Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 19)

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update in 20 mins

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wow sehar,super news

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 me desperately waiting :D

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Awww... Clap waiting sehar

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PART 34:

4 days later:

Going through a magazine sitting on the sofa in the hall arohi was enjoying her time..due to shoppings and other marriage preparations the entire family used to be very busy..everyone was assigned different different tasks..last 4 days had been very busy with everyone engaged in completing the big tasks of the wedding..the wedding preparations were in full swing at alluhwalia's house..arohi had been an unstoppable force..excitedly took part in every work in the house..forgetting about all her anger..all her worries..her fears..more importantly arjun..she didnt forget him but she didnt think much about him..taking the charge of the major responsibilities of the wedding she made sure everything to be lavish and vibrant for her brother's wedding... Decorators, caterers and tailors filled the house, scurrying around the house all day long to get everything completed in time... The house shimmered with rich shades, flowers and lights adorning every fragment of the house..Noise reverberated through every corner of the walls...tomorrow is sangeet and mehndi...relaxing in her own way arohi's attention diverted hearing sanchit's voice..

Coming downstairs sanchit stopped when his eyes fell on everyone is almost relaxed as no one has any such work to do..the last 3 days he tried so many times to talk to arohi to make her understand the truth but everytime he failed..either due to his own fears or due to arohi or him being he finally decided to let out all what is truth to arohi..walking towards arohi he called her.."arohi.."..

Arohi looked at him.."haan sanchit.." sanchit taking the magazine from her hands sat beside her.."arohi mjhe tmse bht zaruri baat krni hai.." he said..arohi confusingly looked at him.."haan bolo.." she said..sanchit shook his head.."nahi yahan nahi..aj raat dinner pe chalein?.." he asked..arohi thought for a while and then smiled."ok.." she said..sanchit smiled fakely.."theek hai shaam mein 7:30 tak ready rehna hum hotel xyz jayenge..theek hai na?.." he said to which arohi nodded..sanchit stood and walked upstairs..thinking about how he is going to talk to arohi he thought it would be better if arjun will also be there and help him explaining everything to arohi..he sighed and taking out his phone he dialed his number...


"shefali is file ko ek baar tum bhi check kar lo phr hum discuss kar lenge.." said arjun giving the file to preparations were on full swing at singhania's mansion too..rashi had been visiting various shops and designers for her wedding dresses and now finally with the help of shefali she has found the perfect dresses for her wedding functions and also the perfect wedding dress with the right ornaments to complement it..due to work and preparations for arjun coming to office has also been a difficult task..but arjun somehow managed it and made sure to be at office for atleast two hours so that the work not get halted..despite of the fact that they had very little time to get everything done and arranged arjun has finally suceeded in planning a wonderful wedding sangeet and mehndi for her sister..shefali nodded and sitting there she started going through the file and arjun started working on the laptop.."hello.." he answered the call on his mobile while still working on the laptop..

"sanchit here.." said sanchit after few seconds silence on hearing arjun's voice..arjun's hand which was working on the laptop stopped as he heard sanchit's name in his voice..sanchit sighed and when he got no answer he himself told him the reason for his call.."arjun mein chahta hun k tum..." he said but arjun interupted him.."tum kia chahte ho is se mjhe koi farq nahi parta.." he said griiting his teeth..shefali looked at him confusingly.."arjun i know tum gusse mein ho par mein sirf itna keh raha hun k tum aj meri madad.." he said but again was interupted by arjun who was not ready to hear anything from him.."tumhari madad..? galat jaga call kar li tumne madad mangne mr.sanchit alluhwalia..i am sorry to say but i dont have time to waste on plz dont call me again.." he said disconnecting the call..sanchit looked at the phone in his hands.."lagta hai khud hi karna pare ga.." he  said to himself..arjun was angry and he threw the vase on the floor and rubbed his face to make himself calm..shefali stood and walked towards him.."arjun u alright na?.." she asked..arjun nodded and looked at her.."mein theek hun..mjhe kaam hai tum jao plz.." he said and shefali went out of the cabin..arjun shut down the screen of his laptop and looked at the time..tomorrow is sangeet and he has to look after the arrangements ..the thought made him stood up..the beep of the phone caught his attention again..reading a text from sunaina he closed his eyes thinking how could he forget such an important work..the text read.."did u talk to natasha?.."..arjun was so much engrossed in the thoughts of his own problems that he almost forgot this important work..dialing natasha's number instantly he waited for her to answer the call..when no one answered he tried again and this time he got answer.."arjun..tum ne call kia i cant believe this.." said natasha excitedly on seeing his name flashing and answering the call..arjun ignored what she said.."mjhe tumse bht zaruri baat karni hai.." he said.."haan bolo na..." said natasha..."mujhe shaam 8 baje milo hotel xyz pe nahi hoskti.." he said.."ok.." said natasha happily..arjun sighed.."acha arjun sirf mein hi hun gi ya i mean ar..." she said but arjun didnt bother to hear her as he disconnected the call making natasha a bit angry..


arohi stood in front of the mirror wearing a dark green and black shirt with see through sleeves and black churidar.. Putting on minimal make-up and simple earrings.. she made herself out of the house to meet sanchit.. who was leaning against his car... waiting patiently for her... A smile spread across his face at the sight of her... "You look beautiful" he said making her smile... "chalein?" he indicated to the car and she nodded... The drive to the hotel was spent reliving their childhood days.. laughing remembering those days they both enjoyed each others company as friends like they usually used to enjoy before..


"uffo sanchit..baatein tu hoti rahein gi tum mujhe pehle mera dessert enjoy karne do.." said arohi in reply to sanchit.."arohi mujhe kuch baat karni thi.."..arohi after dinner was having her dessert when sanchit said this to her but she was in no mood to divert her attention from her chocolate sundae..this was the first time she had been out with sanchit since after their engagement..and she found herself enjoying every bit of this small get together of the only two of them..which was more a friendly dinner other than date.."par arohi.." said sanchit in reply to arohi..he was getting impatient now and he know he has to tell everything to her and that too very carefully but here arohi is not listening to him..he was interupted by arohi.."its so yummy.." she grinned licking her lips making him sighed..he smiled seeing her and smirked as the thought of teasing her clicked his mind..

"sanchit kia mazaq hai ye ..give it here.." whispered arohi trying not to make too much noise in the restaurant as she tried to take back her chocolate sundae that sanchit hogged all for himself..."par abhi tu tmne kaha tha its so yummy tu mein bhi dekhna chahta hun kitna yummy hai.." he said taking a big bite out of it.."par wo mera hai tumne apna finish kar lia hai ab mera kyun kha rahe ho..chalo do idhar" she said extending her hand forward but he pulled the plate away from her shaking his head...arohi sighed and hiding her smirk she knew what she has to do..leaning back on her chair she crossed her hands across her chest..with a pout on her face she sat with her eyes lowered zipping her mouth...sanchit smiled looking at her cuteness..and again at her same old trick.."tum bari kab ho gi arohi.." he said letting out a small laugh in return of which he got an angry glare.."ok ok ye lo khao tum apna dessert.."he said passing her the plate..arohi excitedly grabbed back her plate letting out a small laugh at her victory she enjoyed her ice cream..sanchit smilingly stared at arohi thinking that somethings about her still hadnot changed one bit..sharing a laugh with her friend at their childishness sanchit too got in her team..laughing enjoying their dessert reliving the past memories both of them failed to notice that one person was watching them with intense resentment from the other side of the restraunt...


arjun parked his car in the parking area and walked inside the hotel..seated on his table he was waiting for natasha..almost 30 minutes have passed but no sign of her..dialing her number he got confused to find it switched off..ordering one scotch for him he decided to wait for some more time..bringing his glass to his lips his hand stopped hearing the sound of laughter..her laughter.."arohi.." he said confuingly and looked around only to be shocked at the sight in front of him...arjun's eyes remained fixed on arohi as he gulped down his scotch and placed it on the table ordering for the other one he didnt miss any moment to stare at the two people enjoying their time..clenching his fists tightly He almost felt like going up there and breaking sanchit's neck...sanchit's eyes on arohi..sanchit being the reason behind that laughter of arohi..sanchit being with arohi here tonight..sanchit around her..all these things were playing a major role in giving a rise to the anger building inside him..He felt like he was going to explode with anger..and the reason was sanchit..

not able to handle it more he got up..darting to the other side of the restraunt..and grabbing her by the arm swiftly he made her stood from her chair.."kia kar rahi ho is k saath yahan.."he asked through clenched teeth..the blaze of fury in his eyes was not missed by her but yes ignored by her.."'W...What?' she asked and he tightened the grip on her arm. She tried pulling his fingers off her but it was of no use...a sudden jerk had surely shocked her but surprised her too to find him here..but his question it made her forget everything.."mene pocha tum yahan kia kar rahi ho.."he repeated almost seething with anger now...sanchit stood from his seat calling out his name.."arjun hum.." he said but he was shut by arjun's hand which he raised gesturing him to shut his mouth.."arjun mera haath choro.." she cried as the pain of his grasp on her arm overwhelmed her..The anger in his voice has surely scared her to death... Unable to release herself from arjun's tight grip arohi looked up at him with her red teary eyes making him loosened his grip instantly... The very second she looked up.. all his anger just evaporated into air.. in fact he felt as if someone has just ripped his heart out and sliced it into uncountable he realised that except for tears he has given her nothing in her life..but all his anger returned again hearing arohi's words.."tum hote kon ho mjhse ye sawal pochne wale ..mein yahan kisi k saath bhi aoun is se tumhe kia.." she said angrily .. "You're right" he said running his fingers through his hair..."mein hota kaun hun.." he said taking steps backwards...arohi stared at him angrily and turned her face away from him..arjun looked at sanchit and rushed towards him..grabbing his collars he jerked him.."tu phr tum kaun hote ho jo meri arohi k saath ho.." he said crashing him against the table and then before he could get up.. he got punched once again by arjun..."arjun.." called out arohi screaming angrily on him..rushing towards them she held his arm to stop which he raised again to slap sanchit.."choro kar rahe ho?..hum yahan jo bhi karein its none of your business samjhe tum.." she shot at him and he immediately jerked his hand away when the sudden realisation of what he was doing hit a last glance to both of them he walked out of the restraunt ignoring the angry confusing shocking and surprising glares of the other people around the restarunt..arohi looked at sanchit.."u alright.." she asked making him sit on the chair to which he nodded..regretting on his decision of bringing arohi alone here he closed his eyes..thinking that he should have somehow informed arjun but what to say..again his bad luck.."mein abhi ayi.." said arohi giving him the glass of water..

arohi had no idea what she was thinking..what she actually want..what she was feeling.. as she ran after him to the parking area... She did not know whether she was doing the right thing but she felt something inside her itching to make this clear to him that he has no right on her life...for him to be prying into her personal life was simply crossing the line...which was now too much.. Walking out into the parking area she saw arjun leaning  against the car constantly running his hands through his hair..standing there trying to calm himself ...teaching his own self to be patient he kept on muttering things to himself..cursing himself for everytime being the reason for tears in her eyes..anger in her eyes and not being the reason of her smile..her laughter just as sanchit been today..sighing as he brought his head up.. he looked shocked to see her standing at the door of the hotel.. 

He studied her face as she walked towards him... Anger and hatred was etched on her face..arohi not leaving his glance walked towards him all the while staring into his eyes in which the most evident thing was pain.. unforgivable..unbearable..unlimited pain. She came to stand in front of him they stared at each other...But like everytime this time too it was only arjun who looked at her with all the love he had for her... The face he loved more than anything in the world looked at him with  hatred and pain... making his heart die every second.."arohi.." he whispered her name.."dont..." she said angrily pointing her finger out to him.."naam mat lena mera..nahi acha lagta mjhe tumhare moun se apna naam.." she said shoutingly making him close his eyes in pain.."tumhara problem kia sabit karna chahte ho tum.." she said.."mein yahan sanchit k saath..apne fiance..apne hone wale pati k saath ayi hun..enjoy se tumhe kia problem..tumhe kia matlab.." she continued..arjun opened his eyes and stared at her with pain as her words were giving him.."mjhe smjh nahi araha k tum chahte kia ho mujhse?..kis baat ka haq jatate rehte ho?..itni si baat tumhe smjh nahi ati k meri shadi hone wali hai mein kisi aur ki hun..tu tum..." she said and closed her eyes and sighed.."kia tumhe itna bhi nahi dikhta k hum donu ek dosre se..pyar karti hun mein us se.." she said in a whisper opening her eyes..which made him angry..grabbing her arm he pulled her close to him.."nahi dikhta mujhe...nahi dikhta mujhe k tum us se pyar krti ho..nahi dikhta q k tum us se pyar krti hi nahi ho..kar hi nahi skti..kyun k tum sirf mjhse pyar krti ho.." he said screamingly.. her eyes widened in surprise..mouth hung open she knew that he said the truth..but she cant accept this..atleast not in front of him..not to make fun of her..not to make him use her..she cant be weak..she cant let out her feelings..she jerked his hand away with all her strength.."pagal ho gaye tum.."..she said stepping backwards.."pyar aur tumse...kabhi nahi.." she said and tears made their way out of her eyes denying the words from her mouth..hurt by her words he felt a knife go right through him.."kyun arohi..kyun..tum janti ho k tum mjhse pyar krti ho sirf mjse..phr is baat se inkar kyun..q jhoot bolna khud se aur mjhse.." he said stepping towards her..arohi closed her eyes to stop her tears from coming out.."mei sirf sanchit se pyar krti hun q k meri us se shadi hone wali hai..mere lie pyar ka dosra naam hi shadi hai..tu tumse pyar krne ka tu sawal hi nahi paida hota..mein sirf sanchit se pyar krti hun.." she said avoiding eye contact with him..

sanchit tired of waiting for arohi now got worried so he too walked out of the hotel..coming out in the parking area he stopped when his eyes fell on the couple..feeling bad for arjun and anger on arohi for hating arjun so much he stood there staring at them still regretting on his own decision..arohi saying "mei sirf sanchit se pyar krti hun" made him smile with teary eyes as he knew this was something he will never ever going to listen from arohi's mouth..even she saying it now was lie and he was aware of this as being arohi's friend and knowing her since childhood he can too read her eyes and from the very first day she met arjun after her memory loss he has read that strange feeling in her eyes..he has observed her actions her smiles her feelings and he knew that like arohi singhania arohi alluhwalia..arohi sharma too has fallen in love with arjun singhania..wiping his tear he sighed looking at both of them ..he was about to turn to go back inside the restraunt but was stopped when he found arohi walking towards him..

"mei sirf sanchit se pyar krti hun q k meri us se shadi hone wali hai..mere lie pyar ka dosra naam hi shadi hai..tu tumse pyar krne ka tu sawal hi nahi paida hota..mein sirf sanchit se pyar krti hun.." she said avoiding eye contact with matter how much her words hurted him but there was a content feeling in his heart that she loves him..smiling at her reply he said leaning towards her.."acha tu ye pyar tumhari ankhun mein kyun nahi dikhta..q tumhari ankhun mein tumhare sanchit k lie nahi balkeh mere lie pyar dikta hai..q tumhara dil sanchit k lie nahi dharak raha.." he said smirkingly...getting irritated with his words..knowing very well that his each word is true she turned her face trying to find answer to reply him..her eyes fell on sanchit who was standing near the door..turning her face back to arjun she smiled.."ankhun mein nahi dikhta tu kia hua..mere action mein tu pyar dikhe ga na.." she said stepping backward making him confuse..raising his eyebrow.."matlab?.." he asked..arohi smiled turning around and walked towards sanchit leaving behind arjun staring at her confusingly..

standing in front of sanchit she closed her eyes holding back her tears..making sanchit confused too as he stood staring at her..with her closed eyes arohi felt her entire body trembling and shivering..thinking for a while she opened her eyes and smashed her lips on sanchit's giving sanchit the biggest shock uptil now..pulling him closer to her she rested her lips on his letting out the tears from her eyes..sanchit stood numb not knowing how to respond to the situation..holding arohi's hand which was on his shirt he tried to push her back but she did the opposite as he felt her pulling him towards her..and the shocking and surprising thing was her lips were only resting on his lips instead of kissing..feeling the wetness the wetness of arohi's tears on his cheeks he closed his eyes holding back his own tears..slightly pushing herself back from sanchit arohi stood there with sanchit still  holding arohi's hand..opening his eyes sanchit shockingly stared at arohi's teary face..her eyes lowered not due to shyness..but shame..she was feeling ashamed of herself for this act.. She looked at him and looked at her hand...She felt uncomfortable..she felt something wrong.. when she touched him..feeling his touch... as though she belonged to someone else.. as though only someone else..only he could kiss her.. She closed her eyes..and pulled her hand out of sanchit's hands..sanchit stood staring at arohi..stepping backwards he glanced at arjun..closing his eyes seeing his state he rushed towards his car..and drove away leaving behind two broken people..

unaware of the three of them a pair of eyes widened in shock staring at the sight in front of her...mouth hung open..blood boling..hands clenched in a fist..closing her eyes..taking a deep breath her eyes snapped open on the sound of screeching wheels when she noticed that the car has left..shifting her gaze back to arohi she stared at her with hatred and anger in her eyes.."barbaad kar dun gi mein tumhe arohi...wada hai mera..preety malhotra ka wada hai.." she said ..turning away she sat in her car and drove away slamming her foot on accelerator..

arjun stood there completely blanked staring at the sight in front of him..feeling needles prickling his heart..his entire body trembled with pain..with shock.. and tears brew up in his eyes which took less time to flow out...his entire world was spiining..and he was standing completely numb staring at arohi badly he was wishing to die here on this spot ...closing his eyes feeling completely broken he made his step towards her..

arohi on feeling him standing behind her wiped her tears..forcing a smile on her face she turned around..sighing she closed her eyes gathering energy to speak as his state was toring her apart.."dekha tum ne..pyar..mera pyar.." she asked in a shaky voice..arjun stared at her like a lifeless creature.."ab pata chala tumhe k mjh pe kis ka haq hai..mei kis ki hun..tumhe kia laga do char martaba zabardasti kiss kar lene se tumne mjhpe apna haq pa lia tha.."..she said looking at him.."nahi paya tha..paa bhi nahi skte..q k wo haq sirf sanchit ka hai.." she said gritting her teeth..arjun staring at her closed his eyes letting out all his tears..opening his eyes looking at her face he helplessly whisperd her name.."arohi.." he said..arohi closed her eyes feeling the pain in his voice..opening her eyes she pretented to be happy..letting out a small laugh she stepped back.."tum tu aise shock mein agaye..aise ro rahe ho jese kissing karte hue nahi kuch aur karte dekh lia..comeon arjun it was just a kiss not sex k tum aise react karo.." she said and closed her eyes in disgust..the moment the words uttered arohi's mouth arjun's head started spinning as the images of him saying the same words to arohi flashed in his mind..his own words "arohi for god sake ek baat k peeche hi par gai ho was just a kiss not sex.." echoed in his ears and he closed his eyes in regression..opening his eyes as the image of arohi kissing sanchit flashed in his eyes and her words echoed in his ears along the sound of her laughter he raised his hand.. giving her a tight slap on her cheeks he shocked her making her opening her eyes in shock..  

standing there with her hand on her cheek she stared shockingly at arjun..She stood there as if she had been stung..feeling his touch she came back to her senses..arjun grabbed her arm pulling her close to him he jerked her.."arohi mujhse apni nafrat aur sanchit se apna pyar sabit karne k lie tum kahin khud ki nazroun mein itna na gir jao k tumhe khud se nafrat hone lage.." he said gritting his teeth and jerking her away..clenching his hand in a fist he closed his eyes unable to control his helpless anger..punching his fist hard on the wall ..punishing himself for hurting her..for slapping her..he turned back to face arohi..arohi numbly stared at arjun as he said those words which made her realise what she has disgusting she is feeling of herself now ..only she has the idea how much she is hating herself at this moment..but the man in front of her like everytime this time also knew whats going in her her heart..being jerked away by him she stood there in a daze..her face a mirror of  pain..and loss..."haan takleef hui mjhe ye dekh k..haan gussa aya mujhe..han mein tot gaya tumhe us k saath..." he said grabbing her attention..closing his eyes he sighed.."par us se bhi zada takleef mjhe is baat se ho rahi hai k tum tot rahi ho arohi..tum khud se ghin mehsus kar rahi ho wo kaam kar k jis ki ijazat tumhe na tumhara dil de raha tha aur na hi tumhara dimag..dard ho raha hai mjhe tumhe aise dekh k.." he said looking at her..helplessly running his hands in his hairs he glanced at arohi and walked to his car..

arohi was looking at him with blury eyes..understanding the truth in his each and every word she closed her eyes thinking about the disgusting moment she witnessed few minutes back..


as soon as he left she dropped down on her knees letting out all her tears..tears of regret..tears of pain..tears of loss..tears of shame..She cried in agony.. every word of arjun ran in her felt like as if she had been stabbed to death.. Rubbing her palm fiercely on her lips she tried to wipe out the disgust feeling of the touch..why did she ?..why..?..closing her eyes tired of getting rid of images surprisingly she hoped she wished she prayed only for one thing..not to see disgust for her..shame for her..hatred for arjun's eyes..

Hitting his hand hard on steering wheel arjun rested his head down on it..trying to get rid of the worst image..worst moment of his life..he was angry on arohi for causing this much pain to her ownself but more than her he was angry on him for letting her do this all..for making her act like this he was the one who forced her to do this act..he was the one who was continuously denying whatever she is saying..shutting his eyes tight he cried more realising how much pain arohi must had gone through that day when she saw him and natasha much she must have hurt she must have broken she must have felt..crying hard not on his pain but on arohi's pain..arohi's state..crying hard in regret of not being able to control any situation..he lifted his head up..wiping his tears his eyes fell on kneeled down arohi who was sitting quietly staring at the floor shedding silent tears...feeling a pinch in his heart he rubbed his face..looking at the time he stepped out of the car and walked towards her..

.."chalo arohi i will drop you.." he said ..Arohi's chain of thoughts broke hearing his voice..not replying to him she kept on staring aimlessly on the ground..not getting any reply arjun sighed..calming himself he said in a stern voice.."arohi bht late hogaya hai ghar chalo.." he said..arohi wiped her tears.."mein khud chali jaun gi.." she said coldly..arjun stood there and stared at her..fresh anger started taking place all over him witnessing stubborn sight of arohi at this time..shaking his head after few minutes he sighed.."akele tumhe mein chor k jaun ga nahi..mei wait kar raha hun car mein tmhara ..make it quick.." he said and sought to leave but stopped as he felt her fingers encompassing his wrist..

"i am sorry arjun..." whispered arohi in a shaky voice..arjun turned around again and met her gaze.. sighing at the sight of the tears that flowed from her eyes..."plz dont hate me..i am sorry.."..cried arohi tugging at his arm and pulling him closer...arjun closed his eyes to calm himself..keeping aside all his anger..atleast not to show it to arohi now..shook his head..He kneeled down in front of her and framed her face with his hands... pressing his lips to her forehead...making her lashes automatically fell.. letting the tears gush down her cheeks...feeling purity all over again.."arohi.." he whispered letting his thumbs tenderly wipe her tears away...arohi raised her hand to his face... her fingers stroking his cheek..."i am sorry plz dont hate me.." she repeated..still shedding tears she stared at his face with her teary eyes ...trying to find the same love in his eyes which she has seen before.."arohi mein tumse nafrat kyun karun ga..i still love you..and i really do..i love you arohi.."..he said overcome with love and emotion for the women sitting in front of him... He pulled her in his arms and took a deep breath of her hair...arohi closed her eyes hearing him..his words felt more soothing to her...this was what she only wanted to hear..only wanted to feel...dont know why but she didnt want to see hatred and disgust for her in his eyes after this kiss..

Her soft sobs brought him back..." arohi.." he said pulling back... cupping her face he wiped her cheeks dry of newly spilled tears... " plz arohi plz mat ro.." he whispered... "is mein rone wali koi baat nahi hai..tum ne kuch galat nahi kia ok?.."he said..arohi looked at him.."promise me u wont cry ab..promise karo.. " he said...arohi sniffed and nodded wiping her tears..she leaned against his chest and closed her eyes as the feeling of wholeness enveloped her...his arms came around to hold her ...tightening the embrace arjun pressed his lips in her hairs sighing deeply controling back all his anger..

"comeon lets go.." he said pulling her out of the hug..arohi nodded..arjun stood and helped her stand..walking towards the car arjun opened the door for her...arohi looked at him and sat in the car..closing the door he sighed..sitting inside the car he glanced at arohi who was looking at her hands ..starting the car he drove away...

the drive was silent..arjun was driving with a straight expression on his face..fixing his eyes in front his mind was witnessing the same image giving more rise to his anger making it difficult for him to control..hating himself for making the situation worst for arohi...arohi the whole while kept on glancing him..trying to understand his expressions..the silence..arjun stopped the car outside arohi's house..looking at arohi he forced a smile..arohi looked at him.."thanks.." she whispered..opening the door she was about to leave the car but his words made her turn to look at him again.."i love you arohi..kuch bhi ho jaye ye haqeeqat kabhi nahi badle gi.."...she felt instant tears brewing up in her eyes yet she pushed them behind her eyes not knowing whether to shed them or not..arjun leaned forward towards arohi and cupped her face.."inhe bahana mat..." he said staring in her eyes making her lips automatically curving in to a smile with the thought that he knows everything about her.."good night.." she whispered and turned her face..getting out of the car she looked back at him and walked away..

walking inside the house arohi still was smiling recalling his words.."arohi mein tumse nafrat kyun karun ga..i still love you..and i really do..i love you arohi.."..."is mein rone wali koi baat nahi hai..tum ne kuch galat nahi kia ok?.."..."i love you arohi..kuch bhi ho jaye ye haqeeqat kabhi nahi badle gi.."...surprisingly no battle was running between her mind and heart today...all she knew that she too loves him..but???...she too dont have answer of that but..reaching outside her room she sighed coming out of her thoughts..

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itna chota update Unhappy

can't see Arjuhi like this Cry
awesome uodate
Arohi-Sanchit's  kiss Shocked
n that slap Ouch
waiting for next update

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