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||KriYansh-Racing Track of Love#3||Check page 150

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Thread 3
KriYansh Racing Track of Love

Fire at racing tracks, a champion with a ruthless heart  Reaynsh Singhania

KRIA GHAI, a true charmer and dance is her life

Story of Kria and Reyansh
A racer who gambles his life daily on racing tracks, a girl who lives to dance, How this racer loses himself to this girl! 
Happy ReadingBig smile

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Early morning, flower vas was empty today. Vicky was collecting stuff of Rey in hospital. Ali was busy in discharge formalities. Rey was trying to stand by himself. His left leg was hurt so it was not advisable for him to stand up by himself. But he was trying. That sunshine which tries to caress every morning, today it was luring to him. He wanted to reach window to see the spreading sunshine. Vicky had an eye on him. Whenever Rey tries to stand up, Vicky comes and makes him sit with a scold. Rey taunted "Vicky you are such a Grand ma! You behave like grand Ma! Vicky answered "Say me Grand ma or grand Pa but you are not allowed to stress your hurt leg. Rey sighed and sat quietly. His eyes searched corridor from glass pane for her face. Rey wanted to hear music of her steps which must be heading towards him. It was happy morning. Rey was happy. Kria must be heading towards him with all happiness. It was new beginning of their life. Rey was considering him lucky enough to reborn and given a chance to love her. She is the one for whom he will live every moment of his life. His lips were floating in ocean of smiles looking at rays of Sun. Vicky was packing his stuff and could see him smiling to himself. Vicky reminded old days when this smile was extinct and Rey was only a living non-emotional human.


Rey wanted to speed up the time so that he can get out of here. Kria was not there till now. He was wondering for reasons. Nurse of Rey came in and settled flower in vas. Rey's eyes filled with happiness and asked her "flowers??? Who brought them?" Nurse smiled and answered "not the girl who always brought. Doctor sent these for you. You were really a nice patient. She giggled. Rey joined her in her joke. Nurse reached window to open it. She got glued to sight down the street. All she could say was "WOW". Rey tried to stand up to see the reason of her amazement. But Vicky again made him sit and checked the view. All he could say was "This can't be true". This is miracle. Rey asked "what it is?" Nurse answered "we don't see a view like this every day". That's for sure. She is beautiful.


Rey made an angry face and sat quietly. In few moments, He saw the face he was dying to see. She was smiling to him while coming towards him. His irritation and anger flew away. She reached him. His eyes were glued to her. Kria was feeling heat of blush on her face. Why this blush and nervousness? She was wondering. Rey's loving look was nothing new to her. She was nervous and her heartbeats were like drums. She wished  "good morning to him before she literally melts due to heat of his eyes. Rey stopped grinning and wished her back. Vicky came to Kria and asked "how did you do that?" Kria indicated him to stay quiet but he with his curious dumb expression kept asking. Rey smelled something hidden so he asked "what she did?" Kria closed Vicky's mouth with her hand and answered "nothing Rey".

Ali came there with a smile. He told that we can take Rey home now. Vicky and Kria gave him support of their shoulders to reach the car.


Rey was looking at her hand which was giving support to his fractured elbow. Her eyes which were watching his steps that if they were on right place or not. Her skin was glowing today with extra radiance in it. The way she curl her lips whenever Rey takes a wrong step, it was beautiful. And in few moments, they were on exit door. Vicky looked at Rey for knowing his expression about thing which was standing in front of him but Rey was busy in adoring his kria. Vicky cleared his throat with Ahem Ahem!


Kria looked at him to figure out his reaction about her surprise. Rey was just looking at that surprise. And he could just say "She never looked that amazing". His Bugatti was standing in front of him all well. He headed towards it and touched his first girl friend all over its shining body. She was perfectly alright. He turned back towards Kria and asked "How you can make everything perfect?!" Kria was overwhelmed with his words. Rey held her hand and said "I thought I have lost my Bugatti but you brought it back in her curves. Kria giggled. She never looked that sexy before. Her shine is telling that it has a golden touch which is yours Kria.

Vicky interfered with his one liner "see Kria! He just gave more compliments to his car and that too in front of you." Rey and Kria ended up laughing. Kria answered Rey "She has a lot of memories of us". She is your partner in many ways. She has to come back in shape. You know "this girl is lucky because who drive her wild. Rey chuckled. Rey added "and I thought she is being unlucky because poor her is driven by a monster. Rey winked at Kria. Kria was amazed and asked "you spy on me?! How did you know about that line? Rey laughed and said "My girl friend tells me everything. Both giggled. Kria told Rey that Ali too has a big role in repairing bugatti. Rey hugged Ali.


Vicky made Rey sit in his bugatti. Kria took the driving position. Vicky and Ali were coming in their car. Kria was driving Bugatti for the first time. She looked at Rey with all nervousness. Rey smiled and all her nervousness flew away. Rey was looking at her bugatti. She was the same but she seemed more close to Rey because now it was their bugatti. She was driving so carefully and all Rey wanted to do at that moment was to embrace her. He held her hand on gear handle and Bugatti was in her favorite gear where she usually rule the road. Rey didn't have a look on road for once. He just was looking at his Kria who was curling her lips and then releasing them constantly. And in few moments, they entered a big gate. Rey looked out of window. He was shocked to see the place. It wasn't his apartment's gate. Big gardens and fountains weren't unknown to him. He grew up here. He looked at Kria with a question. Kria looked at him back and said "Welcome home". Rey told her that he is not going to stay here. Kria! Why are we here? This place isn't my home anymore. Kria with a stern look answered "yes! It is. This is your home. They were in Singhania mansion. Rey sighed and made an disappointed face. Kria looked at him softly and said "Rey! How can you stay at your apartment alone in this condition? And Amma's place is so far from city. Singhaina mansion would be best place for you to stay for some time. Rey argued "Kria! I was not alone at my apartment. Vicky could stay with me. You can come to check on me. And above of all, I can take care of myself. He smirked. Kria sighed "Yeah!! Why not! And she drove the car in front of main door. Before Rey could say anything, Kria stepped out of car and went in. Rey was sitting like a sad bird that was not heard. Amma came out with Kria. Vicky's car too reached mansion. Rey was sitting in car with his hands folded near chest. Amma told Kria "His old times pose when he is forced to do something." Vicky asked Rey to come out of car by offering his hand. Rey looked at him with pleading eyes to convince Amma and Kria. Vicky said "Bro! You think I didn't try. These ladies are so stubborn I tell you. Rey held his hand and came out of car. Amma cuddles her son warmly and took his inside.


House was same as he left. His mother's pictures were there as before and his pictures were there as he left. Nothing was changed. The interior which her mother designed and arranged was the same. His dad didn't move an inch. A smile floated on his face but he made it disappear before anyone could notice it. Amma opened door of his room. Rey can see the things untouched and same. His father has retained all his memories. He was on his big bed in few seconds. Amma was covering him in blanket. Kria was trying to figure out his reactions but Rey was hard enough to hide his emotions. He seemed as plain and rude about things but deep inside he was going through some drill. His bedsheet still had same touch and his mother's picture hanging in front was still watching him with same love. His hard looking eyes were enough to tell Amma that he was moving.


Amma went to make some soup for him and Vicky went to meet Neha. Kria and Rey were alone in Rey's room. Kria sat beside him looking at him with those speaking eyes. Rey looked in them and couldn't meet the purity in them. He was melting somewhere. His wall of separation from feelings towards this place was falling. He missed his house. He missed it all these years. He was unable to hide his soft side towards things which he disliked for so many years. Kria took the photo frame from table. It has Rey's picture in it. She told him "you used to look so cute in your teen age. She caressed his picture with her finger tips. Rey grabbed her near his heart. She could feel the restlessness in his heart. She cuddled him tight. She told him "Hey! Mr. Khadus! You are taking advantage of moment. He kept on hiding in her neck. She never saw this side of Rey. He never let anybody see it.

Kria held his face in her palms and asked "what's the matter Rey?" he just nodded his head in no and smiled. Amma brought soup for Rey and handed over it to Kria. Amma was gone to take care of Sighania mansion like before.

Kria was cooling the soup in spoon with puffs. Rey never liked soups when he is sick or ill but today he so wanted to have it. And as soon as he sipped it, senses reciprocated in best way "couldn't be yummier". Kria asked in jolly way "you like soups. Hmmm?? He answered with same mischief in it "I like fragrance of you in it". Kria teased him "dialogues!! And that too heavy ones!! She chuckled. They were constantly pulling each others' leg. Kria was carefully feeding him soup and Rey was deliberately making it fall here and there.


With lots of talks, Kria finally told Rey about her Mom. She told him that he has to meet her and convince her about their relationship. Rey was quiet after listening to it. Kria with stressed face asked "what happened?" Rey said "everything is fine but am I supposed to tell her that I lost last two races? Kria ended laughing. Rey cuddled her in his arms and told "I will meet her real soon." And believe me "she will approve our love". Kria answered "I believe you".


I hope you liked this part.

In next part


Rey's meeting with Kria's mom


Decision making time for Rey


Kria's passion "DANCE" will be back




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"Nurse answered "we don't see a view like this every day". That's for sure. She is beautiful."

iss sentence mein red wale ka matlab kya hai??? y was nurse amazed...

haan so i loved it...

especially the way u described rey's emotions... a headstrng rey turned into a lover rey waiting for his love's arrival... awww...

then kria's gift so well thot of... love how u focus over small things...

so rey returns to singhania mansion... how much he try he cannot deny the fond memories attached to it...

attachment cannot be worn off that easily how much we want to... loved how they connected at the emotional level in the end... 

it was a beauty to read...

precap mein rey ka decision??? is kria's momma gonna make him chose?????

jaldi se update next...

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yaay...update mil gaya...m so happy reading this

firstly congo shongo yaar...thread 3 woww thats so Amazing

it was so beautifully written...i cant express in words

i loved it to the core

vicky is really a true friend...

Nt letting him for even once stand and hurt his leg

hehe ab toh nurse ko bhi pata chal gaya hai dono ke baare mein...

i knew it his buggati was waiting for him outside...

The feelings were so beautifully described

hehe i loved rey and kria teasing each was fun

specially the last part...
Rey was worried to meet her mom just coz he lost 2 races...*rofl*rofl*

they believe in each other...awww so sweet...

thanx for the pm aditi

love ya

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res unres letter
scrape if i unalbe to unres it
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its super awesome
loved each n every scene 
u have charm to add feelings in small small scenes
i loved soup scene

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