Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 106)

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Pehle sorry sorry sorry kaan pakadke sorry fr being so late Unhappy fabulous update yaar my gosh one full update only of arjuhi dil khush kardiya Big smile par ye kya hai arjun apna pehla anniversary hi bhoolgaiya Confused arohi ws so cute kitna kuch surprise plan kiya arjun kiliye Embarrassed she shud hav punished him forgetting ter first anniversary but yesiyi maaf kardiya she is such a gem of a person Heart sehar ye kya promo yaar baby ko lekar ek baar phir fight hai in dono ki beech Shocked continue soon yaar Thumbs Up username change kardiya nice congo on century dear Party lov uHug

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6 weeks later..

"seriously bht maza aya aj..itne time baad hum sab ek saath..warna hum tu arjun naam k shaks ko bhool hi rahe the...and finally jay aur mein bhi ab relax hain" said shefali bringing her glass of juice close to her has been almost one week since their project got succesfully completed and now finally all three of them ..jay shefali and arjun were free and had planned a dinner and now arjun-arohi..jay-shefali..rashi-sahil..salil-purvi and sanchit were enjoying their weekend at jay's and shefali's was a fun filled evening and they had delicious dinner..they had spent most of the time chatting covering a variety of topics..favourites and business had been discussed among the boys where as fashion discussion , gossips and sharing of recipees were the topic of interests among the girls.."haan aur ab tu sara tme bas tmhara hai.." said jay smilingly making everyone smile..shaking her head arohi looked at sanchit who was smiling drinking his own juice.."ek baat pochun sanchit.." arohi's voice caught his and everyone's attention..nodding smilingly he asked her to proceed.."tumne kabhi apni wife ka zikar nahi k bare mein kuch baat hi nahi karte..kabhi milwao tu us se.." she said making him smiled fakely..nervously looking everywhere he sighed..everyone was surprised hearing about his wife..surprised on themselves that even after knowing about his marriage they didnt even once ask about his stupid of them.."are haan sanchit humein tu khayal hi nahi raha pochna..kab milwa rahe ho humein us se..hum bhi tu dekhen kaisi hai tmhari wife.." said rashi smilingly.."preety is such a pretty lady i have met her..and sanchit bht pyar karta hai us se.." stated arjun smilingly..sanchit smiled shaking his head.."pyar.." he said to himself and then looked at everyone pasting a smile on his face.."bolo na sanchit..kab milwao ge.." asked arohi smilingly.."wo..arohi wo..," sanchit stammered making everyone confused..sahil sensed something wrong and strange and in order to support his friend he lied.."wo yahan nahi mein hai.." he said answering arohi's question.."oh.." arohi said and giving a last confusing glance to sanchit she changed the topic..

Excusing from everyone sanchit walked towards the window.. Should he ask preeti again about her decision of coming to his house..was he wrong on his part to ask her to come with him..was he being selfish..several questions were running in his mind..since his last convo with preeti in her house he never for once talked to her.." sanchit.." arohi's voice brought him out of his thoughts..arohi who was sensing something strange with sanchit after the mention of preeti was observing him since then and not able to control herself she excusing from everyone followed him..sanchit smiled looking at arohi .."tum mjhse share kar skte ho.." she said confusing him.."kia.." he asked confusingly.."jo baat tumhe pareshan kar rahi hai.." she said surprising him.."aisi tu koi  
Baat nahi hai.." he said turning his face to avoid eye contact with her..arohi smiled.."preeti india mein hi hai..haina.." she asked surprising him more..but he remained quiet.."sanchit preeti tumhare saath q nahi hai agar wo india mei hai tu.." she asked..sanchit sighed and looked at her.."arohi aisi waisi koi baat nahi.." he said and arohi smiled.."sanchit mjhe acha lage ga agar tum apni pareshani share karo ge mujhse.." she said and sanchit's lips curved into a smile..facing her he sighed.."wo mere saath nahi rehna chahti..mujhe apne saath rakhna chahti hai apne ghar.." he said.."tu.." she replied.."arohi mein chahta hun wo mere saath mere pariwar k saath rahe par wo ye nahi chahti..use tu jaise meri family se koi nafrat hai..manne ko tayar hi nahi hai..aur us k is decision ko support karne k lie us k dad sab se age age hain..wo agar chahe bhi ana tu wo use ane nahi dete.." he said irritatedly.."mjhe us k saath rehne mein koi problem nahi hai par wo hai k is baat pe agree hi nahi hoti.." he said..arohi sighed.."sanchit agar wo nahi arahi tu tum chale jao..tum apni zidd chor do..zidd chorna apni patni ko chorne se tu behtar hoga" she said.."tum kaho tu mein baat karun us se.." she said and sanchit instantly spoke:."nahi.." confusing her completely knowing how much preeti hates arohi.."arohi mene har baar uski zidd mani hai is baar use apni zidd tor k meri zidd manni hogi.." he said.."par sanchit.." she said but stopped hearing arjun's voice.."kia baatein ho rahi hain yahan.." he asked catching both of their attentions..arohi smiled.."sanchit apni patni k bare mein bata raha tha..use bht yaad kar raha hai" she said smilingly and sanchit smiled in return..arjun smiled.."acha lag tu nahi raha.." he said sensing something wrong behind their smiles.."any ways lets go arohi kafi late ho raha hai.." he said and arohi nodded.."bye sanchit.." said arjun smilingly and he smiled..


"kia hua bht chup chup lag rahi ho.." asked had been 5 minutes since he was driving and surprisingly arohi had not uttered a single word in the last five minutes..arohi who was still thinking how to make preeti agree or sanchit agree came out of her thoughts hearing his voice.."nahi kuch nahi.." she said making him stare at her for few seconds and then turned his face looking ahead.."sanchit se kia baatein kar rahi thi..koi problem?..i mean tum donu ki shakal pe 12 baje huwe the.." he asked slowing down the speed of the car..arohi looked at him and sighed.."arjun sanchit ki patni sanchit k saath nahi rehna chahti.." she said confusing him and then continued telling him the entire convo she had with sanchit..arjun sighed shaking his head.."arohi ye un donu ka matter hai wo aqal mandi se khud solve kar lenge..tum plz ab iski tension le k mat beth jana..let them handle the situation on their own.." arjun said .."par arjun dont u think k humein ek dafa preeti se baat karni chahye..shaed wo smjh jaye aur maan jaye.." she said.."nahi arohi ye pati patni ka personal Matter hai is lie humein beech mein nahi bolna chahye.." he said making her nod her head.

"acha arjun tumhe yaad hai na mera anniversery ka gift pending hai wo jo tumne promise kia tha.." she spoke after a moments silence and arjun smiled.."oh tu tmhe yaad hai mjhe laga bhool gayi hogi jaan bachi.." he said teasingly.."very funny.." she said shaking her head.."acha btau na do ge na jo mein mangun gi.." she asked smilingly..arjun smiled and looked at her..holding her face with his left hand he caressed her cheek"anything for you..bolo kia chaye.." he said and removing his hand focussed back on his driving..arohi smiled..yes it was the time now to ask for the most precious he has no business no project excuses.."hamara baby.." she said making him stopped the car suddenly on the empty road looking at her shockingly..

Whenever he thinks arohi has forgotten about the matter she always proves him wrong..and this time again he was sure that after their last convo arohi has completely forgotten about this and here again she proves him wrong demanding for the same thing.."arohi tum.." he said but got interupted.."arjun see tumne promise kia tha mein jo mangun gi tum do ge..aur tum ne ye bhi promise kia tha k jab tmhara project khatam hojaye ga tab tum is bare mein socho ge..project khatam hue ek hafta hogaya hai..u have got enough time to think is lie ab bas mjhe final answer chahye and wo bhi yes.." she said folding her hands across her chest..arjun stared her with widened he has no excuse left and here she is still stubborn as she was before on this matter.."kia hua bolo na.." she said looking at him..arjun sighed looking out of the mirror.."mera answer abhi bhi wahi hai" he said sternly making her release her hand shockingly and stared at him.."arjun tum ye.." she said but he interupted her.."arohi this is the last time when we are having this convo and my answer is still the same is lie ab mjhe is bare mein koi baat nahi karni " he said coldly and was about to start the car but she stopped him and kept the hand on the steering wheel.."jab tak hamari baat puri nahi ho jati hum yahan se hilenge bhi nahi.." she said angrily..arjun sighed closing his eyes.."arohi pagal mat bano humein late ho raha hai.." he said removing her hand.."arjun agar tumne car start ki tu i am telling you bht bura hoga.." she said and arjun hitting the steering wheel in anger took out the keys.."fine..khare hain hum yaheen..kar lo tum apni zidd puri.." he said angrily..arohi sighed.."tumhara jawab no kyun hai arjun.."she asked calmly.."arohi mein tumhe hazar baar bata chuka hun mjhe bacha nahi chahye..mjhe yeh responsibility abhi nahi chahye..tmhe smjh q nahi ata.." he asked angrily.."smjh tu mjhe ye nahi ata k tumhe bacha kyun nahi chahye..arjun pehle tmhare pas business aur project ka bahana tha..par ab tu wo bhi khatam tu akhir ab kia problem hai.." she asked..arjun sighed.."arohi tum smjh q nahi rahi..tumhe akhir itni jaldi q teen saal wait nahi hta kia tumse.."he asked looking at her.."jo kaam do teen saal baad hona hai wo abhi q nahi.." she said..

"arohi tum itni zidd q kar rahi ho .."

"arjun agar mein zidd kar rahi hun tu tum kia kar rahe ho.."

"arohi tumhe bache ki itni jaldi q hai sneha hai na tum us k sath bhi tu time spend kar skti ho.."

"arjun sneha hamari baby tu nahi hai..kuch bhi hojaye kahe gi tu wo mjhe bua hi na..arjun mein hamara baby chahti mjhe mama aur tmhe papa bulae..jis k nanhe qadam hamari zindagi mein ek nayi hulchul humein pora kare..jis mein hum apna bachpan dekhen..jis k lie hum dono jeeyein.." she said smilingly..

"han tu mein bhi tu yahi chahta hun arohi.." 

the words slipped from his mouth shocking them both..arohi stared at him surprisingly and arjun closed his eyes cursing himself on his slip of tongue..

"tum bhi yahi chahte ho..arjun tu is mein problem kia hai..phr tum zidd kyun kar rahe ho.." she asked in confusion.."bolo na arjun kyun tum inkar kar rahe ho.." she asked again.."q k mein darta hun..dar lagta hai mjhe.." arjun said opening his eyes.."dar..q arjun..kaisa dar.." she asked him..arjun sighed and looked at her..leaning towards her he cupped her face.."arohi mein tumhe khone se darta hun..tumhe takleef mein nahi dekh skta mein..arohi mein tumhe ek baar nahi balkeh do baar kho chuka hun..wo dar mein dobara nahi jeena chahta..tumne bht takleefein dekhi hain arohi mein apni ye khwahish k lie tumhe dobara takleef mein nahi dekh sakta..mein sab kuch bardasht kar skta hun par tumhari takleef nahi..jab mene purvi ki labour pains k waqt awazein suni tab se mein dar gaya aur aise dard mein tum chillao tum takleef bardasht karo wo bhi sirf mere lie..nahi arohi ye mujhse nahi hoga.." he said softly and his eyes become wet while explaining to her..arohi stared him unbelievably..surprised she was to hear the exact reason..and thats only his fear..she didnt know whether to laugh at his silliness or just to cry seeing his utmost care for her..shaking her head in disbelief she removed his hands away.."i dont believe this arjun k sirf is baat ki waja se tum hamara baby...arjun tum ...i dont know what to say.." she said still in surprise on what she heard..looking at him she then cupped his face and wiped his tear.."arjun jise tum takleef keh rahe ho wo ek maa k lie sab se khobsurat aur apne bache ki sab se pehli yaad hoti hai..wo takleef use is baat ka ehsas dilati hai k us ka bacha sirf aur sirf pyar aur care k laiq hai q k wo asani se dunia mein nahi ata..arjun wo takleef chahe jitni bhi ho par jab pehli baar bacha apni maa ki god mein ata hai tu wo sari takleefein khud ba khud kahin kho jati hain..ab us takleef k dar se kia hum khud ko pora hone se rokte rahen ge..aur akhir kab tak arjun..kab tak..2 3 saal baad bhi tu utni hi takleef hogi mjhe..tu kia hum kabhi apna baby nahi dekh paenge.." she asked him innocently..arohi's words were somehow effecting arjun but still it didnt have that much power 
That it may overpower his own fears and his decision."arohi i dont want to risk your life..i just cant.." he said cupping her face back.."thora time guzar jane do we will think about it..but not now..tum abhi bhi itni strong nahi ho arohi.." he tried to explain it plaintively-avoid an argument- but instead ignited her temper..."mein itni strong nahi hun k ek bacha paida kar lun lekin mein itni strong zarur hun k tmhara source of pleasure ban sakun.." she said in a louder voice shocking him.."arohi ye tum kia keh rahi ho..fazool baatein..arohi tum baat ko kahan se kahan le k ja rahi ho.." arjun said calmly.."mein baat ko kahan se kahan le k ja rahi hun..aur mein fazool baatein..arjun fazool baatein tu tum kar rahe ho apne ye fazool fears n insecurities ki explanation de k.." she said shoutingly.."very good arohi..mere fears and insecurities fazool aur tmhare sare fears aur insecurities sahi.." he said shouting back at her.."haan tu fazool nahi hai tu kia hai arjun..agar dunia k sare pati aisa sochte tu aj na tum hote aur na mein..aur ainda koi bacha hi dunia mein nahi ayega.." She said glaring at him in angry silence..."tu theek hai na aye koi bacha dunia mein..mera faisla yahi hai.." he said replying in the same tone.. Arohi sighed and tried to calm her self.."arjun tum ek baar apne fears ko side pe rakh k tu socho.." she said calmly but arjun was now not able to handle it more..he simply wants an end..a simple fullstop in this conversation..he sighed and spoke with an authority he never used on her until now.. "arohi aj k baad mujhe tmhare moun se bache ka naam tak nahi more discussions on this topic from now onwards you understood?" he said and started the car driving it off in fast pace angrily.."arjun tum ye kis tone mein mjhse baat kar rahe ho..u cant talk to me like this and this discussion is not over .." she retorted.."it is over arohi and i definitely can talk to you like this.." arjun said sternly stopping the car in front of the house.."no you cant..and its not over arjun.." she said gritting her teeth..she then stepped out of the car and stomped away to the main door of the house.."i m your husband arohi mein jo kahun ga wahi hoga aur jaise chahe marzi kahun u cant help it" he said coming out of the car not letting her to win the argument in any case or just to be the one to put a full stop in the conversation..if she was being childish and acting immature adding more fuel to his anger then exactly the same was being done by him..his words made arohi stopped and turned around..

Her face became more red seeing the proud smirk on his face and he simply raised his eye brow "its over arohi ..ruki q ho jao.." he said shrugging his shoulders...
"its not over arjun..its not over ok.." she said loudly..  her temper boiling to immeasurable height...

"Its over arohi..its over ok.." he replied in the same tone..His mocking grin simply made arohi itched to wipe it off.. Grinding her teeth she spoke through tight lips "i hate u arjun...
..i hate you.." she said and ran inside the house..arohi's last words trembled arjun..and his eyes become wet..this was not he wanted to hear ever..what was he doing..trying to show her his dominant sight..or just dont letting her win an argument over his ego..what was he exactly doing..just adding the fuel to that was her anger and fuel was his own anger and competitive replies..and by the way
Why are we still discussing this anymore... Didn't I say no? We have been talking about this since last two hours and whats the conclusion..simply three sentences..i hate you arjun..why is he doing this why?..he knew She won't stop begging him..requesting him..or whatever... But he only wished that she would understand his point..his fears and let it go but he guessed she can't..he knew what she wants but there is no way he can give in to her... Not with this, not! "I won't risk her.. I can't and I won't put her through that kind of pain... I won't do it! I won't. I can't...or should i?.." he thought...and why should she understand him only why not him..cant he just think over the matter keeping aside his fears..cant he just once ponder over the deep desire which he and her both have for their own baby..shaking his head coming out of his thoughts he made his way towards the house deciding to talk to her calmly on this matter considering both of theirs point of view..


Arohi was fuming in anger..the last words of arjun were continuosly echoing in her mind..her ears giving rise to her anger..never in her life she felt this much angry..and today what arjun did ..everything was simply over the limit..he shouldnt have talked to her like could he..hearing his footsteps she walked towards the wardrobe taking out her payjama and tanktop and went inside the washroom slamming the door in process...

Arjun sighed ..closing the door behind he sat on the bed waiting for her..arohi coming out of the washroom walked towards the dresser..still fuming..controlling herself to break anything..sighing heavily to control her anger.."arohi.." arjun said standing behind her.."arohi hum aram se baat kar sakte hain.." he said calmly..arohi ignoring him moved towards the bed and was about to lie down when he again stood beside her.."arohi we can talk na..baat tu sun lo meri.." he said.."tumhari hi tu sun rahi hun kab se arjun..theek hai sun li tmhari ..its over arjun..its over ok..khush ab..ab mein so jaun.." she said in harsh voice..arjun sighed and held her arm.."arohi plz calm down..gusse ko side pe kar k.." he said but was interupted when arohi pushed away his hand.."arjun plz mjhe neend arahi hai..i know tum mere H-U-S-B-A-N-D ho aur jo tum kaho ge wahi hoga par mein bhi wife hon thora haq tu mjhe bhi hai k mein apni marzi se kuch kar sakun..tu bas mein sona chahti will u plz excuse me.." she said gritting her teeth..arjun sighed and nodded not wanting to anger her more he stepped back..arohi shaking her head lied down on bed muttering a rude  
Thankyou and closed her eyes..arjun stood there staring at her regretting on his behavior on his words..stepping backwards he too changed and lied down on the bed staring at her back facing him..not even bothering to switch off the lights..

Arohi's anger was now soon replaced by her tears..tears because she got hurt by the way he spoke to the way he just proved his the way he just simply said that he was husband..was he just husband..and not her arjun..her friend..her support..her care taker..her saviour..her shield..was he not any of them and just a husband..a typical dominant figure..shedding her tears silently on her grief she didnt know when she dozed off..

Arjun staring at the ceiling above was recalling the entire conversation he had with arohi could he just behave could he just hurt could he just not think of her could he simply impose his decision over her..doesnot her happiness..her wish..her dreams matter to him..then why is he behaving like this..surely he too was craving for his own child and why wont he..he too wants to get complete with having a child of their own..he too wants to hear papa from someone..someone who will be a part of them..only for them..then why is he scared..if all this is a natural process then why cant he just let it happen leaving everything on god..he surely will not let anything happen to her...and he just simply cant let anything happen to her then why not agree with her trusting his ownself and her belief..his chain of thoughts broke feeling something on his chest..and there she was...deep in her slumber resting her head on his chest cuddling close to him...curling his arm protectively around her watching her lovingly...his heart lurched in his chest as he noticed the faint tear stains on her cheeks..raising his hand wiping away the slight moisture he pressed his lips on her head.."mein apna wada kaise tor sakta hun arohi..wada tmhe khush rakhne ka..tmhari ankhun mein ek bhi ansu na ane dene ka..nahi arohi..mein apna har wada pora karun ga.." he whispered caressing her hairs lovingly..and he promised silently to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother...she deserved nothing but happiness only and he will give her that happiness..her every small wish mattered to him and he will do anything to fulfill all her wishes..even if it requires keeping aside of his own fears and insecurities..and making the final promise of fulfilling all his promises he closed his eyes pulling her closer against his chest..


i have sent the pms to those who asked me and are the regular readers who either comment or like...if anyone else is interested do let me know...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...

thankyou...take careSmile

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Originally posted by Deepika06

Pehle sorry sorry sorry kaan pakadke sorry fr being so late Unhappy fabulous update yaar my gosh one full update only of arjuhi dil khush kardiya Big smile par ye kya hai arjun apna pehla anniversary hi bhoolgaiya Confused arohi ws so cute kitna kuch surprise plan kiya arjun kiliye Embarrassed she shud hav punished him forgetting ter first anniversary but yesiyi maaf kardiya she is such a gem of a person Heart sehar ye kya promo yaar baby ko lekar ek baar phir fight hai in dono ki beech Shocked continue soon yaar Thumbs Up username change kardiya nice congo on century dear Party lov uHug

thankyou so much for the comment..tum ne late comment dia...and mene late parha hisab barabarWink

yes user name change kar dia..meine socha arjuhi pe ff likh rahi hun tu user name bhi un hi pe rakh lun..Wink

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Originally posted by aparna4karanika

seher frst f all am so sry...
Mera fone tut gaya n cdnt cmnt on d updt n promo..
Well i read d update ehehe hmm so aru fynaly gv punishment to arjun..
Bt dt cn ve hardly considered as a punishment.. Hmm..
Bt since our arohi s very sweet girl we cn expect nly dese kind f thngs frm her,.
I did lyk arjun's regrets *evil mind*
Idiot kahin ka... How dare he frgt deir precious day???
Vo bhi itana dab kuch hone ke baaddd aarrrggghhh...
Hmm bt aru s ryt she surprised hm very well...
Bt d promo.. Wt ws dey talkng abt??
Did dey discuss??am being impatirnt plz updt fast darlingg

its ok aparna...meine comments late parhe wese bhi tu dair aye durust aye wala hisab ho gaya yahan..Wink thanks for the larai q hui hai ye next update mein pata chal jaye ga..
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Originally posted by Arjuhi_kk

this was not expected from arjun...
he actally forgot his anni????that too his first wedding anni??????
arohi is a gem of a person...she forgave him so easily...

she really is..are yaar arohi k forgiving nature k upar meine updates mein kahanian likh deen and abhi tak tum logoun ko pata nahi chalaWink
felt bad for arjun too...poor guy was very guilty...Cry

kaam bhi tu aisa kia hai k guilty hi hona haiWink
seems like a heartbreak aheadConfused
koi baat nhi...dil par pathar rakh kar padh lengeSleepy

bht sare pathar rakhna phrWink
updt soonSmile
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thankyou everyone for ur comments on the previous update and the promo...sorry alag alag reply nahi kar pai but i read all of really means a lot to me...and yes i have changed my user name...socha arjuhi k bare mein likh rahi hun tu arjuhi hi ban jaun...Wink...

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bea\utifully written just perfect loved it

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