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IronButterfly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 February 2013 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Amaaazingly interesting story. It's 3:09 am here and i just got done reading all the chapters.
Well writen. Please do pm me whenever you update. Thank you.
God bless

chetna19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 9:21am | IP Logged
plzz update soon... whenever u update plzz pm me...

i m eagerly waiting for update...
ankii543 Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Sorry to hear about ur loss...
I know at such moments no words can sooth u or reduce ur pain so i thought its better to let u be in peace...

How r u now...?
Dont be too sad because ur nani is defenately at a better world n seeing u from up there...
Be happy for her n urself...
After all god also need gud people by his side isnt it...

Stay happy n so will she up there...
As khushi says they become stars n shine even brighter when they see us happy n content...

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..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2013 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
i am sorry to hear that
warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 67

Arnav and Khushi walked ahead of Akash as they entered Shantivan. Deviyaani Raizada was waiting in the entrance for them. She didn't waste any time as she walked towards them. This was absolutely ridiculous and both Arnav and Khushi would be getting a piece of her mind today she thought with determination as she came to a stop in front of the newly-weds.

'Oh oh...' whispered the angel into Arnav's ear as he caught sight of his grandmother. There was something in her expression that made Arnav draw himself to his full height and square his shoulders in preparation for a battle that he knew was coming his way.

Khushi was suprised to see Nani-ji standing in the foyer. She glanced at Arnav and from his expression and body language she knew instantly that something wasn't quite right in the Raizada home. Instinctively she moved closer to Arnav as they gradually came to a stop in front of Nani-ji.

Akash was busy reading a stock market update on his phone and almost came to a crashing halt into Arnav's back. He looked up to find his grandmother standing before them with a very serious expression on her face. He cleared his throat, 'Hi Nani,' he said more chirpily than he intended to.

Deviyani Raizada didn't let her gaze waiver from Arnav as she spoke, 'Akash, Khushi Beta, I would like to speak to Arnav...alone,' she said placing emphasis on the last word.

Akash nodded and quietly left the room. Khushi hesitated and looked at Arnav. They exchanged a look and in an instant Khushi knew that there was no way she was going to leave Arnav alone. She quietly slid her hand into his and then looked up at Nani-ji.

Deviyani Raizada's finely plucked eyebrows rose at the gesture of solidarity between her grandson and his new wife. Deviyani cleared her throat; there was still a task waiting to be completed. 'Come with me both of you,' she ordered with full authority.


Payal kept one eye on the clock and the other on the news. She shook her head in disgust as she watched the two news anchors barely contain their excitement as they recapped the headlines. The media was acting as if all its Christmas's had come at once with the news of Arnav Singh Raizada's wedding, then the escalation of the AR Corp stock prices only to be capped off by the press conference after the intruder at AR Corp. Payal had to admit that her brand spanking new brother-in-law's power packed press conference had scored points in her heart. Not that Arnav jeeju was aware of it, but the way he had defended and protected Khushi had managed to melt the titanium coated super tough heart of one Miss Payal Kumari Gupta making her go 'awww' in the process; her sister was one hell of a lucky girl to have a man like him watch her back. As she looked out to the richly manicured lawns of Shantivan, Payal wistfully wondered for a minute what it would be like to have someone like that in her life; someone who would look at her as if she was the only woman in the entire galaxy, someone who would protect her, someone who could turn all those dreams into reality...dreams that she would never be caught dead admitting to having. Her ears caught a distant sound and Payal smiled to herself as she heard the Raizada helicopter descend onto the vast grounds of Shantivan. She couldn't help but wonder if he was here too. 


As Akash Singh Raizada watched out of the foyer into the lounge area of their home, he heard his grandmother order his brother and sister-in-law to follow her. Dadi's tone was a clear indicator of her frame of mind; not happy at all. Quite mad actually. Perplexed but still scrolling through the content on his phone he didn't notice the tornado in his path until it made impact with him. Trying not go tumbling down, he instinctively grabbed what was within reach; a very slender female waist. It was her!

Payal had deliberately been running through the door but she certainly had not planned on colliding with a certain someone and the fact that he had caught her and broken their fall was a bonus. As her body came into contact with his, Payal's first thought was 'I think I just hit a jackpot!'  this is was promptly followed by another thought, 'wow, someone clearly works out!!' she thought as her hand came to rest on his broad shoulder and she raised her head to look up at him. She whispered, 'I'm so sorry Akash-ji, I didn't see you,' she said.

'Next time you might want to watch where you're going Miss Gupta,' he said quietly.

Payal was enjoying herself immensely as she felt Mr always-as-cool-as-a-cucumber's heart beginning to accelerate under her hand and then felt his chest rise sharply as he inhaled. Not so cool now are we, she thought with a smirk.

Ordinarily Akash Singh Raizada would have done the gentlemanly thing by graciously accepting the apology and stepping aside but as he heard her innocent voice and then as he looked into her eyes he saw that they were full of the mischievous intent, Akash immediately knew this was no accident. In that instant Akash thought to himself, you have no idea who you are messing around with Miss Gupta. He felt very unlike his normal self and something almost devious welled up inside him; two could certainly play this game he thought as his hand slid across her back bringing her into complete contact with his torso with a dull thud on impact. Payal Kumari Gupta gasped audibly. Containing his smile, Akash stepped back slightly and bent his head so that his eyes were on level with hers, ' Next time you might not be so lucky - not everyone in this place is as good at catching as I am Miss Gupta,' he said in a low voice, 'maybe next time you pretend to fall - just yell 'catch' and I might just be around to save you again,' he said as he raised one eyebrow in challenge.

Oh crap!  thought Payal as she saw his eyes darken and narrow; clearly one nerdy, reserved and quiet Mr Akash Singh Raizada wasn't as shy as she pegged him to be.


As he and Khushi both followed Nani into her room which was on the ground floor of Shantivan, Arnav had to admit that he had been very surprised at Khushi when she chose to go against Nani and defiantly stood beside him. 'Oh come on... stop lying you big oaf; you weren't only surprised, you decided that you love her ever more,' sniggered the little devil into his ear. Arnav couldn't help but smile to himself.

Shutting the door, Deviyani Raizada decided that there was no need to waste time and she launched straight into the matter at hand. 'When I came home from the Mandir this morning, you can imagine my surprise when Anjali told me that you had made the decision to go to AR after releasing that media statement. You made a decision to go despite knowing the level of... of... drama that your announcement would create.  Arnav, I'm not going to mince my words here: what happened today at AR was absolutely unnecessary and completely avoidable. Surely you must have thought about the consequences of taking Khushi out of Shantivan today particularly after that media announcement?' she asked with a look of displeasure pausing for breath before continuing. 'Thank God that you were nearby and all that man wanted was Khushi's photo.' She shook her head as she paced the room. 'Arnav, given your profile and wealth, have you considered that he could have easily been someone who wanted to abduct her for a ransom?' Deviyani asked, her eyes flashing with anger evident in her voice as the thought of anyone wanting to harm her family chilled her bones.

Pausing to recompose herself, Deviyani spoke in a quiet voice, 'Arnav, you need to understand that now you are not alone and you have a responsibility to protect Khushi and ensure that her wellbeing as much as possible. I know that you have put measures into place to protect her now, but you should not put her into situations where she is at risk and needs protection in the first place. I have always warned you about being more careful with your safety and you have always brushed my concerns aside - but what you did with Khushi today was irresponsible. Disregarding your safety is one thing, but disregarding hers is something I will not accept Arnav. You should have known better,' Deviyani said quietly but with a severe tone of reprimand in her voice.

Khushi gulped as she glanced sideways to look at Arnav just as she felt him flinch at his grandmother's words, his jaw was clenched and she could see that he was respectfully trying to control himself even though his gut reaction was to lash out at being questioned. As she looked at him, Khushi couldn't help herself. 'Nani-ji, I don't mean to speak out of turn or with any disrespect. I'm sorry that I have been the reason for worry today but what happened today was also my fault and not Arnav-ji's alone,' she said in a slightly shaky voice, 'I said that I wanted to AR Corp to catch up with the work I have missed due to the wedding and also to progress Jaleebi Junction.'

Khushi almost took a step back as she watched Nani-ji's eyes narrow in consternation. Suddenly afraid that she had seriously overstepped her mark, Khushi trembled slightly but held her ground. Deviyani sighed as she shook her head slightly, 'Khushi beta, you may have wanted to go but Chote should have known better than to let you. He should have protected you from the danger - not put you into it!' she said with an edge of frustration in her voice. Khushi was just about to speak but paused as she felt Arnav squeeze her hand as if to hold her back but as her gaze met and locked with his, she knew that come what may, he would always do his best to protect her and not endanger her. Even though her heart was pounding, her voice instantly became stronger as she turned back to face her matriarch. 'Nani-ji what happened today isn't a risk that is going to change with time. Whether it's today or in five years time, someone could still come after me or after Arnav-ji for whatever reason. As our elder, I know that you don't want any harm to come to us and we will try not to make ourselves easy targets.' Khushi released Arnav's hand and slowly walked to the elder Raizada and placed her hands on top of hers, 'Nani-ji, what happened today could have happened on any day. Arnav-ji didn't deliberately put me in any danger or disregard my safety at all. I have placed my trust in Arnav-ji, I know that he will never ever deliberately put me in danger and if ever there is a situation like today, he will do whatever it takes to ensure that I am safe. Please trust him like I do,' she implored quietly.

Arnav couldn't help but watch speechlessly as his little tigress emerged to protect him. There was a sense of awe as well as another emotion he couldn't quite identify; he never had anyone stand up for him and protecthim before. He glanced at his grandmother to gauge her reaction.

This time Deviyani didn't try and hide her smile as she stepped forward and cupped Khushi's face in one hand, her voice softening dramatically and her eyes moistening slightly, 'For many years chote has been protecting this family but now it looks like my grandson is not the only one protecting everyone anymore,' she said as her smile broadened at the look of amazement on Khushi's face. 'Khushi beta I am not offended or angry at you for speaking up. I hope that you know that in our house everyone has a right to express their opinion. Everyone might not agree with the opinion, but we all respect each other enough to listen to each other's thoughts. As for what happened today, you are right. These things can happen at any time,' Deviyani sighed, 'I can't bear the thought of anything happening to you or chote and I just want you both to be careful.'

Arnav stepped forward, 'Nani, I'm sorry we scared you today,' he said quietly, 'Nani I know you think that I take risks and if you had your way, you wouldn't let anyone leave your sight even for a minute,' he said with a slight smile, 'but Nani, I think you know deep down that I would never deliberately put any member of our family at risk,' he said quietly.

Deviyani opened her mouth to speak but decided against it. It was clear that the pair standing in front of her were determined to stand united and defend each other to her. Sighing inwardly, she knew that she had played her role as an elder in cautioning and perhaps even reprimanding, but what she also knew was that this was their life and like everyone else, these two would need to stumble and perhaps fall down in order to learn how to regroup and stand up again. She would therefore continue to play her part to support and guide them if and when required. Deviyani looked at both children standing in front of her and nodded. She wasn't done yet but now was not the time to have the second discussion; that would have to wait until later. 'Go and freshen up, it's almost time for dinner and I'd like us all to eat together today,' she said.


Arnav stepped out of the washroom, drying his hands as his eyes scanned the room for Khushi. Tossing the hand towel on a low lying settee in the corner of the room, he walked towards the glass sliding doors of their bedroom finally catching a glimpse of his wife sitting by the pool. She had changed into a simple light pink salwar kameez, her face washed clean of any trace of makeup. He couldn't help but be amazed at how tiny and vulnerable she looked. His chest tightened as he remembered catching that photographer in her office and how his heart had frozen when he saw the sheer look of terror on her face. Now as she gazed at the moonlight reflected in the water, she still had an expression of wide-eyed innocence that made him want to hold her close and protect her from everything bad. He couldn't imagine what his life had been like before discovering this amazing woman. Arnav sighed as he dragged one hand through his damp hair. The Arnav Singh Raizada who thought that he was a solo operator in this world, one who didn't need the support of others was now becoming a distant memory. He knew without a shred of doubt that Khushi was now the centre of his universe. There was no way he could survive without her in his world. Not even realising he was moving, he had pulled Khushi to her feet and into his arms before he knew what he was doing.

Khushi let out a small cry of surprise as she felt herself being pulled up. She had been so lost in reliving the events of the day that she no idea of when Arnav had come to her. Now he dragged her into his arms and squeezed her so tightly she couldn't breathe. Slightly confused, yet grateful for the contact she slid her arms around him. She felt his lips brushing the top of her head and then his mouth grazed her forehead, and then against her temple down to her cheek. He stopped as she felt a slight tremor race across his body. Khushi couldn't help but respond to Arnav just as intensely, her arms tightening around his waist. Suddenly the tumultuous events of the day felt very overwhelming and Khushi wanted nothing more than to lose herself in her husband as she desperately sought the solitude and comfort she knew that she would find in his arms.

Neither knew how long they were there for as they both tried desperately to control their fears and dread as they battled to push those emotions back into the dark recesses of their mind. It was irrational they both knew, but silently they both knew that Nani's words had hit home; deep down they were petrified of losing each other and what they had shown her was fake bravado.  The irritating need to deeply breath much needed oxygen into their burning lungs inevitably meant that the their tight embrace had to be broken. Resting their foreheads against each other, both Arnav and Khushi stared at each other. Words felt superficial. Touch felt soothing and comforting. Inevitably a voice from outside their room finally broke their quiet and alerting them to dinner.


First thank you to everyone who has sent me a message of condolence or words of encouragement either on the thread or via pm. The past three weeks have been very difficult and your kind words, thoughts and prayers have helped. To be honest, I really didn't feel like writing anymore but today somehow pen came to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) and I've done this chapter. Its definitely not this best chapter, but I figure one day at a time.

This chapter and indeed this entire story is dedicated to my beloved Nani - she loved telling stories and I loved listening to them. I may never hear your words again Nani, but your words and stories will always live in my heart. I miss you.



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Venicestar88 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged

First of all... this has to be one of the most touching and beautiful chapters... so please don't say that it is not the best.

To me, this chapter is about your way of trying to cope with the loss of your Nani and not just the story moving forward. I can relate to how it feels as i lost mine 3 yrs ago and i still miss her so much! When our elders leave us, they leave a massive void and sometimes they leave without giving us a chance to tell them just how important they are to us. That warm and secure embrace is gone, the care, concern, the lap to put your head on is gone, but then there are so many things that will always stay with you...the wisdom they shared, the pranks, the smiles, laughter... a lifetime of beautiful memories to cherish :). The only solace is the hope that they have gone to a better place where their soul will rest in peace. May god give you and your family the strength to get through this difficult time Naina.

I'm so glad that you decided to write this chapter... just beautiful. Stay strong girl...  time and memories will help you get through...

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Arshi94 Senior Member

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I forgot that I had reserved...LOL
Anyways my comment is the last one on this page...Smile

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pokemonian Goldie

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just great update di

luv u
u r the best,pls don't stop writing di
we r here to read ur wonderful story
pls continue soon

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