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Happy Shonalicious Birthday Shilpa Anand <3 <3 (Page 2)

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Poster Credit: Nori
Edited by: Aisha
Written by: Taliah & Aisha
Script: Taliah

Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer

Credit: Nina

Character Sketch:-

Ranbir Kapoor (28 years old) He is the Business Tycoon with the ability to move the world around his finger.He is Ruthless and Arrogant, self- obsessed and highly talented for his own good. Every women of the city desired him but he only desired the power he owned.He is a ridiculously gorgeous gazillionaire. Young and Smart. He pilots his own helicopter. He drives cool cars. He broods.

Shilpa Anand(25 years old):- so afraid of letting anyone close,She has built a fortress around her heart after it was broken badly by her past.She is A standard but graceful girl, simply dressed, an insecure girl who thinks of herself as unattractiv

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Chapter 1


'You're doing much better, Mrs. Anand' ,Dr.Malhotra the Neurosurgeon said to Shilpa's mom with a smile. As he looked through various Ct scans and Blood works done earlier in the day. 


'It's not true, Dr. Malhotra, I know my illness is getting worse day by day,' Padma Anand replied looking sadly towards Dr. Malhotra and then her daughter who looked concerned. 


'Ma, Please, Dr. Malhotra is saying that all the reports are much better than the last time, we should remain positive', Shilpa said clearing her throat. 


'Your daughter is Right Mrs. Anand, we should remain positive and since the labs shows that your condition is much better why lose hope,' Dr Malik explained both of them, to which both of them nodded their heads. 


'Nurse, please take Mrs. Anand back to her bed and start the drip I prescribed,' Dr. Malhotra explain the nurse the next proceeding and the nurse took Padma with her as Shilpa stayed back to ask the Doctor some questions. 


Before Dr. Malhotra could say anything, Shilpa knew what he will say, and what she's been dreading to hear.


'Dr. Malhotra, I know you have been very kind to us when it comes to finance troubles but I'm trying my best to get a decent job, in fact today I have an interview lined up, hopefully I'll get the job,' Shilpa said in a Breath, with tears forming in her eyes.


'Ms.Anand ,Please, I understand completely, but I can't really push the trustee's anymore, I know you are trying your best but I am answerable to them as well, and your Mother needs another round of Chemo, urgently, I hope you understand,' Dr. Malhotra said helplessly.


'Yes Doctor, I understand, and the money I deposited just now would be enough of the next chemo round, please can u start with that, ill surely pay all the pending money as soon as possible,' SHilpa tired explaining and left.


She left the doctor's cabin to go and check her mother in her ward one last time before leaving for her interview, watching her mother with needles all over her body broke her heart in little pieces but she can't be weak, she had to stay strong and confident for her mother and the job interview she was about to go for, she wiped her tears and left the hospital and drove off to her interview location.


Reaching her destination THE RK Groups of Companies, she got of her car and was astounded to see the huge building in front of her tiny self. It was covered with glass and steel making it look stand out. RK engraved stone, proudly placed on the top of the entrance. She walked into the lobby to see two receptionists behind a solid sandstone desk.


'Hi, I have an Interview for the post of Personal Secretary,' Shilpa said with a nervous smile as she figured everyone dressed in stylish office wear and then realising what she was wearing a simple Suit.


Never before she was this nervous of what she was wearing but today entering this grand office made her feel diffident and nervous .


'Excuse me one moment please, Miss Anand', said the receptionist as she checked her from top to bottom and giving her a revolting look for her dress sense.


She told her to take the elevator nervously, hearing the people behind her laughing at her. She turned around gathering all the courage she had and gave them a look, that made them quite instantly and as all of them returned to their respective work, after all in all these years she has made herself confident enough to face people.


His office was on the 30th storey of the office building, Shilpa almost felt dizzy after being in the elevator for 29th stories as she saw another woman approaching her. She told her to go inside as Mr. Kapoor is expecting her.


Letting out a deep sigh, Shilpa entered the glorious glass door that led to a gigantic room made of glass windows. There was a massive wooden desk as clean as if no work has ever been done here. White ceiling, glossy black floor, two leather seats accompanied by a little table on the left side that had an amazing crystal piece to give it the glow it needed. Besides it there was huge display art of abstract painting that looks stunning with the decor.


But the thing that fascinated her was the mesmerizing view of the city outside from the big glass windows; she went near it to see closely, she was so involved in the beauty which she was witnessing from such an enormous height that she did not even realise someone entering the room from another conjoined door.


'Miss. Anand..', she heard someone call her making her jump with panic and was about to fall her eyes were tightly shut in fear. But someone's strong hands were already underneath her petite waist saving her from falling.


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Chapter 2

She opened her eyes to see an exquisiteness that she had never seen before. He was so attractive and his gloomy sharp features were making her speechless. His dark brown eyes that were staring her made her conscious of what position they were actually in.

'I'm Sorry, I'm so sorry,' Shilpa said quivering and struggling to get out of his strong embrace. He made her stand.

'Miss. Anand, I think u need to learn some manners before u even apply for a job here, ' Ranbir said with attitude filled voice.

'I am sorr..y.. Sir' , Shilpa tried making words but she was shushed by him the very next moment.

'I think without wasting much more time, we should start with the interview, you have already wasted my 5 mins',he said to her and signalled her to sit opposite his desk.

Shilpa herself wasn't unsure if she would able to do this interview, from the very first glance she had of his brown eyes she drowned in them. He was dressed in a black Dolce suit white a white crisp shirt neatly hidden with the waist coat and a black tie, his slightly stubble defining his jaw line and his eyes like a seep ocean with hundreds of waves roving 100 miles per sec. He was tall and very attractive, very very attractive as she would say, but he was rude too. Full of arrogance.

Breaking out of her trance she bended to collect her things that were on the floor. She saw him not helping her like all gentleman do, but he was busy with his laptop She stood up abruptly, gave him a disgusting look for the attitude he was showing and sat down.

'Miss.Anand, I have read your Resume and from the look of it you are qualified enough for this job, but what makes me think twice about my decision, is fluctuating work experiences and secondly your dress sense, it's horrible', said Ranbir looking at her repulsively which made Shilpa a bit uncomfortable.

'Sir, I think you are no one to comment of what I wear and what I don't and secondly it's my personal reasons of why I have so many fluctuating job experiences.', Shilpa said confidently, making Ranbir surprised by her response. He got fumed as no body as ever replied him back that way ever.

'Excuse me, as I told u earlier if you want to apply for a Job in RK, you need to learn manners I think you should leave now,' Ranbir said in anger.

'Before you tell me to leave I'm going myself', with that Shilpa took her belongings and started to go towards the door.

As she reached the door, she recalled what Dr.Malhotra explained. Her all those flashes covered her mind, how her mother needs the treatment and how much she needs this job.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she never wanted to work in a place where the there isn't any respect shown and that too on the very first meeting, but she didn't had a choice. Wiping away her tears, she turned around and found her to be Boss scanning the files on his table.

'What brings you back, Miss Gupta', Ranbir said smirking but didn't look at her face that was disconcerted due to the tears.

'I am' Sor'. I am Sorry Si..r', ' Shilpa apologized in a very low shaky voice.

'OH, I'm Sorry Miss, Gupta, U said something, Ranbir grinned and asked her in a very innocent way.

Shilpa felt extremely disgusted that she was apologizing to a man like him but she was bound with responsibilities.

'I'm Sorry, very Sorry Sir, but please Sir, I really need this job, Shilpa almost cried.

'Really? And why should I be so kind and give you this job, Look Miss Anand,I don't take attitudes, and the people who even try, I thrown them out, you should feel extremely lucky that you are even standing here in my OWN bloody cabin, NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF
HERE', Ranbir said in a firm and loud voice making her startled.

'Sir, Please'. Please'. I really need'.. I really need this job,' Shilpa said, with tears stated to fall out of her eyes.

'Oh Please Stop it will you, all the girly DRAMA'.. When you don't get all you girls love doing is your Daily crying session', Ranbir said while leaning back on his chair, and watched her carefully as she cleaned her tears.

 She slowly turned around to go out but was surprised to hear Ranbir's voice, 'SToP, Your Hired!', Ranbir said , as She turned around to look at him with shocked expressions.

'Sorry Sir, what Did You just said,' Shilpa asked looking at Ranbir, one minute he was scolding her and now suddenly he thought of giving her the job.

'R u Deaf? I don't like repeating twice, I think u heard me', Ranbir Looked back at his laptop ignoring her.

'Thank yo'.. .', before she could complete her word, she heard him saying.

'Stop with all this, you have already wasted 15 minutes, go and get me a Decafe Latte!', Ranbir said annoyingly.

'Sir, Now?', SHilpa asked confusingly' 'I thought I start tomorrow'. 'Excuse Me, I just told You I don't like repeating, Here,I am your boss. You should start whenever I want you to! SO go NOW.. And Stop bothering me.. .'

'But Sir'., '

'You want the Job or not Miss Gupta?, Ranbir asked in a Firm Final tone'

'Yes, I'll get your Latte Sir, Shilpa said repulsively, and left his room, thinking,

'What does this man think of himself, God or what? '. SO Rude, so disgusting SO, Annoying'.. ufff, How will I work for him, that to his PA'.. OMG ''

As Shilpa went out of the room, Ranbir Threw a paper holder on the floor in frustration, 'I gave her the JOB''??? How can I ..???? She answered me back???? DAMN IT!!!! , BUT She Cried '.. Her tears'..' , Thinking that he threw the pen of also that was in his hand '

5 minutes later,

As Shilpa Entered his cabin with his Latte, she saw a lady his office settling some papers on his desk and he was no-where to be seen.

'Umm, Where is sir,I bought his Latte', Shilpa asked the Lady. 'Boss has gone for a conference call, take this away because he will not be needing that now, and he told me to tell you to report at the Job tomorrow 7 am sharp', said the lady.

'7. am? But the office starts at 9.am', Shilpa asked confusingly. The lady just looked at her with a smirk on her face and said as she walked passed her, 'Sweetheart welcome to RK '. 

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Chapter 3

'Good morning Sir' Shilpa said in a low voice as Ranbir entered his cabin. He neither replied her nor heard her greeting. He was too busy talking to some clients on his phone.

Reaching his chair he sat down finally putting his phone down and looked towards his new PA and spoke 'As far as I remember, I told you to learn the manners didn't I?'

'Sir, I didn't understand', Shilpa said in a low voice looking towards him confusingly.

Raising his eyebrows to her query he said, 'Good Morning '.. I think this is how you greet your Boss'.

Shilpa was about to tell him that she did said but she was interrupted, 'Don't worry I know where you came from they don't use formal language there, But I want to be Professional and formal, You get it,' Ranbir said in a slight anger and taunting way, making Shilpa angry and insulted but she somehow controlled her anger.

'Did accounting deliver the revenue projections yet?' Ranbir asked reading the papers.

'I don't know Sir, I mean No not yet Sir', Shilpa answered.

'What do you mean you dont know? , You are the one responsible for all this work?', Ranbir hissed in anger looking at her.

'Im sorry Sir'….

'Oh please cut this crap will you, it's been 1 week you're here and still you are not learning,' Ranbir said annoyingly.

'Sir, actually I was a bit stuck up with some personal problem..' SHilpa tried explaining him.

Her mother was not well, as the new chemo is very painful for her and she been staying in the hospital all night and all day I the office thanks to Ranbir.

'Personal Problem?' Really Miss. Anand '.. This is not how things work here in RK, when you start working here you need to forget about your personal so called problems, we have more problem here to solve .

'Sir, I'm Sorry but my personal problems are very important for me,' SHilpa answered back, hearing him saying all those heart less things.

Hearing her answering him back once again made Ranbir extremely angry. He stood up abruptly making Shilpa scared. He started walking towards her.

'Si'r..What ..A..re Yo..u doin'g ?' Shilpa asked him in a shaky voice as she saw him proceeding towards her with anger visible on his face.

As he advanced towards her she moved back until she could move at all, due to the cold wall that touched her back. He smirked seeing her condition. As he was about to touch her side of the face. She tried moving but his hand stopped her and rested on the wall besides her face.  She looked at him with fear filled eyes.

She tried moving again but his other hand stopped her again and this time she was trapped. He saw something that he didn't noticed in this past week' her Hazel eyes clean n shiny , telling him her whole life story but still there was something that was enclosed between them..  

He gazed down he saw her pink lips that trembled with passion or it was only fear .He was getting intoxicated with her smell. It was something that he never felt ever with a girl this close to him.

He wanted to touch her cheeks that were now in a deep pink shade but As he looked up to scan her eyes again, he saw the tears brimming in her eyes and it was due to the terror she felt right now she looked so fragile and he was breaking it ..

 He slowly and gradually removed his hands from her sides and moved a little back telling her to just go now.  She instantly runaway outside leaving her belongings on the floor Ranbir rested his head on the very wall and breathed heavily.

He never felt that sensations that he just felt standing so close to her he was frustrated beyond imagination and went towards her table throwing the paper weight on the floor harshly, why was he so attracted to her..

What's so interesting about her from the moment he saw her for the first time. Yes the time she entered for the interview he was attracted to the beauty she possess, but he hid it with his anger.

His anger his harsh words towards her all this time, was an effort to hide what he has started feeling for her' BUTHE NEVER allowed a girl affecting him that much '..

But she was different and WHY ?

SHilpa ran as fast as she could towards the rest room. She panted hard trying to catch her breath and removing her tears that were forming in her eyes.. She washed her face with cold water to calm herself down.  Never ever she has allowed someone to come close to her, but he was the first one to cross that line.  

She was terrified but there was something inside her that was telling her not to be.  For the first time she saw him She was attractive to this man, his first glance was captivating but his attitude ruined the image that she created with the first meeting..

He was ruthless and highly proud of himself and that's what she never believes, she like simplicity. But him coming this close was effecting her badly. She looked herself in the mirror trying to figure how she really felt this time.

She went towards her desk and started doing her extra work that was given by her boss on purpose, as she requested him for leaving early today as her mum needed her but he said no personal problems.

She never told Ranbir about her sick mom because she doesn't need sympathy, but he was torturing her like this for no reason. She wanted to ignore him today completely after what happened in the cabin but she can't help it, she was his PA and has to obey whatever he said.

She went inside his cabin to ask him if she could go early today but she heard him talking to someone in a verylow voice and very soft tone as well that was a surprise for her. Before she could go out of his cabin, she felt someone grabbing her hand and pulled her back inside.

'Intruding in someone else's personal space?' Asked Ranbir with anger on his face.

'Sir , I wasn't', ……….

'Oh shutup, when will you learn the manners?'

Shilpa felt extremely angry this time and he moved her hand out of his grip.

'You were the one talking about not involving the Personal Problem here in the office and WOW the CEOhimself is doing ', Shilpa almost shouted.

Ranbir pinned her to the wall again and this time her wrists were trapped in his big palms.

'Nobody talks to me like that, Understand?, this is my Office my rules,' Now Get the hell of out my sight,' With that he left her wrist and turned around.

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Chapter 4

Ma, I'm trying my best to adjust in the office but he is so rude,' Shilpa explained her mum the things she has been experiencing in her work place.

'Beta, I know it's hard for you, but we don't have a choice.' Padma tried explaining her.

'Ma, these two months were so hard for me and I'm in contract with his company for a year now and I can't leave before it'. SHilpa said sadly.

'But Ma, there something I feel he is not that person that he seems to show the world, I have seen him talking to someone with a voice full of Care and love, and Ma he is always rude to me but sometimes he does things that are surprisingly caring.'

'SHilpa sweetheart, why do I feel u are attracted towards him.?'

'No Ma, there's nothing like it.' She replied but inside she knows she had feeling for him that were unknown to her.

'Acha Ma, you take care, I should go now', she kissed her mum a good bye and left for office.

As she was about to enter her office she heard someone calling her and she turned around to find Dr.Malhotra there.

'Doctor you here, is everything okay?'' Shilpa asked with concern.

'Miss.Anand, I was looking for you but you left before I my rounds, there is something important I want to discuss with you,' He said.

'What is it Doctor, Is Ma okay?' ….

'Miss Anand, Her reports indicate that her cancer is spreading at very fast rate and the chemo is not affecting her body.'

'What do you mean Doctor; you said the reports were good last time.'

'Yes but with cancer patient the body changes drastically and we can't control it.' He explained her. Shilpa's tear flowed listening to what her mother is going through. Dr.Malhotra came close to her to give her a side hug.

'Don't Worry Shilpa, Everything will be okay, we will try our best,' he said realising he just said her name. 'I'm sorry I meant Miss.Anand,' with that he moved away.

'It's Okay Doctor you can call me Shilpa,' Shilpa said in a low voice. Then you should call me Aman ', he said with a slight smile.

'And Don't worry, we are doing our best.' He said. 'And Don't worry, we are doing our best.' He said.

'Thanku Doct…', Aman.'

This little interaction was keenly observed by Ranbir through this cabin window and he was angry seeing her hugging another man. All these days he has fought with his feelings but he came to realize he can't control them... she was turning him mad with her presence. He called his worker and told him to find out who is that person Shilpa meets.

'Sir, His Name is Aman Malhotra and he is a Doctor at St John Hospital.'

'Aman!' Ranbir hissed in anger. 

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Chapter 5

May I come in Sir, Sorry I am a bit late.' Shilpa said looking at Ranbir who glared at her with mixed expressions.
'Yeah I saw you were very busy this morning,' he replied in a sarcastic tone.

'I'm sorry Sir,'

'No No don't be',….

'Sir, I went to meet my mother in the hospital,' She said in a low voice.

Oh Really?' he asked.

'Yes sir, she is not doing swell.' She replied in a sad tone which melted his heart. I told you I would help you take her to a nice hospital.'

He said forgetting that he was angry with her. No sir, I don't want Charity, I can take care of her myself. She answered which made him angry again.

'Sir, I can't go, Sir,' Shilpa stammered.
He stood up and went near her making her walk backward.
'Great, then please Give me your resignation and the money that you have to submit in the case of breaking the contact half way.'

He said calmly till she reached the wall.

'Sir, what do you mean', she asked hesitantly

'I mean if you can't fulfil the duty of a PA then there's no point of you working here and you can say Good bye to your job ', he said with smirk.

'Okay Sir, I will get my stuff,' she said and left the office as she was told to return in an hour.

He asked the office staff to get his Helicopter ready as he would be flying today to Delhi. He dialed the number of Aman.

'Hello, whose this?,' 'Don't waste your time asking about who am I , just STaY away from Shilpa.' Ranbir said in anger.

'Excuse me, who are you?' Aman asked confusingly.

'Just Stay away from her do you understand' saying this, Ranbir endd the call.

He saw shilpa in a red suit coming towards him. Her hair were flying due the wind that was pretty strong today making her look more exquisite as ever.

'Lets go,' he said to her pointing towards the office building.

'But Sir don't we go to the airport,' she asked.

 'Me, flying from Airlines,' No way,' He said with a grin.


'Come.' He took her to the Top floor of the office were Eurocopter AS 350B2 Ecureuil Stood in all its glory on the very Helipad made on his office building.

This was the first time she witnessed something like this and was spellbound.She never knew he could fly and that too a helicopter.

'Are you going fly.' she asked him still recovering with the fact.

 'Most definitely.' He smiled at her reaction.

Securely sat in the helicopter ready to fly she was feeling very nervous yet anxious. It was the first time she was going to have this experience. He gave her a smile that sent shiver down her spine but provided her the courage as well. 

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Chapter 6

This journey was the best she could ever had in her life. He kept watching her expression she looked happy excited and relaxed, he had never seen her so excited and he felt
happy that he could this much for her.

They landed on the top Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi. It was glorious and the manager of the hotel himself came to greet them and took them in their respective Suites. Their rooms were huge. Seemed like a flat more than a single room.


'You freshen up, the clients will be here for dinner and please wear something Formal and Classy,' Ranbir said Shilpa and closed his rooms door on her face.


'How Rude!,' She cursed him and went inside her room, to get ready for the evening. He told her to wear something classy. Well today she was going to surprise him. She thought and went in for a quick shower.

Ranbir went for a swim before the evening, as he came back he thought he should check on her to see If she's ready or not. He knocked twice but no reply. So he thought to go inside realising that she hasn't locked the room.


He saw her standing in front of the mirror getting ready but what surprised him most was the kind of outfit she wore. She was wearing a black strapless mini dress flaunting her beautiful long milky legs. She looked like some Goddess wither hair resting on the left side of her shoulder leaving her right shoulder bare as she put in her earrings.


He was shocked seeing her in western wear. He never thought she would be this much beautiful. She looked smashing with her pink lip gloss that made her lips more kissable. The kohl making her eyes dreamier. All these things made him want her more. But he must control himself before she realizes his feelings.


He was getting turned on second by second and he really needed to calm himself.. So he left before she could notice him.


He entered his grandeur lavatory tossed his attires in a jiffy just to have the cold shower he needed at this very moment to calm his exploding nerves down ,He started the shower bringing the temperature to the coolest resting his back on the cubicles.

Suddenly he gasped as he realized someone tracing his back sensually. He turned around to realize that SHilpa standing before him, with nothing on her delicate body and her hair falling on one side resting on her milky shoulder. Before he could do anything, she reduced the distance between them and hugged him tightly.


Desire filled eyes met him, as he held her creamy tiny waist tightly that the water even could pass their bodies and lifted her thigh with his other hand and wrapped her leg around his waist, stroking her calves.


HE was aroused and he wanted to take her here in the very shower cubicle. He kissed her nape and moved up towards her cheek kissing it ever so lightly followed by every inch on her face.


Trin , Trin,


Hearing his ringtone loudly, took him out of his erotic trance, making him realize how stimulated he was and how much he needed her, he slammed his hand angrily on the door with frustration.


HE moved out and checked his ringing IPhone. But it was her number which just added to his fuel.


'WHAT?', he almost screamed , making her stunned.


'Sir, the clients have arrived and they all are waiting for you in the dinner hall.'Shilpa said in a low voice.


'Tell them I'll be down in 5 mins., you don't have to remind me every single thing' Ranbir said annoyingly.


'But Sir you told me to inform you', Shilpa said but she was interrupted.


'I Know what I say and what I don't,' Ranbir said and he ended the call.

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 Chapter 7

Ranbir opened his wardrobe to take out his black suit and all this while Shilpa did not leave his mind. He was annoyed, he never thought he would crave for a woman in his life but this woman was making him crazy and now looking at her in that black dress has done the worst possible. He wanted to know what she feels for him.


He decided he'll not concentrate on her at all except for work related stuffs. He got dressed and looked the best like he always do and went to the dinner hall to meet the clients.


'Hi Sapna, how are you ?', Ranbir greeted one the clients with a hug , looking at Shilpa sideways .


He could see she was annoyed. He realised this only way to know her inner feelings.


'I'm great Ranbir, What a warm welcome and I must say you look hot as ever,' Sapna replied to his greeting in a sexy manner with a kiss on his cheek and this didn't help calming Shilpa's jealousy factor.


'Well, I saw you after so long so a warm welcome was necessary', Ranbir started playing along the flirting game now.


All this evening Ranbir focused on his client and talked to Shilpa only about work without even looking at her.

Shilpa was highly irritated with the girl 's behaviour. How she was clinging on him and Ranbir wasn't saying a word. She swore thousand times in her heart but she has to be present there because of his orders or rather she would have just left the hall as she couldn't bear that. She was Jealous of that Bitch !

As soon as the deal was done or rather just given in a present to Ranbir by Sapna Shilpa went towards the ever so clinging duo.


'Sir, if u don't mind I would like to go now', SHilpa asked irritated.


'GO, where? Miss. Anand?', Ranbir asked her with a smirk, he knew very well, she was pissed off with his attitude.


'I just '., it's okay Sir I'll stay', said Shilpa and walked away to the waiter and order herself an orange juice.

Some of the couple proceeded for a slow waltz, Sapna asked Ranbir to join her. Ranbir was a bit reculant but this was working well for him since he could know what she really feels. So he got up and asked Sapna for a dance.


He went on with the dance which made SHilpa highly annoyed. She scanned their bodies that were very close to each other and she just wanted to torn her apart from him.


She held her glass tightly and started walking towards them but her heel caught on something and she fell and the glass broke.




Was all he heard when he turned around. Then he saw her fallen down on the ground with blood oozing out of her wrist. One of her leg was all full of glass pieces n blood. He quickly came towards her.


'Shilpa Are you alright? How did u fell?" He said with a concerned tone.


He held her shoulders and tried helping her to stand straight and started removing the little glass pieces on top of her body. He grabbed her arm and started checking for any injuries. It looked like she was uninjured except for her wrist that has a cut. . But he was soon pushed harshly by Shilpa.


'Leave Me'.. n go back to her ' ', she said.


Ranbir got angry but he tried controlling himself down as he couldn't see her all hurt like this.. He breathed. He made her stand up so they could move aside from that messy place.


"Ranbir , I said leave me pleaseee.ee."


She stammered with words barely coming out of her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw the mess she had created. How can she react like that, he was with a girl, and then
what's was her problem.?


Why was she feeling all jealous, she doesn't even like him to feel the jealously. And now he is here for her, helping her and she was pushing him away from herself.

What confusion she has got herself into'. Her thoughts were hold to a still as she fainted right in his arms, but before she could fall he caught her by her waist and held her up.


He slowly proceeded towards his room. Entering his room he very reluctantly placed her on his bed. He lit the flames in the fire place. He bought the wet tissues and the first aid box to cleaned the wound and the blood over her.

He looks at her with concern. But soon that was changed into an expression of admiration and awe. Her white glowing skin was shimmering in the dim light of fire and candle lit in his room, with her long black eyelashes that covered her beautiful big eyes like a curtain.


Her contoured cheek bones with a tint of pink that enhanced her beauty more, he could see blood drops on her cheeks but he could see her beautifying features clearly. Her long black silky hair that rested on her left side was just prefect; she looked like some enchanted beauty that was just unreal.


Her delicate neck that leads to a deep valley of her cleavage just added to her captivating beauty, Looking at her delicate frame made him more fascinated by her exquisiteness. He took her wrist in his big hands and started to clean the oozing blood, but thankfully the cut wasn't deep enough. He very carefully cleaned her wound and wrapped a the bandage around it , in the slowest manner he could. He was so engrossed in her beauty that he wanted to live this moment as long as he could.


He sensed her opening her eyes very slowly, just to realize that he was sitting close. She tried getting up, but he glared at her gesturing her to lay down. She obeyed and did as she was told, Shilpa was too shocked to react at the way things had turned out to be.


She only stared at the his figure in front of her, his image, the way he gently held her hand and started wiping away the blood drops with the wet tissues. That concern that care was beyond comprehension. She remembered that day long ago, when he had glared at her angrily for all that little mistakes she ever did. But today, he didn't bother about anything except, he only attended her with care.
Ranbir touched her long arms which ended to her beautifully curved nails and then entwined his large hand with her delicate one. Which made Shilpa, came out of the magical trance she was into, she wanted to take out her hand from his hands, but they were warm giving her the feeling of togetherness.


He could sense that her beautiful tiny waist is soft even under the layer of the cloth she was wrapped in. He wanted to rip her clothes to look at her naked perfectly carved body and feel her curves.

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