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Nidsubh007 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 March 2013 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Please update soon! Looking forward to seeing Arnav and Khushi take advantage of a empty house LOL

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Maaneet4eve IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2013 at 6:08am | IP Logged
I just finished reading all the chapters and it was absolutely awesome... Please send me a pm when u update Smile
iritz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2013 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Pls Update
warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2013 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Chapter 69

Peace, quiet and solitude at last. Arnav slid his hands into the pockets of the black track pants he was wearing as he slowly walked to the edge of the pool. As the cool Delhi wind danced around him and the moonlight played a coy game of hide and seek from behind the clouds, Arnav inhaled and exhaled deeply as he relished and relaxed in the tranquil space that was his pool area. He had to admit that while it was nice to see his family so happy, the constant and excitable chatter was something he was not accustomed to. Solitude was a state that was more familiar to him he decided as he raised his eyes to the clouds gently rolling along in the night sky.

But as he did so, he knew that this statement wasn't entirely true either. Not anymore anyway. Eight weeks. Eight weeks was all it had taken her to break down the barriers he had erected around himself and become the one person in his life whom he was happy to give up solitude for.

The sound of the glass door sliding open broke his train of thought and Arnav turned around to find the woman who was occupying his mind standing there before him. Turning around, his eyes travelled up her legs which were bare until her knees to where the hem of her nightie ended.

Khushi stood still as she watched Arnav turn around. His eyes travelled up her legs and then stopped as they reached higher. She saw his eyebrows arch slightly as his eyes traveled even higher and by the time his gaze locked with hers he was wearing his trademark half smile which he wasn't even trying to conceal. Khushi groaned; she should have just worn his sweatshirt she thought as that familiar feeling of anticipation and slight nervousness began building inside Khushi as she watched her husband walk towards her.

'Cuter than cute,' Arnav murmured as he walked slowly towards her. Khushi raised her gaze to his as she reddened; a simple white cotton nightie with Tweety Bird declaring 'cuter than cute,' on the front hadn't ever featured in her idea of post marriage nightwear but like everything with this relationship, she hadn't had the time prepare and go shop for anything that would be classified as more appropriate nightwear for Mrs Raizada.

Despite her nerves, Khushi felt a flicker of excitement as Arnav came to a stop in front of her. He had showered before her and his hair was still wet with a few stray wet dripping strands against his forehead with most of his hair brushed back from his face emphasizing his razor-sharp distinctive features even more and giving him a mysterious aura in the dim moonlight. 

Khushi cleared her throat, 'I... I had this from before...I mean I haven't had a chance to go to the shops and get...' Khushi stopped midsentence she realised what it sounded like and she was suddenly very glad for muted moonlight because her face felt suddenly very hot. Arnav stepped closer and in a very innocent voice he asked 'you haven't had a chance to get what Khushi?'  Khushi swallowed as she averted her gaze, 'ahh... Nothing Arnav. I think, I'm really tired and I might go inside,' she babbled in an attempt to escape the situation as she took a step backwards and then turned with an aim to run inside. She didn't get very far as one strong, muscled arm snaked around her and hauled her back into him. 'Khushi, why are you running away?' Arnav murmured, his warm breath tickling her neck, 'and why haven't you answered my question?' he prompted in a husky low voice as his lips brushed against her ear as he wrapped both his arms and drew her even closer.

Khushi swallowed hard as she tried to regain control of her racing heartbeat and tried to figure out what she was going to do. Realising quickly that there was nowhere to run, she spoke softly, 'this morning, I thought I'd go out to the shops during my lunch break and buy something ahh...more ummm... grown up,' Khushi blushed as she felt Arnav smile against her ear, his voice low and husky as he spoke, 'something grown up? What do mean Khushi?' he asked innocently fully enjoying the opportunity to tease his wife. Khushi practically growled with frustration as she tried to pry Arnav's arms from her waist, 'you're really enjoying this aren't you Arnav, I mean even after the day we've're still teasing me?!' she said with annoyance evident in her voice as she felt his concealed laughter vibrate in his broad chest behind her.

'Shh...' Arnav said, his voice barely a whisper in her ear, 'Khushi, after the day we've had, I'll tell you what I'm enjoying...I'm enjoying holding you close to me and I have no intention of letting you go,' he said as his voice turned low and seductive as he tried to sooth and distract her. A slight shiver of fear rippled through Khushi as she recalled the moment when that man had burst into her office and her heart began to race again. Arnav felt this and instantly his arms tightened around her, 'Shh...It's ok Khushi, I've got you,' he murmured into her hair. 'Khushi, Nani was right. I should have been more careful with you today,' he sighed, 'Khushi just the thought of anything happening to you terrifies me. All day I've had all these 'what if' scenarios running through my mind. What if there was a gun instead of a camera. What if he was from someplace darker than a some cheap paparrazzi house.' Arnav sighed deeply, 'I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't reached you in time and something had happened. I made a promise to protect you and I wouldn't have been able to face you if I had failed at that,' he confessed slightly grateful that she couldn't see the fright etched on the face of the man used to causing fear but not suffering from it himself.

Khushi stilled in Arnav's arm and then turned around slowly to face him. She studied his face, the handsome lines, the stern set of his mouth, the struggle and fear evident in his eyes; emotions that she hadn't seen there before. Who was this man she'd married? What did she know of the depths of his soul? She might not have concrete answers to those questions, but what she did know was she could do. She raised herself on the tips of her toes and pressed her mouth to his not for any other reason but because he had shared a bit of his fear with her. Because he'd compromised just a little and told her the truth, trusting her and not struggling through the turbulent emotions alone. Just like he was always used doing.

Stepping back down she cupped his face in her hands and pulled his face down so that his forehead rested against hers, 'Arnav, you didn't fail and even if anything bad had happened, I would have never blamed you for it. We've learnt from Nani-ji and we won't be lax with each other's safety from now onwards. Please stop feeling guilty Arnav, you're tearing me apart when I see you struggling with something that wasn't even your fault,' she pleaded as she stared into his deep liquid brown eyes. Arnav silently thanked whichever power was watching over them both as he nodded and gathered his wife even closer. His grip around her waist tightened as her hands wandered up his broad muscular back bunching his shirt into her clenched fists as she, like him, held on even tighter.

Khushi had no idea of how long they stood there when she pulled back and looked into her husband's eyes. She had had enough of this day and wanted to move on from it. Deciding to be brave, Khushi placed her hands on Arnav's shoulders and she leaned up, her lips brushing against his stubbled jaw, 'I think we need some grown-up time Arnav,' she suggested softly against the slightly prickly skin. Arnav pulled back to look down at Khushi. Momentarily surprised at her boldness, his eyebrows rose slightly as it took him a split second to realise exactly what Khushi was alluding to and Arnav quickly controlled himself and his gaze became serious as he recalled her previous state.  'Khushi, are you ok to...?' he asked deliberately leaving the sentence incomplete, not wanting to make her uncomfortable for initiating intimacy with him.

Khushi's gaze locked with Arnav's and she nodded, 'I'm ok, if you are... and if you want to... ?' she said softly. Arnav looked at her in the darkness, barely able to make out the details of her face as the moonlight faded and he smiled a satisfied, male smile, 'Khushi, let me think. It's a very difficult question,' he said with a slight chuckle as he pretended to pull back but Khushi stopped him with a shake of her head. He saw her grin. 'You know, that's not what I was hoping you would say Mr Raizada,' she said softly.

Without responding, Arnav slipped an arm around Khushi's back and another under her thighs and then lifted her and carried her to their bedroom where he laid her down on their bed. He walked back to the door and locked it and drew the opaque curtains across them so that the room was bathed in muted light from the single lamp that burned in the corner of the room.

Walking back to where Khushi lay, Arnav knelt on the bed and then laid himself down next to her, his arm resting against her waist as he moved himself closer to her.Everything about him was a golden bronze in the semi darkness. The breadth of his broad shoulders blocked out most of the lamplight, the long, hard-muscled torso pressing down on her with his hips. She felt the presence and the power of a particular part of his body nudge against her thigh. Khushi's gasped in anticipation as Arnav's hand slid across her back.  Despite the fact that they had made love only one before, Khushi found herself slipping into his hug as if she'd done it a thousand times. Her body pressed against his, her head tilted back and she found herself move forward and take the kiss he offered. She felt as if his mouth didn't touch hers, she would die. There was something inexplicable about wanting her body to be one with his.

Arnav felt Khushi tremble slightly and wondered if she was afraid. But unknown to him, by the time he moved his lips to along her neck, some of her trembling came from desire and frustration along with a slight dose of nerves. She ached for him, needing him in ways she didn't understand. Arnav slowly turned her so that she lay on her back and then moved over her careful not to crush her with his weight. Khushi moaned; she loved the feel of him against her. She loved the way he moved slowly, yet with a confidence that eased her fears. When he finally reached her lips, she parted immediately and then moaned softly as his tongue entered her mouth. The sound of her against his mouth aroused him even more. And this time his mouth didn't brush against her he devoured her lips he kissed her ferociously. 

Pulling back slightly as his eyes swept over her deeply flushed face, Arnav's voice emerged as a husky growl, 'are you ok Khushi?'  Her lashes lifted and Khushi looked into his eyes, her tongue darting out to wet her swollen lips. She could taste him; he was a blend of richly roasted black coffee, some of the diabetic friendly chocolate he had had after dinner and a flavour that was uniquely Arnav Singh Raizada. She closed her eyes again, trying desperately to gather her scattered wits. She took some comfort in the fact that his heart was beating just as hard and just as fast as hers. She couldn't help but sink her face into his neck, stealing a little taste of his skin as she tried unsuccessfully to calm herself down; she wanted him so badly but unexpectedly afraid of the aftermath of their first time, Khushi suddenly felt too shy to actually tell him that.

Arnav had already sensed the sexual tension building between them. He felt her rapid breath against his skin and as he pulled back and raised himself on one elbow, he saw the uncertainty and frustration in her eyes. She wanted him; but something was holding her back.

Leaning down he whispered against her lips, 'Khushi tell me what you want,' he urged gently. Maybe it was part ego, and perhaps part mentor, but he wanted to hear her express her thoughts. More than that he wanted her to feel safe enough to tell him what her heart truly wanted. But deep down what he wanted the most was for her to tell him of her own free will that she to make love with him.  In those exact words.

'Tell me what you want Khushi,' he repeated with an edge of frustration lining his voice.

Her eyes were large and unfocused, her face flushed, 'Arnav...what?,' she groaned as she stared at him, at his dilated dark eyes and the firm but now swollen lips.

'Khushi!!' he said, his voice low and raspy. Leaning over her, he seemed to get bigger and more intimidating as his temper grew and suddenly his anger and frustration was as tangible his desire to her.

His gaze narrowed and Arnav decided that he wasn't in a position to handle anymore torture. 'Tell me you want me,' he demanded.

Khushi stared at the man leaning over her; there was something inherently arousing and empowering to be the one to cause this reaction in a man who was usually so powerful and commanding and in control. While they were equals, at this moment Khushi suddenly felt more powerful and she couldn't help but smile as she looked into his eyes, 'Arnav, how can you doubt me?' she whispered.

'Say the words,' he growled low in his throat.

Khushi's hands slowly slid up Arnav's chest and then around his neck where she speared her fingers through his thick black hair. Arnav watched as something flashed in her eyes. Something dark and sensuous heated his blood and increased his need for her ever more if that was possible.

Khushi watched her husband closely as she spoke, 'Arnav Singh Raizada, I want to you to stop talking and asking me so many questions and make love with,' she said in a stronger voice with a new sense of confidence. The next thing she knew she was locked in his arms. Her shocked exclamation earned her nothing but the fierce pressure of his mouth and the intimate tango of his tongue with hers.

Khushi may have been only vaguely aware of her own pounding heartbeat, she was well aware of the hunger he fed into that kiss and the tension locked into his hard-muscled frame. One of his hands took rough hold of her hair while the other was a clamp on her hip that kept her pressed tightly up against him.

When Arnav finally pulled back, Khushi saw fire erupting in his eyes. His muscles tensed and his breathing quickened.

And then he smiled. It was one of those heart stopping, knee weakening, mind blowing smiles that left her incapable of another thought. 

For quite a while.

(picture credit: to whichever kind soul took this screenshot...God bless you!)

hello darlings

has everyone run away to Qubool hai, Saraswati Chandra or ChanChan?


I hope IPKKND isn't dying in your Hearts?


Chapter 70:

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OmNaMaSteOm IF-Sizzlerz

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A very sweet & genuine feeling in this update.

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Meghipk Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2013 at 8:11am | IP Logged
after ipk ended i started reading ffs & i just love reading  all the ffs over here .
i read this ff previous week & i loved it , this is the 1st time i m commenting on your work ,
 coming to the update it was awesome  ...plss do update regularly ...

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Nidsubh007 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2013 at 8:12am | IP Logged

That was just awesome. The passion that these two share is unbelievable.  You write about there thoughts so beautifully.

I'm still very much here in IPK forum, have not moved on to any other show.  Don't have the heart too.

Thank you so much for updating.  It was just perfect.


I love the picture you added at the end!!  DHAK DHAK DHAK!!!

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chetna19 IF-Sizzlerz

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i loved that...cuter than cute...
romantic update...Embarrassed
now honeymoon tym...update it fast...cant wait...Dead

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