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ARIYA FF: Yeh pyar maine kyun jaana? Pg139 (Page 50)

Wj.mad Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 12:22am | IP Logged
awesome as always

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gousia24 Newbie

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 12:38am | IP Logged

Edited by gousia24 - 26 January 2013 at 12:34am

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Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2013 at 7:18am | IP Logged
 vidya : 

finally shree, chotuu, rathore and sonali all could see things beyond the obvious, that's a good sign for Ariya's story to progress, they all can be the cupids as and when needed , and about riya, well given that she had indeed gone through a lot in her life, arjun has still an uphill task in front of him to bring her back ..regardless of the fact that riya had finally responded to him during the dance. update soon.Smile

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MriduB IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Again an awesome update Vidya! Clap
Loved Chotu's reply to Shree! Smile
Ariya scene was awesome!
Continue soon!

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Seenavas IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 11:08am | IP Logged
pls jaldi update karona plzzz

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:06pm | IP Logged

Hello Ariyans...posted a new part...its a bit emotional...pls read and comment!

thanks for all the prev comments and likes


Chapter 6B: Aakhir woh baat zubaan par aa gayi….

She rushed out of the not able to withstand it anymore …….Arjun was too stunned by her sudden withdrawal and didn't react instantly….but the moment she disappeared from his sight, he came to his senses and rushed behind her………

Shree and Chotu began to follow her when Sameer stops them……

"Nahi…..Rawte ko akele sambaalne dho…."

Shree and Chotu were now able to see the unclear picture……They nodded to Rathod and just hoped that all is well with their sweet dear friend!


"Riyaaa…….rukho Riya…...plz…"  Arjun called out as he paced behind her out of the party venue….

Neither her legs stop running nor her eyes stop crying...The sudden realization that she had done something wrong made her feel horrible and as if guilty, didn't want to face anybody especially the man who was coming behind her now…..he who was the sole reason for her erratic behavior…his presence always had it impact on her and today it was not any different…..

How could she forget herself like that? She continuously smacked herself for losing her control and senses…..

He finally caught up with her somewhere amidst the dense garden around the venue…."kyun paagalon ke tarah behave kar rahi ho?? tum hosh mein ho na??" Arjun scowled turning her around to face him…

She struggled to get out of his hold but his hands were strongly clutching her and they didn't loosen a bit….she spoke out angrily "chodiye mujhe…..aap kyun mere peeche aa rahe hai??"

Arjun: ek baar meri baat suno…..

Riya: mujhe kuch nahi sunna…… just leave me alone….

Arjun: tumhe jaana hai na?? jaao….akele rehna hai na? raho…par filhaal mere saat chalo…..jahaan bhi jaana hai main tumhe drop kartha hoom….

Riya: aap ko meri fikhr karne ki zaroorat nahi hai sir….main khud chali jaavungi!

Arjun: [shaking her up and silencing her with a glare] shhh…chup…bilkul chup….chalo mere saat….

[He doesn't heed to her protests or struggle to wriggle out of his hold…..he forcefully takes her to the SUV and shoves her in…and adds before shutting the door.] ab phir se bhaagne ki khosish matth karna….you know I can catch you again!

Arjun started the SUV and steered it towards her home…."ghar hi jaana hai na?"

Riya was uncontrollably and she nodded in between her sobs "hmmm"

Arjun: [mellowing down] achaanak kya hua Riya?? Tum aise kyun react kar rahi ho?

Riya: sir..plzz…mujhe usske baare mein kuch baat nahi karni hai…

Arjun: kab tak Riya?? Kab tak bhaagthi rahogi?? Aur kyun??

Riya: [flaring up] Meri life hai….aur meri problems hai! main jeeyun ya marun….aapko kyu farq padtha hai Sir??

Her words were too much to handle for him…..He applied the brakes all of a sudden and stopped the vehicle to a screeching halt….

He turned to her fuming, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer making her eyes meet his…

"kahi baar keh chukhaa hoom…ab aakhri baar keh raha hoom…..tumaari life se aur tumaari problems se mujhe farq padtha hai…..aur yeh marne waali baat phir kabhi galthi se bhi matth karna….[looking at her intently, his eyes communicating the same with more stress than his words actually did]….samjhi ya aur samhaavum?"

Riya: kab se farq padhne lagaa?? Jab aapko mere married life ke jhalak dikhe?? Ya jab aapko pathaa chala ke mera divorce hone waala hai?? ya phir…..[stops abruptly and adds after a moment's silence ] Aap mujhpar sympathize kar rahe ho right?? Lekin, mujhe aapke sympathy ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai SIR…..

Arjun: [flaring up again at her indifference and sarcastic response] Sympathy nahi Riya…Pyar….. pyar kartha hoom tumse dammit! [He let that out in the spur of the moment but never to regret!]

But Riya was shocked beyond comprehension…..she didn't expect such a straightforward confession at this point…. Not at this moment! She had only said about sympathy and acted indifferent to push him out of her life and mind…..She was trying her best to keep him away from her and her personal matters as she knew that his proximity could make her do the strangest of things and she didn't want to lose her self control in such a manner…..She wanted to stay away from all such complications!

Arjun: [continued in a mellowed down tone] bohat pehle se kartha hoom par kabhi keh nahi paaya…[continues with a sigh of relief that he had laid his heart out to her finally]..kal bhi kartha tha…aaj bhi aur humesha kartha rehoonga! I LOVE YOU RIYA!

Riya: [as if lost in his words] ab bohat dher ho chukhi hai Sir….bohat dher…aapne bohat dher kardhi yeh baat kehne mein…..main iss pyar ko kabhi apna nahi paavungi!

Arjun: lekin kyun? Suraj ke saat tho…..

Riya: [snapping him short] haan Suraj ke saat mera rishta khatam ho chukhaa hai par main life ke aisi modh pe hoom jahaan mujhe kisi ke bhi pyar ki zaroorat nahi…..main kisi se ab pyar nahi kar sakthi!

Arjun: [a bit sarcastic hearing her words] accha…aur woh kya tha party mein??... …. tumaare aankhen toh kuch aur hi keh rahi thi Riya…tum mujhse jhoot keh sakthi ho par tumaare aankhen?? nahi…woh mujhse kabhi jhoot nahi bol sakthe…..

Riya: [as if all her strength had drained up, speaks in a exhausted mode] mere aankhon ne kabka bolna bandh kardiya hai Sir….

Arjun: Riya, aise baatein matth karo…..itna depressed kyun ho?

Riya: kyun ki…[she stopped midway] pls sir, aap yeh sab baatein karke mere pareshaaniyaan badaa rahe hai….

Arjun: [concerned for her] plzz Riya……aaj sab kuch bol dho Riya…jo bhi tumaare dil mein hai, sab mujhse kehdho…..apne zubaan ko rokho matt Riya…aise baat ko dabhaakar apne dil pe aur zulm matth karo!

[He continues when she doesn't respond]

Mujhe pathaa hai ke tumne bohat sahaa hai….…..Main sab kuch sunna chahtha hoom….tumaari harr ek pareshani, tumaare gilhe shikwe….sab kuch……..sab kuch dil mein rakh kar apne aap ko aise taqleef matth dho……main tumhe aise haalat mein aise taqleef mein nahi dekh saktha…..plz bathaao Riya….

Riya: [as is lost again in his words] kuch baaton ko dhabaakar rakhna hi sab keliye accha hai! kyun hi agar woh baatein beh gaya, phir dil ko sambaalna mushkil ho jaayega!

Arjun: tum wahi galthi kar rahi ho jo maine pehle kiya tha! [after a moment] ab tumhe aur tumaari dil ko sambhaalna mera zimmadhaari hai….

Riya didn't reply immediately…..and Arjun waited patiently for her to respond…..there was dead silence after the emotional conversation……

Riya broke the silence "ghar chalthe hai Sir!"

Arjun didn't argue….he drove towards her home…..

Silence seemed to be soothing both their hearts which were hurt and broken at the moment!

At such times, silence was a better language which could speak more than a million words…

He knew she had loads to tell him….he only wished she could pour it out to him…..Only that would ease her of her suffocated state….her heart was heavy and she had a big painful burden on it….He wished to shoulder it for her……He couldn't tolerate the fact that she was suppressing everything within herself and ending up in more pain and agony!

All through the drive, he was hoping that she would open up at some point and let out all her bottled up emotions…..and find comfort and ease in his company!

Tune Jo Na Kaha
Mein Woh Sunta Raha
Khamakha Bewajah Khwaab Bunta Raha 

Tune Jo Na Kaha
Mein Woh Sunta Raha
Khamakha Bewajah Khwaab Bunta Raha 

Jaane Kiski Humein Lag Gayi Hai Nazar
Is Shehar Mein Na Apna Tikana Raha
Koi Chaht Se Na Ab Apni Chalta Raha

Khamakha Bewajah Khwaab Bunta Raha

Dard Phele Se Hai Zyaaada
Khud Se Phir Yeh kiya Vaada
Khamosh Nazrein Rahein Bezubaan

Abb Na Pehli Si Baatein Hai 
Bolo To Lab Thartharatein Hai 
Raaz Yeh Dil Ka Na Ho Baiyan
Hoga Na Ab Asar Humpe Nahin
Hum Safar Mein To Hai Humsafar Hai Nahi

Door Jaata Raha Paas Aata Raha
Khamakha Bewajah Khwaab Bunta Raha 

[To be continued]


Riya: aap coffee peeyenge?

Arjun: haan...


I know what u guys are thinking...yes the precap is my devil's work! i thought ab itna aap sabko rulaaya...toh atleast precap se khush kar dehthi hoom!

So how was it...reply to me...samjhe na?

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kunchu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
for the first time i'm in love with your devil...
yaar ruladiya..
it was so touching...
waiting for her to open up..
please ab hame aur math rulana...
ha but I'm sure, jab Ri ke past patha chalenge, thab hame bhi Arjun ke sath rona hoga...

Edited by kunchu - 30 January 2013 at 11:12pm

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devildiva21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
superb update..!!!
lvd it..!!!
finally arjun told riya that he loves her..!!! yayy..!!!
ooo feeling bad fr riya..!!! she is soo sad..!!
hope arjun takes away her sadness n make her happy...!!!
guess something else is also troubling riya..!!!
hope she gets out of her past soon..!!!
precap is interesting..!!!
cant wait fr d nxt part..!!!
continue soon..!!!!

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