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Gokul parents (shabaaa startinglae vaa D'oh) leaves their hotel. Same time Nelli, Murthi and Gaja Shocked comes there, ask the reception and comes to know that Gokul parents kalyana day today so has gone to the nearest temple. Nelli and Murthi Gaja goes to temple to tukkufy Gokul father. They arrive to temple and Nelli says confirm Gokul is alive. If true his parents were worried if he was death or alive, they would not be here in temple happily nu ... Gokul mother ask hubby to go out and by malai and come. Nelli sits back in the car ready ... Moorthy Gaja stands outside. Gokul father pass by, Morthy pushes him inside the car .. tukkufy him and leaves the temple Thumbs Up

Rajesh father calls Karaikudhi police station to inquiry about Gopi case. The kind Inspector tells him he truth that Gokul and family are innocent. Tell the entire story to Rajesh father. He also tells Rajesh father that its Rajesh who called them up and inform on Gopi's whereabouts. Rajesh father is shock. He thanks Inspector and starts thinking.

Gokul mother wonders where is hubby and tries to call his mobile. Moorthy takes him mobile but does not answer. Both father and son nalla vaichu sattufy Gokul father LOL Gokul mother gets worried and calls his son.. cries out that father missing. Gokul care less and ask mother not to polambufy and father will be around. He ask her to return back to hotel and he will come and meet them there. Mother ask how can he be so asalt about this and demands son to come right now to search for father. Gokul scolds her asking if she is lossu va nu and how can he come out till he gets Gopi and family behind the bar? He shouts at his mother and ask her to just go back to hotel and wait.

Nelli brings Gokul father to a place and starts beating him nicely till he agrees to bring them to Gokul place. They go straight to Mayil house ... Mayil devanae gokul shock to see Gokul father beaten up. Gopi leaves and follow them. On the way  ...  Gokul father mobile rings. Its Gokul and they make him to answer. Gokul father immediately does eehhhemmm nu oru sound. Gokul becomes alert. Kutty flashback .. gokul telling his father if any problem when they make phone call to make sound eehheeemm nu as signal.

Gokul father says he is on the way to the hotel. Gokul immediately makes arrangement to leave the hotel as he suspects Gopi and gang on their way here Sleepy


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Wednesday - Kacheri @ PP Palace...
Samandhi n Co meeting : Sr.PP Meeting NA Somewhere alone n apologize for the difficulties they faced due to Sr.Pp n Family n Obligated not to poke his nose into this.. n informs all the chain reaction in the family till Rags turn up.NA feels pity for the happenings n tells that he will do the treatement to KNG n to his dad.. Sr.pp Says No no to it n again insist not to poke his nose n leave from there.NA left in thought.
Sr.pp home ..Meens ask her clean the greens..Malar mommy comes in there ..Meens n mahes shows off thier faces.. MM tries to be normal n says the happening at home n roh's act .. n tells we have not done anything KNG n family will go clueless nu solluranga.. Pothathu.. Mahesu.. PP ya eduthu ootha aramikura.. Meens othu oothings n opens thier dirty mouth..malar ask them to hold tongue.. but they goes on n an stage malar says that let her too walk off with her mom.. n goes to Main door, gets to see Sr.pp at Door.
Meens talks more abt malar n family.Sr.pp enter in n tells MM that he havent good hearted females at home.. he apologize for thier act n sends off her..n now.. Semma kacheri to Meens n Mahes..he ask if mahes is really his daughter..if so she cant speak so nu solluraru.. n adds if malar n co started to show off thier money mind.. will u people could stand ah nu kekuraru..n adds that now he is thinking to send off both mom n daughty out of home.. if they continue doing so nu..n tells she only got things done for mahes.. n tells mahes if you want car u have chk with ur hubby r me.. how come you can check with kobi nu kekuraru.. n tells them to shut thier mouth n not to open anymore..n thanks malar for being patience towards them n leaves the place.. Malar is looking at way he left.. Meens n mahes yercufying malar
Screen freezes..

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srima IF-Dazzler

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Friday - Go- Raj torture enakka????????????

                                       Friday 07.12.2012

Sorry for the delayed update.

Gokul & friend in serious conversation.  Gokul smells something amiss & tells friend that they should vacate & vanish before the matter goes out of control. Gokul goes to pay the hotel bill. The receptionist refuses to accept card payment. So Gokul gives the friend card & pin number & asks him to withdraw Rs.15000 from ATM .[ suppose the friend jooot with the card & pin number???????? Gokul  will  turn Coalkul – kari poosing .

Nelli car stops on the road. Gopi comes out to make a call – calls Karaikudi inspector & updates about his jasoosi work – Gokul alive & staying in some hotel in Pudhukkotai. Seeks  inspector's help to round him up before he escapes. Karai inspector assures to inform concerned authorities in Pudhukotai.

Junior psycho & mom happily discussing about  their drama in front of Rajesh's dad whom they presume has fallen in to their trap & believed their words. Still mom cautions son to be careful & tread slowly & handle the matter with care. Son agrees half heartedly. Father arrives. Mom & son get ready with their well rehearsed lines. Dad shouts at them for their irresponsible behaviour . Mom tries to shield son saying he was scared of the police. Dad had a valid argument – rajesh should have contacted him & taken his advice. Dad suspects some foul play & says if mom & son  try to act smart with ragini , will throw  them out penniless.

Sokku home – Mayil updates Nelli puranam. As usual Sokku upset & worried. If something goes wrong gokul's father would charge them of dadnapping  [ kidnapping]– more days of kambi counting for everybody.

Malar is angry , upset & worried. Sitting & contemplating alone in her room. Ragini tries to pacify her. Ragini gets to see Malar's Mahishasura Mardhini avtar – Malar enumerates Gokul's torture one by one , sings Gopi puranam for some time, how Gopi has to put up with this torture for her sake , says she feels like killing  him [ Gokul], cutting him to pieces & throw him to the dogs to feast. Ragini is aghast at her Babhi's anger who is supposed to be a cool , calm & composed lady..

Gokul & ally all set to leave the hotel. Gokul notices police vehicle arriving. Immediately leaves the hotel from the back door. Outside both are nabbed by Gopi , Kaja & Nelli – aLaLukku gives them dharma  adi.

Sokku house. Gokul captured matter reaches their ears. Sokku & Malar all set to go to the police station. Rajesh family arrives. Rajesh dad apologises for son's foolishness & offers to take Ragini back along with them immediately. Sokku  informs about Gokul news . Rajesh dad very happy . No fly dancing on Rajesh & mom's face. Freeze on their shocked face.

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..NoBody.. IF-Rockerz

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Monday Dec 10th 2012

sokku house...Rambam ramesh with his mokkai parents...Manguni pandiyar sokku with his oor makkal ie his family members...rendum talking...Ramesh's dad says ragini will not face any problem hereafter...naan poruppu adhukku...Pls send her with us...

Sokku tells them to stay and they can take ragini with them next morning...Sokku says gopi problems ellam solved...Raj's dad says they will wait till gopi arrives...he want to ask sorry to gopi...Raj's Mom also thatting chaing chakk...Mom asks sorry to ragini...Rags says its ok...Panjayathu over...Sokku and malar leaves ...

Rajesh comes near ragini and ragini moonjiya thiruppings...

Police station...Gokul,his dad and goks friend ellam namitha maadhiri standing...Only paadhi dress...Gokul says he wants to meet hislawyer...Ins startsbeating him...

Malar comes there and starts beating gokul...Sokku stops her...Gokul's dad tells ins to warn malar...Ins says pesama iru...illainna konne poduven...Malar says pottu thallufy this guy in encounter sir...Malar tells gokul's thillumullu...Ins tells constable to file case against gokul , including some false cases...

jegan avar part kku danceing...Leave this guy to me..sir...potturen...Goks and dad thiru thiru...Nelli joins jegan...Allalukku pesaranga ppa...yaaravadhu pudusa pesarangala...nahi...same maavu...Gokul did that...Gokul did this...kill him...punish him...etc etc...

Now sokku's turn...Starts his perurai ...nothing new...same blah blah...Avarum otting some history...

FInally he says inspector sir...we r not giving any cmplaint...pls leave them...AngryAngry
Ins says that is not  possible sokku sir...

Sokku and co leaves...All sammandhis talking...Sokku says thank to everyone...Nelli says he wants to leave early...illainna lola peiyattam aduva...Nelli leaves...

Sokku house...Rajesh achho achho nnu sollikitte sitting...Rags comes and says she will arrange a room in hotel..Rajesh says sorry...Ragini says this house will not be comfortable ...pls go to a hotel room..Rajesh doing overacting...Rags clean bold...sorry accepted...

Vittana andha loosu rajesh...valavalavala nnu talking...crying...Rags super happy and leaves...

Loosu rajesh comes out and calls someone...line kedakala...josi comes there and sees rajesh and asks him ...why dancing kathakali ??...Josi starts ...Rags comes there and takes away rajesh from there...Says indha josi oru kedu kettavan...beware of him...Sollittu rags leaves and rajesh says hi to josi...Josi super happy...


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Wednesday - Escapuuu..
Clap12-12-12 - Wow.. Happy B'day Thalaivaaa..Clap
Dhandhana ka Dhankuna ka Laksu PP la irrunthu EscapuuuWinkParty
Agagagaga... Yetha kondadurathu.. PP la irrunthu Escapu anatha kondadurathaParty ..Thalaivar B'day Ya kondadurathaParty..
Laksu NJOYYY Party

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Friday --
Enjoy  Laksh. Poramaya irukkuda .

BTW this sambandhi sambandhi  addressing is irritating. Every other word is Sambandhi. Name solli address panninathan enna . This is 21st century Thirumuruga.

                                  Friday 14.12.2012

Rumbambum Arambum Samin bum kulukkal Arambam.

Samku kaduppo kaduppu . Pancha pandavigalla already 4 pandavis parandhu poyachu.  Perhaps Sokku Mayil mama's vision blurred by cataract.  ANazagan atahi maganai vittutu they  went scouting around for Manmadans for their  Apsaras. Sam vents out his anger in che che these grapes are sour style. Gives nicknames & mimics panchapandavis. Calls Mahesu kuLLa katharikkai & compares her gait to that of jumping brinjal in kodhikkum sambar , Kamu's looks & nadai resembles  Kerala elephant ,  Karaikudi chappa mookhi Paramu  & rubber mouth Ragini the kooni nadai azagi. All sutha waste . Pushpa & co ignored this loosu's bak bak & get ready  to go to  Karaikudi to tender personal invitation. Ironically Sam gets ready  first to accompany them

Ramesh & Paramu returning from doctor . On the way Ramesh's  friend meets him & gives him  his commission money. Ramesh vandavalam on thandavalam . Paramu gets angry & starts shouting.

Pushpa & co coming to Sokku's house , Sam leading them. All forewarn  Sam  to have control on his speech. Sam mandai aating outside but once inside let loose his tantrums. This time the table completely turned , the panchapandavis are praised sky high ' my mama's daughters are Apsaras , Rambas & Rathis etc etc.

Pushpa comes to the point ' have come  to invite pudhu samandi & mapillai for virundhu.  Rajesh father immediately agrees. Mom tries to evade but dad shuts her up. Irritated Rajesh gives a asattu sirippu & agrees to dad's wish. Then he gives the signal to his friend ' a missed call. The friend calls Rajesh posing his boss & asking Rajesh to report to duty asap failing which pink slip will be handed over to him. Rajesh father not perturbed  by this dhamki,  asks Rajesh to tender his resignation before they kizhikkafy his cheetu.. Rajesh facela no fly dancing. [  this boy Rajesh surely needs  some acting training . Sorry to say ' very very poor in emoting & dialogue delivery]

Sam goes overboard.  His walking  & talking style has become too stale.  Sole consolation  in today's episode ' glycerine bottle not opened.

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