The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

.:Happy Birthday Roshu:.

mjht_one IF-Sizzlerz

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Niki: ok I got the everything finished this going to be great, I can't wait for her to see all of this'.she will be so surprised'I can't wait

Pooja:*yawns*doesn't she already know that we are doing this

Niki: shhh'.she doesn't know anything , she thinks she knows but she actually doesn't

Pooja: you really have gone cuckoo'you don't even make sense

Niki: I make perfect sense, you are the cuckoo one' meanie

Viz: girls calm done both of you, she will be here any second'so everybody be happy and smile and be excited *stares at pooja*

Pratsy walks in

Pratsy: sup me homies, vas happening? And what the hell are all these decorations for, si there something special today

Niki, Pooja, Viz death stare pratsy

Pooja: wow the whole world knows even the special girl knows and she doesn't have a clue of whats happening today

Niki: I don't believe it, she must be joking

Viz: how can she be so clueless

Pooja: its pratsy'anything can happen with pratsy (i<3 u pratsy)

Viz: true that

Pratsy: what are you guys wishpering to each other about

Niki :pratsypie do you seriously have no clue what today is

Pratsy: well it's the 14th of December 2012'

Viz: and what is so special about today

Pratsy: um'.its Friday'party time

Pooja: seriously pratsy,

Pratsy: well I can't think of anything else'.oh I remembered  its someone's birthday right

Viz; yes'and whose birthday is it

Pratsy: twixy (paintthetown-happy birthday babes)

Niki:yes and who else came descended from heaven to this earth on this day

Pratsy: idk'at least give me some clues

Viz: she is a girl who is a huge fan of ArHi, PanSh, RaHi, ArVi and KW

Niki: who loves butterscotch icecream, black forest cake and dairy milk chocolate

Pooja: a girl who adores the movies mujhe dosti karogi, jab we met, Alaipayuthey, Mounaragam

Viz: she is a  sweet as sugar, caring to all, a lovely angel who brings things to life wherever she goes

Pratsy: um how can it be my birthday, I mean I am the only one who is sweet  and caring to all

Niki: well she is someone who has a good memory unlike you


Pooja: her fav song will give it away'ready one two three

Jo pehle hua na
Vo ab hone laga hai
Dil humko jaga kar
Kyun sone laga hai
Yeh ishq hai
Ya kuch aur hai
Ya fir bas khaali khaali
Shorr hai
Yeh ishq hai
Ya kuch aur hai
Ya fir bas khaali khaali
Shorr hai oohoo..
Isko main kya kahun
Tu hi bataa
Tu hi bataa de
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Pratsy: I am pretty sure its not Pooja's birthday either'so who can it be

Niki: I give up

Blackbeauty(had been standing there the whole time listening to the blabbering of niki pooja viz and pratsy): ok I will give you the biggest clue ever. She is a girl who shares a bond of not friendship but something beyond that of dosti. Dosti jo har rishte se upar hai kyunki dosti hee har rishte ki shuruwat hai. She is someone who can do anything for the ones whom she cares about. She is a princess an angel a dost to us all.  And on this day  if there is one thing I could wish for her, it'll be that her life should be full of happiness <33.

Pooja: dude that's confusing, now pratsy will be more confused

Pratsy: OMG why didn't you say so before,, it's the R'girl's bday right

Niki Viz and Pooja: stare at Pratsy:  how the hell did you guess it right from what she said?

Blackbeauty; simple cause I am way more better at giving cllues than you guys

Pratsy: she is right, you guys should learn how to give clues properly from Blackbeauty

Asmi runs in; guys she is here

Viz; ready on the count of 3




PartyDancing{HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSHINI}PartyDancing

So sorry to pratsy, pooja, black beauty and viz for using you name in the script without your permission..sowie...and alos so sorry for the crappy script...jaldi mein likhi hai..sorry

credit: -ilovesobti- aka viz for making the birthday, gift and messages graphics

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mjht_one IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 2:06am | IP Logged



hi roshini!

wishing you a very happy birthday! :D
have an amazing one! all the best <3

{SilverFairy }

Happy Birthday Dear Roshini,

 May All Your Wishes Come True. 

Have A Great Year AHead. (: Star



Happy Birthday Day Roshini!!!!!!!!
Have a very happy birthday
and a great year!!!!!!!!!!!
lots of love,
your friend, 



Happy Birthday Gurl!!! <3
may all your wishes come true!!
and partaaay hard!!!
love ya!!!Hug
Mini xoxo


{hopper_ocean   }

To dearest Roshini
Met u in sm forum.. exchange of kutty pm's and scraps
and there started a beautiful bond Embarrassed

happy birthday my little pie
may god bless you always and 
all the best in all your future undertakings chellam



Happy Birthday Roshini <3PartySilly

Many many happy returns of the day Roshu <33 I hope you have an amazing day and a wonderful year <33 You're a beautiful person and an amazing friend <33
 an i love you to bits <3<3
Once again haaapppyyy birthday <33 and ilyBlushingHug
from, Fatz <33Hug 
{ .Jazz.} 
Roshu Honey!! HugHappy Birthday!! Party
For some reason i always end up calling you honey or sweetie, its coz you're so sweet that i have no other wordsLOL
You're such a wonderful friend to everyone and to me too, and i love it how you make hings more peaceful by being around, be it painter's anger or alanki's freaking out, you handle everything and i love you for that Hug

I hope and pray that you remain happy always, that is what i wish for everbody but a special extra wish sent out for my darling roshuHug

Always be happy, may you get everything you wish for and much much more!!.

Wishing you lots of joy and happiness for the future, in whatever you do! 

Loads and loads and loads of best wishes!

I love you, Happy BirthdayHug
{--Kinjal-- }

Many many happy returns of the day roshini

may all your dreams cum true...

Wishing you loads and lotts of fun success and happiness ahead...

Have a blast


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mjht_one IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 2:07am | IP Logged


{-BlackBeauty- }

Many many happy returns of the Day, RoshHug
May god bless you always with lots of success and happiness.
Hope you like your gift:

Love you humesha,
Your Dost <33




Happy birthday roshu godbless u wit lot of happiness success and love

 may all ur wishess comee through
roshu :well I knw u frm our csz forum daysss infact 

most of us knw each other through that forum :')

 thnx to csz yu areee such a darlinggg there are only

 few ppl in my lyf cozz of them I get allergies 

(wen someone iss so sweet wit me I get allergies *winks*Z) 

you are one of them haha I honestly loveee too fight wit u :p 

you knw dattt all I want to sayyy isss loveee u 

thank u for being patner in all my crimes :p



{ Ayesha066}

Birthdays are happy events,
Times when dreams come true.
So dream a good dream (and let someone know!),
It just might work for you!

Have a happy celebration
One you'll always recall,
And be aware on this day of days,
       You're the most special person of all!

Many Many Happy Returns of The day Roshini..Party
May you have many more Birthdays like this.. Enjoy your day to the fullest..Big smile



{ -Ammie- }


Happy birthday Gorgeous, hope u have a great day and may all ur wishes come true. Its ur special day today bestie...have a blast, may all ur b'days and every single second of your life be filled with heaps of Joy and happiness. It's amzing how we have become such great friends over such short course of time. You are like a sister to me and i can count on you no matter wat. You are a beautiful person and you manage to somehow brighten my day. Thank you bestie for being there. Not only are u my IPK buddy but also a beautiful sister. 

Our ESP chats are always a highlight. Love u heaps. Wishing u a very very happy wala birthday once again. Have a blast and enjoy ur day.

P.S i await my share of the cake...Tongue
PP.S spotted any grey hair yetWinkLOL




{SK1991 }

( let me sing this for you first...bear with me ok...Tongue.. ) 

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear roshu
Happy Birthday to you...


how was that...??? I know it was crap...Dead...avoid girl happy birthday once again...I'm sooo soo sooo sooo happy because itz your birthday yaar...Dancing...don't know why...Blushing...

As you celebrate your day, I celebrate the beautiful friendship we share! Happy Birthday, dearest friend! Dancing

rosh I don't remember where we met first...Ermm...may be ESP mei right...jaha bhi mila ho..I feel blessed to have a wonderful friend like you yara...Hug...and you know what...each & every time we meet... you become sooo close to my heart day by day...Embarrassed...ok I don't know what I'm saying now...Wacko...kya karoo yaar...dil se aarahee hei yei words...LOL...z this too much...??? Ermm...I'm sorry I won't stop myself today...Evil Smile... because itz your birthday...Day Dreaming

I probably don't tell you often enough, but I treasure our friendship. Friends like you make every day special! Wishing you happiness today, tomorrow, and always! Approve

ab tumare bareme kya bolu are such a cutie pie...Embarrassed...your sweet words...your cutie jocks...your naughty acts...those are just make you sooo special...Approve...janu you are amazing just the way you don't let that sweetness away from you...Smile

Unexpected showers? Braking clouds? A rainbow from nowhere? A sudden change in the weather?..Shocked.. Don't worry, this is God's way of wishing you a thunderous Happy Birthday...Tongue..

I couldn't make anything for you know why...CryCryCry...sooo sorry jana...weise tumara gift pending hei...until I learn tak keliye yei jhappies raklo..HugHugHug HugHugHugHugkaafi hei ya or dedu...??? Tongue
( mei or jhappies deneki mood mei nehee hei ab...Evil Smile..)

Birthdays are always special because they help to see how far you have come and how far you still have to go...
Wishing you wisdom for the rest of your life!..Embarrassed..

Don't forget to have a blast yara...Cool...don't need to say this...but phir bhi...Approve
I lub you sooo much rosh...HeartHeartHeart

 ** Shanks **




14 December . Over all these years this day was another a plain , cold  , uninteresting one.. But from 2012 onwards it is special to me. Two of my beloved friends were born and thats a reason enough for me to look ahead another year with u.

Rosh u remind me of the nursery ryhme...which ive modified ... ok il sing it .. *clears throat* LOL
Chubby cheeks
Dimple chin
Rosy lips
Teeth within
Jet black hair
Ur always for me out there..
Neha's pet..Is that you?
Yes,Yes ,Yes ..
Wish u a very very Happy Birthday Hug Tum jiyo hazaron saal hai meri ye aarzoo Embarrassed
May u always be flashing ur beautiful smile, and i shall always cherish my friendship with u. Engineer sahiba .. I love u very much ! Hug
Here a chotu sa gift for u.. For my pyaari si teddy



{themockingblue. }

h a p p y b i r t h d a y r o s h

OMG yeh December mein aur kitnon ka birthday aata hain?Shocked Aur saare itnein special hain ki ... EmbarrassedLOL anyways, Happy Birthday Luzzy! I wish you happiness and all the very best things in your life kyunki you deserve all of them <3 You've been one of my closest friends in the universe and I'll forever be thankful to God for sending you to my life Day Dreaming.. I really hope you enjoy your birthday and always and always smile becausehaste huye tum acchi lagti ho <3 

Look, I'm telling this to everyone, I'll make more later but for now <3
(see sigs/gif in gifts sec)



{18shabbo }

I have a very bad memory and i seriously dont remember what were our first words to each other or where we ended up together.
Maybe it was when Arnav kissed Khushi or wen K kissed A but it must have started around a kiss.LOL(yay im divorced again by your you know who)

And it certainly would have been a wonderful day.

i always thought you'd be a kid because you were so sober so unworldly  that i used think thrice before saying something. 
But you turned out big.
So you became a pure soul for.
Sweet and sensible.
Who slowly turned a little mad , often crazy and always in love!!!!

You are just too good for me.
I cat say more.

I wish you always have brightness in your life.
An unusual uniqueness in happiness.
Lots of adventure.
Fulfilled living.
An overdose of sweetness.
And loads of drool worthy Homo Sapiens.!!!!!!

And with all my heart I pray you a whole population of people who love you and cherish you forever and a little more.
May you have a great health and peace within.

a very Khushi  wala 
Happy Birthday!!!!


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mjht_one IF-Sizzlerz

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{-Fatz- }
and here is your special wala gift :D an ArHilicious B'day gift <33 i hope u like it <3
{ -BlackBeauty-}
made something for you...hope u will like it

{the mocking blue.}

and this is the reason I asked if you liked Barun, CAUSE, I wanted to edit him ROFL

ilysm jaan <3 Humesha aise hi rehna Hug



p.s. my gift shall eb posted u...happy birthday roshu

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snowflake. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged
I love you Nikki <3

-edit 1-

blackbeauty is my twinnie Ouch 

-edit 2-

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mjht_one IF-Sizzlerz

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^whats her name yaar i don't know her name?

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snowflake. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mjht_one

^whats her name yaar i don't know her name?

Neethi Blushing
haww! you stalky :P

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.dream-catcher. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 3:24am | IP Logged

Believe me I don't know what to write or what to say leaving the fact that I need to wish you birthday in a hatke style. Whats hatke here everyone does write big big paras and am no one different but still considering it from em, t must be special for you right? ;) Going over I know okay but lets start with my good for nothing blabbers. ROFL

Errmm.. I am nothing getting on what to start onROFL First Happy birthday Rosh.. I still cant believe you are not excited for your birthday LOL but whatever it is tera B'day hai yaar a spcl day Embarrassed I was trying to look if I was thr wid you on your last B'day but didn't get koi na iss baar am thr and remember our phone convo? *By now we must have talked right? ROFL* You know what I was like so high its your B'day and was so much excited on what all to do but then you said not to anything and I was like </3 Only you can break up my plans LOL But then Nikki's PM and all over again I started to do something spcl but then stupid my schedule spoiled up my plans so bas wish, and gifts(wo bhi SECRET! Wink LOL Is it? YEAH!)

Okay so 14th December always held a special space in heart. Want to know why? Its cause there are just 21 days left for my b'day ROFL Okay joking its cause on this day a beautiful doll landed, the person who knows how to listen, listen to other's problem and then even console them, and I know this isn't a thing that everyone can do (cause I cant ROFL) But yeah you are the person with whom I have shared weirdest of my secrets and craziest of my fears and dream (Rem that 2'O clock WA Convo?? ROFL ) I don't know number of times I looked forward to you, to talk to you so that I can make myself feel better.

There was a time when I had no one to talk, it was just you. Yeah I almost lost touch with everyone but not you. I don't know why,, it was you who made me feel like am the one. And you made me feel you are the one, one with whom I can share all my pains and happiness. I have never been frank so much, NEVER.. never in cyber life or in real life but with you I became frank cause of your frankness. Cause I knew that you will never let the things I told you be out. And so is the reason many people does share their sorrows with you and never ever do you think you have no one to share your problems with cause I am always there(no matter how bad am this thing still I try my best). You have been like a blessing in my life and I cherish you being a part of my life. I really do love you*friend wala*

Ohh I thought to write something more but that will turn be a lot filmy so this much is okay right? But its all right from heart Heart

Once again Happy Birthday!! Hug.Hug.Hug And sorry for being late and last night abrupt phone convo ROFL

Last two are something special <3

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