Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 82)

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

very nice update sehar
good to see you back after such a long time dear
hope everything is fine at your end

thankyou so much...yeah everything is fine thankyou...Smile
very very nice update sehar - the apology from sanchit was very good -
arjun's feelings were well delivered - iam feeling bad for him
waiting to know what will be arjuhi's next move

thankyou so much for liking the update...keep reading to know whats arohi will make arjun realise that what happened was not his mistake... 

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next update kab?

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Originally posted by mysticlover

I am so happy after reading this update.. 


sanchit and arohi are divorced even before she got married to arjun.. to say the truth I have always suspected the same.. 

and i guess u once mentioned it in ur comment also...haina?

arjun seriously need to get over his guilt and jay is right only arohi can do that.. these two lovers are so cute and amazing.. they will never consider each other at fault and will always take the blame.. and that's why they are the best couple ever!!!! 

yeah they are...definitely our arohi will make everything alright..Smile

just waiting for the two to talk everything out and resume their love filled life once again.. 

yeh sab next update mein hojaye ga...Smile

I am so happy.. jus set jay and shefali too..

hehe...yeah i am thinking abt it too...

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Originally posted by Deepika06

Awesome update sehar Thumbs Up

jeethero beta tune apna waada nibaaliya april se pehle hi update dediya hmmm good LOL

see mein jo kehti hun wo kar k bhi dikhati hunWink
glad tat sanjith hd asked maafi to arohi Big smile I loved the way hw arohi hd expressed her feelings her pain which she hs experienced in the past 3 yrs its truely heart wrenching Cry

yeah it is..and am glad that u liked that part...Smile
wah dono dadi toh bahut smart nikle Star so arohi hd signed the divorce papers bfr getting married to arjun toh iska matlab tabse arohi sirf arjun ka patni hai u know i hd a feeling tat arohi-sanjith ka toh proper divorce nai uva but nw it hs been cleared completely by tis two super cute and super genius ladies lov u dadis Hug

hehe dadis kaam ki cheez nikli aise hi bechari buddhis is update mien nahi theen..Wink

y arjun is feeling so much tat he hs nt saved his arohi ya its true tat he havn't saved arohi frm those gundos but other than tat woh hamisha arohi ka saath diya har cheez par har moment par 

haan par ab ye arjun ko smjhaye kon?

plz uska ye complex next update may dhur kardo nw eagerly waiting to know wat happens next Embarrassed next update kab dhugi Wink lov u Hug

haan hojaye ga update aj raat mile u tooSmile

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Originally posted by Rimpi_kmh

wow thanks for the update sehar Hug


very emotional update!!

sanchit the way apologized was gudSmile

n arohi,what can i say about herD'oh,she has golden heart Star really kind..

honestly when she talk to sanchit n asked for for his frndship after what he did arohi reflect ''Ekat's sati-sabtri Bahu''LOL really itna bara dil...Stern Smile

hehe ekta k serials dekh k bare hue hain tu thora touch tu aye ga na...Wink

after listening ''Divorce'' arohi's reaction was natural.Pinch

 Ur description  about arjuhi's fear about losing each other was awesome sehar  Clap

thankyou so much..Smile

DJ n dadi are rock star!!kya googly mariBig smile

donu ki jodi ne kamaal kar diaWink

i like arjun n jay's frnds foreverBig smile

yeah best friends...Smile

rashi n arohi's  convo ware also cute..

now waiting for arjuhi scene Day Dreaming 

in next update..keep reading...thanks for commenting..Smile
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PART 44:

Jay driving car and a slight smile was playing on his lips..and shefali was staring him blankly and up her staring session she sighed.."ab tum kuch bolna pasand karo ge ya yunhi pagaloun ki tarha muskrate raho ge.." said shefali irritatedly..jay looked at shefali with raised eyebrows to which shefali just glared him.."ab tum batao gi k mujhe kia batana hai ya yunhi idiots ki tarha ghorti raho gi.." he said chuckling..shefali rolling her eyes looked away.."na batau.." she said angrily and jay smiled shaking his head.."are pocho banda khidmat mein hazir hai.." he said and concentrated back on road..shefali sighed.."jay jab tum natasha se pyar krte ho tu phr inkar q...i mean sab jante hain k tum natasha ko pasand krte the bht pehle se phr aj sab kuch tmne ek plan ka hissa q bana diya..are you sacrificing ur love??.." she asked and jay broke out laughingly confusing shefali.."what???.." she asked confusingly..jay stopped the car and looked at her controlling his laughter.."seriously shefali mere liye ye ek shock ki baat hai k tmhe aisa lagta tha aur hai k mein natasha se pyar krta hun..." he said laughingly..shefali shaking her head.."what do u mean..?.." she asked..jay biting his lip controlling his laughter.."shefali tmhe chor k duniya ka har wo shaks jo mjhse jura hua hai aur yahan tak k khud natasha ko bhi kabhi aisa nahi laga..tu tmhe aisa kyun lag gaya.." he said and looked in front.."tmhe is lagne lagane mein wo nahi lag paya jo tmhe actually mein lagna chahye tha.." he said shaking his head..shefali sighed.."agar ap mjhpe thori meharbani karna chahein tu saaf saaf baat kijiye.." said shefali tauntingly..jay smiled.."shefali tum mjhe bachpan se nahi janti..arjun aur natasha jante hain isi liye tu aj mera aisa kehna un k lie ek shock ban gaya..." he said.."theek hai i always felt protective towards natasha..i always cared for her..i always took her side..i always supported her..par ye sab mene is lie nahi kia q k i loved her..balkeh is lie q k mein dil se use apni behan manta tha..i was the only child..i had no sister no brother..arjun ne bhai ki kami puri ki..rashi ne behan ki..natasha mein arjun rashi bachpan se saath the aur isi tarha arjun rashi k saath natasha k lie bhi wahi pyar mere dil mein tha..mein us se umar mein ek saal bara hone k naate ye sab karna apna farz smjhta short i loved her considering her my sister and nothing more than that.." he said smilingly..shefali looked at him surprisingly.. Since the time she knew him she always felt that care that protective nature of jay that concern as jay's love for natasha..and not the brotherly love..and knowing the reason behind all that she was now surprised..why she didnt think it that way...ok so that was her mistake and now its clarified and somehow she felt a strange contentment hearing this and a smile crept on her lips..shaking her head she looked away.."isi tarha har larki ko behan banate rahe na tu hogaya tmhara kaam.." she said smilingly..jay looked at  Her and smiled.."mind it shefali mene tmhe behan nahi banaya abhi tak.." he said and started the car and shefali looked at him confusingly.."matlab?.." she asked..and jay sighed smilingly.."shefali tum bewaquf ho  par itni bhi nahi k meri is baat ka matlab na smjh sako.." jay said shaking his head leaving shefali staring him blankly ..and it didnt take long time for her brain to understand the meaning behind jay's words...clearing her throat she instantly looked away and suddenly a strange awkwardness was spread in the car for her...sighing deeply in order to pretend nothing happened she let out a small laugh.."wese acting achi kar lete ho tum.." she said breaking the awkward silence and jay smiled.."aur tum baat bht ache se pher leti ho.." he said stopping the car and looked at shefali..shefali embarassingly looked everywhere but him...jay shaking his head smiled.."good night shefali.." he said and shefali looked at him confusingly.."ye ghar shaed tumhara hi hai haina?..." jay said raising his eyebrow in reply to her confused looks..shefali looked outside and sighed realising that she has reached home..."go..good night.." she said instantly and stepped out of the car and rushed inside the house ..jay stared at the way she left and smiled driving away ...


standing on the same spot arjun and arohi both were staring at each other...arohi with so much much much trust...was staring out on her life where as arjun was ashamed on himself realising he not at all deserves all this love and trust..he simply is not worthy of it..dying to pull her back in his embrace...showered all his love on her...tell her how much he missed much he loved her...and only her...but his guilt was holding him back...but all he wanted to go to her...take her into his arms...apologize for all the pain he has caused her...for bringing himself on the verge of breaking her trust.."arohi..." he whispered and that was it...

arohi's eyes were squealing in happiness on the sight of him...with the satisfaction of herself being there where she should be her smile got brightened...and this was the moment she was waiting for...away from everyone..only with him...all alone but with the person she found her life in...and hearing her name from his mouth was another breath taking moment for her...she forgot everything but this feeling was always the same...everytime her name from his voice was like a melodious song for her..and same was the case there is no one except him and her...and she still hasnot told him how much she missed much she loves much she was scared and now how much she is relieved..and then her steps made their way...and closing the distance between them she rushed to him...and jumped throwing herself in his arms…...hugging him tight...moving closer to get herself buried in him...and  got lost in his arms which she wanted to...desperately wanted to..she wanted to get submerged in him... feel him...all over again again...nuzzling closer to him she rested her face close to his heart and tears started making their place in her eyes as she felt the long lost content in his arms..only his...blessed she was...letting her tears flow out from her eyes she cried hard...yes she wanted to do that...cry her heart out...she had held herself from crying since the time she came back to her arjun but now she did..she did as this was the moment she was desperately waiting for to happen since the time she gain conscious...and finally it happened and now she doesnot want to miss this chance...miss this moment...and thus she cried in happiness...wetting his sherwani she nuzzled closer to him...

Arjun was amazed... surprised and happy to see her throw herself on doubt he too was dying to hold her in his arms...he too wanted this hug dearly...he felt her nuzzling to him and he hugged her tight feeling the immense pleasure to hold her finally in his arms again...
extremely pleased to hold her in his protective arms for shielding her from every pain...and now He didnot want any pain to ever pass through her, He didnot  want it to effect her in any ways... he closed his eyes feeling on the top of the world to feel her so close to him...He wanted to stop the moment right here…and not wanted it to end..never...and a fear gripped his heart...fear of loosing... fear of losing the moment..fear of Losing he didnt want it to happen...He will definitely die if it happens...yes he would and in his fear he hugged her really tight nuzzling her...He felt wetness in his chest and he frowned as he heard her whispers... crying!!???? she was crying and he got horrified...what happened???...why??... Why was she crying...isnt she happy...isnt she well..?? is she really hurt...??...yes ofcourse she is..i have hurted her...i have broken her trust...i am responsible...did she feel the same??...yes...thats the only reason for her to cry...he was the reason...

he parted her...slightly pushing her away he looked at her...her face was all red...tears were there in her eyes...and she was crying...He frowned in pain...he brought these tears in her eyes...he...arohi on the other hand was overwhelmed in happiness...the tears from her eyes were flowing freely pouring out all her happiness and pain...yes she was crying washing all the pain she had went through with out him... for him...She wanted to be in his arms forever... wanted this moment to be sealed...She couldn't believe that she was here in his arms again...oh how blessed she was...but soon she was pushed back...pushed back from her life...raising her eyes she looked at him...tears were now making place in his eyes...but wait..whats this?...pain??...why??...guilt??..why??...she frowned..he should be happy..but he was in pain...why??...was it because of her...did he also feel the same...that because of her he has lost precious moments of his life...was he in pain because of this??...looking confusingly at him she was searching answers to several questions running in her mind...

not able to take it any more arjun Cradled her face in his hands and looked at her... wiping her tears away..."arohi...arohi i am sorry.."...he said and she narrowed her eyebrows in confusion...coming closer to her he continued..."i am really sorry arohi..meri waja se tumhe itna sab sehna sab meri waja se hua..sab meri galti hai..arohi mein apna koi wada nahi nibha paya..meine sab wade tor die..meine tmhara bharosa nahi dena chahta tha wo de dia..dard aur takleef de di..aur jo dena tha wo nahi de paya.." he said and tears made their way out from his eyes...arohi's eyes widened in shock hearing him...he is feeling guilty for the thing he actually is not and this pinched in her heart.."arjun..." she said but was interupted.."nahi arohi kehne do mujhe.." he said and lowering his eyes he sighed.."arohi ye sab ki waja mein sab meri saza thi par tumhe mil gayi...arohi natasha ne jo kia wo sab mere lie kia..mujhe pane k lie kia..aur us ki nafrat ki aag mein tum jal ne tumhari jaan lene ki hadd bhi paar kar li aur mein kuch na kar paya..mein yahan fail hogaya..meri ankhun k saamne tum thi...aur gayab hogayi..aur tum takleef mein ho ye mein jaan hi nahi paya..tumhe protect nahi kar paya..aur wo log tumhe le gaye..mein yahan bhi fail hogaya...mujhe erhi choti ka zor lagana chahye tha tmhe dhondne k lie ..mein nahi laga paya mein tmhe dhond nahi paya arohi..mein yahan bhi fail hogaya..meine natasha se shadi k lie haan kar di...sab se asan rasta tumhe wapis paane ka..meine koshish nahi ki arohi..mene khud ko tmhari aur khud ki nazroun mein gira dia...apni zindagi mein tmhari jaga tmse cheen raha tha ghar se cheen raha tha..meine tmhara bharosa tor dia yahan bhi...aur jab tmhe mauqa mila bachne ka tu dekho tab bhi mein tmhare kaam na asaka..mein tmhari madad na kar saka..again i failed arohi...sab meri waja se hua..tmhari har takleef har ansu har dukh ki waja sirf mein hun sirf mein...arohi plz mujhe saza do..mujhe..arohi mujhe maa..." he said but couldn't complete it... just couldn't as he was sutted by her hands which now rested on his lips...He looked at her... staring deep into her eyes getting drowned in the depth of those eyes..."bas arjun..bas kijie.." she said...she was never hurted by any of this...but his guilt over something in which he was not at all responsible was hurting was stabbing her was paining her..his tears..she could not bear it..she just cant..she stopped him...loking at him contently she moved her hands and touched his cheeks caressing it... making him smile at her act... "bas arjun..bas..." she whispered calmly...arjun looked at her and arohi wiped his tears with her fingers..."kis ne kaha ap fail ho gaye..ap ka exam tu mene lia hai arjun tu result bhi mein hi declare karun gi na...ap khud kaise keh skte hain k u r arjun you are not...and will never be...u will never fail..." she said and a fresh tear rolled down his cheek.."natasha ne meri jaan lene ki koshish ki aur ap kuch nahi kar paye...aisa kis ne kaha arjun...ap hi ne tu meri jaan bachai...ap hi ka pyar tha jo mujhse meri saansein cheen hi nahi paya koi...yahan tu ap pass ho gaye arjun...ap ki waja se..ap k pyar ki waja se ap ki arohi zindagi se door nahi gayi...ap ne mjhe dhoondne k lie har koshish ki hogi ye mein janti hun...ap ne shehar ka har kona chaana hoga mein janti hun...par mein kahan hun ye tu mein khud nahi janti thi...mjhe akele ap tu nahi dhond rahe mein tu police fail hui hai...ap nahi...natasha se shadi k lie haan asan tha??...arjun ye mujhe paane ka sab se mushkil rasta tha...natasha se shadi karne ka faisla ap ki zindagi ka sab se mushkil faisla raha hai aur ye ap bhi jante hain..natasha se shadi k lie haan kar k ap tu apna farz nibha rahe the..apna wada pora kar rahe the..wada mjhe protect karne ka..wada mujhe bachane ka..tu ap kaise keh skte hain k ap fail hue ..nahi nahi ap pass hoe hain..q k mera bharosa tota nahi balkeh mazbut hua hai..arjun ap ka natasha se shadi k lie haan karna hi mujhe bacha laya...q k ye khabar sun k hi mjh mein himmat ayi...wahan se kisi bhi tarha nikalne ki..aur yahan waqt pe pohanch k ap ko bachane ki...tu yahan tu ap pass hogaye..q k mjhe yahan tak laane mein sab se bara haath hi apka hai..." she said and sighed..."ap mere kaam nahi asake...jab mjhe mauqa mila ..mene sab se pehle apko phone kia...par number off tha...aur ye tu bht acha hua...agar us waqt meri ap se baat hojati tu mein ap k chehre pe wo khushi kabhi na dekh pati jo mere ane se aur meri yadasht wapis ane se ap k chehre pe ayi..arjun mein wo apni ankhun se dekhna chahti thi aur mene dekhi...aur mujhe ye sab se bari khushi dene mein ap ka hi haath hai..tu ap kaise fail hue..arjun ap k ek faisle ne mjhe bachaya aur ap k saamne la k khara kia...ap k chehre ki khushi mehsus karayi aur sab se bari khushi di tu ap kaise fail ho sakte hain...ap tu har paper mein pass hain arjun ..har imtehan mein...ap fail nahi hosakte ...kabhi nahi..." she said and arjun closed his eyes hearing arohi's words...she definitely is a darling...a pure hearted girl...and his arohi...the most understanding and loving person in the world...she knows how to make others happy..she definitely knows...wiping his tear he sighed...and though she has said everything..but one last time he has to say this...he has to last time..." I Am…" he started in his shaking voice but couldnot complete as arohi shaking her head leaned forward and covered his mouth with her lips...

wounding her hands around his neck she kissed him lingeringly pouring all her love in it... assuring him to not to feel guilty and that he didn't have to be sorry as she understood him more than anyone did...even more than himself...she knew that he didn't mean to hurt her...never and ever...he didnt mean to give her any was for his assurance for his relief...arohi is not angry on was to tell him she has no regrets...and that she has only love for him...never ending love... arjun tightened his arms around her and kissed her back with burgeoning passion... a sudden urgency in him to remove all the pain that he had caused her knowingly and unknowingly...apologizing for every little thing that had hurted her and sealing a promise to never hurt her again and to never bring tears in her eyes was his thanks to her for not making him feel guilty..for not making him feel responsible..for making him feel loved...and trusted...breaking apart arohi instantly hugged him saying.."i love you arjun...aur ab hamare beech ansuoun ki koi jaga nahi...koi nahi.." she said and pulled him closer tightening her arms around him...arjun smiled..."koi jaga nahi hai tu phr tum kyun ansu baha rahi ho hun.." he said and pushed her back slightly...

"arohi mein ab tmhari ankhun mein ansu nahi dekhna chahta...bas har pal muskrate dekhna chahta hun..hamesha.." he said and gently cupped her face in his hands and kissed her tears away..."i love you arohi...i love you.." he whispered holding up her wrists and kissing them gently marking his love on them..."aur ye sachai kabhi bhi koi bhi nahi badal sakta..."...he said and taking his time he kissed her forehead..." complete me...yes arohi..tum mere saath ho tu mein poora hun aur tmhare bager mein adhura..aj mein phr ek baar poora hogaya hun..tmhare ane se..tum mere lie meri pori duniya ho..meri pori qayinat.." he said smilingly and arohi's heart skipped a beat and her eyes become wet...yes the words she was dying to hear from him...kissing her nose he smiled.."arohi you are the best thing that ever happened to me... my perfect match... the one I've always wished for... and the one for me." he said kissing her cheeks... her chin... making her breathless..."tum mere jeene ki waja ho arohi...meri strength..mera khobsurat sapna.." he said Gently cupping her face in his hands..."yes arohi i love you..and i am dying to have this lifetime with you ... Believe me arohi you are the only one with whom I can imagine my life..." he said  looking into her eyes with love... respect and desire... Lowering his head he kissed her slowly... nibbling at her lower lip... Seeking permission... her soft lips parted under his touch and he deepened the kiss making her forget everything except the feel of his lips against her... Forgetting her shyness... arohi nestled against him... opening her mouth... allowing all her pent up longing to emerge in one heated him all the rights that he had on her ... if only she could make up for all those moments that they have lost with this one kiss of love...Loosing his control he pushed her against the wall and kissed her with fierce passion... her sweetness was driving him crazy with desire...pouring out all his love..all his passion..all his fears..all his happiness in his one single kiss he expressed his unsaid feelings to her for which the words were not enough... Dragging his lips away from hers, he kissed her throat and the exposed part of her neck running feathery kisses all over her face...moving back to her lips he smashed his lips on them yet again..and her hands slid into his hair...and she kissed him back pouring all her love in him... His arms tightened around her as he kissed her back with the same passion... Their body molded in to one another and they forgot everything and lost themselves in each other...when air become necessary they parted from each other..and arohi unable to look at him hid herself in his arms feeling shy all of a sudden.. making him let out a chuckle...shaking his head he smiled and scooping her up in his arms he carried her to their bed...


shutting the door behind rashi looked around.. Not seeing sahil anywhere upon entering the room she went to the washroom to change... Coming out now dressed in a black nightgown she went towards the dressing table... taking off her earrings she sighed realising how much tired she is...the whole day had been one of the longest one...shaking her head  she continued with her she was removing her chain sahil entered the room...his lips curved into a smile seeing rashi... Coming up behind her he slid his hands around her waist and pressed a soft kiss on her neck. "i love you.." he murmured looking at her through the mirror...rashi looked at him through the mirror and smiled.. "kahan the?" she asked softly.."salil bhayya k saath tha..apne hotel k bare mein discuss kar raha tha un se.." he said and pulled her back towards him..."hmm.." she whisperd and closed her eyes leaning back into him shivering with delight as the warmth of his hands around her waist seeped in through the gown... 

"rashi.." said sahil after few moments' silence..."hm.." she said..."i am sorry...ghar ki tensions mein mei tmhe time nahi de paya.." he said softly..rashi opened her eyes and looked at him through the mirror.."pagal ho gaye ghar ab mera bhi hai..aur arohi bhabhi sirf tmhari behan hi nahi meri bhi hain..mera tu double rishta hai..aur is mushkil waqt mein tmhara waqt is family ko chahye tha jo tumne dia..and not to forget mein bhi family no sorry samjhe.." she said smilingly..sahil smiled and removed his hands..."par ab tu mera sara waqt tumhara hai".. he said and turned her around.."by the way you looking beautiful in this color...but abhi i dont want this..." he said and this was the last thing she heard him say  before his head stooped and he kissed her making her forget everything except the breath taking feeling of his soft lips moving against hers as his one arm closed around her waist pulling her closer while the other moved into her hairs... The zip of the gown came loose and the soft silk slithered to the floor and as a coldness of the room hit her... "sahil" she moaned...but sahil freeing her chuckled "i love you mrs.sahil sharma.." he whispered and then scooped her up in his arms..

her world tilted around as he picked her up in his arms all the while kissing her before tumbling on the bed as his hands roamed every corner of her body while her trembling hands undid his shirt aching to feel him. "i love..." rashi whispered as his lips kissed her neck making its way lower. " I love you too sahil "... she managed before loosing herself completely to him blinking away her tears witnessing the creation of strong bond between them...


leaning against the headboard with arohi resting her head on top of his chest..both were enjoying each others presence..each other's comfort..."arjun.." said arohi..."hmm.." whispered arjun..."agar meri yadasht kabhi bhi wapis na ati tu..?" she asked..arjun opened his eyes and sighed.."tu kia arohi..mein bas itna janta hun k ab tmhe zada der mein khud se door na rakhta..wese b hum ne faisla kia tha k doctor se baat kar k hum tmhe sab such bata dein ge.." he said.."arjun mujhe sab pata chal gaya tha.." she said and arjun surprisingly looked at arohi..arohi looked at arjun resting her chin on his chest.."mjhe shadi wale din sab pata chal gaya tha..mein is room mein ayi thi.." she said and arjun knitted his brows in confusion.."meine diary parhi sari pics ye sab kuch.." she said..."mjhe kuch acha nahi lag raha tha..gussa araha tha k chah k bhi mjhe kuch yaad q nahi meri life ki sab se bari sachai hai aur mein yahi bhool gayi thi..mjhe khushi thi k mera ap se koi rishta hai..bht gehra..par gussa aur takleef is baat ki thi k mjhe wo hi yaad nahi araha..mein kuch time akele rehna chahti thi..isi liye mein ghar se chale gayi thi.." she said and her eyes become wet recalling that day..hearing this arjun sighed recalling the moment when he saw the diary half opened and now he knew why it was opened...arjun caressed arohi's hairs and tightened the hug.."bas arohi ab aur ansu hogaya so hogaya..ab tum mere pas ho ..bht pass...aur ab mein tmhe khud se door ek pal k lie bhi nahi karunga..kabhi nahi.." he said smilingly making her lips curved in a smile...

"wese arohi ek baat tu batau.." he said after few moments silence..arohi nodded her head...and arjun parted her away making her sit on the bed..he too sat and looked at her.."pehle tum mjhe ap bolti thi phr tum ab dobara kia hai.." he asked teasingly..arohi smiled.." kyun ap ko koi problem hai.." she asked.."haan hai na.." he said.."acha kia.." she asked folding her hands.."mjhe tum zada acha lagne lag gaya hai..matlab ap bhi acha hai par tum ki adat hogayi hai ab.." he said smilingly..arohi stared him.."tu ap ki adat ka mein kia karun.." she said..."tum meri adat ki respect karo arohi aur mjhe ap bolna band karo.." he said ..arohi smiled.."par mjhe ap bolna acha lagta hai.." she said.."aur mjhe ap sun k aisa lagta hai k mein uncle hun koi.." he said with a pout..arohi smiled.."acha theek hai.." she said.."kia?.." he asked excitedly.."mein aj se tumhe tum bolungi.." she said smilingly.."hm good girl..ab tum so jao arohi..tumhe rest ki zarurat hai.." he said.."nahi..mujhe baatein karni hain.." she said childishly..arjun smiled.."acha fresh tu ho jao.." he said..and arohi shook her head negatively.."arohi.." he said glaring her in fake anger..and arohi sighed.."ok.." she said and stood..


sitting in front of the dresser holding the photo frame in her hands shefali was staring at the pic of her with arjun..natasha..and jay taken at the last time of their get together in london...this was the pic which was kept in her room since the time it was taken..first at london and now here in chandigarh..looking at the picture was a daily routine for her but never ever she took in the minor details of the pic and now she is noticing everything...noticing the closeness she is sharing with jay..standing between the two guys she was more close to jay then natasha...and his hand which was holding hers...this simple gesture was nothing to her but today she is feeling a strange possessiveness in it...she always had a great bond and friendship with jay..arjun and natasha too were her friends but with natasha her friendship was not as strong as with jay and arjun..with arjun it was always like a brother sister bond..but with jay she never felt like what she felt with arjun..her carefree nature never let her to ponder over such things before but today she is surprisingly thinking over her friendship and relationship she shared with jay...

Since the time she has met with jay she has found him the most genuine and sweetest was always like living herself around his company..his teasing talks..him making fun of her always irritated her but deep in her heart she knew she liked every bit of it...jay's closeness with natasha always effected her..she didnt know about the brotherly love he had for  her but has always thought that love and care to be his liking towards always irritated her..affected her..angered her but at the end of day she was shefali who due to her carefree nature never pondered over the why effect of her feelings..but today after listening to jay... her feelings which were   Resting deep down in her heart got awaken..yes jay was right she definitely is not that much stupid that she cant even understand the hidden meaning behind his words..but hold on..was he actually trying to say he love her?...and what about her? she also in love?...sighing in realisation of this truth she smiled and looked back at the picture.."mein bhi shefali hun jay sab larkyun se alag..and mein na khud intezar karun g aur na hi tumhe karwaun gi.." she said and stood..."yes jay..i love you.." she said and smiled hugging the picture close to her heart.. 


staring at the dresses hung in the cupboard arohi was smiling..everything was kept as it was ...running her hand through the dresses she smiled recalling the memories associated with these dresses..arjun who was sitting on the bed was confused as to why she is not moving..walking up towards her he looked at her face which has a faint smile..shaking his head he smiled and hugged arohi from back pulling her close..resting his chin on her shoulder he kissed her cheek and closed his eyes  .."abhi k lie tmhe yahi kaproun se guzara karna hai..i promise kal hum tmhare new dresses le k ayenge..tmhari pasand k.." he said..arohi keeping her hands above his hands smiled.."naye dresses kyun.." she asked..arjun smiled.."arohi mein chahta hun k tum wo hi pehno jis mein tum comfortable ho..aur mene dekha hai tum kis mein comfortable ho..mjhe tum har dress mein achi lagti lie mein chahta hun k mein wo hi childish arohi dekhun jo mein 2 maheense se dekh raha hun.." he said..arohi removing his hands turned to face him.."arjun mein in dress mein zada comfortable hun.." she said.."arohi par phir bhi hum tmhari wardrobe change kar rahe hain..sab kuch tmhari aur meri pasand ka.." he said smilingly..arohi shaking her head smiled.."acha ab mein fresh ho k ati hun.." she said and turning around took out a simple salwar suit and went to freshen up...


Walking towards the bed sanchit's lips curved into a smile recalling all that happened today...finally everything was fine now..happiness will now be everywhere..and this thought in itself was enough to brighten his smile..sitting on the bed arohi's face flashed in his mind and his smile faded realising his love for her..realising he was not lucky enough to have her in his life...but again a smile spread on his lips recalling arohi's words...and today he has learnt this that love is not only to have the person beside you but it is to see the same person happy in his/her life and arohi is more than happy in her life and he dont want to ruin her happy world and he will make sure it.,..treasuring his love safe inside his heart he now decided to give time to his a a a friend and more importantly as a matter whether he loves preeti or not but the fact is the same she is his wife and his responsibility and he will not backout from this responsibility of his..making a mental note of meeting preeti tomorrow he laid down on bed praying to god for giving him strength to do what he has decided to...


coming out of the washroom arohi's eyes fell on arjun who was sitting on the edge of the bed...he too have changed in his black track trousers and t-shirt..and was now sitting lost in his own thoughts...smilingly arohi walked to the dresser and kept her jewellery on it and turned around to look at him..confused she got and walked towards him...

"kia hua kia soch rahe ho arjun.." she asked and arjun blinked his eyes and looked at her...arohi smiled and sat beside him.."kia hua?.." she again asked and arjun shook his head negatively.."kuch nahi.." he said...arohi shaking her head smiled.."chaliye ab ap bhi so jayein..mein lights off karti hun.." she said and got up to leave...but arjun was quick enough to stop her by holding her hands... She turned to him and He placed his head on her stomach..."ab mujhse door tu nahi jao gi na arohi.." he asked innocently and arohi's heart skipped a beat...arjun though was now relieved but somewhere deep in his heart he still has this fear and now wanted an assurance from arohi that she wont leave him ever... arohi kept her hands on his head and hugged him letting her hands caressing his hair..."kabhi nahi arjun..kabhi bhi nahi.." she said and knelt before him and touched his forehead with hers...arjun smiled and  cupped her face... "promise?.." he asked...and arohi smiled and nodded her head.."pakka promise.." she said and arjun hugged arohi ..."and i promise mein tmhara ye wada nahi totne dunga.." he said and arohi smilingly hugged him back..

"ok now time to sleep..." arjun said coming out of the hug..arohi smiled nodding her head.. He made her to lay down on the bed and sat near her head... He gently stroked her hair caressing her fingers... arohi smiled...arjun bent down and kissed her forehead.."good night arohi.." he whispered and arohi closing her eyes smiled.."good night.."... 


plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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