readers like n comment karta hai n iss time vi kiya humara liya plz story ko count.. Karo.don't end it :'(. plzzz...
N i want pm okk :)

relaxi am not ending it..i will definitely continue it for all those who really are interested...Smile
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Originally posted by arunsunita_gm

yu shuld definetely continu yur story yaaar dont end this ff plsss
plsss :(:(
N i want pm okk :)

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Originally posted by Bablylovely20

Aweee finaly the romance begin :-). Love arjuhi's conversation n finaly they expres each other's feeling n understand that its never their fault :-). N the another two love story also on their romantic track :-P. N jay shefali wow they r so cute :-*

thnks for the comment..Smile
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Originally posted by aparna4karanika

Oye pagal larki..hw cn u say u r gna end ds ff???
U nky said lots f interestng stuffs cmng na... Phir ab kya hua?? Ts exam seasons na?? May b dts y der r les cmnts.. Plz dnt do it seher...
I loved ur update n yes im looking frwrd to read d upcmng chappys

yes there is a lot more to come and i will def continue it now after reading all of ur comments...Smile
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PART 46:

one month later..20th march

the morning rays spread and the cool morning breeze from the surroundings peeped through the flying curtains of the window...and there we can see the two loving souls sleeping snuggling into each other's arms under a white satin cloth covering their body up to the shoulders... Even while sleeping there was a contented smile on their faces...a smile.. reflection of their love..their comfort...their contentment...

Sunlight filtering through the curtains awakened arjun to the dawn of a new day...yawningly he sighed and turned to look at the person he always wish for at the morning and As his vision adjusted to the increasing light... the dainty features of the attractive woman sleeping soundly by his side mesmerized his mind... His heart swelled as the boundless love he felt for her stirred within...getting delighted by the face of his angel his smile slip into its place...She had never looked so beautiful before... Wrapped up in the silken white sheet, she looked like an angel to him... her raven black hair splaying on the white pillow...She was beautiful. No.. gorgeous.. no wait.. three...

he sat up a little onto his side and slipped his arm from under her... feeling her shift and pout before he pulled her to his chest... wrapping his arm protectively around her he smiled when she smiled in her sleep... Her eyes were closed... Her face was relaxed... her lightly tanned eyelids closed... her black eyelashes fluttering out... and he smiled again as his gaze shifted to her lips, set into a small pout-like smile...

shifting a bit in her sleep trying to get him closer to her made arjun smile and rolled his eyes... he already was as close as humanly possible but still it was not enough for her...this made him sighed and kissed her temple this time.. holding her securely to let her know he always would be closer to her...staring down at her he was completely lost in her the cute pout on her lips...and the next thing he stared into was a pair of sleepy eyes..

"good morning arohi.." he whispered smilingly..."good morning" She said leaning into him softly... making him smile at her cuteness... leaning down he placed a soft kiss on her shoulder...making her smile against her shoulder and again he looked down into her sleepy eyes...thinking it to be another most beautiful morning of her life made arohi smile again...No matter what happened.. no matter what got in the way... or what tried to tear them apart.. she would always love arjun... no force of nature... no person and no obstacle could get in their way...and now she wont let it be either..And every morning she wakes up with that thought in her mind and him at her side... Because to her just waking up with him next to her side was enough to let her know that everything was worth it..."I love you arjun" she whispered smiling brightly...arjun smiled shaking his head..and leaned down kissing her lips gently...Their mouths moved in sync. arjun moved one hand to her waist and the other to her lower back, bringing her closer..arohi's hands framed her husband's handsome face as she deepened the kiss...pulling away taking deep breaths arjun rested his forehead on hers.."happy birthday arohi.." he whispered...arohi smiled happily.."arjun ab mujhe wish nahi mera gift chahye.." she said looking at him..."lo is mein kia mushkil hai abhi de deta hun.." he said smirkingly and instantly rolled on top of her ..arohi's mouth hung open and she hit him on his chest.."arjun be serious..." she said in fake anger..."serious hi tu hun arohi.." arjun said innocently getting a glare in return..."ohk ohk.." he said and returned to his position.."arohi tumhare lie ek surprise hai..ek bht khobsurat tohfa jo mein tmhe kab se dena chahta tha lekin phr...kher ab waqt agaya hai wo tohfa dene ka..." he said smilingly..arohi excitedly looked at him.."lao phr do jaldi.." she said excitedly..arjun smiled looking at her.."us k lie humein ghar se bahar jana hai..aj raat hum waheen jayenge.." he said confusing arohi...letting out a small laugh at her confused face he shook his head.."itna zor mat dalo dimag pe..bht jald pata chal jaye ga.." he said smilingly...


everyone in the room belted out an extremely loud version of Happy Birthday and dhondu brought out the huge cake...everyone sang and arohi blew out the candles...a small party was organized at singhania mansion for arohi's birthday and alluhwalia's , jay's family and shefali's family were invited..arohi wanted the party to be small only with the closed ones around...arjun told everyone in the house about his surprise for arohi for which they have to leave in the evening and considering this the party was planned in the afternoon.. 

After the lunch and cake cutting ceremony the whole family was gathered in the hall having their fun filled convo..."bhai hum sab ne tu gifts de diye par tune abhi tak nahi bataya arjun ne kia dia.." asked shefali looking at arohi..rashi smiled and looked at arohi smilingly.."ye tu shaed bhabhi batayen bhi na.." she said and arohi smiled shyly..."not fair tujhe sab batati hun na tu tu mjhe ye nahi bataye gi.." said shefali poutedly..rashi letting out a small laugh looked at shefali.."are baba tujhe pata nahi k arjun ka surprise abhi baqi hai.." said rashi and shefali got confused.."matlab.." she asked.."wo kia hai na shefali arjun ne arohi k lie koi surprise plan kia hai jis k lie ye donu shaam mein bahar ja rahe hen isi lie ye party din mei rakhi gayi hai.." said jay answering shefali's confused looks...shefali nodded.."oh tu ye baat hai..matlab koi bht romantic surprise milne wala hai..q arjun.." asked shefali winking at him and arjun smiled.. 


"arjun adha ghanta hogaya hai hum apni manzil tak nahi pohanche..ab tu bata do hum ja kahan rahe hain.." said arohi looking around the empty road with the only car of them on it...arjun looking at the time sighed.."arohi bas 5 mins aur hum pohanchne wale hain bas.." he said increasing the speed of the car...arohi looked at him.."par arjun kuch tu hint ..choti si.." she said..arjun smiled.."shh...bas pohanch gaye .." he said..arohi sighed giving up and looked outside when she noticed the lights...arohi looked at arjun confusingly and he smiled looking at her.."your birthday gift.." he said and arohi again looked in front all confused...

The winding lane was all she could see at the moment which gave the impression of going deeper into the woods and was confusing her more...arjun slowed down the car and turning the corner to see tall wrought iron gates looming... They opened soundlessly at the touch of a button and an excitement swept through arohi as the gates closed behind shutting the rest of the world out...

The long drive led to a huge red brick mansion surrounded by immaculately kept garden and tall oak trees standing like sentinels around the house...arohi's mouth had a glowing smile and her eyes were wide open in shock and surprise...arjun parked the car and jumped out of it ..walking towards arohi's side he held the door open for her showing his boyish smile.. dressed in a black shirt that was partly unbuttoned, exposing some of his chest and dark black leather jeans he surely was looking as handsome as ever...extending his hand forward to the lady dressed in a navy blue and sky blue combination single shoulder shirt with a white churidar and dupatta around her neck with the only jewellery of mangalsutra around her neck and diamond earings looking as elegant and beautiful as ever..arohi smiled and giving her hand in his she stepped out of the car and turned around to look at the breath taking view in front of her..."arjun ye .." she said and arjun smiled.."tumhara ghar hai arohi...tmhara birthday gift..." he said..."par arjun ghar.." she said turning around but was interupted by arjun.."arohi ye tmhara ghar hai tmhara gift par ise tum akele enjoy thori na karo gi.." he said confusing her.."matlab?" she asked..."matlab ye k sab se door romance karne ka agar hamara mood hua tu hum yahan ayenge..yahan tum jab bhi aogi mere saath aogi.." he said and arohi smiled shyly.."arjun tum bhi na.." she said shaking her head..arjun shaking his head smiled.."chalo ab apne is ghar ko dekhna nahi hai kia.." he said and arohi smiled.."chalo.." she said ...

walking through the path made of oyster patterned stepping stones with solar powered domed lights on each side leading up to the front of the house the couple walked upto the chestnut woodden double doors which only increased arohi's excitement...looking at arjun she smiled and he gestured her to open the door...taking a deep breath arohi opened the door only to be amazed by the view in front of her..

stepping into the large open hallway her eyes witnessed the tall arched ceilings that were filling the lovely house...and whats more beautiful was her pictures which were adoring the entire walls of the house...spell bound she was witnessing the depth of ajrun's love...there were so many pictures of her from the time before her marriage to the one after the marriage..some with the family ...and many of them with arjun too...smilingly she looked at arjun with teary eyes.."arjun ye.." she said "ye tu kuch bhi nahi arohi.." he said inteupting her and again gestured her to go ahead..walking few more steps which lead to the stunning dinning room along with the sitting area...the table and chairs were beautiful oak and a crystal chandeliar was hung straight above..a huge fire place was the main attraction..a sofa, love seat and chairs wind around it and coffee table was centred in the furniture...and this only brightened arohi's smile ...turning her attention to the right she looked out the clear glass window..the swimming pool was the main attraction there...the moons and stars which were shinning in the sky could be seen in the reflection of the water...wrapping his hands around her waist arjun then lead arohi to the left side of the hall where there were two doors leading to their respective spots...stepping inside the one there was a kitchen which was filled with beautiful stainless steel appliances and real stone walls..and then stepping inside the other one lead them to the home theatre...the reclining chairs all faced a huge screen..raising her eye brow arohi looked at arjun asking him the reason for it to which he smiled.."cinema ka crowd acha nahi hota...jab bhi hamara movie ka mann hoga hum yahan ayenge.." he said..arohi folded her hands across her chest.."aur yahan duniya se alag humein movie dekhne ka maza kese aye ga.." she asked..."aye ga na bht aye ga...jab hum horror movies dekhen ge tab tum mujhe zor se pakar lo gi..bilkul mere qareeb raho gi..tu kia qareeb reh k maza nahi aye ga.." he said smirkingly.."aur phr jab hum romantic movies dekhenge ya sad wali tab tumhe pori duniya tu nahi chahye hogi tmhare ansu pochne k lie..sirf ek insan ka saath chahye hoga jo us waqt tmhare pass hoga.." he said pulling her towards him..arohi smiled.."kafi planning kar rakhi hai janab ne.." she said smilingly.."planning tu waqai bht kar rakhi hai...sirf aj raat k lie lekin.." he said huskily causing her to blush...slightly pushing him away she stepped back.."baqi ka ghar nahi dekhna kia.." she said smilingly and arjun nodded his head smilingly..

the grand marble stair case then lead the couple upstairs where there were two rooms..and not to miss the pictures of arjuhi on the walls around the entire stair case... entering the one room which was furnished completely...arohi smiled and looked at arjun.."ye hamara room?.." she asked..arjun shaking his head in denial smiled.."phir ye kis ka hai?.." she asked.."jab ek room se bore ho jayen ge tu yahan ajaenge.." he said.."haan aur ek aur kaam hosakta hai...jab mein tum se gussa hungi tu tum se alag yahan akeh so jaun gi.." she said gigglingly..arjun holding her wrist pulled her towards him..a slight anger along with a fear spread on his face.."nahi arohi mein aisa nahi hone dunga..kabhi tmhe khud se door jane nahi dunga.." he said with teary eyes.."arjun mein mazaq kar rahi thi.." arohi said cupping his face.."mazaq mein bhi arohi mujhse alag hone ki baat mat sochna..kuch bhi ho jaye hum ek dosre se door nahi jayenge..hum larenge hi nahi take aisi nobat bhi aye.." he said cupping her face..."mein tumhare bager nahin reh sakta arohi..mjhse door mat jana .." he said and a tear rolled down his cheek which clenched arohi's heart.."arjun mein kabhi tumse door nahi jaungi..mein bhi nahi reh skti tmhare bager..i am sorry " she said and instantly threw herself in his arms..arjun hugged her back.."i am sorry arjun .." she said again and arjun parting her away kissed her forehead.."dont be arohi..just stay with me forever.." he said smilingly..arohi smiled wiping his tear.."hamare room mein chalein.." she said and arjun nodded smilingly..

"ye hai hamara room.." arjun said stepping inside the huge bedroom...arohi looked around only to be awed by the beautiful room..the walls were painted in a dusky pink and lilac giving a succesfully romantic look..the bed...The stunning Park Avenue Four Poster Bed featuring brushed stainless steel accents and a lush chocolate finish with vanilla-colored satin bedding with dainty ruffles, lace overlays and a handmade embroidered coverlet was placed on its place..fresh flower vases..scented candles and feathers on the floor were radiating a very relaxing atmosphere...the bed was wrapped up with light voiles and lace panels..the windows were complemented with long dusky pink chiffon curtains that let the light through..a mini chandelier draped with crystal prisms and handblown Venetian glass roses, leaves and cherry quartz baubles was hung..completely in daze with the beauty of the room arohi walked few steps only to be blessed with another surprise..

 As soon as she walked few steps arjun pulled the string slowly opening a white satin cloth which was hung to ceiling holding various colored rose petals.. The string opened and all the petals started showering on arohi from the top..arohi in surprise lifted her head up to look at from where the rose petals were falling on her.. she opened her arms wide and tried to hold the rose petals in her hand and was also feeling the blessing... arjun's lips curved into a smile to see the beautiful smile on arohi's face..arohi was twirling round with her hands stretched out wide and was feeling the rose petals on her..arjun smilingly started walking towards her...which made her stop and she instantly ran throwing herself in his arms.."thankyou so much arjun..itna khobsurat gift..i love you arjun..i love you.." she said excitedly expressing her gratitude..her happiness to him..wrapping his arms around arjun smiled..."i love you too arohi.." he said and hugged her back..

"arohi.." arjun spoke after few minutes.."hmm.." said arohi who was still hugging him.."mera gift tu tumne le lia..tum mjhe treat nahi do gi kia.." he said..arohi coming out of the hug looked at him.."treat? chahye arjun..mein abhi bana k lati hun.." she said..arjun smiled shaking his head.."well jo mujhe chahye wo us cupboard mein hai.." he said pointing towards the cupboard..arohi smiled.."oh tu aisa hai.." she said and walked towards the cupboard..opening the door of the cupboard her eyes widened in shock..and surprise..instantly turning around she looked at arjun who was smirking at her..

"arjun sab.." she said unable to form words..sighingly she instantly turned around and shut the door of the cupboard and a blush crept on her cheeks..arjun shaking his head smiled and walked towards her.."kyun is mein kia hai?.." he said standing behind her which made her heart beat accelerated.."is mein ye k...tum pagal ho gaye ho.." she said and stepped aside..arjun stepped by her side and turned her to face him.."pagal q..?..arohi yahan koi bhi nahi hai tu itna sharmana kyun..and wese bhi its not the first time.." he said making her look at him.."arjun..." she said shaking her head but he smilingly held her from her waist and pulled her towards him.."mujhse sharma rahi ho arohi..apne arjun se.." he said in a whisper making her blush...and unable to stand under his gaze...therefore moving her left hand onto his waist and then made her right hand into a fist  placing on his chest she pushed him away.."mujhe bhook lag rahi hai.." she said and ran from there leaving behind her dupatta in his hands..."arohi..arohi sunu.." called arjun surprised on her act...shaking his head arjun smirked.."arohi you will have to pay for this.." he said and ran behind her throwing the dupaata away..

"arohi ruk jao..stop it yaar.." arjun said breathlessly.."nahi pehle batau dinner k lie kia plan kia hai.." said arohi shaking her head in denial..they both were running around the whole house..around the chairs..tables the kitchen.. dining area... both facing each other but for dodging each other..arjun tried to catch arohi but again she managed to skip away showing him thumbs down and ran away from there towards the hall.."arohi ruk jao warna bhooka rehna pare ga.." called out arjun but she had ran by that time..

Finally arjun got hold of her hand but she slipped and fell on the sofa on her back making arjun too fall on top of her...arohi's laughter got lost in her mouth and she got surprised by this sudden incident..arjun smiled seeing her face and moved his face closer to hers.."kab tak bhago gi arohi..akhir tu meri bahoun mein hi aogi.." he said causing her to blush..turning her face to the other side she tried to push him away but he held her hand and made her look at him.."meine kaha tha na mujhse door mat jana...ab is ki saza tu tumhe mile gi.." he said moving his face closer to her.."arjun..arjun choro kia kar rahe ho.." said arohi struggling under his grip..."shhh.." arjun whispered making her stop and look at him..

As soon as their eyes met none of them could continue their tasks ... she got lost in the depth of his intense gaze and he in her inviting lips ... without wasting a second, he touched those lips with his to have a taste of them, causing her to clutch onto his shirt...It was a sweet touch of his lips as they played with hers...  he pulled her face closer and tightened his grip around her waist... as if the nature had decided to bless the two with intense love at that very moment... nothing existed for them... after a moment, he broke to catch breathe...She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly... His hands found her waist and returned the embrace... They didn't release each other for a long time. When they did, she looked at him.."arjun mujhe such mein bhook lagi hai.." she said...


"hadd karte ho arjun ye tu yaad tha k birthday surprise dena hai...tu dinner kyun nahi ready rakha.." arohi said irritatedly while boiling the pasta..arjun who was standing behind her regretting on forgetting the most important thing..dinner..."sorry arohi mujhe yaad hi nahi raha pata nahi kaise.." he said but was interupted by arohi.."kia baat hai khana bhi koi bholta hai kia?.." she said making him lower his head apologetically...arohi smiled shaking his head.."lekin jo hua so hua..ab moun kyun latkaya hua hai..." she said turning around to check the pasta.."arohi tum hato mein banata hun khana..." arjun said moving her away.."arjun its ok mein kar rahi hun..agar tum khana banao ge tu subha hojae gi.." she said ..."arohi plz let me do it.." arjun said but arohi slightly pushed him away.."arjun mein kar rahi hun na.." she said.."par arohi mjhe manane ka mauqa tu do.." he said .."kis ko manana hai.." she asked.."tumhe.." he said.."par mein naraz thori na hun.." she said..."arohi mujhse bhool hui hai meine birthday ka main thing hi miss kar dia naraz tu hona banta hai tumhara.." he said poutedly..arohi smiled shaking her head.."nahi arjun mein naraz nahi hun.." she said smilingly.."acha phr let me help you.." he said.."mein ye..han mein ye tomatoes chop karta hun.." he said picking up a knife and tomato..arohi smiled.."ok.." she said..


"arohi 5 mins ka kaha tha ab 15 mins ho gaye hain..mein araha hun.." arjun said standing up from the sofa..after the cheerful dinner the couple nestled in each others arm but not for arohi took his leave saying.."tum yaheen rehna mein 5 mins mein ayi...plz hilna mat yahan se.."..arjun was waiting for her since then but she had not returned still yet from upstairs..."arahi hun dont move.." he heard her voice..taking a deep breath he ignored what she said and stepped forward but was stopped in his tracks..

He gasped in disbelief... at the sight of her beauty... She  dressed in one of the night gowns kept by arjun in the cupboard.. a transparent gown with lace at the collar and down the front... and little pink roses embroidered around the tiny pearly buttons...walking towards him... with those hesitant yet eager steps... arjun felt every cell in his body vibrate... with urge to feel her... with the need to make her his right then... rip away the barriers and sink into her...Her cheeks were flushed... Her eyes shyly hidden... The very air around her seemed to shimmer with electricity as she moved...arjun's heart skipped a beat as she stood in front of him..."arohi.." her name came out in a whisper... he came closer... and traced his finger lightly on her chin and stroked the skin along her jaw... nuzzling her hair he inhaled deeply tightening his hold on her slightly... His warm lips glazed over her skin, making her shiver, and him smile...unable to hold back his desire he with a swift motion carried her in his arms and made his way upstairs...


arohi's lips parted and she inhaled deeply...  but soon their lips continued to caress one another..arjun was beyond himself when he felt arohi's hand slip into his hair...  He rolled on top asserting his dominance...  arohi gasped in pleasure as she felt his lips work down her neckline...  She gripped his back and felt her body yearn for his touch...  It didn't take long for clothing to be removed so passionate exploration could begin...

He cupped her face between his palms.. tipping it up and gazing into her eyes.. his thumbs moving on her cheeks.. and slowly fanning the line of her lower lip making it tingle... "arohi.." he used her name as a question...his voice stripped and raw..."Please," she answered her lips at his ear as she kissed his neck and wrapped her arms around his back holding him close to her...Slowly he bent his head, slanting his mouth over hers in a smooth glide, deliberately light and teasing.. he covered her mouth with his.. to take her into a life of glorious sensuality..Every single part of his touch had a meaning of its own... when she fell weak before his sweet passion and let him take over her heart..and thus the fiery storm raged in the bedroom until the wee hours of the morning...


"bas bhabhi ab zada intezar mat karwao..." said arohi smilingly...purvi smiled.."arohi abhi tu pore 2 months hain..." she said..."lekin ab hum se intezar nahi ho raha na.." said rashi..."just imagine 2 maheene baad is ghar mein bache k rone hasne ki awazein hungi..kitna khobsurat din hoga na wo.." continued rashi smilingly.."meine itne saal se is pal ka intezar kia hai..ab tu mjhse bhi sabar nahi hta..apne bache ko ab apne seene se lagana chahti hun.." said purvi with teary eyes..arohi smiled and hugged purvi.."bas bhabhi ab ansu baar ap ka ye sapna pora hoga.." she said and purvi smiled..

"wese tum dono bhi ab jaldi se good news do..mere baby ko bhi bhai ya behan tu chahye hoga na.." she said coming out of the hug...rashi smiled.."bhabhi itni jaldi kia hai..ap k baby ko thora intezar karna hoga..abhi tu 2 maheene hi hue hain meri shadi ko and me and sahil are not yet ready for this.." she said.."han ap arohi bhabhi se ye keh sakti hain.." she continued looking at arohi..arohi smiled..having a baby ..the thought in itself was beautiful..but she didnt know whether she and arjun too are ready for this or not..and what ever it is too early for them also as it has been only 7 months to their marriage..shaking her head she sighed.."abhi mene aur arjun ne bhi aisa nahi socha..i think hum bhi ready nahin hain abhi..aur meri shadi ko konsa saal hua hai..bhabhi hamari guriya ko abhi bht wait karna hoga.." she said smilingly..purvi sighed.."mein bas itna kahun gi k jo kaam waqt rehte ho jayen wo sahi hote hain...aur baby k ane se pati patni ka rishta aur strong hota hai..tum log zada der mat karna.." she said and rashi and purvi smiled.. 


2 weeks later

tossing in her bed, unable to sleep shefali sighed..It had been a tiring day..the preparations for the wedding..her wedding with jay were in full swing...after they both had told all her relatives and friends that they were engaged to be married ..the family didnt waste a single second in planning the date of their marriage and now everything was set...She had really had no hopes... no thoughts even of getting married as she never pondered over such matters before...but now she was engaged to be married... to the one who was the sweetest and loveliest and most adorable man she had ever met...Life was really strange. And life was truly wonderful...

jay was in his bed.. feeling rather pleased with himself... few months ago he had no idea that he will be blessed with his love but after that one fateful day when he proposed shefali..his life suddenly started moving very fast in a very different direction... a much better direction than he had anticipated... He had taken some giant steps on the road to making her his wife and now few days were left for this last step and here spending that few days have become difficult for him...


2 weeks later

Finally the most awaited day had come...This would be the most beautiful and memorable day that they would cherish for the rest of their lives...the day they both had waited for since they fell in love with each other...arjun who has always conisdered shefali as his sister fulfilled all his duties as a brother in her wedding...dressed in beige and red gold embroidered wedding dress shefali was looking breath taking...seeing shefali dressed in a bridal attire surprisingly arohi's and arjun's eyes become wet..kissing her on her forehead arjun led her to sit next to the man she was going to be bound to for all eternity... 

the priest started chanting the mantras and  asked them to exchange garlands to welcome each other into their lives...after the kanyadan vidhi it was time for the pheras...They were then asked to walk around the holy fire seven times... exchanging vows to love... honor and cherish each other...And finally jay tied mangalsutra around her neck and filled the parting of her hair with sindoor.. confirming to the world that she now belonged to him... jaY and shefali took blessings from the elders in family and Everyone congratulated and wished them a happy married life ahead...


one month later..may..

salil looked at the closed door of the labor room... It had been hours since purvi been taken there... It was the time when she needed his support the most but the doctors didn't allow him enter inside...Along with salil there were arjun and arohi..purvi's parents..singhania and alluhwalia family sitting on the seats in front of the labor room...While purvi's mother and amrit spent the time in praying for their daughter and grandchild and sanchit arohi and sahil tried to console salil but nothing worked...purvi's painful screams were audible enough and was increasing salil's fears and making it painful for him too for not being able to reduce her pain... he just wanted to see that door getting opened and someone telling that his purvi and their baby is alright... For the past few hours each second was like an year for him and now he cant wait anymore...

arjun who was standing far away with sudhir and rudra waiting for the good news was smiling thinking how beautiful it would be when he will also be blessed with such fateful day...he waiting for his child ...but soon his smile faded as he heard the loud painful screams of purvi and a sudden fear gripped his heart on hearing the painful it would be ...this he can judge from the pain which is quite audible in purvi's screams..and he wondered how everyone could tell salil to calm down when his love is suffering from the greatest pain of her life just to fulfill his dream...just for his happiness?... He can't even imagine the pain ..the same pain which his arohi will have to bear then...just for him...for his happiness.. She will bear all those pain for his happiness?... why?? he wont let this happen...he cant be this selfish...its just too early...for now he has to concentrate on her health and has to make sure not to hurt her in any way..whether physical or mental...

Suddenly they saw the door of the labor room getting opened and a nurse came outside .."congratulations mr.salil ap papa ban gaye..ap ki wife aur beti bilkul theek hain.." she said.. There was no bound to the happiness of salil on hearing this...He felt an indescribable pleasure in the heart on hearing that god has given them a living symbol of their love...thanking god deep in his heart he turned to his parents...

"congrats bhayya..finally mein bua ban hi gayi..dekha mene kaha tha na ek chuti si guriya hi aye gi.." exclaimed arohi jumping in joy...salil smiled and hugged her..."congratz salil..." said arjun hugging salil...and the series continued... and after the congratulation part was over salil became desperate to see his wife and the symbol of their love...Putting an end to his waiting soon a nurse came with a baby in her hands... When the nurse handed the baby salil received it with utmost care and felt as if he is in the top of the world on seeing their symbol of love sleeping peacefully in his hands with an adorable smile...

"ab meri bari..bhayya plz mujhe do na.." exclaimed an impatient arohi..."no ways pehle mein pakrun ga chacha hun afterall.." protested sanchit..."excuse me..pehle mein pakrun gi..ikloti bua hun akhir.." she said instantly..."koi nahi pakre ga...pehle baby ki nani ka haq banta hai.." said amrit smilingly...salil smiled and everyone nodded happily...handing over the baby to purvi's mother salil went to the doctor...everyone then got busy in adoring the little angel and finally passing the baby game got over when she finally landed on her bua's arms...

"god she is so soft...arjun dekho na kitni nazuk hai ye.." arohi said smilingly...arjun smiled seeing arohi's happiness..bending forward he pressed a soft kiss on the baby's forehead..."such mein bht nazuk hai.." he said caressing her face..arohi smiled and surprisingly her eyes become wet seeing a tiny angel without wings in her hands...she felt such an outpouring of love for the tiny little bundle of goodness laying in her arms and thinking how wonderful it was to have such a bundle... she has the same eyes as of her mom..her chubby white cheeks... tiny nose.. sweet pinkish lips.. Overall she was like a little purvi lying in her hands... "ye kitna pyara ehsas hai na arjun..kitna pyara tohfa hai..." whispered arohi..."par ye tohfa pane k lie bht takleef bardasht karni parti hai.."  said arjun shaking his head..arohi confusingly looked at arjun.."par wo takleef is tohfe k age kuch bhi nahi ajrun.." she said and looked back at the baby experiencing surprisingly different feeling holding the baby in her hands.."i just wish k.." she said but was interupted by the voice of nurse..."ap log baby ki mother se mil sakte hain.." said the nurse..


Carrying his angel in his hands sahil waited for the moment purvi will open her eyes... and finally the wait got over when purvi opened her eyes...but as soon as she opened her eyes her vision became blurred as tears of joy covered her eyes... When the tear drops fell down she saw her love carrying their symbol of love... It was the best treat to her eyes... With an uncontrollable urge to hold and feel her child she got up from the bed avoiding all her physical pain...but salil was there to look after her and to feel all her pain..and so he helped her to sit properly fulfilling all his promises to support her in any situation or surrounding...smilingly he handed their little bundle of joy to her hands...this was the moment they were dying to witness since the time they got married...they had to wait for so long to get this moment and now when the moment has finally come...she finally has given birth to salil's child...her life has become complete with salil and their child...carrying the baby in her arms she kissed softly on her forehead shedding all her tears..."meri sneha.." she whispered...salil smiled..."hamari sneha.." making purvi smile...caressing sneha's face he then moved closer to purvi and placed a sweet caring kiss on purvi's forehead..."thanks purvi.." he whispered in her ears which echoed not only his gratitude but also his respect for her... She is the one who has given birth to his child and has promoted him from a husband to a father...smiling at him she leaned to his shoulder carrying their daughter in her hands... "i love you salil.." she whispered..."love you too.." he said encircling his arm around her waist bringing her closer...

wiping the fresh tear rolled down her cheeks arohi smiled witnessing the breathtaking moment in front of her...standing at the door she was watching a cute lovely family...the love pouring out from the couple and the bond which now has become stronger then ever...the respect..the gratitude and the care which was reflecting in their posture and every gesture...surprisingly her hand rested on her stomach and her lips curved into a bright smile as her mind registered the innocent wish pouring out from her heart...and another tear rolled down her eyes...

"arohi i have to go..ek bht important meeting ki call agayi hai.." arjun's voice broke her chain of thoughts...instantly removing her hand she wiped off her tears and turned around to face him..."bhabhi se tu mil lo.." she said...arjun smiled and looked at the couple inside the room..."abhi unhein ek dosre k saath waqt guzarne do..baad mein mil lunga.." he said..arohi smiled .."shaam mein milte hain..." he said and moving closer pressed his lips on her forehead.."bye.." he said...arohi smiled.."jaldi ana.." and arjun nodded and left...leaving behind arohi making a mental note of expressing her wish...the desire of her...their baby to him...

i have sent the pms to those who asked me and are the regular readers who either comments or like...if anyone else is interested do let me know...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...

thankyou...take careSmile

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Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 1:12am | IP Logged
wow sehar thank u so much for ur update,u knew today is our new year i mean Bengali's new year n when i saw ur update in the mng it brought a smile in my face Big smile   muhhhHug

came to the update, amazing update^:)^
"arjun ab mujhe wish nahi mera gift chahye.." she said looking at him..."lo is mein kia mushkil hai abhi de deta hun.." he said smirkingly ''Embarrassed
aww this is called Arjun;s styel romantic birthday giftWink

She  dressed in one of the night gowns kept by arjun in the cupboard.. a transparent gown with lace at the collar and down the front... and little pink roses embroidered around the tiny pearly buttons''- finally arohi dressed up n8 gown.mati naina tara gai thi iss view ka liya like arjun WinkLOL

wow jay n shefali got married Smile

purvi gave a cute baby girl Heart

arjun also want his baby bt also scare for arohi's pain heyy sach a caering husband :x

arohi also wanr baby good good:smug:,now waiting how would she convance arjun..Day Dreaming

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Arjuhi_kk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreamingv
awesome updt dear!!!!
loved arjun's surprise for arohiHeart hayeeeDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
shefali jay got marriedClap
purvi salil blessed with a baby...aweeeEmbarrassed
arjun doesnt baby rite coz he doesnt want arohi to go thru pain...oh god he is so cuteeeEmbarrassed
i guess baby track is on its way n i'm way too excite itBig smile
btw didnt got pm fr this oneConfused
n thnk u fr cont with this ff...Smile Hug
updt soonWink

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