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14/12 Dragon Club:Yash's Drunk CON-fession Saga :P

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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


What was that ?? ShockedShockedShockedROFLROFLROFLROFL.. A freaking adorable hilarious fantastic episode with best of GC-KS ClapClapClapClapClap

Can I start with the precap today LOLLOLLOL... Does Yash really feel that last night he did something aisa and waisa ShockedLOLLOLLOLLOL...Yash knows he has 100% track record for drunk CONs LOLLOL ..so no wonder in precap he is trying to get a confirmation from Aarti about whether he did it or not ..Errr Is this a loop closure ?? TongueLOL..During Mumbai CON , Yash remembered it but Aarti forget and now for Bhopal CON , Yash forgot all and he is trying to see if Aarti remembers it or not LOLLOLLOLLOL...Ok jokes apart I m sure no CON happened but Aarti will surely take Yash's class with sarcasm this time WinkROFLROFLROFLROFL

Aarti and Yash's brilliant natural comic timing even during romance StarStarStarStar..Take a bow GC-KS ClapClapClapClap

What I loved about today's episode was how the funny light moments dint go overboard or dint bore me ... they looked so so natural between any couple especially during the first confession when all the fumbling happens because u just dunno how to express your love to your woman and when it comes to a shy introvert type of guy like Yash who once claimed love can happen only one time LOL , then it becomes all the more difficult for him to express his love and convince her that look I m in love again with u LOLEmbarrassed...

I just loved the way everytime Yash says " Aarti ji I " and stops and then changes the sentence to "I m thinking blablabla " LOL and then goes to his boring formal dialogues of how u r a good bahu for this house , how u look after all so much , how u love all 3 kids Sleepy and poor Aarti's frustration keeps rising till she gives up in the end and goes to sleep in his arms only .. awww LOLLOLEmbarrassed... Gurmeet was just excellent with his comic timing today .. He looked drunk , confused and also very nervous but at the same time he gave perfect expressions of passion and possessiveness whenever Aarti was coming near her .. Such range of expressions he gave today ..brilliant ClapClapClap... Kratika was equally brilliant with every single reaction to Yash ji's actions Clap.. She showed that curiosity , excitement , frustration everything so so well .. One can easily make out how Aarti is equally desperate to hear ILU from his mouth but everytime he fumbles , she gets all frustrated even though does not express it in words ..so the expressions she gave from excitement to feeling irritated to controlling herself to being sarcastic was just flawless ClapClapClapClap... Yash's actions and Aarti's reactions were flawlessly portrayed by GC and KS today which actually made the scene so damn hilarious yet romantic .. so hats off to both the actors StarStarStarStar...

Yash is a changed man today ...His love and possessiveness for Aarti is bigger than his perfectionist nature EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...

For me the best part was Yash thorwing the towel and then scattering all the bedsheet pillows on the bed and going all mad to prove to Aarti that he has changed herDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming,, for me thats the best confession before the ILU confession EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. How much we waited to hear this dialogue from Yash's mouth when one day he gives up his OCD nature and tells Aarti that " I hv changed because u changed me Aarti ji " awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... He no more wants a perfect room .. he loves if pillows , towels , curtains everything r in mess because he knows thats Aarti's speciality and he likes it that way too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... He gets irritated when Aarti gives more attention to the pillows and curtains and towels than him EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. In short Yash today was desperate for Aarti's attention and this is the best sign of falling in love when your man goes all crazy for your attention EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

When Aarti was approaching towards him and giving him all those romantic looks , Yash feels all satisfied and closes his eyes to feel her in his arms but the moment she picks up the towel instead of hugging him , he gets all irritated and frustrated the way he throws that pink towel LOLLOL ... Again a sign of when your man is hopelessly in love with u Embarrassed,.. Can u believe a perfectionist like Yash Scindia throwing towels and pillows all over in the room because he wants his wife's attention exclusively for him ShockedShockedShockedEmbarrassed... Oh well this proves how much Yash has fallen head over heels for Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

I got a feeling that Yash was actually feeling jealous there when Aarti was spending more time with those pillows on bed LOLLOL..Mayb he was wondering "I wish I was in Aarti's arms instead of those damn pillows" WinkLOL and thats why he was sarcastic about the curtains but even Aarti knows her man well and so she decides to irritate him further by actually deciding to change those curtains as well LOLLOL... Again the whole scene proves Yash's possessiveness for Aarti ..he cannot even see her giving more time to room curtains and pillows than him ... Awww WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Today was the day of loop closures I guess ... Tongue

First loop closure ..Today  Yash in drunk state was about to trip when Aarti holds him in her arms and saves him from falling Embarrassed .. Earlier during diwali night Aarti was about to trip when Yash holds her in his arms EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. Moral of the story is both r not going to let each other fall in life ever StarStarStarStar.. If one is about to fall in life , the other will b always there to give him/her the much needed support EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Second loop closure ... There was a time when Yash in sleep imagines Arpita and pulls Aarti over his chest thinking her as Arpita Ouch  and today Yash in drunk state imagines Aarti only and pulls her near his chest so that she can rest in his arms for entire night peacefully EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Aarti could then hear Yash's heartbeat when she rests her head on his chest and its enough for her to understand whats in his heart even though he was not able to say it in words today EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Third Loop closure ...I guess my heart skipped a beat  when Yash suddenly grabs Aarti's hand and stops her by giving that passionate bedroom look to her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... He was acting so damn possessive there Embarrassed... Again for me this is the third loop closure actually because  I remember everytime Yash grabbed Aarti's hand it was either Aarti's dream or Yash playing that dog and bone game or in the temple to stop her from leaving .. there was no love on all these occations in Yash's eyes but today when Yash passionately grabs Aarti's hand , there was so much of love and possessiveness in his eyes , something which Aarti always wanted to see in Yash's eyes whenever he grabbed her hand in the past EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Finally today he grabs her hand with possessiveness and love to stop her from leaving with that damn pink towel LOLLOLEmbarrassed

On all 3 occations occasions , we can see Yash and Aarti r slowly coming close physically as well EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. ILU may not hv happened today but their physical proximity is slowly increasing Tongue...

2  very important confessions made by Yash before his ILU confession Thumbs Up

Yash actually made 2 very beautiful confessions today which r equally important here before his ILU ..First he admits that Aarti ji has changed him completely .. he is no more the OCD freak and Second he thanks Aarti for coming in his life like a ray of light and changing it all EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. I feel these two confessions r extremely important before he says his ILU to Aarti Embarrassed... Aarti needs to know that Yash's ILU is not just a duty for him but something he feels from heart and so before the ILU , these small confessions will definitely make her feel that yes Yash ji has finally fallen in love with me and so when later Yash will say his ILU to her , it will look more believable EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

I m glad that Yash is doing it all from his own and not applying anyone else's advice which is the main reason why we r enjoying this whole pre-confession moments of Yash and Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Even though Poppinjays were right outside their bedroom door but thank god they were not inside the room and finally we hv Pankaj and Pratik explaining to the poppinjays Vidhi and Paridi that lets leave them alone Big smileLOLLOL

Aarti-Yash's reality vs Prashant's fantasy land .. Shobha gives the much needed reality check to Prashant ClapClapClap

On one hand Aarti peacefully sleeps in Yash's arms and finds her marital bliss finally which is her most beautiful reality  Embarrassed and on other hand we hv Desperate Prashant miyan who is still in his fantasy land dreaming about Aarti waking him in the morning LOLLOL... Shobha maa brings Prashant back to his harsh reality by spilling water on his face at the right time and reminding him that Aarti is no more his wife , she has her own family and so he better get all these nonsense dreams out of his head right now  LOLLOL... After a long time I loved Shobha maa here for giving a reality check to Prashant and bringing him out of his fantasy land Thumbs Up... Shobha maa needs to daily keep spilling water on her son's face so that he remains in real world only  LOL...

I m glad Shobha today saw Prashant's secret desires .. At least she can later warn Aarti about it in case Prashant tries to trick her further Ermm

Ansh cute little promotional act Tongue

So it seems Divyam's milky teeth hv all gone LOL but yet he looks adorable Embarrassed.. I loved that little promotional act by Ansh and the way he was cheered by his sisters PayPal there .. Even though it was not connected with the story  , but still its always a treat to watch the kids hving some fun too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Overall a very good end to the week with an equally exciting precap ... Today's episode in all ways was a total rocking paisa vasool episode for me StarStarStarStar.. I know lots of things like Aarti's hidden lies and Prashant chapter r still hanging on the head like a sword but today's episode for me at least was a refreshing change from all the other tensions which I m sure r going to crop up again next week with Prashant's fantasy land tours LOLOuch

As much as I m enjoying these episodes , but somewhere in my heart I m hoping that Aarti tells the truth to Yash before his ILU confession so that at least AarYa's love journey starts with truth and for this I feel a trigger point is needed which can make Aarti realise that she should tell him the truth before he confesses his love to me .. I wonder what can b the trigger point .. Will it b Shobha  because now Shobha has seen Prashant's true colours ?? Ermm

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I'm in! Embarrassed

Oopps, first post  Shocked

Nice title Jyo!!

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No truer words have never been said before, it is best to tell the truth if you make a mistake instead of trying to cover it up cause in the end you will only look guiltier such are the cases of the two youngest daughters in laws of the Scindia's parivaar...Aarti & Pari. 


Both women got themselves into some deep trouble, Aarti got roped into hiding the fact that she is a widow from in laws because her parents made her promise before and after she wed Yash asking her never to tell anyone. 



But when Prashant came back into their lives, she has been trying to tell Yash about it but as always they get interrupted. And the longer she takes to tell him her truth, she finds herself getting sucked into more web of lies. 


Now she has been hiding the fact that P is alive, he has cancer and that she has allowed Ansh to give his BM without consulting Yash.  


Coming to Pari...she made the biggest mistake that any woman would make, she had an one night stand with Karan...Sure she was under the influence of alcohol and he took advantage of the situation but nevertheless it still happened. 

So when he tried forcing himself on her again, this time she fought back and killed him in self defense...When the truth came out about her being the murder. She only told her family half of the story. 


But Yash & Aarti found out about the Uss Raat part thanks to a P.I that Yash had hired to find proof in order to clear Pari's name. Aarti talked to Pari and advised her to tell Pratik the truth before he finds out from a third party. 


IMO whenever Aarti talks Pari to tell about coming clean with Pratik, it's as if  she is telling herself that as well...If only Aarti had someone to advice her to do the same, she wouldn't hesitate to tell Yash the truth but alas the one she thought she could count on has been trying to persuade her not to disclose the truth.  


The Scindia Parivaar stick together through their sorrows and joys, they may be disappointed when one of them does something and sure they will scold them but when it comes down to it they will stand by their loved ones. 



P.S : Love the bonding moments between the brothers and the sisters-in-laws yesterday...they were all on a LOVE mission. 


On one hand, you had the boyz being extremely happy to find out that Yash has falling in love with Aarti and they encourages him to declare his love. 


And on the other hand, you've got the girls who are teasing Aarti, wondering what her reaction will be when Yash decides to declare his love to her.   


In all this was a little adorable case of Action/Reaction where we will get the answers to our questions in today's episode Wink Embarrassed


Another fluffy and great episode Clap Clap Clap

It starts with Aarti and Yash looking at each other, Vidhi takes off Yash's shirt. The girls are smiling while Yash is walking towards Aarti, he comes close to her and she asks him if he's alright and he says that he has something to tell her to which Aarti asks him if he's drunk...OMG the sly smile Yash gave Aarti was to die for Dead Embarrassed LOL

Vidhi and Pari getting the hint say that they will go take care of things in the kitchen, Aarti wanna go with them but Vidhi tells her that they will handle things there while she handles things here...Vidhi goes on to ask Aarti to take care of Yash or herself from him and then she leaves...ROFL ROFL Vidhi is a riot the way she was teasing Aarti, if only she knew that Pankaj was in the same state as Yash or worse if you ask me so she too should be careful Tongue Tongue Wink

Aarti looks at Yash shyly, the latter comes closer to the former and puts his hands on her shoulders...they share an intense eyelock while Yeh Dil Hai (female version) plays, Yash tell her that he has something to tell her again...He starts off saying that he but couldn't continue cause he is hit with some persistent hiccups...ROFL poor Yash, he was already afraid of her reaction now the hiccups cut him off at the wrong moment well at least his cell was not the cause today LOL LOL

A very exasperated Aarti goes and gets him a glass a water, she gives it to him and reprimands him for drinking so much being a healthy person knows the bad effect of drinking...She turns her back to him and smiles unable to hold back her laughter any longer....I love the way she scolded him all he did was listen to her and her acting annoyed with him the look of his face was the same as a kid who got caught doing something he shouldn't be doing LOL LOL LOL

Aarti goes and straightens the pillows and the bed sheet on the bed while Yash who just sat down to finish his water is watching her every move, he goes on to tell her to change the curtain...catching wind of what he's doing, Aarti goes to change change the curtain when Yash asks her if she doesn't think about anything other than work...I tell you guys Yash was looking to get some loving and Aarti gave him a taste of his own medicine and he couldn't take it Tongue LOL LOL

Aarti knowing what he's talking about pulls his legs by holding her ears and saying sorry, she goes close to him and leans in to take the towel on the chair while Yash closes his eyes awaiting for her to kiss him...She tells him sorry for leaving it there and that she knows how much he hates when she does that, Yash is irritated so he takes the towel from Aarti and throws it back on the sofa...He goes and messes up everything on the bed, Aarti asks him what he's doing? he loves order so why is he messing things up...Wow that was a great loop closure for when Aarti left the towel on the chair when they just got married...OMG Yash looked like a crazy man the way he was messing up the bed and throwing things all over the place ROFL ROFL ROFL

Yash replies that he used to love things that way but not anymore, he goes on to say that he has changed and it's all thanks to Aarti...he comes close to her but trips on the way and Aarti catches him they share another eye lock with Yeh Dil Hai duet playing in the background...ooh another loop closure for when Aarti nearly tripped the day Ansh asked her to wear the heels and Yash catched her Big smile Big smile Big smile

Meanwhile outside AarYa's bedroom door, Vidhi and Pari are trying to listen what's going on inside the room, Pratik and Pankaj confronts them and jokingly reprimand them for eavesdropping on Aarti and Yash...Vidhi replies that they are doing that because AarYa have an unique love story, she goes on to say that they were parents to each other's kids first then friends and now they are finally lovers...Since the ladies doesn't wanna move their husbands make them believe that their parents were coming, Pratik and Pankaj tell their wives to concentrate on their own loves stories...they each go with their respective spouse...haha the Scindia Mansion surely saw a lot of action tonight Dead LOL LOL LOL

Aarti is attending to Yash who is now laying down on the bed , he tells Aarti what he has been trying to say is that...Aarti is eagerly awaiting to hear the words but Yash says that he loves how she manages the house so she gets up when he tells her to sit down and says what he was trying to say is that...once again he can't utter those three words so he tells her that Ansh, Palak & Payal couldn't have a better mom than her and that she takes care of his parents well making Aarti now frustrated...OMG poor Aarti every time she thinks this is the moment she's gonna hear those three words from his lips, Yash gets cold feet and changes the topic...Well by the way things are going I think we'll get Yash's confession next year Dead Cry Tongue LOL

Aarti asks him to take rest, she gets up off the bed and is about to walk away when Yash holds her hand and pulls her down on his chest, a half asleep Yash thanks Aarti for coming into his life...Aarti is very happy to hear that and in self thought she says that what he couldn't say with words, his heart said it all and that she wishes this moment to last forever....Awww Aarti knows what's in Yash's heart but she just wants to hear him say it once to her...Patience my dear Aarti the day Yash is gonna tell you those three magic words, he will be very lucid and my Darling he will take your breathe away. I loved the way in his sleeping state he holds on to her not wanting to let her go Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Another loop closure for when Yash had the fever after the bum pin incident and he thought she was Arpita and got mad at her when he saw it Aarti.

The next AM...Most of the family members are in the living room when Ansh brings Pankaj in the living room, he tells them that he wanna play a new game entertain them...He goes up on the table and starts saying letters and asks them what does it spill and they say drama so he goes on and tells them about the new reality show that's gonna be on Zee TV...he goes on to say that since the first audition is in their city, he wanna participate and that Aarti will help him out. Everyone is happy to hear about the show, aarti assure Ansh that she will help him get through the audition and get selected also...Aww it was so cute seeing Ansh/Divyam back on my screen but my baby lost his front teeth Ouch Big smile...Palak looks adorable with her new her style, all the kids together was a beautiful sight as well as seeing my sly fox SP Embarrassed Heart

At the Dubeys...P is asleep and the sun is hitting on his face so in his sleep state he asks Aarti to close the curtains, meanwhile Shobha who is passing by hears him...She goes into the room and hears P still murmuring Aarti's name, he tells her not to bother him on a Sunday...Shobha takes the glass of water on the table and dashes him with him resulting with P jerking out of his sleep but the latter still thinks that it's Aarti and ask her why she did that only to be met with Shobha when he opened his eyes...Well Shobha ma came back after being away fro some time and the firs thing she does is throw so water on P's delusion Clap Thumbs Up Clap

Shobha tells P that when Aarti was with him, he never cared for her but now that she was happily married and settled in her life he thinks of her...P tries to clarify saying that he was having a dream that's why he called out to her, Shobha tells him to remember that it's a dream and not real...She goes on to tell him that the Aarti who loved him has now relations with him anymore, that she is happily married to a loving husband and wonderful kids so it would be best if he forgets and her completely even in his dreams...She leaves the room and P is left with her words...Pfffttt oh Prashant I don't like busting people bubbles but you sure needs it, seriously you're dreaming about another's man wife...Where the heck is the respect? and the boundaries? Why am I asking you that? You don't know how to respect anything nor anyone in other words you don't know the true meaning of relations Angry 

PRECAP: Yash apologizes to Aarti for being drunk the night before and wants to know if he said or did anything to her while he was under the influence that he shouldn't have...Aarti just looks at him....haha Yash is scared that they may have done the deed again and this time he doesn't remember ROFL ROFL If I was Aarti, I would tell him that we did it and that it was mind-blowing just to see he's reaction LOL LOL LOL

Well You all know who were the stars of the show for me today and they were the main leads Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary Star Star Star the way those two played off each other during the non confession scenes were brilliantly portrayed  Clap Clap Clap Clap

Yash constantly changing the topic and Aarti anticipation each time she thinks he's about to say those three words was well done...GC & KS were phenomenal Heart Heart Heart 

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Hey All! Hug

Good night/morning/afternoon! Smile

Awesome title Jyo DiWink

Welcome back Tilu! Hug

EDIT: OMG! First page? ShockedEmbarrassed

@Zetter - Loved your post! Clap Apt quote and I loved the bonding between the brothers and sisters-in-law yesterday as well! 

@MJ - Hello! Smile

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YES!!! Third time on the front page! Woot woot!!ROFL

Nice Title Jyo Di!!

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Nyc titleSmile

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