Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUHI FF.."JSTL"..THRD#2 pt56 pg138 25thmay 2013 (Page 61)

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PART 40:

hello friends...hope you all are doing well..
"happy valentine's day" to all my friends...i know today is a happy and lovely day but sadly my update has no such happy and lovey dovey moments...but u will definitely get them very soon...besides valentines today is one more special ocassion..actually more special than valentines..yes today is our friend's birthday...

"happy birthday bably...Bablylovely20"

i wish you all the very best for your future..all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today..tomorrow..and the days to come...blessed with all your dreams and wihes come true..may you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come...ameen

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the entire family shockingly stared at the door..the way from where she left..not believing what they heard..arjun's trembling body loosing its balance fell on his knees staring at the door with widened eyes and opened mouth..a tear rolled down his cheek and he whispered.."arohi.."

Completely shattered and shocked amrit sat down on the couch..completely numb she was..eyes widened in shock and fear..arohi's face was flashing in her mind.."meri bachi.." she whispered shockingly grabbing everyone's attention.."meri bachi ki jaan khatre mein hai.." she screamed cryingly..sahil salil and kumud rushed to her.."mom relax..kuch nahi hoga.." said salil..amrit jerked his hand away.."meri bachi ko le k ao..wo larki..wo larki natasha..natasha kuch bhi kar sakti hai..agar wo arohi ka accident kara sakti hai tu wo arohi ki...mujhe nahi pata mjhe meri arohi chahye..le k ao meri arohi ko.." she screamed cryingly..everyone gathered around her trying to calm her..though everyone was shocked after what happened few minutes back but their fear..their shock was less than the fear a mother is going through at this moment..trying to make her understand that they wont let anything happen to her daughter they assured her but nothing worked in front of amrit.."arohi ko le k ao..kisi bhi tarha mjhe meri beti chahye.." she said cryingly..purvi hugged amrit.."arohi wapis aye gi mom..zarur aye gi.." she said soothing her..sanchit sighed and turned around and his eyes fell on arjun who was sitting on his knees staring at the door in front of him..walking towards arjun he kept his hand on his shoulder but he didnt move..sitting completely numb he was shedding silent tears where as the last words of natasha kept on echoing in his mind and the picture of arohi tied with ropes and a bandaged forehead kept on flashing in his mind..not able to think of anything..sitting like a statue he was only lost in the flashing and echoing going on in his mind..not able to hear anyone around he was sitting lifeless on his knees..sanchit's eyes become moist and he heaved a sigh.."arjun.." he whispered nodding him but arjun didnt respond..kumud turning around saw her son as she knew what amrit is going through right now arjun too must be facing the same fear..seeing the state of her son her heart skipped a beat..rushing towards him she nodded him.."arjun..arjun kuch nahi hoga..hum koi rasta zarur nikalein ge ..arohi ko kuch nahi hoga.." she said cryingly assuring her son but arjun again didnt respond..didnot move..and was still..kumud closed her eyes seeing her son and sighed wiping her tears..her son needed her today..he needed her guidance..her support..her comfort..sitting down on her knees in front of him she cupped his face and made him looked at her but he was stiffed..face towards kumud but eyes still on the door..kumud forcefully made him look at her.."kuch nahi hoga..arjun kuch nahi hoga..arohi is ghar mein wapis aye gi..aur sahi salamat.." she said stressing on her words..arjun was staring at her face and tears were rolling but lips were sealed..kumud not able to bear the sight pulled arjun in her embrace and tightened the hug but it was like she was holding a lifeless person in her arms..who was not responding to anything..scared she got and pushing him Lightly stared at him..arjun removing her hand from his shoulder stood.."arjun" she whispered but he didnt answer..sanchit hold his arm to stop him but he kept on walking forward..everyone stared at arjun..rashi rushed towards arjun but rudra held her arm and stopped her..arjun without looking at everyone walked upstairs leaving behind everyone scared and worried for him..."humein arjun ko kuch dair akele chorna chahye.." said rudra wiping his own tear gabbing everyone's attention..worried was everyone but agreed with rudra and nodded.. 


" i will kill you natasha...'' roared arjun hitting the nearby table with his fist and a flower placed on it fall down and broke into several pieces...He was grinding his teeth and his nose wide open showing his burning rage...running his hands through his hairs his eyes fell on arohi's picture and all his anger vanished making him still at the moment... arjun was staring at his and arohi's wedding picture hung on the wall..standing still like a stone carved statue and eyes on the picture he recalled each and every word of natasha..

"mjhe arohi k saath jora hua naam chahye..mjhe wo naam chahye jo arohi ko pora karta hai..mjhe apne naam k saath singhania chahye..natasha singhania..arjun mjhe tum chahye ho tmhara naam chahye..mjhse shadi kar lo.." she said shocking everyone..taking a pause she looked back at arjun.."haan tu mr.arjun singhania arohi ko zinda dekhna chahte ho agar tu marry me..."

"ye sare thappar tum sab ko bht mehnge parein ge..ek ek ka hisab tum logun ki arohi se loun gi mein.." 

" tumhare pass do din hain sochne k lie k tum arohi apni zindagi mein chahte ho ya arohi ki zindagi chahte din sochne k liye k tumhe tmhara pyar apne pas chahye ya apne pyar ki salamti din sochne k liye k arohi ki sansein chalti rehni chahye ya ruk jani chahye..tumhari arohi ki zindagi tumhare haath mein hai..tmhare faisle pe tmhe tumhari arohi mile gi..zinda ya murda.."

"do din arjun..arohi ki kismat likhne k lie tmhare pas do din hain..aj se theek do din baad ya tu is ghar mein arjun natasha ki shadi ki shenai baje gi ya tu arohi ki maut ka matam mane ga.." 

A lone tear fell down to caress his cheek making his eyes blink...This could not be happening... This was not how his life was meant to turn out... turning away arjun walked towards the window to stare outside of the window... not capable of looking at her picture any longer and not uttering a single word... He squeezed his eyes shut cursing himself for being the only reason for having put her in this situation...only he was the reason for arohi's pain today..he was the reason for the pain he gave to her first time..his anger..his doubts..2nd time also he was the reason for her pain..his words..3rd time also he was the reason for hurting her..his slap..which ended her on being close to the death bed..4th time again he was the reason for her pain...which ended in her accident and her memory loss...and the chain continued..and this time again he is the reason for her situation..for her condition...his friendship..his past relation with natasha..for all of his mistakes he committed in past he is now being punished by seeing arohi in pain..and today he has to write her destiny..he has to decide whether she should live or not..hell..if he can write the destiny then he never would have imagined arohi being in such position..arohi being in pain..wish he could write destiny..wish he could change the destiny..only he could wish now...and whats worst...his own destiny is betraying him..playing with him only pain..leaving him behind only to fight..fight for his happiness..for his life..for his love..but today he has to fight only for arohi..for her life..for her breaths..just for her..sighingly he glanced up at the sky..the darkness of which has resemblance with his own life..the darkness which has engulfed him..his life..which is around his heart..within him..and unluckily there was no one to save him from this darkness which now is the part of his his heart was devoid of every feeling except that of pain and fear...pain that god had given him by snatching the most precious person of his life...and fear ...fear to loose the same precious person's life..fear to loose his arohi..he was angry...he was defeated...failed by the games life had played with him...god is playing with him...its not the test of his patience..its the test of his love..but how come god always tests his patience..his strength..his love only..why only him..and why him..he was shattered today..he was in need of solace..arohi's warmth..arohi's embrace he needed today..he wanted to cry his heart out resting his head on her lap..but no she was no where..and now he is the only one who can bring arohi back in his life..back in the family..atleast back to life...

sighingly he turned around to look back at arohi's picture and the image of the arohi he saw on natasha's phone today flashed in his mind sending shivers down his body...taking a deep breath he walked towards arohi's picture..caressing her face over the picture arjun's eyes become badly he is dying to see her in front of him..all badly he is wishing only he knows.. he wanted to enjoy the feel of her heart beats throughout his life.. he wanted to feel the warmth of her body throughout his life..he wanted to feel her presence throughout his life..he wanted to live her smile throughout his life..he wanted to see her live her life...he wanted arohi..her life..and for this there has to be arohi in his life and for arohi to be in his life now he has only one option...and he is not selfish..he will bring her back at any cost..and if this is the cost he has to give to bring her back then he is ready to give this cost but now he wont let arohi to suffer bear more pains..he has to bring arohi...and for this why thinking??...why should he think..he knew he wants arohi and for this no second thoughts..yes he is ready to pay the cost..he is ready to break all his promises just to bring arohi back...the pain of giving this cost is nothing as compared to the happiness..the satisfaction..the relief..he and the entire family will get to see their arohi back..."arohi mein sirf tumhara hun..arjun singhania sirf arohi ka hai...arohi sharma..arohi alluhwalia..arohi singhania...mera mann...meri zindagi..meri har saans..mera har sapna..mera sab kuch sirf tumhara hai..aur duniya ki koi bhi takat is suchai ko nahi badal skti...aj bhale hi mjhe apna sab kuch paane k lie apna sab kuch khona par raha hai..lekin wo sab kuch kho k bhi mein wo kabhi nahi kho paun ga jo mein paun ga...arohi...i love you...aur ye such kabhi nahi badle ga.." he said wiping his tear...


Standing leaning against her car natasha was lost in her own thoughts..what if arjun didnt agree to marry her..what if he actually reports in police..what if he finds arohi before 2 days..what if her entire plan fails..several questions running in her mind and a sudden fear gripped her heart..all she knew was that she wanted arjun at any cost and she can cross any limit for him but still she was un sure whether her plan will succeed or not..she knew arjun loves arohi so much that he cant even think of anything wrong happening with arohi and will never think of his own benefits..his own dreams over arohi..he prefers arohi over anything else..he loves arohi that much k he can even sacrifice his life for her then this is just the matter of marriage..he just have to sacrifice his arohi only for arohi..his happiness for arohi's life..but still the unsurity was there somewhere deep in her heart..and now she will make sure that whatever she wants she will get that and for this she knew what she has to do..

"natasha.." zakir's voice brought her out of her thoughts..shaking her head she looked at him and smiled..zakir stood beside her and stared her..confusion..fear and dis satisfaction was reflecting on her face.. Sighingly he looked away from her and smiled.."kia hum sahi kar rahe hain natasha.." he asked surprising her..staring him with confusion she was surprised to actually feel her forehead caressed with sweat beads..the question actually shocked her and her heartbeats accelerated..was she actually doing right? it was the question she too wants to get answer of which..zakir on not getting any reply from her again looked back at her.."aisa karne se shaed tmhe wo mil jaye jo tum chahti ho..par kia tmne ye socha hai k ek bejaan insan ko paa k kisi kisam ki khushi tmhe mil sakti hai?.." he asked and natasha looked at him confusingly.."arjun arohi se kitna pyar krta hai ye tum bhi janti ho..arohi k bager us ki kia halat thi ye tumne dekhi hai..tu kia ab tmhe lagta hai k is tarha arjun ko paa lene se tum wo wala arjun paa lo gi jis ko tumne bachpan se dekha hai?.." he asked..natasha staring him surprisingly suddenly her eyes blinked and she looked away.."i was his first girl ka pehla pyar..and thats it..ab tum apni ye fazool baatein bandh karo.." she said.."are ye kia jawab hua?.." he asked smilingly..natasha remained silent staring on the floor..zakir sighed.."acha kher batau age kia karna hai?..arjun na mana tu?..arohi ko kab chorna hai?.." he asked..natasha looked at him.."kis ne kaha k hum arohi ko chor rahe hain.." she said smirkingly..zakir confusingly looked at her.."matlab?.." he asked..natasha smiled.."arohi ko tu har haal mein marna hai zakir chahe arjun mujhse shadi kare ya na kare.." she said shocking zakir.."what!?" he asked.."haan zakir arohi ki zindagi mjhe sirf apna maqsad..yani arjun ko pane k lie chahye thi..agar mene arjun ko pa lia tu arohi ko tu tab bhi jana hoga..q k mein apne aur arjun k beech mein kisi ko Bhi nahi dekhna chahti..aur arohi tu bilkul nahi..aur agar arjun ne inkar kar bhi arohi ka marna teh he..q k arjun ka wo inkar us ki galti hoga..jis ki saza arohi ko mile gi..tu in short..arohi has to die no matter what.." she said..zakir stared at natasha with widened eyes..shock was evident on his face..natasha got confused seeing his shocked state and raised her eye brow.."tum aisi tu nahi thi natasha.." said zahir sadly..natasha's smile faded and anger replaced her smile..looking away from him she closed her eyes.."wo natasha jo meri dost thi wo tu bht masoom..dosrun k dukh ko apna smjhne wali..dosrun ki takleef mein tarapne wali..har pal har kisi ko sirf pyar dene wali larki thi..par ye natasha jo mere samne hai ye tu ..." he said but was interupted by natasha.."ye tu dosrun ko sirf dard de rahi hai..sirf takleef de rahi hai..aur us takleef se ise khushi mil rahi natasha ki masomiat khatam ho gayi natasha ko aj sirf apna dukh nazar araha hai apna maqsad..aur ye sab us arohi ki waja se hua hai...sirf arohi ki waja se..arohi se nafrat karte karte mein kab itna age nikal ayi mjhe pata hi nahi chala..wo natasha kab mar gayi pata hi nahi chala..aur ye sab ki zimedar arohi hai..agar wo natasha mari thi tu ab ye arohi bhi mare gi..i just hate her zakir..i just hate her.." she said opening her eyes..zakir sighed and was about to speak but natasha looked at him.."ye kahani meri aur arjun ki hi mein arohi zabardasti ayi hai..aur zabardasti ki cheezoun ko mjhe ukhar k phenkna ache se ata hai.." she said and walked away leaving behind a shocked and confused zakir behind.. 

coming inside the room where arohi was tied she stopped near the door...staring angrily at the sleeping figure of arohi on the chair she whispered.."i hate you arohi.."..walking towards her she stopped when her eyes fell on the bandage on her head..shaking her head she sighed and picking up the first aid box from the table kept there she walked towards arohi..

tying the fresh bandage on her head she stared at arohi recalling the moments she spent with arohi..coming out of her thoughts she kept the first aid box back when her eyes fell on zakir standing near the door staring at her with raised eyebrows and a smirk on his face..glaring him with anger she turned around and picked up the jug of water and looked at arohi..

a sudden splash of cold water jerked arohi in her sleep and made her open her eyes..blinking her eyes twice she looked at the person standing in front of her..natasha was staring at her with anger.."mein yahan tumhe aram karne k lie nahi le k ayi..sone k lie nahi lai.." she said gritting her teeth..arohi stared at her with confusion.."mein yahan tumhe tarpane k lie layi hun..bilkul usi tarha tarapte dekhna chahti hun tumhe jese mein tarpi thi..jese mein tarapti hun..arohi mein tumhari ankhun mein sirf ansu dekhna chahti hun.." she said screamingly..arohi closed her eyes feeling scared of her anger and felt her heartbeats accelerated.."ankhein kholo arohi aur apni zindagi ka sab se bara jhatka..sab se bara dukh apne pas ate dekho..dekho arohi kis tarha mein tum se apne arjun ko cheenti hun..dekhna arohi meri jis cheez ko tum apna banaye itrati thi wo kuch hi ghantun mein mein tum se kaise cheenti hun..kis tarha mein tumhe khali haath chor dun gi..sirf aur sirf tarapne k lie.." she said angrily..arohi opened her eyes and looked at her.."tum pagal ho gayi ho natasha..tum ye sab kia kar rahi ho kyun kar rahi ho mjhe kuch smjh nahi araha..par tum dekhna arjun bht jald ayen ge mjhe lene..mjhe tmhare se bachane..tum mjhe tarapte dekhna chahti ho par wo mjhe tarapne hi nahi denge.." she said proudly..natasha letting out a small laugh turned around.."such kaha tumne arohi..arjun hi bachaye ga tumhe..zarur bachaye ga..par afsoos wo tumhe bacha k bhi tumhe tarapane se nahi rok paye ga.." she said confusing arohi..turning around natasha smiled.."tumhe bachane k lie itni bari qeemat jo chukani par rahi hai use.." she said ..arohi stared at natasha confusingly..natasha smiled at her confused state..arohi sensed something wrong and wanted to know what it was but before she ask anything to natasha she walked away leaving behind arohi in her own fears and assumptions..


The entire family was still present there at the singhania mansion..the horrible night has passed bringing another horrible day to be faced by the family..sleep was far away from everyone's eyes and only they all were worried for whats going to happen now..silence was spread everywhere and silent prayers were made by everyone..walking down the stairs arjun's eyes rested on every member of the family ..the sad faces of everyone were itself speaking of how much they are worried for much they are dying to see her..and most importantly how much they are worried for arjun..walking towards them he caught everyone's attention..looking at his state..eyes swelled and red and  blank just like his heart..his life..devoid of anything but pain...ruffled hairs..same clothes as was quite obvious that he was crying the whole one knew what to speak at this moment..

"mjhe natasha ki shart manzoor hai..i will marry her.." he said sighingly breaking the silence spread in the hall..everyone got shocked.."ye kia keh raha hai tu arjun.." said jay rushing towards him.."tu hosh mein hai..tu aise kese shadi kar le ga..arohi ka socha hai tune.." he continued angrily.."arohi ka soch raha hun tabhi tu ye faisla lia..hamare pas aur koi rasta nahi hai.." he said..sahil walked towards him.."rasta zarur nikle ga arjun..hum is tarha haar nahi maan sakte.." he said..arjun looked at him.."kia rasta?..4 din hogaye hain koi rasta nikal paye hum?..kuch kar paye hum?..arohi kahan hai ye tak pata nahi laga paye hum..aur ab koi aur rasta dhondne tak ka mein intezar karun take wahan meri arohi ki zindagi hamare haath se phisalti jaye.." he said gritting his teeth..amrit wiping her tears.."mein aisa nahi hone dungi arjun..meri bachi kal jab wapis aye ki yadasht wapis aye gi tu us pe kia beete gi ye socha hai bhi tu us ki zindagi khatam hojaye gi..wo tot jaye gi.." she said ..arjun sighed and walked towards her.."abhi mein sirf arohi ko wapis lana chahta hun sahi salamat..natasha se shadi kar k hi aisa hoskta hai..mein inkar kar k koi risk nahi lena chahta..ek baar arohi mere pas ajaye mein sab theek kar dunga..lekin arohi ko wapis lane k lie sirf yahi rasta hai mere pas..ab aur intezar nahi.." he said.."par arjun.."rashi spoke but stopped seeing anger flashing in arjun's eyes due to constant protest..he lost his patience and stepping back bursted out.."hadd hai ap logo ko smjh q nahi araha behas kyun kar rahe ho..." he screamed angrily..everyone shockingly stared him.."yahan arohi ki jaan khatre mein hai aur ap log bus future soch rahe ho..are jab arohi hi nahi hogi tu konsa future.." he said in the same tone.."halat dekhi hai us ki??..rod mari hai ka sir zakhmi hai..use sir pe chot lagi u guys have any idea k ye us k lie kitna painful hoga aur sab se bari baat dangerous hai ye us k lie..aur wo teen din behosh ki halat is waqt kia hogi kisi ko andaza hai is baat ka.." he said now almost on the verge of crying.."mein itna selfish nahi hun k apni zindagi..apni khushi..apne pyar k lie Arohi ko hi dao pe laga dun..arohi mere saath hogi ye mere lie khushi ki baat hai par us se zada zaruri arohi ka hamare beech hona hai jo mere lie tasalli ki baat hai..mein arohi ko kho tu chuka hi hun mein use door jate nahi dekh sakta..mei nahi dekh skta use door jate.." he said falling down on his knees and cried..everyone had tears in their eyes..they all knew what arjun is going through and can understand his decision and definitely now its not the time to think about future consequences..its the time to think only about arohi..or how to bring her to save her..and yes considering this then there is no point of arguing over arjun's decision..sighingly walking towards arjun kumud and amrit bent down in front of him and caressed his face.."hum sab tmhare faisle mein tmhare saath hain..aur humein khushi hai k hamari arohi ki zindagi mein arjun aya jo aj sirf us k lie sab kuch qurban karne k lie tayyar hai.." said amrit wiping his tears..kumud too smiled.."bas mje arohi wapis la do..meri ghar ki beti wapis le ao.." she said..arjun sniffed smilingly and hugged kumud who ran her hands soothingly on his back..everyone wiped their tears..arjun coming out of the hug took out his mobile.."mein aj hi ye kaam kar dun ga..mein aur intezar nahi kar skta..arohi bas jaldi se ajaye aur mein use sab se pehle doctor k pas le k jaunga.." he said childishly..jay shaking his head sighed.."arjun tu ye q kar raha hai,," he thought helplessly..

Arjun dialing natasha's number stopped hearing sanchit's words.."hey arjun rasta hai..hamare pas is k ilawa bhi rasta hai.." exclaimed sanchit..everyone looked at him confusingly..arjun's lips curved into a smile.."kia?.." he asked waiting for an answer impatiently.."natasha ka number track kar lete se humein kuch tu faeda ho ga..zahir hai jahan us ne arohi ko rakha hoga khud bhi tu waheen ho gi..ya phr thora time to wahan hoti hogi tu hum tracking se thora faeda tu utha hi skte hain.." he said smilingly..arjun got happy and yes this was an excellent idea..appreciating sanchit he smiled.." agar tu natasha ko call krta hai ye batane k lie k tu shadi k lie tayar hai tu natasha yahan aye gi..and yes we can follow her if we r not tracking her phone.." said jay giving another idea..arjun looked at jay and sanchit and then at everyone's hopeful faces.."i think its a gud idea..mein abhi natasha ko phone karta hun.." he said excitedly..redialing natasha's number he got shocked.."the number you are trying to call is powered off.." disappointedly he looked at everyone.."number off hai.." he said..this faded everyone's smile .."ab humein.." said purvi but was interupted by the ringing of arjun's mobile..looking at his phone arjun got confused seeing an unknown number flashing on the screen.."hello.." he said answering the call.."arjun..itni pareshan awaz.." said natasha.."kitni buri hun na mein apne dost ko pareshan kar dia.." she continued smirkingly..arjun closed his eyes controlling his anger.. "tum kab se faisla lene mein itna time lagane lage..lagta hai arohi ki yadasht kia gayi tumne tu us ki fiqar hi karna chor di.." she said smilingly.."mein tmhe hi call kar raha tha par.." he said but was interupted by her.."par number off tha.." she said..arjun got surprised.."haan wo.." he said..natasha smiled shaking her head.."arjun tmne mjhe bewaquf smjha hua hai kia?.." she asked confusing him.."arjun mein is khel mein nae zarur hun par khel pori planning k saath khel rahi hun..u know har kisam ki possibilities ko dehan mein rakh k khel rahi hun.." she said..arjun waited for her to continue.."kia hai na mein itni kachi khildai nahi hi bewaquf hun k apna number tmhare lie rkhun take tum mjhe trace kar arjun itna asan kese bana dun mein tmhare lie sab..mein jis bhi number se call karun gi tum aisa karna sab ko trace karna ok..mere tak na sahi par un numbers k owners tak tu pohanch hi jao ge..par arjun kahin arohi tak pohanchne mein der na kar do tum aur phr aisa na ho k.." she said but was stopped hearing him.."mein tmse shadi k lie tayar hun ..aj ...aj hi ye shadi ho gi.." he said..he knew their ideas their plans are of no use..they have failed so instead of wasting time on talking to natasha he told her about his decision.."aj hum shadi karein ge aur aj hi tum arohi ko sahi salamat yahan le k ao gi.." he said..natasha's lips curved into a bright smile..happy she was hearing his decision..finally..finally arjun will be hers now.."done.." she said excitedly and disconnected the call...arjun stared at the phone in his hand and a tear rolled down his cheek.."mein tmhe kuch nahi hone dunga arohi.." he thought... 


"abey tu game mein badkismat keh raha hai mujhe..mein tu zindagi mein bhi khud ko badkismat kahun ga..." said rana sighingly after the end of one game of cards..zakir smiled and picking up the pack of cards started shuffling again...ravi looked at rana confusingly.."matlab.." he asked..rana smiled.."matlab ye k apne samne itna meetha phal ho k bhi mein us k maze nahi le sakta.." he said confusing the two men in front of him.."yahan tu koi phal nahi hai..zada pi aya hai kia.." said zakir shaking his head.."abey hai na phal..itna meetha phal.." he said...ravi sighed.."ise waqai charh gai hai..." he said..rana looked at him.."are mein madam jee ki lai hui us larki ki baat kar raha mast maal hai...lekin kia faeda..bas dekhte raho use.." he said and zakir's hand stopped which were busy in shuffling the cards.."baat tu tu sahi kar raha hai..ab dekh na ise tu marna hi hai..tu lage haath hum bhi apne paun gile kar hi lenge behti ganga mein.." he said laughingly..zakir looked at the two dropping the cards on the table..his jaw clenched..and hands too clenched in a fist...standing up jerking the chair away he turned the table upside down angrily startling the two men..."apni zaban ko lagam de smjha...jis tarha teri behan ghar bethi hai na jis ki izzat tu smbhal raha hai..tu ye mat bhool wo bhi kisi ki behan hai...koi teri behan k lie aisa soche..ya aisa kahe tu kesa lage ga tujhe haan.." he said grabbing the t-shirt of rana...the fire in his eyes scared rana and he looked at ravi shockingly.."tum tu aise bharak gaye jese wo tumhari behan hai.." said ravi grabbing zakir's attention...leaving rana's collar he stared blankly at ravi..his eyes become wet and he blinked his eyes to stop from shedding the tears...sighingly he closed his eyes.."wo..." he said but stopped hearing natasha's voice..

"kon kis ki behan hai..." she asked walking towards the three men..all three of them looked at natasha..rana and ravi pleadingly looked at zakir..asking him through his eyes to not to tell all this to natasha..shaking his head zakir looked back at natasha and his eyes fell on the dress in her hand..."ye kia hai..." he asked changing the topic..natasha looked at her hand and smiled widely..rushing towards zakir she hugged him.."oh zakir i am so happy...mein kamyab ho gayi..hum kamyab ho gaye..arjun ne shadi k lie haan kar di..and u know what aj meri..nahi aj hamari shadi hai.." she said excitedly..zakir smiled happily and hugged her back.."congratulations..jis pal ka tumhe intezar tha finally wo agaya.." he said..."yeah finally.." she said coming out of the hug.."ye dekho mera wedding dress..bht mushkil se mila hai..itni urgently kon deta hai..par mujh pe har koi meharbaan hua wa hai..i got it.." she said happily..zakir smiled seeing her happiness but the next moment thinking something his smile faded..natasha happily turned around.."mein arohi ko ye.." she said and stopped..shaking her head she sighed.."ab zara ye shock mein arohi ko deti hun..dekhun tu sahi meri lagai hui aag use kis tarha jalati hai.." she said with an evil grin on her face.."and q k tum teeno char din se yahan ho tu aj meri shadi ki khushi mein tum teeno bhi aish karo jao apne apne ghar.." she said..rana and ravi smiled happily.."suchi madam jee.." they exclaimed in unison..natasha nodded smilingly.."zakir tum meri shadi mein ajao ghar kahan jao ge..mera dost bhi hoga mere saath tu mjhe acha lage ga.." she said looking at zakir..zakir forced a smile.."nahi natasha..mera kaam yaheen tak tha..mein tmhari shadi mein zaur ata agar .." he said and stopped looking at fading smile of natasha who understood his meaning.."wese bhi ghar pe kuch kaam hai.." he said closing the topic...natasha nodded sadly and walked away..


a card fell on arohi's lap startling her...looking at the card and then raising her head up to see the person in front of her..natasha she was..shaking her head arohi looked away.."are ye kia arohi card parho gi nahi.." said natasha smirkingly..arohi glared natasha..natasha smiled.."ye ek hi card tu chapwaya hai maine..khas tumhare lie..aur tum ho k parh hi nahi rahi.." she said and arohi again didnt reply and didnt look at the card..natasha sighed.."acha ye batau ye dress kaisa hai.." said natasha showing her the bridal dress of hers..arohi confusingly looked at the dress and then at natasha.."are aise kia dekh rahi ho..meri shadi ka jora hai..meri shadi jis ka card tumhari jholi mein para hai.." said natasha...arohi got confused and sensed something strange..looking at the card she sighed as her hands were tied making her unable to open it..natasha moving forward picked up the card..and taking it out from the envelope she again threw it back on her lap...

She was staring at it..her eyes widened in shock...Horrified she was...Her face was turning Pale..She was shocked...shocked at what she is seeing...She couldnot imagine this cant is lie...
                        "arjun weds natasha"

the card read..her mind was numb...this cant happen...this is not the truth..this can never ever be a truth..arjun cant do this to her..he loves her arjun cant do this..he is hers only..he promised her he is hers only..he cant do this to her..natasha is playing a prank on her..yes its not true..its just a prank..this obviously cant happen..few beads of sweat caressed her forehead and her heart beat accelrated.." kia mazaq hai natasha.." screamed arohi looking angrily at natasha..."uff...itna gussa arohi..tumhari sehat k lie acha nahi hai.." said natasha smirkingly.."dar lag raha hai...yaqeen nahi araha..??.." asked natasha with an evil smirk on her face..arohi struggled with her ropes.."i will kill you natasha..tmhari himmat kese hui aisa mazaq karne ki aisa sochne ki bhi..himmat kaise hui tmhari.." screamed arohi...natasha let out a small laugh.."soch nahi rahi mein aisa..aisa kar rahi hun mein..mazaq karne ki meri adat nahi tum parh rahi ho wo kuch ghantun mein such hone wala hai..tmhara arjun mera hone wala hai.." she said making arohi's hand stopped which were struggling with the ropes..her heart thudding ...eyes widened in shock.."haan arohi maanna pare ga tum donu k pyar ko..apni arohi ko bachane k lie koi bhi qeemat dene k lie tayar tha..ab jab wo koi bhi qeemat dene k lie tayar tha tu mein mauqe ka faeda kaise na uthati..tu bas utha lia mene faeda..aur tmhari zindagi k badle apne saath ye saat phere..ek mangalsutra..sindoor maang lia mene..arjun ko maang lia mene..aur itna desperate ho gaya arjun k jo do din mene use sochne k lie die us se sabar hi nahi hua aur aj hi shadi k lie keh dia..tu bas arohi kuch hi ghantoun mein mein natasha singhania..natasha arjun singhania kehlaun gi..aur tum yahan bas ab har lamha tarpo gi bilkul wese hi jese mein tarpi thi arjun aur tmhari shadi k waqt...aj waqt mera hai..arjun mera hai..aur tum...huh..tum akeli yahan..tarapne k lie..rone k liye.." she said ..."arjun sirf mera hai arohi..mera tha..mera hai aur mera hi rahe ga..aur aj hum ek rishte mein bandhein ge...cheen lia mene tumse tmhare arjun ko..cheen lia meine tumse wo sab jo mera tha..mera arjun...theek 7 ghante baad arohi..theek 7 ghante baad mein arjun ki patni banun gi..arjun ki..aur tumhe us ki zindagi se nikal phenkun kahani meri aur ajrun ki mein arohi kabhi nahi aa sakti ..kabhi nahi.." she said and walked away leaving behind a shocked arohi...

For few minutes she couldn't even recollect what she just heard. Her brain went completely blank and she sat there motionless...  Closing her both eyes she gulped the huge lump formed in her throat and tried to recollect what she just heard from natasha... Her eyes were shot opened the moment she realized that the most  precious asset of her life is now being snatched away from her...her life before she met arjun was incomplete..and there were only two emotions she knew before meeting him...pain and fear..yes these two emotions...she had a heart that was devoid of every feeling except these two... pain that life had given her and fear that what else did her life had in store for her..fear what if she loose all her loved ones..and after meeting arjun all her pains were replaced by his never ending love..his care..his possessiveness..his concern..and only happiness was filled in her life but fear was still there..fear of loosing him..fear of loosing the one she loves the most..and now she is actually loosing him..she is loosing her arjun and the reason itself is her..arohi..just for her life he is sacrificing all his happiness..just for her..just for her happiness..she who is the only reason for his pain and here he is giving up in front of natasha only for her..he is sacrificing her only for could he..why..why is this happening...Has she really lost everything...was It really too late...will she let arjun go away from her..will she really let all this happen..will she really give arjun to natasha...a girl who surely doesnot know how to love but only winning and loosing is in her mind..and not any she cant let this happen..she cant let arjun sacrificed his wishes..his dreams..his love..she cant let him sacrifice for she cant...and she wont...These were the thoughts roving through her mind...She washed them all shaking her head...No..This couldn't happen she has to stop this..She has to..She was determined...She wont let arjun do this...This to her...this to himself..this to them...she loves him and he loves her..and this is the only truth she knows...arjun is hers only and she is his only..and this story is definitely hers and arjun's and she wont let anyone enter in her"mein ap ko aisa nahi karne dun gi arjun...apne lie tu bilkul bhi nahi..aj ap majboor hain par mein nahi...mein kisi bhi haal mein aisa hone se rokun gi.." she said to herself...


plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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...deepz... IF-Dazzler

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Res for both the updates ab kush... Big smile

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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happy valentines day
great update sehar -
can a person be as evil as natasha - what a disgusting character - feeling sad and sorry for arjuhi
iam sure aru will find some way to get back to arjun - zakir seems to be a good friend indeed

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--Anjali-- IF-Rockerz

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sorry Sehar... plzz katti mat ho... 

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kritz4ever IF-Rockerz

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yaar dont let marriage happen plzzz 
.last update i felt some pain for natasha but in this episode i just hate her becoz he wantedly supressing her good when she went to arohi taking first aid kit he remembered all good times spend with her then ahy she doing like that she knows well that she cant get her friend back she get a body with out soul in it y cant she understand as arohi said natasha dont know a thing abt love she just knows winning and loosing but most important thing abt love is sacrifice only aur arjuhi can do it 

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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absolutely brilliant

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Arjuhi_kk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 8:38am | IP Logged
i knew it...arjun ne haan kar hi diOuch
but im sure tum ye shaadi hone nahi hone dogiEvil Smile
natasha ki maut lagta hai mere haaton hi likhi hai...Censored
jaldi se arohi kpo rescue karo n happyarjuhi wali updt doEmbarrassed
thnx fr the pmBig smile

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Hey sehar tum hum se b katti ho Cry par q dear see I cud explain I was damn busy these days and as u know my lap pe net is not working par ab b mein mob pe he comment kar rahiho so it wont b tat much long so pls don mind sweety Smile

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