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Swaron FF - Jab Dil Miley #2

pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7890

Posted: 14 December 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

This is the Second Thread for my Swaron Fanfic [Jab Dil Miley].

Firstly,I would like to Thanks all of the friends,non-friends,readers,likers & commenters,silent readers and even those who only encouraged me.It's ONLY because of you all that I am here writing my pieces,though any of it.

I am very grateful for all of you that you all managed to encourage me for writing through your PM's,your likes or comments or etc.

I never thought of joining India-Forums and start writing at any point.I was even a silent reader once and start writing because of Nehal and Deepika.

Yes,I am mentioning them here because I really need to tell you that guys you both are my soul inspiration of writing,in September I start reading their Swaron work and that create a volcano in me which bursted in the face of my first ever Swaron piece which was RIDE THE NIGHT.I never told these 2 little brats about my this little secret but I am telling now.I was sure for the very first day that they both have to be my friends.I start talking to them on purpose,so that i can be friends with them.I can proudly say that now we 3 share a great bond!

So,Nothing much more to say just hope you guys will always love me and encourage me and support throughout like you all are doing rite now and hope that even more will join into it.

I better stop my Stupid nothings now,I know I make you all go pissed! Bad on my part! [POUT]

I don't promise daily updates in 2nd thread as my boards are near in June and I need to study for that hard,like really hard.I am tough nut to crack but if I don't score satisfying I bet my mom will surely crack me from in and out.But I will try my best to atleast give 2 long updates a week.


P.S : Add Tanya_Swaronluv for PM's.All the request,queries or question can be answered surely,feel free to ask!

P.SS : As I am not going to write on Kriya-Reyaansh ever in my life,So do not expect or even ask.


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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7890

Posted: 14 December 2012 at 12:55pm | IP Logged

Nehal,Deepika,Anindita,Aruba,Vedika,Simran,Ananya,Sakshi..and may be lot more.

Thankyou guys for coping up with me and my health condition.Love you all from bottom of my heart,I am still in Jaundice but your concern and love make me feel fresh everytime.

Nehal,my personal Doc! I really hope you do not scold me after reading this as I again ate some chips packet! SORRY.

P.S : Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone's name! :(

So,I am Done with all of my Bakwaas for now.



Thread 1

Chapter # 18

Chapter # 19

Chapter # 20

Chapter # 21

Chapter # 22

Thread # 3

Next Chapters will be coming soon!


Please do not forget to read the A/N under the note itself.

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7890

Posted: 14 December 2012 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

Chapter # 18

Sharon kept looking at Swayam with fear and deep emotion in her eyes and in heart.She felt something very horrible,that feeling which she never felt in her entire existence may be she never loved someone as much she loves HIM so that even a slight bad vibe felt like a tornado to her.

She tried to control her heart and fear but suddenly a pair of drop rolled down from her eyes to her cheeks and left a warm feeling inside her shirt on her heart.Which sent shiver to her entire body and her fear increased.

She looked upto swayam face trying to judge his face,but for the first time she could not read his face,his eyes which always showcased his pure and deep love to her.She realized the reason and her heart start beating in an abnormal pace.She gave a sarcastic smile to herself and walks into the room,layed on the bed and closed her eyes thinking that it can ease her pain.

Swayam was in his own mind fight.He assured Sharon that he is fine with the fact of baby but he was himself unsure,not like he don't want HIS own baby but it was a big responsibility.He was continuously changing the channels on TV but,his mind was on Sharon.He was even scared to share his thoughts to Sharon.

He did not wanted to upset her in this condition,He knew that she already has survived through very much in her life.He was confused what if she takes him in a wrong way.But he was himself unsure of the thoughts he was thinking of wanting a baby.He knew Sharon could read his face,his eyes.

He closed his eyes like Sharon,thinking he can drift his mind from the horrible thoughts coming to his mind.

Swayam went to the room and lay beside Sharon.He smiled on how she was laying on the bed peacefully.He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her safely.

Soon swayam slept,but Sharon was still awake,tears rolling down from her eyes.She placed her hands on his hand which was around her waist,interwined her fingers with his and kissed the back of his hand and hold his tightly near her heart.

Next morning swayam woke up because of the sound coming from the washroom.He heard Sharon throwing up in the washroom.He ran to the washroom and found her face teary,and soothed her back with his hands.She looked upto his face and smiled weakly.
Swayam took her to the bed and made her sit there.Swayam pass her the glass of water and made her drink that,he cupped the sides of her face and kissed her forehead lovingly.

Sw:You are fine now? He asked in a very worried and loving tone.
Sharon smiled and kissed his hand with a tear dropped down from her eyes.

Sh:Swayam you don't need to to get worried of me now.I am Ok! She said with heavy heart.

Sw:How can I not Sharon? I Love you,you know that rite? He said in a low voice.

Sh:We need to go college Swayam,Now let's go. She said and went to washroom to take a warm shower.

Swayam and Sharon was having breakfast on table.Sharon again looked at Swayam and saw same something different.He was looking down at plate and his face was expressionless,busy in eating but still Sharon could feel every internal expression,feeling and thoughts of his face.

Swayam looked to her smiled,Sharon smiled back and broke the long silence.

Sh:Swayam I have that audio record of Shivam,Now when we have to use it? She asked him.

Sw:Oh yeah,It totally slipped out my mind! We will take to the college today and show it to the Footloose trustees as soon as possible but not today. He told her the afterwards plan.

Sh;Than why are you taking it to college today? She asked her with narrowed eyes.

Sw:Yeah,actually rey will actually make another copy of it,anything can happen so we can't take any risk of loosing it! He said and assured her that everything will be fine.

Sh:Oh,I see! She smiled.

They soon reached to college.Ayesha noticed that Sharon was different today,She was smiling but her smile was not reaching to her eyes.The spark in the eyes which she always held whenever she was with Swayam was not today,today it was redness deep in her eyes.It was not like Swayam did not notice this,He did but though it was because of her early morning puking.

Ayesha sat beside Sharon in RH and patted her shoulder,gave her a warm smile indicating that no matter what she is always there for her.Sharon smiled back and placed her head on Ayesha's hand which was on Sharon shoulder.

Swayam and Rey were standing at some distance smiled looking their angel lovingly.But soon Rey saw Swayam's smiling fading away.Rey looked up at him and he just rolled his eyes and turned his face to side way so that Rey can not see him anymore.

Rey kept looking at his backing expecting him to turn,and he turned after composing himself.Rey start the conversation while both of them has their eyes on only Sharon.

R:You LOVE her. He said in an asking tone looking at Sharon.

Sw:Is it a question? Swayam replied knowing what is coming to his way.

R:No,I know you do that is why I am saying it.What you thought? He asked in a tone like tell-me-what-are-you-thinking!

Sw:Yeah,I do.I really love her,She is the best thing happened to me. He said and smiled looking at Sharon.

R:I HOPE so! Rey said in a sad tone and left him alone letting him stare Sharon and think properly about his feelings.

Anyone from the team did not let Sharon danced today as she was still weak from their point of view.Ayesha asked Swayam and Sharon you live in same house for some month as it is good for Sharon.Swayam immediately agreed on her,They both were really comfortable with each other as they were living together with each other for about more than a week.

Swayam walked of the bedroom and came back after few minutes with medinices in his hands.He pointed the the medicines towards Sharon with a deadly glare on his face.

Sh:This is my copyright! She said and crossed her arms on her chest.

Sw:Huh? He gives her a questioning look.

Sh:This terrifying glare on your face. She announced waving her finger in front of his face in a circular motion.

Sw:Oh,Yeah? Not anymore! He proudly said her and chuckled.

She sat back like a kid on the bed and raised her eyebrow and pointed her fingers toward him with a cute pout.

Sh:Why why why? She asked and twitched her nose.

Sw:Because I say so my siren Sharon! He said and pressed her nose like a button.

Sh:Haww,Siren? Now you will call me by names? She said and grab his collar and gave him a deadly glare.

Swayam chuckled and raised her arms in a surrender position.

Sw:My apologizes ma'am. He said and pushed Sharon on bed.

He layed on her taking the support of his torso so that he do not crush her in between him and bed or rather their BABY.

They kissed,but Sharon was wild this time.She felt like she is kissing him for the last time.Her wildness was making him go crazy,and he burst out! They were holding it back till now but not tonight.They made an erotic and intoxicated love to each other leaving all the worries and thoughts back in another world.

Next chapter will be on Page:15& 30 likes!
Do comment and like,And next chapter will be longer.

Happy Advance New Year!
I might write an OS on Christmas or New year!

P.S: I do not know if anybody has noticed it or not,but i have changed a bit of my writing style and even presentation style.Hope you all noticed and like! =)



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sweetcherry95 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
hey tanya 

coming to the update
it was nice long update
swaron confused Unhappy..cant themselves to each other 
well waiting for next update

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 August 2012
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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Hey My Sweet Little MonsterHug

I am so happy to see 2nd thread of this i am seriously in love with this FF & emotionally attached with you...i wish you many more threads to come for your wonderful all of them are awesome...

Girl...u seriously wrote those lines...nehal & me inspired you to start your 1st work...awww...i don't really have enough words to voice my feelings...thanks for ur initiation  to be friends with me...i am sooo happy that you wanted to be my friend...u know i love you baby Embarrassed

Coming to the update...yes i did notice the different style of was mature ...u r doing an wonderful job sweet heart...swaron relationship during this complex time...their fears...hesitation...beautifully written...Smile

Now let me be u little brat called me Di just once ...i will show u how strict deepika the elder sis is ...Angry...u r not well still you are eating chips and all...let alone spending so much time online...take care of yourself...fir mujhe bola na ki tabiyat kharab he toh...dekhna...take care baby...u r too precious for me...please take proper care and yeah study well...

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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Congo for new thread...update soon

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Joshua_TANHA IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 February 2012
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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Congratulation for the second threadClapClapClap!!!
The update is beautiful!! It shows both Swayam's And Sharon's state of mind..
One hesitant of responsibilty though he love her and other worried for the one she loves !!!
Swayam has changed so much ..from a hopless flirt to a responsible Boyfriend Embarrassed  I understand his turmoil , this is not the right age to handle such a big respobnsiblity and on the other hand he doesnt want loose sharon too!!!
Iam seriosuly waiting for the next update , because last few line gave some negetive vibes to me ..Confused

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DanCing_DiVa_SK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Congo Shongo Tanya for the new thread...
This was a perfect start of the new thread...
This update was fab...
Thnkx to ayesha who told Sharon to live with Swayam...
Thnkx for the PM dear...
Update the next chapter soon dear...
Do PM me as always...
Spamming jaldi ho jayegi so be ready with ur update...

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