Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 42)

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Originally posted by sehar123

Originally posted by --Anjali--

My comment is on way Wink


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waitingggBig smile

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Originally posted by sehar123

Originally posted by ...vibha...

di the update awesome


arohi's turmoil was very well shown'''realization that she is arjun's wife and then that diary part

she tried to maintain herself and without knowing appeared in marriage''..i thought arjun would understand bt it was leading in a way to his horrible dream..

yes it is now leading to his horrible dream...lets see age kia hota hai...arjun ko kese pata chalta hAI...

yup it was too much for her to bear'''she fainted''hope everything is fine

she fainted cuz??? nothing is fineWink

may arjun reach to help her..

dekho agar waqt pe use pata chal gaya tu may be he reach there..but if not then the bigger trouble is waiting ahead...

happy for rashi-sahil

rashi-arjun's convo was too adorable <33333

the differences between arjun and sanchit , amrit are sorted

hope everything is fine in a way for arjuhi

do continue soon''.see I commented

 yeah u commented..and that too on every part...i liked ur comment..thanks for the beautiful comment...and yes ab tumhare lie update pakka...Smile...28th jan..Smile

thanks diTongue
will be try earlier if u can <333333

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waiting for tomorrow Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by --Anjali--


First of all SORRY Sehar for editing late
now coming to the update

hehe its ok..but atleast u commented...Smile
Awesome update Clap Clap

thankyou so muchSmile

Arjun's nightmare Shocked
then Arjun n Rashi's scene
awww... I love that scene
Arohi's curiosity to know about her past
Arjun's concern about Arohi's health n their sweet convo Heart
Amrit asks about forgiveness?? Shocked
Arjun ne maaf bhi kar diya
Arjun n Sanchit are friends now Smile
Finally Arohi know everything about her past
I am expecting this but not in this way
poor Arohi Cry Cry
yeah poor she...then in which way were u expecting this??Winkactually i couldnt find any other way and ended up on this thing..mujhe bht ajeeb lag raha tha k koi bhi uth k jaye aur arohi ko i found it better if she comes to knw everything on her own..

feeling very bad for her
Finally Rashi n Sahil are merried
I am worried about Arohi
hope she is alright

no abhi filhal she is not alright..par jaldi ho jaye giSmile

can't wait for next update
update soon Sehar
again sorry dear

sorry ki zarurat nahi...and update is on its way...thankyou so much for commenting..Smile
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PART 38:

amrit welcomed her son and daughter-in-law into their home with the traditional aarti..On completion, purvi took the thal away from amrit... rashi was then asked to gently kick a kalash filled with rice which had been kept at the entrance with her right foot symbolizing the arrival of wealth and prosperity into her marital home...This was followed by another ritual wherein rashi put her right foot onto a tray also kept on the enterance of the house containing vermilion powder that had been mixed with water... After both her feet had been covered by the red paste, she entered the house with bare feet  making footprints on the cold marble floor as she did so symbolizing the arrival of good luck and fortune into her new home...the happy couple reaching the end of the hall turned around and took everyone's blessings...


"jo ye ring pehle dhond le ga wohi winner..aur matlab wahi raj kare ga.." said purvi dropping the ring in the thal filled with milk.."chalo shoru ho jao.." she said and the couple started their search for ring.."ja karan arohi ko bula la..use ye rasmein bht pasand hain.." said amrit smilingly looking at karan..karan made face.."mom dekhne do na..ap kisi aur ko bol do.." he said looking back at the exciting game.."karan ja na abhi bht si games hain tu kuch nahi miss kare ga..ja jaldi se bula k la.." she said caressing his hair..karan looked at her .."ok.." he said and rushed upstairs..

Knocking the door karan waited for the reply.."yeah rashi we won..matlab ab sahil pe rashi raj kare gi.." purvi's excited voice caught his attention..getting impatient and restless to go downstairs he looked back at the door.."di neeche ajao games chal rahi hain.." he said turning around..thinking her to be asleep he shaking his head rushed downstairs not wanting to miss any other excitement...

Amrit looked at him when he came downstairs and sat back on his place.."kia hua arohi arahi hai kia?.." asked sahil.."di so rahi hain.." said karan and waited for another game to start..


tired of sitting and waiting for sahil rashi sighed and stood ..looking around her new room all decorated with scented candles..fresh flower petals and bouqets she smiled blushingly..looking around her room..her small world she walked towards the window..taking in the sight of the room she smiled looking at sahil's picture hung on the wall..turning around looking at the sky she prayed for the never ending love of sahil to be showered on her and happiness for both of them..lost in her own thoughts she failed to hear the sound of the door opening and smilingly kept staring at the sky..

entering the room looking around his eyes fell on his bride..Noticing her standing at the window looking out sahil approached with slow steps hoping that she wouldn't hear...slipping his arms around her waist making her aware of his presence he pressed himself into her body.."koi bht khobsurat lag raha hai aj.." he whispered lovingly in her ears..feeling his hands rashi startled as realisation hit her making her aware of his presence..Her heart beat escalated and her breath seemed to catch itself in her throat, shivers ran up and down her spine, she could feel goose bumps and tingles erupt on every part of her body..the sudden closeness definitely surprised her.."aur koi bht hi handsome lag raha hai aj.." she managed to reply back..sahil smiled and leaning his head closer to her.."aur koi kisi ko ye bhi batana chahta hai k wo us se kitna pyar karta hai.." he whispered in her ears..his hot breath was tickling her..smilingly she turned her face saying.."tu batau na.."..she said turning around to see her husband..sahil smiled seeing her.."bata dun.." he asked raising his eye brow.."haan batau.." she said smilingly.."soch lo.." said sahil smirkingly.."soch lia.." said rashi raising her head in attitude.."alright then.." sahil said chuckling and did the surprising act..

Snaring one arm around her waist and winding another around her legs sahil in a swift move lifted rashi off the ground.."oh my god sahil ye kia kar rahe ho.." rashi said surprisingly..but sahil shaking his head silenced all her protest with his mouth, drinking up all her annoyance and surprises and  filling her with love and sweetness...

He drew her down slowly onto the mattress and laid beside her... and she could feel his heartbeats... feel the atmosphere changing... feel the fire he was giving here... His hands glided over her and his lips feathered themselves all over her skin removing all the barriers...The chillness of the air hit her exposed body covering it with goose bumps... He immediately covered her body with his insulating it from the cold by lending it his own body's warmth...and recaptured her mouth making his hands Moved all over her body heating it up to a fevered pitch... letting her fingers sink in his hair she curl round every strand and tendril of his hair.. she let her hands roam every corner of his face until he was imprinted within her... Allowing herself to drop kisses here and there when her lips were not occupied with his...moving one step ahead he then swept her off into another fantasy where they explored... devoured... rained passion on each other and loved...This was their love... this was two souls joining together.. not only emotionally but physically as well.. this just felt right..Nnatural...and loved.. words didn't need to express the love he was showering on her...


tossing and turning on his bed arjun's mind was having flashes of a confused face of arohi that he witnessed today and then the sudden leaving of her from the wedding was confusing him more..sensing something fishy he thought of calling arohi and sitting up on bed he picked up his mobile..dialing her number he stopped thinking her to be asleep and didnt want to disturb her..hoping for her to be alright and fine he sighed trying to calm himself..there was a strange tension..a strange fear..a strange confusion building up inside him which he was trying to ignore but failed..sighingly he laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling.."agar arohi theek na hoti tu ab tak kisi na kisi ka call zarur ata.." he said to himself trying to assure him that nothing was wrong but dil ka kia kare..use tu ek alag hi tension thi..keeping all his thoughts aside he shaking his head closed his eyes making a mental note to meet her tomorrow..

"kahan ja rahi ho amrit.." asked sudhir when he saw amrit walking out of the room..turning on the bed he felt absense of amrit beside him..opening his eyes he saw her walking out of the room..

Amrit stopped and turned around.."wo arohi ko dekhne ja rahi hun..use dawai de deti hun.." she said..tossing and turning on bed she was not able to sleep because everytime she closes her eyes arohi's face flashed in her mind..worried for arohi as she knew she had a headache she jumped out of the bed..thinking one glimpse of arohi would make her feel relax and relieved..

Sudhir rubbing his eyes sat on the bed.."amrit time dekho 3 baj rahe hain..wo so rahi ho gi abhi utha dia tumne tu phr wahi kachi neend aur sir mein dard hoga.." he said looking at amrit..amrit thought for a while looking at the time..closing the door she walked back towards the bed and sat.."pata nahi kyun ghabrahat si ho rahi hai.." she said looking at sudhir..sudhir smiled shaking his head..understanding the reason of her uneasyness he said.."jao dekh ao arohi ko..khatam ho jaye gi tmhari bhi ghabrahat.." he said..amrit smiled sighingly.."nahi subha dekh lungi..chaliye so jate hain.." she said laying down on bed..sudhir shaking his head lied down back on the bed...


a new wind was blowing..cold and freezing...the birds chirped delightfully welcoming a new day...a day of new beginning...Feeling her husband's arms wrapped tighter around her then the blanket rashi stirred awake from a beautiful dream... Noticing the warmth of her body neatly curved around his and two of his fingers curled around her thumb rashi felt flushed... She had tears in her eyes.. he had treated her and shown her so much love and care so much warmth and tenderness that she would have never felt with someone else...smilingly she very carefully got out of bed..


Rubbing her hairs against the towel rashi had an unknown glow light up her face.. seating herself on the dressing table's chair she got ready..noticing sahil still sleeping peacefully she sighed and stood..walking towards the bed she sat beside him.."good morning sahil.." she whispered..Her voice was lower than a whisper but still it touched his heart making him to wake up from his sleep... As he opened his eyes he saw her sitting beside him with the most adorable smile on her face... Her face fresh and glowing... her eyes shiny and captive... her wet curls sticking on the sides of her cheeks..her sight was acting as a stimulant for his brain..for his heart... That was the best good morning he can ever get...smilingly he rubbed his eyes and yawned stretching his body.."good morning rashi..tum theek ho?.." he asked with concern..rashi smiled in reply lowering her eyes..sahil smiled and sat on bed.."thankyou rashi.." he whispered capturing her lips..


"chalo bhai pooja shoru karo bhook lag rahi hai mjhe.." said salil coming in the pooja room..rashi turned back to see him and smilingly she nodded..amrit looked around.."arohi nahi uthi kia abhi tak.." she asked..purvi too looked around.."are arohi tu ayi nahi..ruku rashi arohi ko ane do.." she said..rashi stopped.."mein bula k lati hun bhabhi ko" she said and walked towards the hall..leaving behind amrit and purvi thinking confusingly as to why arohi is not awake yet..


"arohi.." called rashi knocking the door of arohi's room..having no reply she opened the door and her eyes fell on the empty bed..looking around she walked towards the washroom.."arohi neeche pooja shoru ho rahi hai jaldi ajao.." she said knocking the door..and waited for her reply..on having no reply she again knocked the door.."arohi.." she called again..but again no reply..holding the knob she tried to open the door and it opened and she found the washroom empty..walking out of the room she made her way downstairs thinking.."subha subha kahan chale gayein.." she thought..

"bhabhi tu room mein nahi hain.." she said coming downstairs..everyone looked at her.."kamre mein nahi hai matlab.." asked sahil..rashi looked at him.."upar room mein mene dekha washroom mein bhi dekha bhabhi nahi hain.." she said.."subha subha kahan ja skti hai..bata k bhi nahi gayi.." said amrit confusingly..everyone was confused..sanchit taking out his mobile dialed her number..but no one was answering.."ye phone kyun nahi utha rahi.." he said redialing the number.."kisi ko bhi nahi bata k gaye kia?..aisa tu nahi ho skta na ab..kisi ko tu bataya ho ga.." asked sudhir looking at everyone but no one was aware of this.."hey bhagwan mjhe tu tension ho rahi bhi nahi utha rahi..kahin us ki tabiat..wo kahin doctor k pass tu nahi gayi.." said amrit.."mjhe kal raat hi dekh lena chahye tha..kitni dard mein thi meri bachi..sudhir ap doctor se pochiye na kia pata udhar hi ho'" she said worriedly..sudhir nodded and taking out his mobile dialed arohi's doctor's number..talking to him he came to know that arohi  didn't visit him which increased everyone's worry and confusion.."mein bahar guard se poch k ata hun k arohi kab gayi.." said sanchit rushing out of the house with sahil and salil following him..

"shankar.." called out sanchit ..the guard turned'"jee sahab.." he said.."arohi  bahar kab gayi..mera matlab kitni dair ho gai hai..?.." asked sanchit..shankar looked at him confusingly.."sahab arohi madam tu kal baraat k saath hi bahar gayein theen us k baad meine unhe lotte hue nahi dekha.." he said looking at all three of them.."nahi dekha matlab'?..kal raat arohi wapis ayi tu thi ghar hum se pehle..ankhein khol k duty nahi karte kia.." said sahil in anger..sanchit held his shoulder to make him control his anger.."sahab mein such keh raha hun kal raat arohi madam ko mene ap logoun k saath hi nikalte dekha us k baad wo ghar nahi ayein..ap log jab aye tu arohi madam ko sath na dekh k mjhe tu yahi laga k wo shaed ghar nahi ayengi.." he said..sahil salil and sanchit looked at each other shockingly..


Morning rays hit his room making him open his eyes..rubbing them he looked at the was too early for him to wake up but it was good as he wanted the morning to come soon...last night he didnt call arohi thinking her to be busy or resting..but he knew she must be awake now and wanted to be sure that she is alright..picking up his mobile he sat on the bed and dialed arohi's number..the bell rang but no one answered.."so rahi ho gi.." he said to himself..keeping the mobile he sighed and jumping out of bed taking out his clothes he went to freshen up..

Coming out of washroom rubbing his hairs with towel he threw the shirt on bed as the button was not stiched..opening his cupboard to search for another shirt his eyes fell on the diary kept there which was opened..confusingly picking up the diary he looked at it.."yeh kese khuli.." he thought confusingly..staring at it he shook his head thinking it to be his mistake..keeping it back he took out his shirt and got ready..

Walking back to the bed he picked up his phone and dialed arohi's number again and got confused when he again didnt get answer.."abhi tak nahi uthi?..par mobile ki bell se tu ankh khul skti hai.." he thought redialing the number.."silent pe tu nahi kahin.." he said on again not getting answer..and his confusion coverted into worry as soon as he realised that may be she is not fine..rushing out of the room he went out of the house..


"arohi ghar nahi ayi...tu phr kahan gayi..?.." asked sudhir in louder voice ...sanchit salil and sahil walked inside the house and told everything to the family which made every one tensed..looking at karan he walked towards him.."tum tu kal keh rahe the arohi so rahi hai..yahi kaha tha na?...phr kahan hai aorhi?.." he asked angrily scaring karan..karan lowered his eyes in fear..sahil walked towards them.."dad relax aram se wo dar raha hai.." said sahil.."mein tum se kuch poch raha hun karan.." asked sudhir ignoring sahil.."wo dad mene knock kia tha koi awaz ...awaz nahi ayi mjhe..laga k di so rahi hain..mjhe games dekhni theen neeche is liye meine darwaza khol k nahi dekha aur neeche agaya.." said karan in a shaky voice...sudhir closed his eyes controlling his anger..sahil sighed and everyone looked each other surprisingly..tensed and worried were everyone.."meri bachi raat bhar ghar nahi thi aur hum mein se kisi ko pata hi nahi hai...arohi ja kahan skti hai..salil kuch karo beta pata ki kisi dost ko phone karo..shefali..shefali se pocho .." said amrit cryingly.."shefali tu bidai k baad hi ghar gayi thi aur bhabhi tu dinner se bhi pehle chale gayen theen..tu shefali k yahan tu nahi houn gi.." said rashi...


everyone was sitting in the hall with sanchit and salil calling arohi's frnds to know whether she came there or not but no one knew about arohi..sahil was continuously trying arohi's number wishing to get any answer but he also faced and amrit worried for their daughter started crying where as purvi and sudhir consoled them..karan was scared but was praying for arohi's safety..rashi on looking at everyone's disappointed faces on their failed attempts ended up in crying not able to control herself any more..."plz kisi bhi tarha bhabhi ko laye ap log..pata nahi kis haal mein hungi.." she said cryingly..purvi walked towards her.."relax rashi sab theek hoga mil jaye gi..tum rona band karo.." she said wiping her tears.."mein kese na roun..bhabhi arjun ko pata chale ga tu..wo age hi bht tota hua hai..kuch smjh nahi araha.." she said..purvi sighed and looked at everyone..whose worries increased on hearing the name of arjun..sahil walked towards rashi.."dont worry rashi kuch nahi hoga..hum pata kar rahe hain na..arohi wapis ajaye gi.." he said.." kab sahil..wo pori raat se ghar pe nahi hain..abhi bhi kuch pata nahi chal raha keh wo..." she said but was interupted by a voice..."kia nahi pata chal raha..?.." asked arjun entering the hall..

Everyone looked at him shockingly and arjun smilingly at everyone..rashi looking at him rushed to him and hugged him cryingly..arjun smiled hugging her back.."rashi bidai ka scene ho gaya hai.." he said jokingly.. rashi didnt reply but cried which confused arjun..looking at everyone's shocked faces
He lightly pushed back rashi from the hug.."kia hua rashi tum itna kyun ro rahi ho.." he asked worriedly..rashi looked at him.."bolo na kia hua..ap sab itne hua.." he asked irritatedly on getting no reply.."arjun..bhabhi.." said rashi cryingly..arjun shockingly looked at rashi and sudden fear gripped his heart.."kia hua arohi ko?.." he asked staring her..his heartbeats accelerated and he prayed not to get any worst reply.."kia hua bolo na.." he asked again..but no one replied and was just staring at arjun silently..which increased arjun's fear.."rashi plz bolo kia hua mjhe dar lag raha hai..arohi theek hai na?.." he asked nodding her..rashi closed her eyes.."arjun bhabhi ka kuch pata nahi chal raha wo kal raat se ghar pe nahi ayein aur abhi bhi wo kahan hain kisi ko nahi pata.." she cryingly said throwing herself in his arms..she knew this news will again be the hard one for arjun ..arjun's eyes widened in shock and he stood straight.."bhabhi is missing arjun.." said rashi..arjun was shocked..all his fears..his nightmare are taking the face of the reality..standing still he took in every word of rashi...anger..fear..hurt..pain..everything rised up in him..pushing rashi away he angrily looked at everyone.."kahan hai arohi??.." he asked in a louder tone.."wo kal raat se ghar pe nahi hai aur ap mein se kisi ko pata nahi chala?..." he asked in the same tone..sahil walked towards rashi and wiped her tears .."sab theek ho jaye ga.." he said hugging her.."kia theek ho jaye ga haan?..kese theek hoga?...kahan hai arohi?..." asked arjun turning around to face sahil and rashi..sahil leaving rashi turned.."relax arjun hum koshish kr rahe hein..kuch nahi hoga ..shaed wapis ati hogi .." said sahil ..arjun closed his eyes controlling his anger..taking out his mobile he dialed arohi's number but got shocked hearing.."the number you are trying to call is powered off.."..staring at the phone with widened eyes he whispered.."powered off?.." ..everyone looked at him..scared all were..worried they were..praying for arohi's safety..."shefali.." said arjun instantly.."shefali ko call karta hun shaed us k saath ho.." he said dialing shefali's number..his body trembling his heart beating fast and was waiting impatiently for shefali to answer the call.."kia arjun sone de na.." said shefali answering the call in sleepy voice.."shefali..arohi tere haan hai kia?.." asked arjun instantly..shefali's eyes snapped open hearing arjun's tensed voice..sitting up on bed.."kia hua arjun sab thek tu hai na? hua arohi ko?.." she asked worriedly..arjun sighed in disappointment.."matlab tumhe bhi nahi pata arohi kahan hai.." he said..shefali shocked.."matlab?..arohi kahan hai arjun.." she asked shockingly..arjun closed his eyes and a tear rolled down his cheek.."shefali arohi is missing yaar.." said arjun cryingly..


Arjun and jay showing arohi's picture to everyone on the road asking about whether they have seen her or not..where as sahil and sanchit were doing the same in other end of the city..salil, sudhir and rudra was in police station ..purvi shefaliand rashi went to their neighbours' houses to ask If they saw arohi last night in the area..amrit kumud dj dadi and karan were in the house praying for the positive news..but everyone had to face disappointment as no one was able to get any clue..or any sign of arohi..the police team also started their work to search arohi..

"kuch pata nahi chal raha..kuch nahi kar pa raha houn mein.." said arjun angrily hitting his hand on the steering wheel..jay looked at him..he too was confused and worried 'if she went somewhere by her own then she must have told everyone by now but call from her side..and now the day is almost ending but still there is no sign of arohi..

Reaching home disappointedly arjun looked at teary and hopeful eyes of amrit who was waiting for her daughter..walking towards her he kneeled down in front of her .."hum koshish kar rahe hain mom..arohi ko kuch nahi ho ga..bhagwan har baar ki tarha is baar mere saath kuch galat nahi kar skte.." he said answering the question which was in her eyes..hearing this her speed of shedding tears increased and her heartbeats accelerated..the day has ended and here her daughter is still not at home and she doesn't even know whether she is alright or not..crying hard she hugged arjun.."meri bachi ko dhond k lao kisi bhi tarha..mein kuch nahi janti mujhe meri bachi chahye..arjun plz meri bachi le ao.." she screamed cryingly..helpless arjun who too was broken from inside on not having his arohi around him..not knowing where she is..not knowing if she is safe or not..didnot know how to control the to console everyone when he too badly needed a shoulder to cry on at this time..the rest of the men entered the house with the same disappointment ..rashi and purvi consoled amrit bringing her out of arjun's embrace..kumud looked at arjun with moist eyes..she knew what her son must be going through..god has given very hard times to him to test his patience but was all those difficulties were less that god gave this also..keeping her hand on his shoulder she caressed his face.."sab theek ho jaye ga arjun..tumhari arohi hamari arohi theek ho gi.." she said bringing him in her protective cage..where a child can definitely forget all his worries..hugging his mom hard arjun closed his eyes weeping silently praying to god to keep his aorhi safe and healthy.."police bhi apna kaam kar rahi hai..pore chandigarh ko chan rahi hai..umeed hai jald hi koi achi khabar mil jaye gi.." said rudra looking at everyone..he knew that the chances of good news are very low but his words can definitely make his family a bit relaxed..

walking away from the family sahil stood beside the window shedding silent tears 'a helpless brother who couldnot even protect his sister..his only family ..not knowing how his sister would be..where she would be..was she alright..did anything happen to her?...several questions but answers to none..feeling a hand above his hand he looked at his side to find rashi looking at him.."kuch nahi ho ga bhabhi ko.." she said assuring him and to herself..nodding his head he looked outside the window.."mein meri behan ko kuch nahi hone doun ga..bhagwan ne mujhse bht kuch cheena hai..mein unhe apne mom dad ki akhri nishani nahi cheenne dounga.." he said wiping his tears.."mein bhi bhagwan ko apne bhai ki jeene ki waja nahi cheenne doun gi.." she said resting her head on his shoulder..

3 days later..

"kia matlab hai ap koshish kar rahe hain?...3 din hogaye hain god damnit aur abhi tak arohi ka kuch pata nahi chala?...kesi team hai apki.." screamed arjun angrily over the phone talking to the commisoner.."mein kuch nahi janta mjhe results chahye'chandigarh ka chappa chappa chaano arohi ko dhondo..mjhe meri arohi chahye..har jaga dhondu kahin se bhi lao use.." he said and threw the phone away..three days have passed and all their attempts to find arohi got failed..they didn't receive any call demanding for ransom so It was confirmed that she has not been kidnapped ..but if not kidnapped then where is she'the last 3 days have been very difficult for everyone..the day started with everyone trying their best to search arohi and the day ended with the same disappointment..even the police team failed to bring his arohi back to him..feeling completely helpless he didn't know how everything will get alright..Frustrated with the whirlpool of emotions...with his failed attempts..with his disappointment and confused to the core.. he smacked a hand across the dressing table, knocking off anything and everything on it..."kahan ho tum arohi.." he screamed letting out all his anger and fell on his knees cryingly..


A dark area..with so many broken cars around..seemed like a garrage..three men were sitting and playing cards.."tujhe kia zarurat thi itni zor ka maarne ki.." said one man whose name was zakir.."han yaar madam jee ne tu mana kia tha k larki ko zada takleef nahi pohanchni chahye par tune tu itni zor se rod mar di..abhi tak behosh hai..hosh na aya tu hum tu gaye.." said the another whose name was rana.."abey yaar meine jaan bojh k tu zor se nahi mara'wo tu galti se haath zara tez ho gaya mjhe laga kahin koi aa na jaye is liye jaldi kaam kar lun..aur wese bhi madam jee is baat se hi khush hain k hum ne apna kaam pora kia.." said ravi, the third one picking up his cards..

"hosh aya larki ko.." a voice from behind them made them stopped ..turning around seeing the person standing whose face was not clearly visible due to darkness..standing up instantly they looked at each other.."wo madam jee.." said ravi.."nahi abhi tak nahi aya'" said zakir interupting ravi..the girl sighed.."3 din ho gaye hain aur use hosh nahi aya..agar use kuch hogaya tu mera sara plan barbaad ho jaye ga..kuch bhi karo use hosh mein lao warna apni kher manana tum log.." said the girl in anger scaring the three men in front of her.."hum doctor ko bula lein kia?.." asked zakir walking towards her.."zakir tum se mein aisi bewaqufi ki umeed nahi rakhti.." she said staring at him..zakir lowered his eyes.."wo log pore chandigarh mein ise dhondte phir rahe hain aur mein doctor ko bulaun apna plan chopat karne k lie..jail jaane k lie?.." she asked gritting her teeth.."par yar wo takleef mein hai..use doctor ki zarurat hai..tum ne hi tu kaha tha k us k sir ki chot ki waja se us ki yadasht gayi hui hai..aur is bewaquf ne tu use sir pe mara hai wo bhi zor se'kahin koi khatre wali baat na ho..aur wese bhi konsa hum chandigarh mein hain jo koi garbar ho jaye gi.." he said..the girl looked at him surprisingly.."tumhe zada fiqar karne ki zarurat nahi ki fiqar mujhe bhi hai..aj ki raat intezar karte hain phr dekhte hain kia karna hai'" she said and turned around'"aur yaad rahe agar use aj raat tak hosh na aya tu tum logoun ko apne hosh gawane parein ge.." she said walking away leaving the three of them staring at each other..

coming out the girl took out the picture from her purse.."chandigarh ka chappa chappa chaan maro arjun par haath kuch nahi aye ga,,is baar sari bazi mere haath mein baar mjhe koi nahi hara sakta..tum bhi nahi..i love you arjun..i love you.." she said smirkingly staring at the picture..


so thats tell me guys ur views on the current track and what do u think who the girl is and what is she upto...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

and yes as i already mentioned next update will take time so again u all have to be patient..i know there was not much of arjun and arohi in the update but aisa kehna chahye there was no arohi in the update..lekin for the rest two or three updates u have to bear this as there will be less arohi and more of the family..and a big dhamaka is coming up in the next update..which will surely blew everyone's mind and hearts awayWink...

thankyou all for reading...plz plz do comment..missing you jaya jahan bhi ho plz jaldi ao...take care...Smile

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...deepz... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 12:33am | IP Logged

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...deepz... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Owww how cud i forget to comment on tis ffShocked
being a new reader i should nt b tis late sorry kaan pakadke sorry sorry sorry dearCry
hope u understandSmile
"Arohi was running and a car following her from behind..she fell and saw the car coming towards her..arjun couldnt move and was tied with so many ropes around him..he
was screaming her name.."arohi...arohi.."
hope yeh horror sapne sach naa hojayeShockedpar tere ff me mai kuch garantee nayi lesaktha is me kayi b kuch b hojathiye yaarConfused
hope at the end of the day arjun wud b there to protect arohi specially from uWink
arjun-rashi convo ws very emotional par kya karu every girl has to face tis situation one day riteSmile
baarath ws full of filmy and cool"kabhi meri bhi aise hi baarat aye gi.." she said..jay and arjun rolled their eyes smilingly.."haan jis din tere boyfriends ki list khatam hoye gi us din shaed teri bhi barat ajaye.." said jay ROFL
A goddess of beauty dressed in a luxurious gold and red silk lengha with intricate zardosi
and crystal work swirling in striking patterns down the length of the skirt she was looking not less than the epitome of beauty
Stararohi's description ws super
arjun ws very caring towards arohi par is baar bichari purvi ne trap hogaya iski pyaar meLOL
"kitni important hun.." she asked looking back at him..arjun smiled.."jitni jeene k lie sansein
important hain utni important ho.." he said caressing her hands
Embarrassed haye haye kitni romantic hai aur caring b tis arjun is very special a journey from casinovo to caring hubbyWink
OMG now arohi knows everything abt her pastShockedyeh b patha chalgaya ki woh arjun ki patni hai by god ab kya hoga
She took a deep breath "ar..arjun..." she whispered closing her eyes not able to bear the
burden of the heavyness of her eyes.. and her face fell sideways...making her lying on the road lifelessShockedhope she is fineCry
tumne next update b post kardi dek mai kitna late hu sorry aage se yesa kab nayi hoga
aur next update kiliye comment evening dungi i hav to read itSmile
                                                                       lov uHeart

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