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PSH NL Express #6

daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Subah Hogi Express # 6

Welcome all to the 6th Newsletter of our forum Titled as
PSH Express.


Summary of the Week - Chalhov
Most Romantic Scene of the Week - Vinnie
Disappointment of the Week - Julie
High & low points of the Week - Julie
Emotional Scene of the Week - Sandy
Scene of the Week - Ash_arti
Dialogue of the Week - Ash_arti
Rating of the Week - Omaramdas
Picture of the Week -Omaramdas

Summary of the Week - Chalhov

Sugni  pays with pound of flesh loses her virginity to TVS

Sugni  as she is dressing up in the clothes and jewellery given by Vikram wants to kill herself but then remembers Adi and thinks if she has to die let her give herself to Vikram's lust so that atleast she can get the debt repaid and save Adi's life. She hardens herself goes to the temple picks up her dagad magad stones from there and goes to Vikram.

Adi searches for Sugni  and Reva searches  for for both TVS and Sugni , Maa saab tells them Sugni is not there and Reva suspects TVS and Sugni are together . Sugni reaches the decorated suhaag raat room at Reva  Manzil  and TVS tells her if not my love you will satisfy  my lust. Slowly he makes her sit on the bed and removes all her jewelry and when he is about to take her mangalsutra sugni  stops him but Vikram says there is no use of Mangalsutra here.

TVS anyway removes it and then he consummates. Adi is waiting at Haveli for Sugni and she returns at 4 am after losing her virginity to TVS who also follows. Adi asks her where she went and just then Reva also returns after her unsuccessful search of finding TVS.  Sugni is unable to answer and she makes a excuse of going to Champa's house. Reva  guesses  what happened and tries ti find out from TVS who threatens her and asks her not to interfere in his affairs and just be a Thakurian which she wanted. She tries to insult and get out  the truth from Sugni but is again unsuccessful.

Adi tries to fin out the truth why Sugni is sad but she avoids and meanwhile hot milk falls on her foot and she gets burnt and Adi notices the missing payal which Sugni tells him is lost. TVS meanwhile calls Adi to his room and both go there and he tells that his debt is repayed and he had a talk to Sugni about this. Tvs also asks Sugni about the payal and says Adiwill get her new one Adi refuses to accept repayment of debt and tells Sugni he will work hard and repay it.Sugni tells Adi that Sitamaiyya help to repay. Digvijay  has spoilt Kuhu and made her fall in his trap Champa notices this and goes to inform G but as she is not there she tells Lachmi  and both decide to tell Sugni

Reva finds the payal from TVS clothes and goes and threatens Sugni that she will tell the truth that she spent the night with TVS and offers her money and asks her to leave  but Sugni  returns the money to a furious Reva saying she will never understand that why she did it. Reva then goes to TVS who is telling Adi that he has repaid his debt and it's a gift from him .Adi refuses to accept and he says he will return through hard work. Reva tries to Tell Adi, who did not get t hint, that it was because of Sugni spending the night with TVS but TVS somehow threatens Reva with divorce and shuts her mouth and also takes back the payal. Champa comes and tells Sugni about Digvijay and Kuhu and both go and confront TJS with this and ask him to control his wayward son and ask him a favor to look into his son's activities.

She then tells him about Digvijay and Kuhu and asks him to control his son and as Digvijay come she gives evidence that she saw Kuhu and Digvijay together who is very furious.TJS threatens Sugni to leave but she also warns him and goes . TJS asks DS whether he is responsible and feels happy that he has consummated with Kuhu and congratulates him telling now he has TVS in his control. A furious DS wants to take revenge and he gets his men to Kidnap Champa and he rapes her. Next day as TVS and TJS come face to face TJS gives him way and makes snide comments to TC of his family.

Meanwhile TVS sees Kuhu going to a temple and follows her and can't find her. As he ls leaving he turns to find Kuhu and DS hugging each other he gets angry and slaps both of them,

Sugni wants to tell Adi about Kuhu but thinks already he has many troubles.

Romantic Scene of the Week - Vinnie


Finding romance on PSH this week was like finding a needle in a haystack.  The show has taken a dramatic turn and it seems that  romance has been put on the back burner  with all the revenge, revelations amd rona-dona that has been happening.
 Although we did not have  "romantic  moments" per say we did have a few sweet scenes  that attempted to soften all the tension.
  When Adi found Sugni  with her mangalsutra in her hand and jokingly asked her if she wanted him to marry her again, he then takes it from her  hand and puts it around her neck.
 When Sugni was boiling milk in the courtyard, and Adi startles her causing the hot liquid to fall on her foot, he washes her foot with cool water, while Sugni is looking on teary eyed, and takes her inside, he places his hand around her waist for support. The look Sugni gives him, is one of thanks, gratefulness dear I say budding love?
 After he gets her to her room he tenderly places ointment on her burns and asks her to rest!   I must say Adi was very sweet and husband like in these scenes!

Disappointments of the Week - Julie


1) Sugni had many other options available to her instead of accepting Vikram's one night stand proposal.

 2) Champa being raped was also horrifying.

3) Aditya being unable to piece together the blatant clues and realizing what happened between his uncle and Sugni is really exasperating.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Emotional Scene of the Week - Sandy

Scene: 1.

Sugni in the bedroom holding the saree, she was supposed to adorned herself, for her Suhagraat/one night with Vickram as his wife/bride.
Sugni angrily picked up the saree and broke down, weeping bitterly and deciding, that she can't go through with this illicit act. She told herself that she rather died than committ this sinful act and betrayed her husband Adi. Sugni was about to hurt herself when she immediately reflected back on how Adi has been kind, gracious and helpful to her throughout all her problems.

Scene: 2.
Sugni praying tearfully to Sita Maiyaa for strength and courage to able to go through with this illicit act with Vickram, as she is about to betrayed her husband trust. as there are no other choice/option for her, and she is only doing this for Adi's sake and welfare.

Scene: 3.
Sugni entered the beautifully decorated bridal room feeling petrified and nervous.
Vickram complimented Sugni on her beauty and compared her to the moon, he asked her to smile as this is an happy occasion.

Sugni frighteningly approached the bed and was emotionally upset as sat down.
Vickram slowly removed Sugni' s jewellery, she was scared and upset, he was about to removed her mangalsutra, when Sugni tearfully stopped him, but Vickram declined her request and removed it, and wipe off her the sindoor from her forehead. Sugni cried
as Vickram lay her down on the bed and turn off the light.

Scene: 4.

Late at night two masked men came to Champa's home and kidnapped her and took her to a secluded hut, where they bounded her hands and legs and left. A few seconds later a drunken Digvijay came and into the hut, Champa was shocked and scared to see him. He suddenly start touching her indecently. and told her he will teach her a lesson for complaining to his father about him. Champa wept bitterly and pleaded with Digvijay to please stop, but he refused and raped her.

High & Low points of the Week – Julie

 High Points

 1) Kuhu and Digvijay's story  continues to make progress. The reason behind Digvijay persual of Kuhu was finally revealed. And though it is very heart-breaking to find out that it is a BET that he made, it makes for high drama in the upcoming episodes.


2) We had a couple of scenes with  Jwala Thakur. We had a scene with him and Sugni and it was refreshing to see that at least one character has not made a complete 180 degree turnin terms of character.


3) The scene between Jwala and Vikram was also well done with Jwala giving Vikram a warning to look after his family.


4) Vikram's reaction to Kuhu and Digvijay in the temple spells D-R-A-M-A especially when he finds out just how far the relationship had progressed.


5) Aditya refuses to accept the loan waiver by his uncle and is determined to work and repay it. Despite all the evidence pointing towards the obvious, Aditya stilldoes not even think for a second that Sugni would have slept with his uncle. He has complete faith and trust in her.

 Low Points

 1) What happened to Champa, who is another sweet and innocent girl just trying to help someone, was very heart-wrenching.


2) Sugni as usual does not think before she acts and betrayed Aditya who has shunned his family for her.


3) It's really hard to digest how "God" would want someone to commit adultery with the members of the same family but CVs are using Sita maiyaato justify every immoral act and it is very sickening.

 Say What?


Sugni is married to Aditya, who is the nephew of Kuhu. That makes Kuhu her aunt. Yet she refers to Kuhu as her sister-in-law and even Jwala told Sugni to see about her sister-in-law. Are these people confused about their relationship with each other?


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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Scene of the Week - Ash_arti

This week we witnessed some major & power packed scene

1st Scene

Vikram and Sugni spent the night together. Sugni comes dressed as a bride scarily while Vikram removes her mangal sutra shocking Sugni. The viewers are shown that the 2 consummate and spend the night together.

2nd Scene

Reva finds out that Vikram and Sugni spent the night together after finding Sugni's payal in Vikram's pocket. She threatens to reveal the truth to Adi while Sugni decides to tell Adi everything.

3rd Scene

Sugni confronts Jwala Thakur and asks him to keep his son Digvijay in control as he is trying to come close to kuhu. A furious Jwala Thakur warns Sugni to stay away from his family.

4th Scene

Digvijay who  had his eyes set on Champa kidnaps & rapes her as she told his father about his affair with Kuhu.

5th Scene

Vikram catches Kuhu and Digvijay romancing and slaps them.

Dialogue of the Week - Ash_arti

This week's best Dialogue was between Jwala Thakur and Sugni.

"Chehra bedini ka par hav bhav sur taal Thakurayan ka, gidad sher ke ghar aayahai, Thakur vikram singh ke ghar shaadi karne ke baad bhi yeh bedini hi hain"

"Joothe uthate hi aukaad mein aaygayi,tumhari maa ne penthra khel kar tumhe thakur parivaar ka bahu bana diya par kachra jaha jaayega apna badbu phelayega"

"Jis chat ke neeche teri jaisi bedini rahthiho uss ghar ke bahu beti pe asar toh hoga hi,ek bedini ke mooh se hum apne bete ki achai aur burayi nahi sunenge"

Picture of the week - Omaramdas

Definitely picture of the week - this slap was so nice - i felt nice after seeing what he did to champa.

Ratings of the Week - Omaramdas

This week's Rating Star Star Star Star Star

Thank you everyone - Chalhov,Julie,Vinnie,Sandy & Oma for your timely contribution Clap

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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nice work every one

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Sandy66 Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Outstanding job everyone. Keep it up.Clap
Everyone contributions was awesomeHug

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Great Job people. !!!! 

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Great job everyone. Looking forward to the next!

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