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ARIYA FF: Yeh pyar maine kyun jaana? Pg139 (Page 8)

Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
Awesome start! I can't wait to read more! 

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 5:43am | IP Logged

Hello Ariyans...back with a new part...hope u like it...thanks a ton for all those sweet cute comments and likes...really need ur support for continuing this!

pls read and put in ur comments for this part too

thanks for suggesting this song Piyali...hope u liked the context and the scene!

Part B:

For a moment, Arjun felt like punching the commissioner's number on the phone and telling him that it wasn't acceptable and he also took the receiver up but then Roshni and Rathod's words came running to him "professional duties apne personal likes ya dislikes ke isaab se nahi bante……humesha personal life aur professional life ko alag alag rakhna seekho Rawte!"

"No"….he put back the receiver in its place and thought to himself that he had to behave professionally…..He couldn't let his personal problem of facing Riya daily and working closely with her affect the work at ETF….He had to hold his personal life, his feelings away from his work and office…..both were two different things and he had to handle both in a balanced way! There was no question of running away from one fearing the other!!!

He missed Rathod big time today…Though they weren't the best of friends, they shared a very competitive comrade which both enjoyed…..His taunts and Arjun's glares and samjhe ya samjhaavum were an absolute treat for others, or in other words the only entertainment within ETF…..It was a well hidden fact that even these two silently enjoyed those cold vibes or at times hot fumes!!  A day at ETF never seemed complete without such exchanges!!

When the department asked Rathod to move to Delhi, both of them were sad that their awesome companionship and team up would get broken now……Rathod, moving out meant that Arjun would get promoted as the chief but he was unhappy……it would be the first time in his career when a promotion didn't really excite him or he had reluctantly accepted it because he had no choice but accept…..And yes, professionally speaking, it was a wise decision from their seniors as brilliant officers need to be widely spread out so that the crime rates decline!


The news about Riya's reentry into ETF had spread within ETF and Shree and Chotu were the happiest…..Their best friend was going to join back and they had no words to describe their joy!

Shree: pathaa hai Chotu, jabse Riya ke aane ke khabar mili hai, main toh bohat excited hoom…….I am just dying to meet her yaar!!

Chotu: mera bhi kuch aisa hi haal hai Shree……teen saal hogaye usse miley hua……

Shree: haan…..kaam ke pressure se hum log ek baar bhi mil nahi paaye…..ek saal se toh phone pe bhi baat nahi hui hai!

Chotu: hmmm…achaanak se apne number bhi bathal diya…..aisa lag raha tha ke ussne toh humse naatha hi thod diya….

Shree: aur nahi toh kya…mujhe bhi wahi lagaa jab ussne apne mail id, FB account sab deactivate kar diya…..mujhe lagtha hai madam princess ya shaayad maharani bann ke ghoom rahi hogi apne prince ke saath!! isiliye hum nacheezon ko bhool gayi…….ab aa rahi hai na?? acche se khabar lenge….What say Chotu??? [laughs and shows his hand for a hi 5]

Chotu: [punching shree's hand in response] exactly…ek dhaasu welcome party karenge…..

Shree: [his eyes lighting up] haan….yeh idea toh maine socha hi nahi… toh hone hi chahiye!! Aakhir humaare Riya waapas aa rahi hai!!

[They share a joke and laugh loudly…..All the conversation is heard by Arjun who had just walked into the conference area…….He is a bit irritated with the topic…..Riya's name or the information regarding her had an effect on him would be an understatement….It touched his weakest nerve but he couldn't afford to become weak at this point….So he opted to vent it out as anger or a zest for maintaining discipline in ETF]

Arjun: [annoyed] kya ho raha hai??? Koyi kaam nahi hai kya??? Yeh ETF office hai koyi party hall ya club nahi jahaan tum dono apne mann maani karoge!! Samjhe ya samjhaavum???

Shree and Chotu were hell shocked with his sudden entry……They had felt that he left office early….now why did he come back??? And when?? They we confused and just nodded meaning "samajh gaye Sir!"

Shree muttered under his breath "Damn….inne kisne yahaan bulaaya yaar?"

Arjun glared and then turned to his room when Shree called him back hesitantly "Arjun sir!"

Arjun turned back and knew what was coming up……he asked in an irritant tone "kya hai??"

Shree: sir, woh aap jaanthe hai na….Riya….

Arjun: [flaring up for no reason] RIya kya??? Haan woh ETF join kar rahi hai…..iss mein kya badi baat hai???

Chotu: sir….Shree ke poore baat sunn toh lijiye……

Arjun turns to Shree sharply as if asking him to continue

Shree hesitantly continues "Riya waapas aa rahi hai toh ek party hone chahiye, na Sir??"

Before Arjun could say something in negative, a voice from behind speaks up "yup… toh hogi!!!"

All turn to the voice and are surprised pleasantly…..except for Arjun, he already knew that Rathod was dropping in that evening….Arjun had come back to office because of that!

Half an  hour before…..There was nothing major happening at office and Arjun's idle mind was wandering crazily….So he thought it was better he leaves from there…….But on the way, he gets a call from Rathod who tells him that he is in Mumbai at the moment for a case and will like to drop in at ETF in an hour's time……So Arjun decides to come back and wait for him….And that's how he is back at the unexpected time to hear Shree-Chotu's chatter on Riya!

Shree and Chotu speak up at the same time……"Rathod Sir, aap??"

Rathod walks in with a wide smile on his face…."ab toh main bhi yahaan hoom….ek gettogether party toh bantha hai….tumaara kya khayaal hai Rawte??"

Arjun isnt sure of what to reply to this…..he can't snub Rathod…..So he just nods and chooses to reply to Shree's question "Rathod yahaan kisi case ke silsilay mein aaya hai….."

Shree: that's great sir!!...hum aapko bohat miss kar rahe teh!!

Sameer exclaims sarcastically "mujhe ya mere 'DAMMIT' ko? And laughs out!

Shree: [sheepishly smiles remembering the past instance where he had imitated him ]kya baat hai sir? Delhi jaakhe aapke humor sense toh kaafi improve hogayi hai!!!

Sameer: [poses to be serious and then smiles] haan wahaan ka hawaa ya mausam ka effect hoga…lagtha hai kisi aur ko bhi aise hawaa ke zaroorat hai [keeps looking at a glaring Arjun while saying that…..Arjun is quick to understand and respond]

Arjun: Rathod, tum yahaan case solve karne aaye ho ya Delhi ka hawaa khilaane??

Sameer: [not leaving a chance] dono!! Aur haan ab jab main yahaan hoom, tab party ka decision bhi mein hi loonga….its final that we have a party……Shree, main yahaan weekend tak hoom…..toh Saturday ko plan karlo…..

Shree: [saluting him] right away sir!!!

Arjun was highly pissed off with the planning going on under his nose but the other three didn't seem to even get slightly affected by his presence……He just stormed into his cabin without a word……

Arjun's pov: it was not that he was against a party for Riya……he could do anything for her….but this party meant a lot of emotional preparations from his side….He would have to prepare himself to face Mrs Riya Singh who would obviously come with her husband…..Seeing her with another guy was something that he couldn't get himself to do even after so many years……wasn't that the reason he had opted not to go for her wedding and also stay away from her life as far as possible! But now, all that was being forced onto him…..and he could do nothing…..


Rathod walked in a few minutes later…..Arjun was sitting in his chair and looking at nothing in particular…..He was quick to understand the reason for Arjun's despair!

"Riya waapas aa rahi hai…isiliye pareshan ho??"

Arjun: [looked up with a startle…..he hadn't expected Rathod to come in like that] nahi….main kyun pareshan hone laga? Riya ETF join kar rahi hai….bohat acchi baath hai…..main khush hoom ke humaare team ko ek hunhaar officer waapas mil rahi hai!

Rathod: [not wanting to poke in further but he knew that Arjun's cause of worry was definitely Riya's return] hmmm….thats nice to hear! [pausing a bit and adds] Tumne Humaara team kahaa…..woh sunn kar aur bhi accha lagaa….[Smiles at Arjun, who also nods back with a faint smile]

After the initial lull, they discuss some important case details as good old times….Arjun is a bit relieved internally to have Rathod here when Riya is coming back……

Next morning…..

Arjun is back in office at sharp time…. He is in his cabin sipping his daily morning cutting chaai when he hears a familiar foot step….It was her….he was damn sure…he couldn't fail in this…..then a light nod on his door confirmed her presence at the door…..something seemed so odd and different today ……she usually barged in after the knock but today she waited for his approval before entering!

Riya: [knocks once] may I come in sir?

Arjun feels a bit strange hearing her voice again…he just manages somehow and says "hmmm…come in"

Facing Mrs Singh was going to be tough, he knew….so he chose to act indifferent!

Though he poses to sound as indifferent as possible, his eyes would give him away which were longing to get a glimpse of her…..So he forcefully bends down and immerses into a not so important file…..[Next instant, he feels that a hand grabbing the file and turns it around and hands it to him in the right position…..]

"Shit, maine file galath pakadha tha! na jaane kya soch rahi hogi Riya" he thinks to himself embarrassed while he hears the same old girly giggle from the opposite side….He looks up at her face but the very next instant, her giggle annoys him and it sounds to him as if she was making fun of his helpless miserable situation "STOP IT RIYA!!" he shouts out leaving her stunned]

Riya: [confused] what happened Sir?? Aap kya stop karne ko keh rahe ho???

Arjun is plain confused if he was dreaming about the file or did it happen in reality??…..was her giggle a hallucination then?? He didn't understand…..he looks at the file and it seems to be in the right position…..

He just rubs his forehead harshly and corrects himself  "Sorry! kuch nahi…[feeling bit weird and then noticing that she was yet to take her seat….]…beito Riya! [and adds after a pause] ya Mrs Singh sunna pasand karogi"

Riya: [replies back the next second confidently] Riya is fine sir.!!

Riya hold out her joining letter and then takes a chair opposite to him "sir, mera joining letter!"

Arjun takes it and looks at her before reading the letter…..

She looked totally different……Time or perhaps marriage had definitely changed her…..her dressing style, her hair style had changed too….She looked more of a woman rather than the bubbly girl she used to be earlier…..Shirts were replaced by kurta…..her wavy hair was bundled up and pinned rather than the pony tail! She looked super fit, elegant and confident!

More than her physical and external changes, internal changes disturbed him…..She seemed to be more composed…..quieter than her usual self….Else, the Riya he knew would have bombarded him with a thousand questions by this time………But today, she was silent and waiting patiently for him to complete the reading…..The usual glow on her face and the twinkle in her eyes was lost somewhere! She smiled very rarely and so he missed her dimple too!

As he read, he glanced a few times at her but she was looking around and seemed to be reminiscing the old times!

He spoke without even raising his head from the letter "kaisi ho Riya?"

The question surprised her… wasn't the usual don't care attitude waala Arjun sir…..she replied "teek hoom Sir….[hesitantly and sounding very formal] aur aap??

Arjun looked up and gave a faintest smile acknowledging her question's formal tone "I am fine!"

As he finished the letter, he spoke up "Welcome back to the team Riya!"

Holds out his hand to wish her and she gives in her hand confidently with a brisk brief smile……

His mind suddenly gets boggled up with his buried up feelings for her…..He has an inner voice to just lock her within his arms and never let her go away…but then his logical mind wins over as she draws back her hand……

Though within him a tug of war between conflicting emotions were going on, he never allowed it to appear on his face or show off in his body language…..

Arjun: I don't think you need an introduction of the team…sab wahi hai…Shree aur Chotu…..Rathod has moved to Delhi crime branch on deputation…..

Riya: hmmm….jaanthi hoom….Commissioner sir ne kahaa tha…..

Arjun: ok then….[she stood up understanding what he intended and turned to leave the room but as she was about to open the door, he called her] Riyaaa, [she stops and turns sideways to hear what he has to say…he adds] tum kaafi bathal gayi ho???

Riya: [turns back to him and smiles] hmmm waqt aur haalat sab ko bathal dehthi hai Sir…[and adds in an impulse]..aap bhi toh bathal gaye hai!! [she lets of a deep sigh and looks at him intensely…..their eyes lock for a long second… appears to be for eternity but it just lasts a second as she turns away soon breaking the eye lock and the silence] chalthi hoom…..

Arjun is left wondering what she meant by that…..his love for her was immense and was visible in his eyes however hard he tried to hide it…..but what did her eyes convey??? Did he see the same love in her eyes too??? What was it that she was trying to say or was it something that she wanted to hide but failed miserably that she had to turn away from him???

chhupana bhi nahi aata, jatana bhi nahi aata

hame tumse mohabbat hai, batana bhi nahi aata

[To be continued]

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Hello ...Big waala Hug n usse bhi big waali SORRY

Awwwiiieee...  loved d updates

Rathore in delhi ofc...Arjun working in mumbai

Still not able to stop himself thinking about her...Still having d same emotions for herClap...still feeling uncomfortable with d thot that she is now"Mrs Singh"

Liked d way shree n chotu were discussing abt meeting dere frend

liked Rathore's entry 

Liked d formal  talk between our Hero n heroine 

Waiting for more parts

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piyamanju Senior Member

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thanks and awesome update

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Really wanna know what happened with Riya that had changed her.

Emotional parts were beautifully written...loved the update ...awesome!!!

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Santhu.The.King IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Nice Update...Clap
Iam Feeling Lost After Reading This FF... Stern Smile
Continue Soon

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.Brok3nSoul. Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Hi Di!

Hmm..Interesting update! Big smile

Rathore is back yay! LOL
But just for a weekend : (
Liked the bond arjun-rathore and chotu-shree share! LOL
Itni formality kyun di? Confused
And what did she meant by waqt aur haalat sab badal dete hain? Ouch

Loved the last two lines! Wink
Continue soon and thanks for the PM! : )

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A small request...for all those who res comments...if u edit and un res the comment after 2 days of posting, pls pm me that u did unres ur comment...because, i keep checking all the pages for 1 or 2 days after posting but if any of you edit it later, then i just lose track...i dont want to lose any of ur precious comments...I want to read each and every one of those...plz cooperate and send me a PM...(PM not needed if u unres it very soon)

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