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Tumko Dekha Toh.. PG 71 note (Page 6)

luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Thank you ..nice update

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sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Sorry neha for being late
you have a flair for writing ...njoyed all the parts
they are too goodTongue

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haribol79 Goldie

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Hi.. This is truely a beautiful FF.. Loved Priya 's calm and composed character...
Her description reflect not only Outer Beauty but an eternal Calmness too...
Ram is totally Gone! lol..

continue soon.. PM if possible..


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Siacutie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
i luv the description of the house beautifully narrated ram ko to luv at first sight ho gaya hLOL
u r a brilliant writer 
update soon 
if u can plz pm me Big smile

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Pinkjali Senior Member

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
Heavenly Beautiful Heart.. U know what dear that u 2 also have an beautiful heart like priya or else u can't discribe a character so awsmly... Right now ur ff is the one of my fav one.. Dadi wala scene toh was so funny. LOL this is not fare dear Cry, in last ff u would give twice update a day and sometimes thrice also but what happen this time...? Only one update Unhappy .. But gr8 work Thumbs Up update soon, Hug

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nehaprasad1994 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Its hard to PM so many of you.. But ill try to whenever possible.. Im so sorry for the inconvienience but time seems to be inssufficient! 


She looks at them.. And smiles.. Rishab: Haye.. Aise mat muskuraayiye Priyaji.. 
Ram: Cant stop smiling at Rishabs satement.. Woh tumse kuc 10 saal badi hai..
Rishab: Bhai.. Mein line todi maar raha hu.. Yeh toh saathvikam hai.. 
Ram: Saathvikam?
Rishab: Haan bhai.. Jab hum ladke aise aurathon ko dekhthe hai.. Toh there is only respect in our eyes.. Dekhiye na.. Devi jaise hai.. Dil kartha hai ke inke saamne haath jodu..
Ram: Haan.. Jab baathe karthi hai.. Toh sab chup chaap sunthe hai..
Both o them were so engrossed in the conversation that when they reached the entrance she wasnt there.. Ram sees that everyone is decked up, he looks at how well the white hall has been decorated with gende ki phool.. He enters.. Everyone is engrossed in their talks.. All their relatives are there.. Busy gossiping about jewellery.. He nods his head in negative as his relative are gushing about now being a relative of THE architect Priya Sharma.. He goes stands in  corner, hes  happy looking at his family..  Priya comes with a plate full of flowers.. She walks to the water bowl kept in the middle of the beautiful white pedastal in front of the murthy of Durga.. She Slowly places the flowers in the water.. He watches the flowers float along as she pushes the wate with her hands.. Her hands moving in and out out the water as she sways her hand is a feast to watch..Ram starts walking towards her unknowingly.. She senses his approach towards her and smiles.. She turns back towards him.. Ram comes to her and looks at the water bowl.. He puts his fingers in the water.. He is lost looking at the beautiful white flowers.. 
Priya: Aapko phool pasand hai..?
Rishab: Comming giggling towards her.. Nahi inhe poolon se allergy hai..
Priya gives a suspicious confused smile.. 
Sudhir: Chaliye.. Tilak Shuru karthe hai.. Ram beta.. Tum aao aur Karthik ke saamne baito.. Ram sits there.. 
Daadi whispering to Krishuji.. Are Krishna Kumkum ke thaali ko tho Ram ki biwi ko laana hai.. 
Priya walks towards them with the thalli.. Nutz Daadi and Krishna look at each other and smile.. Ram puts the tilak on Karthik's forehead.. A lot of gifts get exchanged between the two families.. They start the engagement.. Rishab is busy clicking pictures.. Ram hands the ring to Natasha and she puts it on Karthik's finger.. She blushes as everyone clap.. Priya hands the ring to Karthik.. He slips it in Natasha's finger and winks.. Natasha grows red.. Everyone is happy and the photo session begins.. Both Ram and Priya seem to be lost in their thoughts.. They slightly move away from the crowd..
Priya walks to the door and looks at the sky.. Thinking.. Kitne khush hai dono.. Bhaghwan inhe humesha khus rakhe.. 
Ram looks at Priya who is looking out and walks towards her..He comes and stands beside her.. There is a slight breeze.. Her hair seems to play with her hair.. She moves her longs fingers.. Tucking the hair behind her ears.. She doesnt seem to have recognized Ram's presence.. Ram walks back into the hall with a smile.. thinking.. Inki khubsoorathi ko kisi ka nazar na lage..
Rishab gathers everyone's attention..
Rishab: Attention everyone..Priya turns back..  Humaare Ram bhai bohot accha gaathe hai.. Toh is haseen mauke par..Looking at Priya who looks divine as she smiles away.. In khubsoorat haseenao keliye.. Ek gaana hojaaye?
Everyone clap.. 
Ram: Arre nahi..
Rishab: Kya bhai.. Sunaayiye na..
Nutz: Bhai.. Plz.. 
Everyone request him.. Then..
Priya: Sunaayiye na..
He smiles to her.. 
All the young single ladies surround him.. Ram thinks as he clears his throat.. Ab insabko khush karnekeliye.. Jhuti taareef karna padega.. 
 Very few knew that THE Ram Kapoor was not only a great bussiness man.. But was also very fond of ghazals.. He starts singing turning away from everyone.. They are all lost as his soothing voice charms them..
In haseeno ka ladhakpan hai wahi...
 ya alla..  Closing his eyes.. Exhaling..
Hosh aata hai to... Looking at Priya..
 aata hai.. Looking at Karthik and winking..
 jalaana dil ka... 
Everyone goes wah wah.. 
Looking at all the ladies.. as if.. each one impressed him..

Kis pe jaan dijiye..
 har chehara hai.. Passing by each one of the ladies with hands in his pockets..
 pyara chehara..
Rishab and Vikram smile at eachother.. 
Kis pe jaan dijiye..
 har chehara hai.. 
 pyara chehara..
Walking towards the water bowl.. 
Baag mein phool hai..
Looking at Shipra And krishna..
 kamare mein,
 tumhara chehara .. Slowing looking at Priya..
Kis pe jaan dijiye..
Karthik: Aapbhi sunaao na..
Nutz: Haan..
Ram smiles at her..
Rishab: Aap agar mein hoti toh kya bolti..
Priya smiles and teasing Rishab starts singing.. Everyone is lost in her voice.. 
She walks behind Rishab.. And..
Kitane chehare the...
 sare rah ke...
 kuchh yaad nahi..
Everyone giggle.. 
Nutz: Sahi bola aapne.. While others go.. Kya baat hai.. 
Priya continues.. 
Kitane chehare the...
 sare rah ke...
 yaad nahi..
Looking at everyone staring at her.. In amusement..
Le gaya bhid mein... Looking at the door..
 kaon aa ke..
 hamara chehara...
There is a little bit of silence as everyone is lost in her voice echoing in their minds.. 
Ram continues..
Baag mein phool hai..
 kamare mein,
 tumhara chehara..
Rishab pitches in: Looking at Priya.. Aappe jaan degaye.. 
Everyone smiles.. As Rishab goes around Priya.. 
Aape jaan..
Ram continues.. 
 kya paaya chehera.. 
Rishab: Bhaag mein phhol hai kamre mein..
Karthik looking at Natasha: Tumhaara cheheraa...  
There is silence.. Everyone was looking at Priya.. Her face truely seemed chisselled to perfection.. The twinkle in her eyes.. Her full soft lips.. And her radiant skin had every man's attention.. And every woman's envy..
Everyone goes kya baath hai.. And clap..

Sudhir: There is a buffet arranged.. Enjoy the rest of the evening everyone..
Everyone is hungry.. They have a dilightful dinner.. Enjoying themself.. Priya goes around making sure they are all comfortable..
Krishuji: Biji.. Aaj tak.. Meine aise ladki ko kabhi nahi dekha..
Daadi: Haan.. Ghar bulaaya hai na tune use?
Krishuji: Haan meine Sudhirji aur Shipraji se puchliya hai..
Daadi: Pata nahi kyu.. Mujhe lagtha hai.. Ki Priya humaarein ghar mein ek shaanthi apne saath leke aayegi..
Krishuji: Haan..
Ram who is silently listening to this conversation says.. Woh humaare ghar..?
Krishuji: Haan..
Nutz: hai bhai.. Meine hi bola.. Woh kya hai na.. Aap toh dekhichuke hai unka sajaaya hua har cheez kitna khubsoorat hai.. Aur.. Mujhe bilkul unke jaisa banna hai.. 
Karthik: Are Nutz.. Iski kya zaroorat hai.. Aur weise bhi.. Di jaisa koi nahi..
Nutz: Haan woh toh hai.. And smiles..
Priya comes to them.. 
Priya: I hope aapsab ne enjoy kiya..
Everyone.. Haan..
Nutz: Aap humaare ghar aarahe hai na..
Priya looking confused.. as she doesnt know.. Just smiles looking at Sudhir.. Who is walking towards them..
Sudhir: Haan.. Priya.. Woh.. Natasha chaathi hai ki saari tayyaariya tumhaare hisaab se ho.. Isiliye Krisnaji ne pucha..
Priya just nods.. 
Rishab walks towards them.. 
Krishuji: Priya.. Hum sab tumhaare hisaab se karlenge.. Woh itna saara kaam itne aasaani aur khubsurathi se karthi ho.. And says.. looking at Rishab.. Is bigda hua bandhar ko bhi line pe laana hai..
Ram: Haan.. Sab ke saamne bade line maarraha tha.. And laughs.. 
Rishab: Holding his ears.. Looking at Priya.. Sorry..
Priya smiles.. Nodding side ways.. Mere Karthik se bhi chote ho.. 
Everyone smiles.. 
Karthik: Toh di.. Yeh hogaya aapki chote..
Everyone laugh..
Krishna: Priya.. Tumhe koi problem nahi hai na.. 
Priya: Nahi nahi.. Lekin.. Thinks for a while.. Everyone is waiting for her response.. Each one of the Kapoors want her in KM.. Karthik.. Tumhe office ko samhaalna hai.. Baaki mein baad mein samjaadungi..
Sudhir: Haan.. Aur mein bhi chalajaaunga..
Priya: Are nahi papa.. Mein dekhlungi.. Aap chinta mat kijiye.. 
Karthik: Haan di hai na.. 
Krishna: Do hafton keliye kapde rakhle beta.. I'm sorry.. Yeh hum aise..
Priya: Are aap badi hai.. Aap sorry mat boliye.. Aap bas hukum kijiye.. And smiles.. She turns to leave..
Nutz: Di..
Priya turns back to look at her.. Ram is just lost as he looks at her.. Her respect for elders, the softness yet firmness in her voice.. Her modesty and simplicity surprises him..
Nutz: Kya mein aapko Di bulaasakthi hu..
Priya: haan zaroor.. and walks out.. 
Everyone has finished up.. And are leaving quickly as it's pretty late..
Ram sees off Vik and Neha.. While the Sharmas and Krishuji see off the other guests.. 
Krishuji: Ram.. Tum Priya ke saath aana hum Chalthe hai..
Sudhir Shipra and Karthik see off the kapoors.. Ram waves at them.. 
Ram: Sudhirji.. Bohot der hogayi hai.. Toh kya Mein Priyaji ko..
Sudhir: Haan beta.. Uska room.. points towards the garden path way to the right.. 
The Sharma's say good night.. 
Ram thinking as he walks along the pathway.. Apno ke saath rehethe hue bhi.. Alag rahena.. Ajeeb hai.. The wind blows by his face.. He looks at the small lights highlighting the pathway now.. He can hear the crickets.. There is a world inside a world.. he smailes..

To be continued.. 

There comes life in the air of KM..

Thankyou for the compliments everyone.. Woh kya hai ki.. Archi bohot hectic hai.. Toh abhi keliye.. Mujhse ek hi update hoga for a day.. I'm really sorry about that.. But I'm glad you're enjoying the story.. The house which I have described is my 1st Sem Project.. Im working on it.. So.. lol.. It's nice to know you all liked it.. :)

Lots of Love,

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Mahaalwayscool Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
wah wah wah wah kya update hein,...Big smileWink awesomeClap.. continue shoon... Big smile

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priyankapatwa Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Yet another fabulous update...
Wonderful superb
cont soon.

xoxo Priyanka <3

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