Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 117)

Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
nice promo sehar
hope its not serious and aru doesnt have any complications during her pregnancy
waiting for the update dear

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 8:08pm | IP Logged

I expected ds..
Bt wts wrng th arohi?? She ws alryt..phir ye nausea n headace'?? Afta effects f d last accident??

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Very scary promo nw what happened to arohi :-( plz update soon promo ke bad wait nei ho raha aur

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
Next update at 1 pm pst , 1:30 pm ist
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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 12:22am | IP Logged
scaring promoShocked waiting for update  Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by aparna4karanika

I expected ds..
Bt wts wrng th arohi?? She ws alryt..phir ye nausea n headace'?? Afta effects f d last accident??

lets see..Wink

yes i have changed my username..i think everyone is surprised..Wink
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PART 51:

.."arjun plz aj jaldi ghar ana.." arohi said smilingly over the phone...arjun smiled and leaned back on his chair and smiled.."kyun miss kar rahi ho..?" he asked..arohi smiled and walked towards the freshly watered rose plant.."han aisa hi kuch smjh lo.."  she said and arjun's lips curved into a more brighter smile.."kia baat hai aj bht pyar araha hai.." he said playing with his pen..."q pyar sirf tumhe hi asakta hai mjh pe.. mjhe nahi.." she said surprising him..."kia baat hai someone is in a very romantic mood today.." arjun said smilingly making her blush...a sudden knock on the door caught his attention.."ek second arohi.." he said and then looking at the door .."come in.." he said.."sir mr.gupta is here.." said the informer..arjun nodded and gestured him to leave.."arohi meri bht important meeting hai us k baad sight seeing k lie jana hai..jaldi ana mushkil hai..sorry sweetheart.." arjun said walking outside his cabin..arohi smiled plucking the problem arjun ..mein phr b intezar karun gi..jaldi ana.." she said smilingly..arjun smiled shaking his head.."luv u bye.." he said...

Arohi smiled seeing her phone in her hand..two days have passed since arjun has expressed his desire of having their baby and since the last two days she has been dying for the moment which will lead them towards the first step...last two days they couldnot make it due to arohi's strange sickness..though she didn't tell about this to arjun but only said that may be she has overeated..deep in her heart she knew that if she will tell arjun about what she is feeling than he will be more worried..but she promised herself that if tomorrow she will experience the same sickness then she will tell arjun about this..but now she is ready for this major and important step of her life and for this she has decided to make the night special..either by being seduced by him or by seducing she has decided to come out of all her hesitations and surprised finally deciding wht she has to do in order to make this night special she started arranging for the things she needed.. 


arjun entered the house and was welcomed by the darkness and quietness..looking at the time he sighed and concluded that everyone must have slept..
shutting the door behind he Walked upstairs to his room folding the sleeves of his shirt.. It had been a long and tiring day and he couldn't wait to get into bed and sleep his head off...but before that obviously arohi's smiling face should also be seen.. But as he opened the door all thoughts of sleeping vanished leaving him wide awake as he looked at his room... The entire room was lit with scented and white Rose petals were adorning the entire floor..the entire room was aglow in the softness of candle light...a soft music was played in the background...and there she was lighting the last candle completely wrapped in white night gown.."arohi.." he whispered making her turned around...

and yes he was here..right in front of her..the moment for which she was waiting from the morning...she knew why she was here..she knew why she  was waiting for him..she knew what she wanted..what he wanted...and now its time...Her heart beat escalated and her breath seemed to catch itself in her throat, shivers ran up and down her spine she could feel goose bumps and tingles erupt on every part of her body as she took first step towards him completely aware of her next step...

"arjun.." she whispered softly standing in front of him.."mein kab se intezar kar rahi thi tumhara.." she whispered again moving closer to him making him gulp.."kyun.." he asked in a daze and arohi smiled lowering her eyes..."kaisa laga surprise.." she asked ignoring his earlier question .. arjun with his hand closing over her arm pulled her towards him.."beautiful.."  he murmured nuzzling his nose against her cheek making her forget whatever she had planned...arohi shaking her head tried to ignore all the effects his simple touch created and tried to concentrate on her motive..seducing him..little did she knew that the atmosphere in the room and just her standing figure was enough to make him fall in the pool of desires.."" she asked in a whispered tone..and arjun looked at arohi..trailing his finger at the side of her face he soon replaced it by his lips.."tum.." he murmered kissing every inch of her face making her draw out a sharp breath...her hands moved to his shirt clutching it tightly she closed her eyes as his mouth suckled the skin of her neck.. and a moan escaped her mouth... And then her entire body shuddered ceasing to work as arjun gently tilted her chin upward moving his lips close to hers...feeling his breath on her lips she shivered but her eyes snapped open when arjun stepped back chuckling.."bas yahi surprise tha?.." he asked raising his eye brow..arohi smiled and walked towards the door confusing him..closing the door of the room she turned back and again stood in front of him..stepping closer to him she moved her hands onto his neck.."raat tu abhi shoru hui hai arjun.." she whispered surprising him with her bold attempt and within a blink of second she stood on her toes and pressed her lips on his.. 

She heard him gasp against her mouth as her tongue teased his warm lips parting them and plunging in his mouth making both of them forget everything..  His lips moved with hers as they ignited fires of passion within their bodies... He dragged his mouth roughly across her cheek, even his whisper was hoarse with desire..."ye irada hai arohi" he asked completely aware of her desire but wanted to hear from her mouth...and again he closed over her parted lips..parting away from her when air became the necessity he nuzzled her neck with his nose.. "bolo arohi ye raat ..akhir kia khas hai is raat mein" he murmered.."arjun.." arohi moaned moving his head slightly away from her.. with her finger she traced his jawline... He watched her ...swallowed as she breathed... " raat hamare baby k lie hai.." she whispered making his lips curled up into a warm smile..taking a few step backwards arohi then took deep breaths making him stare at her passionately..

her pulse quickened at the thought of what she was about to do but also what and where it would hopefully lead to... she took a deep breath as she  opened her gownrobe and shrugged her shoulders out of it... It fell to the floor with hardly a sound... and she heard arjun's sharp intake of breath at his surprise...she stood before arjun now wearing only the lingerie... arjun's eyes were open wide now as he looked at her.. His eyes scanned her entire body in an instant... his unblinking eyes taking in every square inch of her barely covered body... Then his eyes returned to hers..surprise clearly evident in his passionate eyes...

"arjun i want you..." she whispered in her trembling voice... and arjun's mouth opened wide as he processed her words...

"arohi" he whispered and stepping forward grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards him fastening their mouths together... letting his hands wander lavishly over her body taking the remaining pieces of clothes off her body.. arohi shook slightly in fright as she felt the clothes off her body..."arohi...I...want you too." he confessed in a whisper leaving her body on fire.."now.." he said in a hoarse whisper and her eyes flew open as she felt herself being lifted in his strong arms and being placed on the bed... and he sank on the bed beside her making her roll over on top of him..He wrapped his arms around her securely as she kissed down his jaw line and then down his chest helping him remove his shirt..Suddenly he flipped her over causing himself to be the one on top... He kissed her again pouring out all his love as he felt himself become aroused from the feel of her supple skin underneath him...breaking a part arjun looked upon her anatomy admiringly causing her to blush... He then began to explore her exposed flesh with his mouth dipping into the valley of her curves then toward her navel, kissing every inch of her...This time he seemed to be more gentle taking his time in exploring her body..causing her moans to increase..arohi was lost in a world of heated desire and All she could feel was arjun's strong body pressed against hers and hear his low growls as his hands and lips created wonders on her body.. 

" barrier.."  he breathed looking up at her... his eyes held something she had never seen there before... Hope...arohi choked and her heartbeat barrier in their new journey together.."i love you arohi...and will always.." he whispered gently in her ear as he kissed her once more before making her his once again.. She longed to cry out upon feeling him enter her but he suppressed it with a gentle kiss and soon their bodies gave in to a natural rhythm... He kissed her tears away gently as he made his release inside of her for the very first time...

collapsing together..arjun lay there beside her... Smiling to himself in his own satisfaction and happiness of finally moving a step ahead in their relationship..not for pleasure..not for satisfaction..but for their love..for their bundle of love.. they stayed like that for a while just holding each other... arjun stroking her hairs every once and a while... The candles still flickering causing them to glow warmly...

"arohi.." arjun whispered.. neither of them needing to look at each other.. his fingers gliding over her hairs...arohi looked at him smilingly..."i think we must try might not get pregnant first time".. He said seductively... arohi looked over at him raising her eyebrows in question.. He was staring at her and when their eyes met he grinned seductively..."Again." He said rolling over her startling her..

The slow kisses.. tender touches..sweet moans.. grew into a more frenzied exploration of their heated bodies...their bodies and soul united to become one once again and lost in each other's arms they yet again made a journey to bring a little angel in their love paradise.. 

The candles flickered and died and they were plunged into the dark...but the glow of their desires..passion was enough to lighten up the surroundings...only them.. 

" alright" he whispered within the darkness as rolling over on his back he took arohi in his arms..."I'm fine." she assured him as she rolled over looking at him gently..."thankyou arohi..i love you" he respired as he took a lock of hair and tucked it behind her ear.."i love you too arjun..thankyou so much" she sighed snuggling into him nuzzling the crook of his neck and falling asleep quickly as the man she loved the most held her tight thinking of what this new future together held for them...


A ray of sunshine came through the flying curtains waking her up..Opening her eyes, she blinked in the light, before turning her head to see the figure slumbering beside her...She could hear his slow, deep breathing.. his arms tight around her. ..Her breath caught as she saw arjun's face smoothed out in sleep.. looking extremely peaceful... the arm across her waist tightening as his head moved to settle in the crook of her neck.. his body pressed even tighter to hers...shaking her head arohi smiled and very carefully she removing his hand shifted away..sighing deeply gulping her saliva she shook her head as again she was welcomed by the morning nausea..shaking her head she sat up wrapping the sheet around her and putting her feet down the bed she got up..

moving a few steps she stopped instantly as her vision blurred once again and the world spin out of control and .."ar...arjun.." she called out breathlessly and collapsed on the floor knocking off the lamp unconsciously kept on the side table..

a sudden noise startled arjun making his eyes snapped open..sitting up instantly he looked around as his heartbeat accelerated.."arohi..arohi.." he called out and on getting no answer he immediately jumped out of bed wearing his pants and rushed towards the washroom door when he stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell on her..lying unconscioulsy on the floor.."arohi.." he screamed in fear and rushed towards her.."arohi..arohi ankhein kholo..arohi kia hua tumhe.." he panicked in fear ..few beads of sweat caressed his forehead as he felt the coldness of her body.."arohi ankhein kholo..arohi kuch bolo..arohi ..arohi.." he screamed ..

"arjun..arohi..beta ye awaz kaisi...sab theek hai na?.." a sudden knock on the door and kumud's voice caught his attention..looking around he got up and rushed towards the wardrobe..taking out the pajama and t-shirt he put it on her and lifting her up in his arms he laid her down on the bed..

"mom dekhiye na arohi ko kia hogaya.." arjun said opening the door..kumud looked around confusingly and got shocked seeing arohi.."arjun kia hua arohi ko.." kumud asked rushing towards arohi..."arohi..arohi beta ankhein kholo.." she said sprinkling water on her face but she didnt respond and it increased their worries..."mein..mein doctor ko phone krti hun.." she said and picked the phone kept on the table.. 


i have sent the pms to those who asked me and are the regular readers who either comment or like...if anyone else is interested do let me know...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...

thankyou...take careSmile

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