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EHMMBH FF: *||SSP #2: Update ~ pg. 134||*

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S a a t h 
S a m a n d a r  
P a a r

T h r e a d 



Thank you to all my readers who have made it possible for me to reach the next thread of SSP. You all have unknowingly contributed a lot towards coming so far with this FF! Hopefully you will continue to enjoy this story. 

C o n c e p t

Maanvi has come from the US where she is a successful Marriage organizer to Chandigar for her best friend Jeevika's marriage with Viren Vadhera. Little does she know that she is about to meet her long lost love...her chep...her Virat. When she meets him there are a flood of emotions in her and she doesn't really understand that the her feelings for him have chang. To find out whether this is for the better or worse, continue to read Saath Samandar Paar.

C h a r a c t e r
S k e t c h

I n d e x

t h e r  W o r k s

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Chapter 19: Pointless arguments

He lay Maanvi down on the bed in his arms pulling the doona over them. Maanvi didn't hesitate to curl her body up on his. The tears and shivering didn't stop...the anguish didn't shop and the misery didn't stop. Virat eased Maanvi lovingly.

"Shhh..." he whispered soothingly in her ears, "Shhh '"

"Mumma ke paas jaana hai Virat...Mumma ke paas jaana hai," Maanvi cried with tears pouring own her eyes, "Maa...merri maa kaha hai Virat? Mumma ke paas jaana hai... Mumma chah ye..." (I want to see my mum, where is she Virat, where is she?)

"Vo hai na Maanvi," Viren said walking in the door with Jeevika, "Vo hai na...yaha, tumhaare dil mein." (She's here Maanvi, in your heart).

"Nahi! Mujhey unhey dekhnaa hai...maa...maa ke paas jaana hai," Maanvi wiped her tears looking up to Virat, "Virat...tum...tum mujhey mumma ke paas le jaogey na? Please...mumma ke paas le jao Virat, maa ke paas jaana hai." Maanvi pleaded. (No I want to see her, I want her to be with me...please take me to my mum' please Virat).

"Tu apni maa ko kyu dhund rahi hai Mannu? Woh tho terrey aakhon ke saamney hai...terri maa tujhsey kabhi dur hi nahi gayi. Apni maa ko bhi bhulgayi tu?" Jeevika asked. (Why are you looking for your mum? She never went away from you. Have you forgotten who your mother is?)

"Maa!" Maanvi cried, leaving Virat's arms, "Maa."

Maanvi embraced Jeevika as her elder sister told her, "Jab tak main hoon Mannu, terri Maa hai. Aur main hamesha terrey dil mein rahungi, issiliye terri mumma tujhey kabhi chor ke nahi jaayegi, samjhi?" (I, your elder sister am your mother and I will be with you forever and ever).

Jeevika calmed Maanvi down and after a little while left the room with Viren.

"Better?" Virat asked her.

"Hmm," Maanvi responded.

"Rinse off your face, you'll feel better," Virat suggested.

Maanvi and agreed and forced herself off the bed to the bathroom. She turned on the tap letting the water flow down onto her sore hands. Maanvi wiped her last tears off her face, the rest had dried off. She looked up into the mirror and that's when she realized, realized what had happened.  Her body froze at she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Maanvi didn't come out for a while and Virat was left pondering why. Virat left the bed and knocked on the bathroom door asking for her but she didn't respond. He pushed the door open with a creek. At first he didn't see her but when he did, he wished he hadn't.

He found her huddled in a corner; knees tucked in, face down.

"Maanvi?" he slowly approached her unsure whether his presence would disturb her, "Maanvi?"

She looked up at him. It wasn't the tears in her eyes that uncomforted him; it was the redness of the smudged sindoor.

"Why?" Maanvi asked him, "Why do you do this every time? I'm trying to get away from you, then why?"

Virat bent down and wiped away her tears saying, "Maanvi...please, don't cry, don't do this to yourself. It's nothing-okay? It doesn't mean's fine'"

"What do you mean it doesn't mean anything Virat?! You just mar-"

"No I didn't MARRY you again. Okay?! Stop being dramatic and get up. You're already sick enough."

"No! Leave me alone...I don't need you...go away Virat, go!" Maanvi forced out of her mouth.

"Maanvi- Get. Up." Virat said sternly.

She didn't. Instead, she looked away from him avoiding him totally.

"Fine," Virat said and lifted her up. Maanvi fought him and it worked for once.

"Maanvi?!" Virat argued, "Stop it! I'm serious!"

Virat still had his hold on her and Maanvi continued to fight it off-it was indeed a challenge. Virat very well knew how to hold her still.

"Fine then Maanvi, if you have that big a problem with it then okay," Virat stated pulling the mangalsutr off of her neck and wiping the sindoor on her maang. Maanvi was taken aback. 

"Good now?" Virat asked, "I'm no longer married to you? Feeling better?" He asked, his voice filled with anger that frightened her. "What is your problem Maanvi? Why don't you just ever try to cooperate?! I didn't do anything that bad! Why so stubborn and stuck up?!"

Maanvi stepped back...her body started to shiver again; she was scared. She was never able to control her anxiety when Virat talked to her like that because it reminded her of those last few days before they broke up. It was terrible remembering their separation, it killed her but most of all frightened her beyond explanation and imagination.  Then he saw it. The fear in her eyes...the dread. The shivering of her helpless soul and body, her fast beating scared heart all making a frightened Maanvi.

"Maanvi' " he whispered running his hand up and down her arm comfortingly, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

She went silent for a while. Her body didn't shiver but her lips were trembling.   

"You okay?" Virat asked her soothingly; lovingly.

"Sorry," she murmured.

"Don't be, I understand-I'm sorry." he replied, which comforted her.

"No I shouldn't have-"

"Maanvi it's fine, it was my fault." Virat interrupted.

"No it was me, I swear I shouldn't have said all that. It wasn't that big a deal, you were just trying to help." She retorted.

"No but I shouted at you' it was my fault, let's just leave it there," Virat stated firmly.

"No I'm not leaving it there, it was me-I started it! You didn't even do anything wrong-"

"Oh yes I did damn it! I hurt you, I shouted at you. I was...rude?" Virat stated and questioned at the same time.

"No you weren't, why can't you just admit that it was me?" Maanvi pondered aggressively.

"Why can you just admit that it was me,"  Virat said emphasizing words in the sentence thinking it would prove his point better.

"Emphasizing you and me isn't going to change the fact that it was my fault, alright? You will shut up and now and agree with me," Maanvi ordered wiping away her tears.

"Excuse me? You're telling me to SHUT UP? You will SHUT UP and agree with me. It was my fault and the sooner you admit it the better," Virat tutted.

...and the argument continued.

And continued.

And continued.

And continued.

And continued.

And continued...

...until they were laughing their heads off.

"I'm telling you it was my fault," Maanvi exclaimed from under her never ending breaths of laughter.

"No it was mine!" Virat tutted laughingly.

"I hate you, why can't I just have it my way?" Maanvi laughed off.

"Because I need to have it my way for once," Virat replied; still guffawing.

..and the laughing continued.

And continued.

And continued.

And continued.

And continued.

And continued...

...until they finally shut up and stared at each other.

"How pointless was that?" Maanvi asked after a few moments of silence.

"Very," Virat replied.

They stayed there for a while; Maanvi's arms clutching her stomach firmly as she stared at the vinyl flooring.


"Hmmm' "

"Um, I don't know whether you've realised but we're in the bathroom," Virat pointed out.

Maanvi smiled, "We should go back into the room, right?"

"I think so," Virat said sounding a bit unsure.

Virat and Maanvi stood up and Maanvi felt a cramping pain in her stomach.

"Owwwch!" she cried as Virat instantly came to her aid.

"What's wrong? You okay? Maanvi??!" He eagerly asked her in a concerned manner gripping on to her stomach.

"Yep, yep I'm fine, it's okay," Maanvi replied.


"Certain." Maanvi said telling Virat but assuring herself. 

Maanvi took a step but her the pain in her stomach increased, "Owwh," she cried again.

"Okay, it's sore." Virat said confidently. Maanvi opened her mouth to retort but before any sound came back Virat firmly said, "No arguing."

He was about to lift her up when sarcasm came to his mind, "Please don't try to kill me like you did last time."

"Virat!" Maanvi cried embarrassingly.

"I'm only telling you," he replied.

Maanvi blushed as he smiled and picked her up. When they were back in the room, VirMan on the bed, Priya came in.

"Virat?! Where were you two? I was looking for you everywhere!" Priya asked.

"We were... um in the bathroom?" Virat half asked and half said for the second time.

"Both of you?" Priya asked suspiciously.

"Yeah," Virat

That was when it hurt. Maanvi stabbed him, with her elbow, in his ribs.

"OWCH! MAANVI!" Virat cried, "WHAT?"

Maanvi glared at him'.

"Oh shit," and he realised ' "NO! No! Noo! Not together! I was in the bathroom, like by myself."

"Then where was Maanvi?" Priya asked instantly.

"I was in the room." Maanvi bluntly told her.

"You weren't," Priya replied.

"Did you come in to find me?" Maanvi asked.

"Yes, I di-" Priya stopped half way, she couldn't make it sound like she had come spying on Maanvi, "No I didn't," she replied in a not very convincing tone.

"Then how do you know I wasn't in the room?" Maanvi asked seeing that she was winning.

Priya didn't have a reply. She stomped off out the door aggressively because she had lost and she hated losing.

"You always get your way, don't you?" Virat asked her.

"I do," Maanvi replied proudly.

Virat smiled and after a little moment put his hand on her stomach sending a shiver up Maanvi's spine.

"Feeling better?" he asked, then going a bit overboard by kissing her stomach.

"Yeah," Maanvi responded shifting aside.

"Hey! Don't shift away, it's my kid!" Virat exclaimed.

"It's my stomach!" Maanvi replied.

"My kid is inside your stomach!" Virat emphasized.

"I know that! I'm pregnant and you think I don't know that your kid is inside my stomac-" Maanvi stopped midway. That was too awkward to say in their situation.  She looked away and simply said, "It's my stomach."

"My kid."

"Hey, it's my kid too!" Maanvi exclaimed.

"Of course it is, it's in your stomach Maanvi."

"In MY stomach' which you can't... k-k-iss."

"I'm kissing my child, not your stomach Maanvi," Virat replied.

Maanvi shifted away from him even more and her stomach cramped again, "yeaowwwch!"

"See, it loves me more than you. It wants to stay with me and it will annoy you if you take it away from me. Hai na? You love papa na? Mera bacha..." Virat said lovingly.

Maanvi looked at him, eyes filled with tears. He would definitely give her child every bit of affection that she wouldn't be able to and Maanvi convinced herself that she had made the right choice. Virat loved their child more than anything else in the world.

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Congratulations for the second thread.PartyDancingClap.Loved the update. Pointless arguments between Manvi and Virat were so lovely. And both love each other so much even now which makes me wonder when will they say it to each other.Waiting eagerly for the next updates to find out her complications.Thanks for the pm.Smile

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Awesome !! Loved the update...!! What exactly is wrong wid manvi's pregnancy ?? oh do eveal it soon...Big smile

Nd ya congrats for the second thread !!Star

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congrats for the second thread.Clap this part was awesome.i loved virat's care for manvi and his unborn baby.continue soon.and PM me.

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woohoo congratz dear for ur second thread!
So happy for you!
Coming to the update wow it was awesome!
Manvi is going through so much i really want everything to be cleared as soon as possible.
Priya recieved a good one.
And i enjoyed that kiss-kid-stomach part!
Hehehe it was so funny and enjoyable!
Continue very soon and please pm me!

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Congrats for the new thread...great update..thanks for the pm..

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awww that baby part was cuteee!!!

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