Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai
Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai

Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai - Update for 11th May

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:14am | IP Logged

Hey guys, I couldn't catch the entire episode yesterday and I am in no position to write an Update, but I just saw that no one has posted an update, hence I am doing a really, really quick and shoddy job of it! Please excuse me this time, will try and be more regular with this!

I missed the entire first scene, and begin watching only after the title song had appeared! So, any one of you Champs has to fill in this, I will copy that from your post and put it up in this Update (with due acknowledgement and all!)

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Kripa is shown rushing towards the elevator, as she is shown going for her recording with Angad. As she goes towards the elevator, shouting, ''Roko Roko'' the elevator door is closed, Kripa gets a ''Oh No'' look, but then suddenly a strong, masculine hand pushes open the door, and as a relieved Kripa goes inside, she is taken aback to see that its none other than Angad, who has this cutest, casual expression on his face. Kripa has a ''Tum'' look and turns away from him facing the door! Angad and Kripa are alone, while Angad is kind of humming a tune and has a naughty expression on his face, Kripa looks very uncomfortable. Then suddenly the power goes off and the elevator is plunged in darkness. Kripa is shown to be petrified and she immediately grabs Angad's arms, he in turn teases her that is she scared or what. Kripa gets a defensive look on her face and says that, why should she be scared and she is ok. Angad very mischievously tells her that why is she holding him, if she is not scared. Kripa is embarrassed and takes her hands off him, and then looks very anxious. Angad is definitely upto something and then starts talking to Kripa very causally and tells her that he had a friend who used to be very afraid of darkness and once he was going somewhere in an Elevator and the power went off, and that guy panicked so much, that he finally died. Kripa is shown to go really pale after hearing this and takes Angad's words seriously. Then suddenly Angad is shown to have palpitation and he takes off his jacket and starts acting really sick. Kripa is worried like hell for him and as Angad is shown to collapse on the floor of the elevator, Kripa sits besides him and breaks down crying trying to help Angad and calls for help. Kripa keeps telling Angad that she will not let anything happen to him, Angad is shown to get more and more unwell and then finally he is collapses. Kripa is shell-shocked and does not react for a moment, then she tries to rub Angad's heart and revive him, but he is shown to be dead as a wood. Kripa who has now started crying openly and keeps telling Angad that nothing can happen to him, as long as Kripa is there. Kripa then gets a determined look on her face and then she closes her tightly and goes near Angad. It seem as if she is going to kiss him on his lips (basically mouth to mouth resuscitation) and as she is almost near his lips, Angad opens his eyes and bursts out laughing like crazy. Kripa is stunned for a moment and then finally gets up furious with him, and tells him that he is a completely crazy person. Angad keeps laughing and telling her that he really got her this  time, Kripa who is both embarrassed and annoyed turns her face away from him, and says that he is a gone case and nothing can be done about him. And as she keeps muttering something in anger and irritation, she says that she would have died if something would have occurred to Angad. As the power comes back (Angad had done it actually, he tells that to Kripa, who gets all the more irritated) Kripa just tosses her head in frustration and walks out livid with apparent anger, while Angad is still in the elevator leaning against its wall, and a loving, affectionate smile spreads over his face! Basically Angad is shown to be glad about the fact that Kripa cares so much for him and in spite of her outwardly anger, it was her anxiety and distress for him that was so obvious!

Kripa and Angad are now shown to record for the song, ''Is pyar ko main kya naam doo?'' while giving funny side-way glances to each other. Kripa is shown to be actually amused over the whole elevator incident and is trying to hide her laughter while Angad is actually teasing her through his eyes, over the fact that Kripa took the whole thing so seriously and involuntarily showed her deep concern for him! As they finish recording, Mishti and Prithvi are shown to enter the recording room. Once the recording is finished, both Angad and Kripa go and meet the Bose siblings and have a general hi-hello thing going on and as usual Angad is really cold towards Prithvi! One of Angad's colleagues comes over and tells him that there is a new disc opening today, and Angad has been specially invited for it, Angad tries to avoid it by saying that he has something else planned, but the other guy tells him that he could get his co-singer along with him. Angad gives a sly, side-glance to Kripa who, although is busy in a conversation with Mishti and Prithvi, is keenly watching Angad, I thought she listened to what the guy tells Angad, about getting his co-star along.

In what I thought was a classic scene of love-play (and by that I mean playfulness in love and not the ''love play'' that some of u must be thinking off!) as Angad is about to turn towards Kripa and ask her out, Prithvi tells Kripa that there is a new Disc opening tonight, and would she like to accompany him. Kripa is not even looking at Prithvi, she keeps looking at Angad, whose face has gone really dour and upset, and with a mischievous smile on her face, she tells Prithvi, of course, why not! Oh Wow, Angad's face was just worth watching, in just that moment, he experiences a fierce possessiveness for Kripa and complete hatred for Prithvi! But Angad being the cool customer that he is, asks Mishti if she would like to accompany him tonight for the Party, Mishti is obviously elated but refuses by saying that she does not want to get the ''baddua'' of all the girls around, when they see her with him. Angad gives one look at Kripa, who is completely burning in jealousy now and probably is regretting saying yes to Prithvi, and tells Mishti that ''Agar aisi baat hai, toh Mein, Angad Khanna yeh dawa karta hoon, ki mein tumhara deewana hoon.'' Mishti is on the seventh heaven, while Prithvi is just plain irritated, while Kripa looks ready to kill Angad for this!

The Party scene was okey dokey, Kripa looked beautiful in a Black Indo-Western Outfit, while Misthi looked her usual attractive self in a short black dress, Prithvi looked all love-struck and dazed, while Angad was again, Greek God! As the four of them are standing with each other, Angad and Kripa are giving ''looks'' to one another, while the poor Bose siblings are completely unaware it! Angad asks Mishti for a drink and he and Prithvi go to fetch something for the ladies. Misthi takes advantage of the same and asks Kripa's views on the Prithvi, but Kripa misunderstands it and thinks that Mishti is asking her about Angad and gets extremely self-conscious and nervous. But once Mishti clears that it is Prithvi she was asking about, Kripa very casually tells her that yes she likes Prithvi. Some songs plays on (Arre re arre yeh kya hua from DTPH) and Mishti tells Angad that they have to dance on this, Angad who is in no mood to, joins Misthi anyway, while Kripa looks increasingly sad and forlorn. Puppy Prithvi asks her if she would like to join him, and then both the couples dance on the floor. Angad and Kripa just keep looking at each other all the while, and when Kripa is finally enjoying her dance, Angad looks ready to wrangle Prithvi's neck! Misthi then tells Angad that isn't it strange that two people who are so opposite to each other fall in love inspite of their differences, Angad is not really listening to Mishti, till she says, take the example of Prithvi and Kripa. Angad is immediately all ears, and asks her what exactly does she mean. Mishti very innocently tells Angad that Prithvi is deeply in love with Kripa (Angad's expression was amazing when Misthi says this, a mixture of regret and resentment and yes possessiveness) and  the best part is that now even Kripa has confirmed her love for Prithvi. Angad kind of stops dancing and has a stunned look on his face, as Mishti tells him all about the letter stuff.

The episode ends on Angad's livid and jealous face as he prepares to take Prithvi head on in today's episode! We can see some pretty violent stuff today on screen!!! No doubt about the fact who is going to win!

Chilly Takes

    Well firstly, I am really ashamed that I wrote such a terrible update, on top of that its incomplete. All I can say is that, I just couldn't help it! Will try and do a more regular and consistent job of this! Amazing episode in terms of performance. Angad's acting was so, so, so good! He is one person to look out for, completely natural performance. Everything about him, right from the way his eyes speak, to his body language, to his voice modulation to his dialogue delivery is just FLAWLESS. I simply can't pin-point one mistake in his performance, I personally find it excellent and just way too impressive. Kripa was very good in this episode, and she looked marvelous in the Disc Scene! Her hair was done up rather nicely and her make-up was very well-done! The expressions she had while Angad pretends to collapse were simply superb and the way she expresses her anger and concern over him was so sweet and touching! Prithvi is getting quite syrupy these days, and I feel pretty put-off by him! Mishti is as usual, damn good! The Elevator scene gotta be one of the finest yet again! It will be one of the more memorable scenes from KYPH because, one it was really good in terms of acting, both Angad and Kripa acted superbly, secondly, it was a very humorous as well as a very emotional scene and thirdly we got to know once again that Kripa is still very much in love with Angad and he realizes that fact, while himself falling in love with her! Also the way Kripa tries to get Angad jealous was also very cute, if any of you noticed that this was the first time that Kripa deliberately tried to make Angad jealous! Till now whatever she did was involuntary and not done with a purpose, but yesterday, I think it was Kripa's way to answer Angad's trick on her! And yes, it did backfire rather badly, when Angad asks Mishti out in such a romantic fashion! The Disc scene was again very good, Angad's expression on getting to hear that Kripa has acknowledged Prithvi's love, were just fantastic. The way he gets this mad streak in his eyes is just beyond explanation!
  • Angad and Kripa's chemistry was at its optimum level yesterday! They just got the house on fire, with their superb sense of timing and physical chemistry. Their proximity in the Elevator was done in a very nice way, and I especially liked the scene where Kripa closes her eyes and comes towards Angad for the Mouth-to-Mouth resuscitation and he opens his eyes just on time, only to prove yet again, that Angad is a truly fabulous human being, an inherently decent boy!


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queen-bee Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2005
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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:31am | IP Logged

Hi Chilly,

Thanks for the nice update. please don't say sorry and embarrass us. We really appreciate your dedication to If and us. We know you have to take care of some pressing issues right now so girl chill. BTW Our Dinky darling had done a short and sweet update for us dukhi atma.She did a decent job. I wonder how sshe wrote abt the elevetor sc. Poor girl ko gussa aya hoga.....lolLOL

Dinks we all love u.

Cool chilly chillax

mink,who is impressed by your enthusiasm and dedication to KYPH!!Smile



TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 January 2005
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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 1:58am | IP Logged

A-K just rock! Just take a look at their eye-contact.
Minnie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 2:14am | IP Logged

 Aww comeon chilly, it was a fantastic update.

   I wish there was a way to watch this showCry

Saphira Groupbie

Joined: 09 May 2005
Posts: 59

Posted: 12 May 2005 at 2:43am | IP Logged

fantastic update as usual...i don't think i'll get to see it at all Crybut this helps visualize it pretty fine thanks a lotSmile


AALIYAH786 Goldie

Joined: 12 January 2005
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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 2:44am | IP Logged

Fab update Chilly..........................like Mink said.........................no need for apologies, it was excellent.....................dont worry, you didnt miss much in the first scene

Wow..................is missed the second half, got it recorded, will watch it today..................so, there gonna be a fight today.............Clap

stonex IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 2:55am | IP Logged
thanks for the beautiful update
angadkripafan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2005 at 3:07am | IP Logged
u just missed that dum harshini's part which i was not interested in reading good u did not write her scene anyways i saw the episode but i love to read ur updates tooWink

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