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~Happy Birthday Mahesh Bhaiya~

PureBliss IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:05am | IP Logged

Avani : A very warm welcome everyone! Big smile Gudiya no. 1 reporting! LOL

Nancy : Gudiya no. 2 isn't behind either! Approve

Avani: Oh hello footage mat kha Stern Smile I'm the original gudiya you see Cool

Nancy : So what? I'm the younger gudiya and HE himself has given me this name just the way he gave it to you! 

Avani : u copycatss Angry LOLhaaye RaMa band karo ye drama Silly 

Nancy: As if you are a saint! Okay let's not fight over here. And the real drama is gonna begin now! Wink 

Avani: yep! We are here to celebrate the b'day of the official star of NRIans family.

Nancy : The one whose presence brightens up the atmosphere. 

Avu and Nanz: Yes u heard it right..its none other than our MB aka Mahesh babu/bhaiya/bahu ROFL and NK for some Embarrassed LOL (Mahkutty) LOL

What shall I say about our MB now? He has such a charismatic, dynamic personality! My first bhaiya on IF is special because he can always bring a smile on my face with his antics! LOL He knows how to strike a balance between seriousness and craziness on IF. He has this childlike innocence and excitement for everything. Who can forget his obsession with Rati in saree + bindi LOL and for everyone's dps too LOL His writings have great depth in them and his ability to analyse things in detail makes his posts worth reading again and again. The best part about him is that he leaves you thoroughly entertained when you interact with him.
Even though he is not active these days but he is greatly missed! The AT isn't the same without him nor is the NRIans group. His fantasy and undying love for RaMa, his stories and songs on almost every picture, his views about the episode and everything related to RP is simply unforgettable! 
His Naya kirdaar joke made him famous not just in IF but in other sites too ROFL Infact that is how I came to know about him. ROFL I didn't know then that I would become friends with this person and our bond would become so strong Embarrassed I became this world phamous gudiya LOL 

Once again, wish you a very happy b'day Mahesh bhaiya Hug I dont even know if you are gonna come to IF to check this out or no. Still I wish you good luck and fortune wherever you are. May all your dreams come true (Yes the RaMa ones too lol) May the sun's rays shine brightest on you today with the wind at your heals. 

Work hard and reach your goals. Keep smiling forever! I hope the year turns out to be good for you Big smile 

Special thanks to Nancy! Embarrassed Hug the thread wouldn't have been possible without her. Love ya BP, my fellow gudiya! LOL

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PureBliss IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 July 2007
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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:05am | IP Logged

Name: Moona and ur Sasuma Cool LOL

Message: Happy Birthday MB. May all ur dreams and Wishes come true. You are wonderful person and Its always a pleasure to talk to u. I hope  this is the beginning of greatest and most wonderful year ever. God Bless u MB. 

Hot seat questions: Your age MB? and i m sure ur not gonna tell LOL

MB''AAhhh frm Whr & how shall I start Confused

1stly let me wish this Gentleman'A very Happy Birthday Smile
Many Many Happy returns of the day Mahesh, Hope u get success in ur career and have a bright future, Hope u get ur Miss.Perfect soon and have a Wonderful life with her. My Best wishes for your Future.


Hhmmm'..let me share something today abt him Tongue

The 1st thing I noticed abt this Mahkutty of IF was her/his songs! Hahhaha yes- her/his LOL coz 1stly I used to think its girl coz of the username, but thn reading his comments I got to knw tht its HIS. Well though later I got to knw the reason behind the username Tongue
The 2nd thing tht I noticed abt him was his obsession for "His Indu" LOL. "Meri Indu", His jealously whn some other guy was close to her be it any other male leads of the show ROFL. His love for Rati di, his NK & next janam talks etc etc.
My 1st impression of this person was yeh kithna Mast aur Bindass funny banda hai'.hhahhaha. As during Initial days he hardly took part in any serious discussions, most of his comments were masti types ke including songs . 
But slowly slowly reading someone of his cmnts I got to knw his understanding of the character and views abt story in particular. I need not mention our 1st interaction'Mahesh very well knws tht J though Initially I interacted with him very casually just like a fellow forum member'.slowly slowly we became gr8 frnds in AT's- Inshi AT, later in Rati di's AT,tht is whn I got to knw tht this person is much more thn just a funny banda to talk with. We had lots of fun as Jiju-saali sahiba'hahhaa. 

On a serious note' Amg all the forum members he is 1 amg very few ppl who genuinely appreciates & thanks ppl for their work..be it writing comments, making thread posts, or sharing screen caps or video links! He is alwys there to drop a comment acknowledging, appreciating and thanking ppl. His has alwys been a support and encouragement for some members. He is a best buddy for many here. His comments in RP AT and posts related to Indira were alwys a treat to read. I used to look forward for his comments and views. His writing is amazing, the details and depths of matters is wonderful to read. And later formed the Nite batch team of Mahesh, Sandeep, Ankita, Moksha & Mehnaaz. His inputs in those HD discussions were Excellent. ( I miss tht MB). Apart frm HD matter, personally he is very sensitive, sensible, intelligent, smart, caring, Understanding, considerate, (ahh moody too as well as short tempered sometimes lol )


Mahesh'..we miss you here at Forums, we miss ur comments abt Indira & HD, we miss the way u used to defend Indira if anyone wrote wrong against her, we miss ur stories on RP pics, we miss ur songs, we miss ur masti with ur Gudiya's, we miss ur silly fights with Sandeep and Sachin, we miss ur Meaningful wonderful discussions with ur Ankita Bon & Moksha, we miss ur Presence here Mahesh!!!!

I might have rarely told anything good to you'.but today I want to say'U are a Wonderful person, Honestly Wonderful ' Sensible, Understanding, caring with a good sense of humor and a lot more. You were 1 of my Best frnds of HD forum, with whom I wanted to share smallest to biggest thing, u were someone to whom I wanted to talk, discuss, chat. Lil unhappy with how things got changed with Time, now we hardly get time to talk/discuss. Wish you could be back to forums and being the same as u were during those Golden days of RP AT.


Anwyys'.forgive me for this longgg cmnt'..Tongue
Once again Happy Birthday Mahesh, hope u have a gr8 day with family & frnds
My Best wishes are always with you'.for ur health, career, future and for ur whole Life.

God bless you
- Ur saali sahiba, Ur Best Frnd ' Nikhi.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Mahesh ji 
Happy Birthday to You.  Embarrassed

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.  Hug

Its your B'day Mahesh ji ...Embarrassed Many many many happy returns of the day  Embarrassed 

May god bless you... 

U are our Bir Brother LOL aaap hum sab ki bade bhai ki tarah hi rakhsa karte he EmbarrassedApprove

Nowaday's we don't get to talk much Unhappy I miss our talks ... Our fun talks and taang khichayi of everyone in AT Embarrassed  Hope that time returns Wink

Hot seat questions: 

1:) Moment of glory?  Embarrassed

2:) What's your dream job? Tongue

what's your favourite song at the moment? Heart

Are you afraid of something? Evil Smile

5:) If an orange is orange and called an orange, why is a bannana yellow and not called a yellow? LOL

Some more coming soon ROFL

Name: Sandeep, a proud HeartSaTiHeart worshipper and your worst nightmare Sword Cool

Message: Mahesh bro, I do not really know where to start. Our lovely journey started back in January this year, when I met you in the Ratilicious AT for the very first time. You introduced me to other friends of yours, whom I now consider some of my best friends ever on the web. All the good memories of those golden days when we would spend whole days and nights in the AT discussing, drooling and having Pungali lessons and SaTi/RaMa fun...I can never thank you enough for this priceless gift you have given me. You have always been special to me because you were one of my first true friends in this forum, and also because of your honesty, loyalty and sense of humor. Without your presence this place feels a bit dull, to put it frankly. You do not know how happy and delighted I became when, after months of absolute silence, I got to see your post in the forum. You have to know that I always look forward to catch up with you in different regards, be it your funny posts, your Pungali skills or your RaMa fantasy. I do really miss our funny times in this forum, and I wish we could bring them back. 

I am really proud to have you as my friend and as my brother, first and foremost. Our friendship is stronger than the strongest of diamond and yet we are living on other sides of the world. I hope this friendship will never end. 

On your birthday, today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Happy Birthday Mahesh bro! May God bless every day of your life with a ray of sun, a touch of hope, a glint of joy and a drop of love. *Loads of love* Hug

Hot seat questions:

Q1 What was your first impression of Rati? Embarrassed 

Q2 How would you spend a day with Rati? Wink

Q3 Which Bollywood movie is your favourite? Why this movie? Big smile

Q4 What do you like most about this forum? Big smile

Q5 How are you going to fight against mighty SaTi? Cool LOL

Okay, I think this is enough for now. LOL

Message:wish u many many Happy Returns of the day MBHugHugHugHug
may god fulfill ur all dreams n wishes.Always enjoyed ur RaMa stories n all the fun here,,u r truly one of the gem persons i've met in HD forum,,stay like dis always,,we all miss u in ATs,,
Have a great birthday n god bless youHugHug

Hot seat questions:ok i've one request frm uEmbarrassedLOL

a story on dis pic pleaseROFL

hey mahesh bro...wish u a very very happy bday...may all ur wishes come true...n hope aap ko agle janam mein indira mil hi jaaye...WinkRati nahi toh Rati ki behen mill jaaye...LOLLOL

i remember knowing u thru HD forum only...LOLbt i used 2 hate u initially 4 obvious reasonsAngry LOLi ve told u this b4...Tonguei evn remember arguing n quoting u indirectly in 1 of ur threadsLOLbt den dnt knw hw u entered Rati AT...we started chatting wid each other...n then everything is historyyy...we became frnds in d AT n at fb...ur jija-saali talks wid nikhi...n ur saas-bahu talks wid moona...LOLur fetish 4 Rati pics wid bindi...Embarrassedalso remember ur weekend special topics dat u made 2 bind d forum 2gethr n make d atmosphere lighter here...Big smileMB u r a ncie person bt difficult 2 understand at first...ConfusedLOLstay as u r...
i luv 2 tease u a lot...everyone in d forum knew dat u wanted 2 b NK...LOLbt afsos aapka kabhi chance nahi aaya...LOLu still hv a chance in HD though, nw dat Rati is playing double roleWink 
once again wish u a very happy bday...may god bless uBig smile
Hot seat questions:
i knw her question ka answer Rati/nupur/indira hogaLOLso let me ask sum different questions...
1. u r chosen 2 play d lead in a serial wid Rati...bt d plot involves 1 more male lead...whom wud u choose as ur male co-starWink
2. Rati/nupur/indira/zara...whom do u like d most?
3. any other actress whom u like other than Rati...


 Mahesh Bhai apke Janamdin Par Meri Oor se apko Haardik Shubkamnayen. 
Apka din aur varsh mangalmay ho.
Apki dili tamanna (MaTi/RaMa) zarur puri ho aisi kamna karta hun.

HSQ: 1 Why Rati and not any one else?
2 Ok suppose your prayers are listened and Rati gave you one chance , how will you convince her your love and that you're the only perfect match for her.
3 If you were not here (forum) then would you have missed something in your life?
4 What are your learnings after joining this forum.

Happy Birthday Mahesh Bro! 
May all your dreams come true!
I remember I first came to know about you because of the NK stuff  Big smile
those days used to be awesome! All of us used to have so much fun at the AT ! I miss your threads..those awards ones n all LOL 
You disappeared totally afterwards.. Hope you come more often..

Hot seat questions: Indira or Rati?Big smile 
how did you celebrate your bday?

...mokshashree wishes her friend ,her tutor, her wellwisher,her support and someone she calls by the name MAHESHJI A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! mokshashree wishes to thank the world for bringing in the wonderful creation that has captured many hearts with his sheer earnestness and sincerity and went on to become the true friend of many and a great friend to her...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHESHJI! -MOKSHASHREE-ETERNAL FRIEND AND WELLWISHER ALWAYS!

Wishing you a Ratilicous Birthday Mahesh. May God Bless you. Your presence on forum/AT/ or NRI is like sunshine. Wish we could have that sunshine back. May God Bless you. And Have a rocking day ahead.

Hotseat questions: How old are you?.

Hey Bro Happy Birthday 
I miss chatting with you, hope you come online on your birthday.
Hot seat questions:When are you going to invite me to your marriag

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MB!Many many happy of the Day!DancingPartyMay God bless you always!Big smile Hope you will like it!EmbarrassedI always enjoyed your RaMa LOLROFLand Wah Wah productions storiesLOL.And who will forget your open proposal to Rati in her profileEmbarrassedROFLMiss talking to you and your analysis in AT!Ouchwish you join us soon!Ouch


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PureBliss IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged

From gudiyas LOL

(I am not good at it but still tried making it for you)

Bro, I am not a dedicated creativist but at least I can gift you this yummy chocolate cakeBig smile:

And no birthday is complete without some breathtaking SaTi vs RaMa action! CoolLOL

CoolSaTibig machine gun emoticon  shit gun emoticon RaMa ROFL ROFL

And once again, 

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PureBliss IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Food stuff for all hungry ppl ROFL like sandy, sachin bhai who visit bday threads only for food Stern Smile ROFL

Im sure u like dosas MB ROFL 

Scoops Of Ice Cream

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PureBliss IF-Stunnerz

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There's a HUGE surprise for you MB. Gonna reveal it only if u come online Wink maybe after a few days LOL

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EtherealRati IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged

We may be miles apart ,
But your love will always remain in my heart .

May your birthday bring you all the joys that your heart always desired Tongue. May all your wishes come knocking by your doorstepHeart . May success rain over you and may love spread its wings around youEmbarrassed . May you have an amazing birthday and an even more amazing year ahead Heart.Happy birthday to you dearest brother . HugI am so glad god blessed me with a brother like youStar . Bro ...thanks for always standing by my side Hug.Heart Thank you for protecting me and guiding me always .Heart Birthdays are days to remind our loved ones about how special they are to us and how much we care about them Big smile. So i am using your birthday as an opportunity to let you know that i love you Winkand i will always cherish the times that we have spent together Day Dreaming. Those wonderful memories will always be close to my heartTongue .The moments when i saw the care you had for meHug , those moments when we talked about my bhabhi ROFL, the moments when i shared my life with you...Embarrassed...each and every moment that helped us building the relation this strongCool . You know bro what i love the most about  you is your attitude.Approve..you such a fun loving personalityLOLWink . You spread positivity sending smiles to your surroundings HugStar. You have made me smile in the worst situations even HugYou have always been sensible enough to tackle situations..Star.i love the way you manage your fun and serious mood altogether Smile..i said it before but i will love to repeat my words . I don't have a real big  brother but i had always listened that brother are very protective of their sisters and i have experienced that here on this forum Day Dreaming.Heart Love you endless broHug . Keep smiling alwaysHug . And just be as you areStar because you are too speciaHeartl . My life will be dull without you Unhappy. I will  like to end with in soft gleaming night of starsStar , may all your dreams come trueHeart . May every star of every night Day Dreaming, bring love and joy to you Hug.

HeartSome gifts for you bro...from my side...Heart
( made two siggies )

direct link -http://i.minus.com/i751U5G8Ks2qR.bmp

direct link-http://i.minus.com/iBTzgR9drwXsi.bmp

hope you like them...Smile

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EtherealRati IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged

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.ByGod.Nancy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
Res!  Happpy Birthday MB Hug

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