REDUX 2612- Childhood's end ! #2

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Heyy All,

Welcome to the newest Redux and feel free to share ur views and thoughts about the show ..This is an open platform for all writers who wish to state their opinions but are reluctant to do so...

Childhood's end.
.. This was the thought running through my head when I was watching the episode today . .. A cataclysmic event which has destroyed a home , has  destroyed lifes has not left the psyche of a child alone..The innocence has been  murdered by the ruthless act !!  The Heart incapable of feeling anything apart from love, affection is now home to Rage, anger ..A child who should have been playing with toys now plays with his own life as deep desperation goads him into this incomprehensible act ...  A child who resents his mom cos she is unable to bring back his father and grandpa, A child who wishes to be united with his parent and grand parent, a child in the throes of deepest agony but unable to articulate his feelings, his emotions  openly for his innocence precludes the existence of such words in his vocabulary ... A  Child who seeks an answer and finds it in the words of an orphan .. The children  Bittu and Randeep !!  both bound by an inextricable bond of loss, pain, anger !

The plan is being revealed Ah-haan..nope..only the tip of the plan is revealed ... The Bombing will start by the large scale slaughter of innocent children,  swiping off their childhood with a press of a button ... and  the chilling  mission is uttered by an implacable Shahana, a mother  with a infant of her own !! loved the shot of the rattles swinging when Shahana  is  engaged in planning the murderous plan.. the contrast between the softer motherly feelings and the cruelty of her intent could not have  been better brought out ...

The Game of manipulation has begun with Jadda slowly undermining  Shahana forcing her to reveal the plan , to weaken her authority.. Looks like this assured man  will get his way  but will his impatient master wait for  Jadda to make his moves ?? ..Here again a appreciative nod to the makers for their macabre sense of humor >>>>  Jadda ;" will get the pendent along with the neck  that hosts it "   * A grin of delight* ... It at once shows the  Sense of Humor of Jadda and his casual  attitude towards killing.

Randeep Rathore was the surprise element today, it was really a pleasing sight to see him handling a crisis situation with calmness, understatg the agitation, radiating warmth  and authority ..Mahinder was  absly good  in this sequence as was his offhand glance at a rattled Ritik, No attitude of suspicion but she has been noted !! while an already jittery Ritika  maybe prone to commit some mistakes ...

 Over all a good episode  showing the contrast between a  Broken but courageous  mother Malati and a implacable but ruthless  Mother Shahana !!


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11th December, 2012

A son's pain…

Poor Bittu… he has no idea why his father is no more… he thinks his mother is lying… he thinks his father will be back… he wants to go to his father… Bittu (Keshav Bhargav) is angry with his mother. He doesn't understand why his father would leave him. Randeep talks him out of danger. That was well done… the way he keeps the boy talking… the way he talks calmly and sensibly to the child, distracting him and getting close without alarming him… yes, that is exactly how it is done…

Having said that… I must make it clear… when I said well done… I meant the method by which potential suicide victims are made to step back… the actor wasn't up to the mark…

Something wasn't right in that scene where the child climbs up on the balcony and contemplates jumping. A child that age thinking such thoughts didn't sit well with me. It was perhaps required to initiate Randeep's bonding with the Bhargavs. Fake Ritika(FR; Real Ritika is RR) is disturbed to know that Randeep is an inspector.

Rashmi(RB) and Malti(MB) are thankful. Bittu is reconciled to his mom and Rashmi is properly grateful to Randeep.

FR calls up S and informs her about Randeep. S tells her to stay put. It need not be that R is there on FR's trail… FR wants to know what if he is indeed on her trail. S tells her calmly enough… "tum acchi tarah se jaanti ho ki aise situations pe kya karna hai… ya to jaan lo… ya phir jaan do"… and FR accepts the answer… calmly enough…

Shahana(S) on the other hand is facing the fire… both from Jeddah and from Sr. Malik(SM). They want her to spill the beans. Shahana retorts that she is following Malik's plans to the T. Jeddah(J) retaliates that did Malik plan for the disappearance of the detonator chip (DC) as well as the murder of the jeweler? He attributes the hiccups to the fact that those involved are not completely in the picture. SM too feels that S ought to spill the beans. S unbends just enough to say that the grand plan will start on 26th  December, when thousands of school children will gather in Mumbai for an address by the chief minister on the occasion of an educational rally. Jeddah derided the plan… what is the purpose gained by blowing up a pack of children? SM too didn't seem impressed. S regns in her fury, and icily informs him that she said, the plan will be set into motion on the 26th… it will not end there!

Jeddah too is getting his ass fried by Sheikh. Sheikh is not interested in Malik's plan. He doesn't care for S either; he wants the Nova 6 so that he can sell it in the international market. Jeddah asks him to be patient. Sheikh is in no mood to listen. He cannot understand why J simply doesn't kill S and hijack the operation. J patiently explains that if S is killed, the organization will not go ahead with the plan… besides he doesn't know where S has hidden the Bombs… on top of that the DC has been stolen. J states that their priority is to get their hands on the DC, as Nova 6 (N6) is useless without it.

I loved tonight's episode… I was riveted by Shahana tonight… "kya cheez hai yeh?" a mother herself, she thinks of a mass scale massacre of innocent children? tonight, it was sort of devoted to the child… the whole episode… on Bittoo… on children who go to school every day… we send or own children to school everyday… and people somewhere are planning such horrible deeds… spine chilling… I doubt I can sleep tonight!

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Sathya my happiness knows no bounds to see our OLD HOME ...OUR "REDUX"...all renovated and in a brand new location ...with all the sooo familiar faces of our family members ... I'm jumping with joy ...thank you Sathya...


I'll just say welcome back with a big hug to  all my dear friends ...

SmileI loved how Rathore gave Rashmi the ice cream today...
And how sweetly she connected with his words...the dialogue writers are surely doing a great job ...Clap

OuchThe emotional breakdown of bhaabhi ji is looking so natural...she  is too depressed to notice why is her sis-in-law  Ritika is not showing any signs of sadness at the loss of her close relative Ouch... 

ClapLiked the way  Shahana... Jaddah rift begins to widen... aahhh...good.. Thumbs Up

Ouch   "Nainam chhiddanti shastraani 
Nainam dahati pavaka... 
Naa chainam cledayantapi.
Na shoshyati marutah"
...were the .words from "The Geeta "...so cutely explained by Rathore to the little Bittu...Clap

EmbarrassedNice to see Rathore getting more involved with the family and they beginning to trust him...am I smelling the beginning of something beautiful here ??Day Dreaming
Or is this too much of Sumana's  mushy SKD ..???Embarrassed

Smile...Liked the brief moment of Shahana's motherly love for her new born...so she still has some feelings left in her.Ouch...

Thumbs Up... Sheikh Saab and Jaddah conversation was heavy stuff!!! ... the dark under belly...  Me likes yaar. Clap




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Pic Credit: 2612 picture gallery

Lovely reflections on the episode Tants and Appu..Star

The series and its attempts to break myths on terrorism and its related affairs...

  • Women like Shahana are an integral part of the network as men...
  • Terrorists are not misguided dumb and manipulated people. They are smart,level headed, equally focused  and passionate about their work like Jidda, Malik, Shahana, you and me...
  • The business of terrorism is like any other a place where money is made, power play is on and the need to expand and thrive  exists...As you see with the exchange between Jidda and Sheikh, Shahana, Jidda and their boss..
  • What drives the faceless  stranger to do what he or she does ? It is similar to what drives us to do a job... work  on a passion that gives us satisfaction like Rathore, Shahana, Shantanu...
  • The victims, the perpetrators and the  people who witness the acts...keep changing their sides and the cycle continues...apt examples Rashmi, Shahana,Mastana ,his girlfriend, Jidda, Mallik the list will include new names as time elapses...
  • Revenge, greed, passion,power  spear head terrorism  very similar to the drive a common man experiences in life 
  • Why is it so easy for the agents of terror to blend in like fake Ritika? because they are ordinary mortals like you and me who are just doing their job...
  • what then differentiates them from us ? A simple word called nerve.. which helps each to channel their inner desires, frustrations, wishes, need  in different ways.. Some find yoga,meditation therapeutic and some the power of gun and a bomb cathartic...
It is just a different view that each eye understands,each ear hears, each mind processes and each human being acts upon... 

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Tanthya Ur Write up : Thumbs Up
Appu: Thumbs Up
Sumana: Thumbs Up
Koel : Thumbs Up
Note: if anyone needs this space to post their analysis , kindly let me know. 10q Embarrassed RIP LOL

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I haven't caught up with all the episodes therefore I am not able to share my views completely but from having read Sathya, Appu and Koel's analysis I do get a profound idea of what's happening in the series.

Sathya...A child's pain on loosing his father and grandfather and a mother's pain in not being able to explain why his dad wouldn't return is the most cruellest situation a person can be put in life. How realistic was the description of Bittu's situation. Sathya, I felt his emotional turmoil through your words. Love the contrast you portrayed between the two mothers...

Appu superb analysis and true we send our children to school and come to work everyday on the pretext of meeting them again in the evening. It leaves a disturbed feeling when we come to know that someone is planning otherwise... as if we haven't had enough with natural calamities and accidents.

Koelia...What a crisp writing... The terrorists are smart and well educated people who have to think outside the box to break all the protective barriers in society and execute their plan. Every plan involves so much patience and a detailed groundwork which makes me wonder what must have they gone through in life to inflict such misery on the people they don't know and haven't harmed them in any way. Can this even be justified? True Koel...what differentiates us...Mostly its the choice we make and the person who influences us...

Sumana...The appearance of green font always reminds me of spring...Short and beautiful...

I am sure to catch up with all the episodes by this weak...Till then forgive me for my blabbering...Stern Smile

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Tanths... great analysis
your short and succinct sum up of the difference between Shahana and Malati impressed me... yes, the two are so different... while there are thousands, perhaps millions of Malatis... we come across a Shahana only once in a while... the woman is ruthless... but what a portralyal! From killing a friend in cold blood, to plotting to kill ... in cold blood; to using an innocent man and his family... in cold blood; to holding a small child in terror and captivity... in cold blood; she has done it all... But still we do not call her a VAMP! why? Shahana is just doing her job!
Koel... yes, they are just doing their job... but what a job! wonderful insight! keep them coming...
Sumana... I liked the scenes u liked too... except for the SKD... LOL... somehow, I don't care much for the romance in this series ... if it does come into the picture, and it clicks... I'll regard it as a bonus...
Sharmi... Thank you! and start watching... I would love to read you...

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Riyya: Thank you

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