REDUX 2612- Shivaji!! #4

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Another good episode in a row.


Episode continues from last night; Shahana is on her way.

Sakubai hasn't reached yet, but Shahana is in a hurry. For once, the mother in her takes a backseat. She did make sure that the maid is on her way; yet she didn't wait for her to reach home, before she set out on her mission. Focused and determined, she leaves on her mission. It was absolutely chilling; her demeanor, her focus. Not once did she waver, not once did her hands shake, not once did she doubt. Her preparations were all sure and well thought out. Gun, injectable poison, back up. Shahana had it all well planned. She phones Chaddi... oops! Jedda... (sorry! LOLCouldn't help that one; some people here were drooling over him this afternoon; just couldn't resist) and tells him to cover her back.

It isn't easy. Trust me, I know! Presence of mind is sometimes a gift some people have; others have to be trained. It is something similar to how medical and paramedical staff are trained. It is a drill, which we have to repeat and repeat again; you come across a person who is unconscious, you call him first, no response, call for help, check pulse, and so on and so on; everything is drilled; because there is no time to think; and this scene with Shahana reminded me of that.

Jeddah certainly doesn't like playing second fiddle; his sarcastic remarks to Shahana over the phone were simply fantastic. "I am honoured you finally thought me worthy of something to do!" and that grin, he was scrumptious!

Randeep and his team with the witness, reach outside the immigration office, unfortunately there is a celebrating crowd outside. Was that crowd arranged by Jeddah & Co? Randeep is forced to walk the rest of the way through the dancing crowd. Shahana manages to prick the witness with a poisonous needle.


Randeep instructs his policemen to take the man to the hospital, while he follows Shahana. The scene was very good here. Shahana pauses deliberately for a millisecond and gives Randeep a taunting, defiant look. It was almost as if she was saying, "come on, chase me!"

And Randeep is lured away; away from the crowds, away from back up. Jeddah does his job too. He was asked to cover her back; and he did that. God! I like his sense of humour! He stalls Randeep and right next moment he directs him to Shahana, in the hope that Randeep will get rid of Shahana. But why though? Only Shahana knows where the bomb is. Unless, he plans to trace it through Shantanu. But Jeddah here is relying heavily on the locket with Rinky being the real one. The best laid plans of mice and men'

Randeep chases Shahana. I loved the chase, simply because they were actually running. This is how people run. And Shahana, I loved the way she ran. Often we see actresses running artistically; but this one didn't! she ran as if she was running for her life. She leads him to a convenient place and shoots him. Randeep falls. Loved his expression; that of disbelief and slowly how he looses focus and consciousness.

At the Bhargav's

A conversation between the fake sister and the sister in law. The scene at the breakfast table. Was it hinting at a possible financial crunch? Bitto wants toast, and his mother says there is no bread in the house. Perhaps it is just an indication of how haphazard the workings must be with such a recent and major upheaval in the family. Perhaps, Ritika felt it too. She offers financial help.

At this moment, Rashmi is flying around distracted, scrambling here, running there, gathering papers, filling forms. Rashmi is filling her brother's provident fund forms. Malti sees and is touched. She has a feeling of pride and affection as she gazes at Rashmi. She acknowledges Rashmi's worth. She was her brother's pet, never had to lift her finger. Now look at her, she is in charge! Malti is acutely conscious of how difficult it must be for Rashmi; she wants to pitch in too but she can't seem to manage it, with housework and Bittu to manage. What does this imply? That the Bhargavs cannot afford household help?

The scene did bring out the contrast between fake or real. Rashmi the real daughter is rushing around, the weight of the whole household, no, world, on her young shoulders. The look-alike Ritika is sitting, relaxed at the table, drinking tea, offering monetary help if they need it. But she also managed to convey a sincerity, not much, just a little, born out of guilt, perhaps?

The conversation turns to Nishant's betrayal of Rashmi. Bittu catches on to the word, "Dhoka"


Bittu comes running to Rashmi, he wants to know Shivaji's story.


Rashmi, the ever-loving Bua, obliges. She tells him the story of how Shivaji defeated Afzal Khan. Bittu analyses the story. Khan trying to drive a knife in Shivaji's back was treachery wasn't it, especially when they were talking peace and embracing each other? So Shivaji killed him. What did Shivaji look like? Rashmi describes him. In young Bittu's mind, the image that appears is that of his new friend, Randeep. Bittu's solution is simple; get Shivaji/Randeep to kill Nishant. After all he was a traitor, wasn't he? He served his beloved Bua a backhanded turn. Rashmi is not impressed with this blood thirst. She is disturbed as well. She sends poor Bittu away.

Out of the mouth of babes -

So what is Randeep's armour? And who or what will be the tiger-claw? Will the fake Ritika turn out to be Afzal Khan's knife?

Elsewhere, Sakubai comes home to find that Ayesha has fallen off the bed. She calls up Shahana but she doesn't pick up the phone. A distraught Sakubai, rushes the baby to the hospital.

Bittu while watching TV gets to know that Randeep has been shot. He gets his Bua to take him to the hospital. The beginnings of romance with the aid of the ever helpful Bittu.

But wonder of wonders, Ayesha is in the next bed. A worried Shahana arrives there. She picks up her baby, and is relieved to know from the Doctor that her baby is alright. Shahana, though worried is collected enough outwardly, in stark contrast to the maid, who is anguished. Shahana is kind towards the maid. She does not blame her, and tells her to be more careful next time.

Bittu wanders over to the other side and offers a toffee to Shahana for Ayesha. Again a human side of Shahana. But Bittu again innocently lets slip information. He is here to visit his friend who was shot by a terrorist, instantly alerting Shahana' she peeps through the curtains to see Rathore on the adjacent bed.

The hospital scene with Rathore and Shahana on either side of a flimsy green curtain, reminded me of what Koel wrote yesterday. Perpetrators of crimes are just like you and me. They are amongst us. They don't carry signs on their foreheads. We need to be vigilant, every one of us. All we have to do is pull back the curtains and look'

Thank you, for reading, commenting and liking... Please feel free to exchange your views. we really would like to hear your thoughts... be it a few words or lines... all are welcome at REDUX...Smile



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The cycle of the Hunter and it's Prey keeps altering with time...The hunter became hunted and then itself a prey  with swift succession  .. Shahana managed to wipe of the weakest link in the course of her operation the employee of Motilal jewellers  and then she is chased like a prey by the man  who is out to tie the noose around her neck.. but she manages to keep the  upper hand as she shoots him .. confident of her dominance till the end...
To be hit by another piece of news that knocked the wind out of her sails.. her  little daughter was injured... in a flash she became a prey, praying  for the safety of her child...To be soothed with the news of the well being of little Ayesha and her prey the cop Rathore.. recuperating on the adjacent bed... 

This vital information brought to  Shahana by the little Mithoo .. who's innocent world she obliterated without a thought...

Shahana thinks her self smart to shape everything according to her plan... Maninder Rathore confident to turn the adverse tide to his tune with astuteness... but both players underestimated the powerful destiny who showed it's card today .. the silent game changer who can shift the fortunes of everyone in the blink of an eye... 

The best laid plans can bite the dust if it turns away it's hand of luck .. the absence of a clear cut path to reach the goal can be given  breakthroughs if fate chooses too...

The game of hide and seek between the hunter and it's prey continues as destiny smirks with it's playfulness...

In the game of intrigue comes a silver lining of hope and love... as the accidental strangers Rathore and Rashmi are slowly warming up to each other...

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So 2 strong individuals opposite each other. Who will prove to be more stronger .

2 good episodes back to back. We start off from where it was left yesterday. Shahana gets the call from the security informing her of Jignesh Bhai taken by police for verification of Shantanu . We also see Shahana leaving from home on  mission to kill Jigneshbhai before he can spill the beans. Today motherhood took a backseat , she was more focused on her mission than her baby . She left her on the bed and walked out , knowing well that the maid was on her way. Well has she become so ruthless and insensitive to her baby's needs. I mean as a mother the child's needs are the first priority . Well today once again we are shown a determined woman who will accomplish her goal at any cost .


She leaves home with a gun and inject able poison in her purse and also calls up Jedda to be at the Immigration office as a backup. She wants to kill the man herself instead of giving this responsibility to Jedda, seems like she does not trust him at all . But for how long will she be able to tackle the situations on her own. All this happening was never in Mallik's plan , is she shrewd and smart to handle all these obstacles. Well the coming episodes will give us more insight. We once gain are shown the Bhargav house and their ways to cope up with their loss. They are at breakfast table and fake Ritika tries to show concern for the family by supporting Malti's decision.  She wants to help them with money but would the real Ritika do this. We see Rashmi struggling with the PF papers , trying to arrange the money flow through a source which has to be dealt with on an urgent basis or else there might be problems later on .


Mithu hear the convo between his mom and Bua and goes to Rashmi to understand Shivaji better. He is stuck at Afzal Khan's killing chapter by Shivaji. What was only this part of Shivaji narrated. History shows us that SHivaji was clever, smart and shrewd as he knew Afzal Khan wanted to kill him and he was not strong enough to kill him with bare hands. He had gone to meet the lion in his DEN and that also without any weapons. Afzal Khan was famous for killing his enemies by bear hug and Shivaji was smart enough to wear the armour beneath . He then used the  tiger claws  to kill the enemy . Now what can be the hidden meaning in this. Will Rashmi and Rathore find out the real intention of Shahana and Jedda and then very cunningly outsmart them and kill them. I would so love to see this game being played. It's getting interesting day by day .


We see the Randeep very near to the immigration office but gets stuck because of a wedding procession, Shahana used this to her advantage and inject the poison in Jignesh Bhai and before Randeep could react runs away from there , only to be seen and followed by Randeep. Jedda sees her running and makes no effort to help her as he wants her out of his way . Hence he guides Randeep to Shahana and waits for the kill. Shahana who now very easily shoots people , shoots Randeep who gets hit and falls down which gives her a chance to escape.


As fate would have had Randeep and Ayesha are in the same hospital and moreover in the same room separated by a curtain. Will Randeep be able to see Shahana ?


2612 is getting very interesting by the day , and was there a slight hint of romance shown today between Rashmi and Randeep with the kid being the cupid. He definitely asked the right questions. So girls I am eagerly waiting for the next episode .

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Thanks for opening the Redux... Appu,I loved your update on today's episode...

Who's who.. of 2612...for my dear Reduxians..who are joining us now...

The main lead male in positive role... 
police officer Randeep Rathore

the main lead female in positive role... Rashmi Bhargav 

Rashmi's family ... Bhaiya Rakesh, Matli Bhaabhi ji, nephew Mittu, papa Mr Bhargav...

Rashmi's sister Ritika Sardesai wife of Shantanu in double role...the actual wife is drugged and kidnapped... this is the duplicate one in the negative role planted by the terrorists in Rashmi's house...

Rashmi's brother in law...Shantanu Sardesai.. Atomic scientist.. a parallel lead male...


Ritika and Shantanu's daughter Suchi...kidnapped..

the main lead female in the negative role ...Shahana.
the second lead male in negative role Jaddah

The mastermind behind all the terrorists...Sr. Mallik...FIL of Shahana

Shahana , her henchman and terrorist Mastana, her maid cum baby sitter Sakubai, and her new born baby Ayesha

Mastana and his bar dancer girl friend Rinki...

Rinki with her would be MIL ...Mastana"s mother...Rajjo Rani...

The moment before the blast which killed Rashmi's papa and brother in the local train...the bomb hidden in the black bag..


Smile...Little Mittu's role is not to be overlooked...the writers are giving his role immense importance...Smile

Thumbs Up...He is the one to point out that bua Ritika was not knowing the family rules...

Thumbs Up...He was instrumental in bringing Rashmi to Randeep ...in the hosp... and Rashmi and Shahana face to face...

Thumbs Up...He was also asking him Qs as to what kind of girls he liked...giving Rashmi as example...so he is going to play major role in getting the love birds closer...
Thumbs Down...He revealed to Shahana innocently  that the person she had shot was in the next room...revealing Randeep to Shahana...

Thumbs Up...even Randeep's past story was revealed to us thru him..

Wink...and even hinted a future track going the Shivaji..Afzal Khan way...

HeartEverything said and done I loved Randeep and Rashmi's shyness , their embarrassment at Mittu's Qs, their awkwardness, was soo cute to watch ... looked so natural... so we see the beginning of a love story ..Heart

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Hi guys!!
these are the lovely discussions n i'm loving it but couldn't come in here regularly Embarrassed
Just to inform u that i'm just archiving these Redux threads for all ur convience so that if any one wanna refer u can get the links all at one place in Archive mansion Smile
Hope i could join u all in discussions. Ermm
Happy discussions all
Swetha Embarrassed

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Originally posted by swethasyam08

Hi guys!!
these are the lovely discussions n i'm loving it but couldn't come in here regularly Embarrassed
Just to inform u that i'm just archiving these Redux threads for all ur convience so that if any one wanna refer u can get the links all at one place in Archive mansion Smile
Hope i could join u all in discussions. Ermm
Happy discussions all
Swetha Embarrassed
Smilecardinal rule of REDUX! you never ask permission... barge in and start yapping... LOL
hello, and welcome!!!Big smile

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most of us joining the show late want to know what happened in previous episodes
here is the link to previous episodes
they are all available on starplayer

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