Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 89)

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Originally posted by Deepika06

Fabulous update seharClap 

thankyou so much..Smile
jai's confession ws so cuteDay Dreamingn shefali's reaction to itLOL 

thank god everyone liked jay's and shefali's part too,,,

"isi tarha har larki ko behan banate rahe na tu hogaya tmhara kaam.." she said smilingly..LOLLOLLOL
haan haan kaam hojaiga
"mind it shefali mene tmhe behan nahi banaya abhi tak.." he saidEmbarrassedlo aagai na baath pe nw ball is in ur court shefaliWink
"shefali tum bewaquf ho  par itni bhi nahi k meri is baat ka matlab na smjh sako.." jay said shaking his headROFLshefali ka iq test karna padegaLOL

hehe and shefali ka iq level we all knw abt that..Wink

arjun n arohi's convo ws so emotional n pureStar
she cried in happiness...wetting his sherwani she nuzzled closer to him...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
rashi n sahil's part ws also so goodStar
" I Am'" he started in his shaking voice but couldnot complete as arohi shaking her head leaned forward and covered his mouth with her lips...Blushinghaye haye better way to shut his mouthEmbarrassed
scooping her up in his arms he carried her to their bed...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedsirf baathe karne kiliyeUnhappy 

aur kuch karne k lie next update hai na..Wink

"pehle tum mjhe ap bolti thi phr tum ab dobara kia hai.." he asked teasinglyTonguetis is my fav lineStar 


oh sanjith ka lov story b ab shuru hone waali ye bichare ne bahut kuch seliya he deserves to b happy nwBig smile 

kese shoru hogi..mujhe tu koi chance nahi lagta..

She turned to him and He placed his head on her stomach..."ab mujhse door tu nahi jao gi na arohi.." he asked innocentlyDay Dreaminggod he is too cute
ek doubt hai arohi vil always remain like tis na woh kya haina hamisha happy aur bahut baathe karne waali arohi ka aadat padgaiWink 

hehe..arohi q change hone lagi bhala...

continue soonBig smilelov uHug 

luv u too deepika..thanks for the wonderful comment..Smile

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Originally posted by Rimpi_kmh

amazing update sehar Smile^:)^

thankyou so much..Smile
this update dedicated to 3 couples ''arjuhi' ''jashe'  'saras''Big smile

yes definitely...and i liked "jashe and saras.." kia short forms hainWink

i never thought i liked any other couple beside arjuhi.n i really liked jay n shefali jodi Heart.

aw..thank god u ppl are liking this new jodi too..

"isi tarha har larki ko behan banate rahe na tu hogaya tmhara kaam.." she said smilingly.LOL
jay looked at  Her and smiled.."mind it shefali mene tmhe behan nahi banaya abhi tak.." he said Wink
jay sighed smilingly.."shefali tum bewaquf ho  par itni bhi nahi k meri is baat ka matlab na smjh sako.." awww i loved jay's diologe Thumbs Up

hehe thanksSmile

n now my arjuhi ,hmm what can i said about them their love was beyond my imagination!!!!they thought that they gave pain their partner wowHeart 

arjuhi's hot kiss:-*ahem ahem kab sa main  wait kar rahi thi iss kiss ka liyaEmbarrassed;))

arjun  scooping arohi up in his arms he carried her to their bed,,n after that they only talk,did nothing:eek:Broken HeartDisapprove 

hehe they will do more than talking ..dont worry...Wink

i liked arjun teasing arohiBig smile
wow arjun will changed arohi's wardrobe. n sehar ab arohi ka n8 simple salwar suit change karka nightgown pahanao.arjun ka liya view acha hoga;)

haw...hehe i will consider it..Wink

 He placed his head on her stomach..."ab mujhse door tu nahi jao gi na arohi.." he asked innocently awww my arjun:x

arjunDay Dreaming

thanks for the update sehar Huglove u Heart waiting for next part with arjuhi's lots pf romance:x

thankyou for the part is on its way..keep loving and commenting..
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a new wind was blowing...cold and freezing...the birds chirped delightfully welcoming a new day...a day of new beginning...snuggled into his chest and her face tucked in the curve of his neck arohi stirred and her eyes opened as she felt the chilling wind...lifting her head up arohi's lips curved into a smile as she saw arjun...the beginning of new day and that too by seeing him in the first sight...smilingly she stared him taking in every feature of his..and soon got drowned in the purity of the moment that she saw...he was lying there with one of his cute smile on his face...a satisfying smile...he was looking so innocent... so childish... so calm... he had that smile on his face as if he was having the best time of his if he has got everything and is contented with his life now... there was a serene glow on his face that was making her to just look at him... he was looking so cute and her heart couldn't deny that... her heart went out for him... shifting herself up she placed her warm lips on his face giving him a peck on his face... She couldn't control herself... she had deep urge to spend the moment just like that...seeing him only...being in his arms...her heaven...everything is complete now.. it was a heavenly moment for her and she had that smile too...a satisfying smile..looking at his face she smiled and closed her eyes coming back to her previous position...feeling completely lazy to wake up soon...but the movements made arjun open his eyes and he yawned...feeling the heaviness on his chest his lips curved into a smile knowing that she is with him...tightening his hands around her he pulled her more close...arohi in his arms..the feeling was enough to make him was after such a long time...the day in itself is very special now...feeling blessed he thanked god to make him complete without arohi he was incomplete and now her being with him was in it self a contentment to him...

The room was cold...But the soft body against him was warm... warm and soft... Her soft hairs fell in waves over his arm and shoulder... He breathed in the sweet fragrance of her hairs...he raked his fingers through the clouds of hair framing her beautiful face...her eyes were closed...but her lips parted breathing heavily realising that now he is awake...arjun looked at her again and desire started pooling inside him...He slowly touched her cheeks with his hand...caressing them when he felt arohi slowly open her eyes...arjun kept looking at her with tenderness in his eyes..with so much much much much possessiveness...there was a satisfaction in his gaze...respect in his gaze...smilingly she kept her hand on his cheek.."good morning arjun.." she whispered and arjun's smile got bigger...her voice...her lovely voice...her words..this was something he was dying to hear since the past two months...he missed his arohi..he definitely has missed every little thing about her...every little moment..and this morning wish was one of them...eyes become wet and his vission blurred but arohi got scared.."arjun..." she said worriedly and arjun tightening his embrace kissed her on her head.."i missed you arohi..." he said and a tear rolled down his cheek...arohi smiled and encircling her arms around him she too hugged him tight..."mein ab ap k pass hun arjun.." she said and arjun parting her looked at her.."phir ap.." he said in a fake anger and arohi shaking her head smiled.."sorry ..tum..." she said and arjun smiled..."arohi tumhe..." but the ringing of his mobile interupted them..sighingly he picked his mobile and looking at the name flashing on the screen he received the call instantly saying.."tum fresh ho jao..." to arohi...arohi nodded and slowly getting up from the bed she made a simple low bun with her long traces of hair...taking out her clothes from the cupboard she made her way towards the washroom...


"tum hosh mein tu ho raj??..." asked preeti shockingly...sanchit after having his breakfast in the morning made his way to preeti's house and was lucky enough to find sk there too..greeting sk he asked for preeti and when she came he without wasting anytime said to her.."preeti mein tumhe lene aya hun..aj se tum mere saath hamare ghar mein raho gi..meri family k saath.."...and as a result preeti got shocked..

"tum tu aise react kr rahi ho jese mei koi gunaah karne k lie keh raha hun..." sanchit said...preeti rolling her eyes stood.."ye kabhi nahi hoga sanchit mei dad ko chor k kahin nahi jaungi.." she said...sanchit sighed and looked at sk who smirked looking at him raising his eye brow with see i told you look..rolling his eyes he looked at preeti.."preeti tumhe mere saath nahi rehna kia?.." he asked calmly..and preeti sighed and walked to him.."raj tmhare saath rehna chahti hun mein par apne ghar..wapis london chalenge and wahan rahein ge..hamari choti si family dad mein aur tum.." she said smilingly.."aur meri family us ka kia?.." asked sanchit.."tmhari family hamari life mein exist nahi karti thi raj aur na hi kabhi kare gi..." she said gritting her teeth angering sanchit..controlling his anger he glared her.."tm meri patni ho preeti aur patni ka ghar waheen hai jahan pati ka ghar hai aur mera ghar yahan mere pariwar k saath hai tu tum bhi waheen raho gi.." he said gritting his teeth...preeti smiled .."aur shaed tum bhool rahe ho k mein agar na chahun tu aisa kuch b nahi hoga..dont forget raj i own you..ya youn kaho k meine tmhe kharida hua hai and malik jahan rehta hai naukar bhi wahan rehta hai.." she said and sanchit smiled fakely.."aur tum kehti ho k tum mjhse pyar krti ho..naukar se zada samjha nahi kabhi aur pyar k dawe krti ho..great.." he said..preeti regretting her words looked at sk.."dad ap hi kuch boliye na.." she asked walked towards them.."preeti tmhe kahin jane ki zarurat nahi hai so dont worry ..raj tum chaho na chaho rehna tumhe hamare saath pare ga..bht hogaye tmhare khel arohi theek hai ab ...ghar loto apne.." he said..sanchit smiled.."ghar hi lot raha hun.." he said and looked at preeti.."akhri baar poch raha hun..haan ya na.." he asked .."na.." said sk sternly and preeti looking at sk also nodded negatively..sanchit sighed.."theek hai.." he said sighingly.."as you wish..par mein apni family ko nahi chorun ga preeti..agar tmhe ana hai tu u r most welcome...aur agar tmhe apna contract zada azeez hai tu let me tell you mein ab kisi contract ko le k ghulami nahi karne what ever you want to.." he said confidently and preeti and sk looked at him shockingly..."tum jante ho mein kia kar skta hun raj.." he said.."jail bhjwaen ge..court case se zada kia bhi karenge wo is ghulami se behtar hoga aur jis ka welcome mein baahein phela k karunga.." he said and sk clenched his fist in anger.."ab koi aisa contract laye jis se ap ki beti ko pyar ka sahi matlab aur patni ka sahi farz smjh aye.." ..."ya tu khud aqal mandi ki jiye aur apni beti ka ghar basne di jie.." he said and sk and preeti looked at him shockingly..seeing this confident side of him..seeing him standing in front of them without fear.."mein preeti se pyar nahi karta k us k lie apna ghar chor k ajaun..par pati hone k naate apna farz nibhane ki koshish kar raha tha...par preeti mjhse pyar krti hai..tu aye na mere saath..mein apne farz se peeche nahi hatun ga bas ek kadam wo barha le.." he said and preeti still in her stubborness screamed.."mein nahi aoungi tmhare us ghatya khandan me smjhe tum..u will have to come to me.." she screamed in anger.."in ur dreams.." sanchit said smilingly and walked towards the door.."mehnga pare ga tmhe raj..nahi mr.sanchit alluhwalia..and i will make sure it.." said preeti gritting her teeth and sanchit turned around.."preeti mere ghar k darwaze tmhare lie khule hain.." he said ignoring her words angering her more and walked away leaving behind preeti and sk fuming in anger.."dont worry preeti par jo is k nikle hain bht jald kat jayenge..aur ye khud tmhare pas lote ga.." sk said consoling his daughter who now started crying in anger..."dad ye sab us arohi ki waja se hua hai..wo arohi ne raj ko mjhse door kia hai..mein us ko nahi chorun gi.." she screamed angrily breaking down the vase kept on the table.. 


Taking a shower she came out of the washroom while untangling her wet hairs ...dressed in a  pastel color saree...arjun who was busy in his phone..reading all the texts which he received soon as arohi came out of washroom taking out his clothes went to freshen up...after drying her hairs arohi sat in front of the dresser and her eyes fell on her belongings on the dresser...smilingly she touched everything...her eyes fell on the sindoor box and they become wet...looking at her self in the mirror she stared at her ownself realising how much incomplete she is without his mark...keeping the box aside she opened the drawer to look for her mangalsutra and sighed on not finding it...but soon it clicked in her mind and she standing up walked towards the cupboard and took out the woodden box kept behind the clothes...taking out the mangalsutra she excitedly walked back to the dresser and instantly tied it around her neck and filled her parting with the sindoor...

smilingly she admired herself looking at the mirror...She felt her heart swell with pride when she saw the mangalsutra that adored her neck and the sindoor in her partition, the signs of being only his...complete now she is in true sense...hearing the sound of door opening she turned her face towards the door and smiled looking at arjun...arjun ruffling his hairs with the towel smiled looking back at arohi but soon his gaze fell on the most prominent things on her and his heart skipped a beat...again after so long looking at her with sindoor and mangalsutra... the marks on her of being his...his wife... he felt and has always felt immense pleasure that she was his... no matter what games fate has played with them but the fact is that she was his forever...and this brought a satisfactory smile on his lips and he walked towards her throwing back the towel on the couch...

standing in front of her he kept on admiring his wife... looking at her with a sense of pride and smiling softly at her...his constant gazing made her shy and she lowered her eyes...arjun's smile got brighter witnessing the shy sight of of his favorite parts in her... her shy nature which always made her lower her beautiful eyes with a glint of smile on those tasty was enough for him to loose his create a new desire in him...putting a full stop in his staring session he pulled her close to him and placed his lips on her forehead making her close her eyes..."thankyou so much arohi for making me feel proud...making me feel owned.." he whispered and lowering his face kissed her throat where the black beads adorned her neck...and a powerful current passed through her entire body as soon the feeling of his lips registered in her her heart...looking back at her arjun smirked seeing her closed eyes..."kia mene tumhe morning wish kia tha?.." he asked making her open her eyes ..looking at him confusingly...arjun smiled shaking his head.."shaed nahi..let me do it now.." he said and before she could speak arjun filled out the little distance between them...smashing his lips on her...

 He kissed her with a slow melting hunger... which deepened gradually to a burning insistence and then burst into a ravenous urgency... His tongue plunged into her mouth into a deep raw kiss... purely a  mixture of love and fear of loosing her again... a blend of love... passion... desire... protection... commitment... trust... honesty...sincerity... her fresh morning fragrance was driving him crazy...he wanted more of it...more of her...every time he touches her... his heart desires to have more of her as if he was unabled to get enough of her.. she tasted like heaven ...same as before... his desire for her had only kept on multiplying ... nothing on this earth mattered to him at that very moment except the fact that he could shower his love on her ... feel her completely forgetting everything...feeling weak in his touch she closed her eyes in his sensuality...arched upward in a fevered need to share and stimulate his burgeoning passion... She felt the gasp of his breath against her mouth as her tongue teased his warm lips...encircling her arms around his waist she giving in to the passion ran her hands on his back and  felt the reflexive clutching of his hands on her back as she caressed the hard muscled flesh of his back and shoulders...she felt every bit of the kiss and bringing her hands forward she clutched onto his shirt for support when his thumbs kept on caressing her face ... finally he broke from the kiss to catch a breathe as he rested his forehead against hers ... "... good morning arohi ..." he whispered breathlessly... her lips curved in to a shy smile...but She did not dare to open her eyes still trying to get over his touch against her lips ... while still holding her face.. he left a gentle kiss on her forehead "...will continue this later...abhi tumhe kisi important bande se milane jana hai.." he said ...arohi blushingly opened her eyes as his words registered in her mind.."kis se.." she asked confusingly...arjun smiled..."agar tumhe bata dia tu tum nahi jao lie abhi ise surprise hi rehne do.." he said and parted away from her..."itna koi bara surprise nahi hai..ek normal banda hi hai..aise mat dekho.." said arjun shaking his head in reply to arohi's confused looks...shaking her head arohi smiled..."ok..but make sure mujhe surprise acha lage.." she said and arjun walking towards the dresser smiled.."tumhe acha lage ga ye tu pata nahi par haan mujhe acha lage ga q k ye tmhare lie zaruri hai.." he said and arohi again looked at him confusingly but then sighed deciding to wait for the time...



The whole singhania mansion is filled with loads of happiness and joy for getting back the life ...the daughter of the house... dadi and kumud's happiness has no limits... rudra too was happy..if he was a little younger than his age then he might have wanted to jump in joy...dhondu and maria too were thankful to god for bringing back the happiness of the house... No wonder everyone forgot arjun and sat beside arohi...dadi carenessing arohi's hand, where as rudra puts his  hand on arohi's other hand with lot of caring and love for his daughter in law... ..arjun feels happy and smiled by seeing his family's happiness and their way of enjoying the breakfast... 
arohi is sitting happily around everyone on the breakfast table  and enjoying the moment... All eyes were on her... they all are looking her with a new glow and happiness on their faces... and arjun was not missing a single expression on his love's glowing face...

"aj pora pariwar saath hai..bas kami hai tu rashi ki.." said kumud smilingly catching everyone's attention.."mom rashi ab kisi aur ka pariwar pora kar rahi hai..par dont worry wo bhi hamare saath k pag phere ki rasam baqi hai abhi remember.." said arjun smilingly..rudra smiled.."haan isi bahane ek baar phr pehle jesa waqt dekhne ko mile ga.." he said..kumud smiled.."phir tu jaldi hi le ao use yahan.." she said..arohi looked at her.."lagta hai mom ap ko bht yaad arahi hai rashi ki.." she said and kumud smiled.."yaad tu aye gi na..itna khushi ka din hai aj..meri ek beti mere pas hai aur dosri yahan hai hi nahi.." she said...dadi shaking her head smiled.."arjun puttar tu abhi ja k rashi ko le aa warna shaed ye ab rona shoru kar de.." she said and everyone smiled.."ab aisa bhi nahi hai..ap bhi na maa.." said kumud shaking her head.."adat dal le puttar..betyun k maa baap ko apna kaleja wadda karna hi parta hai.." said dadi smilingly and kumud smiled...


"par hum ja kahan rahe hain?..." asked an impatient arohi for the third time but still didnt get the answer.."relax arohi mene kaha na its not a big or a special surprise bas thora zaruri kaam hai wahan le ja raha hun.." said arjun smilingly.."aisa konsa zaruri kaam hai jahan meri zarurat hai aur mujhe pata hi nahi.." said arohi irritatingly..."pata chal jaye ga.." said arjun shaking his head smilingly seeing the irritated look on her face..arohi sighed and looked out of the window giving up her attempts of finding out the answer...

the car entered the parking area and stopped...arjun turning his face sideway looked at arohi and smiled seeing the pouted expression on her face that was definitely cuz he didnt tell her where he was taking her..."ahem ahem.." ajrun caught her attention clearing his throat...arohi looked at him instantly raising her eyebrow.."chalein?.." he asked..arohi looked around confusingly.."kahan?..." she asked...arjun smiled and jumped out of the car and reached to her side..."jahan mein tumhe laya hun wahan.." he said opening the door of her side..arohi stepping out of the car looked around and read the board.."ye tu hospital hai.." she said confusingly and arjun nodded his head smilingly.."hum hospital aye hain?...!!!ye surprise tha..." she asked shaking her head in disbelief..arjun smiled.."ye ek zaruri surprise tha arohi.." he said and cupped her confused face.."tumhe kia lagta hai tum keh do gi tum theek ho aur mujhe tasalli ho jae gi?...nahi arohi..mein ab koi risk nahi lena chahta..mein janta hun aur chahta bhi hun k tum pori tarha se theek ho..lekin doctor ko consult karna bhi bht zaruri hai..tmhare sir pe chot lagi hai aur aisi halat mein me aram se ghar tu nahi beth sakta na.." he said and arohi held his hands.."arjun par mei such mein theek hun.." she said assuring him.."haan tum theek ho par ye mein doctor k moun se bhi sunna chahta hun.." he said smilingly..arohi smiled and nodded her head.."ok..lets go.." she said and arjun smiled...

arjun and arohi reached the clinic of arohi's doctor and without any wait they were called into the doctor's office...The doctor took arohi away for an X-ray and other tests leaving behind a wrecked arjun... After what seemed like ages, the doctor came back into the office.. arohi by his side.. and took a seat at his chair..."doctor is everything alright??" asked an impatient and worried arjun..arohi looked at arjun shaking her head smilingly seeing his smiled.."everything is alright mr.singhania..ap ki wife bilkul theek hain.." he said..breathing a sigh of relief arjun smiled but soon his smile was replaced by another worried expression.."aur ye jo sir ki chot hai..mera matlab..wo theek hai na.." he sighed.."mr.singhania arohi bilkul theek hai..almost 99 percent but jo one percent hai wo abhi theek karna hai and is k lie inhe wo dawayan time pe leni hun gi jo mein dun ga.." he said and arjun looked at arohi.."dont worry doctor is ki zimedari meri..ap ko jitni medicines deni hain de di jiye.." he smiled and looked at arohi.."arohi kuch cheezein aisi hungi jo yaad karne mein tumhe thori problem hui hogi aur shaed age bhi ho..par u dont have to panic for it momentary hoga aur proper medications se theek ho jaye ga..rahi baat tumhare sir dard ki tu wo bhi ahista ahista hi theek ho ga..all you have to do is to take the medicines on stress and no carelesness.." he said smilingly..arohi nodded smilingly and looked at arjun raising her eyebrow.."see i told you mein theek hun.." she said proudly..arjun smiled and looked back at the the doctor.."ek baat jis ka humein bht khayal rakhna hai wo in ka bp hai.." said doctor..arjun confusingly looked at him..."arohi's bp is abnormally high and is ko humein control karna hai.." he said in reply to arjun's confused looks.."doctor i hope ye zada bari baat nahi hai.." said smiled.."not yet and age bhi nahi hogi..q k hum medicines se is ko control kar lenge.." he said.."thankyou so much doctor..thanks.." said arjun smiling in relief..the doctor nodded and handed over the prescription to arjun.."dont worry mr.singhania ur wife is absoulutely fine.." he said assuring him again and arjun smiled...


arjun stopped the car and looked at arohi...all his worries were now gone after their visit to the doctor and now he was relieved with the fact that his arohi is completely fine..arohi looked at him and his lips curved in to a smile.."time for some shopping.." he said smilingly and arohi smiled excitedly.. getting out of the car he came by her door side and opened the door and she got out excitedly and they walked beside each other...

arohi was looking at many dresses but nothing more holded her attention because the attention holder was beside her... how can someone concentrate with him...even she can see the dazed look in sales girls eyes and all she can do is feel anger...rolling her eyes she sighed and again continued with her task but the dazed expression of sales girl was catching her attention every now and then making it difficult for her to choose an appropriate dress for up she sighed deeply and glared angrily to the sales girl embarassing her... arjun too looked at arohi and felt her uneasiness.. she was just fiddling on with dresses and not looking carefully...shaking his head he moved closer to her and stood behind her and moved his hand forward to pick up a blue dress which caught his eye..."tum kab se itna time lagane lagi dress choose karne mein.." he said handing her the dress..arohi looked at him and smiled.."mein time nahi laaga rahi thi balkeh wait kar rahi thi.." she said.."wait kis ka..?.." asked arjun confusingly..."k tum ao aur mere lie dress choose karo.." she said ..."oh really tu madam meri choice k dress lena chahti hain.." said arjun smilingly and moving forward picked few more dresses for her..."all these colours really suits you.." he said and walked towards the counter leaving her smiling behind...


"shefali ab chotha cup coffee peene ki himmat nahi hai mujh mei..ab tu bata do kyun bulaya hai yahan.." jay said keeping the third empty mug of coffee on the table..shefali had called jay for a coffee as now she has decided to express her feelings to him..but the nervousness she was experiencing at the moment was something she never ever have felt in her entire life.. since last one hour they were sitting together and she was ordering coffee for him and when she ordered the third one jay looked at her confusingly saying.."shefali aj coffee day tu nahi.." he said raising his eye brow..but a nervous shefali smiled hesitantly saying.."so what ab meine tumhe yahan coffee peene k lie bulaya hai tu kia ab coffee bhi na pilaun..nahi tu kaho ge coffee k lie bulaya aur coffee bhi nahi pilai.." she said making him stareD at her confusingly.."is se acha tum dinner pe bula leti tu thori variety tu ho jati.." jay said shaking his head..

That's all they had talked since the last one hour..They had their coffee in an unusual silence..jay finished all the three mugs and shefali still was left with her first one.. she had butterflies in her stomach..and for the first time she was not feeling confident..what if he said no?.."uff shefali tere boy friends ki list hai k khatam hone ka naam nahi leti par yahan bethi tu tu aise hai jese aj tak kisi larke se baat nahi ki.." shefali said to herself.."haan par kisi larke ko propose tu pehli baar hi kar rahi hun na.." she supported her ownself..

Jay looked at shefali...a new girl was sitting in front of him..all nervous..all her nervousness was very well visible on her face..or if its not then jay doesnot need any kind of proofs in judging shefali..he knew what was going in her mind..he cant be wrong in this case atleast.."comeon shefali ab tu bol do..itna chup raho gi tu mjhe heartattack ajae ga.." he thought looking at her..shefali looked at him sighingly and finding his gaze on her she shivered surprisingly..closing her eyes she sighed deeply.. At last she decided that she had to have this over with.. she was only getting more and more nervous...and the best way to put an end to her nervousness was putting an end to her silence..opening her eyes she looked at him..

"jay.." she said making him blink his eyes from his staring session..looking here and there he sighed and again looked back at her.."what!.." he asked raising his eyebrow.."don't tell me tum 4thcoffee mangwa rahi ho.." he said smilingly..shefali again sighed .."I love you jay.." and she said what she meant..what she felt..

Jay stared at shefali in disbelief..did he hear it right..? he couldnot believe what he just heard..means his guess was not wrong..he had waited for this.. longed for it even..his whole body was feeling an urge to relief.. feeling an urge to hold her in his arms and to tell her that how madly he was longing to have her live with spend his entire life with her.. to wake up with her in the morning..staring at shefali lost in his thoughts he increased her nervousness..her fear.."wo..mjhe jo laga.." she said lowering her eyes in disappointment and stopped when he stood from his place..shefali looked at him sadly.."jay plz don't go..I am sorry..jay.." she said and stopped when he bent down in front of her on one knee and took one of her  hands  in his confusing her more..

"nothing unique..but just to make it special for you.." he said smilingly and looked in her eyes.. "shefali please marry me!" he said making her eyes widened in surprise... "I love you so very much! Please be my wife..I promise I wont hurt you..and I wont disappoint you..meri life mein ajao lifetime k lie.." And he smiled up at her expectantly with his eyes full of love..

She was almost at lost for words  But she had to answer this.. She cleared her throat and with a lot of stammering and stuttering she at last managed to get some kind of answer out..

"Of course...I...I want to...jay you.."

"well shaed you mean to say yes.."  he said  smiling up at her again.. She gave him a reassuring smile and a quick series of nods  so he got up again and sat down in his place..

She just kept smiling at him.. He was so adorable. So funny and so sweet and so handsome.."wah shefali ye sab pehle tu nahi pata chala tujhe.." she thought smilingly.. The panic and uneasiness she had felt was gone and now that it was all settled.. All she felt was a complete happiness...both were staring each other savouring the moment..cherishing it..loving it..their trance was broken by a sudden buzz of jay's cell..shaking their heads they looked away smilingly..jay looked at his mobile which now stopped ringing.."mr.gupta k saath dinner hai aj mera..arjun tu aa nahi raha mujhe hi is nae project k bare mein discuss karna hai..tu I think we should leave now.." he said smilingly..shefali nodded and paying the bill they both walked out of the cafe..

"mein chor deta hun tumhe ghar.." jay said once they reached the parking lot near their cars..shefali smiled.."its ok jay itni formality nahi..mein chali jaungi..tum jao warna dair na hojae.." she said moving towards her car..jay smiled.."shefali wese kuch incomplete reh gaya aj.." he said making her turned back.."kia?.." she asked smiling confusingly..jay smiled and walked towards her..

Shefali stepping backwards as he was walking towards her.."kia jay jaldi bolo.." she again asked when he stopped at arms length.. he stepped closer to her .. Then, without a word.. he simply leaned forward, taking her face between his hands and pressed his lips to hers..and her heart almost stopped at that..

His lips were very soft and tender..It had started out softly.. But after a while she felt his mouth open just a tiny bit, and the tip of his tongue touch her lips very softly.. After some moments of suprise she did what he had done.. and soon her tongue met his in the small opening formed between their lips..

She has dated several boys till date but never in her life she felt like what she was feeling today..and.. and now she was savouring the very first kiss of her life..They stayed like that for a while.. motionless.. taking in the new sensation.. Tasting each other..

They let go of each other..he looked at her with a strange smile... He looked a little shy but also quite a bit satisfied with himself.. . She still couldn't speak.. overwhelmed by her feelings.. "a proposal is incomplete without a kiss.." she heard him say very tenderly.."shefali tmhe bura tu nahi laga na.." he asked hesitantly ..She wanted to answer him.. tell him how wonderful that kiss had been, and how badly she needed another, but she simply couldn't speak..shaking her head in denial with a slight blush on her cheeks she lowered her eyes..feeling shy all of a sudden..To show him how she felt she leaned forward and kissed him very softly on his lips..

"I love you shefali.."he murmured against her mouth.. "I love you so much."She wished she could have answered that too, that she could have given him the proper answer to those words.. But she still couldn't speak..and simply hid her face in his chest..pulling him closer to her..


staring up at the dark night sky enjoying the serene silence arohi's head was titled upward while her shoulder leaned against the frame of the door of her room that opened out to the balcony...soon after the dinner when almost everyone retired to their rooms except arjun and rudra who were discussing the next important project of the company..arohi too left for her room feeling tired...getting ready for the bed she was surprised feeling all fresh again..all her tiredness was now gone after a warm shower...and the cool breeze coming through the window was cool enough for her comfort and surprisingly her steps made their way towards the balcony ..wanting to feel the breathe the cool see the calm and dark sky...and now here she is standing since last fifteen minutes enjoying the comfort of the cool breeze.. the sight of the dark sky and the serene silence and calmness of the atmosphere...Her pink lips curled into a smile feeling his presence around her and her smile got wider  when she heard him let out a pleasing sigh as he slithered his arms around her waist and rested his cheek against her head... 

completing his work..taking rudra's advice and making him read few of the files when his work got finished he quickly took his father's leave wishing him goodnight and rushed to his room...shutting the door behind his eyes looked for her and rested on her...smilingly he walked towards her and stood behind her...smilingly standing there he too enjoyed the calmness of the night with her without making her aware of his presence but couldnot hold himself for too long and ended up in holding his life close to her...

"sorry dair hogai.." he whispered...  His voice was deep and soft at the same time making butterflies flutter in her stomach...  She simply leaned into his board chest and relaxed herself in his embrace...  Their hands intertwined over the belt of her silk robe.  "arjun i love know " she said smilingly and closed her eyes...arjun smiled..."i know..." he said hugging her and taking a pleasing breath...arohi smiled and opening her eyes looked back at the sky.."kitna sukun mil raha hai na ye khamoshi mehsus kar k...its so peaceful.." she said...and arjun opening his eyes joined her in the gazing session letting out a simple.."hmmm.."

After a few minutes he began to lazily caress his lips against the side of her cheek... pursing them slightly giving light kisses...arohi's cheeks heatedly become red and she lowering her eyes smiled enjoying his affections..."to be continued part hai ye arohi.." arjun said smirkingly and began nipping gently at her earlobe..."and by the way i am sure tumhe pata hai k i love you too but let me show you kitna.." he said chuckling and his hands found the knot that held her silk robe and carefully untied it smirkingly... a shiver ran down her spine...witnessing the closeness between him and her...again... sighingly she slithered her hand up his neck and into his hair...  and arjun sensually rubbed his nose along her skin and began placing a trail of kisses from her cheek down her neck... pulling the left side of the robe downward trying to gain access to her shoulder he placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder...  arohi letting out a murmur of pleasure heightened arjun's senses...with a sudden jerk arjun turned her around and arohi felt her knees go weak when their lips finally connected...

Drawing her close..., he slowly traced down his hands. not even once leaving her lips...The touch of his hand upon her neck sent shivers down her body and her body suddenly grew very steamy...She moaned as his arms slid around her waist and his lips skated across her ear... as he whispered "i want you arohi..."...  Her breath caught in her throat and refused to return to normal...her heat beat accelerated... igniting an erratic flow of blood to her body parts... She gasped when he paused at the base of her throat... and stretched her neck to give him better access ..She loosened her grip on his arms and rubbed her hand up and down around his neck... and into his hair... ruffling it...while he teased the hollow of her neck...Her fingers massaged his scalp with a sensuality that made him moan in pleasure...and without waiting any second he quickly swept her off her feet and...shutting the door behind through his feet he carried her to the bed...

lying  her down on the soft bed arjun smiled...  Their eyes connected as he hovered over her...  "may i??.." he asked smilignly...arohi blushingly wrapped her arms around his neck and shyingly inititated pulling him down to capture his lips...this was her approval..signal for him...and It didn't take long for clothing to be removed so passionate exploration could begin...
A loving mound soon formed underneath the crisp bed sheet as arjun and arohi expressed their love ..their desire..their longing...their passion for one another...they were synchronized in a sweet push and pull but the connection between them was so much more than just the union of their bodies... There are times when you're making love and the experience completely transcends the physical... This was one of those times for arohi and she had to blink back her tears feeling herself completely blessed... and the time seemed to move far too fast as the night quickly waned into the day...  The passionate desires they had for one another were still raging... but eventually the two could no longer ignore the fatigued of their bodies and slowly closed their eyes to rest...  They curled together needing the comfort of each other's touch before they could peacefully sleep...  


no pms yet...plz yaar res kar k unres bhi karo...Smile

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...

thankyou...take careSmile

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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yayyy!! :D

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hey tnx for the update 

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awesome update loved arjun in hospital , shefali and jay part was good 
just loved all the arjuhi scenes and arohis possesiveness at shopping mall overall nice and sweet update

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Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
hayeee!!!! my arjuhi are so cuteeeEmbarrassed
good to knw that arohi is fine now Smile
arohi was jealous of the sales girl?????ROFL  her reaction was adorable Tongue
ahem ahem part was Blushing
jay shefaliHeart
thnx fr the arjuhi updtEmbarrassed
updt soonBig smile

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