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1. THIS IS NOT THE GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD. The link provided on the top is the Discussion Thread.

2. Writers still can email me their word document story to (dont share this email id)Smile Late entries will be added as soon as I receive them. There is NO DEADLINE Until Further Notice, as there are writers who want to write but cannot do so presently.

3. The Contest ends when no more stories come. I will Hope To End The Contest By 20th of December 2012

4. I will regularly update this thread and the title will have the announcement.Smile

4. This time the method of results are different-

...Writers will remain anonymous. 

...There will be no voting- instead, readers have to arrange the stories in the order they liked, rate them and review them here. Review and Arranging starts after 20th.

...There will be no winner no runner up- Just budding writers with their blossoming ideas!Big smile



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Pradyuman's Daughter
Sawaalon ki Bhoolbhulaiya
Scene 1
[Abhijeet is working on the computer in the bureau while Daya is standing beside him. Both are involved in a case given by ACP Sir.]
Abhijeet : Yaar Daya, yeh ACP Sir aaj kal bureau aa kyon nahi rahe hain? Sirf humein sms karke, case ke bare mein baaata dete hain.
Daya : Ha! Abhijeet, generally aisa hota nahi. Kal maine unko chaar baar phone kiya, lekin ek baar bhi nahi uthaya. Mujhe unka bartaav kuch theek nahi lag raha!
Abhijeet : Aur uparse yeh Freddy bhi na jaane kaha hain?
( Freddy enters. Freddy is not in a good mood, while he sits on his chair with a bowed face)
Abhijeet : Yeh dekho! Aa gaye mahashay!…. (after a pause) Kya hua Freddy?Mu latkake kyon khade ho?
[Daya who is busy talking with Abhijeet about ACP Sir gives a stare at the door from which Freddy has just entered]
Freddy : Kya batauon Sir, aaj main bahut dukhi hoon. Kuch bhi karne ka mann nahi kar raha!
Daya : Kya baat hain Freddy, kya bhabhiji ne firse tumse kuch guzarish ki?
Freddy : (in tears) nahi!!!
Abhijeet : Toh kya ACP Saheb ne tumhe firse data??(in his usual naughty tone)
[There was a pause. Freddy seemed more serious than usual, now. Abhijeet, too identifying the intensity of the situation, asked again]
Abhijeet : (grimly to Freddy) Kya baat hain Freddy?Kya ACP Sir ne tumhe firse data? Ya kuch alag baat hain?
(Freddy says nothing, just stands keeping his mouth shut)
Yaar aise waqt mein hi yeh chup rehta hain. Batauon bhi abb Freddy!
Freddy : Sir, main woh ACP Sir ke saath case pe jab gaya than na…….. (in a scared and low voice) … uss mein….
Abhijeet : Kya, tum ACP Sir ke saath the. Kamaal hain, unhone humein nahi bataya?? (with a surprise on his face)
Daya : Aur toh aur, unhone humein itni baar sms's kiye  lekin ekk baar bhi isske bare mein kuch bhi bataana nahi chaha!
Freddy  : Ha, Kyonki ACP Sir ne mujhse kaha tha ki yeh baat kisi ko bhi pata nahi chalni chahiye
Abhijeet : Ha! (in his usual tone) Aisi bhi kya baat ho gayi??
[Both Abhijeet and Daya stare at each other. Both are in a dilemma]
Abhijeet : Khair rehne do (to Freddy) Freddy tum bataon kya hua?(in a small tone) Agar ACP sahib ko hume batana hain toh woh humein khud aakar hi batayenge!
[Freddy remembers about how in the case he had spoken the name of 'Aatma' in front of ACP Sir & how instead of him scolding Freddy as always, he had just ignored him and moved away]
[Freddy tells this to Daya and Abhijeet]
Freddy : Sir, kuch samajh nahi aa raha ki ACP Sir aise behave kyon kar rahe hain?
Daya : Hmmm…Boss, humein jaise yeh mamla lag raha tha, uss se kai gunna yeh mamla serious hote jaa raha hain! Aur aise pehli baar hua hain ki unhone Freddy ko nahi data hain!
Abhijeet : Ha, yeh toh hain. Kahi woh kisi musibat mein toh nahi aur woh batakar humein tension nahi dena chahte? (sounding a little worried)
Freddy : Ho sakta hain Sir, kyonki maine bhi wohi notice kiya.(in a worried voice)
[A voice from background replies]
Voice : Kya batana hain aur kya nahi batana hain woh meri marzi hain (sounding a little strict)
[Freddy, Abhijeet & Daya are stunned to find ACP Sir standing right behind them.]
Freddy : Sir, aap yaha??(with raised eyebrows)
ACP Sir : Freddy, maine tumhe kaha tha ke jab tak tumhe diya hua kaam khatam nahi ho jaata tab tak bureau mein matt aana, fir bhi tum yaaha aa gaye! Chalo mere saath!
Daya : Baat kya hain Sir, humein batayiye(moves ahead, towards ACP Sir)
ACP Sir : (now changing his tone to a gentle one) Nahi, nahi Daya. Kuch bhi toh nahi. Arrey, maine tum donoko already ek case pe bheja hain, toh issiliye maine yeh case Fredricks ke upar saunp di………..buss aur kuch nahi (giving a fake smile)
Abhijeet : Par Sir, aap humko ek hafte se Sirf sms kiye jaa rahe the. Aap pehle baata dete toh hum chinta nahi karta(smiles)
ACP Sir : Hahaha….(smiles) Khair chhodo, main tum donose baad mein aakar baat karta hoon. Chalo Freddy.
[Freddy & ACP Sir both exit the bureau]
Daya : Kya lagta hain boss, kuch baat toh hain. Mujhe to mamla gadbad lag raha hain.
Abhijeet : Ha Daya, ACP sahib ka bartaav bahut ajeeb tha. Upar se kisi ko kuch bhi nahi bataya, na freedy ko, aur na hum donoko.
Daya : Abb ichha na hote hue bhi humein iss mamle ke jadd tak jana hoga, boss.
Abhijeet : Ha, main aise karta hoon ke pehle ACP Sir ke ghar jaake dekhta hoon ke koi saboot milte hain ya nahi.
Daya : Main ACP Sir aur Freddy ko follow karta hoon
Abhijeet : Hmm…(Nodding his head, Abhijeet followed by Daya exits in a hurry)
[Abhijeet taking the Qualis heads towards ACP Sir's house, while Daya in his car follows ACP Sir and Freddy's car]

Scene 2

[Daya in his car follows ACP Sir and Freddy. In the mean time, he is in conversation with Abhijeet through his headset cum walkie-talkie. After a while, he sees Freddy getting out of ACP's car at a signal. Both Freddy and ACP talk for a while & then Freddy moves ahead, away from the car. ACP's car moves ahead, crosses the signal after it turning green.]
Daya : (to Abhijeet through his headset) Huh???Yeh kya Abhijeet! Freddy aur ACP alag alag destination pe jaa rahe hain, kyon ki Freddy beech mein yaha Atlas mall ke yaha hi utar gaya hain. ACP sahib toh aage nikal gaye. Abb kya kare boss?
Abhijeet : Kya?? Yeh toh kuch aur hi chakkar hain. Daya mujhe lagta hain ki pehle hume ACP Sir ko follow karna chahiye.
Daya : Ha Abhijeet saahi keh raahe ho. Chaalo mein ACP Sir ko follow karta hoon aur fir unke bare mein tumhe khabar deta rahoonga.
[Saying this Daya puts a front gear to his car, crosses the signal and can be seen once again following ACP Sir]
Daya : Pata nahi ki yeh ACP Sir kaha jaa rahe hein (thinks)
[He gets a call from Abhijeet]
Daya : Kya hua Abhijeet? Pohoch gaye kya ACP sahib ke ghar ya raaste mein ho?
Abhijeet : Nahi yaar. Woh mujhe ACP sahib ka sms aaya tha. Puch rahe the ki hum dono (Daya & Abhijeet) kaha pe hein.
Daya : Toh kya bataya tumne?
Abhijeet : Maine bataya ki tum (Daya) kisi aadmi ka peecha kar rahe ho aur mein usi aadmi ke ghar chaanbeen karne ja raha hoon.
Daya : Tumne unko kyon bata diya? (with a question mark on his face)
Abhijeet : Kya karoon yaar, ab aadat si pad gayi hein. Aur waise bhi, mein unhe aur tension mein nahi dekh sakta.
Daya : Woh toh theek hein yaar, par tum kaha par ho?
Abhijeet : ACP sahib ne mujhe dusre case pe thodi der ke liye laga diya hain. Iss liye mujhe abhi vaha jaana padega.Aisa karte hein ki tumhara kaam bhi ho jaane ke baad tum mujhe ACP Sir ke ghar milo.
Daya : Ha, theek hain boss.
Abhijeet : Waise, tum kaha tak pohoch gaye?
Daya : Ha, woh maine Gulab Bazaar se abhi abhi right turn le liya hein (now with a shock)Chalo main tumse baad mein baat karta hoon, ACP Sir ki gadi rook gayi hain.
[Daya gets out of the car. A man from ACP's car gets out & stops at a shop. Daya guesses him to be ACP Sir because he had the same formals and had the same hair style. Daya waits outside his car and keeps a watch on ACP Sir who has entered a shop opposite the road. ACP Sir uses the PCO at shop.]

Scene 3

[Shop vendor is waiting for ACP. ACP arrives at the shop]
ACP Sir : Dekho mujhe jo batana hain woh jaldise bataon. Kai jaane khatre mein hain.
[The shop vendor tells ACP something in his ear]
ACP Sir : Dekho, yeh jo tum kar rahe ho, woh bilkul galat hain.
Vendor : Bhashan matt de ACP, aur phone pe jaake baat kar boss se
[ACP picks up the phone. After talking for 2 mins, he hangs up. But after that he dials a new number. Shop vendor notices this]
Shop vendor : Ay! ACP! Kya dial kar rahe ho. Jitna kaha gaya hain, utna hi kar.
ACP : Nahi, nahi, kuch nahi(leaves the shop)
[After leaving the shop, ACP Sir starts walking a little swiftly. As Daya's car is parked opposite the shop, he has to run in order to reach till ACP & to follow him. But to his surprise when he reaches opp. road, he sees nobody there. He checks once again but to no avail. So he decides to ask the shop vendor of the shop from where ACP had used PCO to call.]

Scene 4

[Daya approaches the shop vendor]
Daya : Jara, suniye bhaisahib, aapne yaha iss aadmi ko aabhi abhi idhar dekha hain kya?(shows him the photo of ACP Sir)
Vendor : Woh……….yaad aa raha hain, lekin kaha pe dekha hain yeh yaad nahi aa raha!(scratches his head)
[Daya turns around & finds a man running at the corner, whom he suspects to be ACP Sir. Daya too starts running after him]
Daya : (after stopping the man with his hand & taking a deep breath)Jara rook jayiye Sir!!(speaks intently)
[The man turns back. ACP Sir is in a super disguise. So, Daya fails to recognize him]
Daya : Sorry, maaf karna. Mujhe laaga ke aap ACP Sir hain(with a surprise)
[The man who is actually ACP Sir moves ahead. Daya returns to vendor to find more clues about ACP Sir]

Scene 5

[Daya approaches the shop for finding more clues. He finds the shop vendor nowhere]
Daya : (to the shopkeeper) Woh, yaha PCO ke bhaisahib kidhar gaye?
Shopkeeper : Achha Raghu!! Woh toh yaha se chala gaya!
Daya : Kya? Chala gaya, uske ghar ka pata maloom hain kya?
Shopkeeper : Nahi Sir, uske paas bandook thi, aur usne humein use yaha kaam pe rakhne ke liye jabardasti ki hai. Iske liye humne uske bare mein kuch bhi nahi pata.
Daya : Ohh!! Iska matlab woh aadmi bhi inn sab mein shaamil tha, Koi baat nahi, aap mujhe iss PCO ka no. de dijiye. Jara pata toh chale ki ACP Sir ne kise call kiya tha.
[Daya gets the PCO's number and leaves the shop.]

Scene 6

[Daya goes to atlas mall in his car, where ACP had dropped Freddy. Daya parks his car at the roadside]
Daya : Na jaane, yeh Freddy yaha se kaha pe gaya hain. Mujhe aise lagta hain ke mujhe aas paas puch tach karni chahiye(thinks)
[Many cars are parked in front of Daya's car in a line. Freddy who is disguised with a beard is asking something to every car driver of the parked cars by showing them a girl's photo. He also approaches Daya's car. Daya is unaware of this]
Freddy : Jara suniye bhaisahib, iss ladki ko yaha dekha hain kya??(shows him the photo without noticing Daya)
Daya : (notices Freddy) Freddy!(with a shock) kaha the tum? Aur yeh apni shakal kyon badly hain? Yeh ladki kaun hain?
Freddy : Daya Sir?(with a shock, too)Aap yaha kaise??
Daya : Chalo aao, andar baitho(tells Freddy to sit inside the car. Freddy sits next to Daya & starts telling Daya whatever news he has to share). Freddy, mujhe aur Abhijeet ko kuch gadbad lagi isliye maine tumhe & ACP Sir ko follow kiya par na jaane ACP Sir kaha chale gaye!
Freddy : Daya Sir, woh mujhe ACP Sir ne iss ladki ke upar nazar rakhne ke liye kaha gaya tha.
Daya : Par yeh ladki kaun hain?
Freddy : Sir, woh mujhe pata nahi! Lekin ACP Sir ne mujhe kaha tha, ki woh mujhe baad mein phone karenge. Abhi tak toh koi bhi phone nahi aaya.
Daya : Oh!! Toh tum roz iss ladki ke upar nazar rakhne jaate the.
Freddy : Ha! par Sir main abb apke saath hoon, kyonki main ACP sahib ki madad karna chahta hoon!
Daya : Chalo fir, ACP Sir ke ghar jaate hain. Abhijeet bhi aata hi hoga.

Scene 7

[Daya, Abhijeet and Freddy reach ACP Sir's house. When Daya and Freddy reach ACP Sir's house, they find Abhijeet waiting outside the house for them, while Daya has already informed him everything about ACP and Freddy]
Abhijeet : Toh Daya! Uss PCO se call kiye gaye no. ke bare mein kuch paata chala?
Daya : Ha uss mein last dial no. tha '22444555999'. Lekin telephone exchange ko puchne ke baad pata chala ki aisa koi no. hain hi nahi(giving a little stress over the word)
Abhijeet : Iska kya matlab hua? Bhala ACP Sir ne aisa kyu kiya?
[The three enter ACP's house as Freddy was having ACP Sir's duplicate key and password given by ACP Sir]
Abhijeet : Yaha pe hi uss ladki ko rakha than na. Chalo fir achhi tarah se chaan been karo.
Freddy : Ha Sir, par abb use kidnap kiya hain. Ab sabot milne mushiil hain.
[The three search for everything at ACP's house. Abhijeet finds something – a letter]
Abhijeet : Yeh dekho Daya(shows him the letter) (now with a shock) Ismein likha hain Pradyuman's daughter aur niche ACP Sir ki sign bhi hain!
Daya : Kya ACP sahib ki koi beti bhi hain? Lekin unka toh Sirf ek beta tha – Nakul. Toh yeh kaun hein? Mamla kuch samajh nahi aa raha hein. Yeh Shriya akhir hain kaun?(there is also a photo of the girl) Freddy yeh wohi ladki hain na!
[Freddy nods. Abhijeet, Daya & Freddy are shocked to find ACP's daughter's name in the letter.]
Freddy : Mujhe nahi pata tha Sir ki jis ladki par nazar rakhne ke liye kaha tha woh ACP Sir ki beti hogi.
Abhijeet : Ha! Aur shayad yahi baat woh humse chupa rahe the.
[Abhijeet finds another note lying near the letter]
Daya : (after observing the note) Yeh toh koi paheli lag rahi hain boss
Agar hain tumhe dum toh bachaon inn baap-beti ko
milenge tumhe sher ki saawari ke akhri daure mein wo
Abhijeet : Par iska kya matlab hua?(after a long pause) Boss yeh pehli waale kidnapper koi purana criminal hain. Main shayad isse jaanta hoon(giving a satisfactory look)Main abhi Sachin ko iske bare mein pata karne ke liye kehta hoon.(calls Sachin)
Daya : Yeh toh accha hain. Par lagta hain baap- beti ka kahi matlab ACP Sir aur unki beti toh nahi??Ya fir……….jara ruko(suddenly remembers) abb mujhe sab samajh aa raha hain Abhijeet (sarcastically smiles), ACP Sir ne woh sms aise hi nahi kiye the……(with a little smile)
Abhijeet : Woh hume unse kuch khaas sandesh de rahe the(interrupts). Shayad unpe koi jasoosi kar raha ho aur issiliye woh bureau anepar bhi hume bata nahi paye. Jaara ruko….
[Abhijeet removes his phone and both observe the sms's]
Daya : Boss, tumne yeh notice kiya. Yeh sab sms mein Sirf yeh kuch letters jaise F, O,L capital mein likhe hain. Yeh jaroor koi secret code hain. Main unhe note down karta hoon.
1st SMS – F,O,L,L,O,W             
2nd SMS – M,Y
3rd SMS – T,R,A,I,L,S            
5TH SMS – R            
6TH SMS – I,N    
Abhijeet : Oh mai gaaad, milane ke baad iska matlab hua – FOLLOW MY TRAILS, LIVES ARE IN DANGER. Ohh! yaani ki humein iss paheli ko follow karke unn tak jaana hoga warna kuch bhi ho sakta hain.
Freddy : Sir, agar yeh sms ek clue hain, toh kahi woh PCO par dialed no. bhi ek clue toh nahi? ACP Sir kuch bhi kar sakte hain.
Daya : Ho sakta hain, Freddy. Dekhte hain.
[Daya and Freddy try to solve the nos. while Abhijeet gets a call from Sachin]
Abhijeet : Ha bolo Sachin kya  baat pata chali hain?
Sachin : Sir yeh Rajat Sir, Nikhil, Purvi aur Vineet Kolhapur mein Kolhapur murder case ke liye jaane ke baat mujhe thodi bahut pareshani toh ho hi rahi hain, uparse bureau bhi kafi shaant lag raha hain. Fir bhi Abhijeet Sir, yeh pata chal hain iss kidnapper ka naam BILY hain. 14 saal pehle isse aur iske saathiyon ko bank robbery karne ke liye kai saal ki saza sunayi gayi thi. Usse paheli yonka bahut shauk hain. Chori karne ke baad woh jaan bujke suraag rakhta tha.
Abhijeet : (with a smile) Good work, Sachin! Aur ek kaam bhi karna yeh Rajat, Nikhil, Purvi & Vineet lautne ke baad unhe bhi inn sab ke bare mein bata dena!
[Abhijeet hangs up.]
Abhijeet : (to Daya) Kya hua Daya, pata chal gaya kya?
Daya : Nahi boss abhi tak toh nahi. Number tha 22444555999. Iska kya matlab laga sakte hain?
Abhijeet :  Agar hum iss numbers ko mobile keyboard se jodd ke dekhe toh, jaise ek case mein hua tha? Aur fir Pco ke nos. pe bhi toh ABC, EFG aise letters hote hain.
Daya : toh firr……..double 2 ka matlab hua 'B' kyunki 2 no. pe 3 letters- ABC aate hain & double matlab 2nd joki B hain. Issi andaaz se teen baar 4 ka matlab hua 'I', teen baar 5 ka matlab hua 'L' aur 3 baar 9 ka matlab hua 'Y'
Abhijeet : oh mai gaaad, Daya, iska matlab hua BILY(after observing the noted ans). Daya yahi toh mujhe Sachin ne bhi abhi abhi bataya. BILY – jise paheliyan bahut pasand hain! ACP Sir hume iske bare mein batana chahte the.
Daya : Great! Abb jaldise hum iss paheli ko follow karte hain. 'Agar hain tumhe dum toh bachaon inn baap-beti ko; milenge tumhe sher ki saawari ke akhri daure mein wo          
[The three get involved in solving the paheli and scribble many answers]

Scene 8

[Next day in bureau. Abhijeet, Daya and Freddy are seated in the cabin wherein many things are scattered on the table before them.]
Abhijeet : Yeh toh humein pata chal gaya hain ki baap-beti ka matlab ACP Sir aur unki bati hain, par dusri line ka matlab kya hain?
Freddy : Sir, issmein likha hain sher, iska matlab humein sher ki trails ko follow karna hoga, woh bhi lagta hain kisi jungle mein!
Daya : Kuch bhi matt bolo freddy, sher ki sawaari ka akhri daure, bhala sher ka bhi koi akhri stop hota hain kya!
Abhijeet : Ha Daya yeh ho sakta haain! Sawaari ka matlab hua koi mode of transport aur akhri daura hua last stop. Par iss sher ka kya matlab hua?
Daya : Kahi yeh sher, uss mode of transport ka number toh nahi?
Freddy : Sir, mode of transport toh kuch bhi ho sakta hain ; jaise bus, train, car, taxi ya shayad airplane bhi, lekin unn sab mein sher kaha se aaya?
Daya : Jara ek minute, agar ise English mein likhe toh? Yeh hota hain L,I,O,N –LION.Par lion ka bhi koi matlab yaha dikhnahi raha hain!
[At that moment, Abhijeet stares at the mirror placed on the table]
Abhijeet : Daya, iska ans. mil gaya hain, woh dekho ans. usmein hain(points towards the mirror)
Daya : (looks at the mirror at which Abhijeet is pointing)Oh toh yah baat hain!(smiles) kamala ki paheli hain, boss
Freddy : Sir, mujhe kuch samaz mein nahi aa rahe hain
Abhijeet : Freddy, mirror mein LION ka reflection dekho, kya aa raha hain?
Freddy  : LION ka ulta N0I7, ohhh…(after understanding) yaani ki No:17 ki koi bus ya train hain.
Daya : Nahi, Freddy aam daur pe train ka number 2 letters nahi hota hain, iska matlab humein N0:17 ke kisi bus tak pohuchna hoga!
Abhijeet :  Woh bhi Daya, yeh pata lagana hoga ki iss No:17 ki bus ka last stop kaunsa hain. Freddy, tum aur Sachin jara kundali nikaalo iss bus ki. Wohi par milega humein agla clue oorf paheli!
[Freddy calls the BEST service of Mumbai, while Abhijeet and Daya talk about ACP Sir's daughter.]
Abhijeet : Kya lagta hain Daya. Yeh Shriya sach much ACP Sir ki beti kaisi ho sakti hain?
Daya : Agar woh unki beti hain toh uske medical reports check kyon nahi karte?Main Sachin ko iske bare mein bata deta hoon.
Freddy : Sir, pata chal gaya ki iss bus ka last stop kaunsa hain. 17 no. ki bus ka last stop 'Jham stop' hain jo Vashi mein hain.
Daya : Toh chalo fir chalte hain iss Jham Stop par!

Scene 9

[Abhijeet and Daya along with Freddy head towards Jham stop in their Qualis]
Abhijeet : (tells to Daya who is seated in the driver's seat) Lagta hain Daya, yahi hain Jham Stop (points towards the stop in front of them)
[The three get out of the car]
Daya : Jara achhi tarah se search karo. Jara ek minute bhaisahib (tells the passengers waiting on the stop to shift aside.)
Freddy : Sir, yeh dekhiye dustbin meinse yeh chithi jaise kuch mila hain. Yeh firse koi paheli lag rahi hain. Khol ke dekhta hoon.
Abhijeet : Jaroor isse ACP  Sir ne rakha hoga.
Kashmir ka hoon main, paoge tum mujhe mandiron mein
Bhagwaan ke neel kamal charno talle ;
Pehchaano mujhe jaha milunga tumhe jhoond mein tohi agle suraag paoge tum dheere dheere.
Freddy : Sir, mujhe pata hain isska ans. Iska ans. koi aisi chhej hain jo Kashmir ki hain aur woh mandiron mein bhi payi jati hain.
Daya : Ha, Freddy. Woh toh hain. Mandiron mein kya kya milta hain iski list banate hain.
Freddy : Sir, mujhe patta hain Sir, main hi humesha bhagwaan ki puja ka samaan kharidne jaata hoon. Meri wife kehti hain ki mujhe iske bare mein bahut jaankaari hain, isliye woh humesha mujhe hi shopping karne bhejti hain. Jaise ki fool, nariyal, diye, haldi, kumkum, etc.Lekin Sir bhagwaan ke paron ke upar toh hum Sirf phool, haldi aur kumkum vaigara lagate hain.
Abhijeet : (laughs) Bahut achhi baat hain ki hamare iss honhaar officer ko yeh sab pata hain, warna humein to hiss mandir ke bare mein itna kuch pata nahi hain.
Daya : (trying to ignore the topic after smiling) Waise Abhijeet, mujhe nahi lagta ki yeh kumkum aur haldi Kashmir ke hain. Toh bachha hain phool. Lagta hain ki Kashmir ka koi phool hi hoga.
Abhijeet : Daya, gulab bhi toh Kashmir ka hain . Kahi yeh gulab ka phool toh nahi?
Par yeh phool jhoond mein kaha mil sakta hain?
Freddy : (interrupts) GULAB BAZAAR! Main yaha kai baar gaya hoon. Waha par bahut saare gulab ke phool hain.
Daya : Chalo fir chalte hain!

Scene 10

[The trio reach Gulab Bazaar. They search every shop in the market but find nothing.]
Freddy : Sir, na jaane yeh paheli kaha milegi? Paheli mein toh Sirf bachha hain yeh Neel Kamal ke charan.
Daya : Yeh neel kamal koi shop hui toh? Kyonki abhi tak humein kuch nahi mila hain.(Abhijeet nods). Chalo doondte hain.
[The trio search for the specific shop]
Daya : Yeh dekho Abhijeet, yahi hain woh NEEL KAMAL (points towards the shop) (They reach the shopkeeper of the shop).Jaldise batauon ki yeh paheli kaha hain?
Shopkeeper : Kaauaaaunnsiii paheeellli? (stammers) Mujhe nahi malum?
Daya : Nahi malum……achha (gives him tight slap)
Shopkeeper : Deta hoon Sir…abhi deta hoon. Yeh lijiye Sir (after giving the note)
Abb paheli de de ke thak main gaya
Jara dhoondo to iss chithi ka pata
Akhir hoon toh main issi mein chupa
Abhijeet : Ha! Kya hain Daya, iss mein toh doodh ki khushboo aa rahi hain.(smells)
Freddy : Kahi koi perfume toh nahi
Daya : (smells) Nahi Freddy aise lag toh nahi raha hain! Par chalo dekhte hain. Agar yeh raaz iss chitthi mein chuppa hain toh abb iska uttar Salunkhe Sahib hi batayenge!
Abhijeet : Sirf Salunkhe Sir nahi! (Says loudly, while Daya smiles)

Scene 11

In the Forensic lab.
Salunkhe : Lo aao bhai……(as he sees Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy & Sachin entering the lab). Tabhi main soch raha tha ki salunkhe ke bina tum case kaise solve kar rahe ho?
Abhijeet : Aisa nahi hain Sir, hum bhi toh sabot dhoondne mein kitni mehnat karte hain. Aur aap akele kaha sab kuch solve karte hain, woh toh……
Daya : (interrupts) Khair yeh bataiye Salunkhe Sir, yeh chithi mein se doodh hi mila hain na aapko?
Salunkhe : Yaar Daya, tumhe kaise pata. Humari kya band bajaane aaye ho kya idhar?
Abhijeet : Ha Sir, yeh sab humko Dr. Tarika ne hi sikhaya hain!(smiles)
Salunkhe : Woh chhodo Abhijeet, abb mein baat karne mein time waste nahi karoonga kyonki Pradyuman ki jaan khatre mein hain……Boss, Yeh doodh nahi uska powder hain. Woh bhi kisi sadharan gaay ka nahi balki ek crossbreed gaay ka!
Abhijeet : Achha!
Salunkhe : Ha aur ek baat Daya, aise dairies jaha pe doodh ki powder banti hain woh bahut kum hain aur shaher se bhi door hain.
Daya : Yeh toh achha hain Sir, lagta hain uss dairy mein hi kidnap karke rakha hoga.
Sachin : Sir, Maine Rajat Sir, Nikhil, Purvi, Vineet aur Shreya ko bata diya hain. Sir woh aaj hi Kolhapur se Mumbai laut rahe hain. Aur ek baat Sir, Uss Shriya  Pradyuman ke records hospital, school, college mein check karne ke baat yeh pata chala hain ki ACP Sir hi uske pita hain aur Nakul uska bhai tha.
Freddy : Kya? Yeh nahi ho sakta!
Abhijeet : Abb kya sach hain yeh uss dairy ke yaha pohochne ke baad hi pata chalega. Freddy aur Sachin jaldise aise powder doodh banane waale dairies ki list nikaalo.
Scene 12
[Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy & Sachin reach an unmanned area. The area is surrounded by greenery. The dairy is quite dull, damp and filthy. Lot of boxes, bottles and packets are racked near the dairy's front gate.]
Sachin : Sir, abb yeh 5th aur last dairy bachhi hain list mein se. Bakhi sab check kar liye humne par kuch nahi mila.
Freddy : Par Sir yaha par bhi agar ACP Sir aur unki beti nahi mili toh?
Abhijeet : Freddy, be positive!
Sachin : Waise Sir aise lag nahi raha hain ke yaha par business hota hain kyonki Sir jagah toh kafi shant lag rahi hain. Upar se koi karagir bhi dikh nahi raha hain.
Daya : Ha Sachin, aise jagahpar hi crimes hote hain. Ho na ho ACP Sir aur unki beti ko yaha pe ki kidnap kiya hoga! Chalo andar chalte hain.

 Scene 13

The four break into the dairy gate with the help of silencer attached revolver. The four hide behind some boxes as they see three persons- 2 men & 1 girl tied to three separate chairs. The kidnapper and his assistants including Raghu-the shop vendor, are right in front of them. One of the tied men is ACP & the girl is Shriya- Pradyuman's daughter. The three tied persons look as if they are beaten and tired.
Kidnapper :  Dekh ACP 2 dinse tere laundhe bhi nahi aaye. Agar tu unke saath nahi toh poori Cid team bekaar hain. Doodh pete bachhe!(laughs)
ACP : Kaun doodh pita bachha hain aur kaun uska baap yeh tum nahi decide karoge!(talks with all his might as he sees a glimpse of Abhijeet behind the boxes)
Kidnapper's assistant : Woh dekhiye boss, waha par koi toh hain…….lagta hain Cid team(with a shock on his as well as his boss face)
Kidnapper : Fire!(orders his men)
[The cid team starts firing as well. But it seems as the no. of people in kidnapper's gang are more. The cid team is not able to hold 6-7 men per head. At that moment more firing starts from the back.  Rajat, Nikhil, Purvi, Vineet, Shreya have already reached the spot.Within a second, the scenario changes. The Cid team now have either killed or injured the kidnapper's assistants. Abhijeet sets ACP, daughter-Shriya & 3rd man free. The Cid team has now arrested the kidnapper.Rajat and Vineet wear him handcuffs.]
ACP Sir : Daya, Abhijeet!
Abhijeet : Sir, aap theek toh hain na?
ACP Sir : Ha Abhijeet main bilkul theek hoon. Good work done.
Daya : Sir, par yeh ladki Shriya aur yeh tisra aadmi jise kidnap kiya tha unka yaha pe kya connection hain?
Abhijeet : Ha, Sir humein pata chal gaya hain ki yeh aapki beti hain!(frowns)
ACP Sir : Nahi Abhijeet, yeh meri beti nahi hain
Freddy : Kya Sir? Fir woh reports……..? jismein likha tha ki woh apki beti hain woh…..kya?(winces)
Sachin : Par Sir, uss paheli mein bhi toh likha tha 'baap- beti'!
ACP Sir : Ha Sachin kyonki woh meri nahi iss Pradyuman ki baat kar rahe tha, Shriya uski beti hain.
[The third kidnapped man appears with his daughter Shriya.]
Third kidnapped man : Ha Shriya meri hi beti hain. Mera naam Rakesh Pradyuman hain. Meri biwi Shriya ke janm ke baad hi marr gayi thi. 20 saal pehle main aur Bily ne milke bank mein chori ki thi. Uss mein Bily ki sazaa jyada sunayi gi aur mujhe sazaa khatam hone se pehle hi chodd diya gaya. Bily jab jail se chutta tab usne mujhe firse chori karne ke liye kaha. Par tab mein badal chukka tha issiliye maine uski madad nahi ki, balki Police ko uske bare mein pehle se hi bata diya.
Daya : Oh! Toh isliye usne tumhe kidnap kiya. Par tumhari beti, uska kya?
Rakesh Pradyuman : Ha. Fir Shriya badi hone lagi. Mera naam bhi Pradyuman hone ki wajah se maine uska galat istamaal kiya. Mujhse baar baar poochne ke baad maine uske pita ka naam ACP Pradyuman kaha, kyonki mujhe use sachchai batane mein kafi sharm aa rahi thi. Aur khood ko uska chacha bana diya. Iske liye aaj tak toh Shriya mujhe apna chacha maanti thi.
Abhijeet : Fir kya hua?(putting his hand in his pockets)
Rakesh Pradyuman : Fir kya, maine sabhi jagahpar se meri asliyat hata di aur ACP Pradyuman ka naam laga diya. Uske medical reports, school, college sab badal diye. Shriya ko yeh bilkul bhi pata nahi tha.
Sachin : Toh fir Shriya ko pata kaise chala?
Shriya : Kyonki ek din achhanak mere papa kidnap ho gaye. Mere koi relatives bhi nahi hain aur mujhe dhamkii bhare letters aane shuru ho gaye. Mujhe lagta tha ki mere papa ACP Sir hain, isliye maine kisi tarah unka pata dhoondha aur unke paas gayi.
ACP Sir : Ha aur tabhi mujhe asliyat ka kuch andaaz aa gaya tha.Main jaanta tha ki Rakesh badal gaya hain, isliye main unki madad karta raha. Shriya ko yeh nahi pata tha ki uske asli baap ko bank robbery case mein maine hi pakda tha. Maine uski rakhwaali Freddy ke upar saunp di thi par lekin baad mein Shriya bhi kidnap ho gayi aur main unn paheliyon ko follow karta raha.
Daya : Lekin Sir, aapne humein kyon nahi bataya?
ACP Sir : Woh isliye Daya, kyonki 24 ghante mujhpar koi nazar rakhya hue tha, uapar se tumko na batane ki dhamki bhi mujhe aayi thi. Sms par bhi nazar rakhi thi, aur toh aur jab Daya uss Pco ke pass aaya tabbhi mujhpe nazar thi vendor ki……toh bataon main kaise karta?
Freddy : Isliye Sir, aapne Abhijeet aur Daya Sir ko sms ke secret code se sawdhaan kiya.
ACP Sir : Exactly Freddy! Aur fir woh Cid ki kabiliyat pe bhi toh shak kar raha tha. Iske liye maine tum sabka imtihaan lene chaha.Sachin ko to maine dusre case pe bheja tha. Aur fir humare Freddricks ko bhi kabhi akele case handle karna chahiye na!(smiles)
Shriya : Thankyou so much ACP Sir, aapne mujhe mere Papa se mila diya aur humein chudaya bhi. Papa(to her real father) Papa, agar aap mujhe bata dete toh main aapse naraaz bilkul bhi nahi hoti. Kyonki woh toh apka ateet tha, hakikat mein toh aap abhi bilkul badal gaye hain.
ACP Sir : Ha woh toh achha hua ki abb tum dono khushi se rahoge kyonki crime ka raasta humesha aasan toh hota hain par manzil humesha dukhi hi hoti hain. Rakesh tumne mere naam se jhoote files banaye uski sazaa tumhe ho kar rahegi hi….usse koi bhi bachha nahi sakta. Par aage se kuch bhi aisa na karna jisse tumhe aur tumahri beti ko sar jhookana pade
Rakesh Pradyuman : Ha Sir, main achha nagrik banunga.(everybody smiles)
[Rajat and Vineet bring Bily]
ACP Sir : Bily, tumhe jo kiya woh bahut galat kiya!
Abhijeet : Par tumne ACP Sir ko kyon kidnap kiya?
Bily : Kyonki ACP mujhe pehchaan liya tha, aur kuch saal pehle issi ke wajah se mujhe sazaa sunaiyi gaayi, badla le liya sabse… ACP ko choda aur na uss Rakesh ko!!(laughs)
ACP Sir : Haso jitna hasna hain. Abb shayad tumhe ek cid officer aur 2 masoom logonko kidnap karne par umar kaid hi hogi, umar kaid!(shouts)
Bily : (laughs) Nadaan hain tu bechara, tumhe shayad yeh nahi pata kya ke bomb phutne ke baad kya hota…….bada aaya baat karne waala.
Daya : Kya yaha bomb hain? Kaha par!!
Bily : Aise nahi :----- Ismein hain ungliya jaate yeh dur, toh kabhi aate paas
Lekin fir bhi jaankaari hoti hain pakki aur khass
Milega tumhe yeh pink dewaar ke aass paas
Pehchano ACP warna ho jayega BOOOMMM 7 minute mein……hahaha(laughs)
ACP Sir : Kya Sirf saat minute, Purvi aur Shreya jaldise Shriya aur Rakesh ho bahaar le kar jao, yaha par bahut khatra hain(Shreya and Purvi take them away from the spot) aur Nikhil aur Vineet tum iss BILY ko yaha se bahar lekar jao.
Sachin : Sir yeh toh firse koi paheli lag rahi hain, iska answer kya ho sakta hain?
[ACP replies nothing, after a moment]
ACP Sir : Ismein hain ungliya jaate yeh dur, toh kabhi aate paas; Lekin fir bhi jaankaari hoti hain pakki aur khass; Milega tumhe yeh pink dewaar kea aaass paas…Sachin iska answer ghadi hain jaldise iss pink ghadi ko doondo!(shaking his finger)
[Everybody searches but finds nothing]
Abhijeet : Nahi Sir, yaha pe toh ek bhi ghadi nahi hain! Ab kya kare?
Freddy : Oh no Sir, bahut kam samay bacha hain….(looks at his wrist as usual to see the time ) maine toh aaj ghadi bhi nahi pehni hain!
ACP Sir : Freddy, kamaal ka ans; yehi toh hain!!(shouts)- haat ki ghadi!!! aur hum dewaar ki ghadi dhoondh rahe the! Very good…..Chalo abb jaldise apni ghadi check karo, dekho koi bomb hain kya.
[They check their watches but find no bomb]
Daya : Sir, paheli mein pink hain na…..toh shayad bomb pink ghadi ke peeche hain. Aur hum mein se koi pink ghadi pehenta nahi………iska matlab, oh no…bomb Shriya ki ghadi mein hain.
ACP Sir : Chalo dhoondte hain unhe jaldise, gate ke pass hi honge woh.
[Everybody starts running towards the gate. They find Shriya and her father standing besides the gate. They also find the bomb in Shriya's watch. They insist her to remove it.]
Abhijeet : Bomb toh issi mein hain. (after opening the bomb and observing it) Sir Sirf 3 minute bachhe hain!(with a shock)Abb kya kare?
Daya : Chalo Abhijeet isse kahi fek ke aate hain, kyonki bomb squad ke aane tak toh yeh bachega hi nahi……aur wires ka bhi koi bharosa nahi.
ACP Sir : Ha Daya, theek keh rahe ho, jao jaldise(watches Abhijeet and Daya) getting away) ABHIJEEET DAAAYAAA DDDHYAAAN SE(screams)
[In the nick of time Abhijeet and Daya are successful in dropping the bomb in an unarmed and unmanned space. The Cid team as well as ACP Sir is pleased to watch them returning safe]
Daya : Akhir Sir ho hi gaya!. Inn paheliyonke dher ko solve kar hi liya!(smiles at Abhijeet)
ACP Sir : Ha Daya, Abhijeet good work! Bata do uss Bily ko ki koi bhi mujrim Cid se nahi bachta.
Abhijeet : Sir, Sirf ek baat samaz nahi aayi. Uss letter pe aapke signs kaise the?
ACP Sir : Accha woh letter, woh toh nakli tha jo Rakesh Shriya ko dikhane ke liye laya tha!
Daya : Sir,sorry main aapko disguise mein pehchaan na paaya.(frowns) agar aap bura na maane toh kuch kahu?
ACP Sir : Koi baat nahi Daya(smiles)Agar tumne mujhe uss waqt pehchaana hota toh tumhari toh jeet hoti, par humari akhir mein haar hi hoti na…rehne do, tum kuch kehne waale the na.
Abhijeet: Ha Sir, hume sach much thodi der ke liye laga ki Shriya aap hi ki beti hain
ACP Sir : (smiles and moves ahead) Ha, Abhijeet who ladki hain hi itni pyaari par mujhe beti nahi hui toh kya hua, mere itne saare bete toh hain!
[Abhijeet and Daya smile happily on listening to ACP Sir's comment and look at each other.]
Abhijeet and Daya : Kya Sir, aap bhi, aapne toh humari aakhe paani se bhar diye!(both wipe their tears and smile)
Freddy :Parrr ACP Sir…………(after a pause) Woh bete hain kaun?, kahi who Rakesh toh nahi?...Iska matlab Shriya ----apki poti???(asks seriously)
[The episode ends as everyone laughs, leaving Freddy in confused looks]
--X---The End—X---
"It is an honour to have you here, my dear sir", smiled General Damien, raising his glass to toast.
"The pleasure is all mine, General", said the ACP, smiling back. "Honestly, I was a little surprised by the invitation; I'm not a celebrity or anything."
"Not many celebrities have sacrificed a part of themselves for the country and its people", said Damien gravely. "I think it's time real heroes receive more acknowledgement, Pradyuman."
They were sitting in a large function hosted by General Damien, on the first anniversary of his retirement after a lifetime of service to the country. ACP Pradyuman was the sole member of the Mumbai C.I.D invited to the grand function, which was being attended by senior enforcers, several well-known personalities and glitterati to felicitate bravery. The awards were due to take place in an hour, and the General soon left to attend to other guests. As the ACP leaned back on his chair, draining the last of his apple juice, a group of youths stumbled in from the entrance hall. One of them hissed at a waiter.
"Three bottles of Veuve Clicquot, please", he blurted.
"I'm sorry, sir; we're running slightly short of champagne at the moment", said the waiter. "Rest assured, fresh stock should be here in fifteen minutes, and –"
"Is it my duty to account for your bloody stock?" snarled the young man at once. "We came here for a drink, not to wait fifteen f**king minutes for it!"
"I'm sorry, sir", repeated the waiter, "but there's nothing I can do about it. I kindly suggest you wait and –"
The young man was hardly listening; he rummaged in his jacket, drew out a Colt revolver and fired at the waiter; the air was rent with screams as guests jumped to their feet, their eyes fixed on the youth and his victim, who was now lying screaming as blood gushed from his shoulder.
"You have five seconds until I blow your head off", said the boy calmly. "Five… four…"
"Hold it right there! What do you think you're doing?"
Everybody turned to watch the ACP walking up to the scene, his eyes flashing like a lion's. Raising his hand, he sharply gestured the youth to drop his weapon. "Surrender your gun at once!"
The youth gave him a bleary-eyed look; the ACP knew at once that he was intoxicated. "Mind your own business, old bean."
"That is precisely what I am doing; apprehending a criminal", answered the ACP. "I repeat; drop the gun!"
"Or else?" laughed the youth. "Do you know who I am, you bloody codger? Stop me if you can!"
He raised the revolver, but the ACP was much faster. His Beretta seemed to appear almost magically in his hand, and he fired. The youth screamed, clutching his bleeding hand as the revolver was knocked out of it. Several guests gasped. A grey-haired man appeared by the youth's side, slowly looking at the ACP.
"You are in deep trouble, ACP Pradyuman. You don't know who you've messed with."
The youth was taken away, scowling and uttering silent threats at the ACP. The waiter was bandaged and helped up as well. General Damien appeared and attempted unsuccessfully to pacify the others.
"What have you done, Pradyuman?" he ejaculated.
"What?" exclaimed the ACP. "Did you see what he was doing? Should I have stood silently while he did it?"
"Yes, but Pradyuman…" said the General quietly, "that was Uday Vaghela and his father, our new Foreign Relations Minister – Shri Arun Vaghela. He's a very powerful man, Pradyuman. And you just shot his son in public! This is going to turn really ugly, mark my words."
The General's words came true soon enough. The news of ACP Pradyuman shooting at the Foreign Relations Minister's son spread like wildfire across the country. Arun Vaghela wasted no time in filing a brutal case against the ACP, who was summoned to court in a week. The entire C.I.D team stood by his side, but they were among the very few who did. The others, whether out of hatred, fear or greed, didn't care. The prosecutor neatly twisted the story and announced that it was the ACP who was drunk and shot at Uday and the waiter with no provocation. Not one of the 120 eyewitnesses came forward to defend him; they merely parroted what the minister's puppet said, while the Vaghelas smirked in the background.
"ACP Pradyuman has always been notorious for extreme aggression against suspects, even in cases without adequate evidence. His infamous act of shooting down his own son in the name of law was the hot topic for several months back in 2005. And this fresh incident only serves to heighten our concerns. With all due respect, I think that ACP Pradyuman has gone senile and become a loose cannon in the society, a danger for us all. We cannot allow this to continue –"
The rest of his words were drowned as Abhijeet and Daya rose up in their senior's defense and bellowed at the unjust accusations; it took the officials almost two minutes to calm them down. The ACP had given up; he merely frowned as the judge delivered his verdict.
"I am sorry for this, Pradyuman. I really am", said DCP Chitroley, though his tone hardly felt so.
They were standing in the C.I.D Bureau; the ACP had handed over his service pistol, badge and medal over to his senior with an almost impassive expression. Abhijeet and Daya stood on either side of him, seriously upset. Fredericks seemed to be on the verge of tears, while Sachin hung his head solemnly. Purvi bit her lip, breathing heavily while Nikhil buried his face in his hands. Shreya, Rajat and Vineet looked almost speechless. Dr. Salunkhe and Tarika watched the scene incredulously.
"They say you were right to have stood up against him. And yet, you know the court's orders. You are to be suspended until the case is closed", said Chitroley.
The ACP merely gave him a humourless smile. "I guess it already is, sir. What else do I expect anyone to think of me, with my own son's blood on my hands? But, yes, I guess even that's a fluke. What did the prosecutor imply? That I killed him because he was born of an illegitimate marriage of mine."
"Sir, please do not take that little knucklehead's words to heart", said Daya loudly. "We are all by your side (the ACP glanced at Chitroley) and we know the truth. We'll fight until the end with you."
"To what end, Daya?" said the ACP. His tone frightened Daya, Abhijeet and even Shamsher. They had heard it only once before – the day when he had shot Nakul. "We lay down our lives for the society, only for corrupt politicians to take over. We fight for a country being ruled by wolves in sheep's clothing, who can get away with anything. Have we really gained independence after all? How long shall this go on?"
Before any of them could answer, he raised his hand. "Thanks for your support, all of you. But right now, I need some time alone. Please excuse me; I'll see you all around later."
Without another word, he walked out of the bureau. The door silently swung shut.
The second of November, 2012. Pandrass, Drass Tehsil, Jammu & Kashmir. Situated in the Kargil district of the state, the little village was no stranger to bloodshed. Heaven be praised, violence had largely been curbed for almost thirteen years since the war ended. Still, the troops could never afford to as much as blink when on duty at the Line of Control. Lieutenant Rathore strolled near the window of his tent beside Post No. 42, watching his men patrol the far side of the LoC along the barricades. Thirty minutes into midnight, he was approached by rookie Subedar Victor. "Sorry to disturb you, sir, but thought I'd mention a rather unusual activity to you."
The Lieutenant looked up, frowning. "What sort of activity, Subedar?"
"Sir, the radars at our control room went static with partial white-noise like signals a while ago. Digital distortions, but only for about half a minute or so. Almost seemed like something a jammer would do."
The Lieutenant paused for a few moments, before speaking. "Have any suspicious signs been displayed in the area? Intruders, vehicles, aircraft, anything of that sort?"
"No, sir" said the Subedar, with a little surge of confidence. "The area is secure. Not a bird could enter this place without our knowledge. We've noticed no signs of any trespassing whatsoever."
"Very well", answered the Lieutenant, nodding. "Possibly just some technical flaw. Ask Tripathi to feel up the radars in a while. Report back in case of any developments."
The Subedar left to do as told, and Lieutenant Rathore turned back to look up at the night sky. The waning moon shone like a beacon in the dark, starry night sky. The night was largely silent, except for the mild ambient sounds of local nocturnal fauna. With their forces so impeccably strong, it was hard to imagine any imminent danger. And yet, he couldn't help but feel a strange, intuitive feeling of foreboding – about something terrible waiting to happen right under their noses.
The crushing sensation of takeoff had passed as DynaWave DW-395's orientation stabilized, and the passengers felt as smooth as though they were sitting in their living room; other than the fact that stretching kingdoms of cloud beautifully illuminated by the dawning sun were all that was visible outside the window. The pilot announced that they were over 25,000 feet above sea level.
"I never quite liked this", mumbled one of the passengers. "I know we are in safe hands and everything, but I cannot help but fathom what could possibly happen in such a critical position."
"You're being paranoid", advised the lithe young lady sitting next to him. "DynaWave Inc. goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of its passengers. They've got the best engineers, pilots and crew around."
 "That isn't all of it", said the man. "Just think about it – are we really secure? Is there any guarantee that ours won't be another Kandahar?"
"The government has learned from its mistakes; the differences between security arrangements then and now are colossal. Trust me, I'm in the know. Where and how can enemies hijack us now? In midair?"
Almost like a devastating answer, there was a crackling jolt as the entire aircraft shook like some gargantuan rattle; the passengers were forced to clutch onto their seats like life-vests. They could see the wing rising up from the right window; the plane was tilting. Screams of the passengers and crew were barely audible over the din of the roaring engines.
"What the hell is happening here?" screamed a young man in the front row, nearly sliding on top of the window. "For God's sake, somebody go into the cockpit and –"
A second thump vibrated across the cabin, followed by a strange drill-like noise. As the passengers watched, horrified, a glowing section of lines snaked along the airplane's door high above their heads. The door was swiftly broken open by the turbulent air; they were only prevented from being sucked out due to their seat belts. Nothing was audible anymore over deafening buzz of the engines. Five men, clad in air-tight suits and magnetic shoes, slid down from the newly torched opening and landed deftly as cats inside the cabin. The leader straightened up and glared at them from behind his hood.
"Salaam, ladies and gentlemen. We couldn't help but intrude upon your immaculate hospitality", he thundered, an attached microphone carrying his voice over the ever-increasing engine noise.
The passengers blanched, looking almost petrified. And then, the panic began.
"Who… who are you? What do you want??" screamed an elderly lady to their right.
"I guess the kafirs don't get the point", said the leader calmly. "Show them, will you?"
One of the intruders strolled into the cockpit, and they heard a gunshot. At once, the entire aircraft swerved over until it was completely upside-down, the wind ripping through the open doorway like a hurricane. The passengers' faces grew redder and redder as blood flowed down into their heads.
"I'm pleased to introduce you to our new pilot, Wahid bhai", chortled the leader, watching them. "DW-395 is now under the control of al-Kohla. Our business here shan't be overbearing, provided you co-operate. You may begin by handing over your mobile phones to us, right now."
The airplane began to turn back over, slowly, until it had righted itself. Two of the hijackers went around collecting the phones, while the others proceeded to repair the damaged door. The passengers' terrified silence seemed even louder than DW-395's engines. The lithe young lady was the only one who retained a hint of calm on her face. She handed over her phone without seeming upset at all.
Thirty thousand feet below, miles away in a small colony at Mumbai, a lean pockmarked man wrote furiously on the little crumpled sheet of paper in front of him. He was surrounded by Scylla and Charybdis. He could feel doom creeping near. And yet, he knew what was to be done. He had caused enough damage; now was the time for a pitiful attempt at atonement. What would he tell his maker when he finally met Him, otherwise? All he regretted was that he would never see her again, that their last interaction had been a fight. He finished writing and got up, his breath steady.
ACP Pradyuman sat alone in a little restaurant, sipping his nearly cold cup of tea, looking almost impassive. He looked up; chattering in the place had risen considerably. A "breaking news" headline was now flashing over the channel, showing images of an aircraft trailing smoke high in the skies. The sentence was blood-curdling: 'AIRCRAFT DW-395 HIJACKED – TERRORIST GROUP AL-KOHLA CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY'. The reporter was rapidly jabbering out the details –
"…nobody yet knows how the militants managed to take over the plane. But the truth is undeniable; an aircraft belonging to one of the country's most respected airline services has been taken over by the al-Kohla, as is clear by this message telecasted over from the cockpit."
A recorded message started to play; they could hear an arrogant voice speaking over thick distortion.
"Salaam-aleikum, citizens of India. We meet again, rising from the abyss into which you cast us, over the bodies of our brethren you mercilessly slew. And yet I, Mahmud, harbor only a strong desire for justice in my heart. I know well that not one of the unfortunate souls aboard this aircraft is directly responsible for our loss, and I shall be deeply pained if forced to sacrifice any of them. And yet, we are prepared to do anything to achieve our singular goal – Amjad Gabriel. We want him to be delivered alive to us within five hours, failing which you shall share the impending blood on our hands. You have an hour to decide."
"This is unbelievable! Amjad Gabriel, seriously?" exclaimed somebody, sitting straight up.
"With all the security arrangements, how on Earth did they manage that?" remarked another one.
Even the toughest chain has a weak link, thought the ACP grimly, getting to his feet. The top priority is to… "OW!"
He had just collided with a young girl hurrying out of the shop; her purse skidded across the floor. He paused to pick it up.
"Here, sorry for that", he said politely, holding it out to her.
"How convenient", she snapped, snatching it back. The ACP looked at her, aghast.
"What's wrong with you? I did give you an apology!" he said indignantly.
"Did you also give it to your son, after you shot him?" taunted the girl. "Do you think I haven't read anything about it?"
The ACP felt like his heart had been struck by a thunderbolt; he stood there staring blankly at her. People were starting to gather around them. A young man stepped up and glared at the girl's arrogant expression.
"The nerve of these people! You're better off not talking about things you don't understand, miss!" he snarled.
She gave both of them a thoroughly bitter look before storming away. ACP sir looked at the boy; he was Rohit, a former pickpocket whom he had reformed four years ago. Apparently, he was now working there.
"Ignore her, ACP sir", said he. "Probably yet another spoilt brat of some rich snob who –"
"It doesn't matter, Rohit", cut the ACP, almost smiling at his own state. "Not her fault. That's a blemish I'm tainted with for life. Thanks for your help."
He nearly forgot all about what he'd seen on the news. After paying his bills, he had started to walk out, when something struck his foot under the table. It was a cell-phone, small and bright pink. Bemused, he examined it and wondered if it belonged to the girl he'd just encountered. Must've fallen out of her purse when it slid down there, he thought. He was hardly enthusiastic about meeting her again, and yet knew that it must be returned. The list of contacts was rather large and mostly filled with nicknames. Deciding to take a quicker route, he examined the photo gallery. The latest picture featured a pretty young girl – the same one he'd met – with a group of boys outside a shoddy-looking apartment, marked the "Shalimar Building Society". There it was. He set off to return the phone to its owner.
The news of the terrible hijacking had not yet reached the C.I.D Bureau; the officers were still coping with their senior's unjust suspension. Abhijeet slammed his desk in anger. "I can't believe that the scoundrels got away with it. Corruption is eating into the vitals of the country, and we can't do anything about it?"
"We can start with proving ACP sir innocent", suggested Daya. "Vaghela's clearly bribed or threatened all the witnesses and authorities. What we need is evidence so strong that it has no chance of being dismissed in court. And we must blitz it in front of the judge before the opposition realizes it."
"But where can we find something like that?" asked Purvi. "They seem to have removed everything from the scene. And recovering that seems almost impossible."
Before Abhijeet could reply, the phone on his desk rang. He answered it. "Senior Inspector Abhijeet here. A body? Where? …right, I see. We'll be there right away." He disconnected, and turned to the others. "A body has been discovered at Shantinagar. Looks like we've got more work to do as well. Let's go!"
As he drove along in his car, the ACP's mind wandered back towards what he had heard in the dhaba – Amjad Gabriel. He shook his head in confusion; Amjad Gabriel was a prime hand of the al-Kohla in several blasts across the country, and was supposed to have been killed in an encounter with the military five years ago. Then, how come the hijackers were now asking for him to be delivered to them? What exactly was this all about? He looked outside; the Shalimar complex was on the other side of the road. He parked his car behind a large delivery van, and approached the building's security guard.
"Excuse me; do you know these people?" he asked, flashing forward the girl's wallpaper photo.
The man gave him a wary look before responding. "Yes, sir; that's miss Gayatri Iyer on the right. She lives in flat no. 23."
The ACP thanked him and walked upstairs until he reached the flat in question. As he came closer, he could hear murmurs and whispered arguments gurgling inside. Slowly, he knocked on the door. Silence. After a few more tries, a disheveled-looking young man answered and stared at him.
"Namaste; I'm here to meet Gayatri. I believe she lives here?" asked the ACP.
The boy simply stared at him, before blurting, "No, she doesn't. You're mistaken. Now please excuse…"
But before he could close the door, there was more commotion inside the flat, and the girl he was looking for burst into the room, carrying a heavy suitcase, closely followed by another male friend.
"No, Arnab, I've told you already!" she retorted, yanking her suitcase out of his reach. "It's urgent and I need to go now, and it doesn't help that my phone is… you???"
She stopped in her tracks, staring at the ACP, who was now standing in the doorway. He pushed past the boy stopping him and entered the room. "Gayatri, your friend here just told me that… oh, my God! What on Earth is this??"
He looked around the room, taking in the sight. It was the dirtiest and messiest place he'd seen for a while; various objects were carelessly thrown about or heaped in corners. About three dozen empty liquor bottles lay strewn everywhere. The walls were adorned with obscene photographs. He could see several used syringes in a trash bin nearby.
"What have you people been doing here?" he exclaimed. "Drugs and alcohol! Do you even realize how –"
"So what will you do, hang us for it?" screamed the girl, stepping forward. "What the hell are you doing here, anyway?"
The ACP paused, each of them glaring into the other's eyes, before finally pulling her phone out of his pocket. "This. You'd forgotten it back at the restaurant." He placed it on a nearby table and, before any of them could speak, prepared to leave. "For your information, I'm not an ACP anymore. I have no authority to arrest you, and I wouldn't do it if I could. All I wanted was to prevent your lives from being ravaged anymore than they already have been."
He turned and strode past two badly shaven men carrying a large wooden box into the room. More rum for the night, he thought sadly. As he walked, his eyes fell on the man right to his side. The temperature was quite warm, and yet this guy was wearing a broad leather jacket that looked way out of a delivery man's budget range. If that were not enough, a dark scar was just visible under his right wrist. The ACP was experienced enough to know what results of bullet wounds looked like. He hung near the doorway.
"Here's your shipment, miss Iyer", he heard the first man say inside.
"What shipment? I didn't order anything!" came Gayatri's voice.
"You didn't? Oh bother. Do you mind coming along to check?"
Without warning, there were screams and sounds of a scuffle. The ACP dashed inside to see the first man seizing Gayatri and attempting to force her into the box; the other one pulled out a silenced submachine gun from his jacket and opened fire at her friends, tearing them apart.
"STOP!!!" yelled the ACP, launching himself onto the gunman; they crashed into a pile of dirty laundry.
"Where did this mangy cur come from?" screeched the first man. "Kill him, Vicky!"
The gunman fought back savagely; the ACP concentrated all his strength on pushing back the gun's barrel from his chin. They rolled around the floor and the gun went off; bullets rained crazily all over the room. There was a great crash as they rammed into a shelf, and a great cascade of books rained down upon Vicky's head. The ACP sprang to his feet and saw Gayatri fighting back, landing a well-placed blow on her captor's groin. The man winced as the ACP seized the SMG and pointed it at him.
"Let her go!" he warned.
The man glanced at him and human-shielded Gayatri at once. "Yeah, go ahead and blow her to pieces!"
The ACP was thinking what to do when there were sounds of shuffling feet outside; the neighbours had been aroused by the commotion and had gathered outside the room. They took one look at the scene and fled in a panic, screaming. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction, the ACP shot at the intruder, who yelled and dropped Gayatri. The ACP grabbed her and pushed out of the room at once.
"Down the stairs! Whatever you do, don't stop!" he cried,
They pushed past the panicked neighbours and rushed down the staircase, past the startled receptionist towards the rows of parked cars. He pulled open the door to his car and ushered the girl in, before diving inside himself and starting it up. As he hit the gas, he could see the delivery van he'd noticed earlier trail along from behind the building. The windows rolled down, and two armed people leaned out of it.
Dear Lord!
"Intriguing", remarked Daya.
They were standing in a small, rather untidy room – one of two rented ones in a shabby house at Shantinagar. That was hardly as peculiar as the terrible sight of a body hanging like an eerie pendulum from the ceiling fan – a dark-skinned, pockmarked man whose blunt features had now been grossly disfigured by the hideous fate he'd undergone. The eyes were bulging out of their sockets, the mouth lay slightly open and the broken neck was grotesquely stretched. In the body's shadow, on the disheveled bed lay a singular piece of paper, with a few sentences printed upon it.
"It is of my own will that I take my life. I'm ridden with debts, forsaken by my only family and left with nothing but a miserable existence. Nobody but myself is to be held responsible for this. Farewell, cruel world."
"What do you make of this, sir?" asked Fredericks, as Purvi snapped photos of the scene.
"I'm not sure", said Abhijeet, squinting at the corpse. He turned to the landlord, who was standing motionless by the door. "Mr. Sharma, you were the first to discover Mr. Arvind's body, correct?"
"Yes, sir", said Sharma quietly. "He'd turned quite reclusive for the past week. I'd merely come to ask for the monthly rent, when he didn't answer the door. After a while, I used my duplicate key to open it."
"Quite reclusive, you say", pondered Abhijeet, slowly turning back to look at Arvind. "Did he ever tell you what the problem was?"
"Never", answered Sharma. "He's been my tenant for over two years now, but he never spoke more than required. Neither did his daughter; they mostly kept to the room."
"Daughter?" said Daya sharply, walking up to them. "Arvind had a child? Where is she, now?"
"I have no idea, sir", said Sharma. "They had a huge argument last night and she stormed off somewhere, I saw from the window. Arvind wanted to keep her in the house most of the time, which understandably didn't go down well with her."
"Anything else you can tell us about her?" asked Abhijeet.
"She was around fourteen or fifteen, I guess. Quite a charming young lady, I might add, but with one hell of a temper. I didn't know her name until I heard Arvind yell it at my door yesterday – Ayesha."
"Right. Thanks for your help", said Abhijeet, before turning back. "Any more clues here, Daya?"
"Not much", said Daya. "The window in the next room was unlocked, but it seems unlikely that anybody would've been able to climb over the steep ledge beyond."
"I see", said Abhijeet. "Let's have the body and 'suicide' note sent over to the forensic lab. Only there can we find out more."
They had the body safely stored in the ambulance, before departing. The sirens had hardly faded when a sedan drove up to Sharma's house, parking where the Qualis had been minutes ago.
"What happened here? Where is he?" asked the tallest of them, a robust older man with close-cropped grey hair, glaring at Sharma. The poor landlord knew he had some tough questions to answer.
"Hold on tight, Gayatri!" yelled the ACP, swerving wildly as a hail of bullets came whizzing from the van, shattering their windshield and spraying them with a hail of glass shards. Wiping off the blood from his forehead, he dashed the car into an alley amid screams from bystanders. There was a crash behind – he knew the van had rammed into one of the corners, but their pursuers were relentless and continued to fire indiscriminately. The ACP had to duck as the rearview mirror burst.
"I can handle this", said Gayatri, lunging to grip the steering wheel. "You get them!"
"But Gayatri…" began the ACP.
"Do you want to live or not??" she screamed. "Just do as I say, for heaven's sake!"
The ACP pulled out his gun and leaned out of the window as they exited the alley and emerged onto a large section of concrete leading to a bridge. He could see a thug aiming his Steyn SMG right at them. Without delay, he aimed at the van's tires and fired. The shot was precise and deadly; the van screeched and swerved out of control, before crashing off the side of the bridge and landing in the river with a crash.
"We did it!" exclaimed the ACP. "They're… WATCH OUT!!"
It was too late; both of them screamed as their car flew off a blind edge onto a steep slope below. They skidded though a barrage of rocks, tree trunks and puddles until the vehicle finally crashed into a particularly large tree. Thankfully, their seatbelts held on. A minute passed in silence before the ACP looked around; they were in a small forest at the edge of the city. He turned to Gayatri; much of her face was covered with gashes and blood.
"You're hurt", he said sharply. "We need to get you to a doctor before…"
"I'm fine", she interrupted, though her voice was weak. "Where are we?"
"A few kilometers off Malad. But – "
"Look", she cut in again, "thanks for your help. But I really need to get to Shantinagar right now."
"Shantinagar?" said the ACP, bemused. "Right after a band of thugs chased and nearly killed us?"
"You don't understand!" screamed Gayatri, and her voice had suddenly regained its force. "It's not about me; I have something extremely important to check there! Tell me, can you take me there?"
The ACP looked at her. She seemed on the verge of hysteria, almost in tears. But he also noticed something else; she seemed hardly perturbed by the attack that had just occurred. Her attitude towards it was surprisingly matter-of-the-fact. Had she already known that it was going to happen?
Before he could answer, his phone rang and he answered it. "Hello, Abhijeet. Me? Oh well… let's say I've had a little adventure here. And you… what? At Shantinagar, you say? Who was the unfortunate victim?"
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Gayatri sit up straight, suddenly tense. Abhijeet continued, and he spoke the man's name aloud. "Arvind Pathak…"
Startled, the ACP nearly dropped the phone. Gayatri seemed to have totally lost control; she fell against the dashboard, sobbing uncontrollably. Telling Abhijeet to contact him later, he turned to her.
"What happened, Gayatri? What is it? Do you know this man, Arvind?"
She was hardly paying attention, and kept mumbling to herself. "It's my fault, all my fault! He warned… and the last thing I ever said to him was, 'I hate you'!"
It took him nearly fifteen minutes to calm her down a bit. She looked at him in utter grief, her voice hoarse. And she spoke. "He was… he was my father."
"I do not know what you're speaking about. Amjad Gabriel was killed five years ago and his case is collecting dust in the vaults", said the Home Minister's voice on the intercom. "Then how come you…"
"I don't think you're as stupid as you look", smirked Mahmud. "We both know the truth. And unless you give him to us, I assure you that DW-395's future is bleak! You have fifteen minutes left for your answer."
He disconnected, and turned to the hostages. One of them spoke, his voice high. "You're insane! What the minister said is true – Amjad Gabriel is DEAD! His body must be rotting in some graveyard! What do you want, to be delivered his soul or something?"
"And they wonder why simple-minded sheep like you are whacked all the time", chuckled Mahmud.
"I've had enough – I embarked this plane for a holiday package, not to be captured by a band of lunatics!" screamed the man.
"Mr. Kuldeep…" warned the lithe young lady behind him, but he ignored her.
"This is it – I want a parachute and if you don't –"
He could never complete the sentence. Mahmud nodded at one of his men, who swung a long, thin blade-like weapon at the man. The passenger's head spun into the air and rolled across the floor, trailing blood everywhere. The plane was rent with screams of horror.
"Anyone else's feeling rebellious?" asked Mahmud, his voice acerbic.
Everyone was silent, except the young lady. Thankfully, the hijackers couldn't hear her furious growl over the din of the airplane's engine. Making sure it was unnoticed, she snuck her fingers to operate the ultra-slim smartphone hidden inside her jacket. She could tell which numbers she was pressing just by the beeping sounds. However, nobody was answering. Keep trying!
"I can already say this with certainty, Abhijeet – this man did not commit suicide", said Dr. Salunkhe. "He was dead before his body was hanged from up there. As of now, I'd say he was choked or smothered."
"As we suspected", said Abhijeet darkly. They were in the forensic lab, where Arvind's body was being prepared for postmortem. "Whoever it was cleaned up the room of clues remarkably well."
"And that suicide note could've been printed by anyone", said Daya. "Now, we must see how –"
"- you've seen enough already, gentlemen", said a curt voice from the doorway.
They turned; a tall, powerfully built man with close-cropped hair was striding in, followed by two accomplices. Each of them was wearing a magnificent frown on their faces.
"What on Earth is this? Nobody enters this lab without my permission!" exclaimed Dr. Salunkhe.
"And nobody raises their voice in my presence", said the grey-haired man. His tone was quite calm, and yet imposing. "I am General Damien, along with Brigadier Vincent and Colonel Akhtar here."
"General Damien?" repeated Daya. "Weren't you the one who invited ACP sir to that ceremony?"
Damien was quiet for a few moments. "It is not wise to talk about Pradyuman at present. And might I remind you that he's not the ACP anymore."
"Not for you, perhaps. But he'll always be ACP Pradyuman for us", said Daya calmly.
 The General's eyes shimmered with cold appraisal. "That's quite beside the point; I'm here regarding another issue." He pointed at the body lying in front of them. "Arvind's body. We need it, now."
"His body?" repeated Abhijeet, surprised. "Why? What do you have to do with this?"
"I'm afraid that's classified", replied Vincent curtly, nursing his wrist. A red gash was visible under his sleeve. "You'll know in due time. Right now, it is imperative that we obtain possession of this body."
"This case was handed over to us officially", pressed Abhijeet. "I think we do deserve to know the details, at least."
"You've got some nerve, young man", smiled Damien ruefully. "I'm not here to negotiate; I'm here for a purpose. I'm afraid I must insist."
Abhijeet's eyes grew narrower, though he spoke politely. "If you say so, I will. But I request you to inform ACP sir about this as well. Will you have some coffee, meanwhile? And some cotton for Mr. Vincent."
The girl's breathing had eased a bit, though her eyes were still glazed with tears. The ACP felt sad for her, but there was nothing he could do at the moment. He put his hand on her shoulder.
"Gayatri, I know what you're going through", he said softly. "But I need your co-operation if we were to get to the root of this. Tell me, why did you leave your father? How did you know that he was in danger?"
She looked at him. "Did you see the news on TV? About that plane, about the al-Kohla hijacking it?"
"Yes", said the ACP, leaning closer. "What does that have to do with your father?"
"It is him they were after", she answered.
The ACP was thunderstruck. "After him? But why? I thought they were after… but in that case… oh!"
"Yes", she stressed, wiping her tears. "He was Amjad Gabriel. And my name isn't Gayatri either. I'm Ayesha Gabriel."
Taken aback by this new revelation, the ACP stared at her. "This is unbelievable. How did all this happen?"
"It doesn't matter", said Ayesha curtly. "Let's just say that Abba decided not to help out those creatures anymore, and we were forced to go into hiding under pseudonyms. I was tired of it, I wanted to go out and live life to the fullest. He restrained me, for my own good. I rebelled and walked out, you saw my other company. It's my fault, it's all my fault!"
"Don't think like that, now", said the ACP quickly. "Why is the al-Kohla after him now? And why did they come after you?"
"For revenge, perhaps", answered Ayesha. "He was pretty high up in their organization, after all. As for me, I have no idea. Perhaps they wanted to use me to threaten him. Oh, if I had only obeyed him…"
She turned away. The ACP attempted to comfort her, while thinking about what she had said. How did the al-Kohla know that Amjad was in hiding? If they wanted Amjad alive, why had he been murdered? Did anybody else know about his? What had Ayesha's would-be kidnappers wanted? And above all, how would they now free the passengers if Amjad was dead? He pulled out his mobile and called Abhijeet.
Interrupting the conversation with General Damien, Abhijeet answered the phone. "Yes, sir… what? Amjad, really? And she is… oh! Wait, sir – there's someone you need to talk to right now." He handed over the phone to General Damien. "ACP sir's on the line, with some interesting info."
Damien barely spoke for ten seconds before letting out an exclamation. "You have Ayesha with you? How on Earth?? Listen Pradyuman, this is extremely serious. No, please, come over to the C.I.D Bureau with her right now. We need to talk and plan – innocent lives are in danger."
He disconnected, and turned to Abhijeet. "I've obviously underestimated you gentlemen."
"We're flattered", said Abhijeet with a forced smile. "But General, we're ready to help you with this."
"I'm grateful", said Damien. "Gentlemen, let's get to the bureau and wait for your ACP and Ayesha. Dr. Salunkhe, please continue with your postmortem. Let us know if you unearth anything interesting."
As they walked out of the lab, Abhijeet turned to the General. "Please tell us, sir, what's up with this Arvind alias Amjad Gabriel? Wasn't he supposed to be dead?"
Damien sighed. "It's a long, twisted story. Shortly after the al-Kohla became active, they developed a sophisticated network with several operational nodes, each specializing in different fields to aid in their notorious activities. Amjad was an Indian, but brainwashed and bribed into joining this organization's weapons and aviation network. He was a brilliant engineer and provided the al-Kohla with devices so powerful that we're still greatly threatened by many of them, notably an enhanced DRFM jammer."
"What made him switch sides, then?" asked Daya.
"A particularly nasty betrayal from his superiors", said Akhtar. "Amjad's brother, Marid, was a lieutenant in the al-Kohla. He was the one who encouraged Amjad to join the al-Kohla in the first place. However, Marid was captured in a close encounter with a group of our jawans. He held a lot of crucial information about the al-Kohla, and was to be taken for questioning. However, Mahmud had him cleverly murdered in order to prevent any secrets from leaking, and lied to Amjad that he'd been killed in battle. When Amjad learned the truth later, his faith in the al-Kohla was shattered. He realized the error of his ways and came over to our side, promising to help us in the war against terrorism. We provided him and his daughter with fake aliases, spread a false story of his death and sent them into hiding to protect him from his enemies."
"And you let him in? You trusted him?" asked Fredericks.
"He provided genuinely useful details about the al-Kohla, which helped us eradicate three of their boot camps and successfully neutralize an attempted strike on the Irish Embassy", said the General. "He helped us in closing down a large mob bank belonging to the Mumbai underworld. We developed sophisticated defense equipment with his assistance. I think that suffices to prove his newfound loyalty."
"I can imagine why they're after him, then", said Abhijeet.
"No doubt", replied Damien testily. "He was an invaluable asset for the Indian Army, and his death is a devastating loss for us. However, I'm sure that the prime reason for the al-Kohla's interest in Amjad is the new weapon he'd been developing for us – the Red Banshee. It's a device which uses desktop fusion and piezoelectric techniques to unleash a devastating electromagnetic pulse, ravaging any electronic devices in the vicinity. Its blueprints have been stolen."
"Stolen?" repeated Daya incredulously. "How?"
"On the fourteenth of May this year, the conveyance was attacked at night by a band of thugs working for the al-Kohla", said Vincent. "We tried unsuccessfully to retrieve them. Now we suspect that they must've successfully built this weapon and are nearly ready to use it. Nearly, for they are still missing a crucial element – the password to operate the machine."
"If they had the blueprints, couldn't they just create a new password?" asked Abhijeet.
"Therein lay the genius of Amjad – nobody could decode that procedure without the entire programming structure collapsing", said Damien with a ghost of a smile. "They must've had no choice but to follow his work word-by-word. And now, they could only get the password from him, that's why they want him."
"And now he's dead", finished Daya thoughtfully. "Now's a really good time to..."
He paused. The phone in the ACP's vacant cabin was ringing. He looked at Abhijeet, who entered to answer it. "Senior Inspector Abhijeet here… what?? …is this real? Oh, my God…"
Daya watched as he spoke for about a minute before abruptly disconnecting and walking out, his expression serious. He gestured Daya to follow him aside. General Damien was watching too. "Who was it?" he asked.
Abhijeet paused to look at him. "Oh, just a nutty informer of ours, regarding an unrelated case."
Damien didn't look convinced, but he remained quiet. He could see them talking, before Abhijeet swiftly typed away a message on his phone.
"I do not need any more help", said Ayesha, getting out of the wrecked car. "Thanks for what you did. I owed you one, and hence told you everything I know. I'll handle it myself now."
"What do you intend to do?" asked the ACP, putting away his mobile phone to look at her.
"Find that Damien creep and kill him", she snarled. "He was the one who led us into hiding, who pressed Abba to help them. If it hadn't been for him, I'd not be an orphan today."
"Ayesha, General Damien only meant to help", said the ACP. "He did his best to provide you with protection and shelter. Terrorism is spreading like a canker through our country, and your father's help –"
"All I know is that my only family has been lost today", interjected Ayesha. "I don't care anymore."
"Not even about the lives of those innocent passengers being held hostage?" asked the ACP, looking into her eyes. "Your Abba was a noble soul, Ayesha. He set out to amend his mistakes and help humanity. And now, unintentionally, he's the reason why so many citizens' lives are endangered."
Ayesha said nothing. The ACP continued. "The al-Kohla obviously doesn't know that they cannot get him anymore. And yet, there must be a very strong reason for those unknown attackers to come after you. If they knew where you were, they must've also known about your father, and easily went after him. Why did they come after you, then?"
"Big deal", she snorted.
"Big deal indeed", repeated the ACP, a little strongly. "If your father were here, I'm sure he'd want you to help us too. Please, Ayesha! Otherwise they shall all suffer at your enemies' hands like you and Abba."
Ayesha remained quiet for several moments before speaking. "Fine, then. But I don't see how I can help."
"I'm sure there's a missing link we'll soon come across", said the ACP, nodding encouragingly. "We'll find out once we talk to General Damien." He knew they couldn't move in the open, given their attackers could still be on the large. They snuck into a nearby parlour and had themselves aptly disguised so as not to be immediately recognizable. And then, they set out towards the bureau, past a black Scorpio whizzing towards the opposite lane.
 "They've murdered one of the passengers", said Damien tersely. "There's no time to waste. I talked to the Home Minister and informed Mahmud that Amjad will be delivered to him within four hours, as he asked."
"And there's a catch-22. Only with ACP sir's help can we proceed at this point", said Daya.
At this point, Abhijeet's phone rang and he attended to it. "Yes, Dr. Salunkhe? Oh, really? Interesting… yes, please send it over. Thank you!" He disconnected, and turned to the others. "Dr. Salunkhe has found a strange piece of paper in Amjad's stomach. He'll send a reconstructed copy to us in a few minutes."
"This thing was so important that he swallowed it?" said Fredericks in amazement. "It must be an invaluable clue to us, then."
Damien was talking on his own phone, barely listening. He approached them in a while. "It was Vincent, who received a message from Lieutenant Rathore of Drass Tehsil. They've managed to find out how the al-Kohla managed to hijack DW-395. They had used a specialized carbon-nanotube sheet to create a mirage effect and render their own aircraft – an M42 – almost 97% invisible."
"Wasn't this technique used to create a sort of real-life Invisibility Cloak, inspired by the one in Harry Potter?" asked Fredericks inquisitively.
"Precisely", said Damien. "Except that this version is far more powerful and effective. They used anechoic rubber layers to mask heat signatures and LO stealth-tech equipment to conceal engine sounds. And, as we suspected, Amjad's own DRFM jammer to neutralize our radars when it was passing. And then they went on to hijack DW-395 in midair."
"The nerve of these people!" exclaimed Abhijeet angrily.
"I know", said Damien. "Better late than never, though. Rathore and his men, with the help of several posts across the aircraft's suspected path, tracked it using an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) device, which is immune to the jammer, and shot it down about half an hour ago. The pilot ejected and was captured shortly after that. He's been thoroughly interrogated."
"Anything of interest?" asked Daya.
"Yes; he's confirmed that the Red Banshee is the crux of all this; they wanted Amjad for the password to the controls. Apparently, there are many more rumours floating among the al-Kohla. For example, that Amjad has been subjected to plastic surgery and a completely altered face for his concealment."
"Is that so? I guess whispers are louder than screams after all", said a voice from the door.
All of them turned; a tall man walking in with a girl by his side. It took them a few moments to realize that it was none other than their own ACP Pradyuman. The C.I.D team greeted him with particularly overt enthusiasm, following which he introduced Ayesha to everyone at large.
"It's so good to see you back here, sir", beamed Daya.
"We were so worried!" said Abhijeet, although he flashed a small smile as well. "What exactly happened, sir? And what's this disguise for?"
"We were intercepted by unknown assailants at the Shalimar society", said the ACP grimly. "I can't imagine them being from the al-Kohla, though. Why would they come after Ayesha?"
"A question only they can answer", said Damien. He'd shaken hands with the ACP without looking very enthusiastic. "But if my sources are right, the Mumbai mafia has also been showing interest in Amjad for their own ends. I wouldn't be surprised if it were them."
"The question still remains – why did they kill my father if they wanted him alive?" said Ayesha loudly.
None of them knew the answer. Before anyone could speak, the fax machine bleeped to life and delivered the scanned image from Dr. Salunkhe's lab. Everybody in the room examined it:
"Whatever I write here is dedicated to you alone, dearest. By the time you read this, I will be long gone. I'm therefore ensuring that only those worthy of it shall find this writing. I know that you're furious with me, and you should know that I fully deserve it. Allah blessed me with a beautiful cherub like you and I could never even provide you with the joys of childhood. You just wanted to live life to the fullest, but all you saw were the darkest shades of human evil and lived miserably for no fault of your own. All I did was for your own good, dearest. It is time for you to take up what I left. All you need to remember is that Faruq knows all. Please forgive me if you can."
Several moments later, they all turned to look at Ayesha. The ACP saw her eyes grow moist as she mouthed the word, "dearest".
"What do you make of this, Ayesha?" asked General Damien without preamble. "Who is this Faruq?"
"Faruq…" repeated Ayesha quietly. "That's just a figment of imagination, a story! This is insane!"
"Ayesha, this was the last thing your father ever wrote. He'd swallowed this paper, for Pete's sake! It's undoubtedly something of paramount importance!" said Damien loudly.
The ACP scowled at him, and looked at Ayesha. "She'll come to it. Right now, we also need to concentrate on saving DW-395 and its passengers. There's very little time left."
"What do we do now, sir?" asked Abhijeet.
"I have a plan", said the ACP. "And all of you have a part to play. Fredericks and Purvi – you must revisit Amjad's home. Abhijeet, arrange for a GSM chip right now. Daya, it's time for a little backtracking."
He explained everything faster than a tour guide as everybody stared at him, looking bewildered. "And then, Abhijeet and Daya, you'll cloak in them as planned", he finished.
"What do you mean, 'cloaking in'? Is all this even going to work?" scowled Damien.
"I'm open for better ideas", answered the ACP politely. The General remained silent.
"We're ready, sir", said Abhijeet and Daya together, firmly. Their tones made it clear that they had understood perfectly and were afraid of no danger.
"I am, too", said Ayesha, her voice robust. "I cannot wait to lay my hands on the man who murdered him!"
"Very good", said the ACP, nodding. "Ayesha and I set out at once. Good luck, everyone!"
"Me tells ya, the news is true – the old codger's goin' loopy", chucked one of the toughs, watching the ACP walk towards their Scorpio with the girl. "They used to say he's so observant, and look at 'im now! Sloppy as a sloth! Bwahahaha!"
"All easier for us", said the driver, not smiling. "Get them, boys."
At once, three thugs dismounted and surrounded the ACP and Ayesha with iron rods and hockey sticks. "If you wanna live in one piece, hotshots, get into the car without another word!"
Pausing only to flash false looks of hopelessness, the ACP and Ayesha did as told. They were blindfolded and shoved roughly into the Scorpio, which sped off. Abhijeet watched it all from the bureau's terrace telescope, before whipping out his phone.
"They've been taken, Daya. Activate the chip, now!"
 "And that is our final word, as decided", said Mahmud triumphantly, violently grabbing a fistful of a young boy's hair, who shrieked in pain. His parents cried in vain behind him. "Amjad must be present at Atoll X before 5:30 AM, sharp. Any mistake, and all of these people shall rest at the bottom of the sea."
The line was disconnected, tinny static on the Qualis' radio. Daya frowned as he turned to Abhijeet, switching it off. "Atoll X? I've heard strange stories about that place."
"It's a place few dare to approach", replied Abhijeet, looking straight ahead. "In folk terms, they call it the Demon's Maw. A number of aircraft and ships have vanished mysteriously into that place, never to return. Locals here say that there's some horrible sea monster which devours them all."
"More likely a secret hideout of these scumbags", said Daya. "Wasn't that the last location to which the DW-395 had been traced?"
"Indeed", said Abhijeet. "Damien said the plane was forced all the way towards the west before vanishing over that point. However, it's reasonable to believe that the other hostages are unharmed… for now."
"Not for long. If they find out that Amjad is dead, they have no reason not to kill them", said Daya darkly.
"That's true. I must admit that ACP sir's plan is remarkable", said Damien. "But the question remains – will he and Ayesha make it?"
"They will", answered Daya firmly. "Our job is to concentrate at this end."
His phone rang, and he answered it. "Yes, Purvi? …What? You've found Amjad's killer? Who is it?"
"He or she cannot have entered through the door, sir", said Purvi firmly, looking at it. "Amjad had locked it from the inside and there are no signs of damage. And the windows in the washroom are firmly bolted as well."
"Which only leaves this window as a possible point", said Fredericks, pointing at the one just above Ayesha's bed. "Given it's opposite to Amjad's desk, the assailant could've easily snuck over to kill him."
"But the question remains, sir – how did they scale that sheer drop over the other side?" asked Purvi.
Fredericks leant out of the window to examine the drop. "It's a sharp drop indeed. But I can see a drainage pipe leading up right under the window. Maybe it's a long shot, but a skilled climber could pull it off." He bent gingerly over the edge, and started. "I think I see something here. Help me out, Purvi!"
"Ayesha", whispered the ACP, "we really don't have time now. You must work out what Abba meant."
They had been carelessly dumped in the back seat, their capturers certain that escape was impossible. Ayesha bit her lip, looking at his silhouette through the blindfold. She was hopeless, crushed.
"I really don't understand", she said at last. "Faruq is just a character in a little bedtime limerick he used to tell me – 'Faruq and Makhara'. It felt so dumb and childish at the time."
"Faruq and Makhara?" repeated the ACP, bemused. "I don't understand… I've never heard of this before. Was it something he made up?"
"Perhaps", replied Ayesha. "I never heard it anywhere else either. But making up stories isn't really uncommon, is it?"
"No, but we cannot disregard any possibility here", said the ACP grimly. "Ayesha, this was the very last thing he ever wrote! Please repeat this story to me." Ayesha sighed, and began to recite.
There was a man, his name Faruq
Black or white, he knew by the hook
Then on a fine day
With no warning or fray
He met a big croc by the brook
It said, Makhara is my name
Awakening you is the game
Just think of it, man
Are you proud of your clan?
For evil and war, who's to blame?
Come join us and arise revolt
Strike them down like a fiery bolt
But Faruq was cool
Because he was no fool
And he drew his sword with a jolt
With one stroke he cut off its head
His voice like fire, then he said
"You are no other…"
"You have killed my brother…"
"Destroyed peace and screamed bloody dread!"
So remember, O you who live
Like Faruq, you must not misgive
Your love is the key
That shall make all well be
And make peace and justice relive
She finished and said, "That's it. Strange, isn't it? I don't see any connection at all."
The ACP was quiet for a few moments. "Did he always tell this to you? Completely unchanged?"
"No", she said. "He changed much of it since a few months. Around the second week of May, perhaps."
The day the Red Banshee's blueprints were stolen! The ACP sat silently for over ten minutes. Ayesha could almost hear the gears whirring inside his head. Without warning, he spoke again, his voice strong.
"I think I've got the idea. We'll work out more soon. Keep calm now, Ayesha, and do as I say", he said.
Ayesha had no idea about what he'd understood. Before she could reply, the car stopped and their capturers roughly dragged them out.
"Walk with us now", said a grainy voice. "You'll be untied once inside."
They were unceremoniously marched into what felt like a well-furnished manor, with an irritatingly strong smell of cologne in the air. They could see a glimmer of light through the blindfolds, which were soon pulled off. The ACP and Ayesha found themselves in a large, elaborately furnished living room adorned with expensive art, ornate mantelpiece and a sprawling floor of fine marble. In front of them were two men, who walked out of the shadows to greet them. The ACP suppressed a start.
"So this is the famous Amjad Gabriel", said the grey-haired man. "That's the second time you apparently died!"
"One must not trust rumours, Shri Arun Vaghela", said the ACP calmly, pleased to see that his disguise was flawless. "May I know why gentlemen like you sent toughs after my innocent daughter?"
"Discard your mask, Gabriel!" hissed Uday Vaghela, standing by his father. "Innocent people don't masquerade under aliases! And we wouldn't have gone after her if we knew you were still alive."
"And why were you after me?" asked the ACP.
"Don't play games with us. The password to activate the Red Banshee – spit it out, now!" growled Arun.
"I thought so", sighed the ACP. "Pray, why do you want it? What do you have to do with the al-Kohla?"
"None of your business", snapped Uday, drawing a gun. "Do it, or you shall croak for real this time."
"Easy, easy, young man", said the ACP. "I'm in no mood for defiance. Here's the password – surrender."
The two men stared at him, surprised. Two seconds later, there was a multitude of crashes as STF personnel burst through the windows and doors in a shower of glass and wood. None of Vaghela's bodyguards were a match for them; a few of them foolish enough to open fire were promptly mowed down by a hail of MP5 bullets. In strode Abhijeet and Daya, watching as the baddies were captured.
"Amazing work, ACP sir", said Daya. "That was something seriously hardcore."
"Pradyuman??" gasped Arun, as he was handcuffed. Uday looked simply dumbfounded.
"Yes, Pradyuman", replied the ACP with a grim smile. "Forgive me; if I knew it was you we were facing, I'd have brought along champagne as well."
"Now tell me – why did you kill my Abba? What's your problem?" screamed Ayesha.
"He didn't kill him", said Daya. "The real culprit has been caught back at the C.I.D Bureau. You'll know soon enough."
"We'll handle them later", said the ACP, walking out of the mansion. "I have an appointment in Atoll X!"
"You have but thirty minutes left", said Mahmud, lazily checking his watch. "I believe I made myself clear, Minister?"
"You did", said the Minister's voice hastily. "I'm sorry for the delay, but there was important paperwork to be done. Amjad is on his way to Atoll X now."
"That's better", chortled Mahmud. "Better hope it goes well, Minister, or you'll have more paperwork to do – signing the death certificates of these passengers!"
He disconnected, and sat back in his chair. In the dimly lit cave, the hijackers patrolled like panthers amid the frozen passengers. Some of them were silently sobbing, others looking close to fainting, others holding photos of loved ones with tears in their eyes, wondering if they'd ever meet again. The lithe lady was discreetly fumbling with her smartphone, watching the terrorists closely. She waited for the signal.
"You don't have to do this, Ayesha", said the ACP, over the din of the little jet's engines. "We're especially trained for high-risk situations like this."
"Abba always said that will and ability are equally important", replied Ayesha. "And you need me to work out the poem's meaning!"
"True", said the ACP with a small smile. Her courage was admirable. "Have you thought over it?"
"Some of it", said Ayesha. "'Screamed bloody dread' seems to point towards that Red Banshee, right?"
"It sure does", said the ACP. "His limerick is filled with references to our present. See how he addresses the listener as 'O you who live'. That's directed at you, Ayesha. For your name means 'she who lives'!"
Ayesha gasped. "You mean… he left a message in there for me?"
"He did", said the ACP. "Similarly, 'Faruq' means one who can tell right from wrong – what he wanted you to do. Another point – he named that crocodile 'Makhara'. While it rings with the Hindi word 'Makar', I know that 'Makara' also means 'deceit' in Arabic. Also, notice the spelling difference – Makhara – 'akh' means 'brother'. He was referring to his brother being deceived into joining al-Kohla!"
She looked at him. "That was impressively fast! Do you think the password is in there?"
"Sort of", said the ACP, smiling again. "Ponder over the last three lines, Ayesha! It is in there, and it is meant only for you. Only you can decipher it and save the day."
Ayesha fell silent, thinking. The ACP turned to look at land disappearing as they progressed through thick layers of fog towards Atoll X. The Demon's Maw.
In another helicopter trailing behind, Abhijeet and Daya could see the silhouette of the great island mountain manifesting through the fog. Right above its foot was a vast cave, its lips flanked by massive stalactites and stalagmites, like the gaping mouth of some gargantuan monster.
"I guess this place deserves its name", said Daya. "Abhijeet, is it working? They must never know that we're here!"
"The jammers are working", replied Abhijeet, smiling with satisfaction. "If it goes right, they won't know what hit them.
On the frequency tracker, they could see the ACP and Ayesha's chopper trailing a few kilometres behind them, as planned. Within five minutes, they had emerged onto the rocky atoll with sparse vegetation, and the pilot landed the chopper under the shade of an arch. Guns drawn, they snuck several metres on foot until they saw DW-395 parked on a stretch of land above the cave. They cut across it and emerged on the other side.
"Like she said, there's an opening here", said Abhijeet. "I'll signal her now."
"Pray that Amjad is sent here on time, all of you. If he is not, this cave shall be your final resting place!"
The lady was hardly paying attention to Mahmud's threats; her slim phone vibrated. There it was, the signal. Now was the time! She approached the nearest hijacker, and said "Excuse me, can I use the washroom?"
The man's eyes narrowed behind his mask. "Does this look like a place likely to have one?"
"Not my fault if you kicked us out of the plane", she retorted. "Well, at least near the back of the cave?"
"Fine", snapped the man. "But I'm coming too, and if you try anything stupid, my gun will do the rest!"
"Such manners", she sighed, before walking towards the opening behind the cave. The hijacker followed a few paces behind her. They burst out into daylight, and the man sharply signaled her to stop.
"That's far enough", he growled.
It sure was. There was a slight rustling in the brush, and five seconds later, the man found himself in the iron-like grip of Daya, who had sprung like a tiger on him. There was a crack as his neck snapped and he slid to the floor, dead. Abhijeet emerged from the other side and beamed at the lady.
"It's a pleasure to meet you again, Muskaan!"
For the first time, Ayesha smiled at him as they walked towards the forbidding cave. The ACP smiled back, and knew that she'd understood. He raised his hand as she was about to speak.
"You'll have your chance, Ayesha, but not now. Wait until we meet him", he said.
Flanked by five guards and Colonel Akhtar, they walked up the rough steps leading up to the cave and stared at the sight in front of them. It looked as though they were standing on empty air over a bottomless pit… except that the air seemed solid enough to support them and the bearded man now walking towards them, the hostages shuddering at the rear of the cave. The ACP caught Muskaan's eye among them; she gave him a small smile. The hijacker standing next to her gave a brief nod.
"The miracles of modern science, eh, Amjad? I could've never recognized you!" Mahmud cackled.
"Ah, the plastic surgery thing", sighed the ACP.
"You're more gullible than I thought", said Mahmud coldly. "Why did you bring your daughter along, eh?"
"But you're mistaken, Mahmud", said the ACP sharply. "I'm not Amjad, but ACP… ah, ex-ACP Pradyuman, Mumbai C.I.D. I had to do this to ensure you don't harm the hostages after finding out that Amjad is dead."
"What??" snarled Mahmud, stiffening. "You filthy little liar!"
"Maybe, but you will get what you wanted", answered the ACP calmly. "This charming young lady here – who, for all purposes, is very much my daughter tonight – has the password to the Red Banshee."
Ayesha walked forward and looked at Mahmud in the face, her eyes blazing. "You're the reason my life was ravaged. You're the reason my entire family was ruined. My Abba died because of you!"
"Your clan is nothing but a quagmire of treachery, little lamb!" hissed Mahmud. "You're traitors to our blood, you betrayed our faith and sided with the enemy! You deserve to be stoned to death!"
"You are the traitors", replied Ayesha quietly, her eyes brimming with tears. "You represent nobody, nothing but evil and inhumanity. You belong to no clan, no faith and no human territory. You're a vile beast, an alien species I do not know. I'm a human and if it means I'm betraying you, I'm proud of it!"
The passengers behind her gasped. The hijackers readied their guns. Mahmud smiled evilly.
"I don't know whether to pity you or blast your brains out, dear. I'd have done the latter if it weren't for the password. Hand it over, and then we'll think it over a cup of tea, shall we?"
The silence was absolute. The girl paused before taking a deep breath and saying a single word. "AYESHA."
Nearly everyone looked at her, shocked. Had she gone mad? Her own name, the password? The ACP, however, was smiling. Mahmud didn't take his eyes off her as he whipped out his phone.
"I should tell you, little lamb, that the Red Banshee is in a cellar right below this cave. I'm repeating this password to my man there. If it doesn't work, you won't like the results." He spoke into the phone, "Enter the password, bhai – 'AYESHA'. That's it."
He disconnected, and waited. Three seconds later, a sonorous bellow of mammoth proportions echoed through the cave; the ground under their feet rattled. Mahmud exclaimed in delight, thinking that it had worked, but his expectations were dashed as he answered his ringing phone.
"Bhai, the Banshee has exploded! Our lab is destroyed! The Maw's foundations are pulverized; the cave is going to collapse!" rang the voice though the phone's speaker.
"WHAT???" screamed Mahmud. Sure enough, the cave was starting to slowly crumble. Cracks spread wide from roof to ceiling and dust was raining down. With a yell, he pointed his gun at Ayesha, but the ACP lunged forward to tackle him. The hijackers raised their weapons, but the one standing next to Muskaan fired first and two of the others immediately fell like stones, bleeding. The passengers screamed in terror; Daya entered from the back entrance and ushered them out of the crumbling cave. The remaining hijackers raised their guns at the masquerader, but he was too fast and struck them down with swift headshots. Colonel Akhtar joined the fight and helped the ACP overpower Mahmud. All of them rushed out of the cave before it collapsed in a deafening crash and cloud of dust and debris.
Abhijeet pulled off his terrorist mask and walked with Muskaan to the ACP's side, who gave Daya a glowing thumbs-up from the other side. He turned to Akhtar, who was handcuffing Mahmud. "Have maintenance crew summoned to checkup on DW-395's condition. When all's well, let's return to Mumbai."
Lieutenant Vincent didn't dare to meet General Damien's eyes as he was handcuffed. Fredericks and Purvi eyed him with satisfaction. "We found his footprint on the pipe outside Amjad's window, along with a bloodstain near the thimble where he'd cut himself. We matched it with samples from the cotton he'd used in the bureau, and lo", said the latter.
"Speak up", said Ayesha angrily. "Why did you kill my Abba? What did he ever do to you?"
"Because he knew my secret", snarled Vincent. "I was involved with the Mumbai underworld and was the mastermind behind the mob bank Amjad helped shut down. He found that out recently; I tried to convince him, but he'd decided to inform the General about it. What choice did I have? I snuck into his room, whacked him and framed it as suicide."
"You can explain more at the court-martial", said the ACP. "Let's turn our attention to our chief guest here – Mahmud. Let the tale begin, mister."
Mahmud glared at him. "You know much of it. I've been the Lieutenant General of the al-Kohla for seven years now. We operated from the Demon's Maw, which was an ideal clandestine hideout, and destroyed any ships or aircraft that dared to approach. Amjad and Marid were two of my best and most gifted men. I was forced to sacrifice Marid for the greater good of our fraternity. Alas, Amjad did not understand. He sided with our enemies and betrayed us, giving away much of our classified data. We were hunting him, but the government's protection was too strong. We did manage to steal the Red Banshee's blueprints, but after building it, discovered that we needed the password. We needed Amjad at all costs… and decided to force the government itself to hand him over. Our lab operatives engineered that stealth aircraft, which we used to hijack DW-395 and hold the passengers ransom."
"Alas, Johnson ruined your plan by murdering Amjad", said the ACP. "When I learned of rumours about Amjad having undergone plastic surgery to alter his face, I thought it was a golden opportunity to masquerade as him and get to the root of all this."
"And you", snarled Daya at the Vaghelas, who were cowering in the corner. "Why did you try to kidnap Ayesha? Why did you want the password?"
"We've had dealings with the al-Kohla in the past, but they betrayed us", said Arun Vaghela acidly. "They were holding 20 crores' worth of our rupees, and refused to hand them over. We thought we could bribe them into it if we had the password. Amjad was proving to be untraceable, but through a source we learned that Ayesha was frequenting with some delinquents. We decided to use her to lure Amjad out of hiding. A survivor from that delivery van saw you two leaving, and informed the others."
"And you got caught in your own trap", smiled the ACP. "And people wonder why our country's progress is being impeded. With people like you and Johnson leading it, what else is expected?"
"Out with this scum. I can't wait to see them hauled over the coals in court", snarled Damien, before turning to the ACP. "I'm really sorry to have suspected you, Pradyuman. I can never fully express my admiration for what you and your team have achieved on this day."
Outside the bureau was a sea of flashing cameras and jabbing mikes. The reporters were less interested in Mahmud and more in the Vaghelas, who hid their faces as they were pushed into police jeeps and led away. As the C.I.D team and Ayesha emerged, they were bombarded with questions as well.
"Sir, what do you have to say about our Foreign Relations Minister and his son being caught so scandalously? Especially after defaming your ex-ACP? Is it a coincidence? Will you now –"
"You'll have your answers", interrupted Abhijeet, raising his hand. "First, I have something to say to you, and everybody watching this broadcast. Our earlier and latest clash with the Vaghelas is a mere coincidence, but I'd like you to remember that dishonest people are seldom so in only one way. All our ACP – yes, he's always the ACP in our hearts – did was try to protect an innocent, and you saw what happened. Tell me, who should've been punished that day? That drunken, spoilt brat who shot at an innocent man or an honest man who risked his life to save him?"
"Not one of the witnesses stepped forward to defend him", said Daya angrily, pointing at the ACP. "This man, who sacrificed his dear son for the good of our society, was now abused in the vilest possible ways for it. People like him could happily lead normal lives like you, but they don't. They sacrifice their family time, passions and even life so you can sleep safely in your beds at night, and this is how you repay them? You call this a democracy, and yet vote corrupt people to power over petty vote banks and then whine about the resulting chaos? We do not intend to preach, we merely intend to wipe out that vile cloak of lies unjustly draped over our dear ACP sir. Even today, with the entire city against him, he saved a young girl he hardly knew, and rescued a hundred passengers from certain doom. The rest is up to you."
The media was quieter than usual as they rounded up their session and departed. The ACP smiled gratefully at his two Senior Officers, before turning to thank Muskaan. "We're lucky that you happened to be in that plane, Muskaan. Your presence of mind and amazingly established contact with Abhijeet and Daya was invaluable in helping us save the day."
"It's always my pleasure, sir", smiled she, shaking his hand.
Once everybody was gone, Ayesha walked up to him. "You were right about the last three lines. It was not the actual password, but a code to destroy the Banshee. That's what he meant by making 'peace and justice relive' – the weapon had to be destroyed for the world's good, as it had fallen into wrong hands. He'd already engineered it that way. 'Your love's the key' referred to me – I always told him my love, or dearest wish was to live life to the fullest. And 'life' traces back to my name, and the codeword – AYESHA."
"You're a fast learner", said the ACP approvingly.
She didn't meet his eyes, and spoke in a cracked voice. "ACP sir, I'm really, really sorry for what I said that day in the restaurant. I can't believe what an ignorant fool I was! I let myself be brainwashed by those idiotic reports! I can only imagine how much it must've pained a wonderful man like you to… you know… sacrifice your son. Will you please forgive me?"
The ACP gave her a small smile. "Drop it, Ayesha. I haven't even forgiven myself yet, and likely never will. The fact remains that I shot my own son, and will always be known for that. I'll always remain –"
"Don't!" she said loudly, pressing her hand on his lips. "Never, ever say that again. I don't care what the world says. I know you're a great father. I've seen it in your eyes, I've felt it in your touch. I sense it in every word you say. You are everything my Abba stood for – righteousness, truth, courage, care, love and humanity. I don't feel like he's left me. I still see some of him in you."
She spoke it very rapidly, almost incomprehensibly. The ACP paused, looking, before pulling her into a gentle hug. "I'm very grateful, Ayesha. I'd be more than delighted to welcome you to –"
"No, thanks", she said quickly, breaking apart. "With Allah's grace, I can look after myself. I've already planned to join college and work it all out. But yeah… I'll remain in touch. I promise."
The ACP beamed at her. "Now that's courage. As long as I live, I'm there for you. Remember."
And it was done. The Vaghelas and Johnson were sentenced to life imprisonment, while Mahmud was awarded the death penalty. General Damien got back on good terms with the ACP, who was rightfully reinstated by an embarrassed-looking DCP Chitroley. Having regained his well-deserved public respect, he made it a point to meet Ayesha on weekends and spend time with her. Abhijeet and Daya saw them once, and smiled to themselves. Perhaps this is what it would've been like with him and Nakul, if duty hadn't so cruelly intervened. And yet, here was some consolation. The Lord taketh, the Lord giveth. They were together in bond, though not blood: vinculum non cruor.

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Purve came in ACP Sir cabin with some files, during signing on it, she briefed about something to ACP which is like,
Purve: Sir, pichlay 4 dino sy ek larki ap sy milna chah rahi hy, kehti hy koi personal kaam hy.
ACP (raise eyebrow n ask): naam?
Purve: Priya batati hy, magar kaam nahi batati kehti hay ap sy he kaam hy.
ACP (closing files n say): Theek hy, kal aaye tou mujh sy milwa dena.
Purve moved head in yes and exit, here ACP lost in thought about the girl as who is this who comes to meet him without any reference, if she wanted to meet him with the reference of any of his friend or colleague, she must take the Person name first but she only say Priya, he tried to remember any Priya but can't get that Name in his Memory box so closed it and moved out from his cabin.!
Next morning, after getting permission by ACP, Purve sent the girl inside ACP cabin, who was waiting for her after the permission call of Purve, the girl entered, she is in early 20's of medium height, much fair complexion with wavy hairs, ACP still not get any glimpse of the girl after seeing her, she comes forward, ACP permit her to be seated as.
ACP: bethyey plz.
Priya (forwarding a file towards him n say): I think isy parhny ky baad ap shayed apni Offer wapis lein lein.
ACP little Shock on Girl confidence, He starts flicking the pages, a small smile comes on his lips after reading the file, he added during reading.
ACP: meri offer abhi bhi Qaim hy.
The Girl Confuse but now sat, ACP after reading the whole stuff, look at the Girl whose lips curves in teasing way, before he said something, the Girl initiates in teasing way.
Priya: main Media ky pas jany wali thi, phir socha ap ko ek baar sawdhan kr duna.
ACP smiles and say in Calm tone.
ACP: phir tou Mian nay ap ki raah khoti kr di.
Priya (confuse): Ji.
ACP (soft): isy (signaling papers inside the file) Revised karwany ky baad he ap sy baat ho saky gi.
The Girl comes in Trouble, showed that she is expecting something Different but the behavior which She dealt right now was different, She tried to Relax n ask'
Priya: kub?
ACP (standup and signaling her as well to move with): abhi, aaye.
The Girl moved behind Him, ACP takes her to Forensic lab, where He found dr. Tarika and Abhijit chatting at Forensic lab parking, after seeing ACP, both quiet and pretending to be serious especially Abhijit, ACP ignore all and signaled both to follow him, both quite conscious about the Girl but except following they have no option as ACP did not bother to introduce the girl to both. They moved, entered in lab where Salunky talking to someone on phone, after seeing them before he start his teasing session with Abhijit, ACP ordered.
ACP: Salunky ye Priya hain, aur in ka Dawa hy ky ye (calm tone) Meri Beti hain, (all freezes in shocking mode) (ACP added in same calm tone) Main is ki Tasdeeq (assurity) chahta hun, ye apny sath apny DNA ki Reports bhi layein hain, in ki Janch krna tumhara kaam hy.
After few seconds, one after another all three comes out from Shocking mode, as ACP behavior told them the Seriousness of the issue so all move to their work, Abhijit stand beside ACP, whereas dr. Tarika suggest the girl to place all Her stuff on table, she did so, during this dr. Tarika prepared the instruments, Priya Spit the Chewing gum which She was Chewing till She entered at CID bureau, dr. Tarika comes forward,entering the Swab inside her cheeks and taking out the Saliva from cotton bud, then she entered needle inside her right arm smoothly but suddenly the girl bit back with shout.
Priya (scold): itni zor say needle ghusatay hain, haan.?
dr. Tarika little embarrass but after seeing the needle which was still in her arm as she pulled back Her arm in Jerk, moved forward and taken out it with ease after getting 10cc of blood, after taking the Finger Prints as well, both Forensic Dr completes their work and tell ACP as.
Salunky: ACP sahib report to 24 hours baad mily gi.
ACP (to Priya): phir ap sy kal subah CID bureau mein mulaqat hogi.
Priya gives a teasing and arrogant look to ACP and then left the lab after taking her file and accessories placed at table, the File was Copied by Abhijit on ACP signal before the Test as well he jotted down the Cell number and Address of Priya too, in the whole ACP did not take her name once, here ACP ordered all after Priya exit.
ACP (to all): ye baat filhal yahein rahy aur (to Salunky) mujhy is ki Report 12 ghantay mein chahye Salunky.
Salunky: mil jaye gi, wesay Pradyuman agr ye larki (scary tone) sach nikli tou.?
ACP (with smile): tou meri Jaidad ka ek aur waris barh jayey ga.
Both buddies laugh, while dr. tarika and Abhijit look at each one helpless, ACP signaled Abhijit to be moved with.
ACP: Abhijit, abhi sy is ky Ghar ki nigrani aur Phone Track per lagwao.
Abhijit: Ji Sir.
Both reached at bureau, Abhijit knew that right now he did not open this matter against all including Daya as well. ACP entered in his cabin, sat relaxly and lost in thoughts.
ACP instincts activate now, he knew any girl come to bureau and give all detail with this kind of Confidence was not coming without any proper proof, she had any Solid Evidence, if it would be a stunt, obviously the mastermind strong all the knots of his/her plot, the Confidence level of the girl, the strong n rude tone, the arrogant and tease look, jestures really create a big net around him, he smiles and murmur as.
ACP: hmmm, acha khel hy.
At night, Salunky called ACP and tell him to be at lab at this minute, ACP rushed and reached, Salunky briefed in Tense tone.
Salunky: ACP, DNA match ho gaya hay Tum sy. Tumhary DNA sample jo Record mein maujud hain, un sy match hoti hy Priya ki report.
ACP (after few minutes of shock): kya kuch garbar nahi ho skti.?
Salunky: lagta tou nahi, kyunky Blood sample aur Saliva tou Fresh he liya tha.
ACP (slow tone): haan ye bhi hy, (after a minute) chalo dekhty hain, filhal kisi ko kuch batany ki zarurat nahi.
Salunky (angry): ACP Tum.
ACP (cutting in smile): acha baba, chalo main chalta hun.
Salunky (hesitate tone): Pradyuman kya, (ACP look in asking shade)(Salunky added in whisper tone) Tum ya phir Bhabi, matlab!
ACP: Salunky, (strong tone) yaqeen karna tumhary ooper hy.
After that he moved out from lab with the recent reports, whereas Salunky stand with complete Embarrassment.!
Next Morning, ACP entered and after seeing Priya in relax mode and Abhijit in excitement mode signaled both to enter in his cabin, Daya was still absent as he will come late. Both entered, ACP offered them Chairs and after settling all, He introduced both of them as'
ACP (to Abhijit): Abhijit ye hy meri Beti Priya Pradyuman aur (to Priya) ye hain CID ky jany many Behtareen Officer aur mery Right hand Sr Inspector Abhijit.
Abhijit really in Shock as it's really Difficult for him to tackle the situation with proper expressions, after few minutes he controlled himself, on the other hand Priya was looking happy but her eyes tells that this happiness was a complete fake, the colors of confusions scattered in her eye balls and her mind bounce back some lines.
Voice: us ky seeny mein Dil nahi, patther hy.!
ACP (to Priya): Tum apna Saman yahan ly aao, phir Baap Beti sath he Ghar chalty hain, Theek hy.
Priya moved her head undelibrately, she saw a Different Person in the Chair of ACP here which is far away from the Person termed as ACP PRADYUMAN, whom He heard from so many time. here ACP called his Driver and told that He picked a Girl wearing Blue Jeans and white Top from Bureau Parking and whenever she wanted to move, ride that way, Priya moved out in Silence, whereas Abhijit look at ACP who said with low tone after Priya exit.
ACP: Priya ki DNA report mujh sy match kr rahi hy, (Abhijit in shock) (ACP added after some seconds) pata nahi Abhijit, bus aitabar ka kheel hay, chaho tou karo, chaho tou nahi.
Abhijit (in hurry): Sir ap kesi baatein kr rahy hain, main aur main he kya, hum mein sy koi bhi kabhi bhi ap kay bary mein koi aisi wesi baat nahi soch sakta.
ACP: hmm, magr Shak humari professional aur personal dono zindagyun ki pehli Kari hy Abhijit, (after a minute) khair ek kaam karo is Larki ki Kundli nikalwao, shayed koi sira hath aa jayey.
Abhijit (confuse): Sir kya ap isay sach mein apny sath ly jayein gy.?
ACP (looking at his eyes and ask): is ky siwa koi rasta hy kya.!
Abhijit: aur Team.
ACP: kya kahun, kuch samjh nahi aa raha, tum batao.?
Abhijit: Sir, ap ko kya lagta hy ky Larki kisi achy irady sy ap ky pass aayii hy ya kisi Bury Irady sy?
ACP: keh nahi sakty Abhijit, wesy kal Media mein jany ki baat kr rahi thi, kyun?
Abhijit: phir Sir ap mujh pr chor dein, Team ko mutmaein karna mera kaam hy.
ACP: theek hy, magr Daya ko sach bata dena.
Abhijit (interrupts): Sir Salunky Sir ko tou pata hoga pr kya Tarika?
ACP: nahi sirf Salunky ko malum hay.
Abhijit: theek hy, phir main Tarika ko bhi Sanbhal lun ga aur Sir (suppoting) ap bilkul fiker mut karein, humein ap pr poora bharosa hy.
ACP (smile): aur yehi bharosa meri Shakti hy Abhijit.
Abhijit (moving by saying): wesy is ky Ghar aur phone pr nazr hy, yahein Mumbai ki hy, pr kisi choty area pr thi, Santa Cruise ki taraf pehli bar ayi hy, Sim new hy kyunky yahan aany sy ek hafta pehly li gayi hy, aur Girls Hostel mein rehti hy, koi khas milny wala hostel nahi ata, 20 din pehly is Hostel mein aayi hay, Parhai ky sath Marva Softwere house mein Intership bhi kr rahi hy.
ACP: hmm, theek hy aur Abhijit (Abhijit stopped at door and look at ACP) (ACP adds) Thank you.
Abhijit Smile and left, after that, he gathered all Team members at meeting room, He found the curiosity on Purve tone when entered inside bureau at morning who whispering Shirya that dr. Tarika in last night call tell her that this girl who was coming at Bureau to meet ACP from few days demanding that she is ACP Daughter, so the Rumors inside the bureau fills it, he looks at all again and then briefed them as.
Abhijit: ye larki jisy ap sub pichly kuch dino sy dekh rahy hain bureau mein, us ka naam Priya hy, aur wo yahan ACP Sir ki bhatiji ban kr aayi hy, darsal wo ek Foreign Officer ki Beti hy, magr kisi Case mein as Witness honay ky karan Us ky Baap ki jaan ko Khatra hay, is liyey Head Quarter ny Plan banaya hy ky Us Foreign Officer kay sath us ki Family ko bhi Security di jaye, isy yahn koi nahi janta kyunky ye abhi England sy ayi hy, is liye isy yahan as ACP Sir ki Bhatiji ky tour pr plant kiya gaya hy aur ye ACP Sir ky ghar pr bhi rahy gi aur yahan Bureau bhi aa ja sakti hy, ap sub sawdhan rahye ga.
Sachan: magar Sir, isy England mein he rakhty.?
Abhijit: Sachan, shayed England mein he kisi Baray Scam Case mein is ka Father Eye Witness hy tou Indian Govt ny inhein Suraksha di hy kyunky wahan he in ko Dhamkiyan mil rahi theen. Head Quarter nay buht zyada Briefing nahi di hy is baaray mein.
He felt that the rumors automatically dead now, all looking relaxed and the excitement and curiosity level raise down, He takes a sigh, Daya entering at that moment and feeling unusual about this gathering as he did not know about any such meeting, Abhijit dismissed all and grabbed Daya arm and moved out with him from bureau.!
He briefed Daya about all who was in complete Shock mode, so many ups and down of expressions and emotions he feels as well showed during the whole listening session, now he asked.
Daya: ab.?
Abhijit: malum nahi, Team ko tou mutmaen kr diya, Salunky Sir ka tou sawal he nahi hota ky wo kuch bhi kahein gy, haan Tarika ko samjhana pary ga, kyunky wo pehla yehi sawal kary gi ky phir wahan Lab mein ACP Sir ny usy apni Beti kyun kaha tha, Bhatiji kyun nahi.?
Daya: Tum samjha dena, achi tarah, keh dena Team ko kuch aur bataya hy, kyunky Shak hy ky Bugs ya Satellite ky through nazr hy hum pr, is liyey un logun ko bewakoof banany ko alug alug kahani batai ja rahi hy, is tarah agr Purve us sy kuch kahy gi ya wo Purve sy tou dono ek dusry ky Biyan ko justify nahi karein gy, kyunkay tum pehly he usy bata chuky ho ky hr ek ko alug alug kahani batai ja rahi hy.
Abhijit (sparkling eyes): Excillant Daya, haan yehii kahun ga.
Daya: wesay tumhara kya khayal hy? Tum ny tou Larki ko dekha hy, mily ho?
Abhijit: Daya, tou kya main ACP sahib pr Shak karun?
Daya: Boss Shak karny ko kaun keh raha hy? Main tou pooch raha hun, Irady kya hain Larki ky?
Abhijit: Daya us ny ACP sahib ko Media mein jany ki Dhamki di thi, matlab karan tou ACP sahib ko badnam karna hy, magr kyun? wesay Larki itni Chalak dikhti nahi.
Daya (laugh n say): kya Boss, (wink) ek mulaqat mein ye bhi jaan liya ky Larki Chalak hy ya nahi.
Abhijit (embarrass): Bako mut, mera matlab tha, koi aur bhi hy us ky peechay jis ka Dimagh chal raha hy.
Daya: magr yaar DNA kesy match ho gaya?
Abhijit (confuse): yehi samjh nahi aa raha Daya, mery samny Tarika ny us ka Saliva aur Blood sample liya tha.!
Daya: kahein Lab mein ghuss kr Sample tou nahi badal diyey?
Abhijit: mujhy nahi lagta, kyunky Salunky sahib ny lab mein naya central Locking system lagwa liya hy aur ACP Sir ny un ko kaha tha ky un ko Report jaldi chahyey, is liyey Salunky Sir usi waqt Sample Central Lab ly gaye hon gy, ta ky Result jaldi aa jaye.
Daya: aur ab Sir usay apny Ghar ly jayein gy?
Abhijit: kaha tou yehi hay, dekho kya
His cell starts ringing, he saw the caller id and picked the call in alert mode as.
Abhijit: Ji Sir, acha Sir, theek hy Sir.!
Abhijit cuts call, Daya in asking tone.
Daya (questioning): ye kya tha?
Abhijit: ACP Sir usay apny Dost kay farm House ly gayein hain.
Day (standup and say): kyun.?
Abhjit shook Shoulder and both moved to Bureau again.!
Here Priya was in trouble, she was in Dilelama either who is Right and who is Wrong, what she heard in Past about that stone Cold man who killed His Son without any Regret was right and what He sees is right.!
Here she is in Fear as well, as She internally scared with ACP, the Farm House was so Big and without anyone except some Security Guards. ACP after seeing Her Hesitation and found fear factor from her jester immediately arranged some Female Servants as well, who relaxed Priya that they are ACP loyal Servants from Years and also live at Farm House so if she needs anything, just call..!  
Here Priya spent Night Uncomfortable and restless as mostly she checked Her Door lock or Windows etc, she reminds Advices of Her Mother as.
Voice: ACP Tumhein maarny ki koshish kary ga, kyunky wo kabhi ye seh nahi paye ga ky koi us ki naiknami ko daag lagaye, aur Tum us ky liyey ek Daag ban kr jao gi, sirf Daag.!
She really feels the hatred and hate increase in her heart for ACP with these sentences, She again checked the Lock and rest on Her bed, her Mother ordered Her not to Contact Her by anymeans until its necessary and also use any other mean for that as ACP keeping his hawk eyes on her every move.!
Next Morning, ACP casually chatted her at Dinning Table during Breakfast as He suggest.
ACP: Tumhein hr kaam ki azadi hy Priya, jesy Tum pehly Parhti thi, kaam karti thi, sub karo, apni Friends sy milo, Shopping karo, gadi aur Driver Tumhary sath hoga.
Priya (rash): Nazr rakhny ky liyey.?
ACP quiet for a moment, Girl is really Sharp and the Mastermind really chose a Good option for the role, He smiles and stand up with.
ACP: nahi Tumhari Sahulat ky liyey, wesy ye ek Option tha.
He called his Driver and moved after saying bye to Priya, here when Priya comes out after Breakfast looked Shocked as no vehicle she found at Porch, She asked about it to Security Guard who replied her as.
S.G: Maam, Sir ny kaha hy ap apni marzi sy jayein gi aur ap ko gadi ki zarurat nahi.
Priya really in anger as she is out of City as the farm House was far from the City, she moved ahead in anger for searching some Cabs or Auto rather asking to security Guard for providing vehicle.!
Here ACP entered after signaling DUO to come inside his cabin, after settleing, Abhijit initiates.
Abhijit: Sir, Larki J.J charity college mein parhti hy, BS ki Student hy aur ye Admission Form hy.
Abhijit trying to give the Form to ACP, who denied furst, sat on relaxed mode and Ordered.
ACP: parho.!
Abhijit (look at Daya and reads): Naam: Priya Pradyuman
Fathers Name: Mr. Pradyuman
Mothers Name: Shweta Pradyuman
Age: 21
Home address:
ACP raise hand and signal Him to stop, Abhijit Quiet, ACP said.
ACP: hmmm, kafi Pakka kaam kiya hay.!
Daya: wesy Sir ap usy farm House kyun ly gaye? apny ghar ly jaty?
ACP: nahi Daya, mery ghar mein buht kuch aisa hy jis ko main Share nahi karna chahta, aur wesy bhi main ye dekhna chahta hun ky Larki ko mery Past ky baary mein kitna malum hy.! 
ACP (again): Maa ko dekha hy?
Daya (low tone): Sir, is ki Maa nahi hy, paros ki ek aurat ny isy apni beti bana kr rakkha hua hy, wo bhi akeli rehti hain.!
ACP (slow tone): Shewta, Nakul kay jany ka Ghum bardasht nahi kr saki thi, kahein na kahein wo hum baap bety ky beech phanse gayi aur isi ghum ny us ki jaan ly li.!
Abhijit (hesitate): Sir kya aisa nahi ho sakta ky, matlab.
ACP (interrupts): nahi Abhijit, jo tum log pochna chahty ho, usy socho bhi mut, (strong) wo ek emandar aurat thi.
Daya: nahi Sir ap ghalat samjh rahy hain, Abhijit ka matlab tha, wo apni kisi bhanji, bhatiji ya dost ki bacchi sy shayed apna ghum keh gayein hun.
Abhijit (added): aur wo ap sy apni aunty ka badla chahti ho.!  
ACP: pata nahi, wo apni maa baap ki Ikloti Beti thi tou Bhanji, Bhatiji ka tou sawal nahi hota, haan Dost ki Bacchi ka socha ja sakta hy.!        
Abhijit: Sir ap pareshan mut hun, pata chal he jaye ga wo kyun aayi hy, zahir hy usay apna maqsad tou zahir karna hoga na.
ACP: haan pr kub? Chalo bus nazar rakkho us pr, dekho shayed kisi sy mily ya baat krny ki koshish kary.!
Abhijit: wesy Sir wo aurat jo is ky sath rehti hy, usy bhi is ky background ka zyada pata nahi, magr Daya nay us kay peechy bhi Purve ko laga diya hy.!
ACP: Good Daya, ab jao.!       
Days going on, as Priya were letting her usual routine, Tonight at Dinner time, ACP asking about her day, suddenly She asked.
Priya: ap mujhy Media ky samny kub laein gy.?
ACP (confuse): Media kay samny?
Priya: tou kya matlab hy, (scream n standup from table with) mujhy kya chupa ky rakkhein gy, kyun.!
ACP confuse but did not say anything, He just monitoring the Girl Expressions, after some Rash, She warned ACP by saying,
Priya: agr ap mujhy Media ky samny jaldi nahi laye, tou apni badnami ky zimmadar ap khud hon gy.!
After that She moved to her room, ACP really comes in trouble and now He confirmed on the plane that it is really a Stunt, although from few days, He thought about some other planes especially about Nakul past as he thought that might be the Girl has some connection with Nakul and after his demise by ACP hand, She came to take a Revenge, He did not think Once about His and His Wife Past as His Trust was as Strong on His Wife as on Himself, here he called Salunky and discussed the New Issue with Him, Salunky after listening all, suggest.
Salunky: Tum is ki Shadi kyun nahi karwa dety.?
ACP (shocked): Shadi.!
Salunky: aur kiya, akhir kitny dino bad Tumhari Beti Tum sy mili hy, Haq hy Tumhara, (give new idea) is tarah Tumhari Beti ka Gila bhi Dur ho jaye ga, ye Media wala, akhir ACP Pradyuman ki Beti ki Shadi ho aur Media chup rahy, aisa tou Possible he nahi.!
ACP: hm, aur kary ga kaun Meri Beti sy Shadi?
Saalunky (with laugh): humara Fauji Jawan, Daya, us sy acha koi Option hy Tumhary pass.!
ACP: aur Beti.!
Salunky: ACP tum kitny Charity Organization kay member ho, kitni Sansthayein chalaty ho, sub ko yehi batayein gy ky ek Bacchi ki Shadi hy, jo Tumhein apna Baap maanti hy.!
ACP (naughty): lagta hy girl Friend wapis aa gayi hy Tumhari.!
Salunkhy Laugh and both ended the call, here Next day, ACP on Breakfast blast the bomb on Priya by saying.
ACP: Priya, kal Main ny Tumhari baat per buht socha, aur Mujhy lagta hy Tum theek kehti ho, akhir Tum koi Jurm ya Gunah thori ho jo Mian Chupaon, is liye Mian nay Faisla kiya hy ky Mian Tum ko jaldi Media ky Samny ly aon,
Priya was in Shell Shock, She can't Predict anything about the Person sat against Her, Her all attempt one by one Failed to Hyper that man and He is taking any wrong Step in anger.!
She can't understand what would she concluded from the views She listened or from the Scenes She is watching.!
Here ACP engaged, making so many Plans to Present Her Daughter against Media with some Limelight as.
ACP (naughty): wesay kyun na Tumhari Shadi karwa di jaye.?
Priya (shock): Shadi.?
ACP (smiles): acha chalo abhi Engagement kr dety hain, phir Tumhari Parhai poori hony ky baad Shadi, Theek hy na.
Priya Confuse, She does not have anything to say as its Difficult to stop her father without any strong reason, here ACP added with a happy tone as right now He is looking only a Father, a father who loves her daughter a lot and now wanted to give Every happiness which fills Her daughter life happily ever after by saying.
ACP (loving tone): akhir itny saalun baad mujhy Meri Beti mili hy, kitny arman, kitny khawab hain, in aankhun mein (He grabs Priya palm who feels a Secure feeling which feels first time in her life) (ACP in secret tone) pata hy, main ny tou tumharay liye Larka bhi dekh rakha hy.
Priya lost in this Tone, She dipped in the river of that Love which stored in Her father Heart for Her, suddenly something flashes.
Voice: Tumhein us sy Badla lena hy, sirf Badla.!
She instantly pulled out her Plam from that Protective Soft Lovely Shield, She tried to be Strong by pretending Her Voice harsh but the Cracking easily grasp by her Father from her fake rash tone as.
Priya: Mujhy koi Shadi ya mangni nahi karni.!
ACP (relax n say): Theek hy, phir Tum bhi Bhool jao is Media Wedia ko.!
Wrapping the Whole Issue in Seconds, He left the Dining Hall, Here Priya really in Confuse state, She wanted to contact to Her Mother and telling about all as all the things She dealt in these days were New according to What Her Mother told about ACP Pradyuman and that Engagement or Shadi is beyond the limit, how should She contact to Her Mother is the First priority of Her now.!
Next Morning, ACP called Abhijit and tell him to be with Daya in Formal at Evening in that Farm House, Abhijit was confused but did not ask more as He feels from ACP tone that He force from His sentence that Daya would be there in Formal.!
Here at Evening, Daya was really Angry, Abhijit came to His House after calling Him that they will move to ACP Sir house and after arrival, He ordered Him to change His Outfit Two times without telling Him the Reason, at last when he came out after wearing the Selected Outfit by Abhijit, say in rash.
Daya: ab aur nahi.
Abhijit smiles and signaled Him to move, Daya is wearing Black Formal Track Pant with Royal Blue Shirt, both sat on Abhijit Jeep and Jeep moved to the Destination, after reaching both waited ACP Sir on Drawing Room, Abhijit Cell starts Ringing, He looked at the Screen and then Daya, who was involve in a Painting, He picked the call and say.
Abhijit: Hello.
ACP: Abhijit, Daya ko wahein rehny do aur khud bahar Lawn mein aa jao, Daya ko malum na ho ky Mera phone hy.
Abhijit (loud with moving out): arry Mohit, Ruko, Signal nahi aa rahy, Main bahar aata hun.
He moved outside, Daya look at Him and then again involved on that Painting, Suddenly Priya came, Daya Standup and greet, it was the First meeting of Him with Priya although heard about Her a lot.!
Daya: Hello.
Priya (rash): Dekho, zyada Drama karny ki zarurat nahi, (Daya confuse) (Priya again) Tum khud Papa (Daya murmur) (Priya added)  ko mana kr do kay Tum ko mujh sy Shadi nahi karni, wesay bhi Tum jesy logun ka koi Bharosa nahi, (hatred tone) kub Insan say Janwar ban jao, Kameenypan pr utr aao, malum nahi.
Daya Freeze, ACP appeared on Scene, Priya look at Daya in Rash and ACP in tease and moved out, here Abhijit also coming back as ACP ordered him in call to be back, Abhijit entering, Daya Face was red, ACP Quiet, Abhijit ask.
Abhijit: kya hua?
Daya after Excused moved out immediately, whereas ACP signaled Him to Relax Daya and moved to Priya room in Rash and Rush too. Abhijit sit on Jeep, Daya already seated so started the journey with.
Abhijit: kya hua Daya?
Daya (angry): tumhein pata hoga, kya baatein sunwany ky liye laye thy mujhy yahan.
Abhijit: matlab.?
Daya: matlab ACP sahib sy poochna, (after minute) aur ye Larki tou Fake hy Boss.
Abhijit (shock): ain, Tumhein kesy malum.?
Daya: ACP Sir ko Papa bol rahi thi, jub ky Nakul hamesha Sir ko Dad kehta tha, agr ye ACP Sir ki Beti hy aur Nakul sy Choti bhi hy tou isy bhi Nakul ki tarah Sir ko Dad kehna chahye, Papa nahi.!
Abhijit agreed and after drop Daya on his house, He moved on his way, here ACP Sir knocked the door and entered in Priya room in Rash mood and tell.
ACP (order tone): saman uthao apna.
Priya scared, in these 15 days this is the First minute She feels Himself stand against the Real ACP Pradyuman, not the father ACP Pradyuman.!
Priya (tense n scare): main Shadi nahi krna chahti.
ACP (angry): ye baat Tum mujhy aaram sy bhi bata sakti thi, magar tum ny Mery Officer ky sath jo kiya, (rash) yaqeenun ACP Pradyuman ki Beti aisa nahi kr sakti, kabhi nahi, (sad) kya Tumhari Maa ny ye Tarbiyet ki hy Tumhari, (with tears) aj Tum nay ACP Pradyuman nahi balkay apni Maa kay oopr Daag laga diya, tour diya us ka maan, sub kuch.!
ACP tears really engulf Her in a Soothing room, She can't see a Man Crying just for Her Daughter bad behavior, is Her Mother told Her Correct or might be She misunderstands that Man, She could not concluded right now, She told without any Deliberate effort in Dreamy tone.
Priya (with difficulty): main abhi Shadi ky liye tayyar nahi hun, meri parhai, intership sub adhory.!
ACP: arry tou abhi Engagement kr letay hain, Shadi Tumhari Parahi n Internship ky bad, (with smile) theek hy.!
Priya: main soch kr bataon gi.!
ACP: theek hy, kal subah Tum mujhy apna faisla bata dena.
Priya moved her head in yes, ACP smiles, pat on Her head and moved out, He feels he is involving with the Girl and deep down in Heart he gets back that feeling which missed after Nakul death from His life.!
ACP leaves, here at Bureau, he called DUO at his cabin, first apologize Daya and then tell the Plan further as.
ACP (to Duo): yaqeenun wo apnay Cell ya Office Phone sy mastermind ko contact kary gi, aur yehi waqt usay pakrny ka hoga.!
Abhijit: ji Sir, hr tarah ki Survillance hy udhar.!
The whole Night gone and Next morning coming on their way, Priya give Her Answer in Positive  to ACP, which really makes Him Happy as internally he was little Surprised but as the Girl is Good Actor, ACP Pradyuman is far more Experienced from Her.!
ACP leaves to Bureua, when he reached there, Duo greets Him with another Surprise, Abhijit says,
Abhijit: Sir, us Larki ny kisi ko call ki he nahi.!
ACP (confuse): hmmm, pata nahi Abhijit, magar aj us nay Engagement ky liye Haan bhi kr di.!
Daya feels Scare internally as He is not prepared for such kind of experience right now, Abhijit look at him and then ask to ACP,
Abhijit: tou ab Sir.?
ACP: pata nahi, kuch.
Salunky (entering with): arry tou phr Shadi karwa do.
All Shock including ACP, Daya really comes in trouble, Abhijit tried to suppress his smile after seeing Daya tension, here ACP say in harsh tone.
ACP: kesi baatein kr rahy ho Salunky.?
Salunky: kyun, wo Engagement ky liye prepare hy na, matlab Shadi ky liye nahi tou tum Shadi ka parastau rakh do.
ACP: haan, ho tou sakta hy, balkay aisa karo Salunky Tum aj meray ghar aao, matlab us Farm House pr aur Tum baatun baatun mein wahan Priya kay samny mujhy ye Mashwara do, us ka Reaction humein khud Solution dy dy ga.!
Salunky: done.!
Here Salunky comes at Night at that Farm house and after meeting with Priya, sat and casually talking with ACP, ACP tells Him the news of Priya Engagement surely organized in coming week and Salunky suggested.
Salunky: arry Engagement kyun? seedhy seedhy Shadi karwa do.!
ACP (naughty): haan Idea tou Bura nahi hy.!
Here priya who was cutting an apple for Salunky after hearing this cuts her fingers; Salunky offered His Service and during bandage, scold ACP with,
Salunky: kya ACP, bacchi ky samny aisi baatein krty hain bhala, dekho bechari Nervous ho gayii.!
ACP smiles, Salunky done His work and get back to His house after wishing Priya about take care, Priya really comes in trouble now, its necessary for Her to contact to Her mother at any cost, He making so many Plans but going to sleep without any Valed thought.!
Next Morning, ACP before leaving to Bureau, tell Priya about the Plan as.
ACP: Priya aj Daya ky sath ja kr Shadi ki Shopping start kr do, buht saary kaam hain.
Before Priya tell her father about Her approach that She is not Mentally prepared for this marriage or all is too early but suddenly her mind Clicks and She got an Idea, She heard all, Priya really wanted to talk to her mother and it's the best chance for her to contact her after hearing this from ACP, Her Face expressions turned from Hate to rash to relax and now shy with happiness, She says.
 Priya: Ji acha.
ACP leaves, here at Bureau, he called DUO at his cabin and then tell the Plan further as.
ACP (to Daya): Daya, Tum us ky sath Shopping pr jao.
Daya (confuse): Sir Main.!  
Abhijit Smile, whereas ACP comes in Anger by saying.
ACP: tou koi aur bhi hy yahan Daya naam ka, (Daya moved head in No) (ACP added) Main chahta hun wo kisi tarah Mastermind tak ye Ittila pohanchaye, us ny keh tou diya kay Mian Tayyar hun, magar is tarah wo aur phnsti ja rahi hy, kyunky agr ye Shadi ki News aa gayi tou khud ba khud us ka Plan khatam ho jayey ga, aur Mastermind kabhi ye nahi chahy ga.!
Abhijit: per Sir us ny abhi tak us Mastermind sy rabta kyun nahi kiya, matlab wo kahein bahar sy bhi kr sakti thi.?
ACP: jis ny bhi usy yahan bheja hy na Abhijit, wo itna bewakoof nahi, usy malum hy, Priya hr pal CID ki nazr mein hy, khair ab usy Mauqa dena hy, wo khud Double minded ho rahi hy aur us ki isi Mentality sy faida utha kr he humein asal mujrim tak pohanchny ka mauqa mily ga.!
DUO moved Head in Yes, here Daya picked her from that Farm House, Abhijit briefed Him that He tried to give her chances making some moves so She will try to contact anyone, Abhijit puts Track device on Daya cell as well, here during roaming in Shopping mall, Daya makes a Plan to take a Break and eat something from Food Court, Here during dialing, he placed his cell on Table and trying to take a Soft Drink, but it spills on His Shirt, so He moved to wash it, Here Priya did same as expectation and after deleting everything from Sent Item, She relaxed.!
Daya gets back and after sitting, finishes His food and moved out, Here Abhijit did a Fabulous Job as He puts Track device on Mall Mobile Provider just not to leave any loop hole.!
Here ACP called Daya and tell Him to be with Priya at Forensic Lab, Daya was Confused but agreed and putoff the call and deliver ACP Sir message to Priya.!
Daya: ap ko ACP Sir ny abhi office bulaya hy.!
Priya: kyun.?
Daya (smile): ap ky Father hain, ap ko malum hona chahye.
Priya (tease): Tum itny he achy ho ya mery samny aisa pretend kr rahy ho.?
Daya (naughty): nahi is sy bhi buht zyada hun, wo tou ap ky samny zara Kum Pretend kr rah hun.!
Priya changes her look to Window, Daya smiles and quillas moved towards Forensic Lab.!
Here Salunky told all about Unexpected Experiment as.!
Salunky: kal raat Priya ka Hath Cut gaya, Main ny us ki Bandage ki aur Blood wala Cotton apnay bag mein he rakh liya, Raat mein yahan Lab mein kisi aur Evidence ky Dhoky mein usy he Test kr liya, Blood Group he change aaya, phir foran DNA ki jaanch ky liye Blood sample Central Lab bhej diya tou Report pehlay wali Report sy change thi.!
Quillas reached at their Destination, Daya and Priya stepping out and after stepping stairs, both be there, ACP ordered Priya in anger tone.
ACP: Priya, yahan beth jao.!
ACP signaled to a Stool placed at Scan Machine side, Priya sat, He again order.!
ACP: apna Righ hand is Scan machine pr rakkho.!
Priya (shock): kyun.?
ACP (to Abhijit): Abhijit.!
Abhijit takes out His Gun, loaded it, placed it on Priya head and say in rash tone.!
Abhijit: mujhy CID ka Sharp Shooter kehty hain.!
Priya without a word do what She ordered, She placed Her Right Hand and then Tarika scanned her Arm, Salunky with ACP and Daya showed the Result and now Salunky moved and after grabbing Priya Arm, checked it and say.
Salunky (to ACP): haan ACP Skin Grafting ki gayii hy, is liyey Stitches ky Nishan itny Visible nahi hain.! 
Here ACP ordered Daya to drop Her at Farm House and back to Bureau after calling His security Staff to keep an eyes on Priya and moved out every Contact devices from the farm House, here on His Order Tarika takes his every Personal Item and Leaves Her without any Stuff, Daya obeyed and when entered in Bureau, got a Familier Face, here ACP, Salunky and Abhijit welcomed Him with a news.
Abhijit: ao Daya, in sy milo, (tease) Unqualified Dr Riya Pradyuman, Priya Pradyuman ki Mata Ji.
Daya shocked as the woman was same who lived with Priya introduced herself as her Aunty and Daya ordered Purve to keep check on her.!
Abhijit: aj jo Phone tumhary cell sy Priya ny kiya hy wo in he ko kiya hy aur haan (tease) ye 8 maheny Medical ki Jali Practice kay Jurm mein Jail mein guzar kr abhi 2 maheny pehly he riha hui hain.!
Daya: ohh, Bari Khushi hui, ap sy mil kr, (to Abhijit) wesy Boss, mujhy malum nahi tha ky Meri hony wali patni ki Mata Ji itni Mahan Hasti hain
ACP (interrupts in smile): jo jail yatra bhi kr aayii hain Daya.!          
ACP (again): tou Riya ji, khud kuch kahein gi ya hum apna Karikaram shroo karein.!
Riya (cry): Mian ny ye nahi kiya, mujhy tou us ny kaha tha.!
ACP (scold): kis ny, bolo.!
She speaks the Name, Trio comes in Shock, Riya added again.
Riya: us ky pass ACP ki Bacchi hy, jisy wo apnany ko Tayyar nahi, main ny Tou Us Bacchi ko Insaf Dilany ky liyey Apni Beti ko istaimal kiya.!
ACP (complete stunned): Meri bacchi.?
Riya: haan ACP tumhari bacchi, (rash) wo sirf 4 Saal ki hy, kuch Bolti he nahi, bus sub ko dekhti rehti hy, wo Mujhy wahan jail mein mili aur (to DUO in Rash) Tumhary is Naik Naam ACP ki kahani sunai, Main ny bus us bacchi ko Insaf dilany, Baap ka Pyaar aur Society mein Izzat dilany ky liye ye kiya aur (strong) apny Jurm ki Saza Main jhail chuki hun.!
ACP in Shock state as he knew that the name which was given by Riya was not having any Child, DUO also in Confusion, Salunky who was there after ACP calling him earlier before Riya arrest through Purve and engaged her to some other stuff after Riya arrival at bureau, changes the state of discussion by asking.
Salunky: chalo agr ye maan bhi liya jaye ky wo bacchi ACP ki beti hy (confuse) tou phir Tumhari Beti yani Priya sy ACP ka DNA kesy Match hua?
Riya: ACP ny abhi kuch din pehly apna Root Canal karwa hy, Main ny Us Dr ky Assistant ko paisy dy kr apny sath milaya aur ACP ka Saliva aur Blood sample hasil kr liya, Phir us Saliva ko Chewing gum mein Rub kiya aur Chewing gum ko Kha kr Us ka Swab Priya kay Cheeks per aa gaya.
Salunky: aur Blood?
Riya: us Blood Sample sy Hum ny ACP ka Blood group ka Blood nikalwaya aur usy apny Jali Clinic ki Lab mein maujud Centifuge Machine mein daal kr Us mein maujud White Cells ko change kr ky ACP ka Blood group bana liya, Phir ek patli Pipe mein Us Blood ko fill kiya aur Operate sy Usy Priya ky Hath mein Insert kiya, jub ap ki Dr ny Syring Priya kay hath mein dakhil ki tou Priya jhatky sy peechy hati thi aur is tarah Us ny Syring us Pipe mein ghusa di aur Dr ko wo Blood mila tha.!
Salunky: O' my God, itna dimagh chalaya (to ACP) ACP ye Centifuge wala mamla kuch Countries  mein hota hy, Isreal kay kuch Scientist nay is pr Research bhi ki hy, haan jahan tak ye Pipe wali baat hy tou mera khayal hy 1992 mein Ek aadmi ny Forensic ki gumrah krny ky liye yehi Tareeqa apnaya tha aur usay Saza bhi hui thi.!
Riya: haan hum nay is tareeqy ko search kiya tha.
Abhijit: aur Priya?
Riya: Priya ny apny Baap ko bachpan mein Kho diya, wo Humaray Plan ka Hissa tou thi, magr yahan ACP ky rawayey ny us ky andr ACP ky liye Muhabbt bhar di, Us bechari ko tou kuch malum nahi.!
ACP in Queit mood don't ask anything further and sent her to Bureau Jail, Salunky also leave, whereas Trio moved their destination to Central Jail Mumbai and with the Permission of jailer, meet the Mastermind named Mansi.!
Mansi: aao aao ACP, (tease) Bhooly tou nahi ho gy mujhy.!
ACP (cool): Tumhein kesy Bhool skta hun.
Mansi: haan Bholna bhi nahi chahye, (smile) kum he Mujh jesy log Tum sy Takraye hon gy, Hain na.?
ACP (rash): aisa kyun kiya Tum ny? Tum ny jo kiya us ki Saza payi? (confuse) aur Tumhari Bacchi.?
Mansi: haan ACP, Main ny tou jo kiya, us ki Saza bhugat rahi hun, pr Meri Bacchi ny kya kiya hy ACP, batao, (low) jub Adalaat ny mujhy saza di tou Main Expected thi, main ny apni bacchi ko yahan Jail mein Janam diya, wo dekho.!
All eyes moved, a 4 years Old Baby Girl sit in a Dirty Frock eating Piyaz and Roti, her big Eyes have nothing except Fear, suddenly Daya moved Fast and clutched Her hand saw a Cockroach in her Bite, the Kid Scream and after pushing Daya run to Her Mother and Embraced Her in Scare.!
Mansi: ab batao ACP, Mery kiyey ka Bhugtan Meri Beti kyun Bhugty, kyun? (tease) Tumhein tou apny Bety ky Gunahun ka Bhugtan nahi Bhugatna para, tou Meri Beti kyun.?! (loud cry) kyun? Kya qasor hy Meri Bacchi ka? Haan, kya Usay acha Khany, Pehanny, Parhny ka Haq nahi, Kya Tum is baat ki Guaratee lo gy ky kal Meri Beti jub is Dunya sy Bahar ki Dunya mein jayey gi tou Usay utni he Izzat maly gi jitni Tumhein milti hy, Bolo.!
ACP (slow tone): dekho, Tumhari Bacchi,
Mansi (interrupts): Tumhein pata hy ACP, is Dunya sy Bahar ki Dunya ka jub Main sochti hun na tou Mujhy Dar lagta hy, (fear) buht dar, meri Bacchi us dunya ka Muqabla nahi kr saky gi, (angry) kya ye Keeray Makurun wala Khana kha kr, Gaaliyaan sun kr, tany bardasht kr ky, meri bacchi Tumhari Dunya ka Maqabla kr payey gi, kabhi nahi.!
Tumhein jub apny Bety ky kiye ka Bhugtan Nahi bharna para tou kya ye Haq Meri Beti ko hasil nahi, haan.!  (rash) Ye bhi utni he Izzat, Maan, Samman ki Haqdar hy jitney Tum ho ACP, kyunky Jo Gunah is ny nahi kiya, us ki Saza bhi is ka muqaddar nahi honi Chahye.!
Mujhy tumhein yehi dekhana tha ACP Pradyuman, khud tak Tum ko lany ka asan Rasta mujhy yahan Riya ki surat mein mila (tease) kya Tum Desh ki Sarkar tak ye Sandesa Pohanchany ka Hosla rakhty ho ky Jitna Maan Tumhara haq, utna meri Beti ka bhi, kyunky jitney Begunah tum, utni ye bhi (strong) jub Amal barabr ACP tou Saza meri Beti tak he kyun, haan.!
ACP look at the Kid, He moved Forward, sat after placing His knee on tacky floor, infront of her mother, just open his palm and staright it aginst the Baby Girl, the girl look at the Palm keenly and after some time, moved forward her arm behind her mother, slowly spread her small tiny fingers on that Soft Palm, very slowly, very gently, very lightly, she looks at ACP and a smile comes on her lips, she likes that Game with the man who sat against her with teary eyes.!
Here the Mystery of that Engagement Call also get out in further Interrogation with Riya and Priya as She told that She called Riya (her mother) from a Delivery Boy Cell number as Her Mother strickly told Her not to use any Office Number as well Her Personal Cell number so CID did not track that Call, thatswhy on Her Mother Paln She was agreed for Engagement, so the Next time Abhijit contacted all Retailers who provided Mobile Services in Mumbai to track all Calls which Received or Dialed from that Specific area, thatswhy they tracked Priya Call to Her mother Riya.!
 Next Morning CID head ACP Pradyuman entered a Rut against Govt for the Relaxation of those Female culprits and requests Govt to gives some Relaxment to all those who were Expected at the time of their Decision and not only give Relaxment in the decision but also provide a Environment to their Childrens to live life like every indipent citizen, He knew He will have a Long Journey but Every Good Step starts from Ownself as like Charity begins at Home.!
He took the Kid Responsibility including Priya who was Ashamed of her Character but the Reason behind that fake Daughter Stunt was just to fill that Soft, Lovely Protective Sheild in the Life of that Small baby because She missed it a lot and knew sometimes distance might be covered, Space might be filled but Places nevers.!
ACP always buckup Himself with the Support of His Boys and Best Buddy and with those laughs which He will finds when met with the small Baby Girl at Regular Intervals in Jail as her mother was absolutely Correct.!
jub Amal barabr ACP tou Saza meri Beti tak he kyun, haan.!!!
John Schneeberger (born 1961) is a South African former physician who lived and practiced in Canada, who physically abuse one of his female patients and his stepdaughter. For years, he was able to evade arrest by planting a fake DNA sample inside his own body, thus successfully foiling DNA tests, During his 1999 trial, Schneeberger revealed the method he used to foil the DNA tests. He implanted a 15 cm penrose drain (A Penrose drain is a surgical device, placed in a wound to drain fluid. It consists of a soft rubber tube placed in a wound area, to prevent the buildup of fluid; it removes fluid from a wound area. Frequently it is put in place by a surgeon after a procedure is complete to prevent the area from accumulating fluid, such as blood, which could serve as a medium for bacteria to grow in) filled with another man's blood and anti-coagulants in his arm. During tests, he tricked the laboratory technician into taking the blood sample from the place the tube was planted.!
In a paper in the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics, geneticist Dan Frumkin outlines how, using information in a genetic database, he recreated and amplified someone's DNA, and mixed it with DNA-less red blood cells, and created fake blood that could contaminate a crime scene. Frumkin then sent the fake blood to a lab in the US for analysis. The American lab sequenced the sample, and did not figure out that the blood was fake.!
The solution lies in the form of a detoxifying gum. The method is simple and is as follows: chew on the gum for exactly thirty seconds, the solution is able to get everywhere in your mouth and then spit it all out. From here, be sure that you do the saliva drug test within thirty minutes of chewing the gum because it does not actually detoxify your mouth, Once again, make sure to chew the gum and spit it out after thirty seconds and then go in to take the saliva drug test.!
Mansi the Negitive character was taken from Crime Target ACP Pradyman episode in CID aired 27th june 2008.!


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