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ARIYA FF: Yeh pyar maine kyun jaana? Pg139 (Page 55)

sdhg Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 4:01am | IP Logged
Superb update

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life93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 5:02am | IP Logged
hi di Hug
rathore said exactly right choyu rawte sambahl lega...only arjun is the person who can let her open up her sorrows n pains inside her...hope ki riya jaldise arjun ko uss sooraj aur apne relation ke baare me sab khuch bata de...CryCryCry...meri aankhon ne kabka ka bolna band kar diya haiCryCryCry  god plz do something...n tune jo na kaha mein wo sunata raha
 khamahwa bewejah khwaab bunta raha 
was beautifully describing their hearts
 update soon

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Diya121 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
awwsome diii,
that was too emotional too..
loved finally arjun confession plzzz now unite them Cry
in the well done
and nice song

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Vidya di awesum fantastic chapter 

loved it 

Ariya confession 

n probably she will open up more soon 

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Seenavas IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged
pls updateee

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srividhya68 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
waiting for her to open up..

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Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 3:21am | IP Logged
vidya : 

finally ..baat kuch toh aage badi  ! arjun confessed his love to riya in the spur of the moment, but that doesnt matter ..what matters that he has finally spoken the much needed words to her , albeit late. riya needs loads of time to heal, but now when arjun is with her, i know she will heal faster. the precap looks interesting, waiting to see whether riya opens her past to arjun or not. update soon.Smile

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 6:30am | IP Logged

Hello Ariyans...back with a new part...emotional hi hai...sorry! pls read and reply...pls excuse errors...bohat likha na? isiliye errors hone ke chances hai!

Thanks for all the prev comments and likes


Chapter 7A: yeh dil kyun rone lagaa?

All through the drive, he was hoping that she would open up at some point and let out all her bottled up emotions…..and find comfort and ease in his company!

Tune Jo Na Kaha
Mein Woh Sunta Raha
Khamakha Bewajah Khwaab Bunta Raha 


As he pulled up the SUV near her place, he turned to her expecting her to say something…..but she was silent for a few seconds….and then in a determined voice, spoke up turning to him, facing him for the first time "aap kya sunna chahthe hai yeh toh mujhe bhi patha nahi…..aur kyun sunna chahthe hai yeh bhi patha nahi…..lekin shaayad…..[she stops abruptly] agar aap ke paas time hai toh ghar jaakhar baat kar sakthe hai!"

Arjun smiled and nodded "hmmm" and parked the SUV in a proper place while Riya got down and went to her flat…As she unlocked the door, Arjun joined her….

She gestured him to sit….

Riya: aap coffee peeyenge?

Arjun: haan...

She walked into the kitchen to make coffee while Arjun looked around the room…there wasn't any decoration or anything which made the place look as if it belonged to the Riya, he knew years before….It was dull and plain…but yes, it was neat and tidy, something which Riya was particular even then….an inborn trait perhaps which wouldn't fade away by anything!

At the far end of a table, he saw a photo frame which was kept down hiding what it contained, perhaps Suraj's photo…..He walked to it and tried to take it but then he was stopped just before he could see it by her….

"nahi….usse waise hi rehne dijiye…maine hi aisa rakha hai….puraana photo frame hai…..par phekhne ka mann nahi tha…..kuch yaadon ko sametne se bhi dard hota hai…aur utaakar phekhne se bhi! Isiliye…"

He turned around with a faint smile keeping back the frame in the same position as earlier….She handed him the cup and walked to back to the sofa expecting him to follow her…..As she expected, he too came back and sat down…..

Riya: [sipping it once and looking up] so, kya jaan na chahthe hai aap?

Arjun: [slightly taken aback by her direct question but he didn't want to lose out this time] woh sab kuch jisski wajeh se yeh anjaan Riya bani hai?…..jaan na chahtha hoom ke uss Riya ko kya hua jisse main jaantha tha….jo muskuraathi thi……bolthe bolthe takhthi nahi thi…..apne positive vibes se hi sab ko khush kar dehthi thi…..apne akdu khadoos senior officer ke chehre pe bhi smile laa sakthi thi…..Woh Riya kahaan kho gayi? Yeh jaan na chahtha hoom Riya!

Riya: [smiling weakly and in a lost tone] inn sab ke jawaab toh uss Riya hi deh sakthi hai jo ab nahi rahi sir! Woh toh kabka marr chukhi hai…….Unn sab yaadon ko waapas laakhe kya faydha??? Uss Riya ko bhoolna hi hum sab keliye accha hoga…kyun ki woh ab kabhi waapas nahi aa sakthi!

Arjun: [keeps the cup down and moves closer to her] Riya…aisa matth kaho…main waapas laavunga uss Riya ko… me Riya….plz trust me this one time!

Riya looks up into his face which shows genuine concern for her….He cups her face and wipes her tears with his fingers…She stays like that for a moment before moving her face off his hands and gets up…….Walking to the window, she lets a deep sigh

"main yeh sab aapse kehke aapke aankhon mein mere liye sympathy aur dard nahi dekh sakthi thi…isiliye itne saal inn sab se aapko bohat dhoor rakha…"

 Arjun waited patiently for her to continue which she did……

"aap toh jaanthe hi hai….mere shaadi more or less arranged marriage thi…..aur yun kahun ke Suraj ne sab kuch apne isaab se arrange kar li thi….mujhe ya mere parents ko banakh nahi lagaa ke Suraj ke andhar aisa bhi ek character chupaa hua hai….He was a perfect gentleman…or pretended to be one…..mere parents, mere poore family usse bohat impressed thi…infact ab bhi hai….unne toh ab bhi lagtha hai ke main hi galath hoom….khair…uss baat ko chodiye…….

[she takes a deep breath and continues, Arjun is pained sensing her worried self!]

Shaadi keliye sirf mere ek haan ki intezaar thi aur main toh kisi aur keliye….[she stopped abruptly and looked at him for a moment before turning away…He could understand who that YES was reserved for….She continued] aakhir, mujhe haan kehna padaa…..uss waqt sirf ek maqsath tha uss haan ke peeche……mere maa aur papa ke khushi…..par phir bhi, aakhri pal tak intezaar karthi rahi par aaap……[she stopped again]

shaadi hone ke baadh, maine mann hi mann mein decide karliya tha ke main apni pehla adhoori pyar ko zaroor bhool jaavungi aur Suraj se mere rishte ko poori imaandhaari ke saath nibaavungi…..bas usse jaanne aur samajhne keliye thoda waqt chahiye tha…..

[She took a long moment's pause….she seemed hesitant to tell it out to him but then he didn't compel her to go on….but she spoke up finally]

Koyi bhi ladki apne pati ko apna sab kuch dil se, pyar se, mann se dene ka sapne dekhthi hai….parr Suraj ko intezaar karna manzoor nahi tha….ussne mere saath………..[she stopped again and instead of words, tears poured out…..Arjun didn't want to hear it out, he had understood her unspoken words…..he paced to her and embraced her to himself comforting her, mentally smacking himself for her painful state…..He had pushed her into this…..He should have gone by his intuitions and snatched her away from that devil's hands! He had done a grave mistake]

Arjun: [mind voice] B*****D! usse main nahi chodunga…..isska isaab toh usse dena hi hoga Riya!

Arjun didn't want to voice it out and hurt her further…..he balled his fist and banged the wall in anger and disgust!

Riya freed herself from him and continued "Ussne mere saare sapne, mere shaadi ke saare armaanon ko apne haathon kuchal diya…..I was left shattered seeing that devilish form behind his angelic face…uss raat mujhe pathaa chala ke ussne mujhse sirf aur sirf mere jis….[she stopped as she couldn't pour out such things to him]

Arjun looked at her "bas Riya, ab tumhe kuch kehne ke zaroorat nahi hai…..dont tell anything that will hurt you more Riya…"

Riya didn't stop…she couldn't stop pouring it out…..she had bottled it all up for quite sometime now….and when she made up her mind to tell it to him, it had come out like a volcano and it couldn't stop just like that…. She ignored his response and continued further….

"phir bhi maine apne aap ko sambhaal liya aur usske isaab se jeene ji khoshish kiya…..usse mere job se problem thi…..par main job nahi chodh sakthi thi……mere job mere pehchaan hai…usse chodhkar Riya kabhi Riya nahi reh sakthi……uss wajeh se humaare jagde bhi hote teh……par maine sab kuch handle karna seekh liya tha….uss shaadi ko kaise bhi sahi track pe laana chahthi thi….i didn't want to give it up……par…..woh toh kuch aur hi chahtha tha…..phir achaanak se usse shaq ki bimaari shuru hogayi… shaayad usse mujhse jee barr gaya tha….aur shaayad koyi wajeh ke talaash mein tha!  

Arjun was flaring up hearing such things out…..he scowled out "WHAT?? Tumpe shaq???"

Riya continued weakily "usse mere character pe shaq tha…..I tried my best to explain par usse humesha lagtha tha ke mera kisi ke saat affair chal raha hai….[she didn't let out his name on purpose….she didn't want Arjun to get hurt hearing that he was a reason for this too] And things went out of control….[pausing for a second and added] jab main pregnant hui….He said that it was not his child!ussne DNA test karwaane ke baat chaedi…..[Arjun was left numbed hearing such things and couldn't even imagine Riya's agony and plight] par maine saaf manaa kardhi……..ek unborn child ke DNA test ka matlab jaanthe hai na? [Arjun nodded and his face looked more worried now] par jab maine manaa kardhi….ussne apne haathon se apne bacche ko mere andhar hi maar dhaala…[tears were flowing out and she spoke in a cracked up voice]…I first thought it was a natural abortion par main galath thi….ussne kiya tha…ussne maara tha…[gathering herself up a bit]….that was the limit I could ever tolerate…..he killed my baby! He killed me! [she cried uncontrollably remembering the time when she had felt the first heart beat within her….a life within her and the harsh truth that the child was killed before it stepped out into this world….no mother could take this and she was a mother from the time her baby started breathing inside her…..]

Uss khooni ko apne pati nahi maan sakthi thi…pati toh kya, ek insaan bhi nahi maan sakthi!...jaanwar bhi itne cruel nahi hoga!...I walked out that very day!…..

[She wiped the tears and spoke up in a firmer voice] ab divorce case court mein hai…..

Arjun was feeling helpless and miserable hearing her past life…he hadn't even thought that she had gone through so much pain……

Riya turned to him and she had no tears now…"mujhe nahi patha ke yeh sab maine aapse kaise keh diya Sir…..aaj tak kisi se itna sab nahi keh paayi…..aur shaayad aage bhi…"

She cut short her words….

He smiled assuringly and replied "par mujhe pathaa hai ke tum yeh sab mujhse kaise keh sakhi Riya…."

But her mind was in turmoil…She had blurted out everything but she wasn't yet convinced that she did the right thing! She wanted to distance him away because she strongly felt that she cant accept his love now!

Jaanewafa hoke bekaraar
Jaanewafa hoke bekaraar
Barson kiya maine intezaar
Par kabhi tune nahin
Ye sab kaha jo ab kaha
Dil bebasi mein chupke se rota hai
Kya karoon hay kuchh kuchh hota hai
Kya karoon hay kuchh kuchh hota hai

[To be continued]

I really wanted to finish this scene in this part but was going emotionally out of control and i ended up in tears...

I know i have made Suraj a cruel guy but trust me, there are people like him also...

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