Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 103)

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Originally posted by zoya_naziya

Nice update Seher...

Jai-Shefali were nice too:)

Arjun forgot their wedding anniversary :o


thankyou so much zoya...Smile

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Originally posted by kritz4ever

hey great  update n cant imagine of arjun forgetting anniversery and want to see arohis reaction

thanksSmile arohi k reaction u will see tonight..Smile
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Standing holding the kitchen counter arohi was shedding silent tears..she was feeling angry..sad..disappointed..and more than everything hurt..she never in her dreams thought of him forgetting the most beautiful day of their really hurted her but didnt break her.."bht bure ho tum..mein kabhi baat nahi karun gi tum se..koi surprise nahi dungi..kuch nahi karungi.." she said wiping her tears..her heart was still not able to believe that he forgot..he simply forgot..and here the whole day she was getting excited thinking that he must have planned a bigger surprise but she was wrong..completely wrong..her thoughts broke when she felt his hands encircling her waist from behind.."arohi.." he said..

Standing outside in his own guilt was not enough for him..he simply has broken her heart and for this he needs could was tearing him..simply hurting him more..not able to control anymore he went behind her in the kitchen and hearing her silent complains..her final decisions made him feel ashamed but also brought a smile on his lips at her cuteness..shaking his head he stood behind her and encircled her waist pulling her behind..

"i am sorry arohi..i know mene tumhe hurt kia..arohi par pata nahi kaise mere dimag se nikal hi gaya..mjhse galti hui hai..par arohi..arohi i didnt mean to hurt you..its just..i simply forgot.." he said..."arohi plz kuch tu bolo aise mat karo..tumhe jitna dantna hai jitna gussa karna hai karo par aise behave mat karo jese tumhe kuch farq hi nahi para..arohi i said na i am sorry ainda aisa nahi hoga.." he said on not getting any reply from her.."ainda ho na ho us mein ye pehli baar wali baat nahi hogi arjun.." arohi said removing his hands and walked towards the microwave..arjun rushed behind her "arohi i promise mein aisa ainda nahi karunga..agar kia tu..arohi plz ek baar dekho tu meri taraf..arohi sorry.." he said trying to make her look at him but arohi shrugging her shoulders stepped away from him.."khana garam hai akeh kha lo.." she said picking up the tray of food and walked out of the kitchen..arjun sighed staring at the way she left and walked out of the kitchen sadly..

Arohi coming out of the kitchen kept the tray on dinning Table and switching on the lights she walked towards each of the candle to blew them out..arjun stood near the table watching her...and with each passing second his guilt kept increasing..blowing out the last candle arohi turned around and walked towards the table..without speaking a word she started serving his plate.."khana kha lo.." she said and turned her face to look at him only to find the spot empty.."arjun.." she called confusingly looking around everywhere and then her eyes fell on him..sitting on his knees holding his ears with his head bent low in front of her.."i am sorry arohi plz mjhe saza do par apna dil bura mat karo.." he said softly..arohi's tears which she was trying to hold back were now on the verge of falling and they did.."tum bht bure ho arjun bht bure.." she said cryingly..arjun looked at her and was about to speak but she interupted him.."nahi kuch mat bolna..tum bas bht bure ho..jante ho meine pora din ye soch k guzara k pata nahi kia surprise do ge tum mjhe aur tum ne ye surprise dia..aj ka din hi bhool gaye.."  she said sobbingly..arjun tried to get up to calm her but stopped hearing her .."nahi waheen raho..hilna mat.." she said wiping her tears..arjun nodding his head again sat back.."kaan bhi pakro.." she ordered him..and arjun instantly obeying her held back his ears.."tumhe saza chahye na..theek hai..mein next time se sare important din bhool jaun gi phr manate rehna mjhe.." she said sitting on her knees in front of him.."tumhe manana saza tu nahi hai.." arjun said biting his lip to hide his smile..arohi looked at him and he immediately lowered his eyes.."wish bhi nahi karungi tumhe..aur tab tu bilkul bhi nahi karun gi jab tum mjhe yaad dila do ge.." she said angrily  and arjun closing his eyes understanding her meaning spoke instantly.."oh sorry..." he said.."i mean happy wedding anniversery.." he continued..and arohi again glared him angrily.."comeon arohi ab maaf bhi kar do dekho 12 bajne mein bhi 15 mins reh gaye hain..plz maan jao.." he said moving closer to her..arohi looked at the time and then back at him who was pleading through his eyes.."plz.." he said making a puppy dog face.."ek shart pe.." she said..."are tum hazar shartein manwa lo banda hazir hai.." he said moving towards her happily..arohi sighed.."mein jo mangun gi tum mujhe wo do ge.." she said and arjun happily stood.."pakka jo mango gi wo dunga..btau kia chahye.." he said supporting her to stand..arohi looked at him and sighed..she was about to ask but then stopped..she only wanted one thing from him and thats their baby and she knew it very well if she ask it now then arjun will definitely agree just because he has broken her heart today but she didnt want to ask now..for many reasons..firstly because she has promised him that she will not talk about this matter until his project gets over..secondly she dont want to take advantage of the situation and thirdly because she wanted him to agree on this his own his own heart and not just because of guilt.."bolo na arohi kia chahye.." arjun asked again and his voice brought her out of her thoughts..shaking her head she smiled.."abhi nahi arjun bas tum wada karo mera aj ka gift tum mjhe do ge aur wo bhi jo mein mangun gi wo.." she asked and arjun smiled.."promise.." he said and arohi smiled.."chalo ao ab khana kha lo mere pait mein chohe dor rahe hain .." she said dragging him towards the table..


coming out of the kitchen with cake in her hands she walked smilingly towards the table..keeping the cake on the table in front of him she sat beside him and smiled.."kaisa laga.." she asked excitedly..arjun's eyes were fixed on the cake and he was feeling bad..though arohi has forgiven him and is now back to normal but he knew how bad she must have felt and his was now just killing was apart but on a serious note he was hating himself for not making the day special for her.."bolo na arjun.." arohi's voice caught his attention and he looked at her smilingly.."wow dekhne mein tu bht tasty lag raha hai khane mein kaisa ho ga.." he said..arohi smiled.."khane mien bhi tasty hoga pehle cut kar lein?.." she said holding the knife in her hands and motioned arjun to join her..arjun holding the knife with her and they both cut the cake ..arohi waited for him to feed her the cake but he again got lost in his thoughts..shaking her head arohi taking a piece fed him..arohi looked at him sensing something wrong...the guilt on his face was still there and somehow she was not liking it..he should be happy..its their day..the most beautiful and happy day...and he is all sad..and she knew what he was thinking..holding his hand she smiled.."arjun.." she said and arjun looked at her smilingly..

"mein janti hun tum kia soch rahe ho.." she said .."arjun mujhe bura laga par mein seriously ab khush hun..ab mein theek hun..aur tumse naraz tu bilkul bhi nahi.." she continued..arjun looked at her.."arohi i am really sorry meri waja se aj tmhara.." he said but was interupted by her.."mera din aur acha hogaya.." she said making him raised his eyebrows in confusion..arohi smiled and cupped his face.."arjun agar tumhe aj ka din yaad hota tu meine jo pora din laga k tayari ki tumhe surprise dene ki us ka koi maza hi na rehta..aur dekho mera surprise succesful raha tum waqai surprise ho gaye..thank god tumhe yaad nahi tha warna mera surprise tu beqar jata.." she said kissing his cheeks..arjun smiled..."tum ye kese kar leti ho arohi.." he asked holding her hands.."kia.." she asked.."har cheez mein kuch na kuch positive dhondna aur mujhe har baat k lie maaf kar dena..kaise kar leti ho.." he asked...arohi smiled.."arjun mein tumhe youn udas nahi dekh skti..aur mein kisi cheez mein koi positivity nahi dhondti bas har cheez mein positivity khudi dikh jati lie ab tum ye dukhi uncle ka role play karna band karo aur smile karo mere handsome arjun ki tarha" she said pulling his cheeks..arjun smiled shaking his head.."uncle kis ko bol rahi ho.." he asked raising his eyebrow.."tumhe aur koi hai kia yahan.." she asked smirkingly..arjun smiled .."acha mein uncle aur tum..aunty?.." he said pulling her towards him holding her waist.."jee nahi mein koi aunty wanty nahi hun ek smart larki hun.." she said smilingly.." nahi tum tu is dukhi uncle ki hot aunty ho.." he said and was about to hug her but she getting out of his hold stood.."what?.." he asked..arohi smiled.."arjun jab cake cut karte hain us k baad kia karte hain tumhe pata hai.." she said hiding her smile..."matlab " he asked standing up.."matlab ye k.." she said and picking up the cake she stepped backwards and stood smilingly.."matlab ye k us cake ko khatam karte hain...pata hai kaise.." she asked..and arjun confusingly.."kaise..." he asked and arohi threw the cake on his face.."aise.." she exclaimed laughingly...and before arjun could react he was awarded by the big splash...and all the cake was on him..

He looked up and saw arohi covering her mouth hiding her laughter...  "You..." he simply stated causing her be alarmed..."arjun..." she swallowed nervously as he steady walked towards her in a commanding motion...  She shrieked when he reached out to grab her arm and missed...  arjun grinned mischievously as he chased her around the living room..."arohi ye galti kar di tumne..kahan jao gi bach k haan.." he said chasing her and was able to corner her so she had no choice but to run upstairs... "haath aoungi tu hi kuch kar pao ge na.." she laughed showing her tongue to him and ran upstairs.. He followed her as she scurried towards their room...  He smiled in triumphant when he prevented her from slamming the door in his face and slipped inside the room..."ab kahan jao gi.." he said smirkingly..  "arj..arjun" she stuttered seeing the dangerous look in his eyes...  "cake k saath kia karte hain ye tu tumne bata dia par jo patni apne pati k saath aisa kare tu janti ho pati us k saath kia karta hai.." he said shutting the door behind and walked towards her who now was standing near the dresser thinking of a way to escape..arjun age mat barhna mein keh rahi hun mein ..mein baat nahi karun gi tumse.." arohi said looking around..  "ek baar ye bata dun k pati kia karta hai phr baatein bhi ho jayengi.." he continued walking..arohi looked at him "arjun see wo tumhari saza thi aur..." and before she complete her sentence she was backed up against the wall and arjun was hovering over her...  "meri saza itni tasty tu phr tumhari saza tu is se bhi zada tasty honi chahye haina" he said as he sensually lingered his mouth near hers..."ar..arjun tum..pora cake laga hua hai..mere kapre gande ho rahe hain..hato yahan se.." she managed to speak after getting control on herself due to his closeness..."acha tu tum hi saaf kar do phr.." he said "and waise bhi jab meri hot aunty ne itne pyar se ye cake mere upar phenka hai tu ise pyar se saaf karna bhi tu us ka farz banta hai na.." he whispered nuzzling against her cheek and placed his hands on her bare waist..arohi shivered with pleasure as his warm hands on her bare waist tightened moving in a sensuous way making her lose her senses already..."arjun jane do plz.." she whispered..arjun opened his eyes and smirked seeing her dazzed look..."arohi tum ne tu cake taste hi nahi kia..aur ab tu cake bhi sara...koi baat nahi chalo ab kar lo.." he said moving his face close to hers..arohi looked at arjun surprisingly and then turned her face away shyingly.."arjun tum bhi na.." she said and arjun hiding his smile.."karo me jitna tasty mujhe laga tha tumhe us se zada lage ga.." he said and arohi shaking her head blushingly lowered her gaze..

His heart skipped a beat when she lowered her gaze ... leaning closer he nuzzled  his nose against her red cheek .."jab tum aise sharmati ho tu aur bhi hot lagti ho.." he whispered huskily... his closeness was driving her crazy making her close her eyes and letting him explore her... coming down her face he placed a kiss at the corner of her lips and as soon as those lips parted he covered them with his... gently and slowly moving his lips rhythymically over hers... his hands cupped her face while his thumbs were caressing her cheeks... control was getting out of hands and he deepened the kiss ...and his eyebrows arched in surprise as he felt her nimble fingers begin to unbutton his shirt... grinning against her mouth he moved his hands towards her shoulder and within seconds the pallu of her sari slithered down baring her sleeveless blouse and midriff...finally taking off his shirt arohi ran her hands all over his torso..His muscles flexed under every touch of her making him draw out a raged breath..loving every action of hers he grinned more..unable to believe this sight of arohi..desperate..participative and initiating on her own coming out of her shy cage..breaking the kiss he let his lips caressed the exposed part of her neck making her breathless with desire.."arjun.."she moaned his name encouraging him to go on with his own passion and desire..sinking her hands into his hair she pulled him more towards her and thats when arjun let go her smirkingly as the thought of teasing her came to his mind..

"arohi ye kia kar rahi ho tum.." he said hiding his smile and desire making her open her eyes..staring at him in cofusion..and then when sight of shirtless arjun and her own condition hit her..and she blushed a deep red as she realised what she was upto.. "arohi tum bhi na ...ek thake hare insan ko kabhi tu baksh dia karo.." he said stepping backwards..arohi's mouth hung open.." matlab hai tumhara.." she said and arjun shaking his head looked at her.."matlab ye k mein bht thak gaya hun aur mujhe bht neend arahi hai is lie good night.." he said and was about to walk but stopped when arohi held his arm.."ek min kehna kia chahte ho tum..matlab k mein mene start kia..arjun tum ne pehle kia start.." she stated.."acha kia start kia mene.." he asked raising his eyebrow.."tumne mujhe kiss kia.." she said leaving his arm.."oh really..cake kis ne phenka?...and by the way who removed my shirt.." he said making her blush..looking around she adjusted back her sari.."haan t..tu tmne bhi tu.." she said and arjun smiled.."is ka matlab janti ho arohi kia hota hai.." he asked interupting her.."is ka matlab ye hota hai k tum bht desperate ho aj..oh tu ye tha tumhara surprise.." he said chucklingly..arohi looked at him with her mouth open.."mein..mein desperate.." she said in disbelief and arjun hiding his smile interupted her.."han pata hai tum desperate ho par aj mera mood nahi lie mein so raha hun tum bhi so jao.." he said and was about to move but she stopped him again.."mein desperate hun?.." she asked poutedly..and arjun nodded.."haan.." he said and walked towards the bed..lying down on the bed he smiled seeing her standing with her mouth hung open..shaking his head he turned around and acted as if he is now sleeping..arohi rushed towards the bed .."acha mein desperate hun tu yahi sahi.." she said.."aur is lie ab mein tumhe sone bhi nahi dungi.." she said
sitting on the bed.."tum nahi so sakte smjhe..utho.."she said putting her hand on his shoulder shaking him..."arohi sone do kia kar rahi ho.." he said but soon rolled to his back and pouted as she continued to try to awake him from his fake sleep... Eventually he grabbed her wrist pulling her down on top of him and then quickly rolled them over pinning her down on the bed and laid on top of her with a triumphant smirk...  "itni desperateness naya roop tu bht kamal ka hai tumhara" he said huskily in her ear..."and u know what ab mein phr tumhe disappoint nahi karna chahta.." he said moving his lips along her jaw line...  He then dipped downward so he could kiss her neck but opened his eyes shockingly as his lips felt the smoothness of the bedsheet..opening his eyes he turned to face her who was laughing standing inches away from him.."ab kaun ho raha hai desperate.." she said laughingly..arjun smiled walking towards her.."smart haan.." he said and arohi smiled.."patni kis ki hun akhir.." she said proudly and arjun again backed her against the wall.."acha tu matlab tum manti ho k mein smart hun.." he said moving his face closer to hers..arohi nodded her head smilingly.."apne smart pati ko phr itna tang nahi karte arohi warna saza milti hai.." he said taking hold of her hand and pinned them against the wall..."arjun kia kar rahe ho.." arohi said laughingly..but gasped inwardly as he smashed his lips on her neck and leaving few kisses there he made his way lower kissing her cleavage "arjun.." arohi moaned leaning her head back giving him better access..moving back to her lips he took them in slowly and gently while his hands were busy in loosening up her sari..Their body molded in to one another as they forgot everything and lost themselves in each other...discarding their remaining clothes he Scooped her up in his arms and she let him carry her to the bed all the way kissing her " I love you" he managed to say between their kisses... leaning back in to the pillows running her hands feverishly over the bunched muscles of his arms and back thinking of nothing except the feel of him against her she let him take her on a wild ride of ecstasy and elation and introducing her to the new height of passion which brought tears in her eyes for the first time since after theri first time..


i have sent the pms to those who asked me and are the regular readers who either comment or like...if anyone else is interested do let me know...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...

thankyou...take careSmile

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Me first... Will comment later

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great no punishment for arjun arohi is tooo sweeet n tnx for the pm want to know what will be arohis wishwhich arjun should satisfy

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omg!!! res!!!!
thnks fr the  quick  updt Hug

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Lovely update...
Thanks for the pm...!!

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Party vil surely edit tis weekend yaar Big smile havin a hectic week Unhappy

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