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Happy Shonalicious Birthday Shilpa Anand <3 <3 (Page 3)

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Chapter 8

This part is for 18+.. It contains very explicit materials.If
you want to read this part then like this post or request
for it in PM. If you are uncomfortable then kindly avoid it.

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Chapter 9

Next morning, Ranbir woke up, and he realized that Shilpa was nowhere to be seen. He wore his tracks and went towards her room and knocked umpteenth times at her door but no reply. He called the reception from where he got to know that she already left, but she didn't informed where she was going.


Ranbir was angry, 'How can she leave like that??'


He shouted..

'After what happened last night, she left without saying anything?????'.


'What the f***!!' He dialled his office number to ask if she had informed the office, but they said she requested for 2 weeks break. 

He told them to reject her leave application and inform her that she report to work now but he got informed that she already gave her resignation letter in case her leave application is rejected.


Ranbir was now highly pissed off. He wanted to break all that was in front of him . He was frustrated beyond the world could imagine.


'She went to that bas***d!' He said angrily.


He ordered the hotel to get his helicopter ready as he will leave just now.


'Ma, please open your eyes, Please Ma ' Look I'm here,' Shilpa cried looking at her mom who lay all pale and helpless stuck to the machines.


'Doctor why isn't she answering', Shilpa shouted looking at the Dr.Malhotra.

'Miss. Anand please try to relax, she went in V fib as her heart stopped responding, and after a lot of pumping we have a very slow pulse,' Dr.Malhotra tried explaining to Shilpa what happened, last night.


'We tried calling you , but you weren't answering that's why we had to perform immediate bypass without your consent.' Dr,Malotra told shilpa with concern.


Shilpa was angry at herself for not answering her phone when her mother needed her the most she was doing something that she never thought she would do in her life.

'But Doctor, she will be alrite na?', SHilpa asked him with worry and concern.


'Miss.Anand we have done our best as you know her cancer is at the last stage and doing the bypass at this stage is very risky, we didn't have any other option left, it's all in the hands of God now,'

Dr. Malhotra said and took a crying SHilpa out of the CCU ' 'Shilpa, please relax everything will be okay ,' Dr.Malhotra said as he placed his hand on her shoulder.



'Ranbir STOP it '' Just stop it '. What are doing ', shouted a crying Shilpa at Ranbir. She held his arms to stop him from further punching Dr. Malohtra.



Saying that he made himself free of Shilpa's grip and punched him even harder this time making his face bleed.

'What you are doing Ranbir, STOP IT, I SAID STOPP IT '. ', Shilpa almost shouted.


Which made Ranbir startled and surprised he has never heard anyone talk to him like that.  His anger rose again, watching her crying made him realised may be this time he has crossed the line.

But what can he do, he could never see her with another man.. 'Ranbir, do have any idea what you just did? , he's My Mum's Doctor, only her Doctor, Him and Me????Never,'Shilpa said crying'.


'SHilpa I saw you two both '.. Hugging, I feel ashamed of even saying that,' Ranbir hissed.


'Ranbir! No'. he was just consoling me like a friend, my Mum is not doing well, these medications are failing to cure her. He was. He was just telling me that everything will be okay, But there isn't anything between us', SHilpa cried more and felt sad that she has to explain her innocence.


'This is the truth Ranbir'.trust me.' Shilpa was in tears.


Afraid to see Ranbir's expressions, he turned away and started walking past her.


'I know you'd be angry to know the truth, but I only followed my heart. Is it wrong? I mean I just did for the sake of what we shared. I...' She tried explaining him by giving him reasons of why he should trust her.


'Why didn't you said this before?' Ranbir asked ignoring what SHilpa was saying or rather explaining.


She pulled Ranbir close to her... her eyes full of tears and regret. He could feel her pain, it made him uncomfortable. She held his hand so tight, it almost hurt him.


'Why didn't you tell me'. Shilpa ? You knew I would understand your state of mind. I too love you goddammit! At least you should have tried talking to me!'


Shilpa was in tears. All her efforts to hold back the tears were in vain.


'I was scared to lose you. I thought you would never understand what I and my mum have been through, because nobody else did. ' Shilpa cried Ranbir held her shoulders tightly this time the thought of her with that man that he hated all life was over powering his brain.


'Shilpa, I want to believe you, but I don't trust that man and I told you earlier I will help you to take your MOM to a better place for treatment but you never agreed and now him being the sole reason behind your NO's. I don't trust him nor did I ever trust the genes he carries' Ranbir said with Pain and hatred in his voice.


'What do you mean by that?', asked Shilpa in a shock ….

'Shilpa,' before Ranbir could explain her why he hate people with the name Aman he heard the doctors shouting.


Shilpa ran towards the CCU door followed by Ranbir just to see that her mum was being given electric shocks to revive her heartbeat again.


Tears flowed her eyes like streams, she was helpless and as couldn't help her mum at all.. Ranbir held her hands tightly only to give her strength this time which she needed the most.


Her mother was laying their life less, as the sound of the beep indicating her death surrounded the room, it was pin drop silence until Dr. Malhotra announced, 'Time of
Death 18.45'!


Shilpa fell on the floor And cried loudly breaking the silence of the room Ranbir held her for support and tried calming her down but but she needed to vent this pain out she cried hard and loud .. and all that time Ranbir held her close to himself her close to himself  he wanted to take away all the pain she was felling right no.

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Chapter 10

It's been a month since her mother passed away, Ranbir managed all the funeral arrangements and Shilpa just went with all that he did. He had been by her side in
everything; she was living in his home from the very day her mum died.


 She never imagined she would see this side of him, so caring and so supportive.. They were more like official couple now. She was touched by his every gesture. He helped her get through this dark phase .but there was something that she knew he was hiding from her.


That thing he was about to tell her that day. Today she wanted to ask him. Today she was pestering him with questions but he was playing along answering to none and adding to her annoyance..


'Tell Na ,' She said ''.

'Why are you not telling me about your first kiss', she asked again..


'Shilpa, I never kissed anyone before You ,' He said casually '..


'Really, how come?'.


'Because I got without kissing only,''.. he said just to receive a punch from her.


'What do you want to talk about'?


'Ummm, you never tell me who do you talk to everyday and why do you hate the name Aman so much?' She asked slowly feeling his body getting stiff by seconds.

'It's nothing SHilpa , please let it go,' He said in a low voice….


'No please tell me.' She caressed his cheek .


This was a secret he never shared with anyone but today he felt like sharing it with her. He wanted to take this burden of his self now. All these years he has lived with this and now he wants to let it go forever.


'Shilpa my life was not was not easy since childhood. I am not like that how people see me now. I have suffered so much, and since then I promised myself I will not suffer anymore which made me this person now.'


SHilpa kept quite only to let him continue she knew he needs to take it all out.


'It's not like I never tried coming out of it several times, but they somehow managed to citation me. Gradually, I surrendered myself to fate and accepted my life with cold insensitivity and inertia. I committed some unpleasant and monstrous things without the slightest sense of remorse or regret. I wasn't a human being anymore.'


'What did you do?', asked a worried Shilpa.


'Shilpa,' he grabbed her arms tightly, 'the truth is I've done many horrible things in my life, things that I'm truly ashamed of. I'm a blasphemy for everyone, including myself and so I remain distant from people. I never made any friends, never formed any relationships and the onethat I cherish, my grandma. I only meet her once or twice a year because she knows everything about me, everything. And whenever I face her, and look into her eyes... I see disappointment,' a tear spilled down his face.


'Yes she is the one I Talk to every day, She lives In Delhi and she is the pillar of my strength, she gave me everything when the God took everything away from me. But I have let her down so many times'.


'She's disappointed in me for being the person that I amand that kills me. And therefore I shut down every goddamn feeling that somehow managed to persevere in me. I never smiled, cried, felt any happiness or sorrow until...' he gulped penetrating into her eyes, 'until I met you. Grandma always pushed me to socialize to make friends so that I'd change a bit but I never relent to her' …..


'I started to think ways, ways to keep myself apart from this world in every possible way, I knew this world is fake and people living are more fake than the world itself, there's no one who can decide my life, my destiny, my path and that's why I made myself immune to these worldly affairs'', Ranbir cried silently holding her hand tightly in his big ones'


He continued, 'I mean My own mother, she did it to her own blood nflesh like I wasn't her part, she abandoned me when I was so vulnerable, when I needed her the most only for that bas***d'' She left my father, me only to give birth to her dirtiest deed'..', Ranbir said in anger standing up as his hands were closed in a tight fist. Yes I hate the name Aman just for the Fact it's the name of the brother of mine that was my mum's horrible deed. I hate it, I HATE HIM Shilpa and I hate that bas***d for taking my Mother away from me ''.. He cried saying all that.

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Chapter 11

Shilpa held him tightly as she could, she knew he needed that support this time he was so vulnerable. She hugged him and let him continue. She could never imagine him going through this much which broke her heart in many piece and tears spilled down her cheeks.


"SHilpa you opened something in me that I had shut down for years. You don't deserve me, you don't deserve a man that I am and I know, I shouldn't be with you for your own sake but I can't stop myself from loving you,' and he said those words she was longing to hear forever…


'I love you, Shilpa, I love you a lot. Even if it doesn't seem right for us to be together but I'm selfish enough to hope and pray that you'll also return my love. It's you or death now.'


With his confession, Shilpa finally found the comfort among this troublesome and drained life.

"You can't possibly begin to understand how I've craved to hear those words from you, Ranbir. I always wondered why you were so detached and cold and that ached me, seeing you drifting away from me. But now that you've put your trust in me and revealed everything about yourself then it's my responsibility too, to tell youhow I feel," she approached him with teary eyes.'


I love you too. I've always loved you, Ranbir. You're the only person who has truly made me happy. That wasn't the case when I met u first in your office and I never knew I would ever imagine saying this but now it's changed everything is changed and now I would die if u are away from me'.


The gleaming rays of sun pierced through the dark, deserted and abandon heaths, emanating the beam of hope, equanimity and love as Ranbir wrapped Shilpa in his arms with immense bliss and contentment in his heart.


They remain intact in a loving embrace comforting and healing each other for the wounds inflicted by life inthe past. Holding Shilpa's face in his hands Ranbir whispered, dream of.


He planted his lips on hers sending shivers down their spine and bursting a frenzy of ecstasy and elation in their hearts.


Clinging to his arms, Shilpa surrendered to his intoxicating delight as he grabbed her back and pulled her closer to him. Their bodies were so entwined into one another that even the air couldn't escape. Grabbing his head, she persuaded him closer as his tongue parted her lips tasting her.


They surrendered themselves in the need of Love and passion that they shared now and will share it forever !


'To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason and to care without expectation.'

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 What a Madhouse Experience this is ROFL
Firstly...umm this is Neha ...ID banned but had worked on SA's BD thread LOL

So hello to all my friends here Hug

And Happy Birthday Shona...you are the sole reason I entered IF and this web world...and yu gave me these amazing gem friends so a big thankyu to yu Embarrassed

May God bless yu always Shona...coz yur simply Worth it Wink

A Big thankyu to every1 whos worked behind this Thread...wasnt possible without the team effort Embarrassed

We Rock Guyzzz Cool

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Res Party
7 more mins to go Dancing

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KaShappy Birthday SHONAAA!
Hope ur all dreams and wishes come true! May God bless you with all the happiness and love that you deserve! May you always share the love and happiness you bring so easily to all your fans!! 
Enjoy loads. Love you Shilpa. We Pray for the best for you
!Love you again!

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