Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion THread 59

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 2:31am | IP Logged

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BB6 Live Stream Updates - 13th December '12

**Time converted to India Time.
** Bold bits are important/interesting.
** Red bits are spoilers

Updates from earlier part of the day:

3pm - Imam talking to Vishal, Santosh, Karishma and Sana that he once met Hard Kaur at a party once. He went up to a party and asked, hi, what's your name? She said Hard Kaur and so I said Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Soft po*n. She got so angry. *random chatter* Sana gets up and leaves. Santosh - is ko kya hua? Aise ut ke chali gayi? Karishma says food is ready, lets go and she leaves as well. In the kitchen, Niketan, Karishma, Urvashi, Rajev, Del, Aashka taking/serving food. Sapna at the dining table eating food and saying, wow aashu! WOW! Try the daal. Santosh and Imam in the kitchen asking Imam to serve him. They all sit down at the table to eat. Aashka is washing her hands. Rajev, Urvashi and Niketan tell Aashka the beans are very good. Vishal eating on his stretcher. Santosh is giving Vishal company and eating next to him on the white sofa.

*taking a break while everyone is having lunch*

6:43pm - Imam in red bedroom talking to Karishma and Urvashi about the right pronunciation of TIN TIN is ta ta. Urvashi says it's not necessarily the right pronunciation. *random discussion* Imam asking Urva who will go and she says we can't say so we dont. Imam asks her which 5 she will save and she says eviction means eviction. He keeps asking her and then he asks Del and she says it's an eviction.

6:46pm - Rajev telling Niketan to her this. Niketan Angry - she stuck again to Vishal and Santosh. 

6:47pm - Imam and Del discussing some book. And then Del talks to Aashka. Del says - can love happen twice? I too have a love story. It's a book.  Del says I'll gift you both. Read it. Let;s go outside. AAshka - too many insects and mosquitoes. It's not healthy to sit out there. We'll go after ha;f an hour. Sana always sits there at sunset. Del smiles and says Vishal. Aashka - no, otherwise as well. Del asking who will leave and Aashka says Vishal or Santosh. Del - not Niketan? Aashka - no he has come a long way without being nominated. Just once. Imam asking them about what character they'd like to be...*random Imam chatter*

6:52pm - In the kitchen, Rajev please give us a karya. Urva/Sapna says why. Rajev if not then I'll fight with Sapna. Sapna - we never fought. Rajev - let's fight. Niketan is telling Rajev - I'm going. Rajev - okay but dont talk in front of anyone.Angry Urva - what? Rajev - we have private matters, you don;t need to know everything okay? Now Rajev and Urvashi saying Imam wont go. Urva - no he has established himself as an entertainer. *random kitchen chatter*

6:58pm - Sana walks inside with someone. Sana walks back out. Imam heard talking to her. 

7:02pm - Niketan comes into the kitchen. Rajev is missing. They are discussing food. Karishma walks in. Niketan - Rajev is meditating about Sana saying that she never comes to help him pack when he's nominated. She said she's coming in 5 mins but she's still not here. *random food chatter* Sapna and Urvashi preparing dinner. 

7:08pm - Sapna wishing it was ground hog day. Niketan - BB should do sporting activities. Sapna - just shut up. Outside, Santosh and Imam joking around. Santosh pretending to be drunk. Santosh - BB house is like people go around keeping plates on their head and walk. You don't listen to everything I say and start your own talk. Ghanta bolu kya? Life bahaut danger hai. I used to love her alot. Karishma comes. Santosh - is she the same who I used to love? Imam - do you know her from before? Santosh - I used to love a girl 8 yrs ago. She said I am going to Delhi and after 10 days she's come back. Karishma - she didn't come back Santosh - no Karishma - and this was 5 yrs ago. Santosh - correct. Karishma - I'm sure the affair wasn't with me because that time I was 15 at the time. Confused Santosh - dont get upset by the things I say. In the kitchen/dining area, Niketan talking to Urvashi and Sapna. Niketan - Karishma makes boys feel that unse hoga. Sapna - uske baad love sex aur dhoka baby love sex aur dhoka! Cancel the love and sex. Karishma comes in and sits. Niketan - what happened? Karishma - Nothing. Niketan - Why dont you ever tell us what happened? Aashka, Sana tell me what happened. Sapna looking at Karishma. What happened? I have ammunition.

7:17pm - Santosh and Imam talking. Santosh - India thinks it'll be possible. Imam - Aashka came out of your mouth. Santosh - no way. Imam - no, I'm not mistaken. Vishal out of the toilet and Santosh telling him how he was acting in front of Karishma. Then he said I just want a good girl in my life and if ever in your life you think you want a guy who does what you want. If you say London then I leave Bombay and Imam says she was lost in his eyes, seriously. Karishma says I understood everything but this place is not right. Confused Vishal, Imam and Santosh discussing Salman will be told about this tomorrow. Imam to Vishal - when she said this is not the right place, Santosh jumped up and down. Imam telling them now that Del said she wanted to be a shark and then she changed her mind to be a dolphin and I thought to myself, weight ke hisaab se you should be a whale! ShockedLOL Rajev asleep in the yellow bedroom.

7:27pm - Niketan, Karishma, Sapna and Urvashi still talking random stuff. Niketan trying to tell Sapna about the Hoover dam story. Father Roski lends money to 2 standford students. Father Roski became the president of Poland and the student became a president of US Sapna saying Karishma has a pout. Sapna saying an aunt of hers sent a letter to her principal to kick her out of school. Outside, Imam telling Vishal that whatever interaction you have with Sana or whoever, catch that track and go with it. Vishal - but tell Santosh also. Imam goes to the bathroom. Vishal - we need to get a play. Imam comes back saying that on Saturday whoever stays back on Saturday we will perform a play but it has to be realistic and a social issue. Vishal - kisaan and people trying to acquire his land. Vishal - I like intense characters. Imam - good, do that that.

7:40pm - BB announces that the blinds are going to come down and so Niketan, Sapna and Urvashi decide they want to use the loo before then.

7:55pm - Sana talking to Aashka saying that she still hasn't understood people and probably won't. And she told Niketan that she never spoke to him first second week because every time she spoke to him, a voice would call him. And now this same person is going after other people's friends and she called Sana an attention seeker. Who is an attention seeker can be seen clearly. And in the first week when we had to save people, she never saved me and she told Rajev, why is she getting so emotional, we arent best of friends. Del joined them. Sana - I told them, do whatever, play games, but don't play with emotions. Aashka - who got the most votes this time? Sana - me. Vishal himself told me that even if he had to give 1 vote, he'd take my name. But people are saying that if Dinesh was there he wouldn't give me a vote. But I know people and I know this much. Clap Aashka saying that Karishma said that ab ko aap ke liye bhi line lage gi ladkon ki. I don't need. I don't need to tell people about where she went and what she did. Sana - she calls me kiddish and childish but what about how she talks. Aashka grabs a paper and Sana laughs. Sana saying that Karishma is so annoyed she can't see me talking to Niketan. Sana - the problem is then when you dont know a person's capabilities. Never underestimate anyone. And she always puts an effort to act good. You can tell who is natural good and who acts. I can't even stand people who act in serials, let alone in real life. Aashka - everyone is in a race to prove themselves my friend. But only people outside know who's mightier. Sana - I've worked so much in life and my life principles matter to me. Here there's an obligation to stay here but otherwise I wouldn't even want to see their face and she is going on trying to talking to me. Del - it's very evident. Sana - why does she want to talk to me? That if she does, I may not nominate her next week.

8:05pm - Outside Santosh, Vishal and Imam in the living area. Santosh singing.

8:08pm - Del and Sana saying that Aashka came back as a stronger person. Sana - that when you go home, you'll never remember all these unimportant people. And tomorrow if I am seen with these people, people will laugh at me. Aashka - think about your new house and BMW. Sana - I hope I get to promote myself. Now she's talking about some car.

8:14pm - Sana saying that it's 70days and we see where we've reached. You should give importance to when things come because when they leave, you never know. Sometimes you take things for granted and you do the same for people. You want something better and then when the next doesn't even do 1% of it, you realise what you let go. It's very important to take the right decision. Aashka - right decision at the right time. Sana - there's not a single good guy available right now. Sapna comes over and says blinds are down what is happening. Del - today is thursday night. They are discussing rashan. Sapna - I was getting the feeling that when I pass these boys that they are hooligans and when Karishma passes by, they are saying tumse nahi hoga and singing and bhabi. Sana gets up goes to the bathroom. Aashka - so why does Karishma go and sit with them? Sapna - I dont think she understands this. Karishma walks in and Sapna tells her to cut off from the 3 boys. Outside Urva cooking and Santosh singing in the background.

8:20pm - Del asks BB if Vishal can get out of the stretcher for 30 mins and pack. 

8:24pm - BB calls Sana to the confession and she gets so excited, she quickly gets off the bed and says, "I love you BB!". Rajev tells her it's a tab! Sana is out within a minute and goes to Del.

*try to take a break*

Missed Update - BB is arranging a party for everyone outside at the request of Sana in honor of the boys.

8:36pm - Urvashi, Sana and Aashka eating dinner. Rajev hanging around the table. Del has eaten. Sapna also at the dining table. Rajev - today's footage will be 0. Urva liked the veggies. In yellow bedroom, Vishal off the stretcher and looking through his clothes to pack.

8:40pm - Everyone getting dressed for the party. Rajev was telling Urvashi she's looking smart and she needs to just wear a jacket. Imam applying powder on his face using a huge blusher. Sana believes she's ready.

8:45pm - Niketan and Rajev in the red bedroom. Someone saying Sana ke liye party. Niketan saying Sana ki party hogi. Everyone getting ready except Niketan and Rajev hanging around the girls. Rajev hanging around the girls.

8:52pm - Niketan telling Urvashi that the yellow's rooms theme song right now is YMCA. It means its a gay song. Urvashi doesn't respond.

8:59pm - Niketan says Aashka's name should be Aasoo instead of Aashu.

10pm - They are back from the party.

*stopping updates unless important*

Important Updates:
10:15pm - Sana sitting with Vishal and Santosh. Sana goes inside to change for prayers. Vishal tells SAntosh to look at Rajev's face. He's looking as if I'm talking to his girlfriend. He's 40 something and she's 25. What does he think he's doing? If I was outside, I'd straighten him out. ShockedClap 

10:35pm - Niketan saying that when Honey song was playing, Vishal started to dance and Sana? said iski aakhri kwaish poori ho gayi. Urvashi nahi Sana ki best line thi in Rajneeti task ke baat Rajev ko Sana kehti hai, Nahi chahiye teri 2nd hand jawani. ShockedLOL Niketan whispers to Urvashi that when Rakesh came Rajev went away but now he spoke to Delnaaz and he's gone back to the same track. Urvashi - yeah, I heard.

10:43pm - Vishal talking to Urvashi saying they may or may not send him on a stretcher. Urvashi no they wont. Vishal - I have 20% chances of leaving. Urvashi walks out. Vishal tells Santosh, waise to mere 33% chances hain but 20% maine aise hi keh diya. Ab mera rehna banta hain boss. Ab mujhe kuch kaand karna hai. In logon ki kahani khatam ho gayi hai. Santosh agrees about the negativity in the house.

Shortly before lights out Niketan was saying that all the cameras are looking at Sana Khan. LOL

Lights out. 

Sana goes and joins Rajev and Niketan to talk to them in the yellow bedroom. She asks Niketan it was fun right? Did you have fun? Cam switches. When cam switches back. Rajev whispers something in Sana's ear by putting his arm around her neck and holding her close. Confused 

11:30pm - Aashka is talking to the camera saying we look like ghosts in the dark right? Camera moves it seems. Aashka says dont move that much or people will know we are talking. Aashka is very happy and saying that if you don't love yourself, no one will love you. Cam moves it seems (a 2nd camera is capturing the conversation). She says I know I've cried alot, some people's words hurt me some people's words made me very happy but I wanted to talk to you the most. You know right? Very good. I'm sure because the way I see you, you know I want to talk to you right? I know. I know people seeing me outside think I'm mad but it's not going to stop me talking to you. It's a big no? She laughs. But here people become a little mad and disoriented and then they want to talk to someone who they can't see but I see you and I can say anything to you. So the very first thing I want to say sorry I wanted to leave you and go from here. So sorry.

11:41pm - Vishal lying on his stretcher in the living area. Urva going to her room wondering why he's lying here like that. LOL She goes to the bedroom. Vishal talking to Santosh in the distance saying he's feeling very good because he let out his steam (man ki bharaas).

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great welcome

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What is Shukla mumbling?
I recognise names from Sholay but he's talking too fast for me to understand him.
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there are two threadsConfused
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