Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 35)

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PART 37:

"Arohi was running and a car following her from behind..she fell and saw the car coming towards her..arjun couldnt move and was tied with so many ropes around him..he was screaming her name.."arohi...arohi.." the car stopped and two persons came out of the car..because of no light their faces were not was a woman and the other was a man..arohi screamed.."arjun..mjhe bachaye..arjun..arjun plz.." arjun tried to free himself but couldnt..the shadows of the persons moved towards arjun.."arohi ko koi nai bacha sakta..koi bhi nahi.." the woman spoke.."arohi ko jana hi hoga.." and they both laughed..arjun again screamed arohi's name.."arohi..arohi..mein tumhe kuch nai hone doun ga kuch bhi nahi.." the shadow of a man moved towards arohi and the woman's shadow towards the car..the car started and crushed arohi with its tires..and arohi screamed.."arjuuunnn.." arjun screamed..."arooohiii" ..."

" arohii!!!..." arjun woke up screaming arohi's name... Beads of sweat caressed his forehead as he looked frantically at the room trying to come out of the nightmare he just had...his body shivering due to fear..fear of loosing her..he ran his trembling hands through his hairs as he remembered that this was not the first time he saw this dream..he had seen the similar nightmare before..closing his eyes wiping his sweat beads he tried to calm himself but arohi's painful scream echoed in his ears and mind and he snapped open his eyes.."nahi...kuch nahi ho ga..mein arohi ko kuch nahi hone dunga.." he said to himself in a shaky voice.."kuch nahi ho ga.." he thought..Thinking that he stumbled out of his bed but again arohi's painful screams..the glimpses of his nightmare flashed in his mind and he find himself on the floor as if his body had become immobile.. no sense of feeling registered.. He felt like as if someone had taken out his heart and crushed it beyond repair leaving a gaping hole in its place... He felt suffocated..his heartbeats accelerated and his fear of loosing arohi increased..rubbing his face from his palms he sighed and turning his face he looked for the glass of water but it was empty..picking up the glass he walked out of the room..


rashi in her room was standing taking in every sight of the room..where she has spent not much time but still the time she spent here was precious for her..she spent her childhood and almost half of her life in london but still from past one year she was here in this house..and now it has became her life..leaving this was such a painful thing for her..her eyes fell on her bookshelf and she walked towards it..As she moved from one shelf to the next she noticed something hiding in the corner of one of the shelves...  She reached in and pulled out a tiny little pink photo album...  The cover had the words "memories"..she instantly felt her eyes moist as she opened the album to go back into those memories once again..

The first picture that greeted her eyes was of her and arjun in their dresses smiling brightly at the camera...smilingly she recalled the day ..the fancy dress competition in their school..and the picture was clicked right after the competition ended..rashi flipped the page of the photo album and saw on the left side was a picture of her and dadi and on the other side was a picture of she with her mom and dad...she sighed as she flipped through the rest of the photo album looking at her pictures with her friends... his and arjun's funny pictures and the group photos with the entire family on different ocassions..she looked at all the pictures recalling every memory..she smiled but she cried she would miss her home..her family..everything..Today she would leave her home to step into a new world with her husband..her love.. marking the start of a new chapter in her life... a tear rolled down her cheek as she wished for the time to get rewind so that she can relive all these memories again.. wiping her tears she placed the album on the bed along with the other things so that she could packed it up...

"rashi.." called arjun grabbing her attention...loooking at his sister lost in the beautiful memories  since the past fifteen minutes brought tears in his eyes as the realisation of her being few hours guest in the house hit him..going downstairs to have water he stopped as he passed by rashi's room when he saw her going through the albums at this hour of the morning when almost everyone is sleeping and still there is time for everyone to wake..but she is awake..may be she didnt sleep..rashi turned around surprisingly..wiping the remaining tears of hers she smiled.."arjun..tum is waqt?.." she asked looking at him..arjun walking inside the room keeps the glass on the table and walked towards her..staring at her face with his moist eyes he found a kid rashi smiling at him and his lips curved into a smile as all the childhood memories and the others flashed in his mind..pulling rashi into the hug he let her shed her own tears which she hid seeing him.."i will miss you rashi.." he said coming out of the hug..rashi wiping her tears looked back at him and wiped his tears smilingly..


Sleep was far away from arohi the whole night as she passed the night waiting for the sun to rise..her restlessness for finding out the truth was increasing every second..and now as the sun rays have scattered in her room it has given her the find out her past..and that too very soon..lack of sleep and continuous thoughts of her relation with arjun her hatred for sanchit her love for arjun had caused her headache..looking at the time arohi sighed and jumped out of the bed and rushed to the washroom to freshen up..


a new day for the singhania family now started with lots of work..though rashi and arjun were awake since very long but now the actual work started..arjun still was scared of his nightmare but now for one thing he was sure that it was just because he was thinking so much of arohi thats why he saw that dream..ignoring everything he indulged himself in the works associated to him..jay and shefali too arrived early and helped  the family in their work..arjun along with jay got busy in checking the decorations of the mandap where as rudra handling the caterers..shefali gathered rashi's dress and jewellery and rushed to rashi's room to help her in getting ready..


"arohi kia hua ye dawai kyun kha rahi ho.." asked purvi  instantly as she saw arohi taking the tablet..amrit who just entered the kitchen looked at arohi with concern..arohi shaking her head drank water.."kuch nahi bas sir mein thora dard tha.." said arohi calmly..purvi nodded and amrit worriedly rushed to arohi.."sir mein dard?..arohi zada hai k pass chalein.." she asked with concern..arohi smiled.."are nahi mom wo kal sangeet mein loud music phr raat mein der se neend ayi subha jaldi ankh khul gai bas isi waja se hai..abhi theek hojaye ga.." she said smilingly..amrit nodded sighingly..purvi smiled caressing arohi's face.."chal tu rest kar le phr jaldi se tayyar hojana..aj der na karna.." she said smilingly..but amrit's worries which were still visible on her face made arohi sighed.."dont worry mom..mjhe agar zada dard hua tu mein jaldi ghar ajaun gi ab ap plz ye fiqar ministry choriye.." she said smilingly..amrit smiled shaking her head and purvi soon as purvi left amrit too turned to leave but arohi stopped her.."mom ap ko yaad hai na aj shadi k baad ap ko mjhe sab kuch batana hai.." she said surprising her..turning around amrit nodded forcing a smile and left..arohi rubbing her hands on her face sighed.."par us se pehle mjhe bhi kuch karna hoga..oh god jaldi se shaam hojaye.." she said to herself.. 


sanchit came to sahil's room and sighed seeing him sleeping..walking towards his bed he woke him up .."kia gadhe ghore bech k so raha hai..shadi hai aj teri bhai.." he said waking him up..sahil woke rubbing his eyes..looking at the time he jumped out of the bed.."aur mein late ho gaya.." he said rushing to washroom to freshen up..sanchit shaking his head smiled.."late hogaya tu aise keh raha hai jese dulhan ise banna hai.." he said smilingly and walked out of the room..sahil came out of washroom wearing his kurta and walking towards his bed he picked up his mobile...


"rashi jaldi se tayyar ho ja beta.." kumud's voice alerted shefali who was waiting for rashi in the room.."ye rashi kahan reh gayi.." she said and walked out of the room only to be bumped into rashi.."sorry sorry..wo mein thora saman pack kar rahi thi.." said rashi shaking her head..shefali sighed.."ab chal dair ho rahi hai.." she said dragging rashi towards the washroom and handling the wedding dress to her..rashi smilingly took the dress but her mobile beeped and she stopped ...A small smile fell across her face on turning around... There could only be one person sending her a message at that moment in time... "bas do minute.." said rashi and shefali rolled her eyes... rashi walked towards the bed  and checked her phone to see a message from sahil crying out to be read... "i m late..hope u r not..cuz i now cant wait any more to see my bride.." it said and rashi blushed.. She could almost feel a sense of desparateness exuding from the message...smilingly She began composing a reply... and sighed as she pressed the send button... "even i am late..u will have to wait sadly.." turning around she looked shefali who was staring at her.."bas mein dress pehan k arahi hun.." she said and walked but stopped as It was not long before a buzz alerted her of another incoming message... shefali looked up at rashi and sighed... "rashi koi tum se baat karne k lie bht utawla ho raha hai.." she said teasinlgy..rashi smiled and picking up her mobile read the text.."sabar ka phal meetha hota hai..tu kar lunga mein bhi wait.." she smiled...Replying "ok tu phr karte raho wait.." she turned around and rushed to washroom...


everyone was ready..and waiting for sahil downstairs...arohi and sanchit after getting ready went to sahil's room to make him ready..but sahil had already worn his sherwani and waiting for arohi..arohi smiled seeing her brother..rushing towards him she hugged him and her eyes become moist..sahil smiled and hugged her back.."insecure hone ki zarurat nahi teri jaan mein nahi chorne wala .." he said teasingly..arohi smiled coming out of the hug.."mein chorne bhi nahi doun gi.." she said making him smile.."chalo ab jaldi karo arohi dair ho rahi hai.." said sanchit giving her the sehra...arohi smiled taking the sehra from his hand ..tying the sehra on his head she let out a small laugh seeing his impatiency..Just then sanchit heard the drums sound.."chalo ab.." he said dragging both along with them..

everyone smiled looking at sahil dressed as a groom..amrit walked towards him and applied a black spot at the back of his smiled giving him his blessings..sudhir too hugged sahil..and amrit smiled wiping her tears thinking that another dream of her friend is now being fulfilled..walking outside of the house and made sahil sit on the horse..sanchit smiled.."chalo shoru ho jao.." he said to the drum's persons and everyone headed towards their destination dancing over the sound of the drums..where as the empty cars which were needed after the wedding were following them along with the drivers..

arriving at the singhania mansion..salil made sahil get down from the Horse..the entire singhania family along with jay and shefali were standing awaiting to welcome the baraat..looking at the baraat shefali dreamily sighed.."kabhi meri bhi aise hi baarat aye gi.." she said..jay and arjun rolled their eyes smilingly.."haan jis din tere boyfriends ki list khatam hoye gi us din shaed teri bhi barat ajaye.." said jay making her glare him..jay chuckled seeing her glaring him.."baraat ka welcome karo mera qeema baad mein banana.." he said making her roll her eyes..arjun smiled hearing his friends and turned his head and his eyes fell on arohi.. looking like a goddess of beauty dressed in a luxurious gold and red silk lengha with intricate zardosi and crystal work swirling in striking patterns down the length of the skirt she was looking not less than the epitome of beauty..his heart skipped a beat when he saw her laughingly dancing to the tunes of the drums..shaking his head he smiled thanking god for showering his blessings on him in the form of aorhi..his life..

kumud and dadi welcomed them with Aarti ..kumud applied tika on sahil's forehead..handing over the thal to shefali kumud and rudra welcomed the baraat with shefali showering flowers on them...


Eyes looking around everyone and then rested on the staircase..not yet able to find any way to go upstairs arohi sighed..restlessness she was going through..she knew her mom will tell her the truth after the wedding but she was feeling restless and wanted to know everything now..her eyes fell on arjun and sanchit's words echoed in her mind..she always feels something was there between arjun and her but everytime she ignored that feeling considering it baseless ..but today she has almost got the proof throught sanchit's words that there is definitely something very strong between him and her..something she always felt..something she always wished..but what?..what is that something which is very strong..what could it be..shaking her head coming out of her thoughts she again looked around disappointedly and then sat down back hoping to get the chance very soon...


talking with his client..but eyes never left the one they loved..arjun didnt even once left arohi's sight..sicne the time the alluhwalia's arrived arjun was noticing nothing was like he saw confusion in her eyes..again confusion..some kind of restlessness he saw..a bit of tension he felt..her eyes fell on him many times but never once she gave him a small smile..and this thing was making him worried..he walked towards purvi who was busy in talking with some of the guests..clearing his throat he grabbed their attentions.."purvi wo kuch baat karni thi.." he said smilingly..purvi nodded and excusing herself from the guests.."haan arjun bolo.." she asked..arjun looked at lost arohi and then back at purvi.."arohi theek hai na..i mean wo aj kuch theek nahi lag rahi.." he asked worriedly..purvi looked at arohi and then at him.."theek hai bus subha se sir mein dard hai thora tu shaed isi liye.." she said smilingly.."what sir mein ki tabiat kharab hai aur .." he said panickedly but purvi interupted him.."relax arjun its just a headache.." she said.."headache..its not just headache purvi..its not good for her..tumhe pata hai na doctor ne kaha tha k sir mein dard hona is not good for her.." he said in a louder tone..purvi sighed.."i know arjun but ye normal hai..shadi wala ghar hai itne sare kaam kaj mein hojata hai ..koi tension ki baat nahi.." she said calmly.."itne sare kaam kaaj..wo kaam kr hi kyun rahi hai.." he said angrily..purvi let out a small laugh..arjun got confused and irritated too.."what?.." he asked.."arjun relax na..koi bari baat nahi hai..dont worry mein abhi use rest krne k liye kehti hun aur wese bhi pheroun mein tu abhi time hai tab tak thora rest kar le gi wo..ab tum ye gussa choro.." she said smilingly..arjun looked at arohi "us ki choti si takleef mjhe bari takleef deti hai..use kuch na hua kare.." he said looking at arohi..purvi smiled.."tum ho na us k saath..use kuch nahi ho ga." she said..arjun smiled..purvi looked at arohi.."mein ati hun.." she said and walked away..


arohi setting the thali sitting on the mandap lost in her  Work.."arohi.." purvi's voice caught her attention..arohi looked at purvi.."jee bhabhi.." she asked..purvi sat beside her and took the thali from her hands.."ye mjhe do aur tum thora rest karo.." she said..arohi smiled taking away the thali back.."nahi bhabhi mein kar lungi .." she said.."arohi tere sir mein dard hain na thora rest kr le phr pheroun k lie ajana..abhi tu bht si rasmein hain thora aram kr le kahin dard aur na barh jaye.." she said..arohi looked at purvi.."bhabhi its ok..itna dard nahi hai k mein bardasht na kar skun..mein theek hun.." she said..purvi sighed and looked at arjun who was looking at them..shaking his head he walked towards them.."tum rest kr rahi ho and thats final and now no more words.." he said taking away the thali from her hands..arohi looked at arjun surprisingly..his care..his concern for her brought smile on her face..a genuine and sweet smile of her..which made arjun happy ..that atlast he got her smile..looking at purvi arohi sighed.."mein theek hun such mein.." she said ..arjun rolled his eyes and they fell on karan.."oye karan idhar aa.." arjun called him..karan came running.."yes je..bhayya.." he said biting his lip..arjun smiled ruffling his hairs.."apni di ko upar guest room mein le k ja.." he said..karan nodded.."par mei theek hun.." she said..purvi giving up showing her hands stood.."bht ziddi ho tum arohi.." she said shaking her head and left looking at arjun..karan too rushed away..arjun sighed and bent down to meet her level.."arohi.." he said lovingly holding her hand..arohi surprisingly looked around and then at arjun.."arohi plz zidd mat karo..tum janti ho tum mere lie kitni important ho..tumhe kuch hota hai tu ..." he said and sighed.."plz rest kr lo..sir mein dard hona is not good for you..plz thora sa rest kar lo..mere lie.." he said looking into her eyes..arohi was staring..absorbing his words..looking at her hand in his hand her lips curved into smile.."kitni important hun.." she asked looking back at him..arjun smiled.."jitni jeene k lie sansein important hain utni important ho.." he said caressing her hands..arohi smiled shyly.. ..turning her face her eyes fell on the stair case and it clicked in her mind.." khud chal k agaya.." she thought smirkingly.."ok..mein rest kr leti hun thori der.." she said looking back at arjun and stood leaving his hand..arjun looked at her confusingly but smiled shaking his head..arohi looked at the stairs again and smiled.."mein pheroun k time pe neeche aoungi.." she said and turned around to leave but arjun hold her hand and stopped her..pulling her towards him he smiled and cupped her face..arohi stared at him with widened eyes..arjun smiled and leaning forward pressed his lips on her forehead.."i love you.." he whispered smilingly..arohi surprisingly lowered her eyes and looked around to see if anyone saw this or not and sighed in relief..smilingly she stepped back..turning around she happily rushed upstairs leaving behind arjun staring at her smilingly... 

"arjun..." amrit's voice made him turn back..looking at amrit his smile faded and a forced smile spread on his lips.."mom..kuch chahye ap ko.." he asked..amrit nodded.."maafi.." she said surprising arjun..amrit sighed and her eyes become wet.."arjun mjhe maaf kar do..mein andhe pan jane kia karne ka soch rahi jane kia kia bol bethi..mjhe plz maaf kar do.." she said.."mom plz ap mafi mat mangye..ap bari hain plz aise mat kijiye.." he said...amrit wiped her tears.."bari tu hun par kaam bht chota karne ja rahi thi,..bari ho k bhi mien kuch na smjh payi jo tum chotu ne mjhe smjha dia..mein bht sharminda hun..such mein bht sharminda..arohi ki zindagi..tumhari zindagi..sanchit ki zindagi..sab apne haathoun se barbaad karne ja rahi thi mein..plz beta mjhe maaf kar do.." she said..arjun smiled.."mom ap ko maafi mangne ki koi zarurat nahi..ap ko apni galti ka ehsas waqt rehte ho gaya yahi bht lie ab rona band ki jiye aur smile.." he said wiping her tears..amrit smiled nodding her head.."arjun ek aur baaat hai.." she said.."kia?.." he asked smilingly..amrit looked at him and told him all that happened from the day she heard sanchit and arohi's conversation till the morning convo of her with arohi..she told him how sanchit kept on arguing with her regarding her decision..and how he decided to tell the truth to arohi..and how he was about to tell everything to arohi last night..and arohi's kasam to know the truth etc..arjun heard amrit sometimes being shocked..surprised and confused..but more than all he was happy knowing that arohi realised her love and took the decision to call off her engagement but telling the truth to arohi..this made him worried..."nahi mom..hum aisa kese kar skte hain..agar arohi ko kuch ho gaya..mein risk nahi lena chahta.." he said instantly..amrit looked at him.."par arjun ab wo chup nahi bethe gi..jab tak sachai na jaan le wo ab chain se nahi bethe gi.." she said.."nahi mein aisa nahi kar skta aur kisi ko nahi karne dunga..aise kaise..wese bhi pechle kuch dino se mein bhi kisi na kisi tarha us k dimag k liye pressure bana..tu ab nahi..mein doctor ko consult kie bager koi bhi step nahi lunga.." he said looking at amrit.."aur abhi ap bhi sabar kariye..mein kal hi doctor se baat karun ga..agar ye safe hua tu mein khud arohi ko sab bataun ga..par abhi nahi..plz mom abhi nahi..mein arohi ko nahi khona ki jaan mere lie bht qeemti hai.." he said..amrit nodded smilingly..caressing his face she gave him her blessings.."khush raho..such mein meri bachi k liye tumse acha koi ho hi nahi skta.." she said making him smile.."jab tum kaho ge tabhi kuch hoga.." she said assuring him and left..arjun sighed and his eyes fell on sanchit..recalling amrit's words that how sanchit was involved in all the matter in a positive way he felt bad..bad for behaving rudely with him..taking him wrong..and thinking him to be the one snatching arohi away from him..shaking his head he came out of his thoughts and walked towards him...

sanchit was reading the text from one of his client when arjun's voice caught his attention.."sanchit.." called arjun..turning around he smiled looking at arjun but confused too because the tone in which arjun called his name was very calm and other surprising part was arjun called him sanchit inspite of mr.s.raj..arjun understanding his confusion smiled.."i dont know mjhe kia kehna chahye..kuch smjh nahi araha..bas do words mein kahani khatam karun ga.." he said smilingly..sanchit raising his eyebrows confusingly stared at arjun not understanding any of his words..arjun letting out a small laugh shook his head.. stepping forward arjun did the unexpected and the surprising act...wrapping his hands around sanchit's shoulders arjun hugged sanchit making him widened his eyes in surprise..arjun today has understood what a generous, nice and positive man sanchit was..definitely a true friend of arohi..."sorry and thankyou..." muttered arjun coming out of the hug..a smile crept on sanchit's lips realising what just happened..looking at arjun he was about to express his happiness but arjun did another surprising act bringing his hand forward saying.."friends?.."..sanchit smiled happily and instantly hugged arjun muttering a "thankyou.." in return...the scene definitely was seen by the entire family who smiled happily seeing the sorted out difference between them..


"thankyou so much mr.malhotra ap ne time nikala.." said arjun welcoming sk malhotra..rudra and jay too greeted congratulated the couple and gave them his blessings.."i am sorry young man i couldnt make it yesterday.." he said to arjun apologizing for not attending sangeet's function..after the few moments conversation sk's eyes fell on sanchit who was standing with shefali...excusing himself from the three of them he walked towards sanchit..


"jote tu tum kisi bhi tarha se nahi dhond pao ge..shefali ne chupae hain akhir.." shefali said smirkingly.."huh..sanchit se koi bhi cheez chupi nahi reh skti ye jote kia cheez hue phr.." said sanchit shaking his head smilingly.."shefali ne haarna nahi seekha.." said shefali smilingly.."haarna tu mene bhi nahi seekha.." he said chuckling..shefali opened her mouth to say something but was interupted by a voice.."raj.." said sk..sanchit turned to look at the person and forced a smile seeing him..shefali looked at both and thought to leave from there.."excuse me.." she said smilingly and left..sanchit looked at sk.."hello are you?.." he smiled.."good..i am good..aur tum bhi bilkul theek lag rahe ho.." said sk forcing a smile back..they both stood silently for few moments not knowing what to speak.." so i think tumhe ab ghar ajana chahye.." said sk breaking the silence,,sanchit looked at sk .."mjhe preety ne bataya sab jo tum kar rahe ho us ki peet k peeche..aur ab mjhe nahi lagta k tumhe yahan rehna larki ki yadasht ane mein agar pori zindagi lag jaye tu kia tum pori zindagi usi k age peeche dolo ge.." he said and sanchit stared at him.."the new so called emotions which are brewing in ur heart ..they are hurting my daughter.." he said..sanchit closed his eyes and sighed.."yes u r right ab ghar lautne ka waqt agaya hai.." he said opening his smiled putting his hands in his pockets.."aur mere so called emotions aur meri so called responsibility ko mjhe kese balance rakhna hai ye mein janta hun.." he confusingly.."so kab arahe ho ghar.." he asked..sanchit smiled.."mein bht jald aounga preety ko lene.." he taking out his hands from pocket.."matlab?.." he asked..sanchit sighed.."matlab ye k patni ka ghar waheen pe hai jahan pati ka ghar hai..aur mera ghar tu mere pariwar k saath liye ab preety ko lene aoun ga mere pariwar..hamare pariwar mein hamare ghar mein.." he said shockingly .."meri beti apna ghar chor k kahin nahi jaye gi.." he said gritting his teeth..sanchit smiled.."ap ki beti ab meri patni hai aur us ka ghar bhi yahan hai.." he closed his eyes controlling his anger.."kabhi nahi..meri beti mjhe chor k kahin nahi jaye gi..tmhare ghar tu kabhi nahi..aur tum bhool rahe ho contract sign kia tha tumne..tum.." he said but was interupted.."mene  "mene jo bhi contract sign kia us mein yeh nahi tha k meri patni mere saath mere ghar mei nahi rahe liye ab mein apni patni ko apne ghar le k jaunga..ap ne agar roka tu mei sare contracts bhool jaun ga.." he said..."enjoy the wedding.." said sanchit smilingly and turned around leaving a speechless sk behind fuming on his own..looking around controlling his anger he sighed.."tum jo chaho sanchit zaruri nahi wesa ho bhi..atleast mein tu aisa nahi hone dunga..tum shaed sab bhool gaye ho par mjhe har baat yaad hai.." he said to himself..


standing outside the room arohi lost in her own thoughts.."jaun ya na jaun...? tu ghalat baat ho gi..bina ijazat kisi k room mein jana.." she said to herself..."akhir mujhe kia mile ga yahan se..rehne de arohi mom bata tu dengi tujhe aj.." she said..again she was stuck between her mind and heart..mind saying not to go as its not right to interfere in someone's privacy but heart was on the opposite knew that something regarding her past must be there..closing her eyes she sighed.."ok..bas 5 mins ..kuch na mila tu bahar ajaun gi.." she said to herself..sighingly she opened the door of the room and glanced at her back to see if someone is around but luckily everyone was downstairs..closing the door behind she entered in the dark room..taking a deep breath she ran her hand on the wall to search for the switch board..."ye light kahan se on hogi.." she thought looking for the switch board...her hand touched the board and she smilingly switched on the lights.."great ab mein jaldi jaldi se dhondti hun..shaed kuch mile.." she said turning around only to be shocked at the sight..her eyes widened in shock and smile faded..with her mouth hung open she shockingly stared at the sight in front of her..around her..

Her mouth open wide...Her feets rooted to the spot...seeing what was in front of her..She couldn't move..she was finding it really hard to believe it..she moved her eyes scanning the room around her...Her feets heavy...tears rimmed through her eyes...She couldn't believe what she was seeing..she looked at the walls around her...There were numerous pictures of her and arjun hanging on the wall...and the most shocking part was she was wearing a mangalsutra and sindoor in every picture..her mouth wide open on looking at the next picture which was the picture of her in the bridal dress standing with arjun...Her eyes brimmed with tears looking at the pictures on the wall...those were the pictures ranging from her marriage with arjun...her eyes rested on another picture of her which was her reception picture..and she got lost in the arohi she was seeing in the picture..a happy bride..with her husband...She came back to earth...her eyes brimmed in confusion...

She went forward...

"arohi mein tumhe tmhari zindagi k un bhoole hue sare 3 saal k bare mein batana chahta tha.."
"mein tmhe batana chahta tha k mein tmhari zindagi mein sab se bare dukh ka karan tha aur arjun tmhari zindagi mein ayi sab se bari khushi..sab se bare sukh ka karan hai..wo tmhari zindagi mein wo jaga rakhta hai jo koi us se cheen nahi sakta..agar wo kehta hai k tum pe sirf us ka haq hai tu us ka ye kehna galat nahi..arjun tmhari zindagi ka ek ahem hissa hai..tmhare un bhule hue paloun mein tmhari zindagi k sab se khobsural pal baste hein jo tumne sirf arjun k saath guzare hain.." 

sanchit's words echoing in her ears...her daze..."ye...?...arjun..." she whispered in a shaky voice.. "arohi arjun tmhara.." sanchit's voice echoed in her mind and the words slipped out of her tongue.."pati hai...arjun mera pati hai.." she said in daze..she felt a pain ripped through her head..feeling heavy...her head was shaking with disbelief...

She wanted someone to come and confirm her that what she is seeing is true...just someone..just a few words from someone...but she sighed as there was no one around...She went towards the wardrobe which was opened..running her hands through the ladies dresses hung in the cupboard she shed her tears trying to remember something similar to what she is witnessing right now..but no such memory was hitting her..She flinched as her hand touched something..moving the dresses a side she looked for the thing..and her eyes widened in shock seeing the diary..her diary..her memories..her friend..she picked it up with trembling hand...hands shaking..She opened it...reading...Shocked she was...her eyes became moist as she went through the pages..She was dead shocked to read her diary...which had all those memories of the past 3 and half years...the part of her she has forgotten..

"jay aur rashi ka tu pata hai hospital mein mili thi in se aur arjun kaun hai.." 
"arjun..arjun mera aur jay ka friend..hum london mei saath parhte the..aur wo rashi ka bhai bhi hai.."
"ap ko kaise pata mujhe lemon water chaye.." 
"yeh dekhiye sir k pass hi hai ap ka suitcase.." 
"wo mere room mei tha.." 
"dekha madam mene kaha tha na k mene ap k room mei hi rakha tha.." 
."dar..mjhe sab se zada dar tab laga jab mene accident k baad apni ankhein kholi aur samne sanchit ko nahi paya..pata nahi kyun par mjhe dar laga k kahin sanchit mjhe chor k tu nahi chale gaya.."
 "ye ek dar kam tha k mjhe apni memory loss k bare mein pata chala..aur mera dar aur barh gaya ye soch k kahin mein apni zindagi ka koi important hissa tu nahi bhool gai..kuch aisa jo meri zindagi hai..par jab mene sab ko apne samne dekha tu mera ye dar khatam hogaya..lekin ek dar hai jo mjhe abhi bhi tha.." 
"hosh ane k baad har lamha mjhe aisa laga k sab ka saath hone k bawajud bhi kuch missing hai..kuch tu hai jo mere pas nahi hai..mere saath nahi hai.. Lekin yahan ye trip pe aakeh meri ye feeling ye dar bhi khatam hogaya..aisa lagta hai ab sab mere pass hai..wo sab jo mere pass hona chahye.."
"ap kia har waqt aise hi dukhi athma ban k phirte ho?..old movies k sad heroes ki tarha.." 
"arohi..arjun ki life mein siwae ek larki k aur koi nai.."
"meine tu abhi do maheene pehle hi dekhi hai shaed ye movie arjun k saath.." 
"ap ko tu mere bare mein sab pata hai kitni hairani ki baat hai.." 
"arohi ye sab kia hai..arohi tumne ye kia pehna dress pehnne kia kia zarurat thi..tumhe pata hai sab tumhe dekh..." 
"mera dress...ap ko is se kia problem hai...jab sanchit ko koi problem nahi tu why are u behaving like if u r my husband.." 
"yahan...yahan chua tha na us ne tmhe...aur yahan..yahan bhi chua na us ne tumhe.."
"are ab apne pati ko aur khush karna hai tu us ki pasand k outfit tu lene hi hunge na.."
"nahin..jane hi tu nahi de sakta...apni zindagi se..apni  duniya se..apne dil se..apne ghar se...jane hi tu nahi de sakta.."
"kyun mujhse door jana chahti ho arohi...kyun tum mera dard nahi dekh pa rahi..q tum nahi dekh pa rahi k mein adhura hun..adhura hun..tumhare bina..mein bilkul akela hun..tum kyun nahi samjh pa rahi...tum kyun nahi yaad karti..tum q..."
"tum nahi tu hosh mein reh k karna bhi kia hai arohi.."
"jab bhi tumhe baat karte dekhta sanchit k saath..tu dard hota hai yahan...bht dard hota hai..arohi...arohi meri zindagi..adhuri hai tumhare bina...mein adhura hun...arohi tum meri ho..janti ho na tum..tum meri ho...sanchit..sanchit tu hamari story mein tha hi nahi..aur na hi hoga...hamari story mein tu sirf hum hein..mein aur tum...tum kese sanchit se shadi ka soch sakti ho jab tum...tum tu meri ho...arohi ek baat meri kaan khol k sun lo...koi bhi tumhe mujhse door nahi kar sakta...wo sanchit tu bilkul bhi nahi...wo tumhari zindagi nahi hai..mein hun..hum hein ek dosre ki zindagi...wo sanchit tu.."
" i will miss you arohi.."
"pati ka yogh hai tumhare beete hue kal mein.." 
"shadi ki do rekhaein hen ap k haath mein..tumhare bhootkaal pe grahan laga hua hai..ek nahi do patiyun ka yogh hain...widhwa se le kar suhagan tak ka safar.."
"arjun meri memory loss se pehle kia hum kabhi mile the?.." 
"kyun?..kyun k jab mein ap k saath hoti hun mjhe lagta hai k ap ka saath mjhe pehle bhi mila hai..mjhe aisa lagta hai k ap k saath mera koi gehra rishta hai..aisa lagta hai k ye pehli baar nahi..par mein bht baar ap k saath reh chuki hun..aur shaed ap k bht qareeb.." 
"u know everything about me..kese?.." 
"arohi hum dost nahi the...hamara rishta us se bhi age tha..hum itne qareeb the k alfazoun ki zarurat nahi parti thi..itne qareeb k hum ek dosre ki dhadkan bhi sun pate the..itne qareeb k hamari saansein bhi ek dosre ko choti theen..wo mazboot rishta tha hamara..jis k age aur koi rishta nahi..." 
"mein tmhe batana chahta tha k tmhari zindagi k un sare 3 saaloun mein mere lie sirf nafrat aur arjun k lie sirf pyar hai.." 

several voices echoed in her her ears and several images flashed..the time she spent with arjun after her memory loss...
her face paled...all color drained from her face...she was in utter shock...keeping the diary she looked further trying desperately to find some more things..She looked inside the cupboard moving all the things...not able to find anything more she was about to turn around when her eyes fell on the small woodden box kept in the corner...She moved her hand forward and picked the box...opening the box she got shocked to see the thing in it..Hell shocked, amazed..her mouth wide open...Looking at it She couldn't believe her was the mangalsutra.. picking up the mangalsutra she turned around and looked at the pictures hung in the wall..the same mangalsutra was worn by her in each and every picture of her..

She was rooted on her the spot with the mangalsutra in her hands..turning around as she saw  the teddy bear kept on the bed a blurred vision flashed in her mind..she closed her eyes letting out the tears..feeling helpless realising that inspite of knowing everything now she actually cannot remember a single thing..She was trying to calm herself...Her heart was racing very heavily..As if it was trying to bulge out of her chest...opening her eyes She looked closely at the teddy bear...trying to have a cleared vision of the blurred images but again disappointment..she again grimaced...feeling really heavy...her head was hurting from the stress...she was feeling dissy...she held her head looking around the room...closing her eyes to get rid of every image arohi sighed...wiping her tears she kept the things back on their places and switching off the lights walked out of the room...


sahil and rashi were sitting beside each other in front of the Holy fire and the Preist started chanting the Mantras..sahil turning his face aside looked at rashi  with a smile on his face..he shamelessly was adoring rashi's beauty infront of everyone making everyone smile..the pandit taking a pause looked at the couple.."ab ap vermala k lie khare ho jaye.." he said..rashi smiled and waited for him to stand but he was so busy in adoring her that he did not hear what pandit has asked him to do...rashi slowly turned her face to look at him only to found him staring at her lovingly..shyingly she turned her face back..sanchit slowly smiled at the pandit and walked towards sahil and hit on his head lightly to make him come out of rashi's World.. .."baad mein dekh lena abhi pandit ko bhi deri ho rahi hai un ki bhi patni hogi jo ghar pe intezar kar rahi ho gi .." he whispered in his ear...sahil came into his senses...All the family members laughed at sahil including rashi who was very much trying to control her laughter...sahil feeling shy instantly stood up ...


closing the door behind arohi stood rubbing her hands on her face.."mein arjun ki patni..sanchit ki sab..mjhe kuch yaad kyun nahi araha.." she said to herself in a shaky voice.."di..." karan's voice brought her out of her thoughts..looking at him she stared him.."di shadi shoru ho gayi hai chaliye na.." said karan but arohi stood numb..karan shaking his head dragged arohi along with him...


the couple after exchanging garlands was again made sit..the pandit after chanting few mantras asked anyone from the girl's side to tie the knot..dadi looked at kumud to initiate but kumud's eyes fell on aorhi who just came downstairs all lost in her own thoughts.."arohi agar tum bura na mano tu ye kaam tum kar do.." she said shocking arohi who instantly looked at kumud.."mein.." the word came out of her mouth shockingly..."rashi ki dost bhi ho tum..aur behan bhi manti hai wo liye ye katbandhan tum bandho gi tu rashi ko bht acha lage ga.." said kumud smilingly understanding the unsaid wishes of her children..ajrun smiled looking at kumud and then waited for arohi to move..arohi stood there shockingly..still the reality was not absorbed by her completely..still she was in shock..and now kumud's requesting her to do this act..shefali walked towards arohi and nodded her.."plz arohi.." she said politely..nodding her head arohi walked towards the mandap and tied the sacred knot making everyone smile..stepping back arohi stood still staring at the holy fire..

staring at the knot of the couple arohi's eyes became the realisation hit her..that the knot which she tied with ajrun for their entire life..the knot which had binded them together..The Knot which still wanted them to remain of each others forever..she actually doesnot remember anything related to that that marriage..which was her past her present and now her future too..till yesterday she was wishing to have a future with ajrun but now after knowing the truth that arjun was her past her present and her future too by the destiny she actually felt hurt..not because of arjun but bacause she actually doesnot remember that biggest fact of her could she forget this..? was the question continuously running in her mind..

the moment came..kanayadan..rudra and kumud came forward and placed rashi's hand in sahil's with their wet eyes..which filled with tears..tears of happiness... tears for separation.. rashi looked at them and her eyes were filled with tears knowing she has to leave her family now and sahil on seeing this holds her hand more tightly making her looked at him and he gestured her not to cry but to smile making her lips curved into a light smile...

the priest ask sahil and rashi to stand for the pheras and they both do so...The first four Pheras sahil was walking before rashi and she was behind.. and they both keenly paying attention to what the Priest said about the significance of these Pheras..And the next 3 Pheras rashi was before him...hearing the significances of the pheras arohi's eyes shed the tears which were on the edge and she clenched her hand in a fist feeling angry on herself that how could she forgot all these promises..the promises she made for the lifetime..The rituals were on full swing and the Family members witnessing these 2 couples getting bonded to each other were very happy.. THey had smiles on their faces...arjun staring lovingly at the couple got lost in his own marriage flashes..shaking his head he came out of his thoughts and looking at the couple prayed for their happiness.. 

sahil was then asked to take the Mangalsutra and tie in rashi's neck...looking at the mangalsutra the image of the mangalsutra which aorhi saw few moments back flashed in her mind and she closed her eyes to get rid of the images..sahil taking the Mangalsutra tied in rashi's neck...He could feel a tear drop on his wrist when he tied it behind her neck... She was weeping feeling blessed and happy..They again sat straight facing the holy fire and sahil leaned a bit closer to her and whispered.."i love you.." she wiping her tears smiled..the Priest then asked him to fill her Maang with Sindoor.. He took a pinch of Sindoor and then turned towards her to fill her Maang.. as soon as the last step completed she closed her eyes feeling completed and pure.. arohi opening her eyes felt suffocated..needed some time alone..some peace she wanted to hide somewhere..She was still indaze to believe her eyes in what she saw what she read...tears flowed from her eyes blurring her vision...She was happy..she was sad...she didnt know...
feeling her head to burst out she hold her head and sighed..not able to control anymore she turned around and rushed out of the house..the pandit then declared the couple as husband and wife and asked them to take everyone's blessings to which they obeyed happily..


lost in her own thoughts arohi's foot were heading towards the exit of the house..dhondu the servant of the house on looking at her going towards the main gate got confused.."didi ap kahin ja rahi hain.." he asked but arohi who was just thinking about the truth she came to know didnt hear his voice..dhondu got confused and walked towards her.."didi ap kahan ja rahi hain.." he asked standing beside her bringing her out of her thoughts..arohi stared at him..but again the same question ran in her mind..why she is not able to remember anything??..."ghar.." she said shaking her head and walked away..dhondu got confused.."ghar?..par abhi tu..." he said but couldnot complete his words as arohi walked away..sighingly he walked back inside the house..

walking in her trance on the empty streets arohi felt an unknown fear...darkness gripped her mind and heart and she again went back to the moment she witnessed in arjun's room..Her life's biggest truth was now revealed to her..but she ..she actually doesnot even know about it.. feeling the heavyness in her heart she wanted to cry..she wanted to scream..she wanted to let out all what was running in her mind in her heart..confused..shocked she was..happy she was...but sad too...she walked aimlessly like a dead body...But she couldnt control the outburst of her feelings inside her mind and heart any more and atlast she broke down...

crying hard standing on the empty road arohi screamed.."kyunnn???..."..."kyun mjhe kuch yaad nahi araha ...?...mein arjun ki patni..mein sanchit ki widhwa...meri zindagi ki sab se important baat hi mjhe nahi yaad.."..."kyunnn??..." she shouted holding her head which was bursting...but her words instantly stopped...her hands clutched her head hardly..her face looked shocked..darkness threatening to take over her mind...bringing her hand in front of her eyes She saw blood... Her face filled with fear...falling down on her knees she stared at her hand shockingly..a sharp pain she felt... loosing her body balance she fell on the floor.. She tried to get up but she don't have strength to gather her body... She felt her body is not in her control... She felt as if she is moving up out of the body... darkness and dizzyness covered her senses..her eyes..the only face flashing in her mind was hers...a happy arohi...and the images of the pictures she saw in arjun's room flashed in her mind...She took a deep breath "ar..arjun..." she whispered closing her eyes not able to bear the burden of the heavyness of her eyes.. and her face fell sideways...making her lying on the road lifeless...


all the funfilled rasams were on full swing..dinner was being served..the entire singhania mansion was celebrating the wedding taken place..shefali demanding money for the jootas from sahil where as sanchit and salil saving their brother...confusingly looking around all three of them spoke at once on not finding arohi.."ye arohi kahan hai.."..looking at each other their confusion raised realising that no one has seen her..

arjun whose eyes were looking for arohi since the time the shadi got over was now getting irritated on not having a glimpse of her..his eyes fell on purvi and he walked towards her but stopped thinking.."ye bhi ki soche gi peeche hi par gaya hun mein is k.." he thought shaking his head..stepping back he walked towards kumud.."mom arohi ko kahin dekha ap ne.." he asked..."nahi ..yaheen kaheen ho gi.." she said walking away...sighingly he looked around and again on not finding her he walked towards amrit.."arohi kahan hai.." he asked ..amrit looked around.."yaheen kaheen ho gi.." she said..."nahi hai kab se nahi dikh rahi..." he said irritatedly..amrit too got confused thinking where she would be..

"sir ap ko rudra sir bula rahe hain.." said dhondu grabbing their attentions..arjun nodded and dhondu was about to leave but turned atonce.."wo arohi bhabhi itni jaldi ghar kyun chale gayen..?" he asked surprising the two of them.."matlab?..tum ne dekha arohi ko?..kahan hai?.." asked arjun.."haan mein bahar se andar araha tha aur wo bahar araheen theen..mene pocha kahan ja rahi hain tu bola ghar.." he said.."par wo ghar q jaye gi shadi chor k.." said arjun confusingly..amrit sighed in relief.."are haan wo mjhse keh rahi thi k agar sir mein zada dard hua tu wo ghar jaldi chali jaye gi..shaed isi waja se chale gayi...aj subha se us k sir mein dard tha.." said amrit sadly..arjun looked at her.."us k sir k dard ko humein lightly nahi lena chahye..use subha hi doctor k pas le k jaun ga mein.." he said..amrit nodded thoughtfully worried for arohi...


Soon the time for bidaai came and tears of happiness along with sorrow flowed from the eyes of the bride..happiness to start a new journey with her love..her life partner..a new journey with a new family but sadness was there as she had to leave her home where she has seen every happy and sad moments of her life..hugging her dadi rashi recalled all the time spent with her..wiping her dadi tears it was now time to leave her parents embrace..taking their blessings and all their love now she has to step forward..kumud's tears didnt stop..her daughter..her friend was leaving but she was happy that she has got a very nice family to stay with..who will treat them as their own daughter and sahil also is very caring and loving..her daughter definitely is in the safe and loving hands..hugging arjun rashi lost herself in her brother's protective embrace..and all she wished at this moment was his happiness..his arohi with him..his life with him..she wanted the same happiness for her brother in the world of which she will now land up..she wanted the smile of her brother back the another name of which is arohi..praying to god for his happiness she came out from the embrace..arjun smiled with teary eyes seeing his sister..all the relations of his life all his friends are at one side and rashi..rashi was and is very important for him..his first friend..his sister..his partner in crime ..his second mother..his father..his teacher and the best sister in the world..he surely has found every relation in this one relation and one without rashi.. he has never imagined..his house without rashi he never imagined but now this is reality but he was happy that rashi has got a loving husband..the best part of whom is that he is arohi's brother..and this made him relieved..kissing her forehead he prayed for her happiness and gave her his blessings.. 

rudra who always was very careful in expressing his emotions to any of his child but have always felt all the emotions..his love for his children was not expressable in words..he always have shown his love through his this big castle of his he was lucky to have his prince and his princess along with the queens of the house..and was happy when his little family got an addition of another beautiful princess in form of his daughter in law but unfortunately that princess of his house had to leave and the only thing left with them was that time he controlled his tears for the sake of his son..for whom he had to be strong to keep him strong but now today seeing the another princess of his castle leaving him he couldnt control the tears which brewed up in his eyes and turned instantly..rashi had always been a friend to him more than a daughter..and as a daughter and friend both she knew whats going on in her father's mind and heart.. Looking at his back she sniffed.."dad me ja rahi houn.." she said cryingly..her voice her words jerked him..his princess finally leaving..her laughter..her fragrance..finally Leaving..the words echoed in his mind making him turned immediately..his blurred vision witnessed a small rashi waving her hand laughingly to him..and the next moment his princess was in front of him in a bridal attire...a married girl..a happy girl..a beautiful princess ready to start a new life and tears started rolling down his cheeks..opening his hands to welcome her daughter in his embrace he hugged her back as soon as she came rushing to him..and both of them cried in each other's without his princess..home without his princess will definitely be a lonely one..rashi cried her heart out in the arms of her first ideal..a father definitely is the daughter's ideal ideal ideal son..definitely its her father..sahil looking at rashi hold her shoulder trying to console her..he will make sure that rashi's life fills with the same love same protectiveness and same happiness which she always have seen..amrit and sudhir assured kumud and rudra that rashi will be happy in their and dadi's happiness knew no bound today as their friendship has strengthened in a very deep extent..meeting everyone and glancing everyone again rashi wiping her tears sat in the car along with sahil..purvi and salil sat in front with salil driving the car..sanchit along with the other members sat in the other car and drove ahead...salil started the car and everyone gave blessings to the new couple for the new beginning of their life.. 

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..


thankyou...take careSmile

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
oh my god this was absolutely beautiful

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 7:07pm | IP Logged

Seherrr...happy to c d u'date in d mng yahhhooo...
I dint think v wd gt an update surprisingly like ds..
Kyunki tu tho ek note deke chali gayi thi na lolzz...
N yes so d ws fABULOUSSS mwaaahhh...i smwt expected ds regardng arohi knwng d truth..
Am feeling bad fr her..poor girl she cnt remember d most important truth and the most important person of her life...
Awww bt she fainted on roadside???? N arjun's dream..omg am afraid..kahi arohi ko kuch nahi hoga na?? Plz let her be safe...i cd imagine her helplessness and shocked state..
Well i knw like sanchit fr hs truthfulness n amrit as she regrets her mistake..
N rashi's scene in d early mng..aww every girl go through d same phase once in her life...i felt teats in my eyes.. Bt she s lucky bcz she s gna get a nyc family like hers n a great husband like sahil...
Am waitng fr d next chap impatienly..
N seher njoy d fuction n update ds sooon love u

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First of all SORRY Sehar for editing late
now coming to the update
Awesome update Clap ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. Clap ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Arjun's nightmare Shocked ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
then Arjun n Rashi's scene
awww... I love that scene
Arohi's curiosity to know about her past
Arjun's concern about Arohi's health n their sweet convo Heart
Amrit asks about forgiveness?? Shocked ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Arjun ne maaf bhi kar diya
Arjun n Sanchit are friends now Smile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Finally Arohi know everything about her past
I am expecting this but not in this way
poor Arohi Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
feeling very bad for her
Finally Rashi n Sahil are merried
I am worried about Arohi
hope she is alright
can't wait for next update
update soon Sehar
again sorry dear

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Omg!u updated.yaaa :)

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 12:29am | IP Logged
beautiful dear... 
but i was not able to think beyond arohi... how bad and irritated she must be feeling not being able to remember anything!! she saw her past life before her eyes but still she was not able to remember those beautiful memories... her wish of being with arjun was always a truth to her but knowing that her wish was fulfilled even before and she had no idea about it could be heart wrenching! i am seriously worried for her!! 
she is lying there in the road bleeding away? from where did the blood come from? was she hit by someone? arjun and arohi are surrounded by so many bad eyes that i am worried... 
when will arjun go out looking for her? i am so tensed about that... 
you have written very beautifully about rashi's wedding and her feelings but i am not able to think beyond arohi... sorry!! :) 

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shreya_arjuhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 12:53am | IP Logged
hey thanks for the update, will comment soon.

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