REDUX 2612 - HoneyPot !! # 5

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Heyy All,

 So sorry, I was late with the update ...

Honey !  Known from  ancient times to be a healer , a rejuvenator and a  attractive to all those  Ants who make a orderlly procession  to get  at honey pot only for them to drown in the sticky  substance... Somewhat akin to this is the state of  our principal characters in the show ...Rashmi, the strong girl is slowly  trying to emerge  from the depths of despair that she had plunged into,  She smiles so that  her family can hang on to that and walk the bridge towards the sunlight, A strong  girl who has put her priorities right ...

But has Sha, In her zeal to ensure the succes of her deceased husbands plan , She is rushing headlong towards  destruction, oblivious  that life in the form of Ayesha beckons her , The blinders that she has put on does not allow her to see that  her obsession  aimed at destroying the  heart of the city will end up destroying her, murdering her humanity !!

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Mine Tongue

mdo not think I am in mood to write tonite after the news of Massacre that happened herein US, just in in the right frame currently 

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I am providing here a recap of the first week for those who joined late...

Jab Atankwaadiyon ke mansoobon ke saamne 130 karod hindustaniyon ki iraadein ho… toh desh ke sarhad par kissi ke…  kadam toh door… nazar bhi na pad sakein

26th November 2012, Episode 1

The show starts with a footage of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks… Rashmi is watching the TV on 26th November, 2008. She is narrating… that at the time she was able to walk away from the TV, but she didn't know that terrorism will one day arrive at her doorstep.

Elsewhere, in New York, it is shown that Malik and Jeddah are engineering the attack in Mumbai.

 They get a message that NSG had contained the Mumbai attack and one of the men were caught. Malik is unhappy. He rages that not even 10% of their aim had been achieved, they should have done everything themselves. Just then, they are ambushed by the police, and a shootout occurs. Jeddah is all for death and glory. Malik reprimands him… it is not the time for sacrifice; it is the time for saving themselves. Malik and Jeddah are trying to escape. Jeddah throws a rope out of the window of the tall building, Malik holds on to the rope and Jeddah is climbing down the rope. The police reach the place. Malik is shooting, but his gun is empty now. A regretful Malik let's go of the rope and escapes; Jidda falls (apparently, to his death)


4 years later in New York…

Malik is in a meeting with several men including his father. Unhappy with 2611, they are planning a bigger, more elaborate attack on Mumbai- 2612. A last attack on Hindustan; last, because after this attack, there will be nothing left in Hindustan. He goes on to say that this will be brought about by the latest atom bomb Nova 6.

Being undetectable by scanners, it can be smuggled through any security check. To activate the bomb, a special detonator microchip is needed.

On entering a secret password in the microchip, the bomb is activated. The making of the bomb has not been officially announced, but the group has got info that it has been successfully developed by a British scientist of Indian origin, Shantanu Sardesai. Malik is asked what he is planning to do. He refuses to divulge the details, saying that they will have to trust him and do exactly as he says.

It is decided to set the plan in motion immediately.

The first target is Shantanu Sardesai.

Senior atomic scientist and mastermind of Nova 6.  He lives 2kms away from his lab, with his wife and 6 year old daughter, Suchi. Though they appear happy to outsiders, Ritika is unhappy with her husband as he is a workaholic and does not spend time with his family.

Ritika is at present in India, to attend a relative's wedding.

The show progresses…

Ritika is at the sangeet venue in India, along with her family; Rashmi, Rakesh, Malti, Bittu and her dad.

Rashmi is introduced.

 While her family are enjoying, she is unhappy and aloof, she tries to call Shantanu, who is supposed to arrive that evening with Suchi. But Shantanu does not pick up the phone as he is immersed in work. Outside the venue, the gang have their people waiting, and inside, a waiter attaches a bug on to Ritika's purse. Ritika demands a divorce over the phone to a shocked Shantanu. She disconnects the call and asks Rashmi to take her home. The van with the men from the gang follows. Ritika confides in Rashmi about her decision on divorce. Rashmi parks the car. To cheer Ritika up, Rashmi gets out of the car to buy an icecream.

Taking that opportunity, the men drug Ritika and a look-alike takes her place.

Rashmi comes back and Rashmi and Mastaana see each other. Rashmi does register his face.

The lookalike does an about turn on Ritika, and says she has changed her mind about the divorce, and asks Rashmi to drop her at the airport; she is going back to Shantanu to work on her marriage.

Mastaana calls up Malik and says, "Kaam ho gaya!"

New York, Malik's residence…

Malik is preparing to leave for London. A heavily pregnant Shahana smilingly bids him goodbye. Malik refuses to take a gun with him. They are a happily married couple, very much in love, awaiting the birth of their first child.

Ritika (fake) arrives in London. Malik contacts her and instructs her to keep Shantanu under emotional pressure, so that he is incapable of thinking anything else. Suchi is kidnapped from school. Ritika calls up Shantanu and informs him acting distraught that Suchi is not at school. Shantanu goes searching for Suchi. Malik calls him and asks him to steal Nova 6 and the detonator as ransom. Ritika acts hysterical and insists Shantanu does whatever it takes to get Suchi back. Poor Shantanu is torn. To get him to act, Ritika fakes a suicide attempt. Shantanu rushes her to a hospital.

Malik has Suchi hostage. He talks to his father, and asks about finance for the mission. Malik Sr. informs him that the finance has been arranged by a global organization that funds such activities worldwide. Barayah Sheikh, the person in charge has promised the necessary funding on the condition that someone trustworthy from their organization is present at all times, in charge of the security of the entire operation. Malik is not happy; he asks his father who the person is. Just as Malik Sr. says he'll be arriving, someone BOOMS! "woh yahan pahunch chukka hai!" and Jaddah arrives.

Jeddah hadn't died that day. He was saved.

Malik is relieved of his guilt, now that he knows that Jeddah is alive. Jeddah says he has changed his priorities. He now does it for money. He also hints that he resents Malik for letting the rope go that day. Malik isn't too happy with the situation. He says that if Jeddah brings their personal equation into it, the whole operation could go haywire. Jeddah assures him that the operation, of course, comes first. Malik is constrained to accept the situation.

Deewana mujhsa nahi… iss ambar ke neechey…

Aagey hai qatir mera… main pechey peechey…

They decide to leave for Mumbai the next day.

A police jeep cruising along the streets of Mumbai…

Randeep Rathore gets a call! Jeddah's sexy voice in his ear. He is told… "khatra hai… chalne wala hai… 8 ghante mein pahunch jayega… rok sako toh rok lo!"

Randeep asks for the call to be traced. It is done… a number from London.

Malik drugs Suchi. Suchi will sleep for 12 hours. Malik cautions his men to stay separate. They'll be strangers till they disembark.

Randeep deduces that if "khatra" is about to start and will reach Mumbai in 8 hours… then it is obvious that they are arriving by air. They decide to cover all the airports. Security is spiked. RED ALERT!

Jeddah is given the task of taking care of Suchi. Malik says he will cover Jeddah's back back.

Shahana gets labour pains and is rushed to the hospital by John.

Malik and co land at Mumbai airport. They see the heightened security measures.

Jeddah asks Malik to look after Suchi for a while while he visits the restrooms.

Jeddah gathers several parts from accomplices and separate places in the airport, and assembles a gun.

He goes back to Malik and takes over Suchi.

Malik gets a call… it is John, informing him that Shahana is in labour, they are at the hospital, and there is no need to worry. Malik hands over his luggage to Jeddah and walks away to attend the call. Jeddah slips the gun into Malik's luggage.

Malik talks to Shahana over the phone. He gets emotional and is happy…

Malik is caught at the exit.

Malik grabs a gun from a policeman, takes a lady hostage and tries to escape.



27th November 2012, Episode 2

Malik  is shot dead by Randeep. Jeddah and party walk out of the airport in the ensuing commotion.

New York- Ayesha is born…

London- Shantanu is in the waiting room of the hospital where Ritika (fake) is admitted.

He is worrying about his wife and daughter. His colleagues come to meet him. His friend Prabhakar consoles him. Shantanu also has to deal with legal formalities too. Somehow he gathers himself together. Prabhakar asks about Suchi and offers to take care of her till Ritika gets better. Shantanu declines saying that he has already sent Suchi to a safe place. Shantanu has decided to keep his problems hidden for now.

Jeddah assumes leadership. Mastaana is not too happy but he is helpless.

John informs Shahana of Malik's death.

Senior Malik is with Shahana. His son is dead, and the operation is halted as Malik hasn't let anyone on the plan. She says Malik has told her everything, and she is the only one who can proceed with it. Her FIL wants her to tell him everything. Shahana is unwilling. She says she will see the mission through but she has two conditions. First, she wants to go to India and head the operation herself. India has to pay for Malik's death. Senior Malik asks her to prove herself by shooting John.

How do we describe this?

"I am sorry, John!"

Malik asks her what is her second condition? She says she will shoot the officer who killed Malik herself, no one else will touch him.

Randeep is giving a talk on Rasin Malik.

RM is a terrorist. He was the mastermind behind the 2611 Mumbai attacks. His trying to enter India is an indication of some big terrorist activity to come. Randeep also says that his being caught also smells of a tip off. RM is an experienced terrorist. He will never travel with a gun. The gun being found in his luggage indicates that he was tricked. The gun was planted in his luggage. Randeep is alerted. He feels something big is afoot. He feels someone will be arriving soon to take Malik's place.

Koi aur pahunchne wala hai Mumbai…

Shahana and Ayesha land in Mumbai.

Excuse me!



28th November 2012, Episode 3

Shahana had dropped her phone. Randeep hands it back to her.

Thank you!

Mastaana is in charge of Shahana's comfort.

Nishant arrives at the airport. Rashmi had called him up. Tired of his failure to commit to their relationship, she had pretended to end things. He is here to set things right. The increased security is delaying him and he is petulant with the police officers. Randeep at first chides him, saying that the police are only doing their jobs and it is for your own security. But then he hears Nishant on the phone with Rashmi and Rashmi cuts the call. Randeep asks Nishant if it is an emergency. Nishant in a miff says it is for him, but Randeep won't understand as he is a policeman. Randeep with a soft smile allows Nishant to leave saying, "basic problem, waise, police waalon ko hi samajh mein aati hai." Nishant thanks him and leaves.

Nishant proposes to Rashmi. His parents are coming to meet her 2 days later.



Shahana takes over. Jeddah is not impressed. Shahana wants to know what happened to Malik…  who put the gun in his bag. Malik never travels with a gun. A man answers that probably, there wasn't a gun at all. May be the police just made an excuse to arrest Malik. They must have had some doubts. Shahana now wants to know how come the police had doubts. Did anyone give them a tip off? She immediately thinks someone informed them, and she gives her 1st order… Jeddah will find out who it was.


Someone has left a parcel for Shantanu at the hospital reception. The doctor informs him that Ritika is stable but refusing to take medicines. Ritika gets emotional in front of Shantanu. Rashmi calls with the news that Nishant proposed. The couple stumble while talking to the younger girl, but Ritika smooths it over.

After cutting the call, Ritika expertly sends Shantanu on a guilt trip.

The gang calls up Shantanu and Suchi talks to him. Shantanu is desperate. And he folds..

He is instructed to open the courier he just received…

The slotted pendant.

He is instructed to fit the detonator chip in the slot of the pendant.

Shahana wants to know when they will receive the bomb and pendant. Shantanu begs for some time as he needs to figure out the security in the lab. Shahana chillingly replies, "Waqt bahut kam hai Shantanu… ek aakhri baar apni beti se baat kar lo…"

Shantanu is further tortured by his little daughter's pleading cries… she is crying for him… "Papa, mujhe  yahaan se le chalo…"



29th November 2012, Episode 4

Shahana falters for a moment. She is rendered emotional over thoughts of Malik. She calls up Commissioner Dubey posing as Mrinalini Roy, a reporter from Prime magazine. She wants details of Malik's shoot out. Dubey doesn't fall for it, he asks her to call later. Dubey summons Randeep and asks him why the details were leaked… in fact no one knows the identity of the terrorist who was shot. Randeep denies any leak. He alerts Dubey to the fact that it may not be a journalist at all, it may be the terrorists themselves.

(Welcome to the land of bloopers. Randeep in this scene says that only he and Dubey know that the name of the terrorist was Malik… when clearly in the previous episode he identified the body as Malik in front of at least 8 policemen)

London- at the lab, Shantanu tries to find out about lab security.

He informs Prabhakar that he is leaving for a month's vacation. Prabhakar arranges for someone to instruct Shantanu on the security measures.

Shantanu describes the security measures to Shahana and she instructs him how to get through them.

A memory card also has been sent to shantanu's house, which when inserted in his laptop, can be operated by Ritika from home, which will give him 30 minutes exactly… it will freeze the CCTVs.

He has also been sent a box containing fake Nova 6… he is to replace the original ones with these after the detailed scanning which was scheduled for the next day. After that they will be scanned only a month later. The bombs won't be missed till then.

Shantanu wants to know what if something goes wrong, and the fake wife goes into action. She works on his emotions. Shahana advices him to listen to his wife… for Suchi's sake…

As a further incentive, she plays a recorded message of Suchi.

Rashmi refuses to marry Nishant as Nishant's mother had demanded dowry. Nishant and his family leave. Before they do, his mom asks Nishant to take back the necklace he had gifted Rashmi, which he does



30th November 2012, Episode 5

Shahana asks Motiwala to receive a consignment from London. She asks to meet him. She also instructs Motilal to employ Mastaana at the shop from the next day.

Mastaana gets a call from Rinky and leaves. He meets her at the bar where she dances. He plans to elope with her to Dubai after the operation is over.

Jeddah and shekh meet. Sheikh wants the Nova 6 to sell in the international market. He doesn't want Shahana to acquire the bomb.

Shahana is instructing her gang… after Shantanu leaves, they will all split up. No one will remain in Mumbai except for herself. The men are confused. What are her intentions? Shahana refuses to reveal the whole plan. As and when the time comes she will send them instructions. Jeddah isn't too happy. He questions Shahana. She refuses to give him any details, saying that Malik's plan will go on as… planned.

Jeddah calls up sheikh and informs him that Shahana is hiding a lot, it is time to take action. Jeddah and another man has decided on a course of action.

Rashmi is sad about Nishant. Her brother is unhappy for his little sister. He wants to know what to do to make her happy once more.



Arrey! Ee kaa? Actual button cells stuck on a CD?ROFL

Shantanu steals the bomb and the detonator chip.

He informs Shahana, it is done. Shahana tells orders him to Mumbai on the morning flight.

I've tried to give a brief account of what happened in the first week… hope you like it!

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Home the unit which binds us together.. a place where we belong with our true self... our own space to dream, take shelter and enjoy. The most comfortable place in the whole wide world..

Shahana returns home with Ayesha... shaken for the second time where she could loose her precious child...  the only bond that ties her to the man she loved dearly besides her memories with him.. An apology to the two people she cares most in the world...
In the confinement of her home we see her tears - the strife between a mother and wife has started to enter her psyche...
We also view her cold, intelligent and calculative side as well.. when she tries to understand Jidda's intention and puts a stop at her FIL's intent to gain further insights . Leading to her removal from being the most vital and indispensable element of the operation... 

Mastana's Nani shares her dream with Rinki of a home with her grandchild and his offspring.. her way out of the lonely  home she lives in.. Rinki adds in her element to of enjoying a life far from the maddening crowd she entertains everyday... Of having a home and a family of her own with riches... Both ladies are happy in their shanty  dreaming of a rosy future..

The Bhargav residence gets ready to celebrate it's deceased son's birthday.. to remember him with a smile and not sorrow... their try to bring in cheer and a shade of normalcy away from the grief that has overburdened their life..  the celebrations at home will bind them together to be strong for each other...

Rathore's house is given a makeover by the good looking "mulgi" Rashmi and her nephew.. A warm homecoming for the shot at hero. He is made to feel home in a city where he is still settling in and hopes to call home for a long while .With an increasing chance of kissing the bachelor pad goodbye for a  young girl called Rashmi who seems to cross his path more than often... Wink

In between were the transient loners and drifters Jidda and Mastana... the latter seems to be on the look out for an anchor called home as he is in love while the former is happy with his current life. The sole aim of which is to topple Shahana.

The pace of the story took a breather today before it starts its accelerated rush towards new twists and turns...

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The Cupid... in the form of Mitthoo...strikes RasDeep...and the sweet romance begins...Heart

Sorry could not update last night ...Ouch
I am logging in now at 1500hrs India time ...to let you all know that the out break of Dengue fever in Pune districts has reached alarming levels...Ouch

. Total no of people confirmed on ELISA diagnostic test has touched over 1000...more than 600 hospitalised... Total deaths in Pune district over 80...and deaths in Pune city alone remains 11...Ouch

we are receiving serious Dengue Haemorrahic fever cases in the hospital and many critical patients are being air lifted and brought from peripheral areas to the city...so volunteering  to help out...and  also to get to learn the acute management...and life saving measures...Ouch

 I dunno whether I will be able to log in after ME...Ouch..

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Big smile

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Thank you very much for the wonderful first week analysis. I really appreciate your brilliant effort in spite  of your back pain. I did give me a very good idea of what happened in the first week.  


Loved your analysis of the episode. Koel we can never take anything for granted when all these terrorist activities go one. You have described a home but for whom is the question.


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