Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 95)

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Originally posted by Rimpi_kmh

Wow sehar! Nice promo,so we will see different side of arohi to argue with arjun for their child! Waiting for up coming updates...

different will see the ziddi arohi now...and an angry one too..Wink

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Originally posted by aparna4karanika

Weelll mujhe bhi exams hai darling,..lekin i read d updates daily.. 

oh thats so nice of you..thankyou so much for taking out time to read and then to really means a lot to me...Smile

N abt d updt it ws asusual awesome.. Loved arjuhi's purvi n salil s blessed wth a baby gl..i loved how arohi too wished to hv a baby,.well wt abt arjun?? I dint find him interested in playng wth baby or adoring d litle angel..y i feel he s nt interested in baby.. My arjun s nt lyk dat..

no yaar he adored the baby but at that time he was also in his thoughts so he didnt give much time to the new born..he loves babies but somehow his fears will be playing a role in the coming updates..

is it cz he s worried abt arohi as if he shw interest,arohi wil thnk f planning deir family?? Or s he realy nt interested to start deir family by al means??
its just his fears..

 Wth d promo too i feel a fyt s cmng on its way.. Arjun's lame excuses r nt accptable in any ways.. They shd consult a dctr frst n talk to her...well fingers crossed...anyways nyc updt n interestng promo too

well keep reading for the coming track..ur questions will be answered soon..thanks for commentingSmile
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Originally posted by zoya_naziya

Originally posted by sehar123

Originally posted by zoya_naziya

Amazing updates Seher:)

thankyou so much

Wow Baby track on its way...

yes its on its way along with so many fights...hurt...and sadness and yes a tragedy too...Wink

Jay-Shefali marriage:) It was a cute confession cum proposal...

thankyou so much..

Arjuhi all moments were very cute...

Preeti ke baare mein kam baat karoon toh hi behtar hai...

hehe na hi

Phir se tragedy... Itna zulm na karo unpar... Abhi abhi toh ek bade haadse se guzre hain... Choti-moti fights, sadness chalega... But i will be happy to read whatever you write, even tragedy...

dont worry itni bari tragedy nahi aye gi..par bht zada bari aa bhi sakti haiWink i am sure you will like the coming track as you all will be witnessing the Smilecaring..the romantic and the most lovable sight of arjun..
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Originally posted by cooljaya11

Ye sab koshadi ke bad bacho ki itni jaldi kyun he .
I mean enjoy Karo 3-4 saal , samjo ke dusro ok fir Karo start family 
M agree with Arjun I mean abhi to thik huyi he , itne prb se upar se 12 th ki hi study ki he , m sure Arjun want to her complete study 
Superb update n promo 

well jaya di like you i too thought of the studies track but mera dimag is pe zada kaam nahi i just skipped that part and came up with three interesting chapters that i am sure you all will like..bht mana lia arjun ne arohi ko..ab kabhi wo bhi mana le..Smile
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Originally posted by aparna4karanika

woah jaya di..dts ryt..she cn continue her studies frst...

sab ek hi bat kar rahe ho par mera dimag is cheez pe kaam hi nahi kar raha...well i will think about it Smile
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Sehar sorry fr commenting so late yaar ws quite busyBig smile
imaoo tat ws so long yr thanx fr the long updateHug
it ws splendid reClapClapClapClapClap

one month later..20th marchWink
koi spl day kyaWink
She was beautiful. No.. gorgeous.. no wait.. three...Embarrassedhaha its obiviousLOL

he already was as close as humanly possible but still it was not enough for her...this made him sighed and kissed her temple this time..Blushing

"happy birthday arohi.." he whisperedBig smile
woh toh aaj arjuns jaan ka birthday haiEmbarrassed
"lo is mein kia mushkil hai abhi de deta hun.." he said smirkingly and instantly rolled on top of herEmbarrassedis janaab ka dimaag toh always single track pe haiLOL

nice birthday party but waiting fr arjuns great surprise giftStar

arjun smiled.."tumhara ghar hai arohi...tmhara birthday gift..." Embarrassed
awww agar sbko yesa husband miljai toh kitna acha hoga naLOL
jab hum horror movies dekhen ge tab tum mujhe zor se pakar lo gi..bilkul mere qareeb raho gi..tu kia qareeb reh k maza nahi aye ga.." he said smirkinglyEmbarrassedhaha ye ladka kabi nhi sudhregaEmbarrassed

"nahi arohi mein aisa nahi hone dunga..kabhi tmhe khud se door jane nahi dunga.." he said with teary eyesShocked
yese achi aur romantic mood par aanso q haiConfused

the walls were painted in a dusky pink and lilac giving a succesfully romantic look..the bed...The stunning Park Avenue Four Poster Bed featuring brushed stainless steel accents and a lush chocolate finish with vanilla-colored satin bedding with dainty ruffles, lace overlays and a handmade embroidered coverlet was placed on its place..fresh flower vases..scented candles and feathers on the floor were radiating a very relaxing atmosphere...the bed was wrapped up with light voiles and lace panels..the windows were complemented with long dusky pink chiffon curtains that let the light through..a mini chandelier draped with crystal prisms and handblown Venetian glass roses, leaves and cherry quartz baubles was hungStari know its too long but i cant help yaar the way u hav described abt tis room na am havin a huge desire to experience itEmbarrassed

oohoo arohi hs weared night gown fr arjunEmbarrassed
hapiee fr salil n purvi tey r blessed wid ter little angelStar

leaving behind arohi making a mental note of expressing her wish...the desire of her...their baby to him...Shocked
hope it dont create anymore misunderstandings btw themConfused
waiting fr next update seharBig smile
lov uHug

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sehar update plzzz

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Sitting in front of the dresser flipping through the images of sneha on her iphone arohi's lips were curved in a bright was very surprising for her thinking that how just a glimpse of sneha developed a desire of having her own child with in first she always thought that she was not ready but now she knows only one thing that she is more than ready and now she also wants to experience this heavenly feeling and make arjun a proud father..

"sneha kitni pyari hai na arjun.." the words came out of arohi's mouth..arjun was lying on the couch with his laptop on his lap working on an important project smiled on hearing sneha's name as the mention of her name was enough to make him remember the desire which he felt in the hospital of having his own child but again he knew it was too early for arohi..she definitely is not this much strong now..not speaking a word and only smilingly he continued with his task shaking his head..

Arohi looked at him engrossed in his work and sighed..keeping the phone on the dresser she turned around and sat facing him.."arjun.." she said..."hmm.." arjun replied hearing his name..."mujhe tumse baat karni hai.." she said ..."hmm.." again he replied..."meri taraf dekho na.." she said.."mein sun raha hun arohi tum bolo.." arjun said picking up the file from the table..arohi sighed taking a deep breath.."arjun wo.." she said and stopped..arjun looked at her.."kia hua..bolo.." he said and again continued with his work.."arjun mujhe bhi...mjhe hamara baby chahye arjun.." she said...arjun's finger stopped working on the laptop and his eyes widened in shock and surprise..arohi looked at him and smiled.."aj jab sneha ko apne haathoun mein liya tab hi mjhe ehsas hua k ab mein ready hun ye ehsas ko mehsus krne k lie..arjun pehle mein sochti thi k mein ready nahi hun par ab..ab arjun mjhse intezar nahi hota..arjun mujhe bhi ek choti si family chahye..tum mein aur hamara baby.." she continued.."tum kuch bol q nahi rahe.." she said on not hearing anything from him..

Arjun sighed..somehow he didnt expect arohi to epress her desire..he didnt know what he should say because at this moment whatever he will say in denial of her request it might hurt her..all he knew that he is not ready to take this new and big risk putting arohi's life in danger..alright she is ready and he too is ready...he knew she would be the perfect mother of his child and She is the only one who deserves to be the mother of his child...  but he was not ready to loose arohi..he doesnot want to hurt her physically just to fulfil his deisre of becoming a not yet..he also knew that the process is natural and today or tomorrow she has to bear the pain but still the thought of that pain and screams of purvi were not letting him to think anything in favour of arohi's and his desire..."arjun kuch bolo na.." he heard arohi's voice..taking a deep breath he shut down the screen of laptop and sat straight on the couch.."arohi i am not ready.." he said surprising her..arohi walked towards him and sat beside him.."kyun arjun..tum nahi chahte k hamara apna baby hamari apni family ho.." she asked looking at him..arjun stood and walked towards the bed.."arohi tum janti ho mera naya project kitna important hai..mjhpe uski bht bari zimedari hai aur abhi mein bache ki zimedari uthane k lie ready nahi Hun..arohi its too early for me..jab tak ye project khatam nahi hojata mein is bare mein soch b nahi sakta.." he said lying down on the bed.. Arjun's words surprised arohi..but she knew that arjun needs some time to think..if she has realised this he surely will realise this and she will give him time..arjun looked at arohi's sad face and closed his eyes.."i am sorry arohi..mein janta hun agar mene tmhe sahi waja batayi tu tum kisi tarha mjhe mana logi q k tmhe tu apni fiqar nahi par mjhe hai.." he thought... 

arohi slowly took steps towards the bed and decided to give time to him but a sudden fear gripped her heart..what if he wont agree??...shaking the thought away from her mind she laid down beside him..."arjun.." she said...and he looked at her.."tumhe babies se koi problem tu nahi hai na..i mean you love them na..?" she asked and looked at him...arjun knew he can never win an argument from arohi...turning his face away he closed his eyes.."arohi mujhe neend arahi hai..good night.." he said and switched off the lamps leaving her question unanswered...staring at his back for god knows how long arohi's eyes drifted into a deep slumber...


two months later july..

at alluhwalia's house..

"itni bari hogayi hai ye bhabhi..yaqeen hi nahi ata do maheene hogaye hain..kal ki baat hi lagti hai.." arohi said as she took little Sneha into her arms..."haan bhai par ek maheene mein hi is ne mujhe nacha dia hai...i tell you arohi bachoun k saath life itni asan nahi hai..ap ka sara time bas in k liye hota hai.." said purvi ..."par bhabhi ye hote bhi tu bht pyare hain phr bhale in k saath har lamha guzar jaye.."  arohi said  kissing on sneha's chubby cheek..."seriously bhabhi babies are such a blessing...a blessing u crave to be blessed with.." said shefali biting the apple..rashi who just entered the room let out a small laugh.."ya ya definitely a blessing..par poor shefali tum pe ye blessing abhi nahi girne wali.." said rashi taking her place next to arohi..."kyun kyun??.." asked shefali confusingly..."kyun k hamari shefali madam har mamle mein slow hai and modern bhi wo kahan abhi in jhamelo mein pare gi..kyun arohi bhabhi?" said rashi giggling..arohi smiled faintly and looked at shefali..shefali smiled taking another bite.."par is mamle mein shefali slow nahi hai.." she said surprising and confusing everyone.."matlab?.." asked purvi.."matlab ye k meine aur jay ne pehle din se koi precaution nahi li because we dont want to wait..hum chahte hain sab jaldi ho..hamari family complete ho..aur hamara relation aur zada strong ho..jay ko bhi babies se bht pyar hai aur wo chahta hai k jald se jald hamara bhi baby ho..." said shefali..."wow thats great..hamari shefali tu bari samjhdar aur fast nikli.." said purvi smilingly..but arohi's smile faded on hearing shefali's words as her own unfulfilled desire become fresh in her mind and heart..

it had been Two months since sneha's birth and arohi's first and last convo regarding baby with these two months arohi didnt even for once mentioned about having a baby nor did arjun showed any was going same as before..with arjun busy in his new project...everything was same between them like if the conversation never happened..their romance too didnt take any full stop but was still on its peak...arohi didnt talk about the baby but didnt forget about it too..her desire kept on increasing everytime she met sneha and thats why she started visiting her home every alternate day..and now hearing shefali made her realise that she is incomplete..and her incompleteness was something which was pricking her since the last two months..."di jiju aye hain ap ko lene.." karan's voice brought her out of her thoughts..."arahi hun.." she said nodding her head..


"itne din baad aye ho arjun..ab tu tumse milne k lie appointment leni pare gi lagta hai.." said sanchit..."haan bhai akhri baar tu tumhe hospital mein hi dekha tha.." said sahil taking a seat next to arjun..arjun smiled..since last two months he definitely was very busy and didnt socialise much...his new clients..dinners lunch meetings etc with them took most of his time..but today So many pending tasks had got their destinations and surprisingly he got free early and hence he decided to leave for home early...arohi had called him imforming that she is going to her he decided to pick her up from there and then all his time will be hers... 

"sorry guys par mein kia karun ye naya project le hi dooba hai..time hi nahi hota..din kaise bhagta hai pata hi nahi chalta.." said arjun..."han bhai bare log ho gaye hain.." said salil teasingly.."by the way aj kaise ana ho gaya.." asked sahil..."aj jaldi free ho gaya tu socha aj se acha mauqa nahi mile ga sab se milne ka.." arjun said smilingly...

"kia baat hai bare log aye hain aj tu.." purvi said walking towards arjun and arjun smiled shaking his head.."maar lo aur taane mar lo.." he said standing up...but once his eyes fell on the little bundle of love in purvi's arms his smile got brighter.."are ye itni bari hogayi.." he exclaimed...purvi smiled..."may i?.." arjun asked extending his hands forward to hold sneha...purvi smiled and gave sneha in his arms...

It was awkward to hold sneha not least because arjun knew nothing about holding a baby... There was something about supporting the head which he always have heard from was for the first time he held the baby in his arms fully on his own without anyone holding the baby..and all he knew it was a wonderful feeling..Gently he joggled the child around until it was propped against his chest and cradled against him like a rugby ball... He cradled the child with both arms, just to be extra supportive..."ale ap tu ite bare ho gaye ho..." he said smilignly..."aur bht beautiful bhi.." he said kissing her cheeks.."by the way mein ajrun...ap ka...amm...ap ka dost..haina..bano gi na meri friend..?.." he introduced himself to the little creature and smiled on not having any response from the baby..he knew a month or two child can not respond to the voices..but still he felt a strong bond with her...and excitement of knowing this little one... "ap thori si aur bari ho jao phr hum bht sari baatein karenge...hum donu ki ek team ho" he asked while brushing his nose against her cute one..."haan baba deal ab lao ise mujhe do is ka feeding time hai..." said purvi taking sneha back in her arms.. and arjun felt a sudden heavyness in his heart as soon as purvi took sneha..she seemed to take a place there in that short span of time and now he was missing the warmth of the little one..."bye bolo apne new friend ko.." said purvi smilingly...and arjun looked at sneha and caught her small fingers in between his thumb and index and dropped a soft kiss on her fingers..."jaldi milenge..bye princess..." he said smilingly..

arohi who was standing near the stairs with shefali did not miss the excitement and sadness in arjun's eyes... He was happy... It was a new side of him that she got to witness today... Her eyes were more on him than her niece as she kept on talking to shefali..and now she knows that arjun definitely doesnot hate babies..and may be he has pondered over her request and now its time to talk to him..."chalein.." arjun asked and arohi shook her head coming out of her thoughts.."hm.." she said nodding her head.."arjun mein bhi saath chalun gi meri car tmhare ghar pe hai.." said shefali to which arjun nodded ...


arohi entered the house and looked around for the rest but no one was there... pulling at his tie and loosening it arjun too entered the house after arohi... not registering the presence of another in the room he sighed ...and as his eyes fell on arohi his lips curved into a smile...just for her he reached home early today and had planned to go on a long drive with her but due to shefali nothing such happened..but now no one is around and he can have his time with arohi... He once again scanned the room for a moment.. smiling devilishly as he saw no one around.. seeking his chance he stepped silently up behind arohi... pulling her against him and moving them into a nearby room... closing the door behind them...

"arjun kia kar rahe ho...choro.." said arohi struggling to free her self..."arjun dadi ka room..arjun koi..." she said but  his hand had come up over her mouth to silence her..."shhh..." he whispered and backed her up against the wall and she felt her breath get caught in her throat... No words were spoken... arjun smirked wrapping his arms around her.. sensing her tremble slightly in response... Even in the dimness of the room he could see the beautiful blush inch up from her neck to her cheeks and he reached his head down to press his lips against the side of her neck... She drew in a sharp breath and closed her eyes..

"bht shor machati ho tum tumhe pata hai..." he murmured against the sensitive skin of her neck.. the scent of her hairs engulfing him to no bounds..."aj sirf tum aur mein arohi...koi shor nahi..koi aur nahi.." he said leaving his mark on her neck and looking at her closed eyes.."sirf tum aur mein..haina.." he asked in a whisper looking at her closed eyes.. She opening her eyes shook her head weakly as she once again lost herself to the feeling he incited in her... His arms crept around her waist and pulled her closer...bringing his lips down upon hers he filled her with a joy she could not describe... closing her eyes she savoured the feeling of being in the arms of the man she loved..."arohi puttar.." The words echoed in his ear which arohi failed to hear..."arohi...?.." arohi's eyes snapped open on hearing her name.."arjun dadi.." she said gritting her teeth.."tu mein kia karun.." he murmered as his lips travelled to her jawline.."arjun dadi araheen hain.." she said slightly pulling him away..arjun pulled away and let out a little groan in frustration causing arohi to giggle at his state...

"arohi puttar..." dadi's voice was heard again... arjun drew back and released his hold on her resting his head against her for a moment.."dadi is waqt mujhe villian lag raheen hain.." he said shaking his head and pulling away he indicated towards the door... arohi smiled looking at his cute frustrated face and stepping forward let out a small laugh.."kis ne kaha tha kahin bhi shoru hojao.." she said teasingly.."arohi mein.." he said but was interupted by dadi's voice...

"are tu yahan hai mein kab se tujhe dhond rahi hun.." dadi said..arjun arohi jumped hearing dadi's voice and stepped away from each other..."arjun tu...tum donu yahan kia kar rahe ho" she asked..arohi and arjun looked at each other and then embarassingly at dadi.."dadi wo...hum ap hi ko dhond rahe the.." arjun said stepping towards dadi.."mujhe ..mujhe q dhond rahe the.." asked dadi.."wo..wo..arohi batau na hum dadi ko kyun dhond rahe the.." arjun asked looking at arohi..arohi looked at arjun confusingly.."q dhond rahe the..?.." she asked confusingly.."haan q dhond rahe the?.." asked dadi looking at arohi confusingly.."arohi btau na q dhond rahi thi dadi ko.." arjun said gritting his teeth..arohi looked around trying to form an answer.."wo dadi..hum dhond rahe the ap ko.." she said.."haan par q.." asked dadi irritatingly..arohi sighed.."wo chorye dadi ap btaye ap mujhe q bula rahi theen..?.." she asked changing the topic..dadi shook her head.."haan wo tu chal mere saath mujhe tujhe apni saheli se milwana hai.." she said dragging arohi along with her..


"kia baat hai jab se room mein ayi ho muskra rahi ho.." arjun said shutting down his has been almost 15 minutes since arohi entered the room and since then she was smiling and arjun instead of concentrating on his work was looking at her...arohi looked at him and shook her head.."aise hi.." she said taking out her night payjama and t-shirt she went to washroom...but now arjun had to know whats the reason behind her smile so he waited impatiently for her to come out so that he can ask her again..

"tum ne bataya nahi.." arjun asked as soon as arohi came out of washroom.."kia?.." arohi asked while applying lotion in her hands.."yahi k kyun muskra rahi ho.." he asked sitting on the bed behind her..arohi smiled and looked at him through the mirror.."q mein muskra nahi skti kia.." she asked..."nahi muskra sakti ho..par...par mujhe bhi muskrana hai is lie btau q muskra rahi ho.." he asked stubbornly..arohi letting out a small laugh at his stubborned face turned around to face him.."arjun tum bht cute lag rahe ho tumhe pata hai.." she said and smiled controlling her laughter.."arohi baat mat phero nahi tu mein janta hun k tumse kese ugalwana hai.." he said..arohi smiled smirkingly.."acha kaise.." she asked raising her eyebrow..arjun smiled devilishly.."kese?.." he asked raising back his eyebrow..and arohi nodded her head...arjun stood and walked towards her...pulling her up with a jerk he backed her up against the wall startling her...

"q muskra rahi thi arohi.." he asked pressing his body closer to her..arohi shook her head in denial bitting her lower lip in order to control her smile..
"nahi?.." arjun asked raising his eye brow..on getting the same reply he pressed his body more close..arohi's heart skipped a beat.."arjun jane do mujhe.." she said softly.."kyun arohi kahan jana hai.." he asked bringing his lips a whisper away from hers...arohi gulped as a shiver ran down her spine.."wo..dinner..nahi..sona hai.." she whispered.."jawab de do phr jane dun ga.." he said staring into her eyes.."" she asked breathlessly.."kyun muskra rahi thi.."  he asked as his lips grazed her ear...  Arohi squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip..."arjun.." she moaned..."haan arohi.." he replied in whisper.."aise hi rehna hai kia saari raat.."   he said as he kissed her neck...  "Hmm..." she answered softly. ..which made him chuckle but still both didnt move..not able to carry on with his sweet torture arjun pulled arohi towards him holding her from waist pressed his lips on hers...Her arms immediately went around his shoulders as she kissed him back with equal fervor... Arjun pushed her more into the wall pressing him into her and pulling her by waist as well... His hands travelled down at the edge of her t-shirt and pulled it all the way up till her shoulders and arohi willingly put her hands a little up letting him remove it from her body leaving her in just a lacy white bra and her payjama..attacking her lips once again..her hands intertwined with his hair and she pulled his head close to her.. deepening the kiss..

Breaking apart after good two minutes.. she hid her face into his chest hiding the deep blush that crept on her cheeks..."arohi.." arjun whispered.."hmm.." she replied.."q muskra rahi thi.." he asked again smirkingly..arohi breaking apart looked at him.."arjun bas bhi karo ..aise hi muskra rahi thi..koi waja nahi hai.." she said smilingly..but arjun shook his head.."ab muskrao jitna muskrana hai.." saying this he smashed his lips on hers..and she felt herself being lifted by her husband's strong arms.. Never breaking the kiss she encircled her arms around his neck as he nestled her snuggly onto the blanket.. covering her body with his own... Locked securely within an impassioned lover's embrace and they surrendered completely into love's consuming rapturous waves...


releasing her slowly from his grip arjun collapsed by her side.. panting to regain his breath...  Hearing her heavy breathing he raised himself on his elbow and looked down at her with eyes filled with love..."arohi.." he said and she smilingly looked at him.."q muskra rahi thi?.." he asked again smilingly..arohi shaking her head smiled and held his hand into hers..."ye soch k muskra rahi thi k tumhe bhi ab wahi chahye jo mujhe chahye.." she said cropping her hand on his cheek just below his eye..."kia?.." he asked smilingly and confusingly..."hamara baby.." she said making his eyes widened in surprise and not again..he thought arohi have forgotten this but no she has not.."hai na arjun.." she asked smilingly..arjun caught her gaze for a second and dropped it as he didnt have the strength to lie by looking straight into her matter what he was still rigid with his decission and will be..

"bolo na arjun mein sahi keh rahi hun na..aj sneha k saath jese tum the..mene tmhari ankhun mein parh lia arjun..tum bhi yahi chahte ho na..hamara baby..hai na arjun" she asked  again with a ray of hope that this time she wont be disappointed..moving her hand away arjun sat on the bed ...arohi looked at him confusingly..her heart was dying to have only one answer but looking at his stern and serious face her mind was sensing the answer which she didnt want to hear.."arjun.." she called him in a whisper..and arjun closing his eyes in shame for hurting her again sighed.."nahi.." he said opening his eyes and arohi's eyes become wet.."par arjun.." she whispered sadly..but arjun interupted her.."plz arohi ..meine tumse kaha tha pehle bhi aur mein ab bhi keh raha hun..abhi its too early for me to think of having a child..i am not ready..mera project .." he said but arohi couldnot hear him further and interupted him.." sab lame excuses hain arjun.." she said in a louder voice making him turned around shockingly.."business tu sari zindagi chale ga..aj ek project hai..kal koi aur hoga..tu kia hum kabhi apni family nahi k lie hum apna baby nahi karenge?.." she asked angrily...arjun sighed.he knew and he can sense arohi's strong desire of having a child but his fears were not letting him to say something in favour to her desire.."arohi aisa nahi hai..meine aisa tu nahi kaha k kabhi nahi..bus abhi its too early..abhi mein.."..he said and sighed.."arohi abhi kuch saal mein is bare mein sochna nahi chahta..arohi abhi humara business zada time mangta hai aur phr abhi mein tumhare saath time spend karna chahta hun...itni jaldi bache ki responsibility..arohi humein hamare lie waqt nahi mile ga.." arjun said forming words to support his point of view..arohi sighed and slipped forward towards him..and inching closer she cupped his face.."arjun bacha responsibilty se zada meri zarurat hai..hamari zarurat hai..wo humein door nahi balke aur pass laye ga..aur business tu chalta rahe ga arjun..jay hai k ane se kuch ruke ga nahi..sahil bhayya bhi tu business karte hain unhone bhi tu.." she said but arjun interupted her.."shadi k 4 saal baad baby plan kia hai.." he said..arohi sighed.."arjun wo alag baat hai..bhabhi and bhayya ko good news shadi k 3 maheene baad hi mil gayi thi..but what to say..shaed us waqt baby unki kismat mein nahi tha..par hum q nahi arjun..aur jay and shefali bhi baby plan kar rahe hain..phr mein q nahi .." she said and gulped.."arohi hum kisi se competition q karein..jay and shefali jo bhi karein ye unki marzi hai..aur hamari marzi ..well meri marzi is mein nahi hai.." he said and arohi's eyes become wet.."par arjun mujhe baby chahye.." she said stubbornly...

"bas karo arohi kyun ek baat k peeche par gayi ho tum..keh dia na nahi tu bas nahi behas kyun kar rahi ho..", he yelled throwing his hand in air..But his anger couldnt stay with him until she broke into tears... Furrowing his eyebrows together  he drank his anger.. and a wave of guilt rushed in his body because of letting the tears plung from the eyes he admired and this guilt was making his heart sommersaults...Slanting her chin upwards with his finger he made her look into his eyes.. "idhar dekho arohi"..he said his voice carried a high wave of seriousness and power of authority.. When she refused to he sighed..and leaning closer he kissed the tears away from her face.. "arohi i am sorry.."..he said and made her look into his eyes.. "plz meri taraf dekho" he pleaded swallowing his tear..

"arjun mujhe baby chahye..hamara baby.." she said sobbingly looking at him..arjun closed his eyes holding back his tears for not being able to meet this desire of her..his long as his fear is with him he cant think on this matter..."arohi plz ro mat..i am sorry.."arjun said stroking her cheeks and instantly wrapped her in his arms... She curled her arms around his neck securely and tightened her grip around him.."arjun dont you love babies?...u love them na..bolo na.." she asked..a thick morsel of guilt embarked in his throat as arjun stroked her hair.."i do love them arohi..." he said..."phr q nahi arjun..hamara baby q nahi arjun.." she asked sobbingly..arjun sighed and pulled her closer.."arohi hum sochenge..bas ek baar ye project khatam hone do..mjhe thora time do arohi..mein sochunga is bare mein.." he said placing a kiss on her head in order to calm and sooth her and also to close the chapter as for now only.."arjun pakka tum socho ge na.." she asked coming out of the hug..arjun gulped nodding his head..he himself didnt know whether he will think or not but for her sake he has to say yes.."i will.." he said and leaning closer pressed his lips on her forehead and arohi's lips curved into a smile and she now was sure of getting what she is craving for.."i love you arjun.." she said happily and arjun smiled and bringing her back in his arms laid down on bed with her.."i love you too.." he said and switching off the lamp they soon drifted off to sleep..


precap...arjuhi's wedding anniversery...any guesses what will happen??
the next update will be on tuesday and it will have only the anniversery part..

i have sent the pms to those who asked me and are the regular readers who either comment or like...if anyone else is interested do let me know...

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...

thankyou...take careSmile

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