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ArshiSS:Falling In love Again (part 3|pg 15|29/13)

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"Damn it! Now where is my black coat? HP... Di... I don't get it why the hell it is so difficult to find something in this house without ... "


"Ji Arnav bhaiya kuch chahiye apko?" (ji Arnav bhaiye do you want something?) HP said running towards Arnav Singh Raizada's room praying for his job and his LIFE.

"Where the hell is my black coat? It was supposed to get ironed and be in my room before I leave for office."

Getting ready for office use be an easily task for Arnav but from the past one week it seemed like climbing THE EVERST to him.

"Ji.. voh. Bhaiya.."


Anjali came in quickly at HP's rescue saving him from Arnav's rage. She tapped HP's shoulders lightly signalling him to leave. HP led out a sigh of relief leaving a fuming Arnav behind.

"Chotte, relax, see here is your coat" she said handling out the perfectly ironed coat to him.

"Thank you di." Arnav got the coat from his sister's hands and smoothly guided his hands through the sleeves.

"I guess you need your woman to be around you 24x7 else you will soon turn his house into ashes due to your fury. Kyuki gussa toh tumhari naak pe chobis ghante baitha rhta hai."  (Because you are 24x7 angry) Anjali lightly touched his nose teasingly before leaving the room.


But she abruptly stopped at the threshold of the door and turned around. She looked towards Arnav excitedly "Chotte are you really going to office TODAY."

"Di I go office daily. So what so special about TODAY that I won't go to the office." Arnav folded his arms and raised his brows.

"Ah.. so you forgot chotte? I though you love her but I guess you don't ... Oh i get it. It must be some important meeting at office today that's why you won't join us." Anjali shook her head pretended to be dejected, but hell she was enjoying it. And that look on Arnav's face... Oh god it was priceless.


Such a vital piece of information had nearly slipped HIS mind. When did MR. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA started forgetting thing. Damn it SHE was driving him crazy.


"Dont worry I will manage if you can't go. I will tell nani, she won't mind." Anjali was trying very hard to suppress her smile.

"NO! WAIT DI!.." Arnav nearly shouted. "I mean di, I will come along with you guys to Gupta house. I mean... I mean ... you know family needs to be there while giving the shagun to the would be bride. I will come."

"No chotte. It's not like that is mandatory, I totally have no problem with you going to office." Anjali knew his brother well; she knew he won't leave this opportunity and that's what happened.

"I can do this much for everybody di. Don't worry I will mange." He grabbed his car's keys which were lying on the bed and left the room.




Khushi was standing near her room's window

waiting for them to arrive,

waiting for him to arrive.


She was getting impatient with the every passing second. But suddenly her breadth came to a halt and her heart beats started to accelerate.


She could feel him around.


She eyes brightened up and lips turns into a shyly smile as she saw his white SUV stopping in front of her house.


She slightly bended towards the window to just get carried away as she saw HER Arnav ji getting out of the car dressed in black looking no less than Salman Khan. She was so into what she was seeing the she almost forgot that Arnav had also seen her.


Arnav was in high spirits seeing khushi as he was in his sweet heaven seeing his angel peeking out through the window wearing a red net saree with beautiful diamonds studded around and wearing the ghumkas which Arnav gifted her on their first date. Arnav winked at her which made khushi realise about the fact that she starting Arnav and he had seen her. She quickly hides herself behind the curtains while her cheeks turned into the deepest colour of red putting the red in her saree in shame.




Buaji opened the door to greet the jolly face of the raizada's.


"Namaste Namaste. Come in" buaji said guiding them towards the sofa. "What would you like to have tea or coffee? Wait a minute. Garima tell OP to get some snacks."

"Please  ... no no Madhumati ji no formalities. We are fine. " Nani reassured.

"On second thought we do need something your buaji which is really precious to you. Kyu mere pyare bhai ? (Right brother)" anjali said teasingly.


Arnav gave Anjli an irritated look while Akash was smiling and Buaji and Shashi gave a confused look towards Anjali.

"What do you mean bitiya?" shashi asked curious.

"We want you daughter for my grandson. We want to make her bahu of the Raizada family." Nani broke the new to the gupta's softly yet with lot of enthusiasm.


Buaji , Shashi and Garima looked at each other ,shocked ,trying to process the new piece of information.


"We have also talked about it with Khushi bitiya, She is with us in this."After not getting any response nani decided to continue "Infact I and Anjali bitiya also talked to a pandit and he said the two are made for each other. So what do you say..."


Shashi looked towards Garima "Go get some sweets... Mukh meetha krne ke liye (sweets are a must for celebration.)"

"So that means it's a yes from your side?" Anjali asked ecstatically

"Yes Anjali bitiya It's a Yes from our side. We have no problem, infact we are really happy .. but.."

"But what uncle Ji?"

"But I guess we should ask her once."

"Don't worry I will call the girls and let them know." Buaji volunteered getting up from her seat.


 And after some time Arnav saw buaji, Payal and KHUSHI, HIS KHUSHI entering the room. The whole room came to a standstill as the two looked at each other, feeling the other, breathing in sync, and their hearts beating in a syn. They were not aware of their surround as the time was passing and passing and passing.


His BBM pinged. He looked at the screen. It was from Khushi. He opened it eagerly.


From: Khush

LAAD GORNER... Stop looking at me like that. Everybody is seeing us.



From: Laad Governor

I can't stop myself Khushi. You look hot today.


Khushi gasped in surprised and her mouth opened wide forming a perfect "O" with her eyes popping out of her sockets.

She looked up from her BB's screen towards Arnav only to see him lashing his irresistible smirk at her. She quickly looked back at the screen as she heard the


From: Laad Governor

Don't do that Khush. U will regret it later then, because I feel like ...


Khushi composed herself with a lightning fast speed.




From: Khush

Sheeesh !!! Arnav ji Sharam kajiye. Nani, buaji, amma , bauji everybody is around you can't talk like that in front of them.



From: Laad Governor

Hahaha! Dont worry khush they can't listen us.


Khushi looked giving him STOP-IT look while Arnav passed her a naughty smirk.


Anjali who was spotting the pool of emotions playing on khush ans Arnav's face poked Arnav in his stomach and giggled as she said "Patience chotte, patience. Don't worry she is all yours. But let her come RM first."


Arnav gave his sister an ASR look while Khushi blushed feverishly.


"Why don't we let the two hang out till we make arrangements for the rooka ceremony?" Nani suggested.

"But alone..." Bauji ji said hesitating.

"Don't worry buaji I know the best company for them." Anjali proposed "Khushi ji and Payal ji why don't you show the Arnav and Akash around."

For once and just for once Arnav was really thankful to his sister because finally he will be able to spend some time with HIS KHUSHI because for her.




The girls guided the boys through the GM.


Arnav stopped in between to attend an important call. Payal and Akash proceeded while Khushi stopped for Arnav. She was looking out through the giant window of second floor while waiting for Arnav and wondering how her life changed when Arnav became an exclusive part of it.


Khushi felt relaxed as Arnav's hands encircled her hugging her from behind. She leaned back finding comfort in his warmth. Arnav rested his chin one her shoulder and murmured lightly in her ears "Thinking about me?"


Khushi nodded her head softly leaning more into the warmth and wrapping her own hands around his.


"I love you Khushi. I love you more than my life." Arnav confessed while turning khushi towards him.


"I love you too Arnav ji. I love you too."


Khushi was going to hug Arnav but stopped as soon they heard a chirpy happy voice approaching the two.


"PAAA..."  came the voice and its owner hugged Arnav.


Arnav reflexively hugged her back picking her up and kissing her "Aww... where was my princess?"


"Arshi bleeping." said Arshi, the two year old in sleepy voice rubbing her eyes removing the last trace of sleep with she had and then hugging Arnav with her small hand "Arshi kissed Papa."

"Arshi it's sleeping not bleeping ... and missed not kissed." Khushi corrected smiling at the father daughter duo.

"Hey Devimaiya" Arshi said pressing with the heel of her palm. "Next time, Arshi right pkka pkka."


Arnav was feeling proud holding their bundle of joy who was complete carbon copy of the mother. 


"My baby was sleeping "Arnav said animatedly "papa too missed her angel" he lightly kissed her check "and kissed too." He was in complete admiration and felt complete seeing his little princess anh khushi after a week as Khushi and Arshi had come to GM for a week's stay as Shashi wasn't well.


Arshi returned his kiss which was only much more sweeter and was in her papa's embrace again.  


"Papa no miss mumma" arshi pouted making a sad face "no kiss mumma."


Khushi was blushing AGAIN as her milky white skin turned into crimson red.


She knew people said that their daughter was just like her but in reality she was her papa's girl with the same crazy streak as his.



It had been four years of blissful marriage and now they had a daughter too but Arnav Singh Raizada's Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada still blushed like a newly wedded wife and he loved it. His life was flushed with endless love, happiness and countless precious moments because for Khushi and he daily thanked her, showering her with his Love.


"Papa missed mumma" Arnav reassured his princess looking at Khushi with lots of unsaid love and affection. He pecked Khushi's cheek "And papa kissed mumma too"  making Khushi blush more deeper, which made her look as if her cheeks were on fire.


Oh sweet lord ! I so love you Mrs. Khushi Kumara Gupta Singh Raizada.


"But mummy doest miss papa" Arnav continued making a sad face looking at Arshi "see she didn't kissed me like my baby."


Khushi was eyeing Arnav giving him YOU-BETTER-NOT-SAY-THAT-MR. RAIZADA look.


"Arnav ji I guess we should leave." Khushi huffed.

"See Arshi mummy doesn't love us" Arnav made a puppy face.

"Please muumy" Arshi said joining her papa "Mumma you love us nah"


Aww... Khushi loved them, who knew how to get their work done making those puppy look faces which melted her just like that. Khushi nodded her head thinking about it, and smiled admiring her Life ' HER ARNAV JI AND THEIR ARSHI.


"Mumma love you Dear"Khuhsi said kissing her daughter's cheek and "papa too.."  She was moving forward all shyly but didn't completed what she started as they heard




They all looked towards the source of noise.


"Anjali bau..." Arshi screamed clapping her hands with pleasure seeing her Bua standing and grinning.

 "Welcome di. What a Perfect timing." Arnav mentally cursed his family for their perfect timing.

" Thank you chotte." Anjali managed to say between her laughs "Actually I have much more important task to do. Which reminds me of, if you both are done would you solicit the pleasure of your benign company to grace the auspicious occasion of rooka ceremony of your lovely Brother/ devar Akash Singh Raivada with your adorable saali/jij Payal Gupta" Anjali completed in single breadth "I will see you down  I GUESS" Ajali left mocking healthily .


"I will get back to you Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada" Arnav said at leering and blushing Khushi.

"Shall we?" Arnav asked offering khushi his right hand while arshi was in his other hand.

Khushi took his hand lovingly and rested her head on his shoulder as "THEIR PERFECT FAMILY" proceeded downstairs.


     ~~~~ To Be Continued~~~~~




Part 2: The First Kiss

Part 3 : Arshi's Trip To Pleasure


please guys do tell me how u fell about it  ... because i have no idea if it is qualified to be an OS... I am super scared about it.. i literally had my heart inside my mouth while posting it ... Ouch 


I hope you will like it rimzu.. Embarrassed will it compensate for the update... Wink


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ty for the pm

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Awww!!! Sweeet!!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!

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dat was simply b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!!!!!!
awsome os...

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beautyful, lovely, adorable story:)
true a beauty:)

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awesome loved it.

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