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Here I am to Post all OS entries and start the most awaited Voting round Party 

First of all thanks everyone for your support, appreciation. 

Special thanks to all the participants for coming up with some brilliant OSs. Completely different theme, location, story. In a word Just 'Brilliant' Clap

So far i got 5 entries. 5 superb OSs. 

Thank you so much Hug

~ll~ Participants :  ~ll~

~*~  Snigdhakhanam  ~*~

~*~  PiE-ChUcKeR_AmI  ~*~

~*~  ashGC_arja  ~*~

~*~  dhakarn  ~*~

~*~  HamiSky  ~*~

Lets get straight to the point. Yes Voting rules LOL

Voting Rules :

1. Vote for 2 entries 

2. Participants can't vote for their own entries
(If you want you can vote for others)

3. Don't create MID's for voting

4. Don't advertise your entry to anyone in any manner. 

No PM just vote for your favorite entries here only Big smile

Last date to Vote : 25th December 2012

Voting Round 1 is open Party

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~*~  Drops of love  ~*~

it was a story of a Husband and Wife ... Husband name was Akshay who was a buisnessman and her Wife whose name was Radha was a house wife...they both were a newly married couple ,they both love eachother alot ... they live with their whole Family ...which consists of one Brother Yash ,Mother and Father. they live in Allahabad ...

On One day ,

It was a night time ,when the couple were returning from some party ,they were passing nearby Jungle 'Akshay was driving his Bike and Radha was sitting on the back seat of the Bike '

Suddenly the weather takes it's turn ,moreover Akshay's bike was showing some sign of some technical errors .. the motor engine of Bike got stopped suddenly ,and the both Husband and Wife got confused with sudden change in their ride ..

Akshay got out of the Bike '.and asked Radha to stand close to him ... Akshay was checking up his Bike 'but he was'nt able to pick out that exact error on his Bike ' he starting staring here and there for help it was a jungle ,so no help was granted for him ..there was not a single transport passing from that Road '.  Radha got worried '.

Radha : Kya hua Akshaya ??

Akshay : janu 'lagta hai Bike mai koi problem hai ..

Pratigya : abb kya hoga hume toh darr lag raha sunsaan jagah mai 'aur upaar se ye mausaam

Akshay : tum chinta mat karo Janu ..hum hai naa 'ruko hum kuch karte hain ..


Akshay again checked his motor Bike 'but could'nt found that error ' after then he decided to call Yash for help '.but as soon as he picked out his CellPhone from pocket ,he notices that there were no signal 'he got irritated and afterthen he kicked his Bike in frustration '

Radha : kya hua Akshay ?

Akshay : Janu..yaahan toh tower bhi nahi aa raha mobile kaa ..

Radha : abb hum kya karenge '


Suddenly it started raining with thunderstorms '

Radha : hume darr lag raha hai 'hume daar lagta hai Thunderstorms se ..

Akshay : Babu ..hum hai naa 'hum hai toh kaisa darr ..

Radha puts her head on Akshay's lap '

They both decided to move ahead for any sort of help '

On moving ahead ,they noticed a Hut '

Akshay: chalo hum vahan pe chalte hain ..

Due to rain ,..they both were drenched '

Radha : hann Krishna jaldi hum vahan par chalte hain '

They both move inside that empty Hut '

Akshay : aabb tumo tension naa lo Janu 'bass aaj hum ye raat ko gujaar kar kaal hi hum vapas ghar pahuch jayenge ..

Radha : thik hai Krishna '

Radha was shivering with cold  '

Akshay notices it '

Akshay: Janu .tumko toh thand lag rahi hai '

He decided to give his jacket to his Babu ..

Akshay: yee loo janu '.Jacket 'tumko thand nahi lagegi ..

Radha : lekin tumko phir thand lagne lagegi '

Akshay: tum hamri fikaar naa karbo 'tum bas ye jacket pehn lo ..

Meanwhile ,Radha opens hers Hairs 'as her Hairs were fully got drenched '

As soon as Akshay  comes near to Radha 'he got fully attracted with her beauty '

Akshay :  janu tum toh ek dum Pari lag rahi ho '

Akshay started continuously staring at her eyes '

Radha was felling shy and at the same time she was shivering with cold '

Radha started looking down to ground and AKshay was continuously staring her '


After then Akshay moves his hand closer to touch Radha's face '

Now the BG song takes place " Saason ko Saaon ko dhalne do zaara "

He touched Radha face and after then he moved his hand towards her hairs '.

Radha was felling very shy '.and uncomfortable '

Radha suddenly makes a 180 degree turn 'and now her back was clearly visible to Akshay '

Akshay's fantasy was growing more and more '

Radha was looking stunning with her HaLf naked Back '

Akshay moves his hands closer to touch her back '

Radha started breathing very very fast '. She can feel  everything about Akshay at that moment ..

Radha was getting nervous more and more and was also chilling  '

More the Akshay's hands comes near to touch her back ,the Radha breathing grows more and more fast '

Akshay was about to touch her half naked back ..

As soon as Akshay was about to touch her back 'he notice that Radha is getting chilled '

So instead of touching her back 'he puts his both hands on Radha's shoulders and forcefully turns her 180 degree towards him'

Akshay hands over his jacket to Radha '.

Akshay: ehhh loo jaanu ..tumhari jagah ye hai 'hum kabhi bhi aisa kaam nahi karenge jis se tumko zara sib hi bechanii yaa takleef ho '.


Radha got touched by hearing such words from Akshay '

Radha : hume tum par Garv hai Akshay 'tum hamare Sharrer se nahi hamari Atma se pyar karte ho '(tears comes from her eyes ) hume bade hi lucky hain jo hume tukare jaisa pyarr karne wala pati mila ..

Akshay: (by touching her face) I Love You Janu ,My Rasgolla ,'.

They both hugged and Kissed each other '

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~*~  Amarprem  ~*~

Character Sketch : 

Krishna Singh Thakur : He is a lone heir to one of the powerful criminal empires of UP , Son of Sajjan Singh who is the head of the Criminal Empire ... Together they rule the City ... they have full power on politicians ... n if determined , can piratically control  the UP gov... KST is Ruthless,head strong, arrogant, criminal minded , mean n does everything his environment demands ... killing , abducting , blackmailing ... n treats women as objects of pleasure ... just like his father ... The only woman he is afraid to look in eye is his mother ... bec in his heart , there is a small bit which is not dirty n corrupted , which prevents him from becoming an evil devil ...which knows that his mother doesn't like his father's n his way of living ... he never kills unless it is necessary or if someone betrays him or his father ...very like his father ... he hates love n marriage ...he uses women for pleasure n then forgets about them , just like the other men in his family ...mainly bec women r so ready to please him ...but he don't believe in raising his hand against a woman...n never attempts to forcefully take a woman... he didn't quiet like his father's elder sister , who is guiding his father deep into the clutches of crime , but never shows it ... whenever she comes up with a sinful scheme , he puts his foot down n refuse to do it ...  he only does what he think is right ...  

                Pratigya Saxsena : A simple, self respectful n strong minded girl... is the daughter of a power hungry n evil defense minister ... she has no qualities of her evil father , she is like her mother , who leads a miserable life ... Pratigya never liked her father who treated women like dirt ... violence against women was a common thing in her family n she raised her voice whenever she felt suffocated ... she developed a strong hatred for men n criminals in particular , seeing her father n uncle ...every man she encountered was bad , always looking at her body n not her soul...n she hated men with a passion... she was good in studies n wanted to become a lawyer , but she had to stop her studies as her father fixed her marriage with a powerful criminal family in UP ... as her father wanted to become the chief minister n he was ready to even sell his daughter for power ...n this particular criminal lord, Durjjan Singh n his son Sakthi Singh , who decided to help the minister, were born evils , unlike Sajjan n Krishna , who had clear sense of right n wrong , even in criminal world... 

Other characters:

Sajjan Singh : The head of Thakur criminal empire ... cruel n ruthless , but has a strong sense of right n wrong even in criminal world... is very proud of his son, who he sees as a great successor to him... loves his wife , but can't share or relate to her thoughts about life n has never talked to her in 20 years...she had tried to ruin his empire n status even at the cost of his life...n he had dumped her following a huge row n heart break...but he still loves her n wants her to be in front of him, his hatred n anger for her punishing her n his love for her secretly enjoying her presence...he respects his elder sister too much n listens only to her or KST...has many enemies as he is not outright evil, n has good influence in gov...

Sumitra Singh : Krishna's mother n Sajjan's wife...A god fearing, simple woman... hopelessly in love with a man she tries hard to hate, for taking her son too along the path of wrong... lives still at the thakur niwas n satisfies herself by seeing her son n husband , as n when they r at home, from afar...dislikes the way of their living ...n hates her husband's sister who she knows is the heart of all shocked to learn that her son hates love n marriage n treats women as mere objects...just like his father...she had tried her level best to turn her husband from wrong ways, but failed ...he had punished her severely for her attempts to live a good life, by taking her son away from her n courting other women whom his sister was eager to provide... ..she prays for the good of her son n husband n hopes for a good life for his son ahead with a strong loving woman at his side...

Gayathri singh : Sajjan' elder sister...sinister n evil woman... uses Sajjan's might n power to meet her means... selfish to the core...doesn't like sumitra at all n was successful in creating a huge rift n misunderstanding between Sajjan n sumitra... encourages sajjan n krishna to not to trust any woman than her n has no qualms in getting new, fresh girls for their service as she don't want another sumitra to upset her empire... doesn't like chandu, krishna's right Hand n friend as he suspects her about her selfish motives...

Shailendra Saxsena : Evil n power hungry man... treats women like dirt , uses violence against them as time pass... treats his wife as slave n brings up his beautiful daughter , Pratigya, as a means to get to the post of chief minister at some point...corrupt to the core befriends one of the top criminal family in UP , Sankata Singh n his sons...has tried to befriend Sajjan n krishna but they declined his offer as he is pure evil n not to be trusted ...

Renuka saxsena : A poor , weak woman...a victim of her husband's violence n a living sample of his attitude towards women... has tried feebly to rescue her daughter from his clutches n has succeeded in bringing her up as a good person...she knows that her husband is bringing up their daughter as a pig for slaughter in his political games n is desperate to see a rescue source...

Meera : Right hand of Gayatri Singh n mistress of Krishna , when he is at home... Gayatri has handpicked her from the new bunch of prostitutes brought to the city n she has been living at Haveli for the past 3 years...Krishna is not at all interested in her , he only sees her as a thing which serves his needs , if he feels like it...he has so many other options, women who would kill each other to be his mistress for one night...but Meera, appointed by Gayatri, as per their family's tradition, gets to live at haveli n is very loyal to Gayatri... she is selfish n scheming woman, who tries her level best to please Krishna n hopes to become the thakurain of the haveli , mainly because of the riches n grandeur ...she loves Krishna in a selfish way...she is very smug n sees herself as important as she enjoys the position of family mistress , flaunting her status among all other peers...she makes it a point to demean Krishna's mother at every opportunity she gets much to the pleasure of Gayatri...

Sankata Singh : Head of another criminal family ...pure evil... is jealous of Sajjan Singh n hates him for being more stronger than him... has tied up good friendly relations with defense minister by providing him all the criminal assistance, in turn accepting favours from him... even with a powerful ally at his side his business is running low compared to Sajjan Singh , who runs his empire of his policies of right n wrong...n want Sajjan Singh out of the trying to get his son Sakthi married to defense minister's daughter

Sakthi Singh : Son of sankata Singh n a mean but pathetic excuse for a man...he is jealous of Krishna for getting the best in it status or women...he tries too hard to compete with krishna with killing un-necessarily n creating panic n ruckus in the city , but is frustrated by the almost respectful fear n acceptance Krishna has managed to secure for himself among the criminal world ... he tries to get to sleep with top prostitutes in the city n is angry n jealous when they mock him and hope to be with Krishna even for one night...his primary aim in life is to kill Krishna, by hook or crook ...has seen defense minister's daughter at a party n lusts for her ...

Mannu Singh : Younger brother of sakthi ...same as his brother.

Chandu : faithful n fierce friend of Krishna...His right at krishna's side be it right or wrong ... respects Krishna's mother n treats her as his own mother... Sumitra too loves his as her son... does not like Merra n Gayatri at all n knowing Krishna he is never too worried about him being a victim of their selfish plans as Krishna cares hoots for the 2 women...but always keeps an eye on both of them...he loves Krishna as his brother...


Morning...A large front of the gate it is written 'The residence of Defense Minister-UP' n there is a name plate ' 'Shailendra Saxsena...servants are running around doing daily chores as a meek n weak n vulnerable looking woman clad in a silk sari is doing aarti in front of an idle of Lord Shiva... her eyes r streaming , her face showing early signs of aging ...her eyes were vacant n unfocused...

                                   Renuka Saxsena is a simple GOD fearing woman , who has accepted her fate without a word...her husband was the Defense Minister of UP , a gentleman  to many , especially the common people , but a few know of his real face , that of a corrupt , evil monster...Renuka looked at the idol of shiva, her eyes still devoid of emotion as she heard the door upstairs opening as the minister came down the steps to the spacious hall...he was a tall man , his features well suited to exude false dignity n a certain false charm... He was talking on the phone...'No, no, Mr. Bakshi (his Personal secretary)...I know I borrowed heavily from Thakur Sahab , n I haven't paid back the most of it, but I expected him to fully corporate with me n kill those bloody Gandhians who were threatening to take on my Office with their Satyagraha s**t...but he didn't...Why ?I mean he agreed to help me earlier... I want a solid answer Bakshi...Come here Now...yes, At my house...Now...!'he added threateningly and cut the phone'''''

 'Renuka! ' He barked at his wife... The woman came meekily n stood a 3 feet away, her head bowed down...'Our new servant , Malini, she is quite good... I think we could spare a room for her here...Make arrangements '... Renuka looked at him , her eyes dead...'Our daughter is coming today'.. ... Shailendra gritted his teeth ...'So ?'...'If she sees her , what should I''.?'... she never finished her sentence...SLAP...shailendra smacked his fist across her face...she staggered back, reeling , her face stone like as ever...the servants looked up n hurried away from the hall...

                                        shailendra twisted her hair n said through gritted teeth 'You know very well what to say... you will say that malini is our old servant...what's her name ...'whatever ,invent some name...yes, old servant so n so's daughter...I think that will be enough ... Your precious daughter won't question ur fav servant's daughter...and ' ...he said releasing her... 'don't make me think of getting rid of u...its an occupational hazard, to have a devoted wife n good beautiful daughter who could earn u election votes'...  Renuka staggered back , standing straight , her head still bowed down...N u filth...! tell your daughter to be ready by evening , after she comes from her studies...enough of her stupid law degree n if law is followed in the country... I am trying to meet Thakur Sankata Singh today evening ...I think his sons will be interested in her '

                                        A look of shock came over Renuka's face as she blurted out ...' But she is your daughter'...  'So?' Shailendra smirked...sitting down on the vast couch n taking coffee from a servant , he said ...' For me she is the ticket to the chair of Chief Minister u were my ticket to party youth secretary chair...  N I will marry her off to either one of Sankata's sons whoever is interested , as I will have to preserve my reputation n family name...don't worry ' He said mockingly...' it will be a grant marriage, that UP will remember for ages...

Renuka turned away , shocked n panicking... Her daughter was her only life straw in her miserable life... She lived to see her daughter in front of her eyes...her smile, her beauty , her happiness...she wanted her child to have a good life , a good guy to look after her n love her... who will forever most treat her as a human being , as an equal n with respect... n not as mere body ...she had heard many things about this sankata n his sons, n if they were true , even 1 % of it, then her daughter will be going from one hell hole to another... Sankata Singh's family was one of the most infamous criminal families in UP...they were gangsters n murderers n they treated women like joothis ...n they had wives to show to the society and had many other women for their enjoyment , some thakur families even having resident mistresses , in addition to wives...she shuddered...

                                       She don't want her daughter to have a miserable n hell-like life as hers... her father had been mighty impressed with the  confident n down to earth lad who won campus election n has hoisted him to the chair of party Youth secretory , n marrying off her to him... that was a grave mistake... The youth wore a mask so perfect to fool everyone...She only saw his real colors n she was threatened n physically assaulted not to reveal the truth to anyone... N she , a loving daughter , not to shock her father n give him intense pain , had silently endured all kinds of torture , mental , emotional n physical...N her father died a happy man, content that his daughter is happy n in secure hands... Many a nights her dutiful husband bought new girls n she was showed to some dark room in the house , where she sat , vacant , not even cursing her fate...still it continued, the newer one being malini, just a bit older than her daughter...the only light in her dark life was her daughter , Pratigya...

                              Renuka has insisted on sending her daughter to boarding school , so that she is kept away from her father's influence n also so that she don't know what exactly went on in the house ...but that hadn't helped...The little girl didn't comprehend why her mother looked sad n lost until one day , when she was at home for holidays, she saw her father beating her mother to pulp... her daughter had tried to stop him , pulling at his hands n legs , crying , but he had beaten her too...n Renuka had flung herself over her little daughter , protecting a shocked n crying Pratigya from her beast of a father...Renuka had expected her daughter to fear her father from then onwards , who was already distant, but from that day onwards Pratigya had developed a sort of hatred for her father ... she had grown up to be a subdued, silent girl; a drastic transformation from the cheerful , talkative 12 yr old girl...she didn't like to be home at vacations , she only came to see her mother...Tears leaked from Renuka's eyes as she sat near the shiva Idol once again, praying to GOD to show her an escape route for her daughter, somewhere , somehow, someone...Smile

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~*~  I am here for you...  ~*~ 


Alok-Male lead
Padmini-Female lead
Mrs. Khare-Padmini's mother

Location- Chennai.

A northnindian coming to chennai where Most people know only Tamil..also he stays in an apt that is in the outskirts..

Theme:  The initial hiccups that might arise between newly weds

They entered into their new flat..gifted to newly wed Padmini by her software engineer husband Alok. both their parents have joined them in the occasion and all this gave a happy festive mood. house warming ceremony and Poojas took place and everyone was happy. The flat was in 20th floor of the apartment on the Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai. The living room balcony and bedroom window gave wonderful sea views...and also the lake near by. was arranged neatly. Telephone and Internet connection might take a few days and cable connection also might take a little more time. 
Both the newlyweds parents were elated to see their children getting happily settled. They somehow failed to see things that could possibly give turbulent twists in the lives of Padmini and Alok. The day come when the parents to leave the couple in their little paradise. 
"Padmini, ask damadji to get a mobile connection for you in a day or two. As of now I don't have any means to contact you" said her mother, Mrs. Khare. Padmini " ok mamma, don't worry. " Mrs. Khare gave her daughter little more advice, suggestions , instructions and what not before all of them left. Alok was on cloud nine for having his pretty queen for all himself now with elders leaving. Padmini reciprocated his feeling with a blissful naughty smile.
Alok is supposed to report to work from that day. Padmini was busy preparing breakfast and lunch. Despite Alok suggesting not to pack his lunch for sometime, Padmini was insisting on gear ka khaana. She didnot have a clue Alok had other reasons for refusing lunch packed from home. He very well knew that Padmini and kitchen were two disjoint sets until marriage. Everything was prepared ..served... Alok had it with smile whatever...after all he knows it had a lot of love ..if not taste. He left.

Padmini closed the door and turned back and realized she literally was left alone..with no one and nothing...she just smiled to herself. Her studying days in Meerut, working in married and came down to Chennai. As soon as she landed she found that no one knew. anything othe than Tamil. And she knew nothing of it. Thought further made her feel more aloof. She just laughed off weird thoughts. She spent the whole day sleeping, cleaning and gazing out through the windows.
7:30 pm..Alok was back home and an ecstatic Padmini gave him a tight hug. Padmini "you are late today..hmm?"...Alok " not usual time to be back home..but hey yes I really wanted to come home much earlier..and you know..why.." Padmini blushed with a smile..he loved seeing her red cheeks. 
" OMG I just forgot the sim I got for you..another day at office tomorrow without talking to you..I so missed talking to you and did not have a clue about what you could be phone...btw what did you do"
" what do you think I could do..was just whiling away the time..but don't worry on will be a few days"
" so sort of house arrested...hmmm..shall we go for a walk"
" you look tired..and you being at home made me happy n cheerful enough"
"I am are very caring and understanding darling"
" you are no less..sweet heart"

Next few days passed in the same happy happy way. She got a mobile but net and tv connection was getting late a bit. Alok did his best to keep her cheerful...his returning home was mostly quite early..took her out on weekends. Chennai she found a mixture of everything. Language was something she couldn't pick up easily. And hence mingling with people was also not easy..and befriending someone easily was not in her anyway.

Her waking up...preparing chores had become mechanical and was finished well before noon. Every evening she look forward to his returning home...his leg pulling...and of course happy nights. But major part of day was spent with literally nothing to do and no one to talk to. But she did not complain about anything.
As it happens in every married life, Alok got busy with his work especially because he was transferred to a bigger project. Reached home late. Cricket fevers gripping him now and then. He was quite content and thought Padmini felt the same. He never complained about her dishes. Never had an issue when she woke up late. Both had no complaints whatsoever.

They had nothing much to talk and moreover they did not have much time as before to talk about anything and everything. While Alok was tied up going nd coming from office, project, deadlines, along with Timemwith his wife...there were only people who were only jealous of his happy life.

But at padmini's side things were falling apart. Her idleness started taking a toll on her. Feeling void and bored to death, she started getting disinterested in everything. Nothing excited her. Feeling something amiss, one day she decided to talk to Alok.

"Alok, shall I ask you something?"
"go ahead baby, it's been quite sometime you asked anything. You want anything? If its anything you want to buy or want a vacation, please wait for some more time..very soon would finish this project and I will be all yours"
" no no Alok, I do have everything a girl can ask for.but this is something else"
" what is that ?"
" it's like, let it be.You are tired I think.Let's go to sleep.
"No I am fine.tell me!
"No  not today.please.
"Ok as u wish...

Things were going in same way.ya they got tv and net connection too but It was not the same padmini who was waiting for tv,net..Alok noticed something is wrong with Padmini.She doesn't talk like earlier.His returning home didn't make her excited like earlier.Alok realized she started loving loneliness.But he was helpless too.He couldn't give her much time,he couldn't  leave his project in middle.And here Padmini's behaviour was getting weird day by day.So Alok consulted a doctor.He told the doctor everything about Padmini.Then the doctor said-
"Don't worry.She'll be fine.Nothing is serious yet but ya it can be serious.So I will advise u to having a baby.Do think about it.I hope she'll be completely fine after baby arrival.

"Ok doctor thanks for ur suggestion.I will think about it surely.
Alok to himself:So thats the solution?I have to talk to Padmini.
At home:
"Padmini I want to talk to u.
"hmm tell me.
"Is not it right time to having a baby?What do you think?
Padmini was shocked as that day she wanted to ask him the same thing.she wants their baby.

Padmini was silently listening Alok.
"What?tell me na.what do you think?
Padmini gave a stern smile and said-
"As you wish Alok.I don't have any problem.
"You are my darling.I love you so much.
"Love you too"

They hugged..Padmini wanted to tell him it's not only his wish.she wants the same.She wanted to disclose her happiness but she couldn't.Alok was there but still she was feeling lonely.Something was missing..
2 months passed.It was monday.Padmini was giving Alok the good news that she's pregnant.

Alok was on cloud nine.He was excited.He hugged her tightly and gave a kiss nicely on her forehead.Ya still Alok felt it was not the same Padmini.He thought she'll be blushed or embarrassed whenever she'll give him the news but she was so normal.It hurted Alok but he knew he's responsible for all this.he felt so guilty..
Months started passing.Finally Alok completed his project when Padmini completed her 6 months of pregnency.He became relax and free.he started coming home early.He was taking care of Padmini like a good and caring husband.After a long time he got his Padmini back when first time their baby kicked her belly from inside.She felt her baby.After a long time she smiled ,she was excited and Alok was busy in admiring her..

Finally the most awaited day came.Padmini gave birth to a baby girl.After seeing her face Padmini couldn't control her tears.tears of happiness..Alok got emotional too.It was his baby in Padmini's lap.indescribable feelings..Padmini called Alok.He came towards her.

"Thank you Alok.
"Thanks for what?
"For everything.Today I have got my life.I am so happy.
"I am happy too darling.Its good to see you happy.I had lost my darling wife somewhere..
"I know.I am sorry but I didn't do it intentionally.I felt so lonely..
"I know but don't feel lonely again.Me and now our darling daughter is with u.I am here for you and will be alwaysHeart
"I love you so much.
They hugged..

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~*~  The Promise  ~*~


 Krishna had shifted with his wife Pratigya from Lucknow to Delhi after he got placed with a reputed company there. They lived in a 3BHK apartment. They had been married for a year now but still Pratigya was waiting for the day when Krishna would love her. They marriage was a forced one from Pratigya's side. Krishna hated Pratigya to the core and he had to marry her only because her dad had been his sponsor all through his graduation and higher studies. They were strangers sharing the same roof. Pratigya was clearly told on their wedding night by Krishna that he hates her and they can never have a husband-wife relationship. Pratigya from that day had never tried to impress him. She let the destiny decide her future and felt if Krishna was hers then he would come back to her.

Standing infront of a portrait in that dark room of his three room apartment, the room which no one dared not entered, with his hands folded at the back, his eyes let out a tear drop flow down his cheeks. He uttered those words to the person who was his life and the sole reason behind his all achievements.

"na jaane kab aur kaise hua yeh pyaar use'. Kabhi nahi socha tha ki tumhaari jagah meri zindagi, mere dil mein koi aur le sakhtha hai'. Haan mujhe pyaar hogaya hai, dobara'Aarushi"

Saying so, he touched Aarushi's portraits and kissed it.

Pratigya  saxena

[A crazy lover of Krishna and got married to him forcefully by using her father's influence. Her Dad MR.Saxena, chairman of the Saxena group of companies, was an influtential personality and one of the richest in the whole country. They lived in Lucknow. Pratigya has an elder brother Adarsh saxena, Managing director of Saxena group, married to his long time girlfriend Rolli who have son together and had an elder sister Aarushi.]

As Pratigya completing her daily chores moved towards her room saw Krishna coming out of that dark room. She never was given the entry into that room and once when she had out of curiosity peeped in got blasted by him after which she dared not. He smiled at her and she reciprocated wishing him a "Goodnight". He replied back and went to his room while she moved to hers. Before going inside, she turned to look at him eagerly if he would remember that tomorrow is their first wedding anniversary. But to her disappointment he just went in as always and shut the door. Pratigya returned to her bed with a heavy heart.

She opened up her diary and wrote down her feelings as the diary had been her sole companion in this one year. Sometimes, she used to wonder if the diary was her eternal companion as she would never get his love. But that thought was eliminated with a ray of hope. Five months back one fine morning He sat down at the dining table to have his breakfast with her for the first time wishing her a morning. She was speechless, his wish made her fumble and stumble. But that was not all, he extended his hand to her and asked "Friends" with a wide grin on his face. What more could Pratigya ask for?? The man whom she loved with all her being was speaking to her in a very soft, gentle tone for the first time and that too with a smile. Even it was being his friend just friend she was happy. She quickly grabbed his hand shaked it with him.

From that day, they have been good friends, they do everything which two people as friends would do from sharing a joke to watching a movie to hanging out to sharing their concerns and worries. They had come close but only as friends still there was a thin layer of wall to be shed to move into a husband-wife relation. Pratigya thoroughly enjoyed his company. She never expected him to reciprocate her feelings she was happy being his friend.

Krishna Singh Thakur

[Son of Sajjan Singh Thakur, a goonda. He has an elder brothe Shakthi Singh Thakur who is married but still a mean person and an elder sister Komal married and well settled and his mom Sumitra whom he loved immensely. He ran away from home at the age of five only to study as he hated being a son of goonda and never wanted to continue his family legacy. He wanted to study and achieve big in his life. He did all jobs to earn a living and also spend on studies. He graduated at the Lucknow university where he fell in love with Aarushi Saxena and finished his higher studies in a top b-school in merit]

He was planning the surprise of Pratigya the whole night. He had fallen in love with her long back but was confused with his feelings and slowly realized that he has fallen for her. He could not imagine a life without her, he was incomplete without her, his breathe choked when he could not smell her fragrance.

Next Morning, when Pratigya came out of her room she saw the whole house decorated beautifull with red roses and bouquets place all around. The floor was covered with heart shaped red color balloons. She could not believe her eyes. She rubbed her eyes and pinched herself to check if this was a dream or reality. Krishna came and stood at the back of her whispered into her ears," Happy Anniversary". She felt his warm breath on her neck which sent tickling sensation all over her body. She turned to face him and wished him back.

Pratigya (choked with tears): Thank you Krishna'

Krishna: apna thank you bachcha ke rakhna kyun ki abhi bahut kuch baaki hai' (he winked)

He took her to the table and made her sit. It was a special breakfast as Krishna had prepared the whole menu.  He took her hands in his hands as tears rolled down his cheeks and said," hum tumhe apne past ke  baare mein sab batanaa chahthe hai'."

Three years back, he met Aarushi for the first time. She had been a lateral entry into the college then. It was a typical filmy moment when he met her for the first time. They bumped into each other which made her fall into his arms. It was love at first sight for both. For months they did not confess each other. Krishna who till then was a topper of the college failed miserably in that exam after meeting Aarushi.

That day the results were announced. Krishna had failed in two subjects and his marks in the others were too low. Sitting on the bench in a park, Chandu and Tunna (his two childhood friends studying with him) was blasting him for such low marks. He sighed and started eating the fried peanuts. Chandu and Tunna were pissed off with his attitude. Just then Aarushi stormed there raging with anger. Leaving them alone the two friends left the place. Krishna stood up and started gazing her as usual. Aarushi shouted at him for not concentrating in studies. Krishna still maintaining his cool replied that he lost all interest in studies the day he met her. All he needed was just her now.

Aarushi (holding his hands) confessed him her feelings and asked him a promise," tumhe mere liye apna sapna poora karna hoga' Top B-school mein padhke achchi job join karke phir mere papa se mera haath manganna'. Mere liye yeh karoge na Krishna (extending her hand to him asking for a promise).

He quickly promised and hugged her tightly with tears rolling down." "I LOVE YOU AARUSHI" I can do anything for you".

Days passed, they met after college hours spent time together hanging around. They had become inseparable. Their love life was known only to Aarushi's brother  and her sister who was then studying in a boarding school. Both had not met them though.

A fine day the group of friends had planned a trip to Allahabad as they had an off of three days. Unfortunately, Krishna had his CAT exams due to which he could not accompany them. Aarushi had to convince him a lot to agree for this. That day the night before leaving Aarushi had come to meet him. He hugged her and they kissed passionately. Little did they know that that was the last time he was meeting the love of his life for last time.

Those three days at Allahabad changed Aarushi and Krishna's whole life. Shakthi Singh Thakur who saw her in a public gathering at Allahabad, brutally raped her. Aarushi had totally become depressed that she could not say anything to Krishna too. She decided to hide the fact to him and mustered up courage to complaint against the beast. That's when the goondas and Shakthi planned her accident.

Krishna who returned after his exam to meet aarushi got to know the whole truth from his friends. He raged with anger and even planned to kill those beasts but before that he wanted to meet her, console her, take her in his arms. He ran on the road searching her like a mad man shouting her name all through. He never wanted to come to Allahabad, his home town, but he had to come for his love. On the way, he saw Aarushi chased by a jeep drove by the goondas. He screamed her name but before she could react, she was hit by the jeep which then drove off from the place.

He took her in his arms and cried his heart out. She was not going to be saved he knew. Her last breath was on his lap.

Her last wish was a promise," hum jaante hai Krishna kit um abhi un goondon ko maarna chahthe ho'. Par tum aisa nahi karoge'.. waada karo kit um hume diye hue waada poora karoge. Iss bare mein nahi sochoge'.. apni zindagi mein aage badoge aur (struggled to say) shaadi karoge'"

He could not say no. Her last wish'how could he say A No'. He obliged and the moment he placed his hand on hers she breathe her last.

To present,

Pratigya was crying bitterly calling out "Di'" Krishna looked shockingly at her. Pratigya said him the whole truth that Aarushi was her elder sister to whom she always looked upto as a mother (Pratigya had lost her mother at a very tender age. Since then, aarushi was her mother, taking care of her).

Krishna hugged her and finally told her those three words. He kissed her all over her face and said," aakhir hume apni Aarushi ki parchayi hi mil gayi'. I LOVE YOU." She hugged him back and closed her eyes tightly as this was what she wanted and waited for. Could she ask for more???? NO.

Krishna looked up and said," Aarushi'.. I fulfilled all my promises'.. ab tum khush hogi na"

Her promise gave him a new life, a career, name and fame, a beautiful and loving wife for whom he could do anything, a fulfilled family where father-in-law was a father, a brother-in-law who was more than a friend like, Rolli whom he shared a sisterly relation. Her promise gave him everything.

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~*~  Pure Love  ~*~

Theme-   This is a love story of two people who are fall in love without seeing each other.They were apart.But it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder!!


Arhaan behl-Male lead
Pooja Gor-Female lead.
Anjali-Pooja's friend.
Priya-Pooja's sister
Jaideep-Arhaan's friend.
Mrs.Gor-PG's mother.
Mrs.behll-Arhaan's Mother.

Location:  Ajmeer of India.A beautiful place.Hometown of ArhaanTongue  &
Ahemedabad- Pooja's home town.It's the largest city and and former capital of the indian state of Gujarat!!

Arhaan behll  lives in US.His hometown is Ajmeer of India. Four years ago he got scholarship and came US for completing his study on MS.He does part time job too.
Pooja...A Simple,Sweet and Beautiful girl.She's a wedding planner.Lives in Ahemedabad with her parents and younger sister.
It"s 3.15 pm.

AB to himself:  Oh shit.Again i m lateOuch.Pooja is waiting for me.Have to login fb asap.He opened his laptop.logged in to fb.PG is online.He starts knocking her.
AB:  Hi.whats up?Sorry for the late.just returned from collegeEmbarrassed.
No response from  PG.

AB:  Pooja plz..ok if u don't want to talk to me then fine I m going.byeUnhappy.
PG:  Arey..what the hell.It's Ur fault and u r showing atittude tooShocked.
AB:  Thanks God atleast u replied.Listen Now I have to go to workTongue . As I m coming India will see u soonDay Dreaming.From 3 years I m requesting u send me ur pics but U..No problem I will see u directly nowTongueWink.
PG:  I m waiting for that day eagerlyDay Dreaming..By the way if u don't like me after our meeting,then?
AB:  Joke of the yearLOL.I have already given my heart to u mam.Anyway same question from my sideErmm.We haven't seen each other yet.If u don't like me then what will u do?will reject me haanConfused?
PG:  How silly!Arhaan-I don't care about outlooks.I just fond of inside beauty that u haveEmbarrassed.
AB:  Hehe thats why I love u so muchEmbarrassed.Ok bye now.Will try to come online at night.
PG:  OK take carBig smilee.
AB:  I love uHeart.
PG:  Heart u too.

Arhaan and Pooja...They know each other from 3 years.They connected with each other through fb.At first they did chat on fb 2-3 times.then start loving each others company.
They became good friends.started sharing their personal things.Day by day they became so close to each other.Then AB realised PG has become an important part of his life.
He couldn't stay one day without chatting with her.Mutual feelings were coming from PGSmile.Her feelings for AB were increasingTongue.They realised they fall in love and one day AB admit it during chattingTongue.
PG was shocked as she was feeling the same for him.She was on cloud 9 when he proposed herDay Dreaming...She did response to him.But they haven't seen each other yet.even they did talk once.but both were
so nervous ,so they decided they will meet directly when AB will go to India..
After 3 days...
AB is in india now.Tears dropped from his mother eyes.She's seeing her son after 4 years.So she has become emotional.AB hugged his mother tightly..they shared some emotional moments!!AB's mom
know that AB like one girl as he never hide anything from his darling mom,On the other hand PG"s parents know it too.Even her parents talked with him and they liked him.PG's mother always say-We have to get married Pooja off one day.So if she likes someone who's worth for her then no objection from our side...PG lives in Ahemedabad with her family.

AB is calling up PG.
PG:OMG why he's callingBlushing?
PG's younger sister Priya snatched the phone from pooja.
P:Hello jijuEvil r u?
AB:ShockedHello..who's thereConfused?Is it Pooja's number?
P:Don't worry it's her numberLOL and I m ur adhi ghar wali priya..Wink
AB:EmbarrassedAw PriyaEmbarrassed.Heard about u..How r u dearSmile?
P:I m awesome..what about u?di is so nervous to talk to u so I received the phone.Hope u don't mind.Embarrassed
AB:No problemBig smile.By the way Actually I m coming Ahmedabad tomorrowEmbarrassedBut I don't have the address of ur homeErmm.
P:Wow U r coming..I will eagerly wait for u.Wait I m messaging our home addressWink.
AB:OK thanks a lot.See u tomorrow.
P:Ya bye..Smile
PG:He's comingEmbarrassed??
P:Ya what a love story...Day Dreaming
PG:U just Shut up...LOL
PG to herself:So finally that day..Day Dreaming
The next day-Arhaan and his friend jaideep start their journey for Ahmedabad.As AB is feeling embarrassed so he has taken jaideep along with him..Tongue
Here Pooja is so nervous plus shy..She called up Anjali to come and give her company.Anjali comes.She's excited too..

Here PG's mother is busy in cooking special dishes,doing house neat and clean...
Suddenly One idea knocked Pooja.Tongue
Anjali entered at Pg's room..
She's shocked.
An:What  r u doing PoojaShockedShockedShocked?
PG:Can't u see?I m blackening my face..Evil Smile
AN:But why?R u crazy?what the hell u r doingAngryOuch?
PG:I just want to check Arhaan's mind Anjali.I love him from my heart..Let's see he does the same or not.I don't know how he is.But I love him so much.After seeing me if he likes me then I won't be surprised because I m not that much bad looking,rightConfused?So I m making myself ugly .let's see his love for me.
An:U r gone caseSilly.Stop doing all this.Such a nonsense..ShockedOuch
After blackening her face PG is looking really weirdLOLOuch.not beautiful atleastTongueHer mother scolded her too but she's so stubbornOuch
Arhaan and jaideep knocking at the door.
Priya opened it..After seing arhaan she couldn't resist herself..
P:OH my god Such a handsome man I have ever seen.I m sure U r Arhaan.right?Tongue
AB:ThanksEmbarrassed.yes I m,U?
P:I m priya.Plz come inside..
Here Pg and Anjali are trying to see Arhaan from the back.
P:Di Oh my god he's so...Plz I m requesting u do wash ur face asap.plz.
PG:NO priya let me check how he react..Confused
PG mother talked to arhaan.
Mrs.Gor:wait.I m sending Pooja..Big smile
She left the place.

Mrs.Gor:  How kiddish behaviour it is.Do clean ur face asap Pooja.and go there.He's waiting for u.Ouch
PG:  Mom plz don't worry.I will clean my face.After sometimes.plz let me check him naEmbarrassed.
Mrs.Gor:  As u wish..I won't interfere..Ouch
Here AB is desperately waiting for Pooja..Tongue
PG and Anjali entered at the room..Tongue
PG looks at AB once and then look down..Embarrassed
Her heart is beating fastly After seeing him.
AB just looked at Pooja;s eyes and he lost himself..He locked his eyes in her eyes..Day Dreaming
Everyone was silent there...
AB broke up the silence.He comes to Anjali...
AB to An:PoojaEmbarrassed?

Pooja's heart broken into pieces..Broken HeartShe was just shocked and blank.
An:Pooja?who?Acutally I m...Confused
PG:ya she's Pooja..
AB:I got it when I saw her first time..Big smile
AB to PG:and U?
PG:I m her friendDead.
AN:whats happening hereShockedShocked?
PG:She's a bit nervous actually.U guys carry on..I m coming.PG left the room with heavy heart..Unhappy
An:One min..I m comingOuch
Anjali come to PG's room-
An:Whats this all pooja.Oh my god he's thinking I m pooja..ShockedLet's clear everythingAngry..come with me.
PG:No Anjali it's all over nowBroken Heart.
An:Hey don't be sillyOuch.come with me.

Here PG's mom is unaware of all this. 
Anjali come outside..
Jaideep's phone rings
J:Excuse me.He left the place.
An:Arhaan I want to say something.Acutally u r mistaken.
AB:I know.
An:U know what?
AB:that u r not Pooja.She was Pooja,rightTongue?
AN:U know itShocked?then why u said I m poojaConfused?
AB:When I saw her eyes I got that she's my PoojaEmbarrassedDay Dreaming.Her eyes says everything.
An:U shouldn't have done this,She's crying.
AB:Where's she?let me pacify her.
An:Go !she's in roof..
AB come there.
PG controlled her tears.Unhappy
PG:Hi,u hereStern Smile?
AB:yes.How r u?
PG:I m good.I have to go now.
She was going to left the place but AB caught her hands from backWink-
Tears dropped from her eyes.
AB turned Pooja to face him..Tongue
PG:Arhaan U...
He caught her lips with his hands.

AB:Don't say anything.lets enjoy the silence!
They were completely lost in each other.They were so close to each other.could hear each other's heart beat.
AB caught PG's one hand and put it on his chest!
AB:Can u feel my heart-beat?It's beating fastly Pooja.U wanted to know what will be my reaction after our meeting..I hope u have understood my reaction already.EmbarrassedMy heart is saying everything that I want to sayDay Dreaming.If u still want to hear from my mouth then listen-I love you.I love you.I really love you PoojaHeart!I can;t imagine my life without uEmbarrassed.
His eyes were closed when He was saying all this.PG was admiring him.He was looking so cuteWink!Tears dropped from AB's eyes.Maybe it;s tears of happiness!
PG:Dont u want to know whats my reaction and how I m feeling now..
AB:No  need .Ur eyes said it all..
She hugged him.Arhaan pulled Pooja away from his chest and caught her face with his hands and kissed her on the forehead.
PG closed her eyes!
Suddenly Arhaan noticed his hands became blacken as he touched her face
AB:whats this?PG opened her eyes..and noticed Arhaan;s hands.
PG:Oww.actually Arhaan..
AB noticed now some place of her face is so light now .

PG just closed her eyes and told him the truth that why she has blacken her face
AB:Ye sahi nehi hai,ye galat hai.How could u doubt me?
PG:Hey I never doubt u.It's just for fun
AB:Oh my god U r so beautiful.I will marry u today baat khatam btw u did unfair with me.U have to pay for it now
AB:Do kiss me
PG:OK not a big issue.PG kissed him on face softly
AB:Aah..not here..
Arhaan slowly brought Pooja's face and leaned forward himself.He was going kiss her lips but Pooja caught his lips with her hands.
PG:Control control..U have to wait for it..Don't forget We r not married yet...Blushing

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Ok. I'm done. Any problem just feel free to pm me. Happy voting Big smile

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Good work everyone!!! Thumbs Up Loved all the stories!!!  
I vote for entry 4 and entry 5 Approve

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