Devon ke Dev Mahadev


Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Mouni Roy aka Ma Sati's AT-4 celebrations pg 44/45

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   Hi!! Welcome                 

            Mouni RoY aKa Ma Sati's 
               'Appreciation Thread #4'

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          Mouni Roy was born on sept 28,1985.She is mainly known for her role as Krishna Tulsi in the popular TV series Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi on Star Plus.Mouni grew up in Gandhi Colony in Cooch Behar, West Bengal and attended Kendriya Vidyalaya School Baburhat [1] in Cooch Behar. She graduated from Miranda House in Delhi with an English literature major. She is a trained kathak dancer.Mouni was one of the contestants of Say Shaava Shaava, a singing competition on NDTV Imagine channel.She is also a contestant of the girls' team in the dance show Zara Nachke Dikha. Currenty mouni is doing d role of Sati in life ok's Devon ke dev mahadev.

Introduction Of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev:
        'Devon ke Dev...Mahadev' is the story of Shiva, the most powerful God within the Hindu culture, as a sansarik or householder. The show portrays his journey from a hermit to a house holder. Sati who is the daughter of Daksh, a staunch Lord Vishnu devotee, is drawn to Shiva against the wishes of her father. Experience the mesmerizing journey of Sati falling in love with Shiva, her point of view of the Mahadev...the most charismatic God of Hindu mythology.
Mouni Roy Has Done The Following Shows:
            the Daughter of Prajapati Raja Daksh,who against her fathers wishes falls in love and marries Lord Shiva.She was sent by Lord Bramha himself to lead Lord Shiva from living a life of a hermit to that of a householder.

Role:Krishna Tulsi (KT) 
               Krishna Tulsi is better know as KT. Tulsi treated her as her daughter. She loved Lakshay but got married to Eklavya.

Role:Shivani Sabharwal 
            She was in love with Raunak but on day of marriage she left him as she realized she loved someone else. She loses her mental balance & is admitted in mental asylum by Raunak. She is brought back to home by Devika.
 Role:Mouni Roy  
she was seen along with Gaurav.

        Vasudhara's Devi's daughter and Maithli's Bhua. She had fallen in love with Bhavri's chacha, they got married and escaped. No longer shown in the show.

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Link of previous ATs


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By Foram

ok inspired from you all i too tried to write something.

nikhilji :cut!
perfect shot mohit and mouni Clap

mohit-mouni still looking at each other,lost in each other didnt realised that shot is over.

Mohit : mouni you look so beautiful.

mouni: mohit you too look so handsome that feel like to keep watching at you.

Mohit: kash ye pal yahin tham jaaye aur tumhe mujhse dur na jaana pade.

Mouni: me bhi tumse dur nai jaana chahti.

Mohit :you know what i love you.

Mouni: love you too mohit.

Mohit: sach me.
oh mouni m damn haapy.

Mouni: m happy too.
but why you took so much of time to confess your love.

Mohit : coz i was afraid that weather you will like or not and may break our friendship.but if you too loved me then why didnt you confessed first.

Mouni: i thought you just like me as a friend and i too didnt wanted to loose you so.

Mohit: oh mouni love you a lot.

Mouni: love you too mohit.

Mohit-Mouni lost in each others eyes, in each others world.
(this convo took place in their mind)

And a huge sound came from behind

Mohit-Mouni get ready for next shot and they came out of dream.
As soon as they realised what happened they just moved away from each other but mounis bracelet got hooked in mohit's wig..

Mohit : oh gpod what happened.

Mouni: my bracelet got hooked.

Mohit: oh remove it faster before any one sees us.

Mouni :ok wait m doing.

Mohit: hey take care of my snake.

Mouni :ok baba wait m removing.

By Yukti
 guys give an appropraite dialogue for this situation 

okiee foru...i am doing this for u...i am just trying i dunno how it will come out...i guess i got my inspiration from a bit of what everyone has written...LOL.especially rimi's which i just LOVED!
thank you rimi..Hug

While shooting - 

Mohitwa - oh no! ye havaa ke vajah se mere aankh main kuch chala gaya hain...Ouch
Mouni - come here main dekhti hoon...[ chalo isi bahane mere paas to aayega ]
Mohitwa - nahin nahin kuch nahin hain...[ ab itni khoobsurat ladki mere paas aayaegi to main apne feelings ko kaise chupaaonga ]...
Mouni - tum mujhe dikha rahen hon ya nahin...Broken Heart
Mohit [ looking at the hurt on mouni's face ] - achca teekh hain..par jaldi karna shot shuru ho jaayega...
Mouni [ beaming ] - it wont take long..i promise...[ she goes and starts wiping his eye ]
Mohitwa - [ stares at mouni wide eyed and wonders - how can she be soo pretty?? Shocked ]
Mouni - [ looking at mohit's hand on his heart Confused  Confused what happened to you...why are you putting your hand on your heart...are you fine?? Shocked
Mohit - [ lost in his world LOL ] no no...i'm fine..its just that whenever you come near heart starts to beat frantically...just like its doing now...because I LOVE YOU..
Mouni -Shocked Shocked  WHAT...what did u say??Blushing
Mohitwa - [ out of his trance -oh no!! ye maine kya kar diya...Shocked  Shocked ] Kuch nahin...i was talking to myself...Confused 
Mouni - acha dekho nikal gaya...youre fine now..
Mohitwa - thank you mouni...Embarrassed
Mouni - youre welcome [ aur tumhaare liye to kabhi bhi mere mohit Embarrassed ]

[ BackGround  mein Nikhil Sinha - shot ready...Mohit Mouni jaldi aao...
mouni and mohit soon reach there... ]

- vaisa too...and more than you do...Blushing
Mohitwa - kya??  Confused  Confused
Mouni - Love you...Blushing  Wink
Nikhil Sinha- and...ACTION!!

if you like it...please do press the like butoon and COMMENT ON it!Smile

BY Divyadaya13
Mohit-Are are ye kya kar rahi ho Priye.
Mouni-Mere siva kisi aur ki taraf dekha, to ek ghoosa lagaongi, samjhe
Mohit-Tumhare siva mujhe aur koi dikhayi hi nahi deta, yaad hai tumhe woth 100th episode party wala pic. kaise main tuhme chu chup kar dekh raha hoon.

By mrmrfrevr

guys give an appropraite dialogue for this situation

umm..Okay here we go
Mohit: Oh no! something gets into my eyes.
Mouni:Let me see Dear.
Mohit:Noo.You have sharp nails I can't take risk. Kya pata scene s ke berukhi ka badla tum yehi
le lo.Shocked
Mouni:AngryLet me see.
Mouni:thik hai Evil Smile I will ...
Mohit:Shocked(thinking pata nahi aise has rahi hai kya kar de?)
Okay you can seeDisapprove but don't hurt me with your nails.
Mouni:Smileaa nikal gaya..dekha ...
Shockednikal gay na..tumhe kuch hua bhi nahi..
Mohit:thanks..Embarrassed You are so sweet. I love you
Shocked(oh no yeh kya bol diya) I mean I apriciate you..I mean..(stammering)
Mouni:(thinking akheer dil ki baat juban par aa he gayi) Me too...
From back ground a voice came CUUUT IT. fANTASTIC.


Hello all my fellow Mounians and Mohinis this a gift from my side to you Smile.Please do enjoy and commentSmile.

Originally posted by foram.

aaj kuch likhne ki koshis kar rahi hoon.
Interview lene waali ne Mohit Mouni ke dance ki bahut tareef ki,kaha "app dono ne kitna accha dance kiya, kya lajawab dance tha. Mouni to ek acchi dances hai, par Mohit tum bhi kum nahi  ho.
Mohit-smiling (but thinking to himself) Are ise kya pata meri kya haalat hui hai, dance ke baarein main sochkar raat bhar soya nahi hoon main, ek to mouni ko yaad karke mujhe neend nahi aati, aur upar se director aise dance karwata hai mujhse. But he says something else to the lady. "Oh its Ok hum dono ne bahut practice ki thi na, aur Mouni ne (Mouni ka naam lete hi Mohit ka dil jor jor se dhadka) meri bahut madad ki, woh meri bahut acchi friend hui hai (thinking-kya yaar inke samne mujhe frined bolna pad raha hai, kya karoon yaar)
Mouni- Humne bahut practice ki thi, isliye ye dance sambhav hua. meri bhasaha bhi badal gai hai DKDM main kaam karke, aur Mohit bahut mehnati hai (mouni thinking-kya yaar ye mujhe friend friend bol raha hai, aur jab hum dance kar rahe the iski aankhon main mujhe kuch aur hi dikhayi diya, ye itna shy kyun hai, lagta hia mujhe hi kuch karna padega.
Interviewer- Aap dono ko future episodes ke liye best of luck, keep it up guys you are very good actors.
Mohit - Smile
Mouni- Hanste hue sochti hai, ye itna has kyun raha hai aaj
Mohit _thinking and smiling (mujhe mouni ke saath dance karne main aaj bahut accha laga, thoda confidence bhi aa gaya hai ,mujhe uski aankhon main mere liye kuch to dikhayi diya hai, aaj sochta hoon use propose kar doon.)
Mouni- is also Smile and thinking, aaj isne mujse kuch nahi kaha to main hi keh deti hoon.
utne main director ki aawaaz piche se aayi " Mohit Mouni be ready for the next shot"
Dear friends i have been inspired by you all to write this, ye sirf ek koshish thi warna aaj tak maine koi dialogue nahi likhe. THANK YOU ALL.

originally posted by foram


Mohit and Mouni are in good mood as their todays performance went well. They give interview together and smile at each other.
Mouni:(whishpering to Mohit) Kya baat hai Janab aj bohot khush hai
Big smile
Mouni:DisapproveShockedTum aise kyun has rahe ho?
Mohit:(see her sad) aww dear main tum pe nahi has raha,remember the scene jahan tumhe aur mujhe dono ko 1 pair pe khada ho kar kuch mudra karni the...mujhe to laga main gir na jayun..aur tum mujh pe na has do..Disapprove
Mouni:OuchMain kabhi v aisa nahi karungi about to cry..
Mohit:I know dear.But woh situation ko socho. mere liye kafi tough tha tumse match karna,,because you are a great dancer.Thumbs Up
Mouni:ThanksEmbarrassedbut you are also fabulous.You compliment me
Embarrassedvery wellEmbarrassed.
SmileThank God. Maine aj subah 2 tbsp dabur chawanprash liya hai is liye.
Mouni:Tonguehehehe..You are very sweet dear...I..lll..
BlushingMe too and same hareBlushing(love you princess)
From behind Mohit and Mouni you are requested to report to the dining area.WinkMay be they have party

Originally posted by foram.

caption dis. Give suitable dialogues for dis. Mohit (thinking to himself) Kitni pyaari pyaari baatein karti hai Mouni, uski baatein sunkar mera dil hi nahi bharta, uski aawaz shehed jaisi kitni meethi hai, jee karta HAI woh yun hi bolti rahe aur main sunta rahoon.

by mrmrfrevr

Originally posted by foram.

caption dis. Give suitable dialogues for dis.

Mohit:(thinking She is so beautiful and the way she talks is more beautiful.Smile bhi kitni pyari hai)Big smile
Mouni:To reporter bla...and smiling and thinking(Mohit is reporter k samne aise kyun smile kar raha hai)Angry
And whishpering in his ear:tum has kyun rahe hoUnhappy
Mohit:ConfusedKyun kya hua??tum sad kyun ho gayi.
Mouni:almost sobing tum us reporter ko dekh rahe ho na. Suddenly she grins like Evil Smileand think somthingBlushingand
Mohit:dekho main tumhe dekh k has raha tha reporter ko dekh k nahi.tum v na chhote chhote baat pe gussa ho jati ho.
Mouni:EmbarrassedSorry. is bar maaf kar do. actually mujhe achcha nai lagta tum kisi aur ko dekho..
Mohit:aww..Okay promise kabhi nahi dekhunga.sirff tumhe he dekhunga. jaisa roz karta hoonLOL
Mouni:I love ..Embarrassed..aa..thanks..
Mohit:its okayLOLand me too...

Mohit:NothingLOL(thinking I love you too dear)


Originally posted by divyadaya13

caption this-
Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy
Break chal raha hain:
Mouni: Mohit, I am feeling uncomfortable. All this jewellery and heavy lehenga...upar se there is only a fan on the set...
Mohit:(happily) Lets go out then Mouni!! You will feel btr.
(Both r in that garden wala set)
Mouni: Thanks Mohit, I don't what I would've done without you!!
Mohit: Mujhe thanks kehne kii koi zarurat nahi hain Mouni, I did all this for u.
Mouni hugs him tightly and both are thinking that they love each other so much!!
(Both look at each other and then Mohit realises that he is day dreaming, they both are still inside the palace!!)
Mouni(looks at Mohit and says.): Mohit, I am feeling uncomfortable..!!!Wink

by mrmrfrevr

Originally posted by divyadaya13

caption this-

Mohit and Mouni sat together and the camera was running then.After some mins a loud voice came "OooKaay...Cuuut.Next shot will be after 10mins."They still sit there and see at each others eyes and don't notice that other co-stars already leave in break.
Mouni:Mohit  I am feeling uncomfortable.
Mohit:But you look great,beautiful.Maine kabhi itni sundar dulhan nahi dekha.Smile
Mouni:BlushingThanksEmbarrassedTum mazak to nai kar rahe
Mohit:No and I mean it
SmilePar mujhe ye khana pasand nahi..
Mohit:Koi baat nahi shot khatam hone do.Pack up ke bad jo tum bolo main tumhe wohi khelayungaWink
Mohit:Promise.Waise khana kya hai?
Mouni:Bhel ya Panipuri
Mohit:No panipuri only bhel
Mohit:Because Panipuri is not healthy aur tum mera kk kaha nahi manogi??
SmileBhel is doneSmileOnly for youEmbarrassed.
Someone called from behind"Hey come for lunch guys"..


caption this
Courtesy Foram

Mohit and Mouni shoot for the Swayamvar sequence and in between the shots they give interview together.
Mohit:(to the reporter)Yeah we do lots of hard work to shoot this scene. And the entire ambiance is very good. (but he stares at Mouni from his 'chor nazar'Embarrassed and thinks:She looks gorgeous and very beautiful todayBlushing)
Mouni:(in her mind) Shoot ekbar khatam ho aur ekbar main ye bridal get up utarunAngry my god its very hot and uncomfortable)
Mohit:(whishpering in her ear)Kya hua??ConfusedYou look very tired??
Mouni:yeah.Mujhe yeh attire abhi change karni haiAngry.
Mohit:But you look so gorgeous and beautiful.Mera to dil kar raha hai tumse sachchi mein shaadi kar loon abhi k abhiEmbarrassed,
Mouni:Shocked...Embarrassed..Day Dreaming..Blushingare..are you kidding?
Mohit:no dear.Blushing I am serious.
Mouni:par abhi itni jaldi...mere parents..tumhare parents...
't worry unhe hum batayenge aur manalenge...But if you think we need some more time..Blushingits okay..waise v abhi yeh sahi waqt nahi..humein ek duje ko thoda time dena hoga ready hone ke liyeSmile
Mouni:SmileRight..but dekhna last mein sabkuch thik hoga aur wo man jayenge..par abhi thoda time..
Mohit:I know dearLOLDon't woory hum koi jaldi nahi karenge..

A voice comes from the behind"Okay...Ready for next shot.."

by divyadaya13

Originally posted by pkyekrox

Caption this pic!!
Rishina noticed from far away some one is continously looking at Mouni-
Rishina thinking- Kaun hain wahan jo meri pyaari Mouni ko Ghoor raha hai., par itna andhera hai, samajh main nahi aa raha kaun hai woh, par usne white shirt pehni hui hai aur tall and rugged bhi lagta hai, baad main wahan chupke se jakar dekhthi hoon kaun hai woh.
Mouni thinking- Are Mohit wahan kone pe khade hokar humein kyun dekh raha hai, par pata nahi mujhe aise kyun lag raha hai woh mujhse kuch kehna chahta hai. par use dekhkar mera dil itna jor jor se kyun dhadak raha hai, kya yahi pyar hai, shayad yahi pyaar hai


Originally posted by divyadaya13

Originally posted by mrmrfrevr

Originally posted by foram

sleeping beauty

. If she always sleeps how can she meet her Lord,Shiv??

Yeah. First of all Prince(MOHIT) entered the Palace where she slept. He roamed all the palace and wondered how could everybody freeze ??Then he found a wll decorated room where our princess(MOUNI) was sleeping.He removed the wheel which hurted her and caused her deep sleeping(Actually she was cursed by a evil fairy during her 1st birthday that at her age of 15 she would  die by hurted with the wheel.There were also 12 other fairies who were good.They gave her various boons like intelligency,beauty etc. and lastone gave her a wayout. When she was hurted by the wheel she wouldn't die but fell into deep sleep like our Yognidra and she would remain 15.If a prince would overcome all the hurdles and would reached to her and kissed her forehead she would be awaken.And when her cursed became fruitful all courtesans and people fell asleep and the time stopped there.And the whole palace was covered with deep,dark and scarry forest. After that so many princes tried to reached herbut failed. But Sleeping Beauty"s Prince(MOHIT) couldn't be affraid of anything and finally reached to her).Then he gently kissed her forehead and awakened her. Princess(MOUNI) opened her eyes and Embarrassed and then what happened I can't tellBlushing.At the end they lived happily ever afterBlushing.

Am I correct di???Blushing


Once upon a time in Bagdad,Badshah Subur had a beautiful and gorgeous daughter named Jasmine(Mouni).She was not only beautiful but also very talented. She was a good dancer and singer and brilliant in her study too.She used to sing at her window during the afternoon time for a handsome but poor warrior named Aladin(Mohit).As he was son of a tailor the courtesans of Badshah used to taunted him.But he didn't paid any heed to them.He was reserved and only did his job as directed.

Oneday Princess Jasmine wanted to go for hunting.She went to her father and pleaded him to grant her wish.Badshah loved her daughter very much and didn't remain her any wish unfulfilled.So he gave his permition but he put a condition along with this.He told her daughter
Badshah:Beti hum aap ko razamandi denge par ek shart pe.
Jasmine:woh kya Abba huzur.
Badshah:Ap humari ek lauti aulad hai.aur apki ammi ke bad is duniya mein ap ke siva humara koi nahi hai.
Badshah:Ap k anshu v hum se bardast nahi honge...CryIsiliye aap jayengi Shikar pe par humara ek varosemand jawaz apke sath apke hifazat ke khatir rahega.
Jasmine:Ouchtoh Badshah ko apni shehzadi pe varosha nahiCry
Badshah:Nahi beti,Hum aap ke liye fikrmand hai.Waise bhi kuchdin pehle Armenia k woh zalim Jadugar ne apko utha le jane ki dhamki di hai.Hum aapko is umar mein khona nahi chahte .apne balid ki itni si baat nahi manengi aap.
Jasmine:Thik hai abba jaisa aap kahe.(thinks:aap ke bharose ka koi hoga aap ke umar ka.Evil SmileUnhe bewakuf bana k hum asani se Jangal mein apne dil se ghum payenge.

She was agreeing with her father's decision and got ready for the hunting.Soon Princess left the palace with her 2 friends and 10bodyguards whom were led by Badshah's trusted one warrior.They reached the jungle and the captain of the bodyguard chose a place for resting. They set their tents and when they went to ask Princess for rest they found that she was not with them.Everyone was shocked and the captain became angry on his fellow soldiers. One of them said:Par aladin woh Shehzadi saheba hai.Unho humse kahan woh yehi pass mein hai aur woh chali gayi.Aur ye hukm diya ki koi unka picha na kare.Hum kya karte.
Aladin:humlog Badshsh se kya kahange. unho ne hum pe Shehzadi ki zimmebari di thi.Ab hum unhe kya kahenge.
And he left the place to find her.
Mouni Roy as Sati in Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev Here Jasmine was lost in the Jungle and couldnot find a wayout. She was very scared.Suddenly It started raining and she completely drenched out and slipped her step. When she opened her eyes she found herself in Aladin's ArmBlushing.She fell into Aladin's Arm,this thought made her cheeks blushedEmbarrassedand she couldn't able to see at Aladin's eyes.

But Aladin didn't give any reaction to Jasmine.Seeing this Jasmine remembered how she used to sing for him but he didn't react.She used to stare at him only for his one glance but he didn't did so.She used to make Shir Kurma but he refused to take this. She became very mad at him and told him:Gustak tumhari itni himmat.Ek mamuli sipahi hoke Shehzadi ko chhute ho.Hum aj hi Abba Huzur se kehke tumhara sar kalam karwa denge.Angry.
But  Aladin remained his same culm and cool expressions and told her:Apni gushtakhi ke liye Mafi chahta hoon Shehzadi. Maine Badshah ko zawan diya hai ki apki hifazat har halat mein karunga. Isiliye main apko dhunta hua apke piche chala aya aur ye jungle bohot khatarnak hai.Mujhe apki fikr thi.Aur ap girnewali thi to maine apko pakad liya.
Jasmine:tumhe kaise pata main jungle main is taraf ayungi?
Aladin: Mujhe pata hai.
Aladin:Main apka hifazatgar hoon.Apka dyan rakhna mera farz hai.Waise v bohot der ho chuki hai ab humein jana hoga.
And he walked away but when he turned back he noticed that Jasmine was fainted and about to fall.He came to her quickly and picked her up in his arm and took her to a stream and sprinkled water on her face. And he was very shocked and mumuring something though that was heard clearly.
Aladin:Ay Khuda ye kya hua.Jasmine ankhein kholo.Ay Khuda...Main tumse bohot Mohabbtat karta hoon. Tumhe kuch hua to main apne apko maaf nahi kar payunga.Mujhe tumhare ganein bohot acche lagte the,Main chhup chhup ke roz tumhe dekhta tha Jasmine.Mujhe tumhari Sheer Khurma aur uske sath tumhari bani huyi Tasveer aur shayari bohot pasand hai.Tum roz mere liy e woh sab banati thi aur...
Jasmine opened her eyes and asked:AurEvil Smile
Aladin:ShockedTum ..matlab ap..
Jasmine:TongueMain behosh huye nahi thi sirf chakkar aa rahe the...ConfusedPar tum to meri banayi sheer khurma nahi khate the?
Aladin:tum use wapas v nahi lejati thi na.Use mere darwaze pe chhod jati thi.Tumhare jane ke bad main aake woh uthata tha ...EmbarrassedTum khana bohot achcha banati ho.Tumhari tasveer aur shayari v bohot pyari hai...tumhari har cheese mujhe pyari hai...main tumhe bohot pyar karta hoon..Blushing..andShocked
Jasmine:(Hugged her tightly) Kabse yehi sunna chahti thi and kissed his cheeksBlushing (and about to cry) Pehele kyun nahi bataya?
Aladin:Darta tha...Kahin tumhe na kho doon.Kahin Badshah naraz hoke ...Ammi-Abbu ko bachpan me hi kho chuka hoon ...kamse kam tumhe...roz dekh to pata..
Jasmine:Ab to humein roz dakhenge huzur...
Jasmine:kya aap apni biwi ko chhod kisi aur ko dekhenge...
Jasmine:fikr mat karo sab thik ho jayega..
They got up and returned to the tent.Suddenly somthing strange happened.A dark cloud with furious storm about to swallowed them.Their companions and bodyguards were so scared that they fled from there.

Aladin sheilded Jasmine from this cloudy storm and looked at it furiously.Suddenly a person emerged from it.He was none other than the evil magaician from Armania who wanted to abduct and marry Jasmine.He came towards them and did Taslim to Jasmin and Told:Aye Shehzadi main hoon sabse tagadwar.Mujhse karo tum Shadi.Jahan bhar ki jo v cheez tum chaho rakh dunga lake tumhari kadmpn pe sari.
Jadmine:Mujhe tumhara sar chahiye.Angry
Jadugar:Duniya aisa koi nahi jo mujhe mar paye.Khuda v nahi
Aladin:AngryKhuda pe jinka varosa ho,neki pe jinka rah ho woh kabhi darte nahi. And he attacked the magician.They fought so vigorously and finally aladin passed through his knife to his heart and he died.
Jasmine ran towards him and hugged him and asked him:tum thik ho?
Aladin:Ha..humain ab chalna hoga..jake Badshah se baat karna..
Suddenly a voice came behind from them:humain v aap sab se baat karni hai.
They both turned back and shockedShocked
Badshah:Humne tumhe apni beti ki zimmedari di thi aladin.Aur tumne..
Aladin:Jahapana meri baat..
Jasmine:Abbu ..
Badshah:Badtamizon tum logon ko koi adap nahi ek Badshah se kaise mukhatib hote hai.To mere bad tum log is riyasat ko kaise samvalo ge?Angry
Aladin and JasmineConfused
Badshah:SmileHumain sab kuch Jasmine ki saheli se roz pata chalta tha.Big smileAur Aladin humain pasand tha isiliye use humne apke sath veja tha aur ap dono ek dusre ko chahte the ya nahi ye humain janna tha.Woh v humain pata chal gaya.Hum aaplogon ke piche chupke se aye the.
As soon they returned to the Palace Badshah announced Jasmine's marriage with Aladin.And after their marriage Badshsah handed over his kingdom to Aladin and Jasmine.

And Aladin and Jasmine,They lived happily everafter and forever.Day DreamingBlushing

All these above ffs are from AT2.Do read,enjoy and comment.Big smile

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foram. IF-Stunnerz

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by Divya

I will dedicate a beautiful romantic song-
Sajde main yun hi jhukta hoon,
tumpe hi aake rukta hoon,
kya ye sabko hota hai,
humko kya lena hai sabse,
tumse hi har baatein abse,
ban gaye ho tum meri dua,
khuda jaane ye main fida honn,
khuda jaane main mit gaya,
khuda jaane ye kyun hua hai,
ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda.

Tu mujhe kubool, main tujhe kubool,
iss baat ka gawah khuda,
khuda gawaah, khuda gawaah.

Dil de diya jai, Jaan tumhe denge,
daga nahi karenge sanam, Rab di kasam yaara rab di kasam.
another one
Maula mere maula mere
aankhen teri kitni haseen, ke inka ashiq,
main ban gaya hoon, mujhko basale inme tu, ishq hai.

4.Tumhi mere mandir, tumhi meri pooja, tumhi devta ho, tum hi devta ho.

by sukhi

Jo bheji thi dua... woh jake aasman se yun takragayi ke aagayi hai luat ke sada...

by rimi

"Mere ankhon ka intezar ho tum/mera sholah sringar ho tum/meri imaan/meri shaan/mera maan ho tum...thode Beimaan ho tum/thode shaitaan ho tum...ha magar yeh sach hai mere BHAGWAN ho tum."


"Main toh yeh sochta tha ki aaj kal/uparwale ko phursat nahi/phir v tumhe banake woh/meri nazar mein chad gaya/rut bin woh bad gaya...zindagi sitar ho gayi/rimjhim malhar ho gayi/mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apni yakken/kaise mujhko mili tum."

Here is another song from my side;
"na kuch pucha/na kuch manga/tune dil se diya jo diya.../na kuch bola/na kuch tola/mushkurake diya jo diya.../tu hi dhup tu hi chhaya/tu hi apna padaya/aur kuch na janu...bas itna he janu...Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai yara Main kya karoon?/Sajde Sar Jhukta hai yara Main Kya karoon...Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi..."

by foram

"maine tuje maanga,tujhe paaya hai"and"na bole tum na maine kuch kaha,magar na jaane aisa kyu laga. Ke dhup me khila hai chand din me rat ho gai,pyar ki bina sune kahe hi baat ho gayi"

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By Lucykaede

Originally posted by divyadaya13

Dear friends, somehow I am finding this pic. very funny, look at the expression of Mohit Mouni, and please write some funny dialoguesLOL

mouni-your hotness makes me cry.its so beautiful Cry

mohit-koi naye baat nahe hain.Stern Smile

By Mrmrfrever
Originally posted by divyadaya13

Dear friends, somehow I am finding this pic. very funny, look at the expression of Mohit Mouni, and please write some funny dialoguesLOL

Mohit,Mouni withSurendra sir and other co-star are shooting for Shiv-Sati Vidayee scene.CryBut some how all the actors are in light mood except Mouni.Wink
Mouni:(to Surendr sir) Sir mujhe kab tak rona padega??ConfusedYeh take khatam kyun nai ho rahaOuch.
Mohit:But we all are enjoying dearBig smile.Don't you??Confused
Rishina:tu itni bigad kyun rahi hai??SmileKabhi v to aisa nai karti.
Mouni:You all are enjoying and I am suffocatingAngryin this attireUnhappy.Aj subah se kuch khaya v nahi...aur ek hi take ka bar bar retake ho aha hai...Itne mein to main kab ki Kailash pahuch jati...Angry

Everyone:ShockedShocked...Ermm..LOLand Mohit:LOL..ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Mouni:About to cry
Mohit:Dear tumne hasnewali hi baat ki hai..
LOLKailash jana itna asan hota to sab apni sikayat leke Shivji k pass chale jate...Tibet ka visa milne mein atleast 6 mnths lagte hai..and then trecking etc. ke liye taiyari karni padti hai..phir Medical test mein...
Mouni:okay okay ...I am sorry..
Unhappymujhe nai pata tha Kailash jane mein itna waqt lagta hai...
Seeing her sad everyone try to make her smile..
Rishina:By the way Mohit Kailash ke bare mein time kaise pata??WinkKabhi gaye ho kya??Wink
Mohit:NahiWinkPar jane ka irada hai...Meri ek someone special hai jo roz mujhse ruth jati hai (pointing MouniEmbarrassedWith his eye)Usse jitna manayo shunti hi nahi...Wink
Mouni:ShockedAisa kabhi nahi hai...main tumhara kaha always manti hoon..Blushing
Rishina:aww BabyTongue
Mouni:dekho isme aisi koi baat nahi..Main aur Mohit
Mouni:I mean we are good friend...Shocked(yeh kya bola) I mean we all are very good friend...I mean..
Mohit:EmbarrassedOkay bas v karo by the way kya khaogi...
Mohit:Nahi to kabhi??LOLKailash mein sirf bhaang aur dhutura milenge iss liye jo v khana hai yehi kha lo..LOL
Mouni:But maine to pada tha ki Ma Durga bohot kuch banati hai apne Shiv aur bachchon ke liye...she is a good cook..
Mohit:ohShockedTo tum v good cook hoLOL
Mouni:nai.LOLpar sikh the way hason mat meri Mom achcha khana pakati hai..main unse training lungi jab coochbehar wapas jayungi..LOL
Mohit:okay woh jab jana tab jana ab chalo ...OMG Surendra Sir ap kyun lunch la rahe hai?Shocked
Surendra Sir:Its alright.Tumlog bohot der se kam kar rahe hon ...Bhukh lagna chahiye..and Mouni Apni Papa k (screen ki offcource) hath ka last panipuri kha lo...
Mouni:Pani puriBig smileI love that..Kaha haiBig smile
Surendra Sir:Shalini la rahi hai...and baki sab tabtak lunch shuru karo...and Mohit Mouni tumlog v..(in his barrietone voice).
Mohit:tum aj bohot achchi lag rahi hoSmile(whishpering in her ear)
Mouni:BlushingKuch aur bolo
Mohit:dhup mein jal ke prajwalit agnikund lag rahi hoLOL
Mouni:aur ap to bilkul Shivji lag rahe haiLOLKailash chalo I mean your set I will show you what is jwala and what is agnikund..Evil SmileAbhi lunch karo..bulava kissi v waqt aa sakta hai..LOL
A announcement "all the actors are requested to report at the entrance of the palace within 30mmins.Thank you>"

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