Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 78)

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Originally posted by Deepika06

Aaj update milegi kya Big smile

yesSmilemere usual time peSmile

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Originally posted by Rimpi_kmh

update kab milaga sehar?????Day Dreaming

aj hi mile ga..mere usual time peSmile

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part 43:

everyone sighed thanking god for everything..arohi smilingly turned around to face arjun who was standing behind her..but the moment she turned around she frozed hearing her name in a familiar voice.."arohi..."...

sanchit karan and dj entered the house and looked at the entire family present in the hall and arohi's back was facing him..he sighed taking a deep breath and gathering all his courage he called her name..

arohi's smile faded and her hands began to tremble and sweatbeads started forming on her forehead ... a quick flash of her past...of the worst night..her wedding night..everything appeared in her eyes and horror caught her as images of last time she saw him before her accident flashed in her mind... trying to shake the memory off her head her hands went to hold her head which now started bursting with pain and again a fresh layer of memory of the haunting accident flashed in her mind..."sanc..sanchit.." the words came out of her tongue..

at first when sasnchit entered the house arjun took it normally but seeing arohi's trembling state and shocked face he got worried and instantly rushed towards arohi without even thinking on the matter..."arohi tum theek ho?..." ..."arohi kia hua...tum aise...arohi tmhari tabiat..tmhare sir mein dard ho raha hai..arohi bolo na kia hua?..." he asked worriedly...a panic rushed in his entire self and now he was confused as to what happened to her suddenly..

rubbing her hands on her face arohi shook her head coming out of the images and closed her eyes as another set of memories...the time spent with sanchit in this past two months flashed in her mind..and her eyes become wet..holding arjun's hand she pressed it tightly holding him for support as she was now lost in a strange fear...a sudden fear gripped her heart as she felt arjun will now go away from her.."mjhe...mjhe mat chorna.." she said in a shaky voice...arjun looked at his hand panickedly..and then at arohi's face..."arohi mein yaheen hun..kahin nahin ja raha...plz mujhe batau kia hua??.." he asked.. but Sanchit walked towards arohi and she startled in fear when he stood beside her and she instantly hugged arjun hiding herself in his embrace..her whole body trembled in fear as the past memories kept on haunting her..and a continuous fear of the man in front of her will take her away from arjun kept on scaring her..arjun confusingly looked at sanchit and hugged arohi tightly trying to assure her that he is with her through his hug..all he knew was that arohi has got her memory back then why she is acting like this..why this fear..but suddenly the realisation hit him that sanchit was the last person arohi saw before accident and considering that period it was a shock for arohi at that time too to see a dead man.. her past.. in front of matter what happened after the memory loss in that two months but now after getting her memory back she still needs time to admit this reality..

"bhool jao arohi ko.."
"sanchit arohi ka divorce nahi hua aj tak..tu qanoonan wo aj bhi sanchit ki patni hai.."

and as soon as amrit's words echoed in his mind he too got scared and pulled arohi more close trying to assure him and her that he wont let her go away from him now..

Everyone looked at arohi's scared state and sighed..they knew it was a great shock for her and now everything is in her looked at sanchit who was standing helpless..not knowing what to walked towards him and putting her hand on his shoulder she caught his attention.."bol na puttar.." she said and sanchit nodded and stepped back..

"relax arohi kuch nahi hoga..ek baar us ki baat sun lo.." said sahil coming towards arohi..arohi slightly pulling herself away from arjun's embrace looked at sahil..her heart was beating fast and she was lost of words..only fear she could feel..looking at sahil confusingly she shed her own tears..trying to understand the situation..trying to compose herself she again looked at arjun who closed his eyes nodding his head trying to assure her that he is with her..turning around arohi was shocked again finding sanchit on his knees folding his hands and eyes lowered..

"arohi.." he said and looked at her..and The mixture of fear, pain, and anger returned to her face just by hearing her name from his voice.."mein..."...He swallowed.  He never knew he could feel so much pain and guilt just by looking at her...taking a deep sigh he calmed himself..
"mein maafi k laiq nahi hun arohi..aur na hi tmhari nafrat k laiq..mene jo bhi kia wo lalach mein kia..mein...arohi mere...arohi us waqt..." he said and sighed in helplessness..he couldnot even form words..his act was too shameless that he didnt even know how to ask forgiveness for that act of his..asking forgiveness from the family was very easy but asking from the one who really was the victim..who suffered more than everyone because of his sin ..its really very difficult...but he has to do..he has to..  "arohi mein janta hun k meine tmhara bharosa..tmhara dil ..tmhari umeed..sab tora..meine sachai se bhagne ka jo rasta apnaya us ne sab kuch khatam kar dia..par arohi us waqt meri ankhun pe ek parda tha..lalach ka..aur na chahte hue bhi ye rasta mjhe apnana para..arohi wapis ana bhi chaha jab tu tab bhi nahi aa paya..kuch majburi..kuch apni lalach..har cheez ne mujhe rok dia..arohi meine apni zindagi mein kabhi tumhe koi takleef dene ka socha bhi nahi tha..tum meri special friend thi..meine hamesha tmhe khush dekhna chaha..lekin pata nahi mein itna swarti kab hogaya k apne matlab k age sab bhool gaya aur khud hi tmhare ansuon tmhare dukhun ki waja ban gaya..mein kabhi wapis nahi ana chahta tha..kisi ko koi takleef nahi dena chahta tha..maafi mangna chahta tha par himmat hi nahi juta paya din office mein tmhe dekha..meine expect bhi nahi kia tha k hamari mulaqat youn achanak hogi..aur jab meine tmhe dekha tu ek hi pal mein pori zindagi mere saamne agayi.." he said and looked at arohi who was listening to him staring at him very quietly..sighingly he continued.."sara bachpan..har wo lamha jo tmhare saath guzara wo sab ankhun k age agaya..aur tmhari wo ek jhalak kafi thi mere samne mera gunah lane k lie..mujhe mera gunah yaad agaya...arohi mein 3 saal se tmse maafi mangne k lie tarap raha tha par himmat ek pal k liye bhi nahi juta paya tha..par ab jab tmhe dekha tu najane kahan se himmat agai..par mene wo mauqa phr kho dia...aur phr sab badal gaya..tmhara k baad jo hua wo sab k samne hai.." he said and wiped his tear.."arohi meine sirf guilt k peeche ye 2 maheene tmhara saath nahi dia..balkeh us dosti ki khatir dia jo kabhi hum mein hua karti thi..aur jo hamare beech mein hamesha chahta time jo ab meine tmhare saath guzara ye bhi ek khobsurat waqt guzra ..pal pal maafi mangna chahi meine par waqt theek nahi tha..lekin aj shaed sahi waqt agaya hai..arohi mein tmhara gunehgar hun..aur mein tmse maafi mangne se pehle apni saza mangna chahta hun..arohi tum mujhe jo saza do gi mujhe manzoor hai..mein har takleef sehne k lie tayyar hun lekin mein janta hun wo tmhari us takleef se kam hi hogi jo mene tmhe di..lekin arohi mei saza chahta hun q k mein isi laiq hun..mein..arohi mujhe..." he said and closing his eyes broke out into tears not able to control any more...

arohi was staring at sanchit..and everyone at arohi..painful moment it was for everyone..sanchit's state brought tears in everyone's eyes but what to do ..this day was meant to come..and today was the day sanchit had waited for since the last few years...arjun looked at arohi trying to fugure out whats going in her her heart but she was standing like a statue..not even pondering over sanchit's words..but was just staring at the broken state of him..sahil walked towards sanchit and bent down in front of him trying to console him..
feeling weak, not able to save his brother..his friend from this pain of guilt he is feeling...salil walked towards arohi.."arohi ..." he said but she didnt look at him...sighingly he then told arohi all the story which sanchit told them in the hospital..the entire story behind his diappearance and then sudden appearance...and ended with.." sanchit gunehgar hai arohi..saza k bhi laiq saza dena chaho de do..par saza k baad use maafi k laiq bhi smjhna" he said and looked at arjun who was staring at arohi and was not able to understand her sighed and looked at sanchit.."chup kar larkyun ki tarha ro raha hai..bas kar ab.." she said and then looked at arohi..."arohi puttar.." she said but arohi didnt respond.."puttar meri taraf dekh..baat tu sun meri.." she said but again no response..arjun worriedly stepping forward nodded arohi startling her..looking at arjun and then back at sanchit she sighed closing her eyes..."arohi hum sab tere saath waqt bhi the aj bhi hain..par puttar mein tujhse sirf ek baat kahun gi...maaf karna meine tujhse seekha hai..mein janti hun jis waqt se tu guzri hai sanchit ki waja se us waqt ka dard bht gehra hai..par arohi us bure waqt k baad jo acha waqt tujh pe aya hai wo waqt har bure waqt par bhari hai...kyun k ye waqt tere pas tera arjun le kar aya hai..tera arjun..aur ye us bure waqt ki badulat tujhe mila hai.." said dj and arohi's eyes become wet hearing the only reality of her life..her arjun..looking at arjun with teary eyes she smiled.."arohi aj tu khush hai..zindagi mein age barh gayi hai..apni zindagi ki har karwi yaad ko tune peeche chor k arjun se shadi ki thi..aur arjun ne tera har wo zakham bhara apne pyar se..tujhe phr se arohi banaya..tu kia aj tu apne dil mein wo hi karwahat dobara paida kare gi..tera ateet jo bhi hai wo tere aj se acha nahi hai...tu kyun ateet ki un buri yaadoun ko dil se lagana..bhool ja sab..maaf kar de..tu age nikal chuki hai peeche mur k na dekh..bhool ja sab.." she said and arohi sighed...She could feel the pain emanating from him in sorrowful waves.. She wrenched her gaze away from the glittering apology in his eyes. It can't change anything... the deep, bitter hurts of the past, the grief, the hardships, the loss of all he'd taken from her on that day..nothing can change..  

"maaf kar dun..bhool jaun...bht asan hai kehna dj..bht asan.." she said and looked at dj wiping her tears.."dj kuch baatein kuch galtiyan kabhi aisi hoti hain jo ap maaf tu kar skte ho par bhool nahi sakte..and unfortunately dj this is one of them...mein maaf kar bhi dun par kabhi bhool nahi sakti.." she said ..sanchit who was staring at arohi blinked his eyes...he saw a little hope of being forgiven shattering away..the damage was more than the expectation.."arohi tu.." said dj but was interupted when arohi stepped towards sanchit and stopped when her eyes fell on amrit..somewhere deep in amrit's eyes she saw hope..hope which was there everytime since the time sanchit left..and every day arohi has seen that hope of amrit dying but it was a mother's courage and heart that made her build the same hope the next day too and as a result her son today was in front of the question arises in her mind.."will she ruin this hope of amrit..that her son be forgiven..her son be back to the family..??"...shaking her head she looked at sanchit who was looking at her apologetically, like a child desperately looking for forgiveness from his mother and she could see and feel  guilt and pain in his eyes and the one fact that was annoying her the most was that after all what he has done to her giving her the most terrible memory of him hadn't been able to stain all the good and happy memories they had created together...they had spent together..they had lived together...

"tum ek baar mujhse akeh kehte tu sahi..mjhse apni pareshani share tu karte..mein kuch bhi kar k sab kuch tmhare favour mein kar deti..tumne mere saath jo bhi kia wo galat tha..mein un larkyun mein se hogayi jis ka pati use shadi wale din chor k chala gaya..phr mein widwa ho donu cheezein aisi theen jis ne mujhe nahi tora..tora tu sirf is baat ne k mein dost hote hue bhi is kabil na ban payi k tmhari zindagi mein chal rahe us toofan mein tmhe ek tinke tak ka sahara hi de dun...widwa mein hui..apne pati ko khone ka koi dard nahi tha mujhe ..kyun k apne pati ko mene kabhi nahi dekha tha..mein apne pati sanchit alluhwalia ko nahi janti thi..janti thi tu us sanchit alluhwalia ko jo mera dost tha..aur jo shadi se pehle hi shaed mar chuka tha aur saath saath mera bharosa meri umeed..meri har wo khushi le gaya jo shaed mjhe shadi k baad milti..meine 3 saal apne pati ki maut ka sog nahi manaya balke apni maa k us bete ka sog manaya hai jis mein us ki jaan basti thi...apne bhai k us bhai ki maut ka sog manaya jis ko wo apna aena smjhte the..apne dad k us bete ki maut ka sog manaya jis ka sahara paane k lie unho ne use pala tha...meine dj k ghar k chiraag ko khone ka sog manaya ...aur meine apne dost ki maut ka sog manaya..wo dost jis k saath meine zindagi k sab se khobsurat pal guzare the..meine jis k saath har lamha jiya tha..meine jis ko hamesha apna smjha tha..meine shefali aur apne us dost ko kabhi alag nahi smjha tha..sanchit meine ek insan jis ka naam sanchit tha us insan k naam pe bht se rishtoun ka sog manaya in 3 saaloun mein..aur saath saath bht se ehsasoun ka bhi manaya..ek tote hue bharose ka..ek toti hui aas ek tuti hui umeed..ek tuti hui dosti aur ek toti hui zinda laash arohi ka sog manaya..aur is sab mein mujhe apne pati sanchit alluhwalia ki maut ka sog manane ka mauqa hi nahi mila q k us k saath mene koi khobsurat yaad nahi banayi thi balkeh ek darawni haqeeat dekhi thi jo ek dar ban k mujh mein wese hi sama gayi thi...wo meri haqeeat thi jis se mein moun nahi mor skti thi..jis k age mein bebas thi..agar kuch mera apna tha tu wo mere ansu the jo bht qeemti the aur jin ko meine sirf apni khobsurat yaadoun k marne par bahaye..jis k qatil tum the.." she said and a tear rolled down her cheek..arjun's eyes become wet as he felt arohi's pain in her words...her voice..her eyes...were in themselves screaming out all the pain..all the miseries she had beein through in her badly he now wished to wipe every memory of that painful past of her from her memory and fill the space with never ending happiness ...closing his eyes holding back his tears he sighed as his own mistake..his own guilt overpowered his thoughts...
and sanchit...

sanchit's eyes became wet with fresh tears and he staggered behind...He couldn't find words in his mind...  He felt light headed with all her words... he could feel the pain in her words..he could feel..she definitelly has gone through much more than anyone's expectations in her life... He did nothing but watch when she took two steps closer to him... and now She was at arm's reach..."tmhare jane se meri zindagi mein arjun aye ...lekin aj tumhe apne saamne dekh k mjhe dar lag raha hai..dar apne arjun se door hone ka..dar apni zindagi se dobara door hone ka jo arjun hai..par is sab se opar mujhe khushi hai..tmhe zinda dekhne ki..har us khoye hue rishte ko dobara zinda dekh rahi hun mein aj tum dad ka ki ankh ka tara un ka pota..karan ka bhayya..salil bhayya ka shaitan bhai..sahil bhayya ka friend come twin brother..aur apna dost..aur ye khushi meri har takleef se zada hai sanchit.." she said and everyone looked at her suprisingly..sanchit's mouth hung open in surprise and tears made their way out.."meri zindagi k wo 18 saal jo meine apne dost k saath jiye hain wo meri zindagi k un 3 saal pe bhari par gaye hain jo meine ek anjan insan ki widwa ban k guzare..saza tumhe jo milni thi wo mil gayi..3 saal agar mene takleef mein guzare tu tumne bhi tarap k guzare hain..lekin aj mein apni zindagi mein khush hun itni khush k mein un 3 saal ki kisi bhi karwi yaad ko apni zindagi mein nahi rkhna chahti..sanchit alluhwalia jo mera pati tha wo mera lie aj bhi murda hai par sanchit alluhwalia jo mera dost tha mein us ka apni zindagi mein dobara welcome karti hun.." she said smilingly...and sanchit's lips curved into a smile..

"thankyou...thankyou so much arohi..." sanchit said wiping his tears...arohi bringing her hand forward smiled.."friends?.." she asked smilingly and sanchit instantly bringing his hand forward shook with hers.."forever.." he said smilingly...everyone  sighing happily  thanked god and arjun stepping forward hugged sanchit...coming out of the hug sanchit smiled and looked at arjun..."i am sorry bhi hua..meri waja ki waja se tumhe jo sab bardasht karna k lie i am really sorry.." he said and arjun smiled.."its ok sanchit forget it.."...sanchit shaking his head sighed.."arjun mein tmhare aur arohi k beech mein kabhi nahi ana chahta..aur na hi asakta hun..tum donu hi ek dosre k lie ho..and believe me jo sab baatein huein...un sab k lie mein bht sharminda hun..arjun mein arohi ko divorce dene k lie ready kagzi karwai bhi ab tum dono k beech mein nahi ho gi..." he said and arohi looked shockingly at sanchit and arjun...

The word "divorce" rolled through her mind... setting off alarm signals...and as she remembered the day when sanchit left leaving her all alone he too left divorce papers but she had not signed it cuz then it never mattered as soon after they got the news of his death but can she forget this biggest reality...and all her fears again gripped her heart and she shivered in fear.. She hadn't wanted to think of this worst reality... "divorce..." she whispered in shock and her voice was audible enough to make arjun and sanchit shocked and looked at her...arohi stared at sanchit with the same fear in her eyes which again pinched his heart...arjun instantly stepping towards arohi held her hand.."arohi..its ok aisa kuch nahi hai..wo actually.." he said and arohi looked at him.."arjun..sanchit kia...mein ap ki patni hun tu sanchit divorce..arjun ye sab.." she said shaking her head in disbelief and arjun instantly hugged arohi.."relax arohi..tum meri hi patni ho..aur ye such bht bara hai...har such se bara.." he said and arohi shaking her head came out of the hug.."mein...arjun ye sab.." she said and sanchit interupted her.."dont worry arohi..tmhe darne ki zarurat nahi hai...mein tmhe arjun se door nahi kar raha ...mein tu tmhe divorce...q k mom ne kaha tha k.." he said and he too got interupted by dj ..."tum donoun ka divorce ho chuka hai...arohi arjun ki hi patni hai..." said dj making everyone looked at her surprisingly and shockingly...dadi looked at dj and smiled knowing the truth behind her words..

"dj ap..." said arjun smiled and looked at sanchit.."haan sanchit mein sahi keh rahi hun..itna hairan ho k mat dekho.." she said and turned to face a shocked and surprised arohi.."tujhe dar kis baat ka hai..tere arjun se tujhe koi door nahi kar sakta..." she said caressing her face..."maa saaf saaf bataye kia baat hai.." asked amrit walking towards sighed and looked back at arohi.."arohi tujhe yaad hai teri shadi wale din meine tujhse kuch papers pe sign karwae the.." she asked and everyone looked at arohi curiously and arohi tried to recall the moment...again few incidents came as a flash and she pressurised her mind..

flashback starts... came with some papers and stood beside arohi... "arohi beta in sare papers pe sign kar de.." arohi confused.."ye kia hai dj..." dj:"mjhpe bharosa hai na..." arohi smiled.."khud se b zada.." dj smiled too..."tu sign kar de...baki mein baad mein bataun gi.." arohi took the pen and signed the papers without asking further smiled and kissed her forehead..."mein tere saath kabhi kuch galat nahi karun gi aur na hone dun gi...tu bas ye smjh k ye papers tere lie teri ane wali zindagi ka sukun banein ge..." arohi didnt understand but thought it better to not to ask.." i trust you dj" she said smiled and left..

flashback ends...

arohi nodded .."haan dj mjhe yaad hai.." she smiled and handed over the file to arohi which she brought with her ..arohi confusingly looked at dj and dj motioned her to open the file..arohi looking back at the file.. opened it and was shocked..."divorce papers.." she said shockingly and arjun instantly took the file from arohi's hands and looked at it...divorce papers they were...with both sanchit's and arohi's signatures..shockingly and surprisingly he looked at dj .."ye.." he said and dj smiled.."divorce papers...divorce papers sign karwae the mene tumse.." she said and a tear rolled down arohi's cheek...a tear of smiled and wiped her tear.."arohi mein nahi janti meine ye papers us waqt tumse sign q karwae..mein janti thi sanchit is dunia mein nahi hai..lekin pata nahi dil mein ek dar tha...aur meine tmse ye papers sign karwa lie..arohi ye wahi papers the jo sanchit chor k gaya tha tere lie..meine teji se apne is dar ka zikar kia tu us ne bhi mjhe yahi kaha k sign karwa le apne dil ki tasalli k lie..aur meine aisa hi kia..lekin arohi mein nahi janti thi k ye papers waqai mere kaam ayen ge...meine sari qanooni karwai bhi pori ki..nahi janti thi q kar rahi hun mein aisa...lekin jis din sanchit hamare samne aya tu us din mjhe apne dar ki waja samjh mein agayi...aur dekho aj ye papers hamare kaam agaye.." she said and arohi smiled wiping her tears..sanchit too smiled and looked at dj.."kia baat hai hmari dj bhi hamare karan ki tarha intelligent hain.." he said and dj smiled..."par maa ap ne ye baat tab q nahi batayi jab mene arohi aur sanchit ki shadi ki baat ki thi..ap ne ye baat hum se q chupai.." asked a confused smiled and looked at teji.."hum batana chahte the par ruk gaye..arjun ki takleef hum se bhi nahi dekhi ja rahi thi..hum use batana chahte the k us ki aorhi ko us se koi nahi cheen skta..lekin humne khud ko roka...jis din sanchit aya hum mein se koi use maaf karne ko tayar nahi tha..phr ahista ahista humne us mein tabdeeli dekhi aur use maaf kia..jis din amrit ne ye shadi ki baat ki aur bola k sanchit aur aorhi ab bhi pati patni hain humein is divorce papers ki baat yaad ayi..lekin is baar daljeet k lie arohi ki khushi pehle baar hum sanchit ko pori tarha se parakhna chahte the..hum dekhna chahte the k kia sanchit is baat ka faeda uthata hai ya nahi...aur sanchit ne hamare dar ko khatam ne pehle din se is baat k lie larai ki...wo waqai badal chuka tha..hum ne socha tha k ye baat sahil aur rashi ki shadi wale din batayenge sab ko k talak ho chuka hai lekin phr arohi..." said teji and sighed...

amrit smiled .."ap dono dostein bhi bht chupi rustam hain..kisi ko kuch pata chalne nahi dia.." she said and kumud walked towards arohi.."lekin jo bhi hai...ant mein arohi aur arjun  saath hain.." she said kissing arohi on her forehead..rudra too walked towards arohi.."aur is ghar ki beti is ghar mein wapis agayi..ab sub kuch khatam..aur aj se bas khushyan hi khusyan.." he said and hugged both arjun and arohi...

"arjun arohi ko doctor k pass.." said kumud grabbing arjun and arohi's attention and hearing the word doctor arohi instantly came out of the hug.."nahi.." she said instantly interupting kumud.."mein theek hun mom .." she this moment she doesnot want to leave her home..arjun..or go to the doctor..she only wants to be close to her family..she knew going to doctor means too much medicines and too much tests and she now was tired of all this..."par arohi.." said ajrun but arohi again interupt him.."mein wese hi bht thak gayi hun..mein rest kar leti hun.." she said ignoring the topic...kumud smiled.."acha baba jao tum rest karo.." she said and arohi nodded happily..


Arjun saw arohi going upstairs..his eyes followed each and every step of hers till her sight faded away from his eyes..happy and contented he was to have her back in this house..her only place..and sad he was cuz of his failure ..cuz of the guilt of not meeting upto her expectations..her level of trust..for not being the one to save her ..for not fulfilling his promise..yes he too has to ask for her forgiveness but before that he has to apologize to jay...sighing deeply he turned to face jay...

"i am sorry yaar..meine bht rudely behave kia..tujhe galat smjha..maaf kar de.." said arjun as soon as jay looked at arjun..jay shaking his head smile.."pagal hogaya hai kuch bhi bole ga..tere mere beech mein sorry kahan se paida hua.." said jay..arjun shaking his head sadly.."nahi jay..galti hai meri tu sorry tu banta hai..ek dost ho k mein smjh nahi paya kuch bhi..aur tujhe galat smjh lia..smjha hi nahi k tu jo bhi kar raha hai arohi k lie kar raha hai..aur bas ye smjh lia k tjhe arohi ki parwah hi nahi.." he said apologetically..jay sighed.."arjun tu aisa q soch raha hai..agar tu nahi smjh paya tu is mein koi buri baat nahi hai..balkeh na smjh k tune apne dost ka mera bht saath dia is acting me..agar tu smjh jata tu shaed ye shadi hogayi hoti..q k acting tu tjhe ati nahi..tu acha hai na k tu nahi smjha isi bahane shadi ko roke rakhne mein tune madad kar di,,so chill yaar .."..he said smilingly and patted his shoulders..arjun sighed.."par yaar mein.." he said but was shocked when he received a tight slap from jay..

with his hand on his cheek and eyes at jay he stared him surprisingly and everyone obviously shockingly.."jay.." whispered arjun.."hogaya hisab barabar..ab na ye thappar marne k lie mein tujhe sorry bolun ga aur na tu apna sorry mjhpe waste kare ga.." said jay and arjun's lips curved into a bright smile.."pagal.." said jay shaking his head and hugged arjun smilingly..arjun hugged him back.."ye thappar tujhe mehanga pare ga.." said arjun surprisingly.."jis tarha natasha ko maare hue thappar mehange pare wese?..." asked jay laughingly bringing a smile on everyone's face.. 


Happiness..liveliness was spread in the house..relieved were more sorrows..everyone was chatting and were thanking god for making everything perfectly amrit..sudhir and karan left the house where as sahil and salil waited for their wives..kumud asked dadi to take rest and rudra accompanied dadi in her room..later kumud too went to her room wishing everyone goodnight leaving behind sahil salil jay and arjun..

sitting in the hall the boys gang was busy in their own chit chat..where as arjun was just listening to them with a smile pasted on his face and mind busy in his own thoughts...every passing second his guilt of not being the one to save arohi and being the one responsible for her situation was increasing and all he wanted to do is to apologize to her...yes apologize for not being there when she needed him...apologize for not being able to share her pain...apologize for not being able to protect her from her miseries...How badly he wanted to grab her and hold her close and plead with her to forgive him for betraying her trust just by agreeing to marry natasha..for not protecting her...and  to swear to protect her and to never hurt her and leave her again...

noticing arjun lost in his own thoughts sanchit got confused.."ajrun.." he called him bringing him out of his thoughts.."kia hua kia soch rahe ho.." he asked ..arjun looked at sanchit..sighinglly he shook his head negatively.."nothing...haan tu kia keh rahe the tum.." asked arjun faking a smile on his face...sanchit sighed.."kia baat hai arjun...tum kuch pareshan lag rahe ho.." sanchit asked...sahil looked at arjun worrieddly.."arjun pareshan?...q?..ab tu sab theek hai phr tum q pareshan ho.." he asked...jay and salil too looked at him waiting for his answer...arjun sighed.."abhi bhi sab theek nahi hua..." he said sadly and making all four of them confused..."matlab.." asked jay..but arjun shaking his head stood and walked towards the window.."bol na arjun kia baat hai..??.." asked jay again...arjun turned to look at jay.."mein khud se nazrein nahi mila pa raha jay.." he said in a choked voice...all four of them got worried hearing this from his mouth and rushed to arjun..."ye kia keh rahe ho...aisa kia hai jo tumhe khud ki nazroun mein gira raha hai.." asked salil worriedly..arjun closed his eyes and a tear rolled down his cheek..."arohi ka mujh pe wo bharosa k mein use bachaun ga kisi bhi tarha wo mene tor dia...arohi ki life ki sab se bari insecurity natasha..jis se mein shadi karne ja raha tha...arohi ko dhoka de raha tha mein..mein arohi ko bacha nahi paya..mein arohi ko protect nahi kar paya...sab kuch meri waja se hua..mein fail ho gaya..." he said and turning around he broke into tears...

looking at arjun's state all four of them looked at each other helplessly... they couldn't help but felt sorry for arjun...but definitely they will not let him feel guilty when they all knew that it was no one's mistake but god's wish...gesturing jay to handle him they stepped backward.. jay simply kept his arm around his shoulder...that's when arjun felt a gentle tap on his shoulder bringing him out of his state, looking at jay he tried to smile while holding the tear back..."arjun tu pagal hai tujhe pata hai.." he said and sighed.."tu jo bhi soch raha hai sab  fazool mein teri koi galti thori na hai.." he said..arjun removing jay's hand sighed..."meri hi tu galti hai sari...i Promised to protect her... to be with her always... and more never ending promises...par sare wade bas wade hi reh gaye aur pora mein ek bhi na kar paya ulta torta gaya apna har wada.." he said..jay shaking his head made arjun looked at him.."bas kar arjun..aisa kuch nahi hai..tu galat soch raha hai..are arohi bhi aisa nahi sochti hogi..tune tu apna har wada nibhaya tune kia wo koi nahi kar sakta arjun..koi bhi nahi...tune apna har wada barh charh k pora kia hai...tu.." he said and sighed..."tu aise nahi smjhe ga..tu ek kaam kar akela yahan ye fazool baatein sochne k bajae arohi se baat kar...and dekhna do thappar jab paren ge na tujhe us k tab teri aqal thikane aye gi..." he said and rolled his eyes.."chal..." he said dragging him towards the stairs..."jay chor na plz ..mjh mein us ka saamna karne ki himmat nai hai.." said arjun pulling away his hand..but jay glared him and hold his hand back.."chup kar arjun..mein tujhe aisa nahi karne dunga...arjun arohi se baat kar..wo hi tujhe smjha skti hai..tujhe ehsas dila skti hai k jo tu soch raha hai wo galat hai..aur tu baat kare ga..haq hai us ka teri is pareshani ko janne ka..aur tu us se us ka ye haq cheen nahi sakta..smjha..ab chal.." he said and dragged him along with him... 


Shefali opening the door of the room stepped inside.."welcome madam.." she said smilingly and gestured arohi to come in...arohi smiled and looked around the room...her small world...looking at her pictures at every corner of the room her eyes got moist realising arjun's pain and how badly he must had been missing her..and she has been so very unlucky to lost so many precious moments she could have spent with him but unfortunately she was the reason behind such loss..a tear rolled down her cheek as she realised how much arjun has much arjun must have much in pain he would have been..what he had missed and all just because of her..purvi smilingly looked at arohi and was confused as to why she is crying now..nodding her she brought her out of her thoughts..arohi wiping her tear looked at her.."kia hua?..chal na.." said purvi..arohi nodded and stepped inside her dreamworld..her room..taking in every sight of the room she sighed deeply...

"arohi itni khushi tu teri jaan bachne ki nahi hui thi jitni aj teri yadasht wapis ane ki khushi hai.." said shefali winking at her..arohi looked at her smilingly.."acha matlab tu chahti thi me duniya se khisak lun.." she asked poutedly..shefali nodded teasingly and arohi raised her eye brow..letting out a small laugh shefali hugged her.."arohi i am very happy ab har taraf bas khushyan hi khushyan hain..aur sab teri waja se.." she said..arohi hugged her back and smiled but her smile faded realising that the pain was also cuz of her..coming out of hug she forced a smile on her face..purvi sighed looking at arohi.."arohi mein janti hun tu kia soch rahi hai.." she said and arohi surprisingly looked at her.."arohi jo hua acha bura wo sab bhool ja us mein kisi ki koi galti nahi thi wo sab kismat mein likha tha jise koi nahi taal skta tha..lekin ab jo hai wo hamare lie har cheez se barh k hai..arohi jo pal hum ne kho diye wo wapis nahi asakte lekin ab hamare ane wale paloun mein hum un paloun ki sari kami puri karenge.." she said caressing arohi's face..."par bhabhi arjun.." said arohi but was interupted by rashi.."uffo bhabhi..." she said and arohi looked at her..rashi smiled and made her sit on the bed and herself sat on her knees in front of her.."arjun kia bhabhi..agar ap ye soch rahi hain k arjun takleef se guzra arjun ne bht saha aur sirf ap ki waja se ..tu ye bilkul galat hai.." she said..."bhabhi jo ansu arjun ne takleef arjun ne sahi wo ap ki waja se nahi balkeh ap k lie thi..aur aj ap ki waja se arjun k chehre pe jo khushi hai us k hontoun pe jo muskarahat hai us k dil o damag ko jo sukun hai wo un tamam takleefoun un tamam ansuoun se barh k waqt jo khushi wo mehsus kr raha hai wo un tamam dukh k pal pe bhari hai..aur ye khushi ye sab ki waja ap ho sirf ap is lie ab no sad wad rehna bas happy happy rehna.." she said smilingly..and rashi didnot fail in satisfying arohi who smiled back wiping her tear.."i am sorry rashi meri wajah se tmne aur sahil bhayya ne shaed Bht se qeemti bht se khobsurat pal kho diye..." she said caressing rashi's face..rashi smiled.."nahi bhabhi hum ne kuch nahi khoya par is mushkil waqt mein ek dosre ka saath de k hum ne bht kuch paya hai..jitni sahil k lie ap important ho utni hi mere lie..aur ap nahi tu koi khushi nahi koi pal nahin.." she said smilingly..shefali purvi and arohi smiled.."wese ye kia rashi bhabhi..tum ab meri bhabhi ho is lie mjhe ab tum arohi bulao.." arohi said instantly..rashi smiled.."jee nahi pehle ap meri bhabhi bani tu mein q bhabhi na bulaun..mein tu bulaun gi..ap mjhe rashi bulao jese bulati thi.." she said.."are aise kaise sahil bhayya ki patni ko mein bhabhi hi bulaun gi haq banta hai mera.." said arohi.."acha tu mera bhi tu haq banta hai arjun ki patni ko bhabhi bulane ka..wese b mera tu ek hi bhai hai ap k tu hain na teen teen.." said rashi..purvi and  shefali smiled.."ab bas bhi kar do bula lo donu ek dosre ko bhabhi koi mana nahi kar raha tum donu ko.." said purvi shaking her head..arohi and rashi looked at purvi and then their laughters echoed in the room..

"chal arohi ab tu fresh ho ja phr aram kar le tujhe rest ki zarurat hai.." said purvi..arohi looked at her.."bhabhi mein bilkul theek..." she said but stopped seeing arjun and jay who just walked in the room..purvi rashi and shefali looked at them and smiled..standing up purvi walked towards arjun.."lagta hai ab sabar karna mushkil hogaya hai kisi ka.." she said teasingly...arjun looked at her forcing a smile.."haan bhabhi aur ab humein zada sabar bhi nahi karwana ko thori privacy de deni chahye.." joined rashi in the teasing session...shefali looked at arohi who was smiling shyly..shaking her head smilingly shefali walked towards arjun and jay..."aur humein..." she said but was interupted by jay.."bas is se pehle k tu bhi kuch bole chal yahan se khisakne ka waqt agaya hai.." he said and shefali with a pout glared him...jay shaking his head looked at purvi and rashi.."chalo ladies apke pati dev neeche ap ka intezar kar rahe hain..and u miss shefali.." he said and looked at shefali.."chaliye mein ap ko drop kar deta hun.." he said and shefali rolling her eyes turned around.."all the best arohi...mein chalti hun.." she said winking at her receiving a glare from arohi.."chalo chalo lets go warna arjun ko gussa ajaye ga.." said shefali turning around..rashi and purvi smiled shaking their heads.."good night.." they said in unison and walked away...jay looked at arjun.."baat zarur karna.." he whispered..arjun nodded and jay patting his shoulders looked at arohi..."bye arohi.." he said smilingly..arohi smiled.."bye.." she said and jay smilingly walked away... 


plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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yihhhaaa res

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Love ya Seher... Will comment later..

Hope all's well at your end!

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wow thanks for the update sehar Hug

very emotional update!!

sanchit the way apologized was gudSmile

n arohi,what can i say about herD'oh,she has golden heart Star really kind..

honestly when she talk to sanchit n asked for for his frndship after what he did arohi reflect ''Ekat's sati-sabtri Bahu''LOL really itna bara dil...Stern Smile

after listening ''Divorce'' arohi's reaction was natural.Pinch

 Ur description  about arjuhi's fear about losing each other was awesome sehar  Clap

DJ n dadi are rock star!!kya googly mariBig smile

i like arjun n jay's frnds foreverBig smile

rashi n arohi's  convo ware also cute..

now waiting for arjuhi scene Day Dreaming 

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