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ACP Arjun ka Apharan.. updated part 19 on pg 92

aptl123 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Hey guys, I am back here with my crazy idea' hope you guys loved it' it is an os' It wasn't my idea' actually I watched movie on tv "Holiday in handcuff"' so It was inspired from that movie with little bit change'it is basically about Riya kidnapped Arjun and took him to his parents house for Diwali for her family reunion' it is funny and also little emotional' hope you guys like it' An Ariya OS'
ACP Arjun ka Apharan

It was an end of the october 2012' whole india was busy in preparation for Diwali celebration'. Diwali is the most popular festival in India' it is the social festival,' hindu, muslim,rich and poor' everyone celebrating this festival and they forget their differences aside' it is also called the festival of lights' its light brought new hope or new beginning in one's life'. this story is about handsome, arrogant, and intelligent cop ACP Arjun Rawte who was kidnapped by Riya Mukherjee, a beautiful, sweet, and little confused girl'
 It was about 3 years when Riya moved in to Mumbai' she was working in some police research department for last 2 years as a research specialist' she had applied to work in field job but unfortunately hasn't received any positive response' 
It was 31st ocotber ' she was at her work as usual and she got a phone call' it was from her home' she picked up the phone' it was her mom or I would say step mother On the other line' 
Her mom: hello Riya' How are you? I hope, I didn't bother you, sweety?
Riya: (with very cold voice) I am fine mom' kahiye kya baat hai'
Mom: ' bas tumhe yahi batane ke liye phone kiya hai ke' tum aa rahi ho na diwali pe' its family re-union'. And yes hume tumhare husband se bhi to milne ka mauka milega' tumne shaadi to bina bataye kar li aur 3 mahine ho gaye aur  hume apne husband se milaya bhi nahi to I hope ke who abhi bhi tumhare sath hai aur Darjeeling aaraha hai'
Riya: (with irritated) ji ha mom' who bhi araha hai and kind for your information hum dono ek sath bahut khush hai ok' ab mein rakhti hun mujhe bahut kam hai'
Mom (by stopping her): achchha to tumne hame ab tak uska naam bhi nahi bataya'. Humesha baat taal kyun deti ho' hum to wait kar rahe the ki kab tum hume bataogi par ab jab tum bata nahi rahi ho to socha kyun na tumhe khud puchhu? I hope you won't mind beta?
Riya: (with raising her voice) kash ke aap ko sach mein meri chinta hoti aur real concern karke puchti par kher' meine aap se pehle bhi kaha tha ki jab aap use mile ge tab sab jan jayege'
Mom: par naam batane mein kya jata hai riya? Ya phir tumhara koi husband hai hi nahi' aise hi humse jooth bol rahi ho?
(Riya was little worried about her mom's last statement)
Mom: tum hamesha se apni behno se jalti thi' tumhare sawale range ke wajah se koi tumhe pasand nahi karta tha to' shayad
After hearing her mom's harsh word tears rolled down from her eyes' but she controlled herself' 
At that time Riya was making some paperwork for some solved cases of ACP Arjun Rawte' there was his name she read and came up in his mind 
Riya: (sarcastically) aapko mere rang ki chinta karne ki ab koi zarrorat nahi hai' aap apni betiyon ki chinta kijiye' btw unka naam ACP Arjun Rawte hai' who ek bahut hi achche police inspector hai' baki sawal aap jab unhe milogi na tab puchh lena
And Riya hung up the phone
She realized what she just said to her mom' ACP Arjun Rawte' her husband'(everyone knows about ACP Arjun Rawte' they always watch news about his intelligence and how he solved the tricky cases' and had read so much about him in newspapers and saw his photo too') "ohh' no' I am dead" by saying she put her head on the desk and cover with her hands until somebody patted on her shoulder and she lift her head and her sad eyes filled with joy and said "Shree' omg thank god you are here"' by saying this she gave him a friendly hug' and by breaking hug, Shree said, "kya hua Riya' bahut pareshan ho? Any problem"' Riya said, "not a small problem' it's a big problem' (by making puppy face) tumne na meri har baar madad ki hai to isbar bhi karlo na' tum to ETF mein kaam karte ho na' aur ACP Arjun ko bhi jante ho to'" Shree got idea that like every time Riya had messed up something big' shree asked, "ha, ETF mein to hun' aur ACP Arjun ko bhi janta hu' uska kya' Riya'aur dekho Riya mein tumhe pehle hi bata dena chahta hu ke ACP Arjun se na pange mat lena' unse dur hi rehna' bada sarfira admi hai"' Riya with scary face' "shit' phir to mein gayi"' shree was real scared and said, "Ri kahi tumne aisa to kuch nahi kiya na ke baad mein main bhi tumhe na bacha pau' bata na' dekh tu mujhe dara mat"' Riya told shree everything and how she end up telling her mom that ACP Arjun is her husband' after hearing that shree got shocked and pretend like he is having heart attack and by putting one hand on his left side of chest and making his face he sat on riya's chair' Riya now more tensed' Shree said very calmly, "Ri meine aaj tak tumhari kitni help ki hain na' from school time I used to help you in your homework, in your exam' even in your college I used to take notes, and tumhari present bhi mein hi lagata tha na' aur mein tumhe apne pocket money mein se paise deta tha' jo tum apne makeup and dresses mein waste karti thi' yaha tak ke jab tum Mumbai ayi to meine tumhari job research desk pe lagvayi' tumhe achcha sa flat dilwaya' aur abhi bhi tumhari field job ke liye kitni koshish kar raha hun ' yaad hai na"'
 Riya very innocently by putting her hand on Shree's shoulder: "haa shree' tum mere best friend ho isiliye'"
 By cutting Riya in between Shree jerked her hand and in higher tone with scared: "to isiliye mujhe marne ka plan bana rahi ho' are Ri tum janti nahi' us samje ya samjau ko' wo mar dega mujhe bhi aur tumhe bhi'. Kyun sucide karna chahti ho' agar tumhe karni hai to karo mujhe nahi karna' tum mujhe maaf karo"'
 Riya made puppy face: "Shree plz help karona' last time"' 
Shree said: "waise bhi ye last time hi hone wala hai"
Riya: dekho shree tum bas mujhe unse ek baar milwa do mein unhe samjaungi
Shree: tu pagal ho gayi hai Ri' nahi ho shakta' forget it
Riya started crying and Shree couldn't handle it and agree
Shree: ok' fine' kuch sochte hai'par jana kab hai'
Riya: ise Diwali par'atleast 2-3 days before' like 1 week mein' humare farm house pe' 
Shree: kya? In 1 week' aur use jangle mein' pata nahi kaha fas gaya mein' theek hai try karta hun par koi guarantee nahi hai'
Riya was very happy' and huged shree said "thank you Shree' you are my savior"'
Shree: abhi itni khush mat ho' mein sirf try karunga'. Who ayege ya nahi kuch guarantee nahi hai
By saying this Shree left her office'
In the ETF office, everyone is sitting in the conference room' they all are discussing about a case of human trafficking' a 34 year old women was saved from these human trafficking' somehow she succeed to escape from their trap and she met ETF chief ACP Sameer Rathod' and Rathod talk to commissioner and now they are on that mission'
After meeting with Riya, Shree seemed very tensed and scared'he couldn't concentrate on work and making mistakes so he had to listen from his seniors Rawte and Rathod' Arjun even asked Shree, "dhyan kaha hai tumhara Shree?... koi problem hai.." Shree just nodded his head in answer'. in the ETF room he was constantly thinking about how he would ask Arjun sir to go with Riya at Darjeeling' he tried many times but when he went to Arjun and the way Arjun looked at him just scared Shree to death' and he was not successes yet'
 On the other hand ETF team tried to follow every possible lead they got so far to catch those culprit' but not successed yet' it's been 4 days already' they had no clue' so they decided to go to that lady's village and start from there' and co-incidently she was from some village near Kolkata' and ETF team was leaving for Kolkata' Riya kept calling Shree and Shree kept telling her he would ask him soon' as now they are leaving for Kolkata' Shree called Riya and informed her that they are going Kolkata and it would be great if she can come there and ask herself to Arjun after he solved that case' and Riya agreed with him and also planned to leave for Kolkata'
All ETF team are in Kolkata and in 3 days they solved the case and caught the chain of human trafficking and it was shocked that the famous businessman from Delhi was involved in that racket' after solving the case ETF team went to Mumbai but Arjun went to Kolkata and met that lady and informed her that caught her culprit' 
When he was about to leave, he got a phone call from some unknown number' he picked up the phone' there was some girl from other side'
Arjun: Helloo
Girl: ACP Arjun?
Arjun: jee ha kahiye
Girl: sir mujhe aap se kuch jaroori baat karni hai
Arjun: ji kahiye'
Girl: yaha nahi sir' aap mujhe aaj rat 8 baje oh la la dance bar ke peeche miliye
Arjun: ok 
And that girl hung up the phone
At 8 o'clock Arjun went on the address that girl told him' there were no one at that place' he came out from his SUV and went to that girl' who was standing by her back toward him' he went near her and said "excuse me!!"' that girl turned around him' with smile' by looking at that girl for the first time Arjun's hear skipped a beat' his hand goes to his left side of chest' he was just staring at that girl for few seconds' it was Riya'. Who called him' she was wearing a white and light pink anarkali chudidar' with silver and light blue work in it' with same color with darker shaded "chunari"' she has put it on her right side and she had a handkerchief in one arm... she had lose curl and had red bindi on' in jewlary, she had silver chain with red pendent and matching earrings' her dimpled smile was making her more beautiful' it wasn't that like Arjun had never seen any girl more beautiful than her, but there was something in her that made arjun attract at her' may be her dimple smile, her red bindi or her simplicity or everything' but Arjun was lost by looking at her' after a while Riya said, "hii I am Riya Mukherjee' meine hi aap ko bulaya tha' mein Mumbai police ke liye as a research specialist kam karti hun' ap se bahut zarrori kaam hai" (and Arjun got back and was listening her carefully)'  she pause for a second'she didn't know how to start' she was so confused and scared of him by whatever she had heard about him' she had no clue how to start and what to say' it's her childhood problem to do something without even thinking' and then she end up herself in another bigger problem.. but this time she will not have just bigger problem but she was standing at the top of mountain of volcano' she was so nervous too' so sheclosed her eyes and open her mouth and these words came out from her mouth' "kya aap mere saath mere husband banke mere ghar mere parents ko milne chalege plz?..."'.Arjun couldn't believe her ears... he was just shocked' and he roared, "what!!??" by going little closer to her, "tumhara dimag kharab ho gaya hai??... tum janti bhi ho tum kya keh rahi ho?" Riya replying him, "haa' woh' mein ja.." Arjun interrupted her and said, "I don't believe this' tum ek ajnabi ladke ko apne sath apna pati bnke chalne ko keh rahi ho? Kaisi ladki ho tum"' Riya was still scared she said, "no sir' actually mein aapko janti hun' infact apko to har koi janta hai' the ACP Arjun Rawte"'Arjun again stopped her and said, "to!!... janta hai to kya mein kisi bhi ladki ke sath uska pati banke unke parents ko milne chala jau .. huh'" Arjun was really angry'and that made riya more scared and nervous' she wanted to tell him her situation but he wasn't giving her chance to speak' arjun said by going toward his car' "I am sorry Ms. Riya' I can't help you' mein ja raha hoon"' Riya tried to stop him but he was just going to his car' she saw his gun at back as his usual place' she just grabbed his gun and pointed to him and said, "Ruk jaie ACP Rawte' varna"'Arjun had never thought that she was going to do something like this' he was actually impress to her bravery or not believing to her stupidity' don't know'. She had pointed a gun toward him but her hands were still shaking' Arjun could see that and he moved toward her and she moved back' "dekhiye aap wahi rukiye' aur chup chap mere sath chaliye"' Arjun just keep moving to her and he hit her hand and she dropped the gun' and they had little fight (just like in epi. 1 in Arjun' and they end up at same point)' as Arjun was looking at her and she was so close to him' she took the advantage of it and she put a handkerchief that she had on Arjun nose and after some time Arjun got unconscious and Riya hold him and sit him at the front next to driver seat' and she drove the car away' 

Yes' she actually kidnapped "The super cop ACP Arjun Suryakan Rawte"'. God knows what will happen to her? ShockedShockedShocked

that is it for now another part i'll update soon... hope you huys like it... if you guys like it please hit like button and plz leave your comments here...
i know you guys have so many question... you'll get the answers in next part...
 thank youSmile

Phase 1: pg. 1
Phase 2: pg. 4
Phase 3: pg. 9
Phase 4: pg. 14
Phase 5: pg. 17
Phase 6: pg. 21
Phase 7: pg. 23
Phase 8: pg. 25
Phase 9: pg. 28
Phase 10: pg. 35
Phase 11: pg. 39
phase 12: pg. 47
Phase 13: pg. 55
phase 14: pg. 63
Phase 15: pg. 67
charecter sketches: pg.70
phse 16: pg. 73
phase 17: pg. 81
phase 18: pg. 89
Phase 19: pg 92

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fasiha_rocks Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
mind blowing os
just loved it a lot
plzzz update soon
eagerly waiting to see arjun's reaction after he gains conscious 

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wildire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
I loved it... Please go forward with this concept... Ab Arjun ki kidnapped ho gaya toh case kon solve karega??? ROFL!!

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
i was laughing throughout reading the chapter

awesum idea dear

loved it 

Ria ne arjun ko kidnapLOLClap

Continue soon

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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
Rofl!!!!!!!wat a super duper hit os..ria kidnap d hot cop arjun suryakant rawte wow...!!!!!!

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
frm the start of the story i'm laughn... OMG Riya kidnapd AjunShockedShocked... god knws wat vl happn to her...Update soon...

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..sweetchilly.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
That was mind blowing...riya kidnapped the super cop arjun..great
update the next part soon

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grad2011 Goldie

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 12:00am | IP Logged
too good!!!! plzz update soon ;)

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