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 thanks sumi...  permanent address Kailash ROFLROFLROFL habba good laugh after so long ROFL

btw welcome back meenu akka Hug back to joining us on this kodumai and Mala akka essu vaa nenga  ROFL

Thursday Updates

Pandi Boss (PB) ask Maha what she is looking. His came out in bail nu and ask who is this golu golu kutty boy? He speaks rudely and Maha gets angry. Takes  her chappals and slaps on his face palar palar nu Shocked He was unable to do anything as both hand got bandage. Few people and his adiyals manage to calm her and make her go away from there. Maha gives him final warning and leaves.  PB screams in anger she must die before reaching home but his adiyals ask him to cool down now as he just got out.

Paramu goes to Ramesh and tells him happily that FIL ask them both to get ready to go for Ragini's engagement. Both Lolayee and Murthi gadu gadu. Lolayee is determine to do something to stop this engagement. (pona vati face adhi pattulaiyo indha lolayee ku ...

Murthi calls Kamu phone but answered by Devanae. Murthi puts a fake acting that he wants to talk about Kamu so ask him to come here to the house. Devanae gets very happy to receive the call and agrees. Lolayee ask what Murthi is up to. Murthi says his plan is not make sure Kamu and Paramu not to attend this engagement. Lolayee gets happy.

Devanae comes and tells this to sokku who gets very happy and ask her to go immediately and to take Kamu as well. He ask Kamu not to worry and everything will be fine. Both mother daughter leaves. Magesu says men attitude is bad .. they treat women badly. Magesu rombha harsha says this Ouch Sokku shock with the changes of Magesu recently. He tells Meenachi something needs to be done or else tappa pogum this behaviour nu.

Periyasudar is angry with what happen and plans to lodge report against him again. But her mother gets angry and says put full stop for all this. Only now Maha started to be herself and why should they create more problem? As it is, Maha slapped him with slipper.. idhukae duno what that rowdy is going to do. So its better for them to avoid him rather then go against him. Just then Periyasudar receives call regards his friend meet accident and admitted in hospital. He goes after asking Puspa to take care of Maha.

Both Devanae and Kamu comes to Lolayee house. Murthi puts fake act on how he is happy about his baby further his anger is only on Sokku family not them. He is willing to take care of them now and be a son to Devanae like Pandi. He ask them to tukkupodufy sokku family and he will take care of them happily nu. Both mother daughter silent.


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Sokku insearch of josiyar...road road aa searching...josi hiding behind a wall...Sokku calls josi...josi avoids sokku's call...SOkku comes home and rajesh's family aajar...SOkku welcomes them ...

Jegan's house...Gokul busy working...Rohini says iam very proud of u purusha...u r so good...neenga mattumdhaan indha world layae best humanbeing...Gokul sees jegan...he starts his acting...says mama is like my kadavul rohini...mama supported me instead of malar and ashok..becoz iam correct...they r wrong...Jegan clean bold...

COmes near gokul and hands over his property documents...says take it property no...ur property details...Gokul says no mama no...he smiles turning his face...vendam mama says gokul...Jegan says iam giving the power of attorney to u...u can do anything withthis...u can also sell it...dont worry abt that ashok and malar...Gokul says no...Rags and jegan forces him to accept...Gokul vaangittaru...

Jegan says maappu...naan setha nee dhan kolli vaikanum...EMotional drama in full flow..>jegna and his wife leaves...Gokul acting aa vitta paadillai...continues his acting to rohini...Gokul's freind arrives and gokul leaves with his friend...

In the car...Gokul verithanama laughing...Gokul teasing mama is a dheerga dharisi...naan kolli vaikanuma..i wnat to do it immediately...but that will a murder...He wants to die and iam going to help him...i will make him commit suicide...Gokul says they r now going to kandanur...there is a property ...iam going to sell it...

SOkku's house...Rajesh and ragini eyes layae romancing...Sokku gets call from josi...josi says mayil is in madurai...near meenakshi amman temple...He is like a beggar there...Sokku super sad ...comes back...Engagemnet fn starts...Fn . ends...rajesh ragini romance thaangala.;;...

Sokku says mayil is in madurai aam...i have to leave now...He informs his sammandhipuram and leaves...Meenu shouts...arivae illaiya??...why r u going now??...Sokku says gopi will take care of everything...Sokku leaves and gopi tells him to take care...Meenu oppari vatching and gopi consoles her...

Maha comes there and gopi introduces her to rajesh's fmai;ly members...

Sokku hires a car makar pannings...Sokku looks for another car.;...Dimsu comes there with his car...Dimsu asks abt rags mappu...Sokku says that girl is his no probs...Sokku tells him abt mayil and madurai...Dimsu says he will take him to madurai...Dimsu and sokku leaves...

Sokku updates him abt mayil ...DImsu says madurai is abig area..its difficult for us to search irundha nalalrukkum...Sokku tells him to go back to his house...Sokku says anga neenga vandha mahesu will creat problem...Rags eng fn on theway...DImsu says dont worry mama..i'll wait outside...u go and comeback with the pic...

Home...Sokku goes inside..DImsu waiting outside...Sappadu pandhi in full swing...Sokku takes mayil's photo and comes out...Sokku and dimsu leaves ...



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Wednesday Updates 22.08.2012

updates by lakshmir

WU - Josi - Comedy PieceRajeshShocked SRCrySr.Pp asusual panchayat at homeWink
  Josi's uthhai la marupadiyum startWink US mom Warning RajeshLOLLOL to B carepulClap..rajesh Shocked..Kobi is continuing his Veluthu kattal..Sam comes about of home n joins the kuming competitionLOLLOL..Mrs.Josi comes out.. by then rightly josi checks who have pottukuduthufied him..kobi looks at Mrs. Josi  gives interval for uthaiLOLLOL..When Josi gets to know that its his dharmapathini ..he curse her.. She pours UDAYAM  GHEE LOLLOLLOL to Kobi ..then kobi continues for sometime..n transfer Josi to sam boy n goes to Rajesh pamily n tells that sometimes we need to handle some people this way nu sollitu sends them off.. Rajesh Stomach tamrind karrachingWinkWinkLOLClap..once rajesh pamily goes out..puspa pamily packs off..puspa spit at him n goes , maha slaps him n all leave.. Sokku  walks in .. kobi informs about the josi's poi.. Sr.pp ask him get away from his sight if he curse it would surely affect josi's life nu solli walks inside home...all pamily disperse.. josi comes to his wife n tells that i thought kobi good in pp.. but his uthai said that he good in melam too LOLLOL.. Mrs.Josi checks if needs hot water.. he nags her.. she calls off kobi .. Josi run out of the compoundLOLLOLLOLLOL   Puspa home.. Constable comes in search of maha.. puspa gets to know about maha's complaint, Maha accepts to police that  she had given him chappal beating to valukkai mandai boss ..police says that ins wants to speak with her ask her to come tomorrow to station nu sollitu poraru.maha says ok n goes in .. puspa ask her not muttify with VMB ,, but maha dont listen her n goes in .. Sam ask puspa to call sokku ..only he can cool maha nu solluran..both are calling sokku ...Mayil @ hospital.. nurse motivates him that surely he will get cured n will walk n leave the hospital nu solluranga..he comes few steps away from hisbed thru wheel chair.. Some parents comes calling guatam.. n reaches a boy n ask why did he left without telling them n his father gives big lecture advice.. Mayil mandaikku oraikkuthu..goes n calls up Sr.pp n tells him not to search for him ,as he will surely walkin to home for Rag's marriage nu solluraru meens pongigingsLOLLOLLOL..but mayil tells not to worry n be in peace n cuts the call without telling his whereabouts..Sr.pp Consoles dev's n informs that Mayil will surely be back ..Dev mandai aattingsTongue
Sr.pp Sits for night dinner telling that he is happy n sends meen inside home to set bed as he feeling very tired n happy too .. meens goes in, malar serves Sr.pp ..Sr.pp ask her to pack 1 sappaddu for a person.. malar checks for whom its .. Sr.pp tells that its for driver who travelled with me to madurai.. i have never let him to have food so wanted to give him food for dinner nu sollitu leaves with tiffin carrier.. malar found that she guessed somehow.. Sr.pp reaches taxi stand n get to see wheat Bread Boy SR(Munadi SR.. Milk Bread Irruntharu... ippo wheat bread color laWinkWink) sleeping in floor..wakes him up n tells that he got dinner for him.. SR Opened his water tank n touches Sr.pp Feet n ask him to help in reuniting him with mahes..Sr.pp says he will try to speak with mahes n comes back after his dinner is over..gets to see all are sleepping at home.. meens check where he had gone without having food.. Sr.pp Confirms if mahes slept off n then checks for Kobi.. n then opens up n tells SR crying n tells that SR seriously thiruthified n ask meens to make mahes to accept him.. as its bigger sin that what he had done to her.. if she dont accept him now.. nu sollitu poraru.. Meens,malar,Dev & Kamu..looking at each other..
Screen Freezes

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Sokku comes to talk to Maha about the police report. Both he and her father are not happy about it. Sokku says its her fault as well for hitting him with slipper. Sokku tries to talk to Maha and somehow persuades her to withdraw the case. Anything happen Gopi will take care of him nu. Maha agrees.

Meenachi and Malar comes and tries to talk to Mageshu about Dhimsu.  M says she has to forgive him. Magesu starts jumping taiya takka and says she cannot forgive him at all. He tortured her and never listen to her but she ask sorry before and further gave her mental pattam. M gets annoyed with Magesu tone and tries to call Sokku who just comes in. She polambufy to him that Magesu is rude and leaves. Sokku ask Malar what happen who explains to him everything. She tells him for the time being, lets not bug Magesu about Dhimsu. She loves him lot and probably needs time to get over this. Sokku agrees.

Gopi in shop. There comes a boy .. Gopi knows him very well and ask eppo kalyanam. He ask Gopi to see nalla ponnu. Gopi then tells him about Nelli's daughter and he agrees. Gopi calls Sokku to inform about this matter.

Rajesh calls Ramesh Shocked just talks casually and invites him to his house. Rajesh is happy he call nu and tells that proudly to Paramu. Both Lolayee and Murthi insults him and ends up both almost fight. But Nelli returns and both stops fighting.  Nelli then ask Murhti why he called Kamu and his mother and ask such thing. He further tells them they are thinking bad for sokku family but sokku just call regarding a proposal for his daughter... mapillai for singapore. Lolayee gets annoyed and says they don't need proposal from  Sokku side and she has some other proposal nu. Nelli leaves to sokku house.

Maha comes and withdraw the case. Outside the station she sees Pandi boss and gets angry again but her father controls her. They leaves and Pandi boss says soon the time will come for him to kill Maha Angry



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BRIEF Updates ..

Murthi tells Devanae his condition and gets shock when Devanae says she rather have Kamu live alone for the rest of the live rather then cutting their relations with Gopi family and leaves.

Sokku feels sad hearing what happen at morthi house. He ask her not to worry and soon they will do something about it. Chinna Lolalyee Mages tries to say rudely something about Morrthy but Sokku shuts her up. Maha tries to calm  Kamu. Devanae tells Gopi until the end he needs to take care of Kamu nu.

Maha's house everyone getting ready for the engagement. Maha ask her parents to go first as she needs to go to school urgently. But instead of going to school, she goes to police station and lodge report against Pandi 's ex boss.

At the same time Pandi's boss fully drunk threatens to kill Maha soon.


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                         Friday 24.05.2012

Peppra  peppra  pam  peppa pam ...Episode 600  [Viewres & followers of this serial ' Guiness place assured]

Sokku veedu.  Samandhi samandhi talking about Kamu's pathetic plight.. Nelli blames Lolayi for all miseries. Deiva denies , says her husband is the main culprit in this matter. Sokku places the blame on fate & puts an end to the topic. Gopi  suggests a varan for Vanitha ' boy his school mate , a year junior to him , good family , boy well placed in Singapore. Nelli is happy & agrees for boy ' girl meet. Gopi immediately calls his friend & fixes the date ' 4 PM the next day.

Nelli house. Closed door  round table conference of the three kootu kalavanis ' Moorthy , Lolayi & Mallika . Topic 'the same Vanitha marriage. Boy Mallika's chitappu's son. The boy girl meet next day at 4 PM. [ Ha Ha Ha ]. Moorthy insists Nelli should be informed. Lolayi vetoes. Vanitha opens the door & enters & all the three ghost beaten look. Vani suspects some golmal , but Lolayi shoo shooes it.

Mayil's physiotherapy session. Mayil expresses his wish to continue there even after full recovery. The sister assures that Father will have no objection for it. Mayil gets emotional. Two people come to meet some patient. Seeing Mayil both have a vague idea of seeing him some where & but unable to recollect it.

Rajesh's parents at Sokku's house .Discussing about marriage preps. Rajesh parents want Sokku family close relatives details for printing in invitation. Sokku assures to furnish details . They take leave. Sokku asks Malar to write down the names starting from his mother. When he starts the next generation ,after Gopi/ Malar he asks to include Mahes/ Selva. Mahes jumps ' no no way will you write that man's name next to mine , I just don't like it. If you still insist then let me leave the house. Sokku gets angry & tells OK then No names in the invitation card , let people think that ragini is an anadhai. My vidhi , naan vangitu vandha varam , nothing will move smoothly for me.

Temple venue. Trusties discussing about Kovil thirukalyanam. Golul also present along with Jags. One man says as usual nayanam by Sokku brothers. Jags is not amused. Says Mayil is a thief , temple jewel thief , so should never enter the temple. Sokku very hurt , apologises on behalf  of his brother.Gokul interferes & kuzhapping the kuttai further. One man warns him as he is an outsider , but makku Jaggu defends the appu mappu. Jags firm in his stand , Mayil should not enter temple. If Sokku insists on his bro. Then he should also leave the temple. We will engage new party. The committee agrees to Jags idea &  crest fallen Sokku slowly walks out of the temple.[ Sodanai mel sodhanai . Podhumada vedhanai- Sokkukum engalukkum]

Shreenithi , have received lots of parcels , unfortunately or  fortunately  not a single one from TM. Think TM is reserving all for his Madurai fan ' Karaikudi to Madurai less transport chargesWink


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