Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

this is soOoOo cool

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The Virani's

Generation FourGovardhan ViraniGovardhan Virani
Govardhan, 65, is the head of the Virani family. He is an industrialist and lives in his bungalow, "Shantiniketan". He swears by the virtues of the joint family system. Therefore, he has to put up with his three sons, their wives and sundry grandchildren, under the same roof. Govardhan's strength lies in his capacity to get to the root of problem - something sorely needed when family politics rears its head. He is honest and unbiased. Just before the transition to the next generation, Dadaji passes away.

Amba ViraniAmba Virani
Wife to Govardhan Virani and whipping gal for the first-generation bahus in the Virani family, Amba is a 62-year-old who has more spunk that her daughters-in-law. Hers is the heart of a child hidden beneath the experience of a woman. Amba is the quintessential dadi - one who has to put up with a lot of humiliation at the hands of her three daughters-in-law: Savita, Daksha and Gayatri.

Mansukh ViraniMansukh Virani
The eldest son of Amba and Govardhan, Mansukh is a man often caught in embarrassing situations, thanks to his wife, Savita. Mansukh is 47 and helps his father run the family business. But his heart lies in the share market - an indulgence that lands him in trouble at times.

Himmat Virani
The second son of the Viranis, Himmat is 46. Married to Daksha, Himmat nurses the desire to run a marriage bureau some day. He's the epitome of the hen-pecked husband.

Jamnadas Virani
The third Virani son is 45 years old - and about 20 at heart. JD, as he likes to be called, is youthful. He likes to be thought of as "cool". JD doesn't take an active interest in the family business, and is considering the pursuit of astrology in its stead.

Govardhan and Amba's daughter Pragna is married to Navin. She's a kind and loving soul, who has to bear the barbs from her sisters-in-law. Navin goes bankrupt and Pragna has to turn to her family for aid. In her case, though, financial aid from the Virani family goes hand-in-hand with taunts from the three bahus of the family.

First-generation bahus

Savita border0 height75 hspace10Savita
The eldest bahu of the Virani household, Savita is married to Mansukh. She is cunning, selfish and manipulative. Savita instigates the other two bahus in to going against the family.

Daksha border0 height75 hspace10Daksha
This movie-loving wife of the second Virani son, Himmat, provides much of the comic relief in the serial. Daksha has a flair for dramatising the most insignificant situations, and an accent that belongs to Junagarh.

Gayatri border0 height75 hspace10Gayatri
JD's wife Gayatri is the third of the Virani bahus. Her ambition of being a classical dancer bit the dust when she married JD. But thanks to Tulsi, she has been able to set up a classical dance school.



Mihir border0 height75 hspace10Mihir
The eldest grandson of the family, Mihir is Savita and Mansukh's elder son. This MBA is the apple of Savita's eye - and the bone of contention between Savita and Tulsi. Mihir is an honest, down-to-earth, hardworking individual who believes in sweating it out and building from scratch. His emotional anchor is Tulsi, the woman he married, despite parental disapproval.

Kiran border0 height75 hspace10Kiran
Kiran is the second son of Mansukh and Savita. He returns from his study abroad to help Mihir shoulder the responsibility of the family business. Kiran has the videshi charm, which his more earthy brother, Mihir, lacks.

The son of Himmat and Daksha, Chirag starts life as a sensitive and emotional person. He is scared of failure, and of the challenges that life throws up. Chirag is caught in a vicious cycle - his fear of failure robs him of his confidence and thus makes it inevitable to fall short each time. He is constantly reprimanded by his father, and pampered by his mother.

Suhasi is Chirag's sister and the older child of Daksha and Himmat. She is a soft-spoken woman who lives in a world of her own and is sensitive to others' needs. One would almost expect her to get married to the man her parents choose, to bear his children and settle down to domestic bliss. But is she really a wallflower? Only time will tell.

Hemant border0 height75 hspace10Hemant
Hemant is the soft-spoken, shy son of JD and Gayatri. In contrast to his sister Sejal, Hemant is a man with his shoulders firmly on his head. He has a role model in Mihir and hopes to help carry on the family business.

Sejal border0 height75 hspace10Sejal
Sejal Virani is the quintessential rich brat. Spoilt and pampered, Sejal knows no want - she only has to ask for something and she gets it. The youngest of the Virani clan, Sejal is smart, "with it", and is interested in dramatics.


Second-generation bahus

Tulsi border0 height75 hspace10Tulsi
Born to a poor pujari and married into a rich household, Tulsi is the clever, intelligent and sensitive bahu stuck with the scheming Savita for a mother-in-law. Tulsi's dad was in charge of the Virani ancestral temple, and she has been a regular at the Virani home even before her marriage to Mihir. She's the agony aunt everyone runs to, the epitome of the perfect bahu and a model wife. Tulsi's cause is championing the underdog.

Aarti border0 height75 hspace10Aarti
Aarti, her mother-in-law Savita used to claim, is everything Tulsi is not. Married to the younger of Savita and Mansukh's sons, Aarti is educated and comes from a rich family. Aarti deals with everyone on a level footing - while she is open to the idea of fitting into the Virani family, she is also not one to take nonsense lying down. Unfortunately for Savita, Aarti's "difference" from Tulsi starts working against her.

Pooja border0 height75 hspace10Pooja
Pooja is Hemant's one-time girlfriend. When his sister becomes pregnant, to uphold the family honour of the Viranis, Pooja gets married to her boss - a man who holds the keys to Hemant's sister's happiness. Somewhere down the line, she falls in love with Rajeev - the man she was blackmailed into marrying. Their wedded bliss is, however, short-lived. Rajeev dies of bone cancer and Pooja is left all alone. She and Hemant then get married.

Prajakta is Chirag's wife. She and Chirag marry each other despite stiff opposition from Dakhsa. Prajakta is a genial, sensitive soul who makes up her mind to make Daksha accept her. She's funny, impulsive and also a perfect foil for Chirag.


Payal is the perfect bitch-next-door. She's always tried to sabotage the Virani family, just because she could not get married to Mihir, the eldest son. She is a smooth-talker, who seeks to poison ears of the gullible members of the Virani family.

Payal hails from a rich family and is a successful businesswoman, but the predominant urge in her life is to teach the Viranis - especially Tulsi - a lesson. Cunning, sharp and manipulative, she gets humiliated by the Viranis time and again. When her attempt to marry Hemant falls through, Payal disappears, only to return as the wife of a powerful businessman who's threatening the Virani business.

Rajeev border0 height75 hspace10Rajeev
Rajeev is the tyrannical boss who blackmails Pooja into marrying him. He loves her with all his heart and goes all out to convince Pooja to fall in love with him. A demanding and unreasonable man at first, Rajeev mellows down and becomes loving and affectionate. On his death-bed, he asks Pooja to get married once he is gone.

Anupam border0 height75 hspace10Anupam
Anupam Kapadia is the mysterious business associate Mihir has never let. He meets the Viranis for the first time after Mihir's supposed death. Anupam falls in love with Tulsi and they are close to getting married, when Mihir reappears - exactly at the venue of their wedding. Anupam then distances himself from Tulsi, but continues being a good business associate of the Viranis. He later marries Kesar, Tulsi's sister.

Mandira border0 height75 hspace10Mandira
An efficient and confident doctor, Mandira treats Mihir when he loses his memory and nurses him back to life. She also helps him deal with his amnesia and builds his confidence in life. In this process, she falls in love with him, and refuses to accept that he is married to Tulsi. Her devotion to Mihir often verges on the insane. She disappears from the life of the Viranis after her claim that she is pregnant with Mihir's child is shown to be fake.

Generation Four

Gautam border0 height75 hspace10Gautam
Gautam is Mihir and Tulsi first-born. Adopted by Kiran and Aarti, Gautam has left with them when he was very young and the Viranis have had no news of him for a long time. Gautam does return to the life of the Viranis - as a spoilt, young man with little regard for things Indian or for the Viranis.

Shobha border0 height75 hspace10Shobha
Shobha is Mihir and Tulsi's second child. She takes after Tulsi - she's kind and loving and has a great deal of respect for tradition. It has been foreseen that Shobha will exert a positive influence on Gautam.

Harsh is Tulsi and Mihir's third son. He is a lot like Mihir and follows faithfully in his father's footsteps.

Karishma is Kiran and Aarti's daughter. She is an extremely complicated person and always views for the attention of the people around her.

Aniket is Suhasi and Rakesh's son. He is a good, dutiful child and loves his parents a lot.

Tushar is Rakesh and Suhasi's younger son. He has a split personality. He is good at times. When he gets drunk, though, he can be obnoxious. His aggression usually manifests itself itself against his brother, Aniket.

Banwari border0 height75 hspace10Banwari
Banwari is eight years old... and speaks with an accent. And no, we're not talking about a videshi accent here - she sounds just like her grandmother, Daksha!

Sanwari border0 height75 hspace10Sanwari
Banwari's twin has an accent too - but one that's more like her mom Prajakta's Maharashtrian one. She's eight years old and cute as a button!

Indu is Sejal and Anand's first-born. Spoilt and fashion-conscious, Indu has one aim in life - to find a rich husband.

Tarun border0 height75 hspace10Tarun
Tarun is Sejal and Anand's second child. He is a body builder and a fitness freak to boot. Unfortunately, though, he's not too well-equipped in the intelligence department.

Sahil border0 height75 hspace10Sahil
Sahil is Hemant and Pooja's older kid. He takes after his father. Sahil is extremely polite to his elders and treats them very well.

Deepak border0 height75 hspace10Deepak
Deepak is Hemant and Pooja's younger kid. He's just a normal, college-going kid. He's fun-loving and spunky.


Thats all they had in the site If you've been watching KSBKBT from the starting then you will know who these people are... some people like Karan, nandani, tanya won't be here b kuz there new!!!!!!!!!

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thx's 4 sharing, i wish daksha was still in KSBKBT.she was funny and i liked the way she picked up the phone and said hello
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thanks fur the article........u got it frum'nt u??Big smile
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Hey thanks for sharing!!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile
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thnx 4 infm
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interesting! memory refreshed! thnx
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