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Tumko Dekha Toh.. PG 71 note (Page 8)

sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Super super super super
it was beautifulTongue

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jatre Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 11:59am | IP Logged
wow!superb,i could reaaly imagine that beautiful house.i m loving ur update.plz continue.Big smile

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Pinkjali Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Kisi insan ki khubsoorati ne pagal banaya yeh toh suna tha , par kisi ghar ke khubsoorati ne pagal banaya ye paheli bar dheka aur mehsus kiya.. Tumhari story itni acchi hai ki seedhe dil main utar gayi... I must say that the story and priya both are very marvelous and elagant.. Keep it up dear, very awsm work... Pls try ur best to give a very long updates, eagerly waiting for the next.. Hug

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nehaprasad1994 Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 6:39am | IP Logged

The dark night seems to have absorbed Ram.. He looks at the starry sky.. As he walks the stone walkway.. He walks towards a beautiful white structures.. There is a water curtain and a pool full of white lilys.. A smile crreps his face.. He finds a rabbit hopping away on the other side of the pool.. He goes closer as to follow the rabbit.. He finds a white and red coloured cabin bag.. Priya bends down and picks up the rabbit.. She is wearing a beautiful white leggins and sandals.. Her  payal tingles near her anklet.. Her white top is designed with intricate embroidery.. Her hands adorned by a round dialed watch.. Her fingers moving on the rabbits back.. She kisses the Rabbit and  bends down to let it go.. Her eyes twinkle in the moonlight.. He hair let down.. Her viel is put on her head.. It seems to have slightly slipped away.. Ram walks towards her.. 
Ram: Chale?
Priya: Ji.. 
They walk towards the car.. Ram is lost as with every step her payal jingles.. 
Ram: Mein kuch puchu aapse?
Priya: Kahiye..
Ram: Aap gharwaalon ke saath rehethe hue bhi.. Alag kyu rehethe hai?
Priya looking at the sky.. Mein unki aadat nahi banna chahthi.. 
Ram: As they walk.. Aadat..?
Priya: Haan.. Jab insaan ko kisi cheez ki aadat hojaathi hai.. Toh uske bina rehena bohot mushkl hojaatha hai..
Ram smiles.. Haan.. Aur agar woh cheez kal na rahe toh zindagi thumjaathi hai..
Priya: Ji.. She looks at the bird house along their pathway... There are no birds in it.. 
Ram looks at her eyes.. Neatly lined with kohl.. They seem empty.. Thinking.. Jab bhi mein inki aankon mein dekhtha hu.. Toh I can see myself clearly.. Her eyes are so calm.. 
The reach the car after walking along the parking.. The driver opens the door.. Ram sits in the front while Priya sits at the back.. Priya seems to be extremely tired.. So she closes her eyes as the wind blows by her face.. 
Ram opens his diary from his pocket and writes.. 
Woh ban sawar kar chale hai ghar se..
Hai khoye khoye se beqabar si..
Dupatta dhalka hua ha sar se.. 
Khuda bachaaye buri nazar se..
Khuda bachaaye buri nazar..
He closes his book and puts it back in his pocket.. He looks out of the window.. Thinking.. Mein bhi apne gharwaalon ki ek aadat bangayaan hoon.. Khair..
They reach Km.. Priya looks out.. Its a simple building.. With a huge garden.. She sees that It has a tulsi to the left of the building and a large main door.. The car is parked and both of them come out.. 
Ram: Mera ghar aapke ghar ki tarah khubsoorat nahi hai.
Priya: Nahi Mr. Kapoor.. Acchi hai.. Bas.. Jaan nahi hai.. 
They walk towards the door.. 
Krishuji: Aagaye.. Priya bends down and takes her blessings.. Ram is a little surprised.. Thinking.. Sanskaar.. Kash choti ko bhi maa ne sikhaaya hota..
Krishuji Starts walking inside closing the door behind them..Everyone seems to be asleep.. As there is light only in the hall.. They follow her.. Priya tumhaari room tayar hai.. lekin..
Ram and Priya look at eachother questioning.. 
Krishuji: Priya woh kya hai na.. mein aur biji room share karrahe hai.. Rishab aur saare cousins ek room share karrahe hai.. Natasha aur uski doost uski room share kar rahehai.. Aur baaki ki guest rooms Badon ne leli hai.. Toh Tumhe Natasha ki peheli room use karna padega..
Priya: Ji..
Krishuji: Priya kya tum Ram ke bathroom share karsakthi ho? I mean if there is no problem..
Priya: Ji.. Aap chinta mat kijiye..
Ram: Chaliye mein aapki kamra dikhatha hu..
Krishuji: Good night..
Priya: Good Night.. 
Krishna smiles.. Thinking.. Kash Priya Ram ki patni hoti.. Jab bhi Ram usko dekhtha hai toh shaanth hojaatha hai.. Ram kya.. Jab woh aas paas hoti hai.. Toh dil ko itna sukoon miltha hai..
Ram and Priya walk upstairs.. The entrance to Natasha's bedroom was through Ram's room.. Ram goes inside and points towards Nut's room.. Priya smiles and says.. Good night Mr. Kapoor.. Kal subah mulaaquat hogi.. He watches her walk into the room and close the door giving him a smile.. He walks to the changing room and changes into a kurtha and pyjama.. he hangs his clothes in the Laundry hanger and turns the tag.. Which reads.. To be washed.. He slips into his bed and dozez off. Thinking about the meeting tomorrow with The G.O.D.S  F.O.O.T.P.R.I.N.T.S  - an architectural firm.. 

Morning 6.00 am.. Ram gets up.. He takes a quick shower and comes out looking fresh..Thinking the meeting is at 3.00.. Till then I should be able to start organizing for the Roka..He notices that Priya's room door is open.. He walks towards it.. and says.. Suniye.. There is no reply.. So he walks in.. And oh my god.. He is blown away.. The room had been empty for ever since Natasha shifted to her new room 10 years ago.. The white room had nothing but a low single cot kept in a corner and and empty wardrobe and dressing table.. And now..
There was a laptob kept on a red mat with speakers on either side..  A long mat was laid opposite to the wardrobe and from one corner of the bed to the door.. A couple of books and a black file was kept on the corner towards the bed on the carpet..He walked towards the dressing table.. It had a kohl stick, a sunscreen and a lipstick.. There were two hair sticks.. kept in a stand..  One of the doors of the wardrobe was open.. So he saw a lot of sarees and a few pastle coulored tops.. He looked at the mirror.. There was a bindi on it.. He smiled..  There was a nice smell of sandle wood that surrounded the air..He came out of the room and saw everyone standing lookig at priya.. She was wearing a peach shiffon saree.. With her hair in a  bun With the hair stick.. She was walking around with a wooden box which probably had inscence sticks.. And she went on swaying her handFrom the holes of the box to the air walking around.. He looked at everyone smiling at her.. They were all lost in the silence.. as the fragrance filled the air.. It seemed to have bought life to the house.. She walked down the stairs into the pooja room smiling at each one of them.. Ram thinking..The house which used to be sleeping late till about 8.00 is wide awake early today.. She hadnt woken them up.. Hadnt spoken a word.. But her presence had made the difference..
He heard a beautiful voice.. Coming from the pooja room.. He snapped out of his thoughts.. 
Vakratuna... mahaakaaya...
He started climbing down the stairs.. 
Koti surya.. samaprabha.. He saw Nutz, Rishab and krishuji walking towards the Puja room.. He followed.. The whole room was decorated with jasmine.. It looked beautiful..
Nirvighnam... Kurumedeva.. Everyone went and stood behing priya who had lighted the deepa.. Daadi ws standing beside her.. Both had folded their hands.. There was divinity in the air.. 
Sarva kaaaryeshu.. Sarvadha.. Ram too folded his hands.. 
She turned towards them.. Each one of them had taken bath and were looking fresh and calm... She brought Prashad on a plate.. She came to Daadi put tilak on her forehead and gave her the prashad.. Then Krishuji and Nutz.. She came to Rishab.. Who was all smiles as Krishuji said.. Are aaj toh yeh bigda hua bandhar bhi tayaar hogaya..  She put tilak on his forehead and gave him prashad..
Rishab: Suniye.. Aapke chote keliye ek bada piece?
Priya smiled and gave him a big peice..
She came to Ram.. Placed a tika looking into his eyes.. He put his right hand over his left and put them forward.. She placed prashad.. He smiled at her.. Priya looking at everyone.. Naasta tayaar hai.. Aayiye.. She kept the plate back and went to the dining hall.. Priya went into the kitchen as everyone sat down.. 
Krishuji: Biji Priya ne sab naukaron ko chutti dedi hai..
Nutz: Haan.. Aur aaj khana bhi unhone hi banaaya hai..
Rishab: Looking at priya who comes with gharam garam stuufed parante and paalak paneer.. Wah kya swaad hai.. 
Daadi: Waqh paraante.. Kya baath hai.. 
She serves each of them..
Ram: Wah kya khaana hai.. And licks his fingers.. 
Rishab: Mujhe toh roz yahi chahiye..
Everyone goes on and on.. While Priya brings gaajar ka halwa.. 
Krishna: Wah Priya.. Tum ne ko kamaal kardiya.. Ram ko bohot pasand hai.. 
Rishab:  Aur mujhe bhi.. Aapke chote keliye pehele..
Priya serves it to him and says.. Aur chahiye?
Rishab eating the first spoon..
 Wah and nods in affirmative.. She puts some more and then serves it to everyone.. 
Priya: Daadi Krishuji.. Mujhe kuch orders dene hai.. Toh mein Natasha ko leekar Baahar jaarahi hu.. Meine saadi walo aur Ghehene waalon ko bulaaya hai.. Aap joh chaahe pasand karlijiye.. Aapke saare ristadaaron ka khayal Ramu kaka aur bansi kaka rakhenge.. Khaana roz mein banaaungi.. Aap uska chinta mat kijiye.. 
Krishuji: Are wah.. Tumne itna saara kaam samhaaliya.. Khush raho beti.. Agar tum nahi aathi toh pata nahi kya karthe hum.. 
Priya: Yeh aap kaise baathe karrahi hai.. Meri pyaari Natasha keliye kuch bhi.. And smiles.. They are all lost Her perfection.. her dedication and love.. Just overflowing..
Priya: Haan.. Krishuji.. Abhi hum dono jaarahe hai.. Docter Maiya daadi ke ghutonon ki dard ka ilaaj karne 3.00 ajaayenge..
Daadi with tears in her eyes.. Putar.. Tujhe kaise pata chala.. Meine kisi ko nahi bataaya tha.. Priya walks to her and says.. Daadi, aapki sukh hum choton ki zimmedaari hai.. 

To be continued.. 

The story will take some pace now.. But yes I'm afraid the updates will be late.. Thankyou for your compliments.. Im glad I make you all happy..


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nehaprasad1994 Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 7:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pinkjali

Kisi insan ki khubsoorati ne pagal banaya yeh toh suna tha , par kisi ghar ke khubsoorati ne pagal banaya ye paheli bar dheka aur mehsus kiya.. Tumhari story itni acchi hai ki seedhe dil main utar gayi... I must say that the story and priya both are very marvelous and elagant.. Keep it up dear, very awsm work... Pls try ur best to give a very long updates, eagerly waiting for the next.. Hug

Thankyou.. Kash mein is kahaani ko zyada waqt depaathi.. But I'm so glad you enjoy it..

All of you make my day! I come home to your coments and my writing starts after reqding all your responses!
Thankyou so much for bringing a smile on my face..


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Mahaalwayscool Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
fab update dear.. plz plz continue asap...

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 8:08am | IP Logged
i loved the updated...Dont have more adjectives with me too describe how wonderful the update is...

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name2saakshi Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Loved it

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