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Guzaarish: Ch 7/Pg 11

ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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A tragic secret causes Raina to leave her family, her life behind. Five years on, she's now the strong headed business woman living with an adopted aunt. She's got everything you could wish for: money, power, and fame but why is she still not happy? What happens when a figure from her past enters the present and make her life worth living again? What happens when she comes face to face with her demons - will she ever win and get the life and love that she deserves? 

Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Backdrop & Character Sketch

"Guzaarish" is about a modern twenty five year old woman, Raina. The once naive, playful girl had to suddenly grow up to become the elegant and mature woman that she is today. Raina is today's woman: strong headed, sense of moral values and can be relate-able to the average British girl. This story is set mainly in the UK, but may also mention other countries. Also, Raina and the other characters are Muslim. As I am a Bengali, their culture will also be Bengali (but it's not a major factor of this story) hence you may read some Bengali phrases. CHECK POST THREE FOR GLOSSARY. This story will contain some plots that may be considered "wrong" in the sense of Islam but it is there to show the troubles between immoral and moral in Religion. Note: Religion will not play a major role here as with culture. 

Raina Sultana Chaudary: 25, Business woman
Aminah Ali: 45, Raina's adopted aunt

Abdul Alom Chaudary: 57, Raina's estranged father
Nadia Sultana Chaudary: 47: Raina's estranged mother
Aafiya Hussain nee Chaudary: 23, Raina's estranged younger sister
Imran Hussain: 28, Aafiya's husband
Zain Hussain: 1, Imran and Aafiya's son

Seema Chaudary: 23, Raina's cousin
Nazim Khan: 28, Seema's husband
Yasmin Khan: 5, Seema and Nazim's daughter 

Rehaan Malik: 27, Doctor
Fahmida Malik: 49, Rehaan's mother (widowed)
Faiza Malik: 24, Rehaan's sister
Ibrahim Malik: 29, Rehaan's brother 
Naila Malik: 25, Rehaan's sister-in-law
Humera Malik: 3, Ibrahim and Naila's daughter 
Hamza Malik: 3, Ibrahim and Naila's son. Humera's TWIN.

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Khala - Aunt (Mainly used for mother's sister but can mean someone who is like your mother)
Ji - Yes
Acha - Okay
Amma - Mother
Bhai - Brother (But can also use Bhaiya which is a more loving phrase or Bhaisab which is formal. If an elder brother's wife is younger than the husband's brother, then she may call him bhai as well..)
Bhabhi - Sister in law

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Dear Diary,

Why does always this happen to me? Why is it that whenever I want to get away from somewhere, someone... destiny always brings me closer to them? Is this written in my fate? That I'm supposed to be walking endlessly, getting even more confused at my state? Can't I ever truly be happy? Can I ever get back my happiness? Will I ever get to forget that bad time in my life?

Life is so strange. The one place that I ran away from, today five years on, I have come back. But I guess this time, it's not my own decision. It's just a coincidence that I had to go back to Birmingham for a meeting. I can't bear it. The pain, the sadness that is linked to this City. Khala had tried to prevent me from going, but for how long can she protect me? I have to do this. And besides,  it's only for a day right? What can go wrong? Maybe I'll meet someone who will change my life.

But then again, these sort of things only happen in films, right?


"Thank you for coming here, Miss Sultana. It was a great pleasure to meet you." Raina gave a meek smile as Mr Clark, the head of a High Street clothing store in Birmingham shook her hand. He was tall and slim, his hair turning grey. His eyes twinkled as he placed his hand into the pocket of his grey trousers.

"It was nice to meet you too, Mr Clark." She replied. "I'll take your leave." Mr Clark nodded before walking her out of his office. 

It was a cold, October morning. The leaves from the trees were starting to fall off, creating a thick pile on the pavements. Many of the citizens had just started to wake up as the clock ticked ten in the morning, whilst the early shoppers were going in and out of the shopping centre. Raina walked outside to where her black Mercedes Lexus was parked. Unlocking it, she opened the door and sat inside, before igniting the engine. 

She yawned. It had taken her three hours to travel from London to Birmingham, meaning that she had to wake up earlier than expected. Raina shivered, quickly turning up the heater in the car. She rubbed her hands furiously, trying to get warm. She remembered this place pretty well, no matter how much she tried to forget it. She shook her head, trying to keep her attention on the road.

"Oh no..." She muttured, noticing that the petrol tank was getting empty. Great, she thought. Just my luck! Raina sighed, taking a U-turn out of the motorway and back into Birmingham to the nearest area. It was quite a mixed area, full of different ethnicities. On the side, Raina noticed an elderly man sitting around talking loudly into mobile, in Bengali. She shook her head, wondering why people were so...enthusiastic this early in the morning. 

There was a small supermarket with a petrol station linked to it. Raina drove into the empty station and filled her car with petrol. She groaned, inhaling the metallic smell that seemed to be a hundred times stronger than other stations. It was the type of smell that people either like or hate, and Raina was for the latter. She glanced over at the monitor, waiting for it to be full, before shaking the pump off. It was one of those stations where the payment had to be done inside the small shop, which was annoying for Raina as she was desperate to get away. 

"You still need to pay fifty pence more." The shop clerk said as an elderly woman fiddled through her purse trying to find some loose change. The blonde worker chewed endlessly on a piece of chewing gum, sighing exasperatedly and rolling her eyes at the woman. The woman gave her a uneasy smile, gesturing her to wait a second. She sighed as she tried to find some money. 

Behind her, Raina looked over concerned. She huffed as the worker seemed to intimidate the woman and placed her hands into her pocket, taking out a pound coin. Raina hastily threw it at the shop clerk, "Here. Keep the change." She gave her a pretentious smile. There was no need to be nice especially after how rude the worker had been. The clerk replied a meek thanks before letting the woman go and telling Raina how much she had to pay for the petrol. Raina rolled her eyes, slammed the bundle of notes at the worker and left the store.  

"Thanks for that." The woman smiled, strands of her greying hair came through her loosened headscarf. Raina turned around and nodded. The woman picked up her carrier bags and straightened her back. "These days no one lets you go for a mere fifty pence." 

Raina smiled, nodding. Her dark brown eyes sparkled as the soft wind blew her shoulder-length hair. "True that."  

The woman nodded before starting to turn away. She stopped and turned right back. "By the way, what is your name?"  

Raina pondered for a second, before replying, "Raina."  

She nodded. "Thank you, Raina. Thank you." And with that, both women walked away, leaving the soft hustle of the store behind. 


Khala: Aunt. (Mainly used for mother's sister but can mean someone who is like your mother).


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LoveToLaugh Goldie

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Sounds really interesting! Thumbs Up

The backdrop intrigued me and the prologue is very well-written too. I hope you continue this and when you do, please PM me.

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter One

"There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honoured by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up." - Lucas Scott

"Dear Diary,
           Two months have past since I last wrote in here. Two months since I last visited Birmingham. It's so strange isn't it? Visiting the same, monotonous place that I used to live. Nothing has changed. People are still their supposed cheery selves. But even I know that everything, even their smile is fake. Behind every closed doors, there's a hidden secret, a hundred questions and a thousand tears. The question is, do we have the strength to know the truth? Can we ever be truly happy? I guess not. Life isn't fair. We won't ever find our happiness, nor would other's let us be happy. This is the true reality of life."

"Raina?" The dimmed lights became brighter as a woman dressed in a simple black salwar kameez stepped into the room. Her dull black hair was wrapped around in an immaculate bun as her dupatta was wired around her neck. She was tanned, her dark brown eyes looked tired as it sat besides her grey rimmed glasses. She was stressed, after all who wouldn't be? She was the Head of Meera Fashion House, a company that she had created and invested in from her younger years. At age forty-five, she had achieved what most women couldn't and now designed clothes around the globe. She was famous in the fashion industry: her clothes designs were not only unique and beautiful, but were elegant and classy. 

"Aminah Khala?" Raina looked up from her desk, making sure that the pile of papers were sorted into their respected files. She smiled, her light skin radiating up the room. Raina was like a daughter to Aminah, someone who she had adopted five years back. Though Aminah had no children of her own, she loved Raina much like her own mother did.

"Are you still up?" She asked. 

Raina yawned slightly before stretching her arms. "Sorry, Khala. I had to finish off these last few pieces of paperwork. And now I have to finish packing." Aminah smiled as Raina hurriedly folded her clothes and packed them into a black suitcase. Soon after they had both met, Raina became Aminah's most trusted confidante, with Raina soon becoming part owner of Meera Fashion House. Aminah helped her pack the remaining few clothes before zipping the case suit.

"And now you're done." Aminah stated, smiling. "Acha, listen. Have you got your passport and tickets?" Raina nodded. "And you know what time you're catching the plane, right?"

"Ji, Khala! 9am tomorrow, I remember everything." Raina laughed. "Stop worrying about me."

Aminah rolled her eyes. "How can I stop worrying about you? Ever since you came back from Birmingham, you've been quiet." She held Raina's hand. "Whenever you're upset, please don't cut me out okay?" 

Raina nodded. "Don't worry Aminah Khala. I'll be fine. And anyway, weren't you the one that said nothing will happen to me? After all, I am your strong daughter aren't I?" 

Aminah laughed as she playfully slapped Raina's cheeks. "Fool, you're my ONLY daughter."

"And you're my only Khala!" Raina laughed as she hugged her Aunt. Her heart became mellow as she tried to numb out the pain of her past. This was her daily routine, she would always smile when Aminah was there because she couldn't bear to see her Aunt stress over her. But, deep down Aminah knew of Raina's act after all she too didn't want Raina to see her own sadness.

"Acha, now go to sleep. Tomorrow you have to wake up early right?" Raina nodded. "Now this time, do me a favour. When you arrive in Paris, take some time for yourself. You don't need to keep working like this."

Raina smiled. "Okay, my dear Aunt. I'll do whatever you want." She giggled as Aminah left the room and it fell back to complete silence again. Raina sighed as she leaped into her bed and tried to sleep. But sleep wouldn't come. She hadn't had the peaceful sleep since the past five years.

After all, how could she?

Her past still haunts her.  

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preetipc IF-Rockerz

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Loved the prologue and the character skecthh and the update.Would like to read more.SO pls pm me we u update.Smile

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..Ankita.. IF-Rockerz

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omhygosh Zahara, this is beautiful Day Dreaming
Can you PM whenever you update this?

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